Kill la Kill (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

I Want to Know More About You

They account for 70% of global apparel industry sales.
STOCK RATING That's amazing Oh, it's a company that's part of the Kiryuin conglomerate.
Now I get it.
That's interesting.
But one genius is going to alter the destiny of that company MIDDLE SCHOOL THIRD YEAR STUDENT HOUKA INUMUTA Uh-oh, their stocks are in a freefall! How terrible! Crap! I've been found out?! How'd they manage to pinpoint my location so quickly?! Not so much as a warning?! I'm sorry! What I did was wrong! It was a middle-school scamp's harmless prank! Please forgive me! No leniency? Dude, seriously? A middle-schooler you may be, but you have trespassed into territory you shouldn't have.
A girl? Then again, you are a man who can breach the tightest security in the world and illegally access the Revocs site.
Calling yourself a middle-school scamp at this point is pushing it.
So you're the big boss, huh? Why did you do this? The fact that it's the tightest security in the world makes it worth tackling.
- How limited.
- What? If you're changing the system anyway, don't you think you should alter the real world's system itself, not the virtual one? ADMISSION PERMIT HONNOUJI ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL Honnouji Academy High School? That is the place where you will change the world, Houka Inumuta.
EPISODE 10 I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU The second of the Elite Four Quit pushing! Quit your damn pushing! Sheesh, whose TV do you think this is?! Look at this crowd! Nobody'd notice if I walked off with a nice set! Mataro, I'm going to knock you out.
I'm sorry Sorry Is Ryuko gonna be okay? If I was allowed to be her assistant, I'd be right there looking after her! G-Gamagoori! And you're half-naked! Don't be afraid, Mankanshoku.
I am now a No-Star, the same rank as you.
To observe this battle, it is only fitting that I do so from these spectator seats where the No-Stars are gathered.
Lady Satsuki, Ira Gamagoori will surely work his way back up from this shame! I won't allow your kindness towards me to be in vain! Oh, I get it! You want to fight me right here and now, right? I'm cheering on Ryuko with all I've got, so I won't let anyone interfere, not even you! How amusing! Even with you cheering her on, Lady Satsuki's stronghold won't budge one iota! But it did budge! You lost, remember? Inumuta, win! Trounce her thoroughly and utterly! Ryuko, take him out! - You can do it! - You hear me, Inumuta?! Time to hit the noise canceller I'm not interested in hearing a beaten dog yap away.
Now she's showing mercy to the vanquished.
What's our mighty queen up to? You have doubts about Lady Satsuki? Honestly, ever since you lost your sight, that obnoxious intuition of yours has gotten even sharper, Mr.
Wild Monkey.
If you doubt her, it's your own footing that will become unsure.
I hate to break it to you, but I have a different relationship to her than the rest of you.
That Kamui transformation was most fascinating, but you overexerted yourself in your fight against Gamagoori, don't you think? You are breathing heavily, and your heart rate is elevated.
Don't you worry about me.
Let's get this started! Round Two begin.
THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM PROBE REGALIA Three-Star Goku Uniform: Probe Regalia.
"Probe Regalia," huh? Seems more restrained than the others And yet, it makes me uneasy.
As if I am being stripped naked.
Figures, he is their intel chief.
We don't know what his deal is, so let's be careful.
So, she's starting off with Stage 1, her standard combat mode, eh? Ah, I see.
She's even faster than I predicted? I know your type.
You guys are always spouting crap like, "I've analyzed all your capabilities" or "I can anticipate all your moves!" There's only one way to beat somebody like you: To be reckless! I see.
That's why you exerted yourself right away and boosted your reaction speed higher than I predicted.
Boosting your Life Fiber link through force of will, eh? The methodology is the same as that of the Goku Uniforms, but, given that yours is 100% Life Fibers, its effect is that much greater.
But I wonder, how long can your body keep this up? It ain't about if I can or not, I will make it last.
I expect nothing less from Ryuko Matoi! Why is it that the human body can move like that simply by putting on clothing made of Life Fibers? Show me the reason why with your actions! What the?! He vanished?! He disappeared! When Houka Inumuta's Goku Uniform shines, white butterflies flutter and come to rest on a snowman.
He did not vanish! OPTICAL CAMOUFLAGE This is optical camouflage! Nuh-uh! There's no butterflies in winter! They die when it snows! I should have known, Mankanshoku.
You totally missed the point.
When it comes to haphazard attacks, the most effective thing to do is dodge them.
What's more, if the target is counterattacked, the psychological damage is all the greater.
There's nowhere to run! If I can only gather obvious data like this, I'll be very disappointed! Senketsu, time for Plan #2! Get Really Reckless! Understood! Eat this! What? That eye is totally huge! If I can't see where you are, I'll just have to attack everywhere at the same time! EVASION IMPOSSIBLE E-Evasion impossible! I can see him! Oh, dear.
It looks like the shock of that attack has wrecked that hide-and-seek ability of his.
That's what happens when you rely on your eyes.
Yeah, just like a certain somebody! See that? Make a crazy attack even crazier, and it'll hit.
Let's do it, Senketsu! Your blood is boiling even hotter than usual.
Yeah, 'cause I can't stop here! DOES NOT COMPUTE I'm at at the limits of my processing capacity? Houka Inumuta hereby forfeits this battle! FORFEI What are you up to? If I continue fighting, the data I've gathered so far would be damaged.
Say what? What I want is data.
Not victory.
That data-lover is grandstanding again Still, Lady Satsuki is allowing it.
Prepare for battle.
What's the matter? What are you so flustered about? I thought you two went back further than any of the rest of us.
Oh, shut up! Hey! I'm the one who's going to fight next! I know that.
But I have to go break in my Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia MKII.
What are you saying?! You're assuming that I'm gonna lose?! Nobody mocks me! She's cleared the second one, too That's way better than I expected, but still 10 MINUTES / $1 A dollar per 10 minutes?! Where do you get off, mac?! The electricity to run those TV's ain't free, you know! You're gonna pay for it! - You greedy old fart! - What the hell, man?! Yes, yes! You don't like it, go somewhere else.
Don't mess with us, you senile old fart! Son! Come here, boy! We'll pay, we'll pay! 10 MINUTES / $1 You're here, too, Inumuta?! I'm just like you.
I'm going to observe the fight from here.
I won't broach the topic of you forfeiting.
The way each man fights is his own path to choose.
But Inumuta, why are you wearing a tracksuit?! Have you no shame?! The loser is stripped of his Goku Uniform.
Still, I don't recall there being a rule about having to go naked.
Surely it's more important to know the rules than it is to know shame, Mr.
Disciplinary Committee Chair.
Oh, my apologies! Former Disciplinary Chair! Thank you for your kind advice, Former Information and Strategy Committee Chair.
What's with all this tension? The spectator seats have turned into a battleground, too! Fine, I'm not gonna lose, either! Go for it, Mako! Stand strong, Mako Mankanshoku! Hooray! Hooray! Your friend has finally started cheering for herself.
It sure look that way.
Still, that's classic Mako.
Your pulse and respiration have returned to normal.
So, she's the key to getting you to relax? Entrance march! Under the Double Eagle! What the hell? She knows how to make a cheery entrance.
Sorry for the wait, transfer student.
This won't be like the clumsy fights you've had with those boys so far.
Prepare to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly! Three-Star Goku Uniform: Symphony Regalia Grave! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SYMPHONY REGALIA GRAVE That's huge! On what planet is that a uniform?! I can get a better sound this way.
Okay, for my first song, Light Cavalry Overture! She's gonna fight while playing music? It's so loud it's hard to do anything We can't have that, can we? Let's do it! Life Fiber Her attack packs a whallop The bass really reverberates, doesn't it? Next up is a really sharp performance! Ow! Dance harder! The music is lacking a certain something, you know? Oh, I know! It's missing your screams, transfer student! In that case, I'm gonna wring a better performance out of you! SYMPHONY REGALIA PRESTO Symphony Regalia Presto! That huge thing is flying?! Yes indeed, this big thing is flying! That's my power! The other Elite Four could never do this! I'm the one who can best use this Goku Uniform, this power you got your hands on! Isn't that right, Satsuki?! TAKABISHA (HIGH-HANDED) KINDERGARTEN You know, I sure would like a castle This sandbox belongs to me! I won't let the other kids use it! Except for you, Satsuki! We've been best friends since forever! I'll make a castle for you, too! No.
My sand is right here.
Is that all? This sand was left over from that.
My sand became concrete and was transformed into that skyscraper.
From the top, even a child can look down on any adult.
A castle that vanishes at the first gust of wind is worthless.
Don't you agree, Nonon? But all buildings fall down eventually! Then you should build it in inside your mind! A skyscraper built within your mind will never fall down.
You don't need any dumb sand! I'll hold your hand! For ever and ever! Ever since that day, I've promised myself that I would always be with you.
That I would always look out from the same height as you! Actually, I guess my view is higher right now.
Now listen to this! The William Tell Overture finale! Hey! I thought you were disqualified if you left the battle area! Not if you leave it, only if you fall out of it.
I'm flying, so no problem! You weasels are always making up rules on the spot! Goodness, it seems like you have time to spare to complain.
Let's give you something a taste of something bigger.
Let's see you dodge jauntily! If you can, that is! Like I said, on what planet is that a uniform?! A flying weapon fired a flying weapon! Damn it, how is that fair?! Chew on this! In that case, I'll just have to bring you down to my level! I'll cut those flimsy ropes of yours! Each part of Senketsu's body is a bundle of Life Fibers! You think you can cut him that easily? Attagirl, Ryuko! It's true, cutting Life Fibers is difficult.
But what about the ground? Right! So let's see how you like this! I can withstand an explosion like this! It's no use, the ground's giving out beneath us! Oh dear, she's fallen.
LOCATOR NO RESPONSE COMMUNICATIONS OK The communications search system is offline, huh? That's most kind of the Naturals Election.
You're the last person I expected a call from.
Is this about the girl in the Kamui? Yeah, I guess you could say that.
Ryuko is trying really hard, but, well Senketsu, can you do something that's really, really reckless? I'll do my best! You're finished! It evolved into a flying configuration in so short a time? That's my Senketsu! You can do anything if you try! Did you see that?! Senketsu Shippu! SENKETSU SHIPPU (GALE) she's trying a little too hard, you see.
It's evolving too quickly.
You're telling me to assume a worst-case scenario, is that it? I suppose I am.
The sky is my world The kid gloves are off, you stinking bitch! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW As the battle against Nonon Jakuzure reaches its climax, HONNOUJI ACADEMY a girl appears at Honnouji Academy! GIRL Her name is Nui Harime! NUI HARIME Be careful, Ryuko! A girl who uses her name as an eyepatch EYEPATCH GIRL is insane for sure! Watch out! Next time on Kill La Kill, "I'm Not Your Cute Woman"! EPISODE 11 I'M NOT YOUR CUTE WOMAN