Kill la Kill (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

I'm Not Your Cute Woman

1 10 MINUTES / 100 YEN You're finished! 10 MINUTES / 100 YEN How about this?! Senketsu Shippu! SENKETSU SHIPPU (GALE) 10 MINUTES / 100 YEN The kid gloves are off, you stinking bitch! STARDUST ELECTRONICS Attagirl, Ryuko! Get her, Ryuko! Gosh, everyone seems to be having so much fun! I'M NOT YOUR CUTE WOMAN EPISODE 11 Listen close, Heaven and Hell! My performance can't be stopped just because she can fly now! "Performance," my ass! All you're doing is taking potshots with missiles! Ryuko, our only option is to get close and attack.
We have the edge in maneuverability.
Where'd she go? Senketsu! We're going to cut that thing down! Hey! What's the big idea?! You little bitch! Now, now, why are you losing your cool, little lady Jakuzure? Oh, wow! You're flying, you're flying! Ryuko, that's so cool! Mankanshoku! Get off of me! Whew, that was a close call I almost made Gamagoori angry.
No, he's pretty angry already.
What?! She stole air superiority from you with ease! I'm disappointed, Nonon Jakuzure! Oh, no! Oh, no! I've gone and made Gamagoori mad! Ryuko, I'm in a pinch down here too! Where are you going, Ryuko? We can fly.
We have the option of going straight for our real target.
Ah, I follow you.
Thinking outside the box is your signature move.
Here I come, Satsuki Kiryuin! Like hell you will! How dare you try to get between me and Satsuki! Bitch! You're way outta your league! To hell with your opinion! I'll take my own path no matter what anyone else says! You're a sour note, all right! I'm going to erase you! Have a taste of this! Listen up! Symphony Regalia, Musical Barrage! SYMPHONY REGALIA MUSICAL BARRAGE Ow! Stop that! If anything happens to my laptop, you die.
Inu (dog) at the front gate, Gama (toad) at the back You can do it, Ryuko! I'm fighting hard, too! Ouch I can't believe she did that.
Ow! Hey, what's up with your performance? Can't you fly anymore? Cause if you can't that's gonna be awfully inconvenient for you.
Your butt is ours now! She's all yours, Senketsu! Yes, leave her to me! Flying through the air is rather fun! Wait! If I can't fly anymore, isn't the cliche that you come down here to challenge me? You gotta go all the way when you win or it'll come back to bite you! Finishing Move: Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) - She did it! - She did it! Boy, that was over faster than I expected, you know? What's wrong, Senketsu? I have not achieved Sen-i-Soshitsu yet.
I was unable to absorb her Life Fibers.
Underestimate the Elite Four at your peril, Ryuko Matoi.
Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore! - Encore! - What the hell? Encore! Encore! Encore! En— What's that? THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SYMPHONY REGALIA DA CAPO Symphony Regalia: Da Capo! For our encore, let's go with one of the standards! - There's more?! - There's more? What you are about to witness is the true power of a Three-Star Goku Uniform! Jakuzure never knows when to end a performance.
They drag out after the encore.
For my finale, a tune known to children everywhere! Beethoven's Symphony No.
5: "Fate"! The sound on that thing! I'm just getting warmed up! What's wrong, Senketsu? Your connection is weak! I don't know.
But your voice is faint.
My voice? Yes.
And that music sounds incredibly loud.
What? I see you are confused, transfer student.
The rhythm blasted out by my Goku Uniform resonates with the targeted Life Fibers, manipulates them, and inflicts damage.
That is the power of my Symphony Regalia Da Capo! You've been reduced to a wooden doll that can only sit there and bear the brunt of my baton's attacks! What are you doing, Matoi? You're supposed to fight me and fall before my bamboo sword! Whose side are you on?! Pipe down, wild monkey! It's bad manners to talk during a performance! Everybody around here keeps running off at the mouth Shut out all the extraneous noise, Senketsu.
As much as I'd love to, every last Life Fiber in my body is vibrating to that music.
All right, then And now, it's time for the encore to come to an end! Here's your finale! Your "fate" ends here! Ryuko! My music isn't ringing out? It's not that it isn't ringing out.
Whatwhatwhatwhat? What is it? Matoi is taking the rhythm emanated by Jakuzure and using that technique to make it resonate and turning it into a pure tone.
Pure tone? She's altering the frequency of the waves Jakuzure is giving off to match her own.
Oh, I see! Although the sound is muddy on impact, it eventually matches her own natural frequency.
Just like a tuning fork.
So what you're saying is, Ryuko is really awesome! Mankanshoku has boiled down your complicated information to its essence.
This is what you mean by pure tone? This is what I mean by pure stupidity.
Can you hear now, Senketsu? Yes, loud and clear.
This is your heartbeat, Ryuko? That's right, ignore every other sound.
Just focus on mine.
It is most pleasant.
So this is your sound.
Impossible! My attack isn't working? No, it's much worse than that.
Time to send it back! SENKETSU MUBYOSHI (SOUND NEGATION) Senketsu Mubyoshi! She's trying to drive me back? Over my dead body! What's that? I can't hear a single note you're playing! Y-You stinking, stinking, stinking bitch! Give it a rest, already! No way! The frequencies emitted by the Kamui, which is made of 100% Life Fibers, are far more powerful than Jakuzure's Goku Uniform! Her sound is being negated! M-My Symphony Regalia! Let's do it! Scissor Blade: Decapitation Mode! It's curtains for you! Finishing Move: Sen-i-Soshitsu! SEN-I-SOSHITSU (FIBER LOST) I see, that girl is wearing a Kamui! That's so cute! Did you see that, Iori? I did.
I have located the problem areas in the Shackle Regalia and Probe Regalia.
Examination of Symphony Regalia is still underway.
Very good.
See to it.
All right, let's get to work, people! Let me tell you two useful pieces of information.
One: Clothing that develops rips must be taken off.
Two: you should also take off that depressing getup, the sooner the better! It's a disguise, a disguise! If I paraded in front of them in all my nude glory, I'd draw attention.
I'm keeping up appearances.
You're as big a pain in the ass as ever.
Here, this is the item you asked for.
This is the only one, so use it carefully.
Sorry for making you bring it all this way.
They were nervous back at HQ.
I can't believe you're going to be the one to use this bullet.
Is Matoi that strong? In mere hours, she's absorbed two Three-Star Goku Uniforms.
Compared to the Ryuko you fought, this one's on a whole different level.
WINNER: RYUKO MATOI She did it! She did it, she did it, she did did did it! You're here too, Jakuzure! I managed to collect excellent data.
Thank you.
Bite me.
The next time you butt in, I'm gonna switch out the lenses of your glasses with non-prescription ones.
Oh, how fascinating.
I'll file away that bit of snide commentary.
Excuse me, aren't you going to chew out Jakuzure? Y'know, like, "Why are you wearing a tracksuit?" I'm not that sort of shameless wretch.
Oh, girls get a free pass! So, it's finally my turn, is it? Come at me, Sanageyama.
Time to finish our fight from the other day.
I ain't gonna run this time! You wouldn't be Ryuko Matoi if you did.
The woman who took my eyes and gave me the world.
This time, I will take you down! I'm going to take the liberty of putting her down, Lady Satsuki.
Very well.
Round 4, begin! Senketsu Senjin, and then Senketsu Shippu, eh? Your evolution is astonishing, Matoi.
But it's no match for my growth! Let's go! Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia MKII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM BLADE REGALIA MKII Kamui Senketsu! KAMUI SENKETSU W-Who are you? Sanageyama! Get back! Lady Satsuki has lost her cool! I've never seen that happen before.
That girl is totally cute, though! But her identity is unknown.
Who the heck is that girl? Just when it was getting good! Time's up.
You lousy skinflint! Honey! More money! We're flat broke.
No other choice, then! Let's roll, my family! To where?! To the Honnouji Academy fighting arena! If it's come to this, we'll sneak in using any means necessary! You got it, Dad! Who the hell is that? Why have you come here, Nui Harime? NUI HARIME KIRYUIN MANOR BATHS RAGYO KIRYUIN Now, which of you will adorn me today? REI HOUOUMARU Sorry I'm late, Hououmaru.
No, Ma'am, you are right on time.
However However? What is it? The Grand Couturier is currently visiting Honnouji Academy.
I'm aware.
You are such a scamp, Ma'am.
I am simply playing along with her whims.
Shall I take us to Honnouji Academy? No.
It's time for the regular worldwide branch meeting.
Take us to the home office.
At once.
NUI HARIME This isn't fair, Lady Satsuki, doing something this fun without telling me! I'm not obligated to tell you anything.
Gosh, how cold! I thought you and I were two hearts beating as one! Both day and night! Don't be insincere.
You associate with no one.
You're as breathtaking as ever! Your icy stare and icy skin are simply too much! My fingers are tingling! Stand aside, woman.
I won't tolerate any further interference in my fight with Matoi.
I'm sorry, I can't do that! After all, I'm the one who's gonna fight her! I told you to get out of the way! Hup! What?! What?! She blocked a Three-Star opponent! Without a uniform?! Who the hell is that girl?! I have a bad feeling about this.
A bad feeling? Yes, overwhelmingly bad.
Gosh, this won't do.
You're no fun at all.
Eat this! Finishing move: Isshin Zenzanken! Hup! Go on back to being a naked ape! Impossible! Hup! Oopsie, he fell! Oh, well! A Three-Star Goku Uniform unraveled by pulling at a single thread! How can that be?! Isn't it your job to explain exactly this sort of thing at times like this? Impossible.
I cannot analyze something without data.
It's the red thread of fate! The invisible thread that connects the pinkies of people destined for each other! Where are there pinkies on clothing? But it turned red just now! Quit bugging me, underachiever! "Goku Uniform," was it? Lady Satsuki's vaunted combat uniforms.
The stitching is a bit weak, don't you think? She severed its Banshi? BANSHI Impossible! No one can spot the Banshi at a glance and sever it in an instant! What is a Banshi? What happened, Iori? A Banshi is a Life Fiber that has been imbued with the will to become clothing.
The thread that is the key to creating a Goku Uniform.
It has multiple layers of defenses to prevent it from feeling the effects of an attack.
Even when Matoi's Kamui absorbs Life Fibers, the Banshi is the very last one to go.
It's inconceivable that she could have pulled it out in that instant and cut it! See? It really is the red thread of fate! Don't pat yourself on the back, underachiever! It's Mako! Mako Mankanshoku! UNDERACHIEVER MAKO MANKANSHOKU I may be an underachiever, but I do have a name! You voluntarily admit to being an underachiever? That's the spirit, Mankanshoku! Damn it, who the hell is that woman? We have a real bigshot on our hands.
FIRST ANNUAL NATURALS ELECTION Nui Harime, the Grand Couturier herself.
Grand Couturier? Revocs'? Who else has one? The home office's High Order Tailor is here.
In other words, the one who sent her here NUI HARIME is none other than Revocs' top dog and Satsuki's mother: Ragyo Kiryuin.
Oh, man.
Things are getting more complicated by the minute.
You're okay with this, right, Lady Satsuki? You're asking for my permission? Yes! I've never disobeyed you, have I? Whatever, let's just get to it! Ryuko! Satsuki Kiryuin, if I have to go through her to get to you, I don't care who she is.
Suit yourself.
Please gather your composure, Milady.
Thank you.
For Harime to show up now, of all times How very like her.
You mean Mistress Ragyo? Who else could it be? It's in your hands now, Ryuko Matoi.
RYUKO MATOI VS UZU SANAGEYAMA RYUKO MATOI VS NUI HARIME Where's your Goku Uniform? I don't wear such crude things.
Enough about me, show me your Kamui.
Are you holding back because I'm dressed like this? Didn't you see? I defeated that Goku Uniform just now, so you can cut loose with your Kamui's power all you want! Having trouble? In that case, I'll show you something neat! Here we go! Ta-dah! That's! Yep, the other half of your Scissor Blade! I pulled this out of your dad! Wait It was you? Yep! It was me! I was the one who killed your father! BITCH! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Shouting, "Up yours!" out towards the sea, that's youth! UP YOURS THAT IS Getting dumped by the girl you like, that's youth! THAT IS RAGE Giving in to rage and destroying the entire school, that too is youth! DESTROYING THAT IS No, wait, that's bad! Calm down, Ryuko! THAT'S BAD MANKANSHOKU BACK-ALLEY ON-CALL CLINIC Next time on Kill La Kill, "Spit Your Sadness Away"! EPISODE 12 SPIT YOUR SADNESS AWAY