Kill la Kill (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Spit Your Sadness Away

1 Eat this! Finishing move: Isshin Zenzanken! Hup! Go on back to being a naked ape! Impossible! Hup! Ta-dah! That's! Yep, the other half of your Scissor Blade! I pulled this out of your dad! Wait It was you? Yep! It was me! I was the one who killed your father! BITCH! Answer me! Why did you kill my dad?! EPISODE 12 SPIT YOUR SADNESS AWAY Dad said that as long as I had this scissor, I'd be sure to find the person who killed him.
And he was right! It was you that was at my house that day, wasn't it?! Yep! Right you are.
Why did you do it?! Why did you kill my dad?! You know the reason why.
Me? Don't screw with me! I don't know the first thing about my dad! But you're wearing the reason why.
Wearing? You mean Senketsu? Yep! Your dad meddled in things that no human should meddle in.
One of those "taboo" deals.
But taboos, they feel so good, you know? What is it with this woman's hands? They're cold as ice! It's so silky smooth! That's 100% Life Fiber for sure! Don't dodge the question! Don't be that way, I'm not dodging anything.
We finally got the chance to meet, so let's do something that's more fun! Get real! Why the hell would I play around with the person who killed my dad?! Gosh, you're so narrow-minded.
Hate and love are two sides of the same coin.
It's like a finely-tailored suit with a good, sturdy lining.
In other words, the deeper the hatred, the deeper the love grows.
Like hell it does! Now, now.
You're so lovely when you're angry, Ryuko! Shut up! Calm yourself, Ryuko.
Your blood is starting to boil.
You're too worked up! It's another red thread! That's its Banshi? This is bad news! I'm just dying to see you naked! What the—? Now! That's a Kamui for you.
I guess this means that it has more than one Banshi, huh? That's right! I'm not so flimsy that I'll come undone because of something like that! How wonderful! I can't believe he was hiding something like that! That sly old dog.
He had me completely fooled! Who are you? I'm here to play! To play? SIX MONTHS EARLIER MATOI UNDERGROUND LABORATORY I heard that you've been up to all sorts of fun things here, Doctor.
So play with me, too! Ah, I see.
You're here because you caught wind of my research.
Yep! I gave my word to an acquaintance of mine that I'd bring it back.
And I have to keep my word.
A Shape Memory Lab Coat, eh? If it has that ability, you wove Life Fibers into that lab coat, too, didn't you? Yay for me! That means I can play for realsies! C'mon, stop holding back.
Go all-out when you play.
Life's no fun if you don't! This is what I dedicated my life to developing! It cuts and kills Life Fibers.
And so, I have named them Rending Scissors! RENDING SCISSORS! Doctor, your taste in names is terrible.
Scientists don't care how well something goes over! Not if the results of his research are sound! You're pretty good with those whatever-scissors! Careful, that's dangerous! It looks like it takes a lot of strength to use those scissors.
You really ought to exercise more.
Lay off! A scientist only begins to hit his stride at 60! Gosh, these really do halt all Life Fiber activity, don't they? That's our Dr.
Matoi! These scissors are a force to be reckoned with, huh? How does it feel to have your life taken by the very research you dedicated your life to? It's the best, isn't it?! Aren't I nice? Spare me your drivel Well, I need to take these with me.
Dad! Dad! Dad? Ah, so half of the Rending Scissors was stolen, but he managed to keep me hidden.
I'd expect nothing less from Dr.
So it was you that I saw that day?! It was.
If I'd known a cute thing like you was coming, I would've stayed put instead of running! Get serious, damn it! Do you think you can avenge your father like this? Nope, nope, nope! That's the last straw! Stop it, Ryuko! It's dangerous for your blood to get this hot! If you keep this up, I won't be able to hold myself together! Damn! That's what you were after, Nui Harime? I'm going down! Yay, that's more like it! Now things have gotten fun! It's no good.
She's completely out of control.
You mean she's been swallowed up by the power of the Kamui? Matoi's body can't handle this for long.
She'll probably die of blood loss in minutes.
DIE OF BLOOD LOSS Die of blood loss?! We have to give her an ablution! You mean transfusion.
My daddy steals people's blood at work and sells it for lots of money so I've seen lots of death from blood loss! Hey, wait.
What do you mean by— When people die of blood loss, that means they die! That goes without saying.
It does not! Ryuko dying is not cool! After all, I'm the daughter of a back-alley doctor, Stop the dying from blood loss!! Stop the blood stealing! Things have taken a disturbing turn, I see.
Sanageyama! Oh, you're not dead, wild monkey? Thanks to you, I got plenty of data on Banshi.
Until I settle things with Matoi.
I will not die.
Sanageyama You're Put on some clothes.
This is a disaster.
Keep her pinned down for me, Tsumugu.
Lady Satsuki, are you all right? The destruction of the polling place can no longer be prevented.
I want you four to evacuate the students.
I had no idea a Kamui had this kind of power I will stop her.
Life Fiber Override: Kamui Junketsu! KAMUI JUNKETSU You handle this.
Right! Wait, Ryuko! Don't waste it! Blood is worth lots of money! Hey, Mako! What's up? Daddy! We drove here 'cause we wanted to see Ryuko's fight in person! C'mon, Sis, tell us where we can sneak in! Where is the arena? This is no time to be joking around! This is a job for Mankanshoku, Back-alley Doctor! BACK-ALLEY DR.
MANKANSHOKU HOUSE CALL I don't know what's going on, but leave it to me! Wait for me, Ryuko! You've got the daughter of a back-alley doctor on your side! Keep it up, keep it up! You're turning more and more into a monster! This is how Life Fibers ought to be! As I feared, you've been swallowed up by your clothing, too.
And what are you? I don't need to identify myself to you.
You're in my way.
I'm saying you're just a big ol' nuisance! A trap, huh? I knew you could do it, Tsumugu.
I appreciate it.
This is a Special Adhesive Bullet.
To make a long story short, it's like a powerful starching agent.
But if you use this, there's no guarantee that the person inside will survive.
Sorry about this, Ryuko.
She spotted me? At this range? Impossible Damn it! You're not going anywhere! A trap again? Honestly, he's so irritating.
Oh, Lady Satsuki! I love your outfit.
Even Kiryuin has turned up? What's your game, Nui Harime? I want to see just how powerful the Kamui created by Dr.
Isshin Matoi is, don't you? Or is this revenge against Isshin Matoi for completely fooling you? You're mistake was fixating on the Rending Scissors, so you failed to notice the existence of the Kamui that he had secretly developed.
And he also took your left eye.
That side of you is less than charming.
I'm fine with that.
When you consider something charming, it never ends well.
On that score, Ryuko is charming as all get-out! She's coming after me relentlessly! Snap out of it, Ryuko Matoi! I can't get through Mmhmm! No point in trying! Stand back! If that's the case, it is my job to put her down.
The job of putting down someone who has been overwhelmed by a Kamui's urge to destroy! I guess this is fun in its own way! Fall back, Tsumugu! It's not safe there! Understood! Oh, wow! Wow! I could never intrude on this world that's just for you two! And it would be amusing if we happen to kill each other.
That's what you're thinking, isn't it? No, not at all! But that will not happen! A girl who is merely being worn by her Kamui is no match for Satsuki Kiryuin! Let's end this, Matoi! Don't! Ryuko! Ryuko! Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, Ryuko, don't! Don't do this, Ryuko! This isn't like you, Ryuko! What's the big idea, interfering like that? Oops.
Hold your tongue and watch.
Didn't you say, Ryuko? You didn't want to avenge your father, you wanted to know him better.
The way you're acting now, you're just a rampaging monster! You're howling and rampaging and wrecking up the school! This is just like how I was! The Mako that soared to great heights thanks to the Fight Club! When I was drunk on power, you were the one who brought me to my senses! So now it's my turn! I'm gonna bring you back, Ryuko! Mako Hey! Cut it out! Ow! Darn it! Hey, I'm okay! Hey, dial it down! Ouch! Cut it out! Ryuko! Thanks.
Ryuko I'm sorry for dragging you into my drama, Senketsu.
No, I'm just glad that you are all right You were about to die of blood loss! Dummy, dummy, dummy! Huh? Ryuko? Ryuko? Ryuko! Ryuko! Are you dead? She's passed out, that's all.
Mankanshoku, she survived thanks to you.
L-Lady Satsuki? What're you doing here? I mean, you know my name? I mean, Ryuko, talk to me! I've got a perfect, all-over tan! Wow, it's like I got a tanning salon session for free! Sweet! That was a close one.
Sorry about that, Tsumugu.
We managed to get by without using this.
I couldn't lay a hand on them.
I couldn't so much as touch any of those three women.
What else did you expect? When they get like that, they're monsters that have become more than human.
Crap, now I have to go back and train again.
Aw, the ending turned out to be a real letdown.
Nui Harime.
You are hereby banned from Honnouji Academy.
I will deal with both Ryuko Matoi and the Kamui.
Meddle in my affairs again, and Grand Couturier or not, I will show you no mercy.
Aw, don't be mean! Leave.
Fine, fine, you've made your point! As if! SEVERAL DAYS LATER I see that you are back on your feet.
Where's Nui Harime? Why do you want to know? Because she killed your father? Damn straight.
It was I who ordered her to steal the Rending Scissors from Isshin Matoi.
If you must hate someone, hate me.
What?! Why Isshin Matoi was killed and what the Kamui and Life Fibers are.
I know the answers to all those mysteries.
Then let's go at it right here.
Can you win in your current condition? Your body still bears the damage from your little rampage the other day.
Shut up! I must thank you, Ryuko Matoi.
Thank me? Yes, thank you.
As a result of you fighting the Elite Four, I was able to make the final adjustments to my Goku Uniforms.
I can now deploy them in battle.
What? Honnouji Academy's nationwide academy conquest will at last be complete.
That was what you were after with the Naturals Election and King of the Hill battle? Indeed it was.
In one week's time, Honnouji Academy will crush the western academy administrations that still oppose us in one fell swoop! This is my Tri-City Schools Raid Trip! TRI-CITY SCHOOLS RAID TRIP You just sit on your thumbs here and watch as they fall.
NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW What is youth? Youth is "blue spring.
" Why is spring blue? Because it is immature.
WHY IMMATURE To be blue is immature.
IMMATURE To make a mad dash for the new year is also immature! IMMATURE I, too, am— —AHHH! Next time on Kill la Kill, "Crazy for You"! EPISODE 13 CRAZY FOR YOU