Kill la Kill (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Crazy for You

Assigning to Osaka Raid Trip Brigade.
Non-Athletic Committee squads 1 through 18, preparations complete.
Assigning to Kyoto Raid Trip Brigade.
The Disciplinary Committee is more than sufficient for the Kobe Raid Trip Brigade! Being an elite corps is all well and good, but don't fail.
Yeah, nobody wants to see you committing seppuku, Ira.
The cleanup of your guts would be a pain.
You needn't worry.
We'll succeed.
I have formed an Information Strategy Team with the PC Club at its core, using Two-Star students from the Information Systems class.
The information network in each city is already under our control.
We are monitoring all communications in the high schools of each city.
Iori, are the Special Goku Uniforms ready? Yes, Milady.
Development and manufacture of the Anti-Osaka, RAID Anti-Kyoto, and Anti-Kobe Combat-spec Goku Uniforms are complete.
They are being distributed to the Raid Trip Brigades as we speak.
As for you Elite Four, new Three-Star Goku Uniforms are currently being made for all of you.
However, owing to the fact that final adjustments will take some time, you will have to set out with the same Special Goku Uniforms as the other students.
They have been improved based on your battles with Ryuko Matoi and Nui Harime.
Look forward to them.
There is no shame in your defeat at the hands of the Pure Life Fiber Kamui Senketsu and the High Order Tailor Nui Harime.
You will mature even further.
It is merely a rite of passage.
And now, I look forward to your maturation as commanders.
Lead the Raid Trip Brigades to victory! Understood! Very well, the Raid Trip is set to leave at 0200 hours the day after tomorrow.
Understood! Is the helicopter ready? It is, Milady.
Thank you.
EPISODE 13 CRAZY FOR YOU Boy, I wish I could go! I don't want to go! But I wish I could! I do wish I could go! But I don't want to! But I really wish I could go anyway! A woman's heart is a fickle thing I know, right? It's not like being asked if you want to go somewhere makes you want to go, but I sure would've loved to go to Kyoto! So you short bus students are getting left out of the School Raid Trip, huh? Yeah, 'cause it's practically a war.
I hate fighting, but it's free! If you could go somewhere for free, you'd want to go, right? Kyoto! Kobe! Osaka! You got every one wrong.
Kyoto is here.
Kobe is here.
Osaka is here.
Oh my! All three are really close together! Pretty much.
It's the Kansai region, after all.
It boggles my mind that you managed to make it to high school.
It's my mind that's boggled! By the way, is Ryuko still in a bad way? Ryuko is suddenly allergic to wearing her uniform.
After she snapped out of her rampage, she went straight to the school, but after she came back, she was all mopey for some reason.
She doesn't even try to put on poor Senketsu.
Oh, I see You there.
You're Mako Mankanshoku, right? Yes.
Please! Take me to see Ryuko Matoi! You can trust me! I'm Shinjiro Nagita, formerly of the Newspaper Club! FORMERLY WITH THE NEWSPAPER CLUB SHINJIRO NAGITA - Found him! - There he is! Hold it right there, Newsie! Crap! H-Hey, what are you doing?! They're with the Disciplinary Committee! I cant let them find me! I've been banned from school grounds! - Come back here! - Stop right there! But I don't even read the newspaper! You're not getting away! Banned from school grounds, huh? I made you something, Ryuko! What's that? Special Croquettes, made with finely chopped, super-mysterious mystery ingredients! They'll get you back on your feet! Mataro and the others had some earlier.
See? Life is wonderful! Dance, Mataro! I'm twirling, Dad! Round and round and round! Spin, spin! Turn and churn and turn into butter! I really turned into butter! I feel like I've melted into goo! I think those might be a bit dangerous.
Anyway, eat some, get your body moving, and sweat it out! Do that, and all the bad things bottled up in your heart will flow right out of you! Thanks, ma'am.
I couldn't hold in my rage.
All I wanted was to kill Nui Harime, even if I had to destroy everything to do it.
Senketsu Is it safe for me to wear you? Please do! What the hell? Please put it on! W-Who are you? Mom, I brought a friend— Oh, he's already inside! Welcome! HONNOUJI NEWSPAPER And what have we here? It says "We Are Not blankety-blank's blanks!" Wow, there's all sorts of incomprehensible stuff written in here, Ryuko! Read the kanji, too! Satsuki Kiryuin and the Kiryuin Conglomerate are trying to turn the academy's students into soldiers.
I couldn't let that happen.
But the school paper was objected to by the Disciplinary Committee censor, and I was unable to distribute it to the students! It drove home just how powerless I truly am! Nagita says he's gotten on the Student Council's bad side and has been banned from school grounds ever since! There is no freedom of speech in this school.
There isn't a single person who stands up to Kiryuin.
Or so I thought.
But you're different! You defeated the Elite Four all by yourself and struck fear into even Satsuki Kiryuin! You're the revolutionary of Honnouji Academy! I can fight, too! If only you lead the way! You'll have to fight by yourself, then.
I'm not fighting because I want to.
Go home! Beat it! What are you fighting for, then?! How the hell should I know? At the very least, there is one.
There is one man who saw what you have done and took back his life! Your fight hasn't been for nothing! So put on that sailor uniform and fight one more time! I'm not fighting for other people! Go on, beat it! Just give up and go home! I won't give up, Matoi! You are my — no, all of Honnouji Academy's — virtuous star of hope! Give it a rest! I won't let the courage you gave me go to waste! Farewell! What the hell was that guy's problem?! Ryuko.
Zip it.
Not a word out of you.
AUDITORIUM I put this question to you, gentlemen! What is clothing?! Clothing is sin! Man's original sin! Indeed.
Clothing is sin.
When man ate the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, he became ashamed of his nakedness and covered his nethers with fig leaves.
From the time humanity first gained free will as human beings, REVOCS CEO RAGYO KIRYUIN it has been his fate to cover his body in the clothing called sin.
Clothing made by REVOCS is sold in 90% of the world's countries and controls an overwhelming share of the market.
Why is that? Because we alone know man's sin and create clothing for clothing's sake! I put the question to you again! What is clothing?! Clothing is the world! The grand will that binds the heavens, the earth, and mankind, covering all.
That is exactly the intent of COVERS.
How does Junketsu feel on you? A rather powerful article of clothing, isn't it? You wear it well.
Thank you, Mother.
- Hououmaru.
- Yes, ma'am.
Is this what brings you here today? Kamui Senketsu, eh? La vie est drôle.
I have already filed a report regarding that incident.
You said that it would be left to my discretion.
Of course.
Matters should be settled youth against youth, Kamui against Kamui.
I think it's a fine thing.
Why, then, was the High Order Tailor sent to Honnouji Academy? High Order Tailor? Oh, you mean Nui? I had no choice.
Not even a CEO can rein in the whims of an artiste.
I see.
However, if someone should interfere with my plan, I will deal with them under my own discretion.
Do as you wish.
As long as you continue to act as a child of COVERS, REVOCS MARKET SHARES the world will remain your ally.
I shall set out on the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip the day after tomorrow.
TRI-CITY SCHOOLS RAID TRIP I've read your report.
How many days will it take? One day will be sufficient.
With this, Honnouji Academy's rule COMPLETE RULE OF ACADEMIES COUNTRY-WIDE over all the academies in the country will be complete.
REVOCS uniforms will be supplied to every academy in Japan.
REVOCS UNIFORMS IN EVERY JAPANESE ACADEMY And the naked apes lurking behind NAKED APES the students will be dragged out into the open.
You understand perfectly.
You have a reason to save the Kansai region for last.
As my daughter, I would think this is the case.
Leave everything to me.
I shall show you a battle that will not besmirch the Kiryuin name.
La vie est drôle.
"Life is funny," eh? It is.
And it's about to get even more amusing.
Well, I'm off to do things my own way.
I suggest you be careful.
Anger my daughter at your peril.
Fine by me! Doing that will let us see her go all out.
And isn't that something you yourself want, Lady Ragyo? Yes, that's right.
These are the forces that Honnouji Academy is committing.
I've also sent this data to HQ.
So they're finally launching an all-out assault, huh? But thanks to your investigation, we have a tool we can use.
It bums me out that we might have to take on that monster girl, though.
It's a rare thing to hear you complain, Tsumugu.
But we have no choice but to do this.
Even if it means becoming a naked Nudist.
I'll join you as soon as I deal with my own little problem here.
He really has been suspended indefinitely, huh? It's just like he said, but still Good morning, Mankanshoku! Oh, Nagita! Is it okay for you to be at school? Matoi stayed home again, did she? Yeah, she and the sailor uniform were staring each other down again today.
I see.
We have no choice, then.
We'll have to do it ourselves.
What's this? I am through running.
Please tell Matoi that.
All students in attendance at Honnouji Academy, lend me your ears! Do you not see that there is something wrong with how this academy is run? Obeying Satsuki Kiryuin's every word and then putting on a Goku Uniform and fighting? Don't you think that's wrong?! Go on, Mankanshoku! Hand out those newspapers! Hurry! Schoolmates! Let us take back this academy together! Thank you! Thank you! Read our paper! Thank you! Read all about it! For the details, read this newspaper! You two! Unauthorized soapboxing is against— Oh no! It's the Disciplinary Committee! Oh, no! Run, Mankanshoku! Nagita! Don't be a hero! Run! Run! Never! I refuse to be cowed by violence any longer! I will resist to my last breath! - He ran! - After him! - You're not getting away! - Nagita! Mankanshoku! What do you think you're doing? Gamagoori! Under normal circumstances, your actions would merit a one-month stay in the Time Out Chamber, but these are not normal circumstances! I am commuting your sentence to hard labor in the School Raid Commissariat Unit! Now, load that cargo onto the trucks! Are you afraid of me, Ryuko? No, it's me that I'm afraid of.
You were crying when all that went down.
You were pulled into my mind as I rampaged out of control, got pumped full of rage-filled blood, had more power than you wanted pulled out of you, and you broke down and cried.
Even then, I could tell how bitter your tears were.
But in spite of that, I couldn't stop myself.
If Mako hadn't shown up, I don't know what would have happened.
Didn't you say, Ryuko? You didn't want to avenge your father, you wanted to know him better.
Even so, do not reject me.
I want to be worn by you.
I was likely born for the express purpose of being worn by you.
Have you remembered something? No.
I just get that feeling.
Every time I drink your blood, that feeling grows stronger.
Save me, Matoi! We have you now! Take him away! I'm sorry, I never intended to get you mixed up in all this! - Our straw mats! - Our dressers! S-Stop it! Our sliding screen! Pops! Mr.
Mankanshoku! Matoi! Prepare for surgery! You know how to operate, Mom?! Everyone has a first time! Got it, Mom! I'll help! Senketsu, if I go too far, I'll need you to stop me.
I cannot promise that.
It is you who is wearing me.
Sheesh, you're an outfit that doesn't have much give, you know that? But when you were out of control, you did stop.
Using your own willpower.
That is why I am not frightened in the least.
We're all responsible for our own actions.
What are you doing?! Stop it! Do what you will with me! I will never yield! I won't be beaten! Hold it! What do you think you're doing to that guy? Matoi Don't be so whiney.
You know I couldn't stand by and do nothing.
"Don't waste my breath," huh? Have it your way.
Let's do it, Senketsu! Scissor Blade: Decapitation Mode! SCISSOR BLADE: DECAPITATION MODE SEN-I-SOSHITSU (LIFE FIBER LOST) Sen-i-Soshitsu! Hey, these guys aren't human! So, you've finally gotten dressed, Ryuko.
Nagita You set all this up? I did! They are my puppets! As are you, I suppose.
Come again? Fear resulting from the runaway incident.
Rejection of your Kamui.
However, you conquer that fear in order to save the helpless.
Your reactions are so predictable that it's downright adorable! No, you can't be! Ta-dah! Nui Harime! It was you all along? NUI HARIME The data is disappearing? Then that boy really was a— Oh, no! Ryuko! What are you angry about? NUI HARIME This was good rehab, wasn't it? Why this elaborate setup just to get me to put on Senketsu? Well, Satsuki banned me from the school grounds.
I have my own problems, I'll have you know.
Will you show me just how much power you can wring out of it this time? You little— Come on, what's that? It's nothing like last time! Bite me! You really are afraid of yourself! I am not! After all the trouble I've gone to, you're still holding back.
You're weaker than I thought.
I'm bored! It's all over.
S-Senketsu You don't have what it takes to wear a Kamui.
Go and join your father.
Oopsie, you figured it out already? Why are you here? Are you mad? There is only one way to deal with those who do not obey my orders.
Oh gosh, she really means it Would you like to undergo the blood purge? Fine, fine, I'll leave.
I'm bored with her, anyway.
How disgraceful.
Is this Ryuko Matoi's Kamui? Its remains.
What shall I do with it? Find suitable hosts and divide the scraps among them.
Then use them to gather combat data during the School Raid Trip.
Three years of study here at Honnouji Academy! This battle is the first step towards realizing our ambitions! I have but one word to bestow upon you: Win.
Honnouji Academy Tri-City Schools Raid Trip, roll out! I-I'm going, too?! We're going, Soroi.
Yes, Milady.
Ryuko! Is that— NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW School trips are the source of many a youthful memory, MAKING MEMORIES BU but they're a little different at Honnouji Academy! A LITTLE DIFFEREN Theirs is a school raid trip to conquer the three cities of Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka! TRI-CITY SCHOOLS RAID TRIP The album of their youth is drawn in a deep, blood red! ALBUM OF THEIR YOUTH COLOR OF BLOOD Next time on Kill La Kill, "Ride Like the Wind"! EPISODE 14 RIDE LIKE THE WIND