Kill la Kill (2013) s01e14 Episode Script

Ride Like the Wind

1 No Please DON'T! Senketsu! Good grief.
How many times am I going to have to tend to you after you've passed out? How about changing careers and becoming a Nudist like me? Spout off any of your lame jokes, and I'm gonna kill you.
Ah, sorry, sorry.
So, who took you out? It was Nui Harime.
Nagita was Nui.
Oh, so that's what happened.
You found me unconscious, dressed like this? Yeah.
If I had arrived on the scene a little later, you would've been arrested by the cops for indecent exposure.
Do you have a death wish? Snippy, aren't you? Of course I am.
I I lost Senketsu.
To Nui Harime? That's right.
He was chopped to pieces by her.
I was weak and couldn't summon up any of his power, either, and he got shredded I haven't been lost! If you try any lame impersonations, I mean it, I'm going to kill you.
Hey, cut me some slack.
I'm not doing anything.
Ryuko, calm yourself.
See, you're doing it again! I have him right here.
Senketsu, you're alive?! What a relief! Only because you held on to me so tightly.
And the rest? Where's the rest of you? The sleeves? The shoulders? The skirt? Huh? I didn't see anything else when I got there.
Just you, lying there unconscious, clutching that scarf like your life depended on it.
Ryuko, my shredded body has been divvied up amongst the School Raid Trip students.
So the rest of you is in Kansai, huh? Exactly.
It was Satsuki Kiryuin's doing.
Damn that Satsuki, always screwing with me Huh? What're you doing here, Mr.
Mikisugi? Unfortunately, I'm no longer a teacher.
The time has now come.
Today, I bid farewell to my cover identity as the homeroom teacher for Honnouji Academy's Second Year, Class K.
Today, I return to being my unadorned self! A Splendid Naked Officer, the nude warriors of Nudist Beach who do battle against the threat of Life Fibers! Aikuro Mikisugi! Let's begin! NUDIST BEACH SPLENDID NAKED OFFICER AIKURO MIKISUGI Come on, Nude Shooting Star! Farewell, students of Honnouji Academy! What the hell was all that about? EPISODE 14 RIDE LIKE THE WIND I have selected students with high Life Fiber tolerance, and am dividing up the various parts of Kamui Senketsu among them.
They will be affixed to their School Raid-spec Goku Uniforms, and I will ascertain whether they can be employed as a power-up item that will boost their abilities.
KYOTO The Kyoto Raid Trip Brigade under Nonon Jakuzure, KOBE the Kobe Raid Trip Brigade under Ira Gamagoori and the Osaka Raid Trip Brigade under Uzu Sanageyama, OSAKA have each arrived at their respective destinations.
TRI-CITY SPECIAL INTELLIGENCE UNIT HOUKA INUMUTA The Tri-City Special Intelligence Unit also stands ready.
The info-nets of each city's academies have already been seized.
The information networks of each academy have been isolated, and all phone and net connections are under our management.
This operation's success will place all of Kansai's high schools under our umbrella in one fell swoop.
TRI-CITY SCHOOLS RAID TRIP Tri-City Schools Raid Trip commence operation! Kami-Kobe High School Armed Faction Alliance Representative Kyuji Obayashi! KAMI-KOBE HIGH SCHOOL ARMED FACTION ALLIANCE REPRESENTATIVE KYUJI OBAYASHI Deputy Armed Faction Alliance Representative Kenta Sakuramiya! DEPUTY ARMED FACTION ALLIANCE REPRESENTATIVE KENTA SAKURAMIYA We won't let them take a single step past here! Molotov cocktails! Cut loose! We got help from the American School, too! We'll drive 'em out with the power of their Armed American Football Corps! I am Ira Gamagoori, Honnouji Academy Tri-City School KOBE REGION SCHOOL RAID TRIP BRIGADE LEADER IRA GAMAGOORI Raid Trip Kobe Region School Raid Trip brigade leader! If you engage in armed resistance, we are prepared to retaliate in kind! Enhanced Disciplinary Committee Members, deploy! What the hell? We're gonna feed you to our armored protective gear! All hands, charge! Let's go! Fire! Oh, My God! What the—? To a student, school regulations are heavier than stone! The Disciplinary Guidebook in which these rules are inscribed is harder than steel! HONNOUJI ACADEMY DISCIPLINARY GUIDEBOOK Honnouji Academy's school regulations are as steel! Ironclad rules! Do you believe that such armor can stay our ironclad rules?! Taste our Full Metal Disciplinary Guidebook Regulation Hurricane! FULL METAL DISCIPLINARY GUIDEBOOK REGULATION HURRICANE I-Impossible! Do you see now the might of Honnouji Academy?! This is the might of Student Council President Satsuki Kiryuin! Let's play this fortissimo, everyone! KYOTO REGION SCHOOL RAID TRIP BRIGADE LEADER NONON JAKUZURE What's up with this? Welcome, warriors of the East.
Abekamo Academy, which has stood for a thousand years here in the ancient capital, is the linchpin of Kyoto's defenses! If you wish to avoid a painful fate, begone at once.
Fail to do so, and you will be baptized in a flood of demons and monsters.
Listen to you, trying to sound big! It's not like your school has stood for a thousand years! What are these things? They're monsters! They're gonna eat us! Guardian Student of the North, Taro Genbu! GUARDIAN STUDENT OF THE NORTH TARO GENBU Guardian Student of the South, Jiro Suzaku! GUARDIAN STUDENT OF THE SOUTH JIRO SUZAKU Guardian Student of the East, Saburo Seiryu! GUARDIAN STUDENT OF THE EAST SABURO SEIRYU Guardian Student of the West, Shiro Byakko! GUARDIAN STUDENT OF THE WEST SHIRO BYAKKO Do you see? This is the Divine Four Formation, the impenetrable defense of Abekamo Academy! You Kanto barbarians cannot defeat it! What're you talking about? It's so obvious that these monsters are all illusions! Stay calm, everyone! This is just a psychological attack! What fascinating people.
Would you mind if I fought them for a while? Inumuta?! I thought you were in Osaka! What are you doing here? Don't be startled.
This is merely a hologram projected by the Film Club.
Armed Arts Club! Advance! This is a non-Euclidean space creation ritual calculated by the Math Club.
Art Club members, use this as a basis for a Paradox Painting! Our barrier! Impossible! ESCHER TOPOLOGY ATTACK An Escher Topology Attack.
What's that? The Divine Four Formation employs geomagnetism to envelop this location in special electromagnetic waves, thereby causing disruptions in the nerve signals of the human brain.
The picture they just drew altered this area's phase space and disrupted its geomagnetism! In short, they have negated their barrier! I didn't understand a word of that, but I guess one obnoxious jerk is effective against a bunch of obnoxious jerks.
In that case, you should have no trouble "pwning" them now.
See? You uncouth boors and your strange words! You leave us no choice but to fight! This isn't my scene.
I leave them in your capable hands.
Thanks for nothing.
Okay, let's get jazzed up! Armed Wind Instrument Club! Combat Orchestration! Pomp and Circumstance 'em! NANIWA KINMAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDEN COUNCIL PRESIDENT KANEO TAKARADA I'm surprised you came, worthless slime of Honnouji Academy.
I am Kaneo Takarada, Naniwa Kinman High School Student Council President! You may have thought you were hot stuff in Kobe and Kyoto, but you're not so tough here in Osaka! OSAKA REGION SCHOOL RAID TRIP BRIGADE LEADER UZU SANAGEYAMA Well, well, you've heard rumors of the other cities? I thought that we had cut off your information network.
I hate to break it to you, but I have powerful allies in the form of Osakan grannies.
They'll spread rumors in the blink of an eye.
Even if you lock down the net, you can't stop a rumor.
Listen up, I'm gonna tell you the rules of this town.
Osaka here is a merchant town! It's money that makes this town go 'round! He who has the most coin wins! Money? Philistine.
We have come to bring down those like you who reek of the old system in order to create the new world order that Satsuki Kiryuin strives to achieve! You're adorable.
You naive, naive thing.
A guy who don't know the fearsomeness of money shouldn't be offering up opinions about society.
I'm gonna wake you up to reality by smacking you in the face with wads of cash! All right, people! Let 'em have it! I'm gonna kill ya! Guns? It's bills, sir! They're shooting at us, using wads of bills as bullets! They're literally using money as a weapon! I put my money where my mouth is! If I've made my point, get lost! Judging from the feel, these aren't Bank of Japan notes, are they? Counterfeit bills, huh? They ain't counterfeit! They're Takarada Bucks! Takarada Bucks? Exactly.
They're redeemable paper currency.
As wealthy people, the name of the Takarada Conglomerate is as good as gold here in Osaka.
They have more value than the debt-riddled national currency.
But a northern Kanto hick like you wouldn't understand any of that! How dare you! If you go on mocking northern Kanto, I'll grind you up with our konnyaku root harvest! Not if we turn youse jerks into takoyaki first! Get 'em! Armed Ping Pong Club! Step forward! As well as the Sumo Club! Sumo Stomp Attack! Armed Archery Club and Armed Track Club! Ultra long range squads! Salvo attack! Not bad, kiddo! Now, storm the school building! Over my dead body! Force 'em back! You can withstand Goku Uniforms?! The Kiryuins ain't the only conglomerate around here.
Don't underestimate the might of the Takarada Conglomerate's money! It's gonna break my heart if I came all this way to Osaka and all I got to do was this stupid ball bucket brigade! Hey, that's-- It's the veritable symbol of Osaka! Jumbo takoyaki sold by a street vendor! It just isn't a trip to Osaka without eating some of those! OSAKA But I've got no money! I got dragged here without knowing why, so I'm flat broke right now! Penniless! Boy, I sure wish somebody fire some money my way! There is! There's a guy who's spreading money around with a gun! Bastard! I'm gonna send youse straight to Hell! Not to Hell! It's Heaven that I'm going to! Go on, shoot me! Go on, shoot me! You don't toy with Mako Mankanshoku when she sees something she wants! Who the hell are you? No way Bye! Hi, Mister! Takoyaki, please! I've got plenty of cash! That's the Osaka-style okonomiyaki that you eat with a spatula instead of chopsticks, and that's kushikatsu, which you're not allowed to double dip! And ketsune udon, not kitsune! And best of all is the butaman, the ikayaki, the negiyaki, and more! Now this is Osaka! A Victory Road of food! You are all that remain! Attack! Sorry, did I surprise you?! This is a little something we had the Russian mafia smuggle in.
I don't know 'bout no Goku Uniforms, but can clothes stand up to a tank?! Don't make me repeat myself! Our ironclad rules will tear through the armor of a mere tank like paper!! What do you think of this?! The very latest in Kobe's specialty product, composite meat armor! KOBE SPECIALITY PRODUCT, COMPOSITE MEAT ARMOR Your hard "ironclad rules" or whatever get swallowed up by that beautiful Kobe beef marbling and melt away into nothing! No, be a good boy and surrender, Gamagoori.
Laughable! If you think you can make me, let's see you try! Dumbass Fire! Fortified Disciplinary Unit, forward! Discipline! Oh crap! It's coming back! That's hot! Hot! Ow! It burns! The meat is burning! Nom! It's so good! A Kamui power-up is most impressive, all right.
Magnificent Now, finish them! So, you seem to have lost your final trump card.
Surrender peacefully, Obayashi! You! Matoi! I came to get Senketsu back! Lovely, what a beautiful sound! Adding a Kamui lets you play such beautiful music together! I guess that about does it.
Transfer student! What are you doing here?! I don't have time to mess around with you.
What's with that attitude?! Why? My bamboo sword is more than enough for the likes of you! It sounds like Gamagoori and Jakuzure have wrapped things up on their end.
How are you coming along? Most of the Kinman High students have been dealt with.
Tell Lady Satsuki that Osaka will be under our control soon.
I wouldn't be so sure about that! Takarada? Buddy, you're underestimating my power.
The students aren't my only pawns! Thank you, come again! How's business?! Not too bad! You're making the common masses fight for you too, you bastard? I am indeed.
But it's not quite accurate to call them common masses.
They're all Combat Citizens who have been blinded by money.
Everyone in this town right now is itching to fight! They're tough! That's the newest Osakan spot, the Naniwa Sky Tower! Right! Let's climb it! When you see a high place, you get an irresistable urge to climb it! What'cha think of the attack of Kaneo Takarada and the I Heart Osaka Brigade? If you want to take Osaka, you'll have to kill every last one of us! In the end, it's money that motivates folks.
You "heart" it, eh? What's the sense in destroying your own city? We'll just rebuild it afterwards! The contractors will love all the extra work thrown their way! Okay, people! Kill that man, and I'll give you a million Takarada Bucks! Make him suffer! How are you gonna deal with all these people, then? That's— What's that light? L-Lady Satsuki! Ow Huh? Hey, that's Ryuko's Senketsu! Hey, you're Mankanshoku, the second-year! What are you doing here? You deserted in the face of the enemy and have been goofing around, haven't you? What do you think the Raid Trip is about, anyway? Purge her! I'm sorry! Ryuko! I see you're taking things easy and taking in the Osaka sights, Mako.
Am I glad to see you, Ryuko! Senketsu's all chopped to bits! Yeah, but I'll get him back.
I'll take back every last piece and make him good as new.
Oh, I get it, Ryuko.
You're going to these lengths 'cause he's your only uniform.
There is only one left, Ryuko.
Really? How are you feeling? Rather well.
You're different, don't you think? How so? The only part of me that is giving you power right now is this scarf.
But in spite of that, you are insta-killing the Goku Uniforms that have had my fragments attached to them.
You are even stronger than before, don't you think? I'm getting stronger? It's because what you desire is almost in reach! You're so desperate cause you're fixated on your desire to get Senketsu back to normal.
I get the same way, but with money! Thanks.
The way you get fixated is pretty hardcore.
Yeah! You gotta be hardcore about "fixated rates"! Okay, one to go.
Can you tell where it is, Senketsu? Yes, I can tell.
However What is it? The person holding the final fragment is Satsuki Kiryuin.
Satsuki, seriously? Fine.
I don't care who has it, I'm getting you back.
But in my current condition, I am unable to transform into How do you intend to fight an opponent like Satsuki? Don't worry.
I'll make up for the rest.
I'm not the usual Ryuko Matoi right now.
I'm a Ryuko Matoi who's fixated by seeing what she wants almost in reach.
Isn't that right, Mako? Yeah! Ryuko I'm coming for you, Satsuki Kiryuin! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Osaka, a town where money talks! Money-mad Osaka! OSAKA OSAKA SCATTERED In search of her scattered Kamui Senketsu, Ryuko dives in, too! KAMUI SENKETSU IN THE END Will Kamui Senketsu be revived?! Oh, this is talking about me KAMUI SENKETSU ABOUT ME Next time on Kill La Kill, "Don't Stop Me Now"! EPISODE 15 DON'T STOP ME NOW