Kill la Kill (2013) s01e15 Episode Script

Don't Stop Me Now

1 OSAKA This is horrible That damn Kiryuin, never thinking about the mess she makes I've arrived, too.
Am about to enter HQ.
Welcome back, Mr.
Mikisugi! Is everyone ready? EPISODE 15 DON'T STOP ME NOW It's been too long, Missy! You've become quite the babe, I see! And you've become ever more loathsome.
Though I can't remember where I met you.
Not since the garden party to celebrate your grade school graduation.
You don't remember the Takarada Conglomerate's heir doing you the honor of appearing in person? You should feel honored that I have some vague recollection of your seedy face.
Same as before, you still look down on everyone like you enjoy it.
But you're sorely mistaken if you think you're gonna have your way all the time.
What's mistaken is your brain for thinking you could oppose me.
Purchasing human life with money? How were you raised, to be able to use money in such a vile way? There's no "clean" or "dirty" when it comes to money! KANEO TAKARADA SATSUKI KIRYUIN Japan is split under two massive conglomerates: the Takaradas in the west and the Kiryuins in the east.
If we don't throw this money around, who will?! You seem to have been fixated on the power of those strange outfits lately, but let me bottom-line it for you Look! For the right amount, all these people will fight and gladly lay down their lives for me! In any era, it's money that motivates folks! The power of the dough! On that, you're mistaken.
What was that? Some kind of bluff? What I struck was their hearts.
Leave us, fools! Or my next strike will take your lives! - She's bad news! - Live to fight another day! Bye, now! - We're no match for her! - Wait for me! Do you see now, Takarada? It is not money that rules men.
It is fear.
You think you've beaten me with that little stunt? Don't resort to bravado, Takarada.
Your voice is shaking with fear.
Oh, I'm scared! I'm scared, all right! I'm not gonna write a check that my body can't cash.
Not even a pretense of masculine self-respect? Just when you couldn't get any lower You gotta be kidding.
My value's about to go through the roof! Say hello to my anti-Honnouji Academy mechanized weapon, Dotonbori Robo! ANTI-HONNOUJI ACADEMY MECHANIZED WEAPON DOTONBORI ROBO When you're weak, use something very strong shamelessly! That's my philosophy for certain victory! Pathetic.
How incredibly tacky.
Oh? You can tell that even without eyes? Yes.
I can sense it by aura alone -- the smell of your overblown arrogance.
I hate holding the check.
What say we go Dutch? I'm not speaking of money.
I'm speaking of your disposition.
Your opinion don't add up to jack! Club members! Guard Lady Satsuki! Archery! Javelin! Discus! Shot put! Everyone else! Jocks ain't worth one red cent! Good match! How ya like this, Missy? Your vaunted Goku Uniforms don't amount to jack when the Takarada Conglomerate decides to go all out! Go sell 'em all to the Americamura thrift shops! They'll take 'em off your hands for cheap! One who doesn't know the fear of clothing mocks it? What's cheap is your life! As if! Here we go Sen-nari Gourd Missile Shower! What do you think of my golden gourd bombardment I got plenty more where that came from! Die! Die! Die! Die, bitches! Nobody could've survived that As long as Ira Gamagoori draws breath, I will not allow so much as a scratch on Lady Satsuki! You should stop pressing your luck, Naniwa monkey.
I'll be recording the data from these new Three-Star Goku Uniforms.
Apologies for the delay, Lady Satsuki.
The Kobe and Kyoto School Raid Brigades have now arrived.
Good work.
Catch, Sanageyama! Here's your new Goku Uniform! Just what I've been waiting for! What's with the cheapo hero show crap? Spare me the commentary! You face Uzu Sanageyama of the Honnouji Academy Elite Four! Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia MKIII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM BLADE REGALIA MKIII Oh, brother He gets so enthusiastic.
Subjugating Osaka is his mission.
It's only natural that he throw himself into it.
The northern Kanto monkey versus the Osakan monkey.
It's a monkey battle royale.
Wow, that's awfully clever coming from you, doggie.
I'm merely using the Jakuzure glossaries.
After all, the poison of the snake's flickering tongue is powerful stuff.
Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Sen-nari Gourd Missile Shower! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! Men! Dou! Kote! What the hell?! Do you think I'll allow you to continue your pathetic gourd shower?! You're finished! Men! W-What the hell is this?! That there is crab paste slime! Once you get it on you, it never comes off! You ain't moving any more! Now you're finished! Eat-'til-you-drop Fire! You're baked crab paste! Flame off! Now, let's see if you're golden brown and delicious Oh? He's not here! Did you think your crab paste could coat me?! What the—! Don't underestimate me! Tsuki! Tsuki! Tsuki! Tsuki! Tsuki! Out! No, not there! Anywhere but there! Not there, not there, not there! - Tsuki! - Oh yes! I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm so dead You don't value anything but your life, do you? Looking down on me again, huh? You must be feeling pretty good right now.
But this isn't over.
Osaka's all about tenacity and conviction.
That is exactly my intent.
My target here is not you.
What'd you say? Do you think that I would commit a force of this size to fight mere students? Wait You aren't serious! Where did you get the power to stand against Goku Uniforms? Looks like you're having fun throwing your weight around, Satsuki Kiryuin.
Wrecking an entire town Don't you think that's a bit much? You've come all this way merely to tell me that? If so, your trip was for nothing.
The fate of any who defy me is sealed.
I'm going to change that fate.
You're going to give Senketsu back.
Ah, so this is what you are after.
Dispose of that fool.
At once! Mako, fall back to someplace safe.
Kay! Mankanshoku? None of you interfere.
Yes, ma'am! Can you take it back, Ryuko Matoi? Yep.
Helluva defense, as usual.
Spirit is the one and only skill you have mastered.
Very well, then.
The lioness will use all her strength, even when hunting a rabbit! Life Fiber Override, Kamui Junketsu! KAMUI JUNKETSU I won't hold back, Matoi.
Why isn't the transfer student transforming? Part of her Kamui is in the possession of Lady Satsuki.
When a Kamui completely awakens, powerful bio-energy flows through its Life Fibers.
If part is missing, the flow is stopped.
That means she can't transform.
It would appear that you cannot synchronize without this glove.
You transformed knowing that, huh? That's Satsuki Kiryuin for you! Always ruthless! You challenged me, knowing you were at a disadvantage.
Don't whine.
Nobody's whining! But you are shortsighted and reckless! Him! The ripped mohawk dude! Matoi, run! Listen, your objective is the rescue of Kaneo Takarada and Ryuko Matoi! When the mission is complete, withdraw immediately! Avoid any unnecessary combat! Launch all units! Open #4 gate! Launch all units! Open #4 gate! That said, our good Miss Satsuki probably isn't gonna politely let us do that! Why the change of heart, Mohawk Man? I have no choice.
Mikisugi asked me to back you up.
First you attack me, then you protect me? You must keep busy.
We have but one objective: To resist subjugation by the Life Fibers that Satsuki uses.
That is the goal of Nudist Beach! That name was for real?! What the hell are you wearing?! I wish I could have kept playing the lazy teacher forever, but it looks like that's no longer possible.
So, we've smoked you out, you naked fools.
The true objective of the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip was to smoke out the rebel force lurking in the shadows behind the Kansai academies.
That is why Lady Satsuki allowed your activities to continue, Aikuro Mikisugi! Goodness, you saw through me? How impressive! That's a plan by Lady Satsuki for you.
It worked exactly as planned.
Well, I was the one who put it together We were worried that you wouldn't show up and our new Goku Uniforms wouldn't get any use.
Do you think a group with a foolish name like Nudist Beach can thwart our grand design? Fade like the dew before my Blade Regalia MKIII! Three-Star Goku Uniform! Shackle Regalia MKII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SHACKLE REGALIA MKII Symphony Regalia MKII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SYMPHONY REGALIA MKII Probe Regalia MKII.
THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM PROBE REGALIA MKII Blade Regalia MKIII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM BLADE REGALIA MKIII Honnouji Academy Elite Four Regalia MKII! HONNOUJI ACADEMY ELITE FOUR REGALIA MKII FOUR GENERALS GRAND GARNISH Four Generals Grand Garnish! Ryuko! Mako! I told you to go hide someplace safe! Yeah, so I came here.
Right next to you is the safest place! Oh, right.
Senketsu, let's transform.
I admit that I can restore my form with what you have collected.
But without that glove, the bio-energy cannot flow.
Use my skin to compensate for what's missing.
No way! Human skin will not withstand the energy that flows through Life Fibers for even a minute! A minute is more than enough.
Ryuko? You want to be worn by me, right? So don't worry about me.
I'm not scared anymore, either.
If you're my friend, believe in me like Mako does.
Friend Yeah.
Very well.
Let's do it, Ryuko.
Right on! KAMUI SENKETSU Son of a What? Satsuki Kiryuin! But you're all flash and no substance! Are you that eager to die, Matoi? Nope, this is how I'll survive! What?! Kamui Senketsu! Now I have it all back.
Snatching life from the jaws of death, eh? Nevertheless, you still cannot best me! We'll see about that! Your power has increased? That's what I'm saying'.
It has! Don't underestimate Ryuko Matoi who's fixated by seeing what she wants almost in reach! That fool! Fixated on what you want? Pathetic! Have you forgotten that you went on a rampage when you gave in to rage? Have you forgotten the rage in your heart that wants revenge for your father?! I haven't forgotten! But I'm done wallowing in it.
I'll never make another mistake like that again! I'll live for the desire of what's almost in reach regardless of the rage that's almost in reach! The desire to take back my friend! To protect the friends that are precious to me! That is why you simply go with the flow and aim so low in your ambition! What about your "lofty" ambitions, then? Look at this scorched wasteland.
Is this your ambition? A necessary sacrifice? If this is the way you use the power of Life Fibers, Senketsu and I will stop you! You've had your way long enough! If that's the case, prove it to me with deeds, not words! Ryuko! Senketsu Senjin! What?! Senketsu Shippu! Why, you! Lady Satsuki! Lady Satsuki, climb onto me! Right! Just you watch, I'll catch up to her in no time! Perhaps, but like this, you cannot get a higher eye level than mine.
Can you, Nonon? Don't be silly.
Ryuko Matoi! Why you Damn it Lady Satsuki! How impertinent! What?! Let's go, Jakuzure.
Let's finish this.
Leave it to me.
Matoi! Now, now.
I want to collect combat data on my Probe Regalia MKII.
Ryuko! You should be worrying about yourself, Aikuro Mikisugi.
Ryuko, snap out of it! Ryuko! Ryuko, catch! Stop it, Mankanshoku.
Take your hands off that scissor.
Otherwise, I'll show you no mercy.
Even if it's you.
Are you all right, Ryuko? Yeah, somehow.
Do you wish to end this here in Osaka? Ryuko, bet on me.
What? If we are friends, believe in me.
All right.
You got it.
Using your Kamui as a blade? Still, it is a wasted effort.
Junketsu cannot be cut by that! Oh, I know that! Impossible! Nice job, Senketsu.
All the blood I had sucked up was collected in the blade.
It was an all or nothing gamble, but it worked.
You heard him.
This blade can cut your Junketsu, right? Yes, but my Junketsu can pierce your Kamui.
Mutually assured destruction huh? Withdraw your troops, Kiryuin.
Do that, and I'll lower the sword.
Are you sure? You would be failing to avenge your father.
I can't sacrifice the lives of others to do it.
Trade my life for theirs, eh? I'm insulted at how low a price you put on me.
Lady Satsuki, please stand down! Yours is a noble goal! You mustn't fall here out of mere stubbornness! See? He agrees with me.
All students, stand down from combat! We are returning to Honnouji Academy! Ryuko, you dropped this! Thanks.
Kiryuin, maybe it's true that you've mastered that Junketsu of yours.
But you're alone.
And you aren't? No.
Senketsu and I are two in one.
Implying that you've formed a symbiotic relationship with the Life Fibers? That is a fairy tale.
Come again? I shall leave Bakuzan in your care.
To mark today's battle.
What? The Satsuki Kiryuin I know isn't so petty a woman that she'd change an order she'd given just because she got her sword back.
What the—? Did you forget about me? They call us the Elite Four because there's four of us! Lady Satsuki, I've destroyed the Nudist Beach base as per your orders.
Well done.
With that, we have crushed the group of fools that opposed us.
The objective of the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip has been accomplished.
There is no need whatsoever to rescind my order to return home.
I compliment you on your valiant efforts, Ryuko Matoi.
But your attack was no more than a sneak attack.
It will not work next time! This cost us most of Nudist Beach's' forces.
Still, we should be grateful that we're alive.
You fought Satsuki Kiryuin to a draw.
That was impressive, Ryuko.
Come with me.
I gave you my word.
It's time to tell you everything.
NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW After her battle with Satsuki, Ryuko learns her father's secret at last! SECRE That secret is Oh, there's nowhere near enough time! SECRE NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH TIME For the full story, search online for the web version of the Kill la Kill preview! WEB VERSION OF THE PREVIEW Next time on Kill la Kill, "The Girl Can't Help It.