Kill la Kill (2013) s01e16 Episode Script

The Girl Can't Help It

1 Hello, everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Kill la Kill every week! My name is Kamui Senketsu.
I am a living sailor uniform who loves ironing— or rather, being ironed.
The compilation episode that I'm sure you were all wondering about begins right now! COMPILATION Ryuko Matoi, who is searching for her father's murderer, someone with a Scissor Blade, FATHER'S MURDERER RYUKO MATOI arrives at Honnouji Academy and encounters its student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin.
HONNOUJI ACADEMY SATSUKI KIRYUIN STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDEN Using Goku Uniforms, which contain Life Fibers that unleash the human body's special abilities.
LIFE FIBER ATHLETICISM-AUGMENTING TWO-STAR GOKU UNIFORM Satsuki was plotting the conquest of the country's academies.
But when Ryuko met me, Kamui Senketsu, KAMUI SENTEKSU she gained the power to fight Satsuki and her forces! Boxing, Tennis, Disciplinary, Trap Development, Gardening, Rakugo, 100 Poets, Knife Throwing, Nanjing Lily, etc.
! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM BLADE REGALIA A Naturals Election was held, involving battles amongst the various clubs! FIGHT CLUB-SPEC TWO-STAR GOKU UNIFORM FIGHT CLUB PRESIDENT MAKO MANKANSHOKU NEXT TIME! HONNOUJI ACADEMY NATURALS ELECTION And at the end, a battle against the Elite Four began! NATURALS ELECTION POLLING PLACE Although the battles were hard, Ryuko defeats Ira Gamagoori, Houka Inumuta, Nonon Jakuzure, and Uzu Sanageyama, THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SHACKLE REGALIA THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM PROBE REGALIA EVASION IMPOSSIBLE THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SYMPHONY REGALIA GRAVE but then a young girl named Nui Harime suddenly appears! NUI HARIME She was the woman with the Scissor Blade who killed Ryuko's father, Isshin Matoi! Satsuki Kiryuin's mother, Ragyo Kiryuin, leader of the Kiryuin Conglomerate makes her first appearance.
REVOCS CEO RAGYO KIRYUIN To complete her conquest of the nation's academies, Satsuki puts her Kansai School Raid Trip into action.
TRI-CITY SCHOOLS RAID TRIP Its target was not only the academies, but also Nudist Beach, a rebel organization that opposes the Kiryuin clan.
To restore me, who had been chopped into pieces, Ryuko also heads to Kansai! HONNOUJI ACADEMY ELITE FOUR REGALIA MKII A battle to the death between Ryuko and Satsuki unfolds in the commerce city of Osaka! And today, the mystery of the Life Fibers will be revealed at last! Those of you whose hearts sank at the words "compilation episode," rest easy! Kill la Kill is known for its lightning pace! Even our compilations are wrapped up in the teaser! The episode proper begins right now! But in war, the situation is always fluid! One such as yourself who is ignorant of everything can never win! That's why I keep saying to tell me what's going on, damn it! You bastards with your vague hints think you're such hot stuff! You perpetually frowning, caterpillar-eyebrowed bitch! EPISODE 16 THE GIRL CAN'T HELP I Mistress! - Shiro! - Right away! That was a tranquilizing coagulant.
Please undress while it's restrained.
Thank you.
Your level of exhaustion is greater than before.
It is unsafe to remain in Life Fiber Override mode for extended periods.
I'm well aware of the risk.
But given that Matoi is wearing a Kamui, the only way to fight her is by wearing Junketsu.
As you say, Milady.
Is that wise, Uncle? Shiro, if you are my nephew, understand this one thing quickly.
Once Lady Satsuki has made up her mind, nothing can dissuade her.
All we can do is support her in that decision.
I am asking much of you.
However, continue to indulge me for a while longer.
Oh, so you've been pushing yourself pretty hard, Lady Satsuki.
Who said that?! That voice Is that you, Harime? Indeed it is! When did the High Order Tailor come aboard?! I go wherever I want.
No one can stop that.
What do you want? Oh, don't be all, "What do you want?" It's Mistress Ragyo.
She says she wants a firsthand report of the School Raid Trip's results.
I wasn't doing anything because a certain someone had banned me from Honnouji Academy, so I came all the way here to welcome you in person! You just came to watch Senketsu and Junketsu fight.
I can't put one past you, Lady Satsuki! You're the only one who truly understands me! Amusing, coming from someone who defies understanding.
Okay, let's head on back to the mansion, shall we? Iori.
Send word to the Elite Four.
"My return will be delayed.
All students are to remain on alert until you arrive at Honnouji Academy.
Until you are home, the Raid Trip is still underway.
" At once! It would appear that you have time for another cup of tea.
Yes, thank you.
They've gone and done it now But we still have our lives.
If we're alive, we can fight.
Ryuko, you fought Satsuki Kiryuin to a draw.
That was impressive.
Come with me.
Hey! Mikisugi! Where are you going?! It's just like Satsuki Kiryuin said.
The situation has shifted.
Now that it's come to this, it's pointless to keep things hidden.
It's now time to show you everything.
You! You're Mr.
Mikisugi, is that you?! Oh, right, you haven't seen me like this before, have you? Mr.
Mikisugi, you're an exhibitionist! - We are Nudist— - Just like you, Ryuko! Don't lump us together! Mako, this time you're going home for real.
If you follow, it will mean throwing yourself headlong into a whirlpool of battle.
Do you possess that resolve? I don't! Figured as much.
Go on home.
I'm not prepared to go around buck-naked just yet! You meant that?! But what I do have is the desire to be Ryuko's friend through thick and thin! So I'm coming with you! Mako All right, then! Come with us! Kay! Huh? Mako? Wait! Why are you diving into the river? Ryuko, this is the entryway to the truth you must know.
Let's go skinny dipping! Huh? Hey, wait for me! Please remove Junketsu.
I will see to it.
You have a message from the president.
Please wait at the grand bath.
KIRYUIN MANOR GRAND BATH You wear it well, but you do seem to be overexerting yourself.
Mother This medicated bath water boosts Life Fiber harmonization.
Soak yourself in it.
Yes, ma'am.
Such lovely skin.
Give your heart over to me.
I will conduct a ritual purification.
Humans are such frail things, are they not? When they become naked like this, they become so unbearably uncomfortable.
They are immediately overcome with the desire to cover themselves in the miraculous thing that is clothing.
That is instinct.
A species that defies its instincts will eventually meet with extinction.
Come out of the bath.
There is somewhere you must go.
You mean— I do.
You save served me well, Satsuki.
As a member of the Kiryuin clan, and as my successor, it is time for you to learn the origin of power.
There was a cavern like this under Osaka? It's busted up pretty bad, though, huh? Jakuzure did a number on it.
But this isn't all there is to our base.
Mikisugi! Mr.
Kinagase! This section made it through unscathed, huh? It was the right call for us to evacuate as you ordered.
Being a worrywart sometimes pays off.
This Nudist Beach deal of yours sure must cost a lot of money.
Your father saw to that.
My dad? He was an amazing scientist, you see.
Thanks to all the patents he held, he cobbled together money from companies all over the world He used those funds to create this organization.
You mean— Yes! It was Dr.
Isshin Matoi who founded Nudist Beach! - Oh my, grandpa, you're magnificent! - My goodness! I don't think that's what he meant.
How did you know what was going on inside my head?! You must be telepathic now, Ryuko.
I'm not too thrilled at the prospect of that.
That's amazing, Ryuko! You're a friend who's both inside and outside my head! Hm Answer me this, Ryuko.
How many creatures do you think there are on this Earth that wear clothing? Duh, just humans.
Of all the countless species on Earth, only Homo sapiens wears clothing.
Why is that?! "Only humans wear clothing" isn't entirely correct.
This "clothing-wearing creature" became what is now humanity! Life Fibers caused Homo sapiens, which was just another anthropoid species, to evolve to its current state.
Yes, in this case, the clothes made the mankind! KIRYUIN MANOR PROHIBITED ROOM - FIBER CASTLE This is the origin of power? Yes, this is the beginning of it all.
The Primordial Life Fiber.
PRIMORDIAL LIFE FIBER When this glowing ball of thread that had drifted through space arrived on Earth, humanity was doomed to become a being that would serve clothing.
For Life Fibers to become clothing and cover this world.
They are COVERS, and no one in this world can oppose them.
We of the Kiryuin family are the spokesmen for the COVERS' will.
You understand, I take it? I do, Mother.
Clothes made humanity? What are you talking about? Life Fibers are a lifeform that came here from outer space! They arrived on ancient Earth and accelerated the evolution of humanity.
Then Senketsu is an alien?! He's a sailor uniform, but he's an alien! So that's what I am Don't buy into it! What the hell is that crazy garbage?! Would you mind listening quietly? I'm explaining everything in due course.
Life Fibers are a lifeform that came here from outer space.
They infest a world's lifeforms as parasites and breed by devouring using the electrical current of the creature's nervous system.
However, if they infest the host directly, within its body, the nervous system is unable to withstand the strain and burns out.
It is for this reason that they decided to cover their host's body.
Although the current received via the skin is minute, the infested animal does not die with this method.
They chose Homo sapiens, the terrestrial creature with the most developed cerebrum at the time, to be their hosts and accelerated their evolution.
Humanity evolved.
They developed humanity's brain far beyond that of any other terrestrial lifeform.
Their numbers multiplied, and they came to stand at the top of the ecosystem.
But that pinnacle will only be temporary, and we were led there by Life Fibers.
In other words, we humans are the Life Fibers' food.
I don't believe it! You mean that I will do the same to Ryuko?! Calm down, Senketsu.
We haven't heard everything yet.
If that's true, why doesn't all clothing have Life Fibers in them? We humans wear clothes and go about our lives every day.
It's only the people at Honnouji Academy that're wearing messed-up clothes, right? What you say is indeed true.
The only conclusion is that the Life Fibers that accelerated human evolution went into a long period of dormancy, leaving behind only the tradition of wearing clothing.
They only emerged from their silence about 20 years ago.
Ragyo Kiryuin made contact with the Original Life Fiber, and they awoke once again.
That's what we were told by Dr.
They were waiting for harvest time.
They were waiting for their human livestock to grow! I.
was waiting for Ryuko to reach maturity? That is why I needed Ryuko's blood? Look, just calm down! You're not like that, Senketsu! Has Senketsu's world been turned upside-down? Then tell him for me.
You and Senketsu are our hope.
Hope? Yes.
Kamui Senketsu was artificially created by Dr.
Matoi to fight Life Fibers.
And the only one who can wear that Kamui to its full potential is you, Ryuko! Only me? But why? You have an unusually high Life Fiber tolerance.
Matoi was probably aware of that.
So he made Senketsu for you.
To thwart the Kiryuins' ambitions.
The Doctor had originally studied Life Fibers under Ragyo Kiryuin's orders.
But when he learned the threat they posed, he escaped from under her thumb and secretly founded a rebel organization.
And that organization is Nudist Beach.
I see Dr.
Matoi created me to— Yes, I remember now I was born in that underground lab.
But I was put to sleep immediately afterwards.
Until Ryuko arrived six months later, I slept.
I apologize for keeping you in the dark all this time.
But the Kiryuins are powerful.
Until you were able to summon up all of Senketsu's power at will, I couldn't tell you the whole story.
And if I got overwhelmed by the power of the Life Fibers, you'd put me down on the spot without mercy.
Yeah, that's right.
And I still intend to do just that.
Tsumugu You're right, I wouldn't have been able to believe any of this stuff otherwise.
This is the truth.
The clothing made by REVOCS, the company headed by Ragyo Kiryuin, is worn in almost every country around the world.
Life Fibers are woven into all of them.
They are still dormant right now, but when that clothing awakens, REI HOUOUMARU NUI HARIME SATSUKI KIRYUIN RAGYO KIRYUIN TOP SECRE I can't begin to imagine what will happen.
But one thing is for certain: it will be a profound threat to the human race.
All the country's academies have been conquered, and Nudist Beach has been neutralized? Yes, Mother.
Then the Honnouji Academy experimental city can be moved to the next stage, as well.
The Ragyo Stadium is already complete.
Preparations for the festival are complete.
Very well.
The plan is now at the final stage.
Put the Cultural & Sports Grand Festival into effect.
Yes, Mother.
What are your plans? I haven't been home in some time.
I will spend the night here.
I see.
Look after things while I'm away.
I'm looking forward to seeing what this Honnouji Academy you've created is like.
We will give you a warm welcome, Mother.
Oh, now I get it! You want me and Senketsu to work hand in hand and fight for the sake of the peace of all mankind, is that it? To hell with that! Ryuko! So Senketsu is just a weapon, huh? A combat uniform created to fight? Screw that! He's got a will of his own! Created to kill others of his own kind? That's seriously screwed up! Don't you think?! W-What are you doing?! Your name's Nudist Beach, right? What's wrong with me getting naked? Ryuko I can't put you on to fight.
And there's no reason for you to fight, either.
Let me tell you two useful pieces of information.
One: A Kamui that doesn't fight has no value.
Two: In which case, I will terminate it right here and now! You'll have to kill me first.
If that's what you want, I'll be happy to oblige.
Everybody's getting real scary This is some nasty stuff going on here Let's have some snacks and calm down, okay? Let's see here Let's borrow a souvenir, and Ew! This snack is nasty stuff, too! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Ryuko learns of her father's wishes! Remain steadfast, Ryuko! You scratch my lapels, I scratch yours! YOU & ME CULTURAL & SPORTS GRAND FESTIVAL The Cultural & Sports Grand Festival! The Kiryuins' declaration of victory! DECLARATION OF VICTORY We are the only ones who can stop it! ONLY US Next time on Kill la Kill, "Tell Me Why"! EPISODE 17 TELL ME WHY