Kill la Kill (2013) s01e17 Episode Script

Tell Me Why

1 Welcome back, Lady Satsuki.
You did well in the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip.
Thank you.
How did it go with the Director? She was pleased at our results.
She has also decided to pay a visit to Honnouji Academy.
Then— Yes.
It is time at last.
I'll be counting on you four.
Students of Honnouji Academy! You did well in the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip! We eradicated the dens of the Kansai forces and anti-clothing guerillas and completed our mission.
For that reason, we will welcome Honnouji Academy Director Ragyo Kiryuin, and in the Ragyo Stadium that bears her name, we will hold a grand ceremony! Welcome the Director by putting forth all the energies that you have stored up within you! This is the Honnouji Academy Cultural & Sports Grand Festival! CULTURAL & SPORTS GRAND FESTIVAL EPISODE 17 TELL ME WHY That's funny.
I was just thinking that I'd have to settle things with you.
Right now, you don't have your Kamui or your scissor.
Do you honestly think a mere half-naked high-schooler can beat me? You think your threats are gonna faze me? I'll be happy to go full-on naked for you, then.
No, you can't! A girl only reveals herself in her full glory to the person the loves most in the whole world! Can you honestly say that you love Mr.
Mohawk that deeply, Ryuko? Uh, that's not the point.
After all, the reason you wear Senketsu is because you love him best, right? If you didn't, you'd never be able to wear a piece of living clothing cause it'd be icky! That's what it means for a maiden to entrust her bare skin to someone! Ryuko, I am flattered that you are angry on my behalf.
But if I may be so bold, put me on.
Senketsu If you don't, you'll catch cold.
That's what you're worried about? I can't believe you two Playing at being friends with clothing again, huh? I don't feel like shooting them anymore.
This is Osaka? This is horrible I suppose it is.
This is all the result of the power of Life Fibers.
As well as yours and mine.
Mikisugi was right to keep us in the dark up until now.
Even looking at this, it beggars belief to be told that Life Fibers are lifeforms from outer space.
This, coming from you? I'm probably scared.
It's like, something that was just a brawl turned into some grand battle full of crazy crap I don't understand like the fate of humanity and the extinction of the species or whatever.
"I don't give a crap about that!" That's what I really wanted to say.
But I put the blame on you for me getting mad.
No, you really did get angry on my behalf, Ryuko.
That's the kind of person you are.
What's his deal? Tsumugu Kinagase's older sister died in a Life Fiber experiment.
After Dr.
Matoi founded Nudist Beach, his top assistant was Tsumugu's sister, Kinue Kinagase.
Only Life Fibers can fight Life Fibers.
To create Life Fibers that would obey a human's will.
That's what Dr.
Matoi and Kinue's research was directed towards.
And during one experiment So she's the "foolish woman" he mentioned, huh? Earlier, he said that I'd share her fate.
Oh, right.
"Please continue the experiments.
" Those were Kinue's dying words.
Matoi made further improvements and completed Kamui Senketsu.
Senketsu's Life Fibers have been spliced with your central nervous system's DNA.
What?! That's why he can only communicate with and be worn by you.
He's a combat uniform that Dr.
Matoi made especially for you.
Why would Dad do something like that? He said he did it to protect you.
What the hell, man? Your tea.
Thank you.
I've drunk a lot of your tea, haven't I, Soroi? Yes, I have been making it for you since you were five.
Ah, yes.
Ever since that day.
The day father showed me Junketsu for the first time.
That day, Father said to me "This will be your wedding dress.
" "This will be your wedding dress.
" Yes, I have heard.
I suppose it was on that day that all this really began.
It seems like only yesterday.
Even this tea that I once found so bitter is now the most delicious thing in the world to me.
What is it? You found it bitter? I never mentioned that? From the very first cup, you smiled, saying that it was delicious.
To think you were merely humoring me and enduring the bitterness.
I beg your forgiveness.
It's fine already I suppose I was a kindhearted girl back then.
Form up! At attention! Listen closely! Tomorrow, the Cultural & Sports Grand Festival will be held at Honnouji Academy! All No-Star students and their parents are to welcome Director Kiryuin from the spectator seats! Ceremonial dress uniforms will be distributed to all of you! Gather at the stadium entrance in these uniforms by 8:30 AM! Tardiness will not be tolerated! Unkempt dress will not be tolerated! Assume that even the slightest breach of etiquette will carry the death penalty! Dismissed! Wait just one minute! And who are you?! Barazo Mankanshoku, father of Second Year Class K's Mako Mankanshoku! His wife, Sukuyo! Their firstborn son, Mataro! What a well-mannered family.
Even the dog introduces itself.
What do you want? Where is Mako? I heard that Mako was conscripted into the Schools Raid Trip.
The other students have returned, but not Mako and Ryuko.
Would you care to explain that? Matoi and Mankanshoku? They are rebels.
As the family of rebels, your home is to confiscated and you are to be banished from Honnou Town! However, tomorrow is the Cultural & Sports Grand Festival.
CULTURAL & SPORTS GRAND FESTIVAL I will grant you a special pardon! CULTURAL & SPORTS GRAND FESTIVAL SPECIAL PARDON You will be allowed to participate! If you wish to atone for your daughter's crimes, participate in the ceremony CULTURAL & SPORTS GRAND FESTIVAL SPECIAL PARDON PARTICIPATE IN THE CEREMONY and wholeheartedly toast the honor and glory of Lady Satsuki and Lady Ragyo! CULTURAL & SPORTS GRAND FESTIVAL SPECIAL PARDON PARTICIPATE IN THE CEREMONY WHOLEHEARTEDLY TOAS Is that clear?! I'd like to ask you two things.
What? Are the girls alive? Yes.
Question two! Will this ceremony be catered? O-Of course.
Very well! On the honor of the Mankanshoku family, in order to remove our daughter's stigma, we shall clean our plates of this food, leaving not one crumb uneaten! Mark my words! CULTURAL & SPORTS GRAND FESTIVAL What the hell is this? A video feed from hidden cameras I had set up inside Honnouji Academy.
If Ragyo Kiryuin is coming, too, this must be something big.
Ragyo Kiryuin? The leading figure of the Kiryuin Conglomerate, and she's currently using her position as REVOCS CEO to sell clothing laced with Life Fibers all around the world.
Good grief, she's blinding! She's gaudier than Satsuki! Like daughter skank, like mother skank.
She's even more charismatic than Satsuki.
She's a formidable opponent.
What's this? They're bringing in Life Fibers in bulk.
What are they up to? Oh, no She plans to conduct the final experiment at Honnouji Academy! MILITARY REPURPOSING GOKU UNIFORMS EXPERIMENTATION CITY Honnouji Academy is an experimentation city.
Goku Uniforms, created to study human resistance to Life Fibers.
Repurposing them for military use and conquering all of the country's academies.
NATIONAL CONQUES Then forcibly distributing Life Fiber-laced uniforms to teenagers, those who have the highest resistance.
After all that is complete, she offers up every last person gathered at Honnouji Academy as human sacrifices to the Life Fibers.
Human sacrifices?! Yes.
It must be her final experiment to fully awaken the Life Fibers.
Gather a mass of people wearing Life Fiber-laced clothing in one spot and then instantly convert them into Life Fibers.
That is the real purpose of the Cultural & Sports Grand Festival.
Wait, so you're saying that Mako's dad and mom are gonna be eaten by their clothes?! Put in simple terms, I suppose they will.
Eaten by their clothes Screw that! No way am I gonna let that happen! Ryuko? Ragyo Kiryuin and Satsuki Kiryuin I'm gonna take you both out! Leap straight into the jaws of danger? Yeah, I'm gonna jump down its throat and rip out its guts with my teeth! Ryuko! Don't worry.
I won't lose control again.
I won't make you shed any more bitter tears.
One way or another, I have to settle this fight with Satsuki.
Are you with me, Senketsu? Of course.
This will be interesting.
Oh brother, I guess you leave me no choice.
Let's hurry, then.
We don't have much time.
The Hyper Inner manufacturing facility in Mozambique was attacked.
Militant extremists? Yes, ma'am.
It would seem that even antiestablishment organizations are awash with rumors that wearing REVOCS special innerwear boosts physical capabilities.
That's fine.
It's exactly as planned.
We don't just make people buy them.
There are some who are best tricked into taking them for themselves.
Regardless of how it came into their possession, the end result of them being worn by REVOCS clothing will remain unchanged.
What a beautiful world.
Not yet, we're only getting started.
Tomorrow, we step onto a new stage.
The next step to the awakening of COVERS.
Lady Satsuki is most impressive.
She masterfully conquered the teen demographic, which has the highest resistance to Life Fibers.
It was ingenious, negating their resistance to Life Fibers by getting them hooked on the power of Goku Uniforms.
But things are so dull if they're too neat and tidy.
Grand Couturier Oh, right.
It was Matoi's daughter that you were more interested in.
To think that she gathered up the pieces of her Kamui and stitched them together all by herself There aren't many girls who can be quite that rude.
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair," eh? How very like you, Nui.
Yep! Still, that's mere empty rhetoric.
There is only one truth.
Only those things that earn Ragyo Kiryuin's approval may be called beautiful.
The Cultural & Sports Grand Festival is tomorrow.
I expect you to dress up for the occasion.
Enough to satisfy even my sense of style.
Honestly, like mother, like daughter Tsumugu.
What's this? A Tailor's Dagger and Tailor's Glove.
They're capable of cutting Life Fibers.
You're at a disadvantage in close combat with just those sewing machine guns.
Sever the Goku Uniform's Banshi and my opponent goes stark naked, huh? Good.
Very good.
Our targets are only Ragyo and Satsuki.
Ignore everything else.
Well, it's not like there's anything else we can do with just three of us.
Keep Mako safe.
I've asked our remaining members to look after her here.
Don't ditch me here, Ryuko! Mako C'mon, let's go home! Dummy, Honnouji Academy isn't safe for you! But it's my home! I've got souvenirs to give to Dad and Mom! Dammit, Mako! If you're going, so am I! Oh right, you don't listen once you've made up your mind, either.
Tomorrow is the long-awaited Cultural & Sports Grand Festival! I want you all to set to it with determination in your hearts! Yes, sir! I can't hear you! YES, SIR! Straighten out those lights a little! Good, I want them to wreathe the stage.
Tomorrow will be Honnouji Academy's climax! Let's make it more dramatic! Okay, right there! Good, good! Work fast, people! We're in the home stretch! How are things coming down there, Iori? It's the day that Lady Satsuki has dreamed of.
We'll be ready come hell or high water.
I'll be done here soon, too.
It looks like the naked apes have taken the bait.
It was worth leaving those hidden cameras where they were.
This will fill in the final piece of the puzzle.
Summon everyone to the Student Council Chambers.
All preparations to welcome my mother are now complete.
I appreciate all your hard work.
Ma'am! And so, let us toast the success of the Cultural & Sports Grand Festival! Attention, all students and families of Honnouji Academy! We have succeeded in conquering of all the nation's academies! All of the fools who dared oppose our Goku Uniforms have been eliminated! Today is a celebration of those accomplishments! Eat and drink your fill! Praise the Kiryuin name! The Honnouji Academy Cultural & Sports Grand Festival begins now! It's begun, dear! Who cares?! Just eat! Yeah! We'll stuff ourselves and then skip out afterwards! Hold on, Mataro, Now that I have a good look at you, you're naked! I sold off that stupid dress uniform ages ago! Damn, I wish I'd thought of that! And now, what you have all been waiting for.
Let us offer a welcome with the utmost respect.
I present to you this academy's founder, Director Ragyo Kiryuin! As grand an entrance as one would expect from our director.
A ruler must shine like the sun at all times.
It has been far too long, Mrs.
Ah, Nonon.
How is your father? Fine, thank you.
Are you still engaging in hacking and stock manipulation? Oh, I no longer indulge in such things Oh, you don't? A pity.
Ladies and gentlemen, I put a question to you.
What is the world? The world is clothing.
Life Fibers are the ruler of this world.
I, Ragyo Kiryuin, know and carry out their will! Honnouji Academy was created for just that purpose.
The weak will serve as the foundation for what is to come.
You should consider that an honor.
What the heck is the Director talking about? She means that the day has come for the pigs in human clothing to be devoured by their clothing.
Now, let the celebration begin! Dad! Mom! Guts, too?! What's that screaming?! Sounds like it's started.
Let's hurry.
I'll use the DTR to jump us to the stage in one go.
Come on, Tsumugu! Ryuko! You mean Dotonbori Robo? DTR! It's Dotonbori Robo, right? DTR! He hates that name.
You're worried about that at a time like this? What about me?! I slipped off! There's nowhere to grab on! Go and hide! I'll give you snacks! DTR, going airborne! Have fun storming the stadium! Such wonderful silence The cacophony spewed forth by the foolish creature known as humanity fades away, and nothing but tranquil fibers will fill the world.
The experiment is a success, Lady Ragyo! I'm putting an end to this, Satsuki Kiryuin! Turn everyone back to normal! Oh, so you are Ryuko Matoi? You're— I see.
And that is Kamui Senketsu? The fruits of Isshin Matoi's last, futile efforts.
I must say, I didn't expect it to be so beautiful.
So you're Ragyo Kiryuin, huh? I swear, you Kiryuins love to talk down to people! I do.
I am the one who knows everything in this world.
I am the leader of the Kiryuin Conglomerate, Rag— What are you playing at, Satsuki? The time for speeches is over, Director.
As of this moment, Satsuki Kiryuin and Honnouji Academy are in rebellion against you! What the hell? Oh, so that's her game.
You're trying to take the throne from me? No, I'm not! People do not live for the sake of clothing! I, Satsuki Kiryuin, am rising up to overthrow Life Fibers! Honnouji Academy is the fortress I created in order to defeat you! Remember that, Ragyo Kiryuin! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Pandemonium breaks loose on the stage.
THREAD Whose are the fingers that tug on the thread of destiny? When the spinning wheel of destiny spins and weaves the fabric of karma, THREAD SPIN KARMA FABRIC who will it be that smiles in the shadow? WHO WILL IT BE THAT SMILES IN THE SHADOW? Next time on Kill la Kill, "Into the Night.