Kill la Kill (2013) s01e18 Episode Script

Into the Night

1 People do not live for the sake of clothing! Satsuki Kiryuin is rising up to overthrow Life Fibers! Honnouji Academy is the fortress I created in order to defeat you! Remember that, Ragyo Kiryuin! I pretended to obey you as I waited for this day to come! Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! These are the truths of this world! Surrender to those truths, you pigs who fawn over clothing! What foolishness! Learn your place! Over my dead body! Shackle Regalia MKII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SHACKLE REGALIA MKII Inumuta.
Release everyone.
What in the world happened? Man, what a relief! Dad! Mom! Guts! How did you— Jamming rounds that inhibit Life Fiber activity.
I made improvements to Nudist Beach's weaponry.
You high school student scum You'd do well to not underestimate them.
Every last student here has been trained as a warrior to fight you— no, to fight Life Fibers! Behold the power of Honnouji Academy! Oh, so this was her plan I'm impressed, Satsuki! Good one! I'm the one you're to face.
Blade Regalia MKIII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM BLADE REGALIA MKIII I'm sorry, do I know you? Uzu Sanageyama of the Honnouji Academy Elite Four! I'm going to get payback for what you did to me! EPISODE 18 INTO THE NIGH Satsuki's taking out her mother? So, this means her goal is the same as ours? What the hell is going on?! I don't know, this is out of the blue for me, too.
Lady Satsuki intended from the very beginning to fight the Life Fibers.
But to deceive Director Ragyo, she could not allow her true intentions to show in the slightest.
Then what the hell was you guys fighting me and Nudist Beach all about?! I have no need for half-baked allies.
If my forces could defeat you, you couldn't possibly win the war against Life Fibers.
Say what?! If you won't like my way, I will fight you afterward.
But if your ambition is to protect humanity's freedom, fight now with every ounce of your strength! Your ambition is impressive.
You have no qualms about literally stabbing your mother in the back? Of course not! I'll use any means necessary to defeat a monster like you! Even if it invites scorn as a conniving villain, I gladly welcome it! You call your own mother a monster? A woman who is unfazed by being stabbed through the heart shouldn't be saying that.
You monster that merged with Life Fibers and forsook her humanity! I am no monster.
I am merely a being who has come closer to the truth.
What the hell? What an amazingly durable person! A freak, more like.
This is the true nature of Life Fibers! Everyone who saw this battle, burn your REVOCS clothing! It is for the cause of human freedom! Payback? Did I lend you something? You've forgotten your sneak attack on me during the Naturals Election? Sorry! When a girl changes her underwear, she forgets the past, too! You think a little ol' wardrobe change will let you beat me— Yes, I do! Did you see that? In exchange for my sight, my blade now travels faster than light! There you go, exaggerating again THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM PROBE REGALIA MKII It's impossible for a human to move faster than light.
However, it is possible to appear as if you are.
If you fix your afterimages in place and use optical camouflage to hide your real location.
Gosh, you stay hidden and use computers, talk about nerdy! That's so creepy! That's enough of your flitting around! Three against one, huh? No, like I told you, we're called the Elite Four because there's four of us! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM SYMPHONY REGALIA MKII Nope, you never said that.
Oops, I'm sorry.
I must warn you, we never give up.
We'll never bow down before the likes of you! How annoying When people say stuff like that, it really pisses me off! Dad! Mom! I'm home! Oh, welcome back, Mako! You're alive, my daughter? Yep! I'm not about to die without handing out these souvenirs from Osaka! That's my big sister! You know how it's done! Let's eat! What's the matter with you, Mankanshoku?! "Matter"? You mean Mata? If you mean Mataro, that's me! Enough with the word games! Mankanshoku! Evacuate everyone in the spectator seats! Me?! It's not safe here.
We don't wish there to be any unnecessary casualties.
- Do it! - 'Kay! Everyone! Please run away! MANKANSHOKU BACK-ALLEY CLINIC ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT KANSAI SOUVENIRS I've got yummy Kansai takoyaki! I have kushikatsu! It's all you can eat! Come and get it! Tell me, when did you turn against me? I never turned against you.
I've been against you for as long as I can remember.
My entire life was in preparation for this day.
What did you say? I learned the truth when I was five.
Father told me everything.
About Life Fibers.
And Ragyo Kiryuin, the true aim of your vile deeds! All of it! Father said to me: "This will be your wedding dress.
" "Satsuki, this will be your wedding dress.
" "But when you put it on, you will become a slave to clothing.
" FATHER: SOICHIRO KIRYUIN Father was a distinguished scientist.
It was out of recognition of his skills that he was adopted into the Kiryuin family.
A child was the result.
But I was only born to be used as a Life Fiber test subject.
It's not working.
One year is too old.
I will have to use this one.
The following year, you conducted an experiment to fuse Life Fibers with your next child when it was barely out of the womb.
Even in a subject that possesses my genes, there is an unmistakable rejection of the Life Fibers? It can't be helped.
That was the instant that Father made up his mind.
That he would rebel against Life Fibers and Ragyo Kiryuin! He was a hack.
Soichiro could not fathom the truth of the universe.
Father knew that you would come after him! That's why he entrusted everything to me! A grown man, turning to his 5-year-old daughter for help I was no ordinary 5-year-old! Did you forget that I am Satsuki Kiryuin?! SATSUKI KIRYUIN You're skilled at monologuing, I'll give you that.
But even if you defeat me, Life Fibers will not die out.
The Original Life Fiber, you mean? I already have a plan in motion.
Ah, you must be the members of the Honnouji Academy Sewing Club.
I've been waiting for you.
So, those are COVERS Men, fire insta-freeze agent! We've rendered the Original Life Fiber dormant.
Those scum are wandering around beneath the mansion? I had already dealt with Kuroido and the rest of your people.
When I spent the night there.
Ragyo! In the name of human liberation, your life is forfeit! Lady Ragyo! Don't interfere! Satsuki, I will help myself to your troops.
That bitch! She turned all the students into her puppets! This is Mind Stitching.
MIND STITCHING I have sewn my basting thread into their brains.
Get her, my puppets.
Lady Satsuki! Don't hold back! Consider anyone who attacks you to be the enemy! Until Ragyo is defeated, turn your hearts to steel! Life Fiber Override, Kamui Junketsu! KAMUI JUNKETSU Wha—? Wait just a damn minute, Kiryuin! Ryuko! Leave this to us! You deal with Ragyo! Um.
Okay I can't believe that Satsuki Kiryuin had been plotting a rebellion.
Me neither, but at a time like this, I don't care who brings down Ragyo.
Damn it, what did we even come here for? Ragyo Kiryuin! You won't escape me! Even though you're my daughter, I must say that I am impressed.
However, you are making several grave mistakes.
Matoi! Ryuko! I can't undo this thread! Son of a For instance, you summoned this Matoi girl here.
You may have expected her to fight for you, but if I do this, she becomes my pawn.
What a shame This much power without Life Fiber synchronization? Magnificent.
It would appear to be a inherent ability she possesses.
You little fool! I have you now! Shingan-Tensenzuki! What?! Mon mignon prêt-à-porter! ("My cute clothes!") You guys are boring because you're too uptight.
I'll let my cute li'l doppelgangers fight you, so try to remember how to have fun, okay? Matoi, snap out of it! I tied up her nervous system good and tight.
She'll never be able to break free of my control.
Ryuko Matoi! Don't screw with me! What? Don't think we're such easy marks! You can't tie down me and Senketsu with a little thread like this! Impossible She broke free of your Mind Stitching? This feeling Impossible! I expected nothing less from someone who's been a constant thorn in my side.
How long are you gonna keep talking down to me? I got a whole heap of bones to pick with you.
But for now, I'm taking her down! La vie est juste drôle.
Let's do it, Senketsu! Ready! Truly, life is most amusing! Long time, no see, Ryuko! You! Nui Harime! Satsuki said that the whole killing-your-father thing was her idea, but that's a lie, lie, lie, a big fat lie! Lady Ragyo and I were behind the whole thing! You want me to give you back this Scissor Blade, right? Come on, avenge your father right here and now.
But don't get mad at me if your quest for revenge costs you your life, okay? Kiryuin, Ragyo is yours.
She isn't yours to give.
Defeating my mother is my lifelong ambition! Kamui Senketsu! KAMUI SENKETSU Remind me, were you this slow before? Mon mignon prêt-à-porter! You think scraps of cloth are a match for me?! Impossible! Aw, what's the matter? I've never seen you look worried before.
Ryuko! What's wrong? Are you saying I'm getting carried away again? No, the opposite! We've never been so in sync before! Right now, you and I are one! JIN-I-ITTAI (LIFE FIBER SYNCHRONIZE) I know! Doesn't this feel awesome?! How can an ordinary human have this much power? Stand aside! Ragyo Kiryuin! You will pay for taking the lives of my father, Soichiro Kiryuin, and my baby sister who was never given a name! This is all about revenge for ancient history? For someone so young, you're so trite.
It is a noble cause resulting from personal feelings.
Someone like you whose soul is enchained by Life Fibers could never understand.
Can you defeat me, though? If I take your head, not even you will survive! Now, I'll have your head! Lady Ragyo! It is finished.
What's it— Shiro! Honnouji Academy, please come in Honnouji Academy! I was just imagining things? It is you that is finished, Satsuki.
As long as a single scrap of skin— no, a single strand of neck thread remains attached, my body can regenerate itself.
It would seem that not even your Bakuzan was able to sever it completely.
Impossible Lady Satsuki! You will not interfere.
Satsuki, you are completely misunderstanding.
You think you are wearing Junketsu perfectly.
What are you saying? All you're doing is forcing it onto you.
To the ignorant masses, even that much would appear impressive.
If anything, I give you an A for effort.
But nothing is uglier than seeing someone wear clothing that doesn't fit them! Wearing Junketsu to this battle was a terrible mistake.
Of course, you wouldn't be even able to stand before me if it weren't for his strength.
I've had enough of your garbage! Your little scheme has given me no end of entertainment.
But I think it's time for you to return Junketsu.
Ryuko! Look at the sky! What the hell?! It can't be, those are— Oh, but they are.
Those are COVERS.
Beings created from the Original Life Fiber.
Satsuki Kiryuin! You are a disgrace, Satsuki Kiryuin! This is the fate that awaits any fool who dares oppose me— no, oppose the Life Fibers! You bitch! This shows that Satsuki was never worthy to be a vessel of the Life Fibers.
Life Fiber Override, Kamui Junketsu! KAMUI JUNKETSU However, I have that fool to thank for allowing me to meet someone I never expected to see.
That's not— What in the world? Ryuko Matoi, you are one whose body has merged with Life Fibers, just as mine has.
All this time, you were the daughter I believed to be dead.
NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Ryuko is unconscious, Satsuki has disappeared, and even Mako is missing! EVEN MAKO With all three heroines out of action, this is our greatest crisis! OUT OF ACTION GREATEST CRISIS BU But the Elite Four remain! The naked warriors remain! REMAIN REMAIN Show Ragyo the power of human perseverance! Next time on Kill la Kill, "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"! EPISODE 19 RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD