Kill la Kill (2013) s01e19 Episode Script

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

1 Those are Covers Run, everyone! Run! Beautiful Ryuko! Very few humans are merged this perfectly with Life Fibers.
Truly, you are my daughter.
No way! Ryuko's the daughter of the director?! I'm being pulled up! Mako! Sis! Mako! Cut the thread! Escape, Mankanshoku! Mankanshoku! Some-bo-dy-help! Mankanshoku! Shut up! My dad is Isshin Matoi! You can't be my mother! That's impossible! If I'm not, how else do you explain your body? I said, shut up! Calm yourself, Ryuko! Stay out of this! How very, very interesting! I knew there was something special about you! You're the greatest, Ryuko! I'm not done just yet - Lady Satsuki! - Lady Satsuki! Satsuki! EPISODE 19 RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD ONE MONTH LATER Hurry, Guts! Get out of my way, you stinking business suit! How ya like that?! Oh, crap! Is this the end of the line for Mataro Mankanshoku?! Turn into a rotten dust cloth! You're that Elite Four chick! Oh, you're that slacker's— The streets are crawling with these scraps of cloth.
Let's get out of here! Then follow me! So you kids have survived on your own this past month, huh? You're that slacker's kid brother, all right.
Your ability to survive is the one impressive thing about you.
The name's Mataro! Come on, my ride's waiting over there.
NORTHERN KANTO, SUSUKIGAHARA Run! Run! Hurry! Just across this hill, there's a chopper waiting! Damn, they caught up, huh? Hold together Blade Regalia MKIII! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM BLADE REGALIA MKIII Damn, it's finally reached its limit? Boss! We'll hold 'em off here! You guys The Northern Kanto Gang Leader Alliance has some pride, too! Understood.
Show those scrap cloth bastards what human beings will do when their backs are against the wall! Okay, guys, cut loose! Tear 'em a new one from the inside! Hurry! Get aboard while they're keeping them busy! I'm sorry, guys I saw your Northern Kanto hooligans prove their resolve.
This is a war of attrition.
I know that it won't last long.
Even so, we did manage to save a few lives.
Their sacrifice wasn't in vain.
OSAKA NUDIST BEACH SECRET BASE Show the people we rescued to the living quarters area! Good work.
Looks like you guys had it rough, too.
Is that Mankanshoku's little brother? He said he and his friends had been living in the sewers under Honnou Town.
They're an impressive pack of rats.
I said the name's Mataro Mankanshoku, Elite Four chick! I'm Nonon Jakuzure.
Call me Lady Nonon, slacker junior! If you want others to call you by name, address them properly first, Jakuzure.
I'm ever so sorry, Mr.
Disciplinary Committee Chair.
Northern Kanto Gang Leader Alliance has now fallen, too.
NUDIST BEACH COMMAND CENTER This means that all academies that were under Honnouji Academy's control have all been destroyed by the Covers.
Which means that the bastions of the resistance movement Satsuki built to fight the Life Fibers have been lost.
Sanageyama also lost his Goku Uniform, which was the last we had left.
All we have left now are Jakuzure's Bakuzan-Gako and Gamagoori's Bakuzan-Kouryu.
Both were reforged from Lady Satsuki's shattered Bakuzan.
And my Tailor's Glove and your Dotonbori Robo.
"DTR," got it? I only hope that the item that Iori is frantically working on is ready in time.
If they hadn't been destroyed by you people, we would have more proper facilities.
If you were planning to rebel against Ragyo, I think you could have at least considered the option of joining forces with Nudist Beach.
When many people know a secret, it's going to get out.
Even at Honnouji Academy, the only people who were aware of her real intentions were we of the Elite Four, the Sewing Club's Iori, and her butler, Soroi.
Well, considering that I never caught on that you guys knew that I was undercover as a teacher, I can't really brag.
But why isn't there any uproar among the media and the populace even though Covers are attacking academies all over Japan? They're already being mentally influenced.
Clothing made by Ragyo Kiryuin's REVOCS has reached the entire population.
The Life Fibers woven into them are manipulating the minds of their wearers and devouring any unnecessary information from their brains.
"They have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear," huh? Well, they do use human psychogalvanism as their energy source.
Honnouji Academy's students have been building up a resistance to Life Fiber manipulation by wearing Goku Uniforms.
Pretend to be obedient to Ragyo, and use her money to create soldiers to defeat her That Satsuki Kiryuin girl is a real piece of work.
What's even more impressive is Mr.
Soroi here, who played dumb as he served Satsuki as her butler.
I merely made tea.
As I do now.
However, I have not given up on making more tea for Lady Satsuki.
You're right.
After all, even we Elite Four survived.
(BACK-ALLEY) INFIRMARY What about the other one? Ryuko Why won't you wake up, Ryuko? I'm so sorry that we can't speak with you, Senketsu.
The rest of us can't tell what you're saying.
Mankanshoku But it's plain as day that you're alive, that you're Ryuko's Sunday best, and that you're worried sick about her.
Mankanshoku! Now, now If I were 20 years younger, I'd wear you in a heartbeat.
How is Ryuko today? I can't tell one way or the other.
But the wound from when her heart was pulled out is already healed.
It's how to put it? Downright inhuman.
What did you say?! Calm down! You carried Ryuko's unconscious body to us.
Even if we can't talk to each other, we understand how you feel.
Well, when a patient wants to sleep, it's best to let them sleep.
After all, she had a few nasty shocks.
I still can't believe that Ryuko's mother was Ragyo Kiryuin I hadn't heard anything about it from Dr.
Matoi, either.
If I'd known sooner, maybe I could've done something to soften the blow.
What's done is done.
Sometimes things work out just by being alive.
Dad! You're alive! You're a Mankanshoku boy, all right! See, sometimes things do work out.
I'm sorry.
I never found Sis.
Boy, you were searching for Mankanshoku? Yeah.
I thought that if I stayed in Honnou Town, I might be able to find that cloth bastard that swallowed Sis, but before I knew it, it was all I could do just to stay alive.
I'm proud of you for trying, Mataro.
Don't grieve just yet! Mankanshoku girls don't die that easy.
Listen, boy! I will rescue your sister, no matter what! Ira Gamagoori will devote himself body and soul! Ow! You're breaking my collarbone! Dad! Oh, that's broken, all right.
That'll be 10 million yen in damages, buddy.
Ten million?! When I look at your family, it gives me hope that the human race can still survive.
HONNOUJI ACADEMY You have certainly exceeded all of my expectations.
In the sense of your foolishness.
The students at the academies that Honnouji Academy had conquered have all been assimilated by Covers.
If humans wear clothing for the first 20 years of their lives, their resistance to clothing completely disappears.
Center your efforts around students in their late teens who haven't lost that resistance, and defeat me.
But it was all for nothing.
The more your followers resist, the more they nourish the Covers as energy sources.
And before long, even your little sister will return to me.
Little sister Ryuko Matoi? Yes.
To think that she was the baby that I thought had died all those years ago.
Soichiro had deceived me about a great many things.
Matoi and I are siblings He was a stupid man.
Soichiro faked his own death and entrusted his revenge to you.
He changed his face and body to become Isshin Matoi, and not only did he raise the baby whose death he faked, he founded that silly Nudist Beach organization and gave a Kamui to Ryuko.
Dad I I Ignorant of all this, you earnestly believed everything he had said and crafted your rebellion plot against me It's so noble that it brings tears to my eyes! What garbage.
As if a woman whose very tear glands are Life Fibers could cry.
Even if that were the case, I am your mother.
You should graciously accept any kind words I have to offer.
Kind? That doesn't suit you.
Are you sure? I'd like to think that my sparing your life was out of maternal kindness.
That is what is garbage.
You're letting me live because I'm more valuable that way.
No more, no less.
Oh? How so? Shinra-Koketsu.
You also know about that, do you? I put two and two together.
I see.
In that case, I suggest you get the rage in your heart to seething! The deeper your rage, the more useful you are to me! The work seems to be progressing smoothly, I see.
I have to hand it to Satsuki! The Sewing Club members here are pretty capable! So, it was worth the trouble of Mind Stitching them, eh? They're way better than Covers! Is Satsuki doing well? Yes.
She was dying to wear this outfit soon.
Non, she won't wear it! Satsuki's gonna get eaten by it.
By my masterpiece.
Anyway, it's Ryuko that we need to worry about! Yes, I know.
I've already taken steps.
Having two teenaged daughters does keep one busy.
Both of them have grown into fine young ladies, just like their mother! La vie est drôle! Yes, life is indeed amusing.
I can hardly wait to show this to them.
This ultimate Kamui! They're finally here.
We'll hold out as best as we can.
As long as you're alive, things will work out.
It's pretty unusual to hear you sound so wishy-washy.
DTR, launching! Brace for impact! Use this.
Swords are more your thing.
Thank you.
Well, let's get going, Monkey.
Looks like I finished up just in time.
It's ready?! Theoretically.
Give it a test run.
There's an awful lot here, too.
It's like they're having a winter clearance sale.
"A whole bunch" vs.
five, huh? I think I may cry.
Stand firm! We're the mightiest five! Do you seriously mean that? We have no choice but to go at this seriously.
Well, I'll give it my best.
That's the Mankanshoku family's pet dog! Could it be?! Let's try this out right now! Mankanshoku! - She's out! - She's out! Cloth-form Covers are fed energy from their parent body, the Original Life Fiber, via a linkage thread.
That's why we can cause them to shut down if we sever that.
However, human-form Covers have swallowed humans to use as energy sources, so they can operate autonomously! If we can extract the human it's swallowed, the Cover will shut down without its energy source! Yes! We thin out their number And rescue our allies.
- A weapon combining offense and defense! - A weapon combining offense and defense! This is the Emergency Rescue Suction Device! EMERGENCY RESCUE SUCTION DEVICE In Heaven's stead, I smite clothing! LIFE FIBER EXPLOSION I'm saved! Mankanshoku, are you all right? Yep! Mako Mankanshoku has returned! Wait, you saved me, Gamagoori?! Yes.
I gave your little brother my word.
In any case, put this on.
Whoa, I'm in my birthday suit! All right, quit your flirting.
If it works, go rescue more people.
Hang on, how do you put this thing on? I am not flirting! We'll talk later.
I'm stuck! Get clear, Mankanshoku.
Kay! Hang on, isn't this Osaka? When did I get back here? Hey! Mako, you're okay! Sis! Dad! Mataro! What are they doing?! What is this, the Covers Orchestra Club? Are they calling me out? What's this noise? Oh, dear That's— Ryuko! Ryuko! Cut out all the sawing racket, you bastards! Get lost! What the— With just one blow?! And she even extracted the people inside! Ryuko! You're awake! Get away from me! I'm done with you.
I'm never putting you on again.
Ryuko! Just looking at you pisses me off! Cause we're both the same breed of monster! That's right! I'm not human! I'm a Life Fiber monster! Damn you, Ragyo.
You let me live in order to use me, is that it? But that is a miscalculation on your part.
As long as there is breath left in me, Satsuki Kiryuin has a chance at victory! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Hello, everyone! I have sad news for you today! SAD NEWS This will be the final preview for the television broadcast of this show! From now on, please tune in to the web previews! WEB PREVIEW Our battle is only just beginning! JUST BEGINNING Next time on Kill la Kill, "Far from the Madding Crowd.