Kill la Kill (2013) s01e20 Episode Script

Far from the Madding Crowd

1 I'm done with you.
I'm never putting you on again.
Ryuko! Just looking at you pisses me off! Cause we're both the same breed of monster! That's right! I'm not human! I'm a Life Fiber monster! That's crazy, Ryuko! Senketsu is your friend, Ryuko! That attitude doesn't sound like the Ryuko I know! It doesn't, it doesn't, it doesn't! This isn't the Ryuko I know! It isn't, it isn't, it isn't! It isn't! I'm not the Ryuko you know.
That old me was one big lie.
I'm a monster! I'm not a normal human, I'm a monster just like Ragyo that can't be killed.
Don't say that Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed, Ryuko.
Nui Harime! EPISODE 20 FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD But Aren't you angry at the wrong person? What? Didn't you want to avenge your father's death? I'm the one who killed him, and you're ignoring me.
But you're fighting this trash and I'm so sad and lonely! Quit screwing with me! That's the way, my daughter! I'm not your daughter! It's no surprise that you are confused.
Soichiro Kiryuin, or rather Isshin Matoi.
This is all a dastardly plan concocted by that fool of a man.
He's done nothing but use his own daughter as a pawn.
As your mother, I'm painfully aware of the anger you— Quit tooting your own horn with that smug look on your face! Magnificent! Such unswerving determination! Looking at you, my heart sings, far more than when I look at my failure of an older daughter! Damn you, I won't stand for any mockery of Lady Satsuki! What familial loyalty could I possibly owe to a daughter who literally stabbed me in the back? Do you hate your mother? Do you resent Ragyo? I'll kill you! Come, then! Let us make Honnouji Academy the place where this mother-daughter feud is put to rest! Just you wait, I'm coming for you! I can't wait! Adieu, mon amie! Wait, Ryuko.
Don't try to stop me.
This is a trap.
It's dangerous to walk into it in a blind rage.
Quit trying to act like you're still my teacher! This was your fault from the start! You knew everything, and you may have been acting all nonchalant, deep down, you were laughing at me as some monster freak! That's not true! Shove it! I'm sick of your excuses! So, it looks like clothing and humans can't understand each other after all.
You and that stupid crap you keep spouting! I was never a human being from the start! Move! Anybody who gets in my way gets smashed, no matter who it is! She destroyed those buildings with a single blow! I sense intense malice Ryuko! That's right.
This is who I am now! You people can just take off your Goku Uniforms.
But me, I'll be fused with Life Fibers until the day I die! Senketsu wasn't the weapon that was created to kill its fellow Life Fibers! It was me It can't be When I look at you, I get so annoyed! At my own stupidity! Ryuko If I've made my point, don't cling to me anymore.
He will cling to you! I mean, Senketsu is your friend and your Sunday best! He's going to cling to you forever and ever, just like some outfit that's full of static electricity! "Pop"? Wow, I sparked! Ryuko Ryuko There's no sign of Covers reinforcements.
Meaning that they were only after Ryuko Matoi.
If only I'd known who and what she really was sooner You could have done something? That's just your ego talking.
We've lost Ryuko Matoi as an asset.
All we can do right now is figure out what we can do without her.
We have no time for regrets.
You kids sure are level-headed.
That's rare in high-schoolers.
We were trained by Lady Satsuki.
We can't let something like this get us down.
What is she trying to do by provoking Matoi and luring her to Honnouji Academy? If she defeats Ragyo and Nui Harime, it will save us a lot of trouble.
She's up against Ragyo Kiryuin.
It won't be that easy.
Ryuko was crying.
Suffering and resentful This time, she was the one who was crying bitter tears.
I will go to Honnouji Academy.
I can't leave Ryuko alone.
Well, no one can hear me anyway You want to go after Ryuko, don't you, Senketsu? You do, right? Y-You can hear what I am saying? Okay, okay, that's a good uniform Mankanshoku, you can hear what Senketsu is saying?! Not a word! I knew it But I can understand how he feels.
Because I feel the same way.
Yes, well, I think we'll all want to go after Ryuko.
What do you mean? I finally managed to hack into the academy's systems.
They're making something.
That worries me, too, but what I want to show you is this.
Lady Satsuki?! What? Lady Satsuki? She's alive? That's horrible Don't look! Avert your eyes! My Shingantsu doesn't work with monitors! Someone tell me what you see! She's strung up in chains.
Stark naked.
Chained up and naked?! What's the meaning of this?! The "meaning" doesn't matter! Don't get too worked up.
I'm just getting to the real issue.
I'll turn up the volume.
She's sharpening something.
Sharpening the fangs of rebellion, waiting to strike.
A claw, in this case.
Young Miss Sheesh, you nerds love to hear yourself talk! If she was alive, you should've just come right out and said it! True.
So, we're agreed on where we need to go? Yes.
Our objective is the retrieval of Lady Satsuki! "The enemy awaits at Honnouji"! Aw, he went and said it We wanted to quote that.
Come on, you're embarrassing us, too! Honestly, you have no tact at all, dumb Northern Kanto monkey! Good grief, if you kids are that raring to go, I'm left with no choice but to take my underwear off, too.
Don't, pervert.
Given that we can no longer count on Ryuko, humanity's only chance at victory lies with Satsuki Kiryuin.
Nudist Beach will commit all the assets at its disposal to this operation to retrieve Satsuki Kiryuin.
Wait, surely not even the Naked Sol! It's naked? Yes! It's ready.
Behold! This is our final card! The Naked Sol! Set sail! All hands, prepare to set sail! Put off everyone except for combatants! Sweet, finally! Look sharp, people! Open the Dotonbori gate! Dotonbori, gate open Dotonbori, gate open Quickly Quickly Your underground base was a ship? Completed by burning through every last cent of the Takarada Conglomerate's fortunes, this is Nudist Beach's final trump card The Naked Sol! THE NAKED SOL Mako! Dad! Mom! You people We're going, too! It's more convenient to have a doctor on board, isn't it? (BACK-ALLEY) MEDICAL ORDERLIES MANKANSHOKU FAMILY Our home is in Honnou Town.
I've been wanting to pick up a new bottle of cooking oil.
And it sounds like fun! Yeah, let's all go together! No way.
We never said we'd take the slacker with us.
It's hopeless, Jakuzure.
Mankanshoku has the best selective hearing in Honnouji.
Not even you can pull out her mental earplugs.
I don't know what you're talking about It's too late, anyway.
The ship's already left port.
I sank a ton of cash into that baby! Beat the stuffing out of those cloth monsters! We're all counting on you.
Ragyo! Nui! Where are you?! I'm here, just like I promised! How lovely! You're wild and even cooler than ever today, Ryuko! Enough with your yapping.
I'm here to kill you and Ragyo.
What good will killing me and Lady Ragyo do you? You can't go back to your old life.
I said to quit your yapping.
Hup! You're so fast, fast, fast, fast! They've begun? One more time! Missiles, direct hit on target confirmed.
If only she were the sort of person missiles worked on I know we expected this, but it's annoying how she just shrugs them off like that.
What an unsightly lump of steel.
Have your fun while you can.
My ride seems to be the rowdy type.
This false toenail is made of the same material as Bakuzan.
It will be more than enough for scraps of cloth like you.
I understand, Ryuko! You must be so lonely! You always thought you were a human being, and the Life Fibers that you thought were your enemies had been keeping you alive.
So, who are your friends? Who are your foes? There isn't a single human being who understands you.
Quit yammering away while we're fighting! But I'm here to tell you, Ryuko you mustn't give in to despair.
You have me! I'm the only one who can understand you, Ryuko! Go on, keep talking! You can finish that thought in Hell! Just kidding! Lookie, lookie! It's my heart! The way the Life Fibers glow when it beats sure is pretty, isn't it? No way! Yep! I'm just like you! I guess the only difference is that you grew inside Lady Ragyo's belly, but I grew in a womb made of Life Fibers.
That makes me your soul sister! Screw you! Don't add yourself to my growing list of siblings! But you can't fight the threads of fate! Oh, shut up! That's Junketsu?! What the hell?! A heartfelt gift from the Grand Couturier to you.
Ragyo Bitch What are these threads? When did you While we were fighting, I took your measurements and shot you full of tacking needles.
You are my darling daughter.
You wearing a half-finished outfit like Senketsu simply won't do.
If you are going to wear something, wear something first-rate.
Stop it! Kamui Junketsu! Now it is more your style.
That's Junketsu! Matoi So that's what she is doing I have no means of stopping her as I am now.
Cheap, mass-produced garbage! Lady Satsuki! You'll catch cold.
Here, take this.
Forgive us for taking so long to come for you.
No, the timing of the Elite Four is impeccable as always.
Open your heart to Junketsu, Ryuko.
Stop it! Stop it! MIDDLE SCHOOL ENTRANCE CEREMONY Yes, that is happiness for you.
The bliss of being worn by clothing.
Do you understand, Ryuko? Yes, Mother! I see, so this is the Nudist Beach flagship.
That's right, the Takarada Conglomerate's fortune is from the shipbuilding industry.
This way, Lady Satsuki.
Young Miss, I do apologize for the shabby conditions.
It was worth returning simply to have the chance to drink more of your tea, Soroi.
Now that we've succeeded in your retrieval, it's not safe to remain anchored around here.
Shall we return to Osaka for the time being? I don't think that is going to happen.
We're about to face the worst possible opponent.
This is bad! Something's charging straight at the ship at high speed! What?! I'll smash you.
I'll smash you all! Yes, we've definitely arrived at the worst-case scenario.
This is bad.
At this rate, this ship is going to be sunk by a single high-school girl.
- That idiot! - Tsumugu! You'll die.
I have my personalized DTR prototype.
But it isn't— Its armor's been beefed up more than yours.
It's worth a shot! Lady Satsuki! Take these.
They belong in your hands far more than in ours.
Wait, how come Ryuko is wearing Junketsu?! Impossible.
Ryuko cannot wear any Kamui but— I'm coming in.
Lady Satsuki? Still the same old Mohawk Dude, piloting a mech that leaves your ass hanging out Just die.
Oh, so it's come to this? The two of you have teamed up, huh? You might despise me.
But despite that, the only ones who can stop her right now are you and I! Lend me your strength, Senketsu! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Clothing you want to wear, and clothing you cannot wear.
CANNOT WEAR What is the difference between the two? RYUKO AND SATSUKI Ryuko and Satsuki, two twisted sisters! TWO SISTERS The time has come at last to unravel the constantly tangling threads of karma! AT LAS Next time on Kill la Kill, "Incomplete"! INCOMPLETE EPISODE 21