Kill la Kill (2013) s01e21 Episode Script


1 How do you like the pleasure of being enveloped by Junketsu? I had no idea In all the world, only you and I can savor this pleasure.
Enjoy it to the fullest.
She's right, not even I know it! I'm so jealous, Ryuko! The Life Fibers within Nui's body repel other fibers, so even if she puts on a Kamui, she can't draw on its power.
That's why I chose to become Grand Couturier.
I'll make the ultimate Kamui with my own two hands.
As you are now, you must know perfectly well what I'm thinking.
Humans exist to serve clothing Indeed.
Life Fibers are the pinnacle of all life forms.
C'mon, Ryuko, hurry up and show me! Let me see what you look like in your finest! Life Fiber Override, Kamui Junketsu! Wow, how beautiful! Lady Ragyo, Lady Satsuki has escaped.
She what? I will let you deal with her.
You still want to avenge your father's death? For luck.
I see that she is still unable to keep her emotions in check.
For someone with so little experience, she has better technique than I expected Lady Ryuko has completely awakened, hasn't she? When the life of its host is in danger, it causes the Life Fibers to become even more active.
No matter how hard Soichiro tried to seal them away, it'd be child's play to reawaken her by making her experience intense existential terror.
Hououmaru, have all company employees gather at REVOCS.
I will return to the mansion.
We're fast approaching the endgame, Nui.
My heart is pounding! I'd better work fast, then! EPISODE 21 INCOMPLETE Ryuko Matoi, to think you were my little sister Don't get all big-sisterly on me now! You're making me puke.
I have absolutely no intention to.
I'll crush anyone who's become a puppet of the Life Fibers, no matter who they may be.
Let's begin, Senketsu! KAMUI SENKETSU right after putting him on, huh? That's our little miss Satsuki.
I can watch no longer! Let's get in there, too! We're gonna support Lady Satsuki! Wait! What do you want, slacker? We're a little busy! I have a message for the Elite Four from Lady Satsuki! Let's do this, Satsuki! That's Bakuzan, huh? You can't let go of something that Mother smashed? Talk about clingy! It's not clinginess, it's vengeance! Even if smashed to a million pieces, if a single fragment remains, the whole can be reconstituted! These two blades so lovingly protected by my Elite Four are the symbol of my tenacity of purpose towards the victory of Satsuki Kiryuin and Honnouji Academy! When will you shut up?! You talk louder than your actions.
You couldn't even control Junketsu and you're not gonna be able to summon up that knockoff's power.
You think Satsuki Kiryuin to be all talk, do you? Then I'll have to prove otherwise! Senketsu Senjin! Senketsu Senjin! Senketsu Shippu! Senketsu Shippu! How dare you, little bitch! I'm only getting started! Senjin Shippu! Interesting! Senjin Shippu! Kay I think that's enough for today.
So you aren't entirely useless.
Ryuko, take off that outfit and put me on.
No way.
As if I'd stoop to looking that ridiculous ever again.
I look ridiculous? Do you really mean that, Ryuko? Damn straight.
What else would you call it but ridiculous when you can't tell if you're wearing anything? To access the Life Fibers' power, while at the same time ensuring the wearer is not inadvertently enslaved, by minimizing the surface area in direct contact.
That is the purpose of You should call it a stroke of human genius.
Genius, my ass! All I see is fear.
You want the power of clothing, but you don't want your soul to be taken over.
That getup is that half-assed mindset in a nutshell.
All it is is pathetic! That isn't true.
When we were synchronized, you wore me and I was worn by you.
As it stands now, you are only being worn by Junketsu.
And what's wrong with that? Being worn by it feels so amazing I can't stand it! Humanity was born to be worn by Life Fibers.
Being worn by them is the ultimate bliss.
That is the bliss of slavery.
If they have a problem with it, they're welcome to die.
"Submit or die.
" That's the sort of line you love to say! Ain't that right, Satsuki Kiryuin?! Senketsu Senjin! Senketsu Senjin! Don't hold back! Oh, I get it now.
So that's what's going on.
I knew it, you haven't mastered wearing that Kamui properly.
Senketsu Shippu! Too slow.
Senjin Shippu! That one's slow, too! Lady Satsuki! What's she doing?! What's the deal, huh? You can't fight back? You can't, can't you? 'Cause I've seen through all your moves! Come on! You and Senketsu aren't synchronized at all! You shout out your instructions, and Senketsu attacks using his own strength! That's why there's a split-second delay in your transformations! You're the one who's just being worn by her Kamui! You haven't advanced one damn bit since the time you wore Junketsu! I am so freaking sick of your empty talk.
Aw, what's the matter? Aren't you gonna look down on me like you always do? If you can't stand on your own, how about I put you on your feet? Feel better now, Little Miss Satsuki? But you're not standing on anything.
You're a sad little princess who's standing on top of a sand castle.
The instant a wave comes, that castle comes crashing down.
Stop it, Ryuko! I admit, Satsuki cannot hear me when I speak.
Our synchronization is makeshift, as well.
And yet, our hearts are one.
We are of one mind in our desire to bring you back to your senses.
Shut up.
Can you imagine how much of a strain Satsuki is bearing to let me fight? No other human could do that.
No one but Satsuki Kiryuin! So what? It don't change the fact that she's a loser! I'm sick of hearing you yammering on and on, you dishrag! I'm gonna chop up both you and— Don't you dare mock Satsuki! Satsuki's sand castle is made of is steel! It won't collapse that easily! Butt the hell out! If you can't see what is in her heart, you can't see anything! Quit pissing me off, human! What can you do with that little knife?! What can he do? Lure you into my firing range, I suppose.
Did you think that would do anything to Junketsu? No, but it did allow me to get in close.
What the— I'm going to rip Junketsu off of you! Satsuki, you bitch! This was your plan all along?! Indeed! Senketsu and I cannot defeat you in your current state.
However, if I give the Elite Four a fighting chance, it is possible! Son of a Yes! It went according to plan! I still can't believe that Satsuki proposed a coordinated operation with the Elite Four.
But what's most surprising of all is that you were able to accurately relay such a convoluted message, Mankanshoku.
She wrote it on my hands! That girl thinks of everything.
I can't believe you'd use yourself as bait.
I'd do anything to win.
Did you forget that that is my modus operandi? And now we're going to pull you out of Junketsu and make you come back to your senses! Why can't it separate Matoi?! Run! Gamagoori! Nui Harime! You little— Nope, nope, nope! Gosh, you humans sure like to waste time on things that don't work, don't you? Those bullets are never gonna hit me! Ryuko will never be able to take off Junketsu.
Why not? Cause Junketsu's Life Fibers are tightly linked with the ones inside Ryuko's body! If you try to pull Junketsu off, they'll snap, and she'll die from the shock! What?! Why, you— The Kamui's been stitched to her body? That's so mean! What kind of penalty game is that?! Mako Mankanshoku is on her way! As a result of our recent successful buyout of China and India's garment factories, REVOCS now controls 100% of the world garment market.
This means that every human being on the planet is wearing our clothing in one form or another.
Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen, Life Fibers have now spread to all humanity.
And now, I ask you to perform one last task for me.
After it arrived on Earth and gave us clothing, the Original Life Fiber, the cause of human evolution, has remained asleep until the human race reached a suitable level of evolution.
Keeping it safe has been the duty of the Kiryuin clan.
Only one family head may bear witness to its awakening.
I am grateful to time for allowing that family head to be me.
Because I will be able to witness the amazing event that is about to transpire with my own two eyes! What is that? The beginning of the Cocoon Sphere Birth that will soon make this world the Life Fibers'! COCOON SPHERE NATIVITY Congratulations.
Kuroido, do you and the others also wish to take part? May we? Yes.
Thank you! Magnificent! It feels so wonderful! Lady Ragyo! Now, let us be off.
To where it will all begin.
Chew on this! Senketsu! You're dead! Don't! I understand why you're angry, Ryuko! I mean, if you can't take that outfit off, you can't take a bath or wash yourself, and you can't get dressed up for a date! But even so, that doesn't mean it's okay to go on a rampage like this! What are you talking about? Mankanshoku, run! This isn't the Matoi you used to know! Ryuko is always Ryuko! Even if you've got Life Fibers inside you, even if you're mad that you're not human, you're still Ryuko! And Senketsu is your Sunday best, same as always! That girl is such a pest.
Mako? MAKO! Would you look at that! I am taking your blood.
Just don't pass out from blood loss, all right? I hate girls who try too hard by wearing clothes that just don't suit them.
It's so pathetic it makes my skin crawl! I told you, that won't work! Haven't you figured it out yet? No ordinary human can beat me! Perhaps, but the blade of my heart isn't broken just yet! Oh, brother you're so stubborn! I'm telling you, Ryuko belongs to Lady Ragyo.
We'll see about that! Are you trying to appeal to her feelings, too? That'll never work! You've gotten soft, Satsuki! It's because of you that I believe it is possible to turn the tables! Because of me? Yes, you! If Ryuko Matoi has truly gone over to your side body and soul, why haven't you given her that Scissor Blade?! That blade is the ultimate weapon to fight against Life Fibers.
The reason you still carry it is because you still harbor doubts about her loyalties! And it is in that uncertainty that our victory lies! Your agitation has made me more convinced than ever! We will be victorious! Leave this one to us! You see to Matoi, Lady Satsuki! You are our hope! I'm counting on you.
Ryuko! Destroy her along with Senketsu! That's what Lady Ragyo wants, too! Give these softies with their "hope" nonsense a dose of cold, hard reality! You got it.
Move it.
Stop this, Ryuko! You're protecting that woman? I will protect Mako.
But I will protect you, too, Ryuko.
Me? Yes, you.
If you killed Mako here, the one who would be hurt most of all would be you.
That is why I won't let you lay a hand on her! What? It's because you've been selfish that Senketsu is being worn by me! This isn't right! The Ryuko I know can take off that outfit.
So let's hurry up and get changed, okay? God, your voice is so annoying! Now, Mankanshoku! Jam Senketsu into the wound! Senketsu! Use your strength to shake Ryuko's Life Fibers loose from Junketsu! Right! On it! Ryuko, I'm coming! I'm going to force myself onto you! Learn the power of the Sunday best! Ryuko! We're here to bring you home! Ryuko! I'll kill anyone who ruins my happiness.
This isn't happiness, not even close! This isn't you, Ryuko! Shut your mouth.
Snap out of it, Ryuko! Shut up! Dummy, dummy, dummy! Fine, go ahead and kill me! If you're so intent on staying cooped up in here, kill me and give up on being my Ryuko! Ryuko! Ryuko! Matoi Oopsie, looks like they failed to win her over.
Ryuko, let's sink this tub! What? Give your crap a rest! Impossible! How dare you bastards put me into this outfit! Ryuko! Ryuko! I'm tired of all of this.
Ryuko! I want it off! - Matoi! - Transfer student! I WANT IT OFF! Stop, Matoi! If you tear it off, you'll die! I'd rather be dead! I have to take this off even if I die! Because if I don't I won't be able to wear Senketsu again! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW Someone once said that each person's life is a tapestry.
A TAPESTRY The time has come for two woven tapestries that WOVEN can never intermingle to overlap and become one.
OVERLAP The impetus for this is croquettes? IMPETUS CORQUETTES!? Next time on Kill la Kill, "Tell Me How You Feel.