Kill la Kill (2013) s01e22 Episode Script

Tell Me How You Feel

1 - Ryuko! Are you all right?! It hurts! It hurts like hell! But it's what I deserve for being such a huge dumbass! I can't believe she's still alive after snapping her own Life Fibers! By the way Nui's injuries are healing! So she's indestructible, too? It's the power of the Life Fibers inside her body.
It was a mistake to throw your Scissor Blade at me.
You can't defeat me, and now I have both halves! Get going, Senketsu! Be with Ryuko! Right! I'll just have to shred that dumb ol' Senketsu again! I don't think so! He used me as a springboard?! Let's go, Ryuko! EPISODE 22 TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL Harime! She's cowing Harime through sheer intimidation, eh? You stay put right there.
Aw, but I'd tailored Junketsu just for you! I won't let you wear that lame getup! Quit while you're ahead.
I'm never taking Senketsu off.
Mako and Satsuki's blood is flowing through Senketsu now.
He's way warmer and feels better on me than that monster, Junketsu! - Ryuko! Thank you for saying that! Dummy, clothes don't cry! You're getting all damp and gross! You were so comfy, damn it! I'm so sorry! What's with this "friends" garbage? It's so gross I'm gonna barf! Don't talk crap about it! The word "friends" don't come close to covering it! They're something more, something I can't explain! That's what Mako Mankanshoku and Senketsu are to me! What, me?! Yeah, you.
I can't tell if you're weak or strong! Like a woman who barges into your heart when you're not looking! Or someone who cries, laughs and genuinely worries about me even though he's clothing! Bat-crap crazy people like that try their damndest to help me! And I have to live up to that craziness! You people only see one thing.
To make it so the whole world is cut from the same cloth — Life Fibers.
But you see, I'm never gonna let that happen.
The world's better off having bat-crap crazy people wandering around it! I didn't understand a word of that, but you're so totally right, Ryuko! If you don't understand, hush! Darn it, that's why I hate humans! If that's how you want it, go ahead and die without being understood ever! Dad's Scissor Blade I finally have it back! In that case, maybe I'll make the people you're trying to protect attack you! Have a taste of Mind Stitching! It's no use! Oops, sorry about that! That was a decoy! It's all over, Ryuko! Yeah, for you.
MY ARMS! My arms, my arms, my arms, my arms, my arms, my arms, my arms! MY ARMS! Do you have any idea how valuable my arms are?! They're the arms of the Grand Couturier! That's why I chopped 'em off.
Kidding! Even if you chop them off, they'll pop right back, good as new! Oops.
Clumsy me.
They can halt Life Fiber regeneration? Those scissors can do even that? Just give it up, Nui Harime! This can't be happening! You're really making me angry! Every last one of you! I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed! Hououmaru! You're not getting away! Senketsu Shippu! What the—? Ow! I'd better not do it, Ryuko.
You've lost a great deal of blood.
Chasing after them would be dangerous.
But we've still got these guys to deal with! Hououmaru made a mistake because she was desperate to rescue Harime.
She's right! Which makes this a golden opportunity! It was nice of them to bring us both Life Fibers and new members for the cause! Exactly.
Don't just stand around doing nothing, Elite Four, get to work! Give me those! Nonuple-mount Emergency Rescue Suction Device! NONUPLE-MOUNT EMERGENCY RESCUE SUCTION DEVICE You! You're Hakodate of the Tennis Club TENNIS CLUB PRESIDEN OMIKO HAKODATE and Fukuroda of the Boxing Club! BOXING CLUB PRESIDEN TAKAHARU FUKURODA KUSANOSUKE YAGURUMA And there's more! TATAMU OTTE AIZENBO FUGUHARA MAIMU OKURAHAMA FORMER ACROBATICS CLUB Medics! Yes, ma'am! Tend to the students who have been extracted! On it! All right, Mankanshoku family, let's help people for a change! If they're buck-nekkid, they've got nothing to steal, so I'm just not feeling it Mataro! That's enough of that! Ow! I'll do it, I'll do it, I'll work seriously! Sewing Club, collect the Life Fibers! Bring them to the lab ASAP! Collection complete.
Let me out! Who asked you for help?! I haven't been beaten yet! Please calm yourself, Grand Couturier.
What can you possibly do in your condition? Surely the task you must see to right now is the completion of Shinra-Koketsu.
How do you intend to apologize to Lady Ragyo for this fiasco, losing both arms in a battle you did not need to fight? Me? Apologize? As if.
Hurry back to Honnouji Academy! I'll finish up Shinra-Koketsu! And after I'm done, I'll teach you what happens when someone mouths off to me.
If you finish Shinra-Koketsu, what happens to me is of no concern.
What shall I do with Junketsu? Keep it in restraints for the time being.
You're not going to terminate it? The battle isn't over yet.
Planning to put it on again, huh? Can you wear that monster? I won't make the same mistake twice.
After you couldn't synchronize with Senketsu? Stop it, Ryuko.
Satsuki risked her life to save you, too.
So what if she did? That don't excuse the attitude she's given me all this time.
What do you want from me? Let me belt you one.
Ryuko If I punch you without holding back and you're still on your feet, I'll admit that you have the strength to fight alongside me.
Ryuko, that's crazy! A bare-skinned human would die if hit by you while synchronized.
She's no ordinary human.
This is the great Satsuki Kiryuin, right? Very well, strike me.
We face Ragyo Kiryuin.
If I am to fall here, I have no chance of winning this battle.
I shall withstand your blow.
Show me that you aren't all talk.
Here it comes.
Gamagoori! Stay out of this, you bastard! What is it with you people?! Are you mocking me, Matoi? What?! I'm asking you if you threw that punch with everything you had! Yeah, I did! Don't make me laugh! If that's true, why are we still alive? I thought ordinary humans would die if you hit them full-force! You got in the way, so I pulled them! A likely excuse! You pull your punches just because someone gets in the way?! Such a woman is not worthy to punch Lady Satsuki! Don't turn this on me! No, our anger is directed at the right person! As if we would allow a half-assed blow like that to land on Lady Satsuki! What are you two doing? Our face is Lady Satsuki's face! Our limbs are Lady Satsuki's limbs! For her, we could be smashed or sliced off and have no regrets! However, these limbs have a mind of their own, so we can be rather obstinate.
We, the Honnouji Academy Elite Four, are Lady Satsuki's irresistible spear! Her unyielding shield! If you want to strike Lady Satsuki, strike us! But you'll find that we don't yield easily! What the hell is it with you people?! I don't get you at all— So you're protected by a bunch of bat-crap crazy people just like I am? So it would seem.
"To defeat Ragyo, I must treat all human beings as pawns.
" Or so I thought.
I thought the same of you.
Ever since the day you appeared wearing Senketsu, my intent was to train you into a powerful asset to turn against Ragyo and her people.
I made you believe I was your father's killer to get you to come after me and gauged your and Senketsu's power.
If you could hold on to your free will without being swallowed up by the Kamui, you would surely prove useful when it was time for the coup against Ragyo.
I believed I could manipulate you and use you as an asset against Ragyo even without telling you the truth.
You bitch However, that was a grave mistake.
In the end, I was employing the same methods as Ragyo.
It's a given that I would not be able to win like that.
The biggest fool here is me.
Satsuki I understand now.
The world is not cut from the same cloth.
It is because it is overflowing with inexplicable, unidentifiable things that the world is so beautiful.
Fight at my side so that we may protect that world, Ryuko! Sheesh, even when you apologize, you turn it up to 11 I don't feel like hitting you anymore.
I have people I want to protect, too.
I got no problems with stopping that excessive mother of ours.
Now that you've made up, let's have dinner! Your croquettes, ma'am? That's right, croquettes stuffed full of minced, unidentifiable things! Dig in, dig in! Yep, when it comes to unidentifiable things, my family's the best there is! Dig in, too, Lady Satsuki! This is Yummy, huh? Yes, it is.
There will be after-dinner tea, as well.
You were somewhat touched earlier, weren't you? When you heard what Satsuki had to say.
Geez, this outfit doesn't know when to let up! You could have come out and told her so.
Seriously, you are so obnoxious! And you are a woman completely devoid of feminine charm.
Senketsu, you were lonely from having no one to talk to for so long, weren't you? That's why you're making all this pointless chitchat.
That's not true! I'm not that prone to feeling lonely! Fine, fine.
Get all the idle chitchat out of your system while you can.
Pretty soon, we won't have time for it.
She'll be coming soon.
It's me.
I see.
Ryuko did, did she? Yes, have Nui work faster.
What a nuisance my daughters are.
I guess I didn't discipline them properly.
Ryuko Matoi! Satsuki Kiryuin! I'm gonna make you pay, you hear? What I'm injecting into Junketsu is a mixture of Lady Satsuki and Ryuko's blood, as well as Senketsu's Life Fibers.
In other words, you're using Senketsu's power to forcibly dye Junketsu with Lady Satsuki's colors.
If I'm going to put on something that I can't wear properly, we should simply re-tailor it.
It's far too late to be concerned about appearances.
The only thing on your mind is victory, huh? It looks like you've stripped yourself of all extraneous thoughts.
You're a proper Nudist, yourself.
Iori, status of our own forces? Come on, nothing?! You can count on me.
We collected more Life Fibers than we expected.
I'm just about to start on manufacturing Goku Uniforms.
Can you manage this by yourself? I'm more than enough! Three-Star Goku Uniform, Tailor's Regalia! THREE-STAR GOKU UNIFORM TAILOR'S REGALIA Ragyo Kiryuin's ultimate objective is to transform the entire human race into Life Fibers and cover this world.
This is the Starseed Cocoon Sphere.
STARSEED COCOON SPHERE All of REVOCS' products have Life Fibers incorporated into them.
Upon receiving a powerful signal, those Life Fibers will awaken.
Humans with no resistance to it will be converted into energy sources, and all clothing will transform into Covers.
Seven billion Covers will rise into the stratosphere and enshroud this planet.
You're telling me that she's trying to make the Earth wear clothing? That's messed up.
I had heard that she was trying to turn the human race into Life Fibers, but I had no idea her plan was this epic in scope.
To what end, though? Life Fibers are an organism that drifts through space.
If they reach a planet that harbors intelligent life, they cause them to evolve into a state more suitable as an energy source for themselves.
They then cover the planet with the beings that have been converted into Life Fibers, and then, using the planet itself as an energy source, cause it to explode, and that force scatters new seeds through space.
That is how they continue to reproduce across the universe.
Good grief, talk about making things up out of whole cloth There you go again.
Why do you keep blurting out dumb puns that we've been restraining ourselves from saying? I've had just about enough of your lack of tact, you stupid Northern Kanto monkey! Mock Northern Kanto once more, I'll mix you up with limewater and boil you! Now, now, what's with all the "yakking" about "konnyaku"? That's enough, you two! Behave yourselves in front of Lady Satsuki! Don't worry about it, Gamagoori.
Hearing you two bicker makes me feel like I have truly come home.
Yes, ma'am! Okay, I've managed to hack into REVOCS' communications satellites.
I'll put up a video feed of the Original Life Fiber.
They've beefed up their security, so their cameras are all I can get a peek at.
Ragyo Original Life Fiber's destination, Honnouji Academy.
Exactly as expected.
Honnouji Academy? That's right.
By attaching the Original Life Fiber to the massive transmitter installed at Honnouji Academy, she can send out the signal to transform all humanity into Life Fibers.
So to stop her plan, we just need to smash that transmitter, then.
Oh, there is one unexpected item, though.
What is it? These missiles that are about to strike this ship.
Report stuff like that right away, darn it! Mr.
"Mister"?! I'd like to put you in command of the operation.
M-Me? I will go with Ryuko to stop Ragyo.
It is inappropriate for someone on the front lines to be in command.
Ah, I follow you.
Elite Four, is that clear? Yes, ma'am.
All right, we'll see to the destruction of the Honnouji Academy transmitter, and Satsuki and Ryuko will keep Ragyo Kiryuin and the Original Life Fiber occupied! All hands to your posts! There you go again, telling people what to do.
You aren't going? Can you go? I have no choice.
Hurry up and get changed, then.
Lady Ryuko, please look after your sister.
I know.
Let's do this, Si— Sis There's no need to force a pretend sisterly bond.
Your blood is flowing through Junketsu.
That's more than enough.
It is? Yes.
You two You can get maudlin later, Senketsu.
Let's do it! - Life Fiber Override, Kamui Junketsu! KAMUI SENKETSU KAMUI JUNKETSU Ryuko.
I see 'em.
Senketsu Shippu! SENKETSU SHIPPU Grab on! I don't need your help.
Junketsu Senpu! JUNKETSU SENPU It's even absorbed my abilities?! Hey, not bad! Let's hurry! Yeah! All right, we're setting course for Honnouji Academy! Satsuki, the ship! There was another under the water? What the hell is this? It appears to be a Covers specialized for combat.
This one will be formidable.
Honnouji Academy Fight Club President Mako Mankanshoku is back in action! FIGHT CLUB-SPEC TWO-STAR GOKU UNIFORM FIGHT CLUB PRESIDENT MAKO MANKANSHOKU BACK IN ACTION Rest easy, Ryuko.
I'll keep this ship safe! NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW To wrap the entire world in a single cloth.
That is Ragyo's giant wrapping cloth.
A SINGLE CLOTH GIANT WRAPPING CLOTH This anime would also wrap up THIS ANIME if that happened, so Ryuko, Satsuki, and Mako rise up to prevent it, TO PREVENT I RYUKO AND SATSUKI MAKO THEN as do the reconstituted Elite Four! Next time on Kill la Kill, "Imitation Gold"! EPISODE 23 IMITATION GOLD