Kill la Kill (2013) s01e24 Episode Script

Past the Infinite Darkness

1 How do you like it? ULTRA GOKU UNIFORM CENTURION CAVALRY FORMATION This is the Ultra Goku Uniform Centurion Cavalry Formation! Charge! I'm just getting started! It's the High Velocity Life Fiber Jammer.
It spins tiny Life Fibers at high speed to-- It's a big, rubber barrier! - Ow - Sanageyama! That's what you get for running ahead by yourself! You never learn, do you? We have to turn off that jammer! We're stopped in our tracks, huh? Hup! And hup! You are always in my way Now, allow me to show you just who the master is.
- What on earth? - The stars are gone! Shinra Koketsu.
Absolute Submission! EPISODE 24 PAST THE INFINITE DARKNESS What's wrong, Senketsu? It's no use, I have no strength! Whenever I'm hit by that light, my body is paralyzed with fear! Shinra-Koketsu is the master of all Life Fibers.
Life Fibers who rebel against it tremble in fear and are rendered powerless.
This is absolute submission.
ABSOLUTE SUBMISSION These are images from around the world captured by the communications satellite.
Look, the people of the world are all wearing clothing made by REVOCS.
When I unleash the power of Absolute Submission across the world, the dormant Life Fibers inside REVOCS clothing will awaken.
Every last human being will be swallowed up by their clothing, and the Earth will be covered in a single piece of cloth.
The Earth will become a Cocoon Sphere, and the new Life Fibers that will be born will be scattered across the cosmos.
How wonderful This is the fundamental truth of the universe.
You no longer have any means of opposing me.
We're still here to oppose you! We're stripped down to our bare Nudist souls! Ultimate Double Naked DTR! ULTIMATE DOUBLE NAKED DTR Beneath my notice.
Oh, you aren't going to kill them? Not yet.
After all, these people are precious energy sources for the Original Life Fiber.
The Original Life Fiber It's still alive?! The Original Life Fiber will absorb you and your friends and be restored to health.
I am sorry, Ryuko.
The ploy you risked your life for was all for nothing.
Not yet! We aren't done just yet! Gamagoori? Mako? Guys? Oh, my! You must have superhuman strength to be able to move in the Absolute Submission field! But it's no use! Humans are slaves to clothes! That relationship will never change! That's not true! That isn't true at all! I mean, with Ryuko and Senketsu, neither one of them is the boss! They have a lovely partnership between human and clothing! I've had enough of you, too.
Die, already! S-Senpai! Honnouji Academy Disciplinary Committee Chair Ira Gamagoori! I protect Satsuki Kiryuin and all students of Honnouji Academy! Know that I am a living shield that Ugly, ugly, ugly! You ugly ape! Like hell you will! Bitch! I may not be able to use my Kamui, but I can still fight on my own! Thanks to the Life Fibers inside my body! What?! I'm not a human, and I'm not clothing.
I'm something in between! But right now, I'm real grateful that my body is the way it is! Cause it looks like I'm the only one that Absolute Submission field isn't working on! Senpai! Gamagoori-senpai! Are you safe, Mankanshoku? Then it was worth it S-Senpai! Gamagoori! Harime Damn you You bastards! Right here, Ryuko.
The Absolute Submission field is being powered Right here, she says! by Hououmaru as she sleeps here.
Right here! This is where you need to aim.
Don't screw with me! But even knowing that, you can do nothing! Ryuko! It's too dangerous! Calm down, Senketsu! B-But Ryuko will-- I understand how you feel.
But she wouldn't be Ryuko if she stopped when told to.
Satsuki, you You can hear me?! Yes, I can hear you.
So that's it Lady Ragyo.
Yes, I suppose it's time.
And now, with this, humanity ends.
Guys! I will begin with your friends.
They will all become part of the uniform cloth that will cover the Earth.
H-How? Like Ryuko, I am neither clothing nor human! Shippu Senjin! - What's going on? - I can move! This must mean the Goku Uniforms have their strength back! It does indeed! Life Fiber Override! Kamui Junketsu! KAMUI JUNKETSU Mankanshoku! I never imagined I would be saved by you There's no need to thank me.
Way to go, Senketsu! Did you see that, Ragyo?! This is the power of those you ridiculed as shams! How can this be? A mere Kamui knock-off It's because he is a knock-off.
When Satsuki heard my voice, that's when I realized it.
I realized that I had been given the same power as Ryuko! - Not human - and not clothing! This is true Ryuko! The rest of you, see to the transmitter! On it! Hup! Nope! Nope, nope, nope! You'll have to go through me! Mon mignon prêt-à-porter! What are you talking about, you low-grade, mass-produced crap?! It's not even worth collecting data on you.
There's no end to them! At this rate we'll never reach the transmitter! You just leave the transmitter to me! You're alive, Senpai?! Yes! Just to be safe, I was wearing a titanium-steel belly band made at my relatives' metal works! It hurt, but the wound isn't serious! Don't act tough when all you did was pass out! I will atone for my shameful behavior through my actions! Shackle Regalia: Persona Unleashed! SHACKLE REGALIA PERSONA UNLEASHED Behold the power of my freed ego! The shackles undone (bakukai) and all pride cast aside (gouteki)! Taste the wrath of Bakukai-Gouteki! BAKUKAI-GOUTEKI We'll take it from here! If we Nudists don't strut our stuff, we'll have gotten undressed for nothing! You get undressed because you like to, and you know it! What?! Impossible! Your plan for the Cocoon Sphere Nativity has come undone, too, Ragyo! Have they, now? Nui! Sacrifice your body.
Oui, Mama! What the hell is that? Nui, my poor daughter, the Life Fibers in your body were too powerful, preventing you from ever donning Life Fibers But in the end, you were able to wear them! The ultimate dress that is the Original Life Fiber! No, Lady Ragyo, you are wearing me! Magnificent You feel so wonderful on me, Nui! Of course I do! Still, I'm happy that you think so! Nui, leave the rest to me! Hey, come back here! I've determined Ragyo's objective! Her destination is the REVOCS communications satellite! So Ragyo and Koketsu are trying to hook directly in to the satellite and broadcast the Absolute Submission signal around the world?! Yes, but since this is an awakening signal, it can't render our Goku Uniforms powerless.
We will be able to counterattack! Now Awaken, all you slumbering Life Fibers! Take on your original form and cover this entire planet! Shinra-Koketsu, Absolute Submission! - It's begun? - I'll go.
I'll go.
Ryuko! Let's go on a date! Listen! When you get back, let's go on a date! You're making this a world where girls can eat ice cream and go shopping while wearing a cute dress and cute accessories and can wear whatever clothes they like and get all dolled up without fear! Without fear without fear You're on.
It's in your hands now.
The survival of the human race-- for the sake of girls' fashion! You can count on me! I'm going to put on all of your Goku Uniforms! Senketsu-Kisaragi! SENKETSU-KISARAGI Beautiful Truly beautiful.
This truly is the Cocoon World Nativity What? That's far enough, Ragyo! Ah, I see.
You made a patchwork garment out of all the available Life Fibers to come up here.
But you are too late.
Look at the surface.
The signal has reached the Life Fibers all across the world! Humanity's conversion into fabric cannot be stopped! I can't give up that easily! I have a date to go on! You and your nonsense Chew on this! What's the matter? That Scissor Blade is also made of hardened Life Fibers.
It is powerless before Absolute Submission, which is master of all Life Fibers! No way Still, you must be punished for the sin of turning your blade against this grand cloth which is the equal of any god! Ryuko, hang in there! Yeah, I'm okay! I'm still good to go! My poor daughter who was entangled in Soichiro's dying wish With all your power, why do you not understand the fundamental principal of the universe?! Look, Ryuko, at that blue world.
At the shining sun! At the twinkling stars! This is the cosmos.
But even this beautiful vista will one day be destroyed.
Creation and destruction.
They have been preordained since this galaxy was born.
The Life Fibers work in the same way! They are part of the law of the universe! When are you gonna quit monologing?! How can my very own daughter be so dense?! It ain't like I was raised by you! Oh, yes! That was a mistake! It'll take more than that to do me in! I must be subconsciously pulling my punches.
It would appear that I still have a bit of humanity left within me.
In that case, I'll just have to rid myself of it! This ends now! I'll decide my own ending! I don't take orders from you! Your regeneration speed is accelerating? The strength of your Life Fiber compatibility is a precious thing! If it's so precious, how about going easy?! Ryuko, this is bad! We're running out of time! I know This will end it! What is going to end? Your life?! You're the one who's finished! What? Did you forget? The closer I come to dying, the stronger I bounce back! You deliberately took the brunt of my attack? Yep.
I gritted my teeth and took it as a dose of tough love from Mom.
And I will until Senketsu and I max out our growth! Perhaps, but Life Fibers cannot injure me! Even if I absorb that Absolute Submission field?! Impossible Dad's ultimate weapon wasn't some stupid Scissor Blade! It was me and Senketsu! What?! It's the infinite absorption ability he gave us! I realized it during our battle with Shinra-Koketsu.
The way I absorbed Life Fibers was meant to nourish my power.
I am evolving.
I have free will, and I can make myself understood by humans! True, we're neither human nor clothing! NEITHER HUMAN NOR CLOTHING But at the same time, we are both human and clothing! BOTH HUMAN AND CLOTHING We are everything! EVERYTHING People can't become clothing! People are people! Clothing is clothing! PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE CLOTHING IS CLOTHING What's this nonsensical garbage you're spouting? WHAT'S THIS NONSENSICAL GARBAGE Nonsensical is our thing! NONSENSICAL IS OUR THING Listen up, all you Life Fibers! People are people, and clothes are clothes! Turn all humans back into humans! They did it! Yes.
I am now free of the past karma of the Kiryuins Impossible This can't be happening Everything is returning to nothing? That's right, Mother.
The Earth will never be a Cocoon Sphere now.
Come peacefully back to Earth.
I will decide how I die! I will carry out your words first! No! Ryuko, this is not the end.
Life Fibers are continuing their advance across the cosmos.
More will come to this world! Of that you can be sure.
Even if they do, people will go on being people.
Of that you can be sure.
Let's go home, Ryuko.
What's wrong, Senketsu? Shinra-Koketsu's power appears to be greater than I thought.
Wait, are you-- Hurry! There's not much time! Senketsu, don't do anything crazy! Coming from you, who has done nothing but? Senketsu! Even so, this is fine.
I am sure that your father is satisfied.
I had a wonderful time, meeting you.
Idiot, stop sounding like you're wrapping things up! Don't cry, Ryuko The time comes when a girl outgrows her sailor uniform.
From now on, wear whatever you want.
Clothing that is cuter than I.
You got it I'll do that.
I'll wear clothes that'll make you jealous! Senketsu! Snap out of it! SNAP OUT OF IT, RYUKO! RYUKO! Ryuko! Ryuko! Matoi! Ryuko! Ryuko! Big Sis! Welcome home.
Good to be back Sister.
What'll happen to the remaining Life Fibers? The same thing as the cloth-form Covers.
Once they're decoupled from people, they'll lose their energy source and eventually die off on their own.
Nudist Beach's purpose is now complete.
We can finally get dressed? Cleaning up this mess is going to be a lot of work, but that's a job for us adults.
Those girls have a date.