Kill la Kill (2013) s01e25 Episode Script

Goodbye Again

1 TWO WEEKS AFTER THE FINAL BATTLE WITH KIRYUUIN RAGYO To think he'd still want another battle with Lady Satsuki It's his way of settling things.
Men are so obnoxious! With the Ragyo business taken care of Now we can see who between is is truly stronger.
Your eyes seem clearer now, Sanageyama.
Come on Are you trying to get me to tear up with some words of praise? I doubt that kind of thing would cloud your eyes.
First to score wins, then? En garde! Here I come! MEN! DO! KOTE! MEN! DO! KOTE! MEN! DO! KOTE! Lady Satsuki! She's being pushed back? That's impossible! Get it together, Satsuki! Why don't I feel any resistance? You don't need to hold back, Sanageyama.
Of course not! Victory is mine, Kiryuuin Satsuki! MEN! That can't Get another shinai.
No, that's okay.
I've lost this battle.
I see it was a good match, Sanageyama.
Thank you.
That's Lady Satsuki for you! She dodged like it was nothing! No, it didn't seem that way.
Hey monkey boy, what just happened? I couldn't see her You mean she vanished? No but her resolve has.
She's as ephemeral as a mirage I couldn't bring myself to strike someone like that.
What's wrong? You okay, Satsuki? With Kiryuuin Ragyo gone, Honnoji Academy has served its purpose.
It'll be decommissioned a month from now, as planned.
Elite Four I leave the details to you.
Lady Satsuki wasn't shining! She didn't stomp with her heel, either! Satsuki EPISODE 25 ONE MORE GOODBYE What happens when you cut the threads of fate? Always trying to stand upright in this tiny world On the brink of disaster Walking the runway, thinking that I kept what my smile concealed from everyone But you always saw through me It was so strange that I didn't know what to do No one could ever wear it as well as you That ambiguous hard-to-describe heat blazing in your chest When you trace the thread of fate to its end Right now, a new day is dawning I know you feel the same way Boss! Thanks for everything! -We'll never forget all you did for us! -Take care of yourself! Quit crying, you bozos! When kids cry, it oughta be to guilt people into something! Here you go, some goodbye croquettes! If you don't know what to do, eat some of these and feel pointlessly energetic! Ma'am! Good luck! When you get to your new towns, make sure to enroll in elementary school! Boss! Hey! We're moving too! Stop goofing around and help! Got it, Pops! MANKANSHOKU QUACK MEDICINE Heave ho! FIRST GRADUATION CEREMONY Ryuuko! Mako! I found out where we're transferring to! Rinne High School in Kanagawa! We'll be going to the same school again! Hello there, Ryuuko.
Mikisugi?! Why are you in that old getup again?! Well, it's graduation for Honnoji Academy So history teacher Mikisugi Aikurou got invited.
Have you gotten used to your new clothes? Yeah.
What, were you worried or something? Well, yes.
I was the one who put you in Senketsu Give it a rest! It don't suit you! Maybe so, but The Life Fibers in your body are still there.
No need to worry! Senketsu is still alive inside of Ryuuko! The two of them are an inseparable pair! She'll wear her Sunday best on the inside, and be fashionable all the time! Well, you heard her! This world is crazy and hard to understand, so someone crazy and hard to understand like me will be fine.
I see.
Well, that's a relief I guess you're all headed down your own paths now.
Gamagoori is going to be working at a relative's iron works Jakuzure will prep for inheriting the Jakuzure Corporation, Inumuta is going into I.
, and Iori will be studying Life Fibers as they all head into college.
Sanageyama will be helping out at home as he continues kendo With their new prospects in mind, the students will see to their next steps, and the citizens will see to their new homes.
It's quite impressive.
That only leaves Satsuki herself She's trying to find a way to put down her sword.
After spending her whole life sharpening its edge Miss, it's nearly time for the ceremony.
Go on ahead.
The students will each get a cup of your tea after the ceremony is over I'm sure you need to prepare.
Yes Soroi.
Thank you for everything.
Because of you, I was able to remain myself.
Miss I'm fine.
Go on.
I knew it So you've come This is the graduation ceremony! First, an address fro the student council president, Lady Kiryuuin Satsuki! Attention! Graduation ceremony?! Nonsense! What exactly do you pigs in clothing intend to graduate from?! As long as Kiryuuin Satsuki lives, this farce will not stand! What is she saying?! Is she switching sides after all this time?! What are you saying?! Lady Satsuki would never do that! Iori that uniform Yeah She's wearing Junketsu.
Trying to shut down Honnoji Academy The student council Elite Four will never allow it! You no-star garbage.
Let us demonstrate our power.
They've got Goku Uniforms?! I thought the Life Fibers were all gone! And why do they look just like us?! What in the world What's going on here, Inumuta?! I'd love to explain But my computers are being hacked.
Oh, yes.
Your computers are under my Probe Regalia's control Bow down before my Blade Regalia! Make some noise for me, you losers! That annoying voice and attitude is pissing me off! Is that any way for a no-star to speak to a Three-Star?! You need discipline! Three-Star Goku Uniform, Scourge Regalia! I'll take them on! Get everyone out of here! Got it! Not bad, transfer student! I suppose your athleticism is superhuman Most likely because of the Life Fibers inside of her body.
I will deal with her.
Life Fiber Override! Kamui Junketsu! KAMUI JUNKETSU This is kinda tough without a weapon! You people alright?! Nice timing, Tsumugu! Matoi! Use these! Tailor's Daggers? Thanks! And we've got something special for the Elite Four! Oh, no Those are—! Stop it, you pervert! Behold Elite Four Customized DTRs! ELITE FOUR CUSTOM DTR These were built for the final battle with Ragyo, but were never used because of your overblown resistance! Since we didn't need them, we were going to turn them over to the Kiryuuin Zaibatsu.
It's a good thing I brought them from Osaka! I never wanted to get in this thing But we can't fight, as it stands.
No sense turning down our only option.
We need results! What the hell are you people?! Where's the real Satsuki?! I am the real Satsuki! A Kiryuuin Satsuki with a broken spirit doesn't deserve to exist! Aren't you tired of hiding in the darkness? Would you show yourself Hououmaru Rei? I suppose you knew it was me.
You were the only one who could manage something like this.
Exactly I am the only one who can inherit Lady Ragyo's will.
Stop it You're wasting your time.
I'm sure you managed this by gathering the remaining Life Fibers from Revocs, but with the Original Life Fiber gone, the Cocoon Sphere Nativity won't happen.
Is that why you let me live? Back then why didn't you kill me?! Was I not worth the trouble?! No one deserves to have their life taken I learned that through the course of this war.
If you could be freed from Ragyo's curse, then you deserved to live.
That's all I meant by it.
How can you say that after killing Lady Ragyo and Nui?! If you want reprisal for that, then take my life.
You bitch did you actually let me catch you?! It's a way of putting away my sword.
I've had enough of your arrogance, Kiryuuin Satsuki! Your pathetic life is nowhere near enough to pay for the loss of Lady Ragyo! This world is steeped in injustice! The strong dominate the weak! That's the nature of humanity and its idiocy! 20 YEARS AGO A CERTAIN AFRICAN NATION These villagers have a strong resistance to Life Fibers KIRYUUIN RAGYO As if I'd let such precious data be lost over an asinine civil war.
A fantastic reaction You've been chosen by the Life Fibers too, girl.
From now on, you will come with me.
Forsaking this country and your old name Rei Hououmaru Rei.
That is your new name.
This place -Shiro! That's— -Yeah! It's the Final Defense Apparatus! FINAL DEFENSE APPARATUS We built to deal with the Original Life Fiber, but when Ragyo took over the school we couldn't use it! But why is it activating now?! Just what I'd expect from Kiryuuin Satsuki You're a first rate source for the activation of Life Fibers.
And I'm going to put that power to good use! But if I die, it'll shut down I wouldn't bother biting your tongue.
I've got a backup power source.
Mankanshoku?! I'm sorry, Lady Satsuki! I was distracted by some cheese, and she caught me! I'm not sure why, but she had high activation potential as well So, are you going to kill yourself and leave her behind? You! You may have thought you saved the world, but it's not over This time, you're going to destroy it! You'll crush the weak with what you've wrought! This is bad! This stupid robot is hard to use! I'm done! This is a lot better! After I went through the trouble of making those DTRs! Pardon me.
Oh, it's quite responsive.
I see.
So they can be remotely piloted Where's the beauty in that?! You thought those things were beautiful?! Do you think you can win without a Kamui, Matoi Ryuuko?! Yeah, if I'm fighting some hollow phony like you! Keep talking! They're not fakes.
They're literally your past selves! That voice Hououmaru! That's right.
It's a fact that you all reigned over the student council and controlled the school through fear.
The memories of fear left in the no-star students have been given form with Life Fiibers! That is what the Satsuki and Elite Four you face are! You claimed it was to fight Lady Ragyo, but you were oppressive, and conceited You can't deny you forced your will onto others with brutality! And now you are facing the blades of your own past selves! Foolish Elite Four Let your own sins mete out your judgement! That's not right! That's Mako Mako's in that thing! I'm picking up two strong sources of bio-energy from its engine room That's Lady Satsuki! She and the underachiever are powering that thing! I saw for myself! The Ryuuko on the outside of her head was way better than the Ryuuko inside of it! And I bet it's the same for the Elite Four, too! I bet you're all a lot better now than you were before! Were before! Were before! Were before! I guess even that underachiever makes sense sometimes! Nonon Sound Negation! NONON SOUND NEGATION Well done Mankanshoku! Just as you've said! I will put an end to my own past! No one knows my weaknesses better than me.
And smash.
MEN! DOU! KOTE! MEN! DOU! KOTE! With both my mind and my eyes now open, the Blade Regalia is no match! Shut up already! I guess it's the little sister's job to put her big sis in her place.
Stop your pointless resistance! Without a Kamui, you have no hope of stopping the Final Defense Apparatus! Not gonna happen! Ryuuko! Matoi! Ryuuko! Ryuuko! I can't afford to lose like this I'm not going to let any more blood be spilled.
Otherwise, I'd never be able to face Senketsu! Isn't that right Senketsu? Ryuuko use this.
We've got an object coming in from the stratosphere at high speed! That's—! Senketsu! I guess sailor uniforms really are something you grow out of some day! But the days you spend wearing them don't go anywhere! And for that, I'm going to take someone who's stuck in the past And cut them loose from it! I'm gonna force you to graduate! That's it, isn't it Senketsu?! Yes exactly, Ryuuko.
I hear what you meant to tell me! What do you think you can accomplish with those scissors?! Our Great Naked Dagger! You're done! Scissors Blade Final Address Mode! SCISSOR BLADE FINAL ADDRESS MODE Scissor Blade Decommission Mode! SCISSOR BLADE DECOMMISSION MODE SCISSOR BLADE FINAL ADDRESS MODE DECOMMISSION MODE Can you hear me, Hououmaru?! Stop dwelling on the past! Kiryuuin Ragyo is gone! This is for you for Honnoji Academy for all of us— RAGYO GRADUATION Our graduation from Ragyo! This is the ultimate— Graduation Ceremony! RAGYO GRADUATION RAGYO GRADUATION GRADUATION GRADUATION CEREMONY Sen-I-Soshitsu: Graduation Final! SEN-I-SOSHITSU GRADUATION FINAL Are you alright, Mankanshoku? Yeah! I won't let you get away! Graduate from Ragyo? This senseless world being beautiful?! Ridiculous, every last word! It's just the idealistic babble of the privileged! Let me teach you what it feels like to lose everything! I can't imagine what kind of hell you've lived through But because people don't understand, the world needs you.
I to do my best to create a world for all people who don't make any sense.
And to do that, I need your help.
If you have a problem with how I do things, then take my head as you please.
I gladly entrust my life to you.
What you're not making any sense? That's who we are.
Looks like you put that sword away for real, sis.
Hurry, people! The evacuation boats are over here! We've been waiting for you, Lady Satsuki! Take her as well.
Right! Hey! Mako and Ryuuko! Dad! Get on, hurry! You need to move it before the whole town sinks! Got it! See you, Satsuki.
Take care of yourself, Ryuuko.
Are you sure about this? I can see her whenever I want to.
Lady Satsuki A small offering to our alma mater Someone laid out this ready made outfit for me We will pay our respects to Honnouji Academy! All students: salute! I stripped it off today and walked on barefoot Even if I make mistakes and stumble The pain that I feel That was a nice graduation.
Will become a part of an original future It sure was.
Held tight in my hand that I've raised in the sky is an oath that becomes a beacon Until the moment the light it shines reaches you I guess I really have outgrown sailor uniforms.
I don't have time to waste crying But Senketsu will always be with you! These burning feelings boiling up He'll always be in your heart! Will light up the night sky Yeah! You're right! It's just like you said.
I think I know what I was born for now And I'm going to make all my wishes come true