Kill Me, Heal Me (Kilmi, Hilmi) (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

They come out of me without my permission.
and steal both my body and my time.
But what's even worse is that I can't remember it at all.
Do you know what this means? Of course, I do.
D People commonly call it Multiple Personality Disorder.
From now on, all of your time and your body is mine.
Why? I found that child first.
Now a strange box will appear in front of them.
And eventually, what's inside of it will start whispering to him.
Open it.
Remember what happened between you and her that day.
II'm strangely afraid of fire and basements.
But if I'm together with you, I don't think I'll be scared.
He can't remember.
Do Hyun must not remember her.
Please! Please! Please! The Omega 3 Murder Case You must be a fan of the author of Omega 3.
Isn't this writer's work really interesting? He's also really handsome.
I thought he didn't reveal his face.
That's what the rumors say.
They say that his looks are on the Won Bin level.
Right up there.
I'm well aware that the author of Omega 3 hasn't revealed his identity.
That's why I'm asking this favor of you, Editor.
Yes, I know.
But just as I said, the Vice President really wants to meet the author of Omega 3 in person.
Yes, I ask this favor of you.
I have something to say to you, so come ride with me for a moment.
Hello, Vice President.
Is there something wrong with Vice President Cha? Yes? What do you mean, something wrong? From now on, I'm going to look for the answer to that myself.
Kill me, Heal me Oh Ri Jin.
Cha Do Hyun, it's Oh Ri Jin.
I've been thinking.
No, even without thinking about it, I think that your offer for me to become your physician is a bit too much.
Today, I called to say goodbye.
I'm going to study abroad.
You could say that it's all thanks to you.
In the end, I wasn't able to become your physician or friend, but it wasn't bad meeting you.
And I've experienced things that I couldn't have before.
Thanks for pretending that you were my boyfriend at the hospital.
Thanks to you, it was fun.
Ah, and thank you for saving me from the fire.
Anyways, be healthy and happy.
I hope you will meet a good physician.
Cha Do Hyun.
Are you listening? Cha Do Hyun? You're running away from him anyways, Noona.
In the end, Do Hyun hyung was abandoned by you, too.
Wasn't he? Who are you? Me? Ahn Yo Sub.
Age 17.
The nickname that Dr.
Scofield (Seok Ho Pil) gave me is The Suicidal Personality.
The Suicidal Personality? That's right.
The Suicidal Personality.
I quite like the nickname.
What's are you talking about? Answer me! What in the world are you doing right now?! I'm trying to leave a dying message.
Dying Message? There's no point of living anymore.
I'm sick of being treated like a monster and a mutant.
I'm thinking of just dying with everyone.
Wait! Wait! Listen to me for a minute, Yo Sub.
Only death, will make you free.
Most likely, that sky will become my grave.
Wait! If you're leaving a dying message, then that means that you have something to say, right? Please tell me.
I'll listen to you.
I'll head there right now.
Just tell me where you are, huh? Who knows? Where am I? You should guess.
If you can find me before one hour is up, then you will be able to stop us.
- One hour? - That's right.
But if you're late by even one second, we will already have disappeared and gone.
I think I have to hang up now, since I need to finish this quickly.
- Bye.
- Hold on! Wait! Don't hang up! Wait! Oh Ri Jin.
Does Vice President Cha happen to have a woman? No, he does not.
And he doesn't have a woman hidden in America either? As far as I know, he doesn't.
Then, during that time, why didn't he come to Korea no matter how many times I called for him? After he went abroad to study when he was 15 years old, he never once came back to Korea on his own will or without me calling him.
He turned a deaf ear even when his own mother called for him to come back.
There's a reason why he put himself in exile, isn't there? -That's because -Don't use the excuse that he was scared that I would be watching him.
It's different.
There's definitely another reason.
Tell me why he wouldn't leave America and come here.
And why he simply has to go back to America in three months no matter what.
What in the world is Cha Do Hyun hiding from me? You said that he's going to commit suicide? Are you sure? That the person who told you that, is someone called Yo Sub? Yes.
I don't have time.
I have to find him within one hour.
That way I can stop him.
What about Secretary Ahn? Have you contacted him? The calls keep going through, but he's not answering.
Please help me, Professor.
Don't you have any idea where he would be? Like something Yo Sub finds worth doing or something that he likes.
Anyway, anything would work.
Ahn Yo Sub is 17-years old.
He is Yo Na's twin brother, who is also one of the personalities, He is very smart, almost genius level.
He has a lot of pride.
While he has a remarkable aesthetic sense, he morbidly dislikes ugly things.
He's also pessimistic and he wishes to die.
He's has a deep knowledge in art.
Ah, he likes painting especially.
Painting? Did you just say painting? The spray bottle He didn't talk about anything else but the dying message? Anything else? He said the sky would soon become his grave.
- It's a rooftop! - What? Yo Sub had once tried to commit suicide by jumping off of a roof.
So, where are you going right now? I'm going to Cha Do Hyun's company to start off with.
I'm almost there now.
Then, I'll go to the rooftop of his company It's not the company rooftop.
There are a lot of CCTV's in that building and a lot of people who recognize Cha Do Hyun.
More than anything else, it's going to be an unknown place where he can jump from any time he wants.
You think he would he still choose the company's rooftop? Someone as smart as Ahn Yo Sub? He wouldn't wait for an hour somewhere where he could be found quickly and easily.
Then what should I do? Calm down.
You're the only one who can save Cha Do Hyun right now.
So what am I supposed to do? I only have thirty minutes left! So how am I supposed to Professor, I'll hang up now.
Why? Did you find something out? I'm taking chances.
I'm either right or wrong.
I have to at least try.
Why did President Cha Ki Joon visit the psychology department of Kanghan Hospital? It seems like you didn't know.
If you're going to hide something, you need to do it right.
President, how much do you know? Do I even know anything? I'll let you know as much as you want.
I guess you don't know me that well yet.
I don't care what's going on with that child or what secret he has.
I don't need to know, nor do I want to.
You weren't telling me to answer you when you asked those questions earlier? Whatever his secret is, make sure that Cha Young Pyo doesn't find out.
No matter what, that kid has to be safe until my son wakes up.
Nothing must happen to him.
Do you understand? Until then, use any method to stop it.
That is what you must do.
Do Hyun Se Gi Perry Park Na Na Yo Na Yo Sub Kill Me!! To buy things to paint with, he stopped by the craft store.
Then he will look for a place where he can paint without being interrupted.
We will come back after we are newly remodeled.
A place where he can jump right after he writes his dying message.
Perhaps, that sky will become my grave.
♬ The hidden things inside me, changed me greatly ♬ ♬ They put me to sleep, tied my hands together, then locked me in a dark room ♬ ♬ The lost pieces of time, the memories of love, which I abandoned ♬ ♬ Are erased and I'm left as an abandoned empty shell.
♬ ♬ Without knowing anything I screamed, and that’s all I remember ♬ ♬ My heart, which was as cold as ice, will melt once once I wake up ♬ ♬ I want to free myself, from the torment of my sins ♬ ♬ Someone take me out, from my spirit full of scars ♬ ♬ The deep night shows you, who was not able to leave ♬ ♬ You wake me up from my sleep and kiss me again ♬ ♬ Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♬ ♬ echoes in my ears everyday, but where are you? ♬ ♬ I want to break out of the darkness and find you ♬ ♬ but I can’t touch you or be embraced by you ♬ - No! ♬ The things that are taking over me aren’t the bastards living inside me ♬ ♬ The strong medicine will not heal me, only the word love ♬ ♬ The voice that echoes in my ears wakes me up ♬ ♬ Embraces and kisses me, and I can no longer see it anymore ♬ Come down.
Come down and talk with me.
After dying, what's the use of that dying message? At least it'll be known that we lived in Cha Do Hyun's body.
Did you ask the other personalities? Do they all want to die? There's no personality that wants to live? Without even asking that, you're going to die on your own right now? I'm saying I'll do what the cowards can't do.
You don't have the right to die whenever you want.
Your body isn't just yours! Because we're all mixed into one body, we're called mutants.
You're not mutants! They're not only saying that to you! Everyone has several people living inside them.
There's the me who wants to die and the me who wants to live.
I live everyday fighting with the me who wants to give up and the me who wants to at least grab at straws! You don't have the courage to fight! What do you know that you act like you know everything? Come down.
Please! Come down.
You were going to abandon Do Hyun Hyung anyways.
I said come down.
If you wanted to save me that badly you shouldn't have been late.
Please! You're two minutes late.
A game's a game.
Time over.
No! - No! No! No! - Let go.
- No! No - Let go of me! No! Don't interfere! Don't interfere No!! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Come to your senses! Come to your senses! Come to your senses! Don't shake me.
Stop Cha Do Hyun, come to your senses.
Come to your senses, Cha Do Hyun!! Do you really want to die? Is that what you really want?! That can't be.
If that's the case, then you wouldn't have any reason to work so hard to live everyday! Come back! Stop hiding and come out immediately Cha Do Hyun! ♫ A secret ♫ ♫ that can't be told to anyone.
♫ ♫ Everyone has at least one of those.
♫ Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! ♫ Don't love the me who is like this ♫ Do you hear my voice? ♫ What can I do about my heart being like this? ♫ If you hear me, come out! Stop being scared and come out! ♫ The only thing I can give you ♫ Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! ♫ is just my unstoppable ♫ Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun!! ♫ tears.
♫ ♫ With a face that is unfamiliar when I first see it ♫ Come out and stop Yo Sub! Come out! Come out and stop Yo Sub.
Don't die like this! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun!! Come out! I am Cha Do Hyun.
♫ You're like an old friend.
♫ ♫ I can become familiar with you ♫ I'm Cha Do Hyun.
♫ Don't love the me that's like this ♫ It is you.
You really are Cha Do Hyun.
♫ The only thing I can give you is just my unstoppable ♫ ♫ tears.
♫ ♫ With that unfamiliar face that I see for the first time ♫ I thought you were really going to die! Why are you doing this to me, seriously?! ♫ I'll love you all by myself ♫ Mom!!! Mom! ♫ What should I do about my heart being like this? ♫ ♫ Will the darkness come to me again? ♫ ♫ You probably won't realize that I'm trying to push you away ♫ ♫ But there was a time when I loved you ♫ ♫ And you only remember the painful days when I made you cry ♫ ♫ Even if I can't say it to you, ♫ ♫ I love you ♫ [Kill Me!!.]
The sky is like a blanket that is full of water.
If it snows at this rate, the traffic is going to be bad.
Did you bring your car? Just get straight to the point.
You don't have the skill of talking indirectly.
I heard you asked Doctor Oh to be your secret physician.
I recommended Doctor Oh to go to Johns Hopkins and study abroad for a little while.
And Doctor Oh said she'll go there.
It's already her second time in the emergency room.
If you keep associating with her, Doctor Oh will be in danger.
It's not like I don't know your circumstances but I'm asking you this favor.
I would like it if you no longer have Doctor Oh deeply involved in the fight between you and Se Gi.
When my time was stolen by Yo Sub, I heard Oh Ri Jin's voice.
She was calling my name desperately.
I woke up because of that sound.
That was the first time something like that happened.
At that time, I suddenly had this thought.
That without me knowing, every time my time and memory were taken away I would like it if someone called me like that.
Is it greed? As expected, is it something that can't happen? Must I keep living like a monster? Is someone else over there? If it's Yo Sub, tell him that I'm not leaving him alone the next time I see him.
Oh Ri Jin.
Don't you want to become rich? What is this? Perhaps some kind of a cure-all medicine or life-saving water, those things Are you trying to get me to sell something like those? Everyone who knows my secret becomes rich.
Then I'm already a billionaire.
I've already seen One, two, three.
Three people.
After I became rich, everyone left my side.
When I was young, I was sad about that.
Why do people want to become rich and not want to become friends with me? As I grew older, I found out.
They were smart.
That if you become friends with me, you'll be in danger.
After realizing that, I didn't make any friends.
Instead, I built a wall, drew a line, and confined myself inside there.
I erased my emotions.
Cha Do Hyun! Don't die like this! I thought that if I make you rich, I could keep you by my side without feeling any emotions.
But I've lost confidence.
Oh Ri Jin, I take back the offer of being my secret physician.
Oh Ri Jin, while playing ball, you've made the small mistake of throwing your ball at a monster living in his castle.
I'll give you back your ball, so please leave my castle.
Don't come back.
Cha Do Hyun For the price of not telling everything you saw, heard, and felt inside the castle, you will become rich.
If you felt any compassion or curiosity toward me, then please get rid of it all.
I'm not a wild beast that will turn into a charming prince after the magic wears off.
I'm just a monster.
I'm just a monster.
- Yes, Mom.
- Son! How are you? Why haven't you visited? I'm going to forget how you look.
Sorry, I'll go there soon.
Have you been well? Well, aside from receiving scorn from the old tigress, I'm fine.
How about you? Do you, by chance, still get nightmares these days? Wait.
Why are you suddenly asking me that? Ah It's not that.
You used to get nightmares often when you got stressed or when your environment changed.
Ahjumma told me you stopped by the wine cellar that day.
Hearing how a rascal like you who can't even take in alcohol stopped by there before me made me worried about whether you were going through a hard time.
I didn't go there because I was going through a hard time, and for nightmares II'm strangely afraid of fire and basements.
But if I'm with you, I don't think I'll be scared.
I don't get them, anymore.
Really? It's the truth, right? I can believe you, right? Oh, Do Hyun, my guest came.
I'll talk to you later.
Yes? Find a child for me.
It's the picture of the child's mother who died 21 years ago.
If you investigate starting from things around that woman, you'll find clues.
As you might already know, no one can know of this.
Work more cautiously than ever.
Editor! I'm here~ Oh, right.
Come in.
What brings you here? Is it okay for you to be here? What did you tell the workers? I just told them I was the president of Omega's fan club.
Oh, really? Drink this.
Thank you.
A ton of calls are coming in for the copyright of the movie, but you haven't changed your mind, right? Well, just block them as moderately as you can.
Ah, right.
Have you read the project proposal for the novel? I've read it, of course.
I read it and it's great.
I totally liked it.
I couldn't sleep because I got curious about the ending.
It's just about a chaebol mixed in with some mystery and things like that.
You're being stingy again.
You're feeling rather urgent again.
You will find out in the right time.
This story goes back 21 years ago.
A child got adopted; however, the child is in a state where he lost all the memories of what happened before his adoption.
That child grew up living in the house he was adopted in as a twin sibling.
Then one day, he coincidentally hears his parents talking.
Then he finds out, the fact that he was adopted.
Then he hears it.
The name of a chaebol who may have relation to his lost past.
The child becomes an adult and begins to investigate the secrets of that chaebol family to find out about his past.
He also finds out that there's a boy who is the same age as him in that household, and approaches him.
And then To be continued! Why'd you do that? It was just getting interesting! You'll get hurt if you know more.
Is this fiction or non-fiction? Seeing how you even went to America to cover it, it looks like it's not totally fiction.
I need to cover more of it to know, whether it's fiction or non-fiction.
- You just need to go this way.
- Yes, thank you.
His looks are totally on the level of Won Bin.
I think it would be difficult to meet up with the author of Omega directly.
The writer is continuously rejecting the distribution rights for the movie.
Is there any different information other than that? I'm not sure.
I don't know if this'll be information; but in front of the publishing company, I coincidentally saw Writer Omega's fan club's president.
From what the editor said, in a while he's going to go do a recitation.
He's doing a recitation? It's a fan club event where the fans can read the novels written by Omega's author or stories written by themselves.
It seems that sometimes the author of Omega comes there to see how his fans feel.
First, find out when and where the recitation is taking place.
Also, find out if he provided the meeting place, or if he's giving out some kind of merchandise to the fanclub members.
Whatever it takes, find a method to grab Omega's interest.
Are you going somewhere? I'm going on an arranged date, on the Chairwoman's command.
Don't look at me so pitifully like that, as if I'm going to sell my soul.
I'm just going to at least be respectful, and come back right away.
Don't follow me.
I'm going alone.
You're here? Oh, Chae Yeon, you're here.
We're not late, right? -I also just came.
Go in first.
-Let's go in.
You're here, Chairwoman? Did my child come? He is not here yet.
- Is he going to be late? - He didn't say anything about it.
Is he working at the company? Of course.
A company was created so that people work.
He must be busy.
Let's go in and wait for him.
There isn't anyone here who isn't busy.
I'll call him.
Go in first.
Will you? Let's go.
Chae Yeon! Why aren't you coming? Your parents are already here.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I can go today.
I forgot that I have something important to do.
Do you think that I'm not busy? Then you shouldn't have emphasized that I have to come.
What does cancelling all my schedules and coming here make me look like then? I'm sorry.
I'll call you again later.
Prepare what? A gun that doesn't make a sound? It's meant as getting it ready as a weapon to keep the Board in check until the selection period.
Why are you acting like you are stupid? You understood everything.
So getting engaged is in the back of his mind because he is busy making weapons? Don't rush them.
They will take care of it when it's the right time.
You are really foolish.
It's a weapon to get engaged with Chae Yeon and become economically stable.
Chairwoman is already planning to marry off Do Hyun with Myeong Seong's second daughter.
What if we are in a disadvantageous situation at this rate? A person like Chairman Hong who cares a lot about people's background won't give his daughter to Do Hyun easily.
Do Hyun, are you listening to me? I'm sorry.
It's just that it's snowing.
You are still innocent, the same as before.
That is making me cringe.
That's what I'm saying.
You don't know, but he's not all that innocent.
Aren't I right? Unnie, how did you know we were here? I was having a meal with Ki Joon's parents upstairs.
But you, who already has a girlfriend who is a doctor, became eligible for marriage very soon.
Why are you so surprised, as if you are a deer caught in headlights? It's the strategy of the elders.
There isn't anyone who sits here without any sad memories of love.
You dated Yoo Seung Group's third son for a while.
But I never expected this from you.
From what I hear, you embarrassed your first love greatly.
I thought that you were serious with that doctor.
There was a saying for situations like this.
Oh, I remember now.
"Taking care of your fishery".
Did you threaten her that you will step on her pride if she crosses the line as well? And did you also tell her to run away and avoid you? Ji Sun is uncomfortable right now.
Let's talk later.
I'm done.
I just wanted to say hi, but the conversation ended up being longer than I thought.
He isn't innocent, but does seem to be ambitious.
Good luck! Personally, I don't want you to date him because I really like you.
-Ah, right? I heard that you got your tickets.
You did well.
I was worried that you would change your mind because of what happened that day with Yo Sub.
I shouldn't have worried.
Is that all your luggage? Yes.
Because I'm not leaving yet.
That's right, you're not leaving yet.
Well then.
- Dr.
- Yes, Professor.
A psychiatrist is not a savior.
You cannot save everyone, and you must not be under a delusion that you can.
Department of Psychology So if something is bothering you, if that is pity or guilt, put off your weight and go.
Come back after you grow as a doctor.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Are you alright? Then.
Is it just my greed? Can it not happen? Do I have to keep living like a monster? Ah.
Oh, what is it? What? Do you have things left to say? Hello.
You came all the way here, but I'm sorry.
I knew that it wouldn't be easy because you are quite a respectable doctor.
Truthfully, my cousin suggested you.
ID Entertainment- Cha Ki Joon.
I heard that you helped him in America and told me that you are a great doctor.
But this rascal isn't telling me what kind of help you offered him.
If he has a problem, I want to help him as a brother and as a family.
So you didn't come here because of medical purposes.
Am I caught? Then I will get straight to the point.
What problem does Do Hyun have? Did you check Patient 1103? Yes, I did.
- Excuse me.
- Yes, what is it? I don't know who you are, but ask me anything.
I want to see Dr.
Oh Ri Jin.
Doctor Oh Ri Jin? She took a break.
Doctor Oh said she's going to say her goodbyes to Doctor Seok and leave right after, right? Yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Are you okay? Yes.
Come out! Come out and stop Yo Sub! Don't die like this! ♬ The deep night shows you, who was not able to leave ♬ ♬ It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again ♬ I'm not a beast who will become a charming prince after the spell is broken.
I am just a monster.
♬ I walk through the darkness because I want to find you, ♬ ♬ I can’t touch you or be embraced by you ♬ ♬ The things that are taking over me aren’t the bastards living inside me ♬ ♬ The strong medicine will not heal me, only the word love ♬ ♬ The voice that echoes in my ears wakes me up ♬ ♬ Embraces and kisses me, and I can no longer see it anymore ♬ ♬ The deep night shows you, ♬ ♬ who was not able to leave ♬ ♬ It wakes me up from my sleep, ♬ ♬ and kisses me again ♬ ♬ Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♬ ♬ echoes in my ears everyday, where are you? ♬ ♬ In the unreachable night sky, I see you, who is turning back ♬ ♬ From this hard day, it makes a picture ♬ ♬ I’m sorry.
I hold on to you, and tell you to not get far away from me ♬ ♬ But the sadness surges in because I cannot see you, and my tears fall ♬ What are you doing?! Aren't you going to bring your bags? That's why I told you not to come here.
You're about to get on a plane, so how can your parents not come? Do you know the hell that your parents' hearts are in until they get a phone call saying that you arrived safely? You can't even send your daughter off with a smile.
Making her heart feel all uncomfortable Why are you doing that? It's barely six months, so what's the deal? Should I buy you something when I come back? Is there anything you want, Mom? What do you mean, present? All you have to do is be healthy when you come back.
But still, tell me.
Is there anything you want, Dad? Hey, hey! You're even giving her a letter now? You'd think their daughter was a troop getting dispatched somewhere from looking at them.
I was worried that you would spend a whole lot of money for no reason, so I made this.
But if you're going to buy me a gift, just get that.
Dad, I saw these personally, but carmel brown is better than black.
-Carmel brown is better? -Yeah.
Limited edition.
You call yourself a father? Should we take a picture somewhere? - A picture? - Yeah.
Hey, other people are busy, so don't become a public nuisance.
Bbuing~ Get in there! Alright! One, two John Hopkins! John Hopkins! One more time? John Hopkins! John Hopkins! Happy now? What is this? I'm going to go get my luggage.
You guys stay here, alright? Thank you.
Take this.
If you regret your choice or if you're having a hard time, run back here.
With class and elegance.
while flying with all your strength! You know that, right? The best choice is your choice.
I love you, Oh Ri On.
She left on the plane this morning.
Secretary Ahn, I hear I'm going to be getting a new secret psychiatrist.
If I do, please make sure it's a man.
Women are a bit troublesome.
Alright then.
Shall we go to work? Is there someone else who knows my secret passcode? Oh Ri Jin! How come you're here? Ah, I was a bit late in introducing myself.
From now on, I'm Cha Do Hyun's physician, Oh Ri Jin.
I'm sorry, it's not a male doctor.
I conversed with her on the phone before, and she had become more passionate.
Number 1.
You probably know this, but I'm not a professional.
I also don't have the confidence to put either Mr.
Cha or Mr.
Shin to sleep, so I will decline any of those kinds of requests.
But I will try to calm Se Gi down and stop him from creating trouble.
Number two.
If Mr.
Cha and Mr.
Shin need to communicate with one another, I can become a psychiatrist who will mediate between you two fairly.
Number 3.
So that the other personalities won't interfere with Mr.
Cha's daily life, I will try to talk and make a compromise with them.
And I will turn in my demands for the contract later.
What do you think? Did you understand everything I said? Alright then, any questions? Mom, dad, Oh Ri On.
I'm sorry for lying.
But somehow, I've started to want to help this person.
Even though I have some shortcomings and faults, I have a family that will help me and embrace me.
But this person has no one.
I have a lot of good memories that I can think of whenever I'm having a hard time, but this person doesn't have anything like that.
He lives each and every moment losing his memories and his time.
I have a lot of people who love me, but even if this person has people that he loves, he can't hold onto them.
That's why I want to help him.
I want to help him get out from his castle.
And I want to let him know That if you want to be friends, you hold your hand out If you don't have any questions, then is that all, Sir? And that it's okay to grab onto someone else's hand if they hold it out to you.
Vice President.
How cold.
Alright then, I'll just be on my way to John Hopkins again.
Why are you acting so indecently? If I grab onto the hand you're holding out, you won't be able to go back from this moment forward.
Even if it's just a ball that accidentally came over the wall, I am not giving it back to you.
Would that still be okay? How is it harder for me to grab your hand than to shake hands with a Hallyu star? Do you walk on stone bridges? Why are you so picky! Just go for it! What kind of woman keeps Ow!!! So please support me.
Secretary Ahn! Ah! Tell me that I did well Just like you always have.
Ow! Kill me, Heal Me [Preview.]
You want me to live with him? I'm sorry! This is unbelievable.
This is contract fraud! A slave contract! Shin Se Gi?! You're going to propose to me this way? Do you want to try my wrath? Ri Jin? Oh! You're Perry Park, aren't you? Is it so that you can see Se Gi by going through me? Tell me who is in your heart.
Rest assured.
I'm here.
Yo Na is a troublemaker whose moves cannot be predicted.
If she appears, you must hold on to her.
You cannot lose her.
You want to die, you wretch?