Kill Me, Heal Me (Kilmi, Hilmi) (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Ah! Ow! -Ow! Ow! Really, seriously -Ah, Vice President! Vice President! - Let go now.
- Ah! Really! It hurts! Shin Se Gi? I'm Cha Do Hyun! I thought that you were Mr.
Shin because you were so unyielding.
It's my first time seeing the Vice-President getting so angry.
I thought he was shy but he has more of a temper than I thought.
Be careful.
If he gets stressed or his blood pressure rises, another personality can come out.
What are you two doing? Did you see him get annoyed just now? Slightly.
I didn't get annoyed! It's ok.
It's not embarrassing to truthfully express your emotions.
If you get annoyed, get annoyed.
That's normal.
You're doing so well right now.
I didn't get annoyed! I said I didn't! Shin Se Gi? I'm Cha Do Hyun! Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 8 It's a report on my alternate personalities' characteristics, features, and behavior patterns.
This is the history of records of Dr.
Seok Ho Pil's psychotherapy.
It's the records of other psychiatrists.
These are the files that have the progress of my treatment.
And this was my diary, which I wrote everyday for the past eleven years.
There is a lot of things, so you don't have to read all of it.
Just check the parts I've checked and the monthly summaries.
This really comforts me.
I will look over them after I organize my things.
Ah, right.
Where's my dormitory? Is it near here? You didn't tell Oh Ri Jin where her dormitory was? Ah.
I sent the contract to your cellphone.
I think she couldn't check it because she came so hurriedly.
Explain it to her.
As you know, until the shareholder's meeting, President must be extremely careful.
Following that, you Oh Ri Jin, who has become a secret physician, must care for Vice President 24/7.
In other words, you have to live in this house with him.
That That means you're saying I need to live with him? Se Gi and Perry like to drink beer at night.
I don't know when Yo Sub will attempt to commit suicide again.
I can't be reassured whenever I'm sleeping.
Am I a shaman who takes in bad luck? Why would I need to watch over while you sleep? There's no need to be sitting right next to me.
You just have to deal with emergency situations when they arise.
NoI If my duty is to take care of Mr.
Cha 24/7, let's just say it's ok for home: but, at work, what do I watch you with? Do I do it with a CCTV? - You didn't explain it to her? - I did send the contract by phone.
Explain it to her.
- You have to have a disguise - What do you mean 'disguise'? What is it? What do I have to disguise with? Please inform the company that I'll be working outside the office for the time being.
We have to let Oh Ri Jin know about the situation.
I got it.
No way.
This is a fraud contract! It's a slave contract! - It looks like she checked the contract.
- She won't want to change it, right? If she does want to change, are you thinking of sending her away? You're not letting her be near you or let her feel your emotions.
And you are also going to compensate her.
Do you have confidence? What are you trying to say? After seeing you always holding it in and working hard to keep it down, I saw you getting annoyed for the first time today.
I didn't get annoyed.
It's a first after 11 years.
A person that let you drop down your guard like that.
That's why don't lose her.
Oh Ri Jin, where are you going? I'm sorry.
I didn't think it through.
I just thought that I had to give you consultations for an hour and visit you on emergency situations.
I didn't know that I would have to live with you and pretend that I am your secretary.
I don't think I can just do this with my will.
Shin Se Gi? I'm Cha Do Hyun.
Can you be rough like this? If you're like this, I'll be confused.
Cha, let go of me and talk.
Let go and talk.
Ah! Seriously! Ow! Is there a law that allows a doctor to leave their patient? This is definitely a slave contract! It's also your fault, you who held out your hand without reading the contract.
Wow~ I saved a person that was drowning, and now you are showing off your bundle.
You're wrong.
It's correct that I fell in the water but you haven't saved me yet.
I helped you after revealing the bundle.
Bundle? What bundle? The contract fee that was sent to your account.
You haven't checked it yet? Whoa~ Didn't I tell you? That all the people who knew my secret became rich.
Are you childishly bragging about your money right now? If you say you'll disguise yourself as my secretary, I'll double it.
OhThis guy, really! Do I look like a heroine from a romance comedy who ends up in a fake marriage just because of private loan debts? I refuse.
I will refuse my refusal.
Then I'll triple it.
Don't misunderstand.
I'm not doing this right now because I'm surprised, it's just that I got a slight cramp in my leg.
Just know it like that.
Then Goodbye Ah! Didn't I tell you? That the moment you grab my hand I hold out, you can't turn back.
I can't send you away.
Even if it's a ball that came over accidentally, I won't return it.
Sit down.
Ah, what's wrong with me? Seriously.
I suddenly got a cramp in my leg.
I know right.
I'm okay.
Why are you doing this? Oh my, why are you doing this? I'm imitating Se Gi.
You got him a secret physician? That's right, Chairwoman.
Is she trustworthy? She's a person who Vice President needs more than anyone.
Find out her background.
Not even a speck of dust must come out.
She's a pure person.
Do I have to assign a person who will find out her background? No.
I'll do it.
When you're done, please leave.
I told you to leave, so why are you still standing there? Did you already know what was wrong with the Vice President? Or did you really not want to know? What are you going to do with that even if you know? If I know, then that's just one more mouth that we have to watch out for.
You knew? The reason why I provided you education and hired you was not just because of your excellent brain.
Your ability to keep secrets played a big part as well.
I'm sorry.
I was presuming.
There will be a hand that the other side will offer.
Don't hold it and wait by Do Hyun's side.
That'll become useful.
You are concluding as if there is something wrong with him.
I've witnessed many different sides.
He was leaving the club with a different gaze of a completely different person.
Or when I mentioned the situation with you, his hand would violently shake.
It seemed to be a point where I think I should be worried.
Well, that would differ depending on the motive.
Is it drugs or alcohol? Will you be satisfied if it's one between those two? If it isn't both of them, just what is the problem? I, as a psychiatrist, have nothing else to tell you.
Cha is just one among the many students that I have taught in college.
Doctor Seok's mouth was closed by Secretary Ahn.
He got rid of the girl he dated in America.
Now he is getting engaged before the shareholder's meeting.
That's pretty good, Cha Do Hyun.
Hey, Ji Sun.
What's going on? Chae Yeon and I? There's nothing wrong.
Why did you suddenly ? Why do I have to do that? You were rude.
Give Ji Sun presents and apologize, so that this rumor doesn't come up again.
What rumor came up? Don't ask.
Don't ask and just do as I tell you.
What are you doing? I am going to ask her what the rumor that you swallowed is, and hear it from her personally.
Why? The rumor is that you became a dog who chased around a chicken.
Are you satisfied? - What? - The moment Cha Do Hyun became the first successor of the line, your eyes flipped around and began to fret.
Because you couldn't stand to see Cha Do Hyun become somebody else's man, you even went to his blind date and made a ruckus, but Cha Do Hyun didn't even pay attention to you.
But that Han Chae Yeon's fiancee is Cha Do Hyun's second cousin! The scenario is a killer, seriously.
Do more? Should I do more? Should I write more soap operas with my mouth? It was because I couldn't stand the sight of Do Hyun wanting Ji Sun's stocks, even when he already had a girlfriend.
I did it for Ji Sun! It doesn't matter to people! People just remember the cold and provocative things.
You look like you're no different right now.
There's no need for long talk.
Get engaged.
With an engagement, get rid of this rumor.
Oppa, is this how you propose?! What? Should I sing you a song? Call for a choir? Set off some fireworks? The person who ruined my engagement, which should be celebrated and be the center of attention, is you.
My engagement? You volunteered to be part of a rumor that is going around.
You even dragged me into this and put me on the chopping block! Do you think you're such an amazing person? Why do you think that people pay attention to you and love you? There will be news that will be released by the promotion team tomorrow.
Until the shareholder's meeting, I'm not getting engaged.
If you say to do it, am I a person who'll just do it? Just what kind of confidence is that? I'll decide my engagement day.
For now, it's the best thing to study about the different personalities and their natures.
That way, when the personalities appear, you won't be shocked and handle the situation.
Ahn Yo Na.
I still haven't met Nana and Yo Na.
What kind of personalities are they? Nana is a new personality who appeared recently, so there's nothing that's been understood about her for sure.
Yo Na Yo Na Yo Na must not be an easy personality either.
These are the people I need to be absolutely cautious and careful of.
If I show symptoms of my illness in front of these people, you have to use any method to stop it.
If the situation isn't for that, at least use ropes to tie me.
You mustn't lose me.
Yes, Sir! You will not let her be near you.
You will not let her know your emotions.
You will compensate her.
Are you confident? Oh? She's a total beauty.
President Cha Ki Joon's fiancee and your childhood friend? Hey, she's such a beauty, there's no way she was just your friend.
Tell me truthfully, You liked her, right? Let's go in and talk.
Do it here.
Why are you doing this to me, really? You're in front of my house.
Lower your voice.
What are you? What are you that you make me into the main character of a soap opera? - Chae Yeon.
- Who do you think you are that you can shake me up?! You said that I was your first love and that you liked me.
But why did you change? Why are you suddenly acting like a coward? Is it because of Ki Joon Oppa? - Is it a rebellion for me to leave Ki Joon and come to you? - Chae Yeon.
Who's in your heart? Is it that woman, Oh Ri Jin? -Or Ji Sun? -Chae Yeon If it's not, do I just need to leave Ki Joon and come? Answer me! Answer me, hurry! You really want to know my answer? Oh Ri Jin! Come out! Come out, Oh Ri Jin! What's wrong with him, all of a sudden? -Oh Ri Jin! - Oh.
I that's why Does that answer your question? Excuse me! I think you misunderstood something.
Excuse me, excuse me, wait a minute, excuse me! Excuse me Are you alright? If you're not okay, I'll be your alcohol buddy Let's end the study for today.
She'S probably arrived safely, right? I don't know if she took everything without missing anything.
I wasn't all that focused that day either.
Father, if you're not going to eat that, I'll eat it for you.
Punk! After sending your sister to a faraway country, you're not even sad?! You're being too much over a measly six months, seriously.
You guys are overreacting and overprotective of her! That's why she only looks fine on the outside but is all messed up on the inside.
That's why she thinks that other peoples' pains and her pains are her own! Oh, I'm done eating.
I have to write my script, so don't look for me.
I won't look for you.
Why would I look for you?! That compassionless rascal.
Why did he take somebody else's soup? Aish.
Cheese! One, two, three! If you smile, it'll look nice.
Aren't you going to smile? Why aren't you smiling? From now on, you two are oppa and dongsaeng.
You're twin siblings.
Isn't that nice? It'll be fun, right? Right? Right? Right? Here, our Ri On is the older brother and Ri Jin is the little sister.
Here, you two.
From now on, get along.
Now, I'll take another one.
- It's fun! - You have to look here.
Here, here.
Let's see here.
-Ri On! -What's wrong? What's wrong? Ri On! -Ah! -Hey! Ri On! Let go! Let go! -Ri On! - Aish.
Aigoo Hey, Ri Jin.
Sis, let go of me and talk.
Let go.
You're dead! You've brought my homework I've worked on all night? You're dead! Oppa.
that's why.
I know that you stole my homework! Hey! I raised my little sister too toughso He's not rude! It's just that he gets embarrassed easily.
Do you know how well he treats me when we are alone? Hey, he's showing interest in you because it's the exams period.
To borrow your notes.
Since our goal is the same, we decided to go to the same University.
How can a dude like that get a lower grade than you? He looked at me as if I am his parent's enemy.
Hey, you don't know the situation that well because you are growing slowly.
A boy and a girl's emotions Oh, right.
What's wrong with you, you scared me.
Is it this book? It's not.
So, it's not.
Hey! What's wrong with you? Is this a headlock? Is this a new skill? Are you saying you want to try me? The library is chilly.
It's cold.
It's because the library is so cold.
Aigoo, it's cold.
Let go! When are you going to grow up and become a man? Mom! Please knock! Knock! Why did you close it? What are you hiding? You were watching porn, weren't you? You were watching porn! Mom, I'm not a teenager! You have to think of my level.
Sheesh! How do I look at your level? I look at it like this! Like this! This, this Unnie Why do you have it, Mom? You had dark circles underneath your eyes, so I thought that you were working hard.
I thought that my child is going to become a panda! And I was feeling bad for you! What were you looking at all night? - What are you watching all night? - Mom! Ri On, I'm sorry.
I was really worried about Sis How can you not understand how an older brother is feeling? Hey! Ri On! What's wrong with him? Nothing.
I just misunderstood something.
He's already tired from working the whole night.
You should have gone easier on him.
Look at this ! Why are you taking that? Go out and get ready for business! I understand.
I understand.
Aiyoo Honey.
Honey About Ri On Why Ri On? It can't be, must not be.
About what? That.
Ri On Ri Jin You're really crazy! No I've heard many rumors.
And sometimes, their family was in the gossip magazines.
It's just because I'm a bit nervous.
Stop saying useless things and just wash the anchovy container! Ah, move! Why is she so angry? I already talked to the fanclub about your suggestion.
They accepted your suggestion, and will go about the recitation today as planned.
That's good.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were having a meeting.
It's okay.
I've just brewed coffee.
Have some.
So, what is the possibility of Writer Omega attending the recitation? According to the editor, the plan was cancelled and then created again.
He says the possibility of him not coming is 99%.
We should still go.
There's a possibility of 1%.
Did you get the photo of Omega that I requested for? The thing is It will be hard to get his picture unless the editor cooperates.
But from the rumors I heard They say his face is Won Bin's level.
I heard that he's like a celebrity.
I'm sorry! Let's go.
First let's just go and look for someone that looks like Won Bin.
Ah, about that Truthfully, I don't think I can bring you there today.
I suddenly have a different appointment.
So What? Why are you looking at me? These people! I'm already a shaman that takes in bad energy and a secretary.
What more are you telling me to do?! Rule number 2 of the contract.
For the duration of the contract period, except for unavoidable circumstances, it is to be followed that you must be beside Party A and watching over him 24/7.
I have no choice! I have no choice! Will you really be okay by yourself? I'm okay.
Don't worry.
But what if suddenly Perry Park pops out Well, I guess even if he does appear, all he would do is throw bombs, right? Rule #4, 2nd clause.
Parties A and B, except when they are disguised as secretary and Vice-President, respectively, are of equal standing.
Right? That's right.
I have a condition for going with you today.
Tell me.
Everyday for an hour, give it to me so I can counsel you.
I said I don't need treatment.
Not treatment, I'm saying to be friends.
Deal? I told you I don't need friends.
Then I'll just go back to John Hopkins.
Ah, deal.
I'm sorry for being late.
A person who has nothing to do should come first and wait.
What can we do about that? Sit down.
So, why did you suddenly ? Secretary Ahn, are you a spy that the old woman put next to Do Hyun? Is that why you stop by her office regularly? So that you can tattletale on Do Hyun? - There's no way.
- Secretary Ahn! Just whose side are you on? Are you in Do Hyun's side or that old woman's side? Don't make a person confused and behave clearly! - Madame - If you stab my Do Hyun in the back, I won't stay still.
You understand me? What's wrong? Why aren't you eating? You miss Unnie already? I know right.
Why do you already want to see her.
Right? I should have just told her to be a physician of a chaebol.
Yes, Editor.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Are you going to that recitation today? Recitation? Wasn't that cancelled? I thought the meeting location is going to undergo an interior renovation.
Don't even talk about it.
ID Entertainment is totally going into war mode to get your permission for copyright.
I am not sure what's going to happen at the recitation, but the fanclub says they are going to just have it at a French cafe.
If it's ID Entertainment, the one under Seung Jin Group, right? That's right.
Since we don't know what's going on, don't go.
What if your identity gets revealed? I thought about it.
No no, I have a bad feeling about it don't go.
We want Omega Along with a shattering scream, K was having another nightmare.
K opened his eyes and found himself in an unknown place.
"Where am I? Where are you, Hyung? You're there.
" What is that? The forgotten memories.
The horrendous nightmare.
An unstoppable chaser.
A thrilling suspense under the moonlight! At that moment, a black shadow jumped on K.
No! No! Don't come closer! Don't come closer! No one can control my body! No, you're! No, you're! That's all for today.
Thank you.
This has been Gamma-Linoletic Acid (his nickname).
Thanks for you hard work.
We are now officially concluding the recitation, and moving into reception.
It's my first time coming to a recitation.
It's more fun than I thought What is the reason you are acting like this? Just as I have to keep your promise, I have a promise I need to keep for someone.
Have you ever thought that this state makes you stand out more? I'm sorry to be late, Sunbae-nim Where are you going? My brother is here! Why your Oppa is here? Because my brother is Writer Omega's fan! Huge fan! But, why are you are you running away? I am suppose to be in America right now, so I can't get caught.
Then, let's get out.
Gamma-Linolenic Acid! Ah, I really wanted to listen to you! - What should I do? - It is very delicious.
Sorry, I have a call right now.
I will be going first.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Perry?! I'll take care of the rest so run away.
Oh Ri On! Oh, I see you're Writer Omega's fan.
But who is that weird looking lady? Wow! It's so nice to meet you at a place like this! What brings you here? - There are a lot of people here right now.
Let's not act too friendly.
- Right.
Ears I wonder why I did that.
Ah, seriously! You came here to meet the writer Omega? Yes.
I heard that he attends recitations sometimes, so I came.
But since I don't know his face it's hard to find him.
From the rumors they say he has Won Bin level looks.
No matter how much I look around, I have no idea who it could be.
Truthfully, is a face at Won Bin's level common? It must be a rumor.
But anyways, I didn't know you are also a fan of writer Omega.
Then you must of read most of his works.
Of course.
Starting with the previous 'Twin Switch-up Murder Case', to the recent popular series The Child in the Basement.
There's nothing I haven't read.
Oh darn it.
Unfortunately I read all but the two you mentioned.
Are you saying you still haven't read The Child in the Basement? It's filled with interesting things and the quality's amazing.
Is that really that fun? What is the plot? Ah, I wonder if it is okay to fly spoilers There is a boy and a girl.
Do to an unfortunate accident, the two stuck together like siblings.
Yes, yes.
But for some reason the girl is afraid of basements.
The girl's parents, so that the child can get rid of her fear, sent the girl on chores to the basement frequently.
Every time this happens, the girl asks the boy to come with her.
The boy goes with her.
Even though he is afraid of basements too.
Suddenly one day, the boy wonders.
Why did we become scared of basements? The boy figures out, why he became afraid of basements.
But the girl couldn't remember till the end.
At that moment, the boy decides.
That he would find the lost memories in her stead.
How is it? Isn't it interest Perry, what's wrong? Are you okay? I'm alright.
Just a minute Some water Sit down.
I'll be back.
Are you okay? Rest assured.
I'm here.
Perry! Perry! Ri Jin? Cha Do Hyun, are you okay? Yes.
I'm alright.
We are going to arrive home quickly.
Cha Do Hyun! You're Cha Do Hyun, right? Yes.
That's right.
Hang in there, we are almost there.
You can't lose, okay? When we are at home I'll take on any of the personalities so don't worry.
You know right? I have met all of your personalities except for Yo Na.
Cha Do Hyun! Are you Cha Do Hyun? Cha Do Hyun! Answer me, Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Stop it, you're so annoying.
Stop calling me, you wrench! You talk so much.
So annoying I could die.
Stop the car! Ugh, really!? You are seriously so loud.
Loud, loud, loud, loud, so loud.
You talk so much.
Omo, look at the color of your tongue.
How sexy.
Ah, seriously! Close your mouth.
What are you going to do what those teeth of yours.
Don't show me your teeth! Close your mouth! This girl is so loud, seriously.
Whoare you? Me? Yo Na.
Ahn Yo Na.
Ahn Yo Na.
17 years old.
Yo Sub's twin sister.
Your hair clip's pretty.
The nickname Dr.
Seok Ho Pil gave was manager of suffering.
Manager of suffering? When I'm under extreme suffering but is in a situation where I have to move along quietly Yo Na appears and takes in my distress.
It's because she is very simple and holds no grudges.
Then you can be rest assured.
At least she's not a dangerous personality.
Not dangerous? Yo Na isn't dangerous? To me, she's the most dangerous personality.
Why? She's only just a 17 year old girl.
That's precisely the problem.
She has no interest in studying and only thinks about dating.
A 17 year old girl who stalks idols.
Give me that.
Wow, isn't it pretty? What's with your expression? This girldo you feel upset because I took it from you? Look at this girl with her blank expression.
Blank! So annoying! Look at this ahjusshi's face, seriously! I should just go get plastic surgery.
Omoomo! A pimple.
What should I do Omo, it won't pop, it won't pop, it won't pop This is so annoying! Seriously! Oh well.
I'm hungry.
Yo Na is an unpredictable troublemaker.
When she appears, you should never lose sight of her.
She can't be lost.
It's my Oppa.
Stop! Stop right there! Hey! Stop right there! Hello, we are Rocking! Wow, it's really nice to see you guys! As soon as you guys released the second album, you swept off the music charts.
What sets Rocking apart from the other idol groups? Since our music is more tough, our advantage is that we have more male fans than other idol groups.
Male fanswow! Now that I look, there are quite a lot of male fans here! Over there, one, two, three, four, five, six, wow Move! Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! Move! Move, move, move, move! Move! Are you blind!? Oppa! Jay Oppa! Look over here! Ah yes, thank you.
He is a really passionate male fan.
Can you come up to the stage? Would that be okay? -I can go up there? -Come up here! What should I do, she's telling me to go up there! What is he? What's your problem ahjusshi? She told me to come up there.
These ahjusshis are so annoying.
Seriously, these Ahjusshis! Oppa! Oppa, Oppa What the? What's going on? Who is she? Come here while I'm asking you nicely.
Do you want to die, you wretch! Just a moment.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, it's just that he drank a lot of alcohol.
I'm sorry! Hey, don't act like this in front of my oppas.
Hurry come with me.
I'm sorry! Oppa, I'm sorry.
Don't be like this in front of my oppas.
-Hurry come with me! -I said don't be like this in front of my oppas.
I'm sorry! Please excuse us! Oppas, I'm sorry! Oppa, I'm sorry! Yeah, sorry to the oppas as well! -Hey! -Hey! Hey, hey you, come here.
Hey, let go.
I said let go.
I can't let you go.
I won't.
How dare you stop me? What are you? Let go.
Let go! You let go first.
Then I'll let go.
You bad wretch.
You fierce wretch! You wretch! Let go! -Are you joking? -You let go first.
-Are you joking? -You let go first! Are you joking? Come here.
Come here, come here.
You're seriously dead meat, you really.
Hey, he's hitting a girl! What's going on? A guy's hitting a girl! Ow! -Let go! -Ah! Excuse me, please don't take any pictures, okay? You guys can be under responsibility through legal measures.
-Let go, let go! -I said not to take pictures! Let go, let go! I'm telling you they're taking pictures! Let go, let go Excuse me! Please stop! Over there! Stop taking pictures! Take legal responsibility! Excuse me, please stop taking pictures.
Stop taking pictures.
Hey! Ahn Yo-- ChaMr.
Cha! Did you come back to your senses? I was about to wait 30 more minutes, and if Mr.
Cha still didn't come back I was about to take you to the hospital.
But why are we at a train station? My car got towed and I couldn't bring myself to take you to the hospital since your identity would have been revealed.
The weather was cold and all so this was the place I chose.
But at least you have a doctor that is taking care of you 24/7.
I'm sorry.
I didn't act like your physician today anyways.
NoIf you weren't by my side my identity would have been known across the whole world.
What exactly was going on today? When you're under extreme suffering but is in a situation that needs to move quietly along.
You said Yo Na appears in those cases.
What kind of extreme suffering were you under today? Did my brother say something upsetting to you earlier? If not is it about that girl last time? Never mind.
It's not the first time you haven't answered my questions anyways.
If you don't want me to be your friend, I won't question you any further.
I will just become rich.
If I'm curious about something, I can just ask Se Gi next time.
Because at least Se Gi talks to me.
Although the problem is that he says whatever he wants.
If you already came to your senses, then let's go.
Do you want to go out for a drink? You told me yesterday that you would become my drinking friend.
But you don't really like drinking or friends.
Let's just say that we are starting the consultations that we decided to do everyday.
Wow! How did a big drinker like you contain yourself this whole time? Se Gi, Perry Park would have satisfied that.
Now, what should we start with first, doctor? -What? -The consultation.
Ask me questions if you're curious about something.
Why are you coming in so directly from the first day? Let's just I guess the first thing to do is to apologize and explain what happened yesterday.
Well, it's not that I really want to know I'm sorry about last night.
As I explained during our study, that friend you saw yesterday, is my cousin's fiancé.
Also, it's true that Chae Yeon was my first love.
Ah first love.
She treated me well, so I liked her.
But it wasn't because she liked me.
I found out it she acted that way because I was Ki Joon's cousin.
So I was hurt and moved on.
Seeing you yesterday, your gaze said otherwise.
It's not easy moving on from your first love.
After I knew that I had D.
, I've never liked anyone or put anyone in my heart.
Because then they will be in danger.
So whenever I see Chae Yeon now I remember the time when I was able to like someone as much as I want.
Perhaps what I loved was not Chae Yeon, but rather, loving that time where I was able to love someone.
Did that answer your question? I never asked though There's only 30 minutes left before our consultation time is over.
That's not right.
This is not a consultation but a personal conversation.
If you want a consultation then time it right starting now.
All right.
Remember this well.
January 29, 2015.
♬ The deep night show you, who was not able to leave ♬ January 7, 2015 at 10 PM on the dot ♬ It wakes me up from my sleep, and kisses me again ♬ The time I fell for you.
♬ Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♬ ♫Everyday, ♫ -Shin Se Gi? ♬ they echo in my ears everyday ♬ I'm Cha Do Hyun.
♬ Where are you? ♬ Oh, that's right.
I must be drunk again Oh Ri Jin.
Are you perhaps actually secretly hoping for Se Gi to come out? Right nowyou felt jealous, right? No, I wasn't.
Come one, you were! -No I wasn't! -You were, you were! I wasn't, I'm telling you, I really wasn't! You're so funny.
You were being all jealous of yourself.
I meant it when I said I wasn't Just drink up.
Wow! It's a snowman! It would be nice if it could snow It was actually a good thing my car got towed.
We drank, and if it was here, it would have been a burden.
Right? Oh Ri Jin.
I have something I want to ask.
Consultation time is already over but since I'm a pretty cool doctor, sure! Oh Ri Jin, why did you stay by my side? Is it out of pity? Or is it perhaps, because you can meet Se Gi through me? Do you really have such low confidence about yourself? If I had to explain you can say it's because of Yo Sub.
Yo Sub? When people are going through a hard time, they always say "Help me".
They ask for help.
But Yo Sub doesn't.
Rather than "Help me", he left a message for me that said "Kill me".
"Kill me", to me, sounds like a cry for help.
And because of you.
When my decision wavered, you held it in place.
Saying how a ball that already crossed, can never be returned.
That time you were cool.
Someone told me that the time that a person helps someone is not decided by the person who is giving the help but the person who is receiving the help.
When you told me that you wouldn't return the ball to me I realized that you really needed me.
It felt nice.
Oh Ri Jin, Aren't you scared of the personalities that live inside of me? I'm not that scared anymore.
Even when you had to go through Yo Na like that? Well, it's a little tiring but anyways, I want to be close with all of them.
And comfort them.
I have things to say to them as well.
You want to comfort and have something to say to them? From now on, rather than "Kill me" ask "Heal me".
Even if that happens, you guys will not die.
You guys will be still alive in here.
But you guys are no longer scattered pieces but like connected puzzles, you will become a cooler picture.
With the name of Cha Do Hyun, you guys will become a cooler person.
♬ A secret♬ ♬ that can't be told to anyone.
♬ ♬Everyone has at least one of those.
♬ I'm Cha Do Hyun.
♫ Even if I say that I don't have one, ♫ ♫ Even if I act like I'm unaffected, it hurts ♫ ♬ Don't love the me who is like this♬ Keep this in mind.
If you mess with my woman, your woman will be in danger.
♬ The only thing I can give you♬ ♬ is just tears ♬ ♬ With a face that is unfamiliar when I first see it♬ ♫ I just gave your heart scars ♫ ♫ Just let only me love you ♫ ♫ Don't come closer to a person like me♫ ♫ What can I do when my heart is like this?♫ Kill me, Heal me [Preview.]
Don't you feel like depending on me and be with me forever? Are you finding yourself obsessing over me? As I see it, I think you, doctor, is the one feeling more uncomfortable.
Just relax your mind.
In one day, all of his personalities came out? Na Na? Peace.