Kill Me, Heal Me (Kilmi, Hilmi) (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

KILL ME!! You want to comfort them, and you have something to say to them? From now on, rather than "Kill me.
" Ask for "Heal me" instead.
Even if that happens, you guys will not die.
You guys will be still alive in here.
Instead, you guys will no longer be scattered pieces.
But like connected puzzles, you will become a cooler picture.
With the name of Cha Do Hyun, you guys Will become a cooler person.
♬ The deep night show you, who was not able to leave ♬ ♬It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again ♬ ♬Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent♬ ♬echoes in my ears everyday, where are you?♬ Ri Jin? So because that rich old man started making a fuss about money, you were forced to take a break? He's not old Anyway, you're right.
Could it be that chaebol, is Cha Do Hyun? Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 9 Eh? What's this? Where am I? Why am I here? Wait.
There's no guarantee that that was Mr.
I'm Cha Do Hyun.
Even if it WAS Cha Do Huyn Cha Do Huyn was drunk for the first time in a while.
And his film (memory) could have been cut.
Then he has a chance of not remembering, either.
Lust Cut off lust.
All concerns and worries come from lust.
When a person allows themselves to become enflamed with lust, their body will eventually be burned in the flames.
Release your worries, and pluck out the root of your anger.
Cast lust away.
How is your condition? Is your blood pressure and pulse all normal? I am normal And soyou don't have any other symptoms? Othersymptoms? For examplewhat.
? For examplelikeafter drinking alcohol You lost your consciousness I understand!! When I drink alcohol I also-- There's none.
NONE?! There should have been though There was no loss of time or consciousness.
I remember everything.
Then It was Cha Do Hyun.
Then, perhaps, what about now? I'm Cha Do Hyun.
Where are you going? What are you doing?! Why do you keep grabbing someone's neck?? Let go!! Why are you doing this to me? Let go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Ah! Ah Why does he keep following me like he's some kind of dog? Oh Ri Jin, where are you going? I'm going to the eat out.
Why? Alone? You don't eat out, right? I've been only eating vegetables because of you, so I've been hearing cows in my ears.
I'm going to eat whatever I want, so don't stop me.
Did you forget that you have to take care of me 24 hours a day? Even shamans only work from night curfew until the break of dawn.
Aren't you doing a little too much? What if something happens to your patient while you're gone? Then if you want, you can follow me.
Stop it.
Let's go get something to eat.
I'm fine.
Ah, why are you acting like this? You're not eating this, right? I promise you, Shin Se Gi.
If you don't stop me from doing these things after I mustered courage for the first time If you don't steal just the time I have with this person I promise you tens, hundreds, and thousands of times.
I promise that I'll give my entire body and all of my time and memories to you in my next life.
I promise that I'll become your false image in my next life.
So please, just don't appear in front of this person.
Please just don't steal this love from me.
You're here? Oh, you're here? I'm apologize for calling you here and then being late.
I observed some pictures for the first time in a while, so it was nice.
Do you like them? It has a somewhat captivating power.
Wrap it and send it to Team Leader Han's address.
That's not what I mean when I said that, Ahjumma.
I was going to give you a piece of art anyway.
It saves time and it's good anyway.
It looked pretty expensive That's an artist bound for higher value.
Right now, it's fairly cheap.
You must've felt so bad because of the rumors.
You don't care at all, Ahjumma? Oppa was going all about it.
He can be like that.
Because men and women are different.
How are women different? All of the wives here think that Ji Sun is at the losing end.
He said that the moment Do Hyun became first in the succession line, my eyes started to flutter.
No one thinks like that.
As for skills everyone says Gi Joon is number one.
Do Hyun can't compare to him.
I Don't you think the atmosphere is too excessive? Rather than an interview, it feels like I'm getting my tarot cards read You got it! That's it.
As you know, I'm not an expert and I created this place in order for us to become friends.
It's not a formal examination.
But still, the scented candles are a bit.
Ah-! Before we start our conversation, there's a problem that needs to be cleared up.
By any chance, do you want to lean on me, want to be with me forever, are scared of being separated, and find yourself obsessing over me? Do you? Oh Ri Jin, in the middle of a personal talk - if you do this -That right there! It must be avoided.
The emotions that you feel toward me.
Patients feeling more than necessary emotions for the doctor This is called positive transference.
Positive transference: the excessively positive feelings a patient feels toward his therapist.
Ah, yes.
You must not mistake those feelings as love! Because you are dependent on me as a doctor, those fake feelings are created, you understand? Yes.
Nowfirst make yourself comfortable.
From what I see you are more uncomfortable than me.
Me? I'm not.
I'm not at all.
You look uncomfortable.
That puppy like smile.
Let's continue after a break.
What did we do to already I definitelyam better off with coffee than red tea.
Positive transference my butt!! You're the one who's about to start counter transference! Positive transference: When a therapist obsesses over or has feelings for their patient because they feel needed.
Get a grip.
You are a pro, you are a doctor.
You cannot ever get personal feelings! Now, lets start again I'm Na Na.
Nana is a new personality who appeared recently, so there is nothing that's been understood about her for sure.
Na Na! Na Na?! Na Na, where are you? Na Na! Na Na, are you in here? Na Na? Na Na? Na Na? That b****, seriously! Yo Na! Yo Na! How many times do I have to tell you my name is Yo Na? You rock head.
You why are you here? Wait! Those clothes.
Aren't those pajamas mine? You're right, they're yours.
They look better on me, don't they? How do I look? Let's share it.
Peace! Peace my butt! Take that off right now! Take it off! Take it off! This fierce wench, I knew this would happen.
Ow! Why do you always take my stuff? - Wow, you're really strong.
- Give it! Give it to me! I told you not to show your teeth! This.
It's the bear that SeGi gave me.
How does a wrench not have a single skirt or makeup? Did you put this here, Yo Na? No-pe.
Nana was playing with it.
Wow! That face is shining with childlike innocence! Who is he? Is he your older brother? Why are you asking that? I put my spit on it.
Give it.
-What? -This oppa's phone number, give it.
Why do you want his phone number? You shameless wrench.
Why are you being like this when we are both players, its annoying.
I gotta check with my reality eye! (Korean expression for saying that it is sensational enough to cry.
) You can't.
For Mr.
Oh and Mr.
Cha this meeting can't happen.
Don't even dream about it.
You wrench.
I told you not to show your teeth.
You are so rude.
Hey Ahn Yo Na! Bring that back! Give me my phone back right now! Ahn Yo Na.
This just what in the world happened? Who are you? I'm Cha Do Hyun.
That It's Se Gi.
Did Se Gi appear? No that's not it.
This bear is something that Se Gi gave to me as a present in the past but Nana found it somewhere and apparently was playing with it.
Did Nana show herself? It's not that I saw Nana but Yo Na said so.
Yo Na appeared again? Its a long story.
Anyways, I stopped any big crisis.
Then, who? That's Yo Na fainted and so I finally got her into the bed and was watching over her, and then I finally fell asleep when it became nighttime.
The rice will begin cooking Rice, rice, rice.
The rice will begin cooking.
Rice, rice, rice, rice.
Steam, steam, steam Let out steam, let out steam Perry Park? Oh my, you were alive.
Do you know how worried I was for you? Aigoo.
That's right, that's right.
Nice to meet see you again! Aigoo, pretty, pretty.
But! What are you doing now? Ah~~you're so fast! I was so bored playing by myself that I was going to make a couple bombs.
No! Oh my What am I even gonna do that you mess in my own extracurricular activities? And what's with this informal talk? These young'uns with nothing in their brainless heads! Using informal speech to adults! It's not "no".
It's "no sir it's not it"! (formal speech) Repeat it.
No, sir, that's not it.
It's not it---Eeing! Did you not hear me? Okay yes sir, no it's not! Yes! You must learn to be respectful to adults and you can become a child of the new world! - Do you understand? - I understand.
Alright, good.
Ah! Why don't you do that later.
? and just play with me? Alright? I think I need to go make the bombs.
Ahjusshi! II'm a really good dancer! What kind of technique is that Oh, that's pretty good.
I'm good right? There is no time.
I must go make the bombs.
Ahjusshi! Do you know this dance move? After dancing for three hours, I finally got Perry Park asleep.
And I, myself, almost got to go to sleep too Yo Sub? What is it? Why are you here? From a little while ago I became Do Hyun's personal doctor.
That idiot, brought an annoying person into the house.
What are you looking at? Don't think about keeping an eye on me.
Go and sleep.
Why? Are you regretful that you couldn't die the other day? If you died that day, this music and these pictures you couldn't of listened or seen these again.
Also, there wouldn't have been the fate of meeting me again here like this.
Aren't you excited for the future events of happenings? Are you going somewhere? I'm tired.
I'm going to sleep.
Thank you.
For me it was a pity but it seems that everyone is happy to be alive.
I'm not thinking of killing myself.
Rest assured.
Are you really telling me that all these personalities showed up? YesI guess it's just a good meeting.
Se Gi? Except for Se Gi.
-Really? -Really.
The contract's fourth clause.
it says to say all of the happening with each of the personalities without no lying and truthfully.
Is it true? It's true.
Cha Do Hyun If you keep on not being able to believe me in the future Don't worry.
This is definitely good progress.
If I get closer to these personalities I would know how these personalities came to be and it would help with the treatment.
I like it.
It's a relief.
That you didn't get hurt.
It's better than saying sorry.
Give me back my phone! Perry Park? AH! What are you looking at? I wonder why Se Gi was the only one that didn't appear? Is it because of my determination? Or Is it a warning for more comings to come? What in the world is your problem? I even respected your feelings and pushed the contract for our engagement.
What more must I do? Close the door and press a floor.
This is a place where many people know who we are.
Why are you so not protective of yourself unlike you? The door is closing.
Thank y--- Are you coming in or not? The door is closing.
Oh by the way, did you two clear the misunderstanding? Misunderstanding? I heard Chae Yeon played some tricks when meeting with Ji Sun.
She seemed very sorry.
Saying she was such a disturbance.
Childhood friends could be like that.
That's what I told her too.
But you - aren't you being a bit too ill-mannered? -What do you mean? Even if Myunsung-Ga is so amazing, you brush away a woman you used to date.
Isn't that too much? Are you perhaps even investigating me behind my back? Of course not.
I just heard it when I went to the Janghakwon Hospital for a medical professionist.
How ironic.
And so methodical.
I heard that you got rid of her.
Where is she? At your apartment in America? Stop it.
You're taking this too far.
Orhas another big one appeared? I said, stop! Tell me.
Don't worry.
I hid her in a very safe place.
Have you arrived, vice president? Good morning, President Cha Ki Joon Good morning, team leader Han Chae Yeon.
There is no where safer than the company.
It's the darkest place And if I want to see her I can see her whenever I want.
You know, right? That there is a secret within our family.
Let's go, Secretary Oh.
I will accompany you, vice-president.
Tell me again.
What did you say? You didn't understand me? Just announce the engagement! Since the word is out, let's just do it! Just begin it? Is engagement some kind of homework to you? I'm better off than you who is trying to use it like an eraser to get rid of all the rumors.
Why the heck have you changed your mind all of a sudden? Now I said that I will do it and you still have a problem with it? Is it because of Do Hyun? Who the heck is Do Hyun? Why should I even start an engagement because of him? Getting called by Ahjumma is annoying too.
And I don't like you with your mannerlessness.
It's all annoying.
If we are going to do it, do it quickly.
I am going to call mother so you make your decision for the engagement day.
Why are you staring at me like that? Have you seen a human for the first time? For what reason are you at the company mother? Who is this young lady? Haven't met her.
I'm the new secretary Oh Ri Jin.
What about Secretary An? Has he stabbed you in the back already? No it's not that.
Secretary An was just stopping by a department and in the afternoon Oh that's it.
I almost gave myself a fright.
Young lady, you can leave.
-It's not lady but Oh---- -Okay.
I feel like a student who was sleeping in class and then chased out of the classroom But Her aura is completely different from Mr.
Relax your face.
I heard that the old hag won't be coming in today so I came.
If it's that kind of worry don't.
Why have you come? I heard that you had a marriage meeting with a daughter from MyungSung.
- Yes.
- You rejected her.
Is it really because of that wrench Chae Yeon? Its not like that.
I was the one that got dumped.
This is Seung Jin Groups Chairwoman and my grandmother.
These are the number one people I have to be cautious and careful of.
Why do you have to be cautious and careful of your grandmother? If I show symptoms of my illness in front of her or I am changed into another personality already you must remove me from her even if it means to make me faint Hello, Chairwoman.
I am the new secretary for the vice president in replacement of secretary An.
Did the Vice-president come to work? Yes, he is speaking with his mother inside.
I will tell him.
It's fine.
I will go in by myself.
Dumped?! That wrench has no manners! What is she to do that! She is one funny wrench! What is her number? Who is the future owner of SeungJin Group and you get dumped?? Honor? Hey hey hey! Tell her to stop overreacting.
Compared to Seung Jin, which you will own.
Are you a child's toy? What's wrong with you? Why is someone that should be home here? Mother, it's I had something to tell her so I asked her to come.
Do Hyun Is she a person that can be brought outside? If one cannot shake herself to her senses, the other should have at least stopped her.
I'm sorry.
Why would you call her in? What good will come of letting others know who your mother is? Stop.
Wanting to see my own son I myselfcame here without knowing.
How do you not know that not looking for and not searching for your son is the best way for him? There are tons of ears all around us and itchy mouths everywhere.
Are rumors not enough for you? I'm sorry but vice president, you have to hurry up with your appointment.
You are already ten minutes late.
Why did you suddenly do that? You said to remove you from the Chairwoman no matter what it takes.
If I left you I felt like Perry Park would come out with bombs.
I am making you escape.
Don't make a ruckus and go out without making a squeak.
You understand me? Pleasegive some of your power to our Do Hyun, mother.
I know that I am the flaw of Do Huyn's life.
That flawcan only be covered with your power.
Please make him a higher status instead of something weak like a vice president.
I know this may sound brutalbut Your son has no hope.
He may not even wake up in the end.
Shut your mouth.
And ifMin Suh Hee's child comes up If she takes revenge on Seung Jin Group because of that child You never know whose hands Seung Jin Group might land into.
What are you standing there for, not leaving? Before it's too late.
Do Huyn's status must be firm Should I call a person to drag you out?! What? There is another person looking for Min Seo Yeon's child? Find out whose order they took to find the child and how much they have been able to find out.
From outside Did you hear it all? I thinkbecause I am taking care of you 24/7, I get to hear and see a lot of things accidentally.
My family is very different from your family.
We have a sort of past incident.
My family also has a lot of incidents too if you get to know them.
This is where you guys were.
-I was looking for you guys for along time.
-You came.
There is something that has happened; you must move out of this place quickly.
-Where to? -I will explain while we are going.
I will take the vice president.
You have a different personal schedule you must take care of.
I'm sorry, Professor.
I feel like I am meeting my daughter, who ran off secretly with her boyfriend at night.
Do I have to take her back dragging her head some people say that here is no parent that can win over a child I'm just wondering if I should give her my peace and happiness You laugh? Youlaughed? I was really tired and it was hard for me lying to a lot of people.
I feel like I'm going to cry now that you're here.
Coming out to just one person is this hardand When I think of him keeping it to himself for 11 years I can imagine how hard it was for him.
This is why they say there's no point in raising a daughter.
What is this news about a change in his senses? I'm not sure.
I can't find out since he's such a unique writer.
Arranging a meeting like this in a galleria style and saying to not bring anyone and saying his identity will be revealed only to Cha VP seems kind of weird It's for certain that the writer has a 4-D personality.
I'll be nearby.
If you need anything, just give me a call.
Ah, and also please let me know if his looks are really on the level of Won Bin.
I'm really curious about that.
Nice to meet you, Writer Oh.
I'm Cha Do Hyun, I-D Entertainment's Vice President.
Oh Ri On? Nice to meet you.
I am the writer Omega.
What did you just say? In one night all the personalities of Mr.
Cha appeared? Yes, I couldn't meet in person Nana but there was evidence that she was there.
Yo Na, Perry Park and Yo Sub I met in person.
And Se Gi didn't appear.
How can this be? It took me ten years to find out about his multiple personalities.
Having a bunch of personalities come out at once is very rare.
It's a bad sign? I don't know.
Perhaps, could Oh Ri Jin be the switch to the personality changes? Before my personality changes, Oh Ri Jin was always there.
You must have been very surprised.
I should have done a weaker cover for myselfto be honest Besides the editor and my family, no one knows that I'm Omega.
My neighborhood elders think that I mooch off of my parents and see me as an unemployed bum or the neighborhood fool.
Oh Ri On.
From when did you know I was Cha Do Hyun? About me How much and to where do you know? By any chance did you approach me knowingly? Is it confession time? I knew from the beginning that you were Seung Jin Group's only successor.
I saw your picture on a gossip news article.
Then why did you act like you didn't know? When you knew my name, why did you call me Perry.
? I thought it was either an act or cover.
The 3rd heir for a rich family and wanting to live and be as a different person It was understandable.
I thought it was manners that if you didn't reveal it first I should act like I didn't know.
Was I wrong? Then, what is the reason for your sudden decision to hand over the copyrights? And to also take off your cover? Don't think too deeply about it.
What's important right now is that the copyrights of Omega's work which has never been made into a movie was attained by Cha Do Hyun.
But, there are three conditions.
Tell me.
Firstthe scenario and arrangement I shall do.
-What is the reason? -Because I can't leave my child in others' hands.
Deal? I understand.
What about the other conditions? I will be known as the replacement writer for Omega's writer.
I think it's a waste to just throw away my hard earned cover as Omega.
Tell me your last condition.
That Can't we do that after we eat? Personality changing switch? Me? You really haven't met Mr.
Cha or Se Gi in the past? Yes.
But, everyone asks the same question so it makes me confused.
The human brain.
sometimesit can bury a former memory of some kind in the way back.
Ifthere is something that happened between you two that you both cannot remember but relate to each other What if there was? It might be that Mr.
Cha met the best fortune.
You may be the treatment key for Mr.
Cha or an explosion to make him remember his former lost memory.
About the novel The Child in the Basement How does the ending go? Since you're the writer, you must have some idea for it.
What was the reason the male child was afraid of the basement? It was love.
Because the girl was so afraid of the basement, he acted like he was afraid too.
Because watching the girl tremble in fear alone was heartbreaking.
He misunderstood himself pretending to be afraid as his real fear.
It's his own misunderstanding and delusion.
That feeling in the heart was love.
The male child figures that out after he is grown.
So-- Does the boy end up finding out the reason why the girl was afraid of the basement? He is still looking for it.
And he's always thinking about it.
If, by chance, he does find it If he should bury it or not.
I will ask you to do well for us in the future, Oh Ri On---writer Omega.
It's going to be hard on you from now on because of me.
As a writer I am pretty picky.
We seem to have a strange fate with each other.
I hope for it to be a good fate.
Is Ri Jin doing well? Let me meet Ri Jin.
That is the third condition.
The human brain inside it doesn't show from the outside.
but it sometimes hides a former memory in the way back somewhere.
Cha Do Hyun Yes Cha Do Hyun.
Right now? Yes I know where that is.
I will go right now.
Come on, sister! Ri- Ri On! Th-th-that is Where are you running off to?! Wait.
wait wait! Listen to me.
Ahh!! Come here! Come here! Ah!! Ri On, let go of me and lets talk with words.
You littleyou always make me use techniques on you.
Hey! Let go! I said, let go! Just know that you're the first to carelessly mess with a woman! What was the reason that the boy was afraid of basements? Why? Are you scared? Or are you miserable? If you find the lost memorydo you have the courage to face the pain? What's the point of trying to remember your lost memories after all this time? You cannot ever handle it.
Are you alright? What was the reason the boy was afraid of basements? It was love.
You cannot ever handle it.
- Shut up! - Cover it up.
That time also.
you had no courage to face the pain and ran away.
And in replacement of you, I had to go through it.
Do you understand? If it wasn't for me, you would have already died from being alone in misery.
But who's calling who a fake?! Shut up! Shut up! So you never even set foot in the airplane and went to that chaebol oldie's No.
Being at that home of Mr.
Cha and being his doctor assistant? Hey, you brat! If things happened this way, you should have come home first and told your parents that you were going to end up not going and begged for their forgiveness!! Do you think it's right of you to keep this from your parents? I feel really sorry to everyone.
But if I told them the truth I thought they would be more worried.
It's enough.
Pack your bags.
Leave that place immediately.
Hey! Sit down, sit down! Sit down! Wait a minute! I'm not done talking yet.
What else are you telling me to listen to?! My younger sister who hasn't even married yet is at another man's place I can't accept that.
I'd rather you kick dirt in my eyes.
Three months.
That person is leaving to America in three months anyways.
But until then I want to help.
Can't I do that? Your the one who said that the best choice is my choice.
If I regret that choice come run away, no matter when.
Anytime, you will stand behind me.
I haven't regretted it yet.
So, can't you believe in me and just wait? Move.
My eyes are rotting.
Hey! You didn't even answer, how can you just go? You're dead meat if you turn your phone off.
Know that.
Making a coincidence was my first mistake.
Come here, come here, You're dead! Come here! You remember her, right? The one that was ripping out my hair at the airport.
Ah, yes.
Ah, yes.
Making that coincidence into fate is the second mistake.
I'm just saying a doctor is not the only thing they need.
They need their family, friends, and significant others.
There's probably no one by that person right now.
"I'm having a hard time.
" "Help me.
" "I need some friends.
" The choice is yours.
Constantly encouraging her and making that fate into destiny is my third mistake.
I love you, Oh Ri On.
If you regret your choice or have a hard time, run over.
Elegantlyand luxuriously Letting you leave me by choice was my last mistake.
Cha Do Hyun! Are you alright, Cha Do Hyun? He doesn't have a fever.
Cha Do Hyun! Come to your senses, Cha Do Hyun! Okay? Cha Do Hyun? ♫ A secret ♫ ♫ that can't be told to anyone ♫ ♫ Everyone has at least one ♫ ♫ of those ♫ ♫ Even loneliness ♫ ♫ Is like an old friend ♫ Wait here! I'll come back with medicine.
♫ I can get used to this.
I miss you ♫ Don't go.
Don't go! Play with me Play with me.
♫ The only thing I can give to you ♫ Play with me.
♫ Are these unstoppable tears ♫ ♫ With that face that was unfamiliar the first time you saw it ♫ ♫ I just gave your heart scars ♫ ♫ Please let me love you on my own ♫ Hey pretty! Why did you bring that out? Because you say weird things I can't concentrate on my work.
If it is weird nonsense, then just move on.
Why are you lingering on that? Honey I didn't do anything wrong, right? About what? Taking Seo Yeon's child and raising the child It's not something wrong right? It's not Seo Hyun's child, but our child now.
That's right, you are right.
Of course.
I believe in Ri On.
- Ri On is just a really good brother to Ri Jin.
- Of course, of course.
That's right.
Stop taking it out.
Are you alright now, Cha Do Hyun? Shin Se Gi? Why are you here? Why were you with Cha Do Hyun in his bedroom?! Why?! WHY?!! Do you want me to disappear? Since my world collapsed, Cha Do Hyun's world must collapse as well.
What in the world are you trying to do? Stop asking about every detail.
And use your imagination.
You are acting so mighty.
In that memory that only you have.
Am I there? Give me Seung Jin Group, Grandma.
I'm thankful for everything until now.