Kill Me, Heal Me (Kilmi, Hilmi) (2015) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

The basement again? What is this? What did I figure out? What did I figure out? In the basement, other than me, there was one more person? Who is it? Just who are you? Don't leave.
Play with me.
♫The deep night show you, who was not able to leave♫ ♫ It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again♫ ♫Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♫ ♫echoes in my ears everyday♫ ♫Where are you?♫ Are you feeling better now, Cha Do Hyun? Shin Se Gi? Why are you here? Why are you in Cha Do Hyun's bedroom? Why? Why?! Since a while ago, I was Mr.
Cha's personal doctor.
It seemed like he was having a nightmare so I just To kill me? To get rid of me? Episode 10 Where are you going? I'm trying to leave here.
I can't leave you in Cha Do Hyun's place.
Shin! Calm down and listen to me.
Listen to what? Listen to your warning saying that since you've teamed up with Cha Do Hyun now and am ready to kill me, get prepared? I told you I don't have the skills.
I'm just trying to be an equal moderator between Mr.
Cha and Mr.
Shin, that's all.
Equal moderator? Mr.
Cha and Mr.
Shin both have the need to understand each other! This can only end if one of us disappears! And you must choose only one in the end.
Is it ok with you even if I disappear? Would you like me to disappear? Mr.
Cha didn't request for me to get rid of you.
He wants to converse with you.
He wants to reconcile with you.
I'm just a moderator between you two.
I'm a negotiator.
I'm nothing more or less than that.
So the choice is not mine to make.
You've completely fallen for Cha Do Hyun.
Shin! Do you think Cha Do Hyun put you here with an innocent mind? What does that mean? Do you think that bastard is really just innocent like that? What does that mean? Check it yourself.
Where are you trying to go? Cha Do Hyun broke the rule.
Now, it's impossible to remain in peace with him.
I'm thinking of punishing him in my own way.
Because that's the rule for the game.
Wait! What rule? What punishment? What are you talking about? Tell me what the rules for the game is.
I said tell me! Cha Do Hyun has you here as hostage.
In order to protect his woman, and to threaten me.
And foolishly enough, you're caught right in the trap.
What are you talking about? Explain so I can understand.
So that's why I'm going to punish him.
Since he ruined my world, Cha Do Hyun's world needs to be ruined too.
You! What in the world are you planning to do? When that bastard comes back, so that he can never clean up this mess, so much that he would want to hide again, so that he would hide and never come back, I'm thinking of punishing him thoroughly.
Wait! Take me with you.
If you're not going to have me, don't touch me.
Shin Se Gi! Cha Do Hyun has you here as hostage.
In order to protect his woman, and to threaten me.
And foolishly enough, you're caught right in the trap.
Long time no see, Cha Do Hyun.
While I wasn't here, you've made the house into a complete prison.
It's amazing.
Very amazing.
It's a great way to spend your money, just like the rich chaebol you are.
This is why psychiatrist doctors are tiring.
Listen carefully to what I'm saying.
If you touch my woman, you're woman will be in danger.
Do you like it? But what's wrong with your expression? Don't worry about it.
I heard woman are usually like this before their engagement.
Never mind.
I understand.
And I was wrong.
I took care of my dignity before your feelings and pride.
I reacted foolishly to a rash rumor.
I made you lonely.
Shall I continue? That's enough stop it now.
Seems like you're well aware of it.
Aren't you going to try it on? Here.
It's pretty.
Do you want to drink wine? No, I have a meeting tomorrow so I have to wake up early.
Can you give me another cup of tea? Team leader Han Chae Yeon Seoul district, gangnam Oh Ri Jin! Oh Ri Jin! Where are you? Secretary Ahn, I'm here! What happened? First of all, please give me your car keys.
Did you find Se Gi? -I think I know where he is.
-Then I'll -No.
Just in case Se Gi comes back, Secretary Ahn, you can stay here.
Mom said she will be on the night flight.
She'll arrive at Incheon Airport tomorrow.
-Yeah I know.
-Do you want to go to the airport or shall I? -Oh, mother said she'll go.
She's excited about meeting her old classmate again.
Sleep well.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You're lips are a bit red.
I'm going.
Cha Do Hyun.
What are you trying to do? Why'd you call? Are you trying to maintain your fishery half a step late? Either way, you picked up my call.
I'm engaged to Ki Joon.
Don't call in the future.
Nice timing, I guess.
What? -Want to meet up? I missed you.
I'm busy.
I don't have time to meet you.
No way.
Cha Ki Joon just left and you're probably alone.
Where are you now? I think someone's here outside.
-Are you crazy? -Why do you think it's me? It could be Cha Ki Joon.
Who's there? Oppa? Is it you, oppa? Did you leave something behind? Hello.
I don't think you should treat your guests like this.
You told me if you came for me late at night or called asking to meet up, and crossed the line that you mustn't cross, you said that's not you so I should avoid you at all costs.
I said that? Wow, that's impressive.
It's too late.
The engagement ring looks nice.
I wanted to put it on for you.
But you.
Don't you think you're going too far ahead? Who said I'm going to cross the line? I just wanted to drink a glass of wine with my friend.
What have you done? Don't ask every single time, and muster up your imagination.
What in the world have you done? If you're not going to have me, didn't I tell you not to touch me? Not that car! This car.
Not the drivers seat, get in the passengers seat! How dare you try to sit in the drivers seat after dringking alcohol? Wear your seat belt.
Let's talk, Mr.
What did you do to Team leader Han? -Just imagine with the amount of trust you have in me.
Shin! -It drives you crazy, right? During the few hours you missed me, you're about to go nuts with curiosity wondering what happened, right? Is it fun to tease? -I feel like that.
When I'm not here, I go crazy in curiousity of what happened between CHa Do Hyun and you.
So I only imagine with the amount of trust I have in you.
And you betrayed that trust.
Let's stop, Mr.
Let's stop it all and just end it here.
What will it take to stop you? Is your IQ number only one digit? How many times do I tell you? Instead of me, kill Cha Do Hyun.
Secretary Ahn, you've aged too.
Seeing that you don't recognize me at once.
This is quite lonely.
This place is filled with people on Cha Do Hyun's side.
It feels like I was dragged here.
Tonight, I will stay here so Oh Ri Jin, go stay at a hotel -No its okay.
I'll stay here.
We have things to talk about.
-Is what they say.
The dorr is over there.
Shin! Let's talk.
If you stayed behing hoping for Cha Do Hyun to return, then forget it.
That bastard isn't coming back.
What are you saying? You didn't hear it? That bastard is never coming back.
Why? There must be a reason.
-Because the seal to his memory has been opened.
-The seal to his memory? Since the entrance is opened, the memories he wouldn't to remember, will soon get released bit by bit.
By any chancedo you know about it? The year's worth of memory that Mr.
Cha lost? Of course.
The memories that you have but not Mr.
Cha, by chance Did you really never meet Mr.
Cha or Se Gi before? Am I in it? Am Iin it? I'll tell you if you choose me.
-Are you joking!? -Does it seem like I'm joking? It's the same as you throwing in a fake bait to reel in fish! It's bait that I'm risking my life on.
So eat it.
Hook onto it.
Is your I.
in the single digits? How many times do I have to tell you? I don't have that kind of potential! Keep this in mind.
The more you hold off your decision the more destroyed Cha Do Hyun's world becomes.
I'm going to make it like that.
You understand? What a charming engagement ring.
I wanted to put one on for you.
Oh Ri Jin, you'll catch a cold if you sleep out here.
Cha? Yes, I'm Cha Do Hyun.
You came back? I was worried because I thought you really didn't come back! When did you come? Try to stop Mr.
I'm sorry but I can't take care of him anymore.
Oh Ri Jin.
Thank you for all this time.
-We meet again.
-What's the reason you're being like this to me? Don't be scared.
I'm only here to get my car.
Tomorrow, I'll come to find that car.
Are you okay, President? Exactly where did he learn how to drive Your lips are pretty red.
Butbutisn't that the Vice President? Speechless.
Hul, daebak.
Heart drops.
Uncommonly handsome man Hello, father.
No President Cha Geon Ho.
You seem well.
He isn't here as well? -Yes Then, even at Team Leader Han's house? Only his car was parked there.
Anyway, let's look around inside the company.
Secretary Cha! Ah, y.
yes Did you by chance see the Vice President today? He really looked to die for today! I mean, I thought he stepped out of a fashion magazine! It's Shin Se Gi.
So where is he right now? What are you guys looking at? Is this the first time you've seen a handsome man yawn? Vice President, let's step out for a moment There's a party at night but you've already changed! And even styled your hair to an all back style.
He sure is diligent! Vice President! - Don't touch me.
We won't touch you, yes.
Then, just the chair What are you doing? What are you doing? Stop it right now! I told you to stop touching me.
How disgustingly high and mighty of you.
I touched you, I touched you.
Whatcha gonna do, huh? Huh? Stop touching me.
I told you to stop touching me.
Stop, stop, stop touching me.
I told you, stop.
What are you doing right now!? We're at the workplace.
I'm sorry, it's just that he won't listen to me.
You heard him.
This is the workplace and I'm Cha Do Hyun, the Vice President.
And I need to attend the meeting right now.
That's enough.
It's too late to stop him.
We have to stop him.
Se Gi is thinking of destroying everything Cha Do Hyun worked for.
He already revealed himself to the workers and today's meeting is a meeting where the Vice President's attendance is mandatory.
- But - If an emergency situation occurs, we have no choice but to stop it with our entire bodies.
Just a moment.
Yes, Madame.
Oh Ri Jin? Currently, the 5 member idol group Rocking is showing great sales in the album charts.
They're also working towards international advancements.
Okay, can the album team prepare the presentation for the Asian Festival for next week and move on to the video team.
Vice President? Vice President, report.
Oh Ri Jin Oh Ri Jin you are a star in my heart Cha Ki Joon = Attention hogger Boring bastard!! Give that back! Vice President, what are you doing right now? Did you find Omega? Omega? Do I have to catch a tuna for you now? What are you trying to say? Omega's copyrights are secured.
It's the contract directly signed by Omega himself.
If the task is done, shouldn't you be happy? You worked hard.
This project will return to the original person in charge, Team leader Lee.
So cheap.
You make the servants work and take in all the mony yourself? Vice President, do you see this meeting as some kind of playground? There is a time and place for jokes-- Seeing how you can't even differentiate between jokes and disses, your brain's no good.
What did you just say? If a person with education has been educated enough, in front of all his employees, cheaply outcast an opponent like this openly, isn't it embarrassing? Omega's production will be handled by Team Leader Lee from now on.
That President That's What is it? Omega signed the contact on condition of Vice President handling the production, so -Is what they say.
Cha Ki Joon.
I prepared some ice cold soda because I thought you might feel heated.
Please leave.
Don't feel too angry.
Vice President Cha.
I didn't see him like that but he is very cool.
A fellow that's normally like a puppy but today he was totally like a hyenakya~ I mean, how can someone change all of a sudden like that? It isn't like he have multiple personalities or something.
Leave! Can't you hear me? I said LEAVE! Yes.
I can't understand.
I can't understand at all.
How does he stay still while being treated like this? How stupid do you have to become for that to become possible? That's what is called responsibility.
Because there is something to protect, and something to accomplish, that is why he is enduring it.
That is something a person who latched responsibility off of them who can say those words with such ease.
Is thatabout me? Looking at it now, Secretary Ahn and Cha Do Hyun really are a match made in heaven.
But, what to do? That Cha Do Hyun bastard will never come back.
What are you doing now? I haven't seen Oh Ri Jin since long before.
Where did she go? She's meeting with Vice-President's mother.
Who did you say? She left after receiving a call from the Vice Presidnet's mother.
Are you crazy? What do you expect them to do together? What are you saying? They were already acquaintances.
Where are they? Where are these two people?! Whyare you giving this to me? I bought it for you because I thought it would match you well.
Just trying holding it for now.
I don't have a right to accept things like this.
I said to try holding it.
It looks good.
As expected, my eyes are good.
Take the tag off.
-Yes? Since it looks good on you, there's no need to do a refund.
I said to remove the tag.
Since you took the tag off, I'm saying this now.
That's a bribe.
Then, I'll put it back.
Don't you know that I can;t return it once the tag is removed? Then, what is the consequence for receivng this bribe.
? Is my kid eating well? Yes.
And do you think he's sleeping well? Don't go! Play with me, play with me.
Excuse me, Mistress.
I wanted to ask you something.
About what? It's an off topic question, but I heard he has no memories of when he was seven and eight years old.
Is it true? Who said that? Did my child say that? Yes.
So what I'm saying is Perhaps, did something bad happen back then? There's no such thing.
Nothing much happened.
Ah Then, by chance, when Vice President was younger, Did he have a close friend his age? Why are you asking about that? Yesterday, when he was resting in the dress room, he seemed to be having a nightmare.
He kept looking for some kid in his sleep.
Get up! Do Hyun This is a warning.
From now on, you better not call her out.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Do HyunDo Hyun Could it be you remembered? Hold on.
I'm not done talking with your mom yet.
I have things left to say to her! There's no need.
There's no need to listen to that woman! Why you're so mad? I was just being a friend to talk with for her.
Whenever someone if lonely, they all want to reveal their pain sometimes.
Pain? Loneliness? Should I tell you what kind of woman she is? Should I take off her mask!? What do you mean mask? In an abusive scene where one person's soul was getting shattered, there are three types of people.
Victim, perpetrator, and witness! Even if there is one less person out of those three, bad things don't happen.
He wasabused? That woman was a witness.
And she survived in Seungjin Group using that as a weapon.
And even now, she is ordering around using that as a threat.
But could I really be able to love that woman? Answer! I said, answer! You're doing well.
That's right.
Slowly, go slowly.
That's nice.
Good hold.
Since when did you know that I was Cha Do Hyun? How much and how far do you know about me? I knew you were the only successor of Seungjin Group from the start.
But why did you pretend not to know? You knew my name but why did you call me Perry? Because I figured it was an act or a cover up.
The desire to escape from being a third generation chaebol and act as a totally different person.
Am I wrong? But that guy you talked about, does it make sense that he changes drastically every time you meet him? What if that isn't the stategy of the mind? What if it's not something done freely, but against his will? Some chaebol asked me to be his secret physician for three months.
Do you like him? Me? Like who? I'm sorry.
Excuse me, but where is this plane landing? About the novel, The Child in the Basement, what was the reason the boy was afraid of the basement? No way What's up with you? Making mistakes which isn't like you? Even monkeys fall from the tree sometimes.
You got something, right? What are you talking about? Something must have popped into your head while climbing.
Tell me.
There's a man.
Why are you telling me so easily today? It's not fun.
Appearance, family, education.
On the outer looks, he has all the points that would make everyone jealous.
But truthfully, he is a man with a mental disability.
Considering him as a main character of a thriller novel, it's a bit plain.
Then one day, a woman shows up in his life like a coincidence as his destiny.
And how do you think the story goes from there? Pack your stuff.
We're leaving this place.
Even though you know what the memories Mr.
Cha lost are, what's the reason for shutting your mouth? What in the world is the reason that you're not telling? That bastard cannot handle it.
In the end, he will end his own life.
But he can handle it.
He can overcome it.
Then we die! We were made to take in that bastard's pain instead for him.
If that bastard's pains go away, then we all die.
Either he lives like this while covering it up, or instead of him, I remain alive.
It's one or the other.
One more thing.
In that memory that Mr.
Cha doesn't have, but in that memory that only you have, am I in there? Am I? In there? Answer me.
Who is it? Ri On! How did you.
? Where are we going right now? -We're going home.
This is different than what you promised! Back then, it was emotions.
Right now, its reasons.
Hey! But right now, the timing isn't so good.
Because of me, a person's life can get ruined- Hey! You treat me roughly these days! Do you want to die? Don't move! If you move a step from here, then I'm going to tell everyone in I-D Entertainment that Cha Do Hyun has D.
how did you know that? I understood you lying to your parents, and I also understood that you were alone with a man.
But this is a different story.
I can't leave you in harm's way, so listen to your brother.
Are you even her real brother? Stay right here.
What I said earlier wasn't a threat.
It was a declaration of war.
Ri On! Oh Ri On.
Cha Do Hyun? -Let's just say I am.
Why are you kidnapping her? With who's permission? Are you not Cha Do Hyun? Cha Do Hyun, this bastard.
How many people has he been caught by? I don't know who you are but I am taking my sister back.
-With who's permission? Whatever the penalty is for breaking the contract, I will provide.
With what right? For further negotiations, I will continue with Cha Do Hyun later.
I'm asking you.
With what rights are you taking her? Rights as a brother.
If you continue to claim rights as her brother while having eyes of a man, I'll take your eyeballs out.
Then, you yourself have less of a right than me.
Because you are a son of Seungjin Group.
What did you tell Mr.
Shin? What did you tell him that makes him look so sad? Shut your mouth.
Are we going to picnic? You're going to get punished right now.
♫The deep night show you, who was not able to leave ♫ ♫It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again♫ Then, you yourself have less of a right than me.
Because you are a son of Seungjin Group.
♫echoes in my ears everyday Where are you?♫ Ssangli Tell them so that they don't get shocked and beg for forgiveness no matter what.
And tell them you'll stop being the physician right away.
Also, don't mention his name, or Seungjin group either.
Why? -Don't ask for reasons! Just do as your brother tells you to do.
What's wrong with him? When I first saw Dr.
Oh, I knew it right away.
She's definitely worth something! That's right, that's right.
Professor! Ri Jin! Why are you here? It was like that? She says that's what happened.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't trying to lie to you from the beginning.
This girl! How dare you lie about that out of all things to lie about? Mom! Mom! Wait a minute! Professor is here too! Can't you save my social dignity a bit too? You little wench! What good did you do? I'm sorry but I can't take your side on this.
Everybody, calm down.
Wow, I wondered what Dr.
Oh ate as a child to become this strong like a warrior, I guess it was genetics.
You also knew it, Professor? That Ri Jin didn't go to America and was hanging around as a physician? Why are you being like that to the professor.
There is no way that the professor knew and wouldn't tell us would you? I'm sorry.
Why didn't you say a word to us until now? You're too much.
The professor only figured it out yesterday, And it was me that kicked away a good opportunity that he requested.
Hey you.
Have we ever belittled and opposed your decisions? Why didn't you tell us truthfully? What is family? We cherish, trust, and understand each other, that's what family is.
The reason why Dr.
Oh couldn't tell you is so that she could keep the patients secret.
She did something that she should as a doctor I am very embarrassed iin front of Dr.
Professor A doctor shouldn't turn a blind eye to a patient.
I convinced her so that she would turn away from the patient and choose studying abroad instead.
But even then, Dr.
Oh followed her conscience as a doctor and chose the patient.
I learned a lot this time from Dr.
So please just forgive her now.
Please do me a favor.
Myeong Sung? Sit down, sit down.
Sit down.
Here Cheers~ What is it that the chaebols are trying to hide? Disputes amongst the chaebol families and reconcilement.
Seung Jin Group's Chairman Cha Geon Ho and his daughter-in-law Min Seo Yeon dies in a car crash.
So you didn't only live happily up till now.
that your heart has been broken into pieces.
Professor, are you going to eat the sweet potato? No, its not even cooked all the way yet.
This is good.
Uhhave some coffee.
Earlier thank you, Professor.
It's nothing, in all reality I have some responsibility over this.
From the beginning Mr.
Cha was my patient but I feel like I put the burden on your shoulders so I wasn't feeling too well.
I hear from Secretary Ahn that Mr.
Cha isn't coming back.
Yes, according to Se Gi, the memory seal broke so he hid.
That most likely he will never come back again.
The seal of the memory broke Do you have a gist of what that means? I really don't know.
But The last nightmare that Mr.
Cha had might be the hook to find what that memory is my guess.
I'm worried.
If Cha Do Hyun really doesn't come back if he never wakes up What should I do? At the same time the memory seal broke what if there was a negotiation? He might come back as a stronger person.
Then, right now, Cha Do Hyun Either gets overpowered by Se Gi, or will come stronger than before.
It will be one or the other.
The most important thing is how he will deal with his pain in his past memories.
As of now, all we can do is trust Mr.
Cha and wait.
Are you there Cha Do Hyun? What do you think? Don't you think it's time you dealt with the past? The people that made you a monster, you can't just leave them be, can you? What do you want to do? I'll do it? No or You? If you want to do it, come out.
You can't? If you want to stop me, then come out.
You can't.
Then just stay there crumpled like that and never come back out! Either way, it will be too much for you to handle.
Long time no see, Grandma.
What are you trying to do? Like a night robber, making no sound.
All I did was follow what you told me to do.
You seem very surprised.
What are you saying? You said live quietly as if I wasn't here.
And if I can, not to appear in other's sight.
What I saw, or heard, or felt, as if I have nothing, quietly.
You don't remember? You! Why? You thought that I lost all of my childhood memories.
Are you surprised? I wonder why everyone believes that I lost my memories? As if they hope for me to.
What do you want to say? Seung Jin Group, give it to me, Grandmother.
What? Give it to you? Seung Jin Group Did you hold hands with your mother? Are you on the same side to threaten me> Rather than a threat, its a favor.
If you feel fear when asked of a favor, that's what a threat is.
Because fear is something you make yourself.
Leave now.
Before others wake up.
You must still be waiting for father to wake up.
Have you still not let go of him yet? How dare you!! That regret.
shall I end it for you? Shall I end it for you? Hello, Cha Joon Pyo.
No, I will just call you father.
It doesn't seem you were that well.
So that time, you shouldn't have saved me.
The reason I became a monster, is because of you.
I should now let you rest in peace.
Why did you disturb me? Do you know how much I heard? Our father.