Killer Ratings (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Terror

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL DOCUMENTARY SERIES Everyone wanted to talk about the Wallace case.
Everyone wanted to read about the Wallace case because they were obsessed with it.
They didn't see the city's real problem.
My father had warned us on his TV show.
He knew that crime would get out of control.
That it would take over the state and get organized.
That's what he was afraid of.
While they pursued my father something much worse was being born.
MARCH 29, 2010 JUDGE MIRZA TELMA CUNHA HOMICIDE COUR In Wallace's case, I oversaw the whole process All the testimonies, all the documented evidence I came to the conclusion that there was enough evidence for all the defendants, including Wallace, to be sent for trial by a jury composed of seven members who would decide whether they were guilty or not.
That was a huge humiliation.
Subjecting the Representative to judgment by the people.
It was distressing for Wallace, and it really affected his health.
And with all the pressure, he was getting worse.
Galvão Bueno Street, Liberdade neighborhood, São Paulo.
This is the new address of the impeached Representative Wallace Souza.
He is on the fifth floor of Bandeirantes Hospital, with his sister Marlúcia.
I was always very present in Wallace's life.
We were like little darlings.
He was my dearest brother.
And ever since he was a child, he'd had health problems.
So I was always there looking after him throughout our lives.
He had portal vein thrombosis in his liver.
A very serious health problem.
And I remember when I arrived to visit him, they took ages to allow me in.
I started to get nervous.
I started to cry.
I asked the nurse, "What's happening? Why don't they let me in?" And the nurse said to me that the police were there.
They were interrogating Wallace while he was in ICU.
They were carrying guns, they were masked, and that scary stuff.
And Wallace, when he opened his eyes, they were all around him, and he got very ill.
The machines monitoring his vital signs went off the scale.
It was horrific.
There was no escape.
APRIL 6, 2010 In Manaus, the Wallace case was waiting to be heard at the jury trial.
In the meantime, members of the Task Force continued their investigations.
A new witness appears.
Gisele Vaz.
She was a reporter for Canal Livre.
She worked there for some time.
Gisele has some breaking news for us.
She's going to tell us now live on Canal Livre.
- Good morning, Gisele.
- Good morning.
Representative, the police just got in touch.
Someone who knew what went on there, on a daily basis.
Her statement proved to be very important, because she was very different from other witnesses.
They were getting a witness statement from someone who had no criminal past.
She was not compromised.
I got a call FORMER CANAL LIVRE REPORTER "We want you to tell us about your time working for Canal Livre.
" Then they said, "Gisele, you have two options.
Either you tell us everything you know, or you could be arrested.
" I looked at them and said, "You are giving me two options.
I don't talk and go to jail, ruining my name, and I have two kids, or I talk and I will be killed.
That's what you're offering me.
" "Yes.
It is your choice.
" And I talked.
I gave hours of testimony that day.
It's about the news, okay? I've already told you, but now you'll see for yourselves.
You'll see how these criminals behave.
Watch the screen now.
We are now on our way to Aleixo Road, where a robbery just took place.
On the weekends, they had a regular feature called "Police Operations.
" People would call us with tip-offs, and the production would gather all the information.
"There are drugs being sold at this location.
" Here, look.
Here are the drugs.
I remember one of Wallace's security guards for the show, Moa.
He always accompanied him, especially on operations.
As I carried on working, as the years went by, I started noticing that something was wrong.
They would arrive at someone's house without a warrant and simply force their way in.
"There are drugs here.
" Often they didn't find anything and they'd say, "Bring it from the car.
" The police officer has just found weed seeds here.
I saw fake drug trafficking set-ups many times.
They found drugs here.
I saw many innocent people go to jail, many people.
Representative Wallace Souza was responsible.
He was the boss.
Last Tuesday, former Canal Livre reporter Gisele Vaz gave a statement to the prosecutors.
According to the Task Force, reporters arrived first on the scene because of the Souza brothers, who were behind the crimes, in an attempt to increase ratings for the show.
The operations I saw Wallace command were much more violent.
"Someone is being hunted, but the police haven't found them yet.
" "I'm on an operation and we are going to find this person.
" Then something extraordinary would always happen.
He would find the culprit, and the guy would confess.
Under torture, he'd confess.
There was a place in Manaus where they took these people.
The police would take them there.
They had a technique called "the bag.
" They put a plastic bag over a person's head.
They held the opening like this until they couldn't breathe.
When they saw the person in agony, they'd loosen the bag and ask, "Are you confessing or not?" I saw the bag torture once.
The young man was on a chair, with his hands tied behind his back.
Wallace arrived, saw the situation and ordered them to make him confess to the crime they wanted.
Wallace said that and left.
I simply said, "I'm not staying here.
" I didn't sleep that night.
I was so worried about that guy.
I cried a lot.
The first thing I did in the morning was to call the police boss.
"How's that guy?" "He's gone to the bag.
I was about to call you.
Forget the story.
There's no story.
" "Are you telling me he died?" "What does 'gone to the bag' mean?" "He died.
" The guy died.
Gisele Vaz.
She was very honest about what she had witnessed.
She told us what was really happening behind the scenes at Canal Livre.
Moa had been telling the truth from the beginning.
Do you think there's someone telling her what to say? I'm absolutely sure of it.
I just don't know who.
Because she is in the same position as Moa.
They have the gift of omnipresence.
She saw everything.
She saw torture and never said nothing.
Saw other things and said nothing.
It is exactly like Moa.
I have never met Gisele Vaz, and I don't know why she did this.
She told lies.
Maybe she was pressured.
Everyone can lie.
There's no such thing as being incapable of lying.
Yes, they could be lying.
If you don't produce any evidence, apart from witness statements, then, my friend, you are lying.
JULY 27, 2010 I remember that my father was in ICU.
He was getting really thin.
There was even a photo of him.
His face looked so gaunt.
And I thought, "Wow, they destroyed my father.
" A situation I never imagined seeing my father in.
He told me that he didn't want to live anymore.
That for him, life had stopped there.
That he couldn't take any more.
To try to improve his serious condition, the former representative is going to have surgery, which should help drain the liquid in his abdomen.
I was waiting at the hospital cafe until they called me to come up.
My father was already He'd stopped reacting.
I held his hand.
Nobody told me, but I believe he was no longer alive.
The body of former Representative Wallace Souza arrived at dawn this Wednesday, July 28, at Manaus International Airport.
There were crowds of people in the arrivals lounge.
It was a very painful moment.
My hope was over.
We never imagined it would end like that.
We thought that he would end up inside a prison, not inside a coffin.
What stuck with me the most was his son pointing at me.
"There he is.
He's dead.
Are you satisfied?" That really had an impact on me, because we question ourselves as professionals.
To what extent does a journalist interfere in people's lives? What do you think of everything that happened? I think people now have to recognize the good things he did for all of us.
I don't think he did anything wrong.
In spite of everything, in spite of all the investigations, those people there, they didn't remember any of that.
They thought that he had been a victim of political persecution.
They killed Wallace.
They killed him.
And the press should be blamed for some of that.
I believe that, at that moment, for many people, he became a martyr.
Do you believe the investigations really affected Wallace's health? Look, I don't see any link between the death of former Representative Wallace Souza and the investigations carried out by the Task Force.
I think maybe they might have been a bit disappointed.
But relieved, at the same time, because my father was not coming back to tell the truth, that it was all a conspiracy, persecution.
So it's a world plot against Wallace? SECRETARY OF INTELLIGENCE The Prosecutor's Office, the Assembly, the entire police force were in cahoots? That's crazy.
Our job was complete.
We concluded it and sent it to the court, and then you tell me there's no evidence? Welcome to the show.
We bring you live information about the trial of those involved in the murder of the drug trafficker Cleomir Bernardino, a.
After Wallace Souza's death, the jury was convened to judge Raphael Souza, Moa, and Mario Pequeno.
That decision was considered essential to prove whether the Task Force had been right.
We believed that the evidence gathered during the investigation would lead to the conviction of everyone.
On the day of the trial, I went.
I was there.
I could see Moa.
He's the one who started it all.
Moa was extremely important.
He was supposedly a security guard, but according to what he said himself, he participated in murders for Wallace Souza.
What he said served as a basis for the investigations.
In these chairs will be the seven jurors summoned on the day of the trial.
It was the first time members of the jury heard Moa speak.
That would be the first opportunity.
Just imagine everyone was tense.
At that moment I saw Moa tell the truth.
RECORDING FROM THE TRIAL How was the They would tell me what I was supposed to say.
Explain exactly who would tell you what to say and how it was done.
What did Secretary Thomaz say to you, sir? That he wanted the heads of the Representative and his son.
And he told me "They want to kill you in jail, so you'd better cooperate with me.
" He said he was tortured into accusing Wallace Souza and Raphael.
Did you read the transcripts of your witness statement? No, I signed a pile of paper that I didn't even read.
The main accuser is denying everything in front of the jury.
When Moa's testimony began, I'd never seen such a strong audience reaction.
The judge shouted "order" 15 times.
" I'd never seen him speak with so much conviction.
I think that for the members of the jury, it meant he was finally telling the truth.
There was a pause when all the jury went behind the auditorium The judge returned and began to pronounce the sentences.
She first called Mario and Moa.
Moacir Jorge Pessoa da Costa and Mario Rubens Nunes da Silva were found not guilty of the charges against them.
I lowered my head and didn't see anything else, because the crowd there was something, you know "Look Justice is being done.
" I remember hearing someone say next to me.
If Moa, who was the main accuser, was being acquitted, then, in my mind, my brother would be too.
So, eventually, the judge calls Raphael.
His mother Anna was there.
Raphael Wallace Saraiva de Souza is found guilty of homicide.
I sentence Raphael to nine years in prison for the murder of Cleomir Bernardino.
This left me very shaken.
I gave him a hug.
I think he was crying.
He was very sad.
My son had to be convicted because he's Wallace's son.
Unfortunately, that's how it is.
Raphael Souza was the only one of the three defendants to be found by the jury guilty of the murder of Cleomir Bernardino.
Mario Rubens was immediately set free, but Moa remains in prison, since he's already convicted of association with drug trafficking.
Why did they condemn only Wallace Souza's son? It was a prize for the Task Force.
The Task Force ended up with a positive result.
The conviction of the Representative's son and Wallace dead.
24 hours after the most anticipated trial of the year, former military policeman Moacir da Costa, "Moa," talked exclusively to our reporter.
What is the truth about your testimony? Why this change? Why did you say you've been tortured only now, in the jury trial? It was time to tell the truth.
The last chance to tell the truth.
So, in my opinion, the whole Wallace case was based on a false initial statement.
But I will tell you, Wallace was wronged.
The persecution of Wallace Souza it is an injustice.
He fought drug trafficking.
An investigation doesn't hold on to one single fact to one single piece of evidence.
You need to look at the whole context.
Wallace Souza would appear on TV and claim he was fighting crime.
In reality, he had sided with the criminals.
It's a sad moment in the history of the Amazon State.
While the Task Force used all of its resources to investigate a false criminal organization, the real criminals moved in.
We had a period where violence increased immensely.
FEDERAL POLICE CHIEF - AMAZON STATE Coca began to be cultivated in the jungle.
And our problems increased a lot.
MAY 27, 2013 Members of the firefighting team confirmed there was a body inside the suitcase.
It was something unheard of and shocking.
He had been dismembered, placed inside a suitcase and thrown in the river.
It was the first time we had seen a criminal killed in such a brutal way.
The wife of Frank Oliveira da Silva, a.
Frankezinho of the 40th, went to the scene.
She looked at images of the remains on a camera and confirmed that it was her husband.
It has been confirmed that it's the head of Frank Oliveira da Silva.
Frankezinho of the 40th was a key figure in the investigation of the crimes relating to the case of Wallace Souza.
Obviously, it brought back what happened in the Wallace case.
He was also one of the biggest traffickers in the city.
From that moment on, new bodies began to appear.
The traffickers were being killed every day.
It was at that time that the FDN arrived.
The Family of the North.
The Family of the North, a criminal group that deals drugs, judges and executes rivals.
The real traffickers took over the city.
What happened in the COMPAJ prison was probably the last chapter of the Wallace case.
COMPAJ ANÍSIO JOBIM PRISON COMPLEX Inside the prison there was a dispute between the Family of the North and the PCC.
These two gangs are at war.
The FDN needed to show their power and teach the PCC a lesson.
But we did not expect the brutality we witnessed that day.
JANUARY 1, 2017 He was going to get out very soon, and we had plans to get on with our lives.
MOA'S WIFE He called me "My life.
" In all his letters, he called me "My life.
" "My life, be patient, this is almost over.
Soon I will be free.
Everything is going to be okay.
This fight is coming to an end.
" I went to visit him in prison.
Everything was normal.
All the families were happy.
When it was about 3:15 p.
m I left.
The crimes began at 4:08 p.
The FDN exchanged gunshots with the prison guards.
They used the agents as human shields.
From then on, they were free to dominate the rest of the penitentiary complex.
STATE PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE They immediately headed to the wing known as the safe wing, where Moa was.
Moa was killed inside his own cell.
Burned alive.
Moa was a former policeman, so he became a target.
Next to these special cells was where they found the people from the rival group, the ones they wanted to execute.
Do you realize what's happening? Fuck! Those who died first, in a way, were lucky because they suffered less.
That moment, it's a moment of unprecedented barbarism.
No one, no authority had ever seen such barbarism.
The killings lasted for about 45 minutes.
They stacked the bodies in a cart.
Picture headless bodies, stacked up.
A cart with heads, just heads.
Another with arms.
Many people died.
My phone rang.
And I went there, to the road.
There were only what they call "tumba" cars, with the bodies.
They gave a list of the dead.
And, unfortunately, he was there.
It was horrible.
It was horrible.
It was a lot of suffering.
We begin with the prison riot in Manaus, which left at least 56 dead, all of them murdered by inmates.
A war between criminal gangs to control drug trafficking in the north of the country.
When the Wallace case started the FDN were already flexing their muscles back then.
The death of Bebeto and Bebetinho.
All those deaths were attributed to Representative Wallace.
In fact, those crimes had been committed by another group, and this group controls the city today.
The FDN.
This is nowadays the most powerful group in the north of Brazil, led by Zé Roberto of Compensa.
Wallace often named Zé Roberto in the Assembly.
The entire city is talking about it.
I will give the name here.
I'm not scared.
It was Zé Roberto who ordered the death of Bebeto.
Did nobody know about it? The biggest drug dealer in this state.
If I know, how come the police don't? And no one paid attention to Representative Wallace.
And Zé Roberto's group grew to become what it is today.
And right there, they finished by killing the main accuser of Wallace Souza, Moa.
The secret of whether the accusations against Wallace were true was buried there.
The truth died with him.
JULY 29, 2010 Right now, the body of former Representative Wallace Souza is arriving here at the gymnasium.
As you can see, the police are here trying to control the crowd.
Hundreds of people have been here since early morning to attend the funeral.
I had a dream.
A single dream.
And I fulfilled my dream.
If I upset anyone, forgive me.
I'm capable of doing good, but I'm also capable of evil.
I wanted people to carefully consider both sides of this story.
Raphael served six years in prison.
In 2015, he was released on parole.
Canal Livre returned in 2013 as Programa Livre, presented by Carlos Souza.
It was on air for four years.
Willace Souza followed his father into politics.
He ran for Congress in 2018.
Wallace, I love you! Wallace, I love you! Is there only one truth?