Killer Soup (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[alarm blaring in distance]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [ice cream machine whirring]
- [dog barking]
- [whistle blowing]
- Mmm? Mm.
- Ice cream doesn't suit me, sir.
[Hassan] By the way who's in charge here?
[Asha] Does it look like
anyone is in charge here, sir?
[crowd clamoring]
[camera shutter clicking]
Hey, move it. Get aside. Go!
- Where do you think our guy is?
- [Asha] He must be somewhere here only,
- looking for some evidence.
- Looks like a very bad accident.
[somber music playing]
- [Thupalli] Sir!
- [gasps]
Very good evening, sir!
Bhenchod, you wasted my bloody ice cream.
I surveyed the entire crime scene,
took photos and talked to the locals, sir.
Uh, the victim's name is Kiran Nadar.
He's an American fellow.
Has a house on Vattawalla Road.
He was a private detector, sir.
- Detective. Idiot.
- [chuckles] That also, sir.
Based on the tire marks,
the Maruti 800 was reversing
towards the truck
and met with an accident, sir.
Both the truck
and the driver are missing, sir.
Uh, but I found a number plate
and informed the whole unit, sir.
But we have three problems, sir.
- What are the problems?
- Lens cover, sir. Nikon company.
Uh, lens cover was inside the car,
but the camera is missing, sir.
Second one, sir.
Just look at the victim's neck.
Full of marks from camera strap, sir.
Uh, I think some struggling
and pulling must've happened, sir.
Last but not least, sir, very important,
Mr. Nadar was working
when he was murdered, sir.
- Murdered?
- [Thupalli] Uh-huh.
- Who the hell told you that?
- [Asha] What is this horrible thing?
- Sir, looks like someone threw up here.
- Must be sweets.
Uh, but I don't know
from which bakery in Mainjur.
- I'll send it to the lab for testing, sir?
- To the lab? [scoffs]
[beggar] I saw her.
- It was the woman. In the burka.
- [tense music playing]
- Uh, sir, uh, just a moment.
- [beggar] She was wearing a burka.
- I saw her.
- [Hassan] Asha.
- It was the woman in the burka
- [Thupalli] Excuse me.
[beggar] I saw her.
- [Thupalli] Was she here?
- [beggar] She was wearing a burka.
- I saw it
- [cat meowing]
- it was the woman in the burka.
- Here?
[beggar] She was there. I saw her.
Locate the truck first
and get the driver to the station.
- Okay, sir.
- Where is the hero now?
[Thupalli] Sir, sir, sir.
Move aside. I'm here, sir.
[Hassan] Uh
Nadar's house
is on Vattawalla road, right?
Yes, sir.
- Come with me tomorrow.
- Okay, sir.
- We'll need to talk to his mother.
- Uh, sir, one more thing, sir.
Mr. Nadar received several missed calls
at the time of the accident.
- Uh, should I call back and check?
- Please, let's leave it for tomorrow.
Rushing things won't bring
the dead back to life, okay?
- [thunder rumbling]
- I can't reach home late.
Sir, uh. No, sir.
I think I should call and check, sir.
Hey, Thupalli.
We don't get paid to think.
- Sir!
- Sir!
- [car engine starting]
- [car door closing]
[Asha] What the hell are you guys up to?
Drive it up quick.
Bloody bunch of lazy buggers.
Come on. Hurry up! Hurry up!
We don't have the whole night.
[pensive music playing]
- [tense music playing]
- [cell phone vibrating, ringing]
[breathing heavily]
[ringing continues]
Uh, hello?
This is Assistant Sub-Inspector
Thupalli speaking
from Nezhimalai Police Station.
Uh, can I speak
with Mr. Prabhakar Shetty Sir?
- He is sleeping.
- Hello?
Oh, yeah. It's okay, ma'am. Uh Uh
Can sir come to Nezhimalai Police Station
tomorrow morning?
- But why?
- Uh For a small accident matter, ma'am.
Uh, sir had made quite a few calls
to the victim.
Uh, so,
we need to ask him a few questions.
Hello? Madam?
Uh [hesitates]
- [Thupalli] Hello?
- Okay.
- I'll let him know you called.
- [Thupalli] Yeah. Okay, thanks.
[exhales shakily]
What just happened, Swathi?
Swathi, I didn't
I didn't mean to kill him. I just
[voice breaking] I I
I panicked when he attacked you,
I thought he will kill you. So, I
I didn't know that he will die.
It was self-defense.
When someone attacks,
one is bound to defend himself, so
[sniffles] Swathi. Let's surrender.
- We won't surrender.
- Then what?
Let's go.
[theme music playing]
- [theme music concludes]
- [birds chirping]
[Thupalli] Whose woods these are
I think I know
- His house is in the village though
- [grunts]
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow
[insects chirping]
My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year
[thunder rumbling]
[car engine revving]
He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake
The only other sounds
The sweep of easy winds and downy flake
- [motorcycle engine revving]
- [Thupalli] The woods are lovely
Dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep
[insects chirping]
[Swathi] Careful.
[Umesh grunts]
[grunts, groans]
Are you done? Come out then.
What is it? Come out and help me a little.
[Umesh grunts, groans]
[both grunting]
- [Umesh] One, two, three
- [tense music playing]
four [grunts, groans]
- [screams]
- Umesh! Are you all right?
[music intensifies]
- [gasps]
- What happened?
[wheezes] He he's alive.
Umesh, it's it's
it's just rigor mortis. Okay?
- Okay? Come on. Come on up now.
- [breathing shakily]
What happened?
Uh Nothing.
- [crickets chirping]
- [woman] When will I get the body?
[Hassan] The postmortem will be done
by afternoon, ma'am.
Our lady constable, Ms. Asha
must've informed you.
We have some, uh, questions
regarding your son's accident.
Kama told me this would happen.
God bless him.
Um Is this your husband?
Mr. Kamaswami Nadar?
Yes. He comes to me in my dreams.
- Dreams?
- Yes, he tells me things.
What things?
He told me this would happen.
He also said
a police inspector would come
with a loyal chap.
Did Mr. Nadar have any bad habits?
Toddy and all?
- Did he drive and drink?
- Kiran did not drink toddy.
Because Kama drank so much,
and he loved it.
- What about drugs? Mushroom, cocaine?
- Hey! Shut up.
[chuckles nervously] Sorry, madam.
He's our new guy.
[grunts emphatically]
[Mrs. Nadar] Kiran did not take mushrooms.
- But Kama and I did.
- [suspenseful music playing]
[Mrs. Nadar]
That's where we met, in a cave in '71.
And we enjoyed ourselves.
[door creaking]
[mouse clicking]
[mouse clicking]
What the fuck were you thinking
asking that lady
whether her son consumed mushrooms
and drugs?
Looks like you are going to get me fired
before my retirement.
Sir, I found something
on Nadar's computer. You won't believe it.
How could you touch his computer
without a permit?
First you call Prabhakar Shetty
in the middle of the night,
and now this?
Listen, kiddo.
I know you want to shine at your new job,
but there's no need to fly.
Sir, please watch this once.
[tense music playing on phone]
This is the blackmail letter.
"I know about bro mani, Praba Shetty."
Where is the blackmail, sir? Huh?
What is the problem?
- It's money. Not "mani."
- [suspenseful music playing]
- Cash. Money money
- [Nadar] Okay, okay.
There is a lot of spelling mistakes.
No crossing on "T."
"Brother" is spelt wrong.
"Money" is spelled M-A-N-I.
And your name is spelt wrong too.
I can read as well. I noticed that.
Okay, sir, tell me
why this person is blackmailing you?
It's a private matter.
You just find out who this bastard is.
[Nadar] Okay, sir, sure.
And right here, this is my rate card.
[radio host, in Tamil]
The biggest blockbuster of the year.
A family drama,
called The Last Ghost, Part Two.
And today, we have with us
the film's director, B Ramnath.
[in English] One of the most successful
directors in the industry right now.
[in Tamil] Please tell me, sir,
what was your inspiration behind the film?
[indistinct chatter over radio]
[breathes heavily]
- [in English] Swathi.
- Swathi.
- [screams]
- [tires screeching]
- [birds chirping]
- [dogs barking]
- [breathing heavily]
- [Umesh panting]
[cell phone ringing, vibrating]
Phone. Phone. Phone. Phone.
Prabhu's phone.
[breathes shakily] Prabhu's phone.
[ringing continues]
[softly] Shit.
[Hassan, over cellphone]
Hello? Mr. Shetty?
Uh, this is Inspector Hassan here.
I don't want to disturb you, sir,
but, uh, I hope you're coming
to the Nezhimalai Police Station today.
Hello? Hello, Mr. Shetty, can you hear me?
This is Mr. Shetty's wife.
He's a little unwell. He's sleeping.
[Hassan] Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry, madam.
Sorry to disturb you.
Please, let him rest then.
I will call when he feels better, ma'am.
No. No, no, Inspector
He will come tomorrow.
- He will come tomorrow, okay?
- [Hassan] Thank you, ma'am.
- Thank you, ma'am. Thank you. Thank you.
- Okay. Okay, bye.
What did you [stammers] What was that?
Tell me if you see a pharmacy on the way.
[car engine revving]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [jeep approaching]
[telephone ringing]
You can't see the damn door or what?
- Is the guy inside?
- [Asha] Yes.
First put that away.
[indistinct chatter]
[Asha] Have more. Isn't it tasty?
- [police officer] Sir.
- Mm! Nice smell.
- Is it from Ajji's shop?
- [overlapping chatter]
Hey, Binny, keep it there.
It would be a sin
to order from anywhere else, sir.
- Uh, it's gone a little cold.
- Yes, a little, sir.
I think you should tell Ajji
that she should add
a little more ginger next time.
- I'll tell her, sir.
- Now, where the fuck has our nutcase gone?
He has gone inside to question the driver.
I am telling you, bro.
I wasn't even in the area last night.
And I got the truck
- from another driver in Madurai.
- Hmm.
By the way, drivers switch
when their shift is over, you know?
- Hmm.
- You're looking for me, bro.
- So, are you new here?
- [door opening]
Oh, yes. Why do you ask?
[hums emphatically]
So, who is the other driver?
I don't know, bro.
- I met him at a highway diner.
- Hmm.
- [driver] We had our dinner together.
- Hmm.
I took the keys from him and left.
- Now describe the guy. Hmm.
- Very lean and dark.
Darker than me, bro.
- Hmm.
- [driver] His eyes were blood red.
- [Thupalli] Okay.
- He was hairy as a bear.
Bro, he smelled terrible.
- Hmm.
- [driver] Worse than a cow shed.
[chair scraping]
What did he call you?
- "Bro."
- Ah! [sniffs]
Last evening, approximately
between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.,
did you hit a
red Maruti on the Bazaar Road?
- No, bro. Uncle Uncle
- [in Hindi] Fuck off, asshole!
- [in English] I am not your uncle!
- Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Did you do it?
- Yes, I did, sir.
- [upbeat techno music playing]
[driver] I was driving
down my usual route.
On the old Bazaar Road, sir.
It must be around 7:00 p.m., sir.
[Hassan] By any chance
were you drinking at that time?
No, sir, I swear on my mother.
I didn't drink.
Ah, however, it was not my fault, sir.
That car came out of nowhere.
- [tires screeching]
- [glass shattering]
[dogs barking]
Did you take anything from the car?
A camera or something?
I just ran away.
I don't know anything else, sir.
- Thupalli.
- Sir.
Charge him under sections 279,
304, and 302.
Sir, sir, sir, sir, sir.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait, sir.
Just when I hit the car,
in the alley the car came from
[upbeat pop song playing over radio]
You are my lightning star ♪
I saw a lady in burka.
- [rooster crowing]
- [Swathi] Uncle.
- Do you have floor cleaner?
- Yes, I do, my dear.
Here you go.
Take your pick, but be careful.
Careful, okay?
Even a drop of this acid
will peel off your skin.
Hmm. Okay.
- This one is medium not as strong.
- Medium.
- Swathi, what are you doing?
- [cow mooing]
[birds chirping]
Two bottles of this one.
Swathi, what's going on?
- As per our plan, we were
- Change of plans.
- What do you mean?
- I'll tell you at home. Just relax.
Relax? We just murdered someone.
This is the not the time to relax.
We need to run from here.
No one's going anywhere, okay?
Come on.
But what about our 9:20 bus?
From Mainjur to Madurai?
We're staying right here in Mainjur.
Baby. Baby.
The cops know about Nadar's death, okay?
Soon they will find out
about Pra Prabhakar also.
But Prabhakar isn't dead.
[tense music playing]
Have you fucking lost it, Swathi?
Umesh please,
I'm a trained nurse. Okay?
I know exactly what I'm doing.
Don't worry.
Arey, but we just buried your husband,
- Prabhakar, my love.
- [Swathi] I know.
Do you now plan to dig him up
and take him to a hospital
and ask the doctor
to fix his face onto mine? Do you?
And you expect him to say,
"Sure, sure. I'll do it right away."
Yaar, stop talking like an idiot.
Not cosmetic surgery.
I'm talking about
- Facial reconstruction.
- What construction?
Just like they do for burn victims.
Burn vict
[music intensifies]
No. Uh I I'm not saying
it's going to be easy, okay?
I can't do that. [stammers]
You've gone insane!
- It's not that tough, Umesh.
- You have definitely gone insane.
Not just tough, it's impossible.
And what will you do about my voice?
You know
I can't articulate like Prabhakar.
[Swathi] Arey, we'll handle
the articulation easily.
As far as your voice goes
Just stop talking.
People change after incidents like this,
you know?
I'm sure their height changes too.
Height, voice, body, hair, hmm?
[thunder rumbling]
It's not instant. It takes a little time.
How am I gonna pull this off, yaar?
What if something goes wrong?
It'll be all right, Umesh.
I'm here with you.
And I'll always be here.
But you said last night
that you cannot live with me.
I can live with you, Umesh.
I want to live with you.
I just can't run away.
In any case, where will we run and go to?
Pondicherry or Thailand,
we're going to get caught someday.
If we get caught
you will still be you, but but me
No. I love you, baby. I love you so much.
And I wish that I could take your place.
[sighs] But think about it the other way.
If, by any chance, it works out
Just imagine.
You'll have everything.
This house, Prabhu's resort,
my restaurant, me.
And we'll be married.
You'll be Mr. Shetty
and I'll be Mrs. Shetty.
- [romantic music playing]
- [chuckles] Forever and ever and ever.
[plant sizzling]
See that? Everything will be fine.
[breathes deeply]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [scissors clacking]
Who told you this nonsense?
The crazy lady next door, right?
Ah! You can't trust anything she says.
Okay, but people told me
that you know her?
I mean, the lady in the burka.
Do you think this is a burka or what, huh?
- No, no, no. But what I meant was
- Look, I need to leave, sir. Please.
You can stay.
I'm off to the market.
Mind the shop while I'm gone.
[pensive music playing]
- [gasps]
- [music concludes]
[in Urdu] How do you do?
[in English] The lady in the burka
that you're looking for?
I know about her. Come on.
I didn't say anything
because that bitch was right there.
I need her place to run my salon. Come.
I forgot what I was going to say.
A couple of thousands would remind me.
- A couple of hundreds would also do.
- [sighs]
Here it is. The heroine's name.
Manisha Koirala?
[tense music playing]
- [skin sizzling]
- [music concludes]
Doesn't it hurt?
I've taken some painkillers.
[tweezers clattering]
- [Swathi] Okay, ready?
- Baby.
- Please. Let's discuss it first.
- Umesh.
- [stammers]
- No, no. Nothing will happen don't worry.
Just relax, okay?
- There could be another way, right?
- Nothing will happen. Just relax.
Relax, okay?
Come on, let's breathe. Ready?
[inhales deeply] Breathe out. Very good.
- Okay, relax. One more time, breathe in.
- [inhales]
Okay, good boy.
Once more, breathe in. Yes.
- [breathes deeply]
- Breathe out.
Keep breathing. Relax, okay?
Good boy. Keep breathing.
[breathes deeply]
- [Swathi] Done. Done. Almost done.
- [whimpers] Baby, baby.
- My chest.
- Almost done. Almost done. Just relax.
- My chest is hurting.
- [Swathi] Done, done, done, done.
Done. Finished. Finished.
That's a good boy.
- Very good boy.
- Baby, what if it leaks
into my heart, huh?
What if it punctures a vein?
[Swathi] Nothing will happen, okay?
What if someone recognizes me?
I used to work there.
Your job is done. Now, I'm responsible
for everything else, okay?
- Now, just a little bit here.
- Baby, baby, please.
- It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
- Baby, please.
- [shushes] Baby, it's okay.
- No, no, no.
- Just relax.
- Baby, please, please, please.
- [Swathi] That's it, that's it, that's it.
- No, no, no, no.
- [Swathi] Okay.
- [groans]
- [groans] No.
- [Swathi, in distorted voice] Yes.
- [Swathi] Yes.
- [in distorted voice] Yes.
Very good. Yes. Breathe in.
- [distortion continues]
- [Swathi] Breathe out.
- Baby?
- [Swathi] Baby?
Why does it feel so cold on my face?
I told you nothing would happen.
[in normal voice] It's diluted, right?
- [Umesh] Baby?
- [Swathi] Baby?
- Can I do it?
- No, no, no. That's it.
[ringtone playing in Hindi ] Only you ♪
- Only you ♪
- [Umesh] Only you ♪
[ringtone] How can I live without you ♪
[Umesh sings indistinctly]
[in English] Baby, don't go, please.
[Swathi] Baby, just one minute.
I'm coming back, okay?
[sings indistinctly]
- [vibrates]
- [ringtone, in Hindi] Don't make me ♪
Pine for you ♪
- My life, my heart ♪
- [groans]
You're in every breath I take ♪
Like the crescent moon descending on ♪
[Thupalli, in English]
Hello, Manisha Koirala?
I'm Assistant Sub-Inspector
Thupalli speaking.
[inhales deeply]
[grunts, groans]
[groans] Out. Out. Out. [chuckles]
[grunts, pants]
- [tense music playing]
- [breathing heavily, groans]
[Umesh yells, groans]
What happened, Umesh?
[Swathi] What did you do?
I'm screwed, right?
What do you mean, "screwed"?
- [Umesh] It's It's burning.
- Is it burning?
- Swathi, it's burning.
- Oh, fuck.
- [Umesh] It's burning.
- Oh, fuck.
Umesh, why did you
Why the hell did you take that bottle?
- It's gonna
- [Umesh] It's burning, Swathi.
It's burning.
One second. Give me a minute.
- I'm just coming, okay? One minute.
- Swathi.
It's burning. It's burning.
One second. One second.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
One second, okay?
- It's burning. It's It's burning.
- [Swathi] Just relax. Okay, Umesh? Relax.
- It's burning, Swathi! It's burning!
- [Swathi] Baby, one second. Relax, okay?
Calm down! Calm down. It'll be fine.
Everything will be fine. Just relax.
- [groans, screams]
- Umesh! Umesh, it's okay. It's okay.
[groans, screams]
- [dramatic music playing]
- One minute. Okay, baby?
- One second. One second. Okay? Okay.
- [Umesh] Swathi! Swathi!
- [groaning, sobbing]
- Okay.
- [Umesh groaning]
- Okay, ready?
[Thupalli] Yes, sir.
Manisha Koirala is 100% fake, sir.
When I called the number
some lady answered.
[Hassan] It could be a bogus number?
No, sir, now the number is switched off.
I think she got scared.
- [Hassan] Find out on whose name
- Sir?
Sir, I've already asked Asha
to find out, sir.
Sir, I think this Koirala lady
killed Kiran Nadar.
- [Hassan] Wait.
- I said "killed." Sir.
- [Hassan] What?
- [Thupalli] Killed. Killed.
[Hassan] Not you. I'm talking to Asha.
- Ah. Sir.
- [Hassan] Thupalli.
Get to the Mainjur Hospital at once.
Okay, sir. Right away, sir. Yes, sir.
[Hassan] And don't start following
any other lead.
[groans, screams]
I'm not going to ask
where you got the morphine, Swathi.
Actually, Doctor, Prabhu used
to use it for his leg, you know?
No, no. As I said, I don't need to know.
But it has worked. He is in less pain.
Uh, should we take him to Mumbai, yaar?
No, there's no time.
We must debride the dead tissue ASAP.
See you can get reconstruction done later.
In Mumbai or Delhi, wherever.
But, Dr. Sridhar, uh, his face?
[Sridhar] See Swathi,
sulfuric acid is very, very corrosive.
His one eye is completely lost.
The left cheek
and ear are also very bad.
Plus, he has inhaled some fumes,
you know. Like gases?
- I just hope the vocal cords are intact.
- [grunts, groans]
Okay, that's enough.
You start that surgery.
- Surgery. Go on.
- Okay.
- [Hassan] Uh, Mr. Shetty
- [Arvind] Yes.
I am very sorry to hear
Hello, sir, I am ASI Thupalli.
This is my first acid attack case.
[ambulance siren blaring in distance]
Prabhu was hungover.
So, when he woke up,
we decided to go for a walk.
And we were just on our way back when
When the attack happened.
Right outside the gate.
It just happened so suddenly.
I don't know where that guy came from.
Did you get a glimpse of him?
No. No, his his face was covered.
And I tried to scream, but
[sighs] But thankfully,
Prabhu was in his senses,
and he stepped between both of us.
And then that guy,
he started to ask for money.
We gave him also.
Cash, purse, bangle, watch, but
But, uh But what, madam?
[whimpers] He wanted my locket.
Prabhu and I have identical ones.
Our tenth
tenth anniversary gift. [sobs]
[kisses, sobs]
Uh, madam Mrs. Shetty?
We should've just given him the locket.
We could've always got new one's made.
But my Prabhu Prabhu.
I am sorry, madam.
What happened after that?
After that, that fellow,
that fellow threw [pants]
a acid at me. [shuddering] Just look.
But, my Prabhu,
he stepped between us and he saved me.
Chutiya. Fucking idiot.
Ma'am, uh,
did you know Detective Kiran Nadar?
[suspenseful music playing]
- Kiran What?
- Nadar. He was a private detective.
Hey, what's this joker talking about?
[chuckles] Sorry, sir, he's just a rookie.
Uh, ignore him.
Hey, listen.
- Go and wait outside.
- Sir, let me
[clicks tongue] Just go.
Uh, sir, uh,
may I speak to madam in private?
Just for five minutes.
Hmm. [groans]
[Hassan sighs] Take a look at this.
This is what I found
at Kiran Nadar's house.
- A blackmail letter.
- Blackmail? But who is "Mani"?
- "Money."
- Yes, "Mani." Who is he?
"Money," madam.
Uh, it's a spelling mistake.
Your brother-in-law Arvind Shetty's money.
The reason why your husband
was blackmailed.
- [tense music playing]
- [gasps]
[Thupalli] Yes, Asha tell me.
[Asha] The cell number
you asked me about?
- Yes?
- [Asha] It's registered
- to a certain Umesh Pillai.
- Oh!
- [Asha] His address is Gymkhana Club.
- Which place is that?
- [Asha] What?
- Did you say Periyakanal Gymkhana Club?
- [Asha] Yes, correct. He works there only.
- [Thupalli] Okay.
Uh, do me a favor, send me
the manager's number. I'll check on him.
- [Asha] Okay. Okay. I'll WhatsApp you.
- [Thupalli] Okay, done. Hmm.
[female announcer, over PA] Dr. Warsi,
kindly report to the gynecology ward.
- Dr. Warsi, I repeat, please report to
- [keypad clacking]
None of this would have happened
if I had not left early
from there last night.
But that chutiya Prabhu
should've given away the locket.
We could've rung his insides out later
and shoved a whole rocket
up his ass, madarchod.
- Fucking idiot.
- [cell phone dings]
- [Arvind] Such a stupid asshole.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. I got it. Dad, I got it!
- What did you get?
- My art school admission.
I got it! [squeals]
- E Ecoley Coley? What's this?
- École des Beaux-Arts, Dad.
- School of Fine Arts, Paris. I got in!
- Hey, hey.
Shut up! You're not going to Paris
or anywhere else.
- [Appu scoffs] What? Excuse me?
- What excuse?
How many times do I have to tell you?
You are Arvind Shetty's daughter.
You have to run Rising Sun.
[scoffs] What's all this denting-painting?
Denting Dad,
I got into a top fine art school.
Art school can go
to fucking hell, bhenchod.
You're coming to Rising Sun.
And working there. Got it?
Uncle, he cannot be serious. Please.
Who the fuck is he?
He has no say, bhenchod.
- When I'm saying
- Fuck you, Dad. I am going to France.
Let's see how you stop me.
Appu. Appu, one minute.
Appu, come back. Appu! Back!
What the fuck?
[female announcer, over PA] Dr. Anand,
please come to the emergency ward.
- [monitor beeping]
- [breathes deeply]
What the fuck, Umesh?
You were blackmailing Prabhu?
Didn't you think about me even once?
And now I know that Prabhu hired Nadar
because of you.
All of this is your fault.
Have you been lying to me all along?
To me? You used me.
[pants] And only for 50 lakhs.
[breathes shakily]
I I wanted to I wanted to
- I wanted to
- What?
[in pained voice]
Run away with you to Thailand.
- T to Thailand.
- Thai Thailand.
I did not have money.
[sobbing] I love you.
I I love you. I I love you.
- [whimpers]
- I love you.
- You fool.
- I
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [Swathi] Shit.
I knew it.
I knew there was something wrong
with that bugger.
Wrong? What do you mean?
I means he was into gambling
- and all, sir.
- Oh!
- He was always asking for loans.
- Mm-hmm.
And, sir, he was a big pervert too.
- Oh.
- Sushma knows.
Uh, not with me, sir.
He was never tried to act smart
Then what was the reason
you didn't fire him?
He had some big clients, sir.
Otherwise, I would have fired him
a long time ago.
- Sir, sir, sir. This is his room, sir.
- [Thupalli] Huh? Okay.
[Thupalli sniffs]
[clears throat]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Thupalli] Okay.
[camera shutter clicks]
[papers rustling]
[groans softly]
[Thupalli] "Pay me."
"Pay me."
- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
- [glass shattering]
- [music concludes]
- [Thupalli] Yuck, damn it. Yuck. Yuck.
- [iron hissing]
- [cell phone ringing]
[Thupalli] Hello, sir. Hello.
[Hassan] Hey, Thupalli,
where the fuck are you?
[Thupalli] Sir,
coming to the hospital only.
I've got a great lead, sir.
[Hassan] Head to Shetty's house
- and don't waste time.
- [Thupalli] Okay, sir.
[Hassan] Check the spot
where the attack happened.
Binny is already there.
- You join him quickly, okay?
- [Thupalli] Sir, one more thing.
I went to the gymkhana
and met the manager.
Umesh Pillai is the masseuse there, sir.
I cannot hear you properly.
[Thupalli] The one who gives massage, sir.
- Oh! Masseuse, huh?
- [Thupalli] Yes, sir.
- And I found a blackmail note
- Okay.
in his office, sir.
- Practice note, sir.
- Uh, just tell me his name again.
[Thupalli] Umesh Pillai, sir.
Umesh Umesh Pillai.
And, sir, I think
this Umesh Pillai is the blackmailer, sir.
And I also saw his photo
with Prabhakar Shetty, sir.
He must be the one
who threw the acid too, sir.
- Hey, kiddo.
- [Thupalli] Yes, sir.
[Hassan] Catching this attacker
is our top priority.
[Thupalli] Okay, sir. Okay, okay, sir.
[Hassan] Mrs. Shetty?
[footsteps approaching]
Isn't the OT that way?
I, uh I have to go home actually
to get Prabhu's things, so
Okay. Well, uh
Do you know any Umesh Pillai?
- Who?
- Umesh Pillai?
The one who used to work
at the Mainjur Gymkhana Club.
In fact,
even your husband was his client.
Uh, yeah, why?
I just got a call from my assistant
and he said
that the person blackmailing
your husband was Umesh Pillai.
I can understand that hearing this,
uh, might upset you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Uh, Inspector. Uh
- [Hassan] Yes?
Actually, it's possible.
What is possible?
Today also, that that fellow
The way he was talking to Prabhu,
you know, and his voice
He was shouting, you know,
"Where's my 50 lakhs?"
- "Where is it?"
- Oh, shit.
Why didn't you tell me about this before?
[sighs] Sorry, I don't know.
It just But Umesh?
- He looks like such a simple man, right?
- Well, what can I say, ma'am?
It would've been so good
if people looked
the way they actually are.
It would've made my job easier.
[scoffs] But that's the way it is.
Anyway, you carry on.
- Please.
- Thank you.
[breathes deeply]
[suspenseful music playing]
[insects chirping]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [cell phone ringing]
- Hello? Sir? Do you remember, sir?
Mrs. Shetty said they were attacked
near their gate?
[Hassan] Yes,
and Mrs. Shetty confirmed it as well.
It seems she's telling the truth, sir.
Uh, but there is one problem, sir.
[Hassan] Hey, Thupalli,
can you get to the point?
Sir, firstly,
there are two pair of footprints, sir.
One male and one female,
but there should be three pairs, right?
Two male and one female, right, sir?
[Hassan] Thupalli,
stop fucking with other stuff.
Now, listen carefully.
You were right. Umesh is the blackmailer,
Swathi has also confirmed this.
And Umesh knows Prabhakar,
so it makes total sense.
Nadar also must have figured it out.
Now, do one thing.
- Head straight to Umesh's house.
- Sir. I knew it, sir. I knew it.
- I told you, didn't I?
- [Hassan] Okay. Okay.
Now, head to Umesh's house
without wasting anymore time.
Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay, sir.
Yes! Yes!
- [wind whooshing]
- [thunderclap]
[door unlocking, opening]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Swathi gasps] Fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- [crickets chirping]
- [dog barking]
223 by 8.
[Swathi breathes heavily]
[thunder rumbling]
[eerie music playing]
- [car engine starting]
- [tires screeching]
[insects chirping]
[music continues]
[motorcycle engine rumbling]
- [gasps]
- [animal growling in distance]
[grunts, pants]
[shovel clattering]
- [Swathi groans]
- [footsteps approaching]
[tense music playing]
[breathes shakily] Hands up.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [Thupalli] Hey!
[breathes shakily]
[birds chirping]
[wind whooshing]
Hello, sir, sir? Thupalli here, sir.
Sir, Swa Swathi Shetty
is Manisha Koirala, sir.
Manisha Koirala is the burka woman, sir.
She went to Umesh Pillai's house,
and I followed her.
Uh, then she went to the forest
and there was a dead body, sir.
Sir, you know,
Prabhakar Shetty's dead body, sir.
There were fireflies, sir.
While chasing her
I broke my leg also, sir.
But it's fine, sir. And then, sir.
Prabhakar Shetty's dead,
and Umesh Pillai is in the hospital, sir.
Prabhakar Shetty is Umesh Pillai,
Umesh Pillai is Prabhakar Shetty, sir.
So, you see.
Swathi Shetty is the burka woman, sir.
The burka woman is Manisha Koirala, sir.
Uh, I figured it out, and
and we have to do something
[Hassan, over cell phone] Hello?
Hello? I can't hear Where are you?
- Hello? Hello?
- [Thupalli grunts]
[Swathi] No, no, no, no, no!
- [gasps, screams]
- [gunshot]
[gasps, breathes shakily]
[tense music playing]
[gasps, whimpers]
[sobs] No! [breathes heavily]
[fire crackling]
[breathes heavily]
[monitor beeping]
[tense music playing]
[breathes heavily]
[tense music continues]
[water burbling]
[solemn music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music concludes]
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