Killer Soup (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[ominous music playing]
- [music fades]
- [birds chirping]
[child laughing] Splash the water
on him, not on me.
Hey, don't go that way!
The monster fish will eat you!
What fish?
The fish fattened
by chemicals in the water.
Go away!
There is no monster fish. [screams]
Hey, Senthil?
Hey, Senthil? Oh, Senthil. Hey!
Hey, Senthil. Where are you?
Senthil? Hey, Senthil.
- Senthil?
- [screams]
Got you, fooled you.
You always fall for it. [laughs]
- You're so dumb. It was a prank. [giggles]
- [suspenseful music playing]
What are you staring at?
[theme music playing]
[theme music concludes]
[intriguing music playing]
- [music concludes]
- [Lucas] Hey, what are you doing?
Oh, Uncle! You scared me.
What are you doing?
What does it look like I'm doing?
I'm going over the accounts.
Apparently, I work here now.
By the way, since when is Last Resort
the subsidiary of Rising Sun?
- Hey, don't poke your nose in this.
- [Appu] Oh, for fuck's sake.
Just look at the shitty accounting.
Come here.
5.8 crores for pest control.
A child with half a brain cell can tell
that Last Resort is nothing
but a laundering racket.
And clearly Uncle isn't very good at it.
If there's an audit,
we'll all be behind bars.
- Appu. Look
- [Arvind] Hey, Lucas!
Get the car, bhenchod!
We're getting late for work.
Look, Appu. What did Arvind tell you, huh?
Do the inventory, right?
That's your job. Not this.
[EKG monitor beeping]
[Umesh groaning]
Don't worry. She's gone out.
Sorry. I couldn't come sooner.
I was so scared.
It's horrible.
How could anyone do this to you?
[sniffles, sighs]
Anyway, I just want to tell you
that you're strong, sir. Very strong.
I know what you are going through.
I know it's hard.
You know, I know we decided to stop,
but I also know
that everything will be all right.
Just like my father used to say
[speaking Malayalam]
- [Umesh groaning]
- [chuckles]
[in English] Fighters fight.
And you're also a fighter, aren't you?
Get well soon.
- [groans]
- [gasps] Oh, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
the office feels really empty without you.
- [Swathi] Kirtima?
- [gasps]
Hey, uh, these flowers.
Um. I was asking Sir where to keep them.
Actually, here. Uh. You take it.
For you and Sir.
[chuckles nervously] Okay.
Yeah. From the Last Resort staff.
Okay. Anyway, um, I have to go
open the office and stuff.
Yeah. Sir, uh, get well soon. Bye.
[Umesh groans]
What was she saying?
Huh? I've made some paya soup for you.
It's hot. Wait, I'll give it to you.
Here you go.
Take it.
- [groans]
- What?
- Me?
- [groans]
I'm okay.
[sighs] I just couldn't sleep last night.
Anyway, now everything is under control.
And I've told Arvind as well
that you need some time to recover. Huh?
You just get better soon,
and then we can go home.
Our home.
- Good morning, sir. Hello, madam.
- [EKG monitor beeping rapidly]
- [Swathi] One moment, please.
- Uh. Okay, okay.
It's okay, don't worry.
I'll handle it, okay? You have your soup.
Sorry, sir.
Got a little late in the house.
Did you speak to Thupalli?
- His phone is switched off, sir.
- What do you mean, switched off?
- [cell phone ringing]
- Sir, phone is ringing.
Who's it?
- Just a minute, sir.
- Huh?
- Good morning, Inspector.
- Good morning, Madam.
How is Mr. Shetty?
Actually, Prabhu is still very weak,
and the doctor
has strictly said no visitors.
- Sorry.
- [Hassan] Oh. No, no. I understand, Madam.
Tell Mr. Shetty that I will wait
for his recovery,
then I will talk to him.
Madam, one more thing about Umesh Pillai.
Actually, there is no news
about him, Madam.
If we have to catch him,
we have to catch him now.
Otherwise, he will slip
through our hands, Madam.
- Okay, did Sir mention anything, Madam?
- No, sir.
No, actually
he's just regained consciousness.
Oh, so he's conscious.
Can I speak with him?
- I'll take only two minutes.
- No, no, no. Sorry.
- Sorry, Inspector. Actually, no, no, no.
- No, I will speak very gently.
- Actually, his vocal cords are damaged.
- Madam, I will not trouble him at all.
[Swathi] Please understand, Inspector.
It's not
- Sir.
- Hold on for a second.
- It's just not possible.
- Only
- Sir.
- I asked you to wait.
- One minute, Madam.
- No, no, no. Inspector.
- It's not possible.
- Sir.
Can't you see I'm talking to her?
- Uh, sorry, madam. It's just
- Sir.
[dramatic music playing]
[Arvind] Hi, Inspector. Hey. Arey
He's still very weak, Bava.
- The doctor has strictly said
- The doctor can go fuck himself.
Why did you get yourself fucked like this?
Hope everything
still works downstairs. [chuckles]
[sighs] Sorry, son.
This shouldn't have happened.
You are the only handsome Shetty
in our entire family.
That squinty fucker dared
to lay a hand on Arvind Shetty's brother.
Watch, just watch how I'll skin him alive
and make a leather bag out of him.
- [Umesh groaning]
- Oh, oh. Sorry.
Sorry, sorry. Sorry.
Why the fuck did Umesh blackmail you?
Bava, please.
He can't speak right now. I mean
- [Umesh groaning]
- [Arvind grunting]
Answer me, bhenchod.
What's in the blackmail note
about my money?
Tell me, what exactly did Umesh find
that made him melt
half your face this way?
- Speak. Speak up. Tell me or else!
- [whimpers]
[muttering incoherently]
[whispering indistinctly]
- Bava
- [clatters]
It's okay. Okay?
What did you say to him?
You didn't tell him
about the embezzlement, right?
- No.
- Then what?
I told him his drug business. Mushrooms.
Last Resort and Rising Sun's
money laundering arrangement.
I told him Umesh knows.
What the hell did you go
and do that for, Umesh?
- What else could I have said?
- Anything!
- You could've said anything!
- What do you mean?
- He was ready to kill me.
- [Swathi] Shit!
Did you see the look on his face?
He was We escaped narrowly.
We haven't escaped, we're dead.
- Now, Arvind will never spare us.
- Why won't he spare us?
He will start looking for Umesh now, na.
- But I am Umesh.
- But he's Arvind. Arvind Shetty.
- [Swathi gasps]
- Swathi.
Baby. Baby, calm down. Calm down. Okay?
- Everything will be all right.
- Umesh.
- What's done is done.
- [sighs]
But he won't let things go.
You don't know him.
- All we have to do is stick together.
- [Swathi gasping] But Arvind?
[singing in Hindi] Only you ♪
Only you ♪
How can I live without you ♪
[soft music playing]
Come to me ♪
Come on now ♪
Oh, my heart ♪
Come with me to the garden of love ♪
[shutter clicking]
- [in English] Move. Move. Move.
- [indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music playing]
Sir. Come this way, sir.
- Sir.
- Are you okay, sir?
[camera shutter clicking]
[doctor] You know, frankly I'm amazed.
I mean,
it's no less than a miracle, Swathi.
At first, I thought that the acid
had reached his facial muscles.
I was worried. Really worried.
But what we have achieved here,
I mean [laughs]
I know, Doc. Thank you.
You know, sadly,
we could not save the left eye.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
The acid has gone right inside it.
- Hmm.
- [doctor] But the rest?
It's a miracle. [chuckles]
Okay, slowly now.
- [Umesh groaning]
- Shh
Slowly. Don't worry. Okay?
- Don't worry. Slowly, slowly.
- [Umesh] Slowly.
[doctor] It's beautiful!
[tense music playing]
[sobbing echoes]
[tense music concludes]
[Umesh] Can't we cancel it?
I've just been discharged, baby.
- I need to rest for bit.
- You've rested enough, Umesh.
We can't go through life
hiding like this, right?
The police will take
your statement tomorrow.
- What? No, no. I can't do that.
- [car horn honking]
[Swathi] Careful.
Carefully! There's soup in that one.
[Umesh grunts]
[curious music playing]
- [Umesh] Give me that.
- What?
- That that that thing that you made.
- What?
- That thing you made for me.
- [gasps] Oh.
- [car door closing]
- [car engine starting]
[yawns] Sorry, sir. [clears throat]
Sir, the postmortem report
of ASI Thupalli indicates
death by drowning, sir.
Sir, we have recovered his personal items.
This phone is completely damaged, sir.
As you know, actually the last call
that he made was to me, sir.
Sir, before he died,
he had sent me a photograph, sir.
Yeah, this one.
Uh. Actually, this is a blackmail
a blackmail letter.
It looks like it was a
a practice note, sir.
- Sir. Just a minute, sir.
- [Hassan whispers] What happened?
- Sir.
- [keyboard clacking]
[Asha] Come on.
So, sir. This is Shetty's house.
This is Poombarai.
Um. This is where Umesh resided.
And this is Mainjur River.
And this is where I found
[clears throat] Sir, for two weeks
we carried a full search.
A serious investigation, sir. But, uh
Sir, actually his bike
was also missing, sir.
- We don't know
- What do we know?
- Cockshit?
- Yes, sir. Correct, sir.
So, tell me about this, uh this Umesh.
Sir, he's a criminal mastermind, sir.
He doesn't have
a criminal record at all, sir.
He doesn't have a family,
a permanent address.
No debit card,
no Aadhaar card, no PAN number.
He's like aavi, sir.
- Aavi?
- Sir, ghost.
From 2001 and right up to 2006,
he actually worked
as an assistant physiotherapist
at a hospital.
After that, he worked as a masseuse
in the Gymkhana Club.
- Friends? Neighbors?
- Except for the club manager,
every person we spoke to
said he was a gentleman.
A good person, sir.
Uh. His lady clients
also were of the opinion
that he was very charming man.
"Charming?" [scoffs]
But isn't he, uh Isn't he
- cockeyed?
- Yes, he is, sir.
Sir. Sir, the other matter, sir?
About Manisha Koirala.
Sorry, sir. It's a fake name, sir.
Uh. Maybe one of Umesh's girlfriends, sir.
Sir, our target is only Umesh.
Good. Good, good. Very good. Hmm.
Um, I will be there tomorrow
for Shetty's' interview. And
Oh, ASI Thupalli's uncle.
That man calls me every day
- Okay, sir.
- about his belongings and all.
- We will sort that out today.
- [Uday] Hmm.
- Inspector Hassan?
- Sir?
- Get a shave, man.
- [Hassan] Yes, sir.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [people cheering]
[Arvind] Just see to it
that all the arrangements
are done properly.
And what what is this noise?
- [upbeat music concludes]
- Stop it. I'll tell you when to play.
My brother is coming. My brother.
- Listen to him.
- Play it when he arrives. Is that clear?
Is everything ready?
Are the garlands here?
- Are the flowers here? Come on.
- Remember, you have to throw flowers.
[Arvind] As soon as he comes,
throw flowers on him.
Why are you in my way?
Is it a very sunny day for you?
- [horn honking]
- [Arvind] Play, play, play!
- [upbeat music playing]
- [indistinct clamor]
You, get the garlands.
You, throw the flowers.
Go, he's here.
[all cheer]
Stop, stop, stop.
- [upbeat music concludes]
- My brother. My brother.
What's this?
No, the doctor has told him
not to remove it. Please, Bava.
It's okay, no problem.
I missed you so much.
Look at you.
Look how thin you've become, huh?
Arey, get him his welcome gift. Appu!
First we'll go inside, Bava.
Prabhu's still feeling a little weak.
One minute. Welcome gift. Appu. Appu?
It's just a gift, Bava,
we'll give it to him later.
I said one minute, bhenchod.
Arey, where is she? Appu?
Surprise! [cheers]
[tense music playing]
[music concludes]
[Asha] Pack this together, Kishor.
Do it properly. Show me.
- [sighs]
- [Asha] Yes, this one.
[ominous music playing]
The Stoic Heart.
Whose woods these are
I think I know
- [mumbles indistinctly]
- [Asha] Sir.
- We are almost done with the packing.
- [Hassan] Oh.
Just these books are left now.
"PKS." "PKS."
Umesh Pillai?
[Umesh slurping]
- Muthu!
- Yes, sir?
What a killer
beef curry parotta you've made.
[kisses] Great!
- Mm.
- Thank you, sir.
Prabhu. [grunts]
- You missed it.
- [coughs]
Okay? Easy, easy, easy.
Uh. I'm gonna go get some ice cream.
- Me too.
- At least have the soup. Sandy!
I'm very scared.
everything's going to be fine okay?
One more thing,
don't forget to ask him, okay?
Thambi! Come on, let's have a drink.
No, Bava. Doctor said no to drinks.
Hey, come on!
Look, this is imported. Monta Cuere.
- Have you heard of this? No? Huh?
- Mm-mm.
What is it?
Why are you following us like a dog?
What do you think?
I'll eat him up or what? Huh? [scoffs]
- [Muthu] Aunty?
- [dramatic music playing]
Should I throw the soup,
or you will take it back home with you?
- Cestrum nocturnum.
- Huh?
Cestrum nocturnum?
- Hmm.
- Tasty flower.
- What?
- Yeah.
But if you eat, like, a lot of it,
it's very poisonous.
One time, behind our dorm,
a cow ate a whole plant.
Then, her jaws clamped shut
and she started to choke
on her own saliva.
- Took her two whole days to die.
- [Appu coughing]
- [Swathi] My darling baby!
- Mom, please.
- [Swathi] What flavor is that?
- Strawberry.
- [Swathi] Oh.
- It's nice.
Appu, do you remember
how he used to run after you all day?
- To play House House.
- [groans] Mom, please.
- What?
- [Sandy] Fuck.
[both laugh]
- [crickets chirping]
- [thunder rumbling]
Hey. Take it off, now.
- [chuckles]
- Mask. Take off the mask.
- Anneh, the doctor said I
- [clicks tongue] Come on.
We're brothers.
We've seen each other naked.
[groans] Bhenchod! Bhenchod!
- [glass shattering]
- I'll fuck him up.
- Who, Anneh?
- That Umesh.
I want to find him at any cost, Lucas.
That motherfucker knows
all about our business.
- He's already a wanted man.
- Hey!
I don't care about the cops, you know.
Every cop from here to Chennai
dances to Arvin Shetty's tunes.
But if the media gets
even one little whiff of it,
it will ruin Rising Sun.
This whole mess, man.
I don't need this drama, Prabhu.
There's a guy coming from Chennai.
I have to crack this deal at any cost.
If the media had to know,
they would have known by now, Anneh.
I really think you should just
forget about this Umesh.
Forget him, hmm?
That guy tried to mess with Arvind Shetty,
I'll kill that fucking Umesh Mahto.
- Mahto?
- [Lucas] Umesh Shantiram Mahto.
Age, 44. Born, Godia village.
District, Jharsuguda. State, Odisha.
Failed ninth grade,
but a good cricket player.
At the age of 16,
he was selected for the Ranji team.
A ball hit him right on the head.
He recovered but became cockeyed,
and then he picked up a gambling habit.
Because he was so addicted to gambling,
he took huge loans
from the gambling sharks
and lost his land to them.
When he fought them for his land,
they filed a case
of attempted murder against him.
He was on the run for a year,
hiding from the cops.
Then he got a job at Mainjur Hospital.
He now works at the Gymkhana Club
under a new name.
Umesh Pillai. Cockeyed bhenchod.
- [Appu] So, Aunty?
- Hmm?
[Appu] I didn't wanna ask
in front of Uncle, but
- Is it going to get better?
- What?
I mean, his
Oh, I mean, right now we're just focused
on getting back to normal.
But later, let's see.
So, what plans then?
Is Uncle gonna go back to work? Or what?
He'll have to.
We spent lot of money on the treatment so
But I thought
Last Resort is doing really well?
[dramatic music playing]
Just yesterday Dad said
that he has invested so much money in it.
- So, how come?
- Yeah. No, no. It's not that bad.
Also, it's just that we have to start work
on the resort as well.
Oh. Yeah, yeah.
No, makes sense. Makes sense.
So, is Uncle raising the capital himself
or like, taking a loan?
I don't know all of that.
[chuckles nervously]
No, no. [laughs]
I'm asking
because it's such a huge step, right?
I'm glad Uncle's company is doing well.
- [Swathi] Hmm.
- And your restaurant?
You tell me one thing.
How the fuck did he find out, huh?
Tell me. How did know all those things
about my bloody business?
In the spa.
At the at the Gymkhana Club.
I'm sure he must've heard us
talk about it.
Then why did you hire
Detective Kiran Nadar?
You were getting blackmailed,
why the hell didn't you inform us?
Sorry, Anneh, I
- I made a big mistake.
- Mistake meaning?
You have watched my back
since we were young kids, Anneh.
When I stole from Dad, you saved my ass.
And when Swathi and I eloped
and married you called me to Mainjur.
You gave me a house.
For the first time I felt I will
I will handle this issue all by myself.
I'm sorry.
[sobbing] As you can see I lost my face,
my leg broke,
lost my business,
lost so much money. [whimpers]
I'm ruined. I should kill myself.
- I don't
- Hey, come on. Don't cry.
- I should end my life. [sobbing]
- Hey, don't cry. Calm down, calm down.
[indistinct chatter]
- [music concludes]
- [chatter cuts off abruptly]
What's up, Grandpa?
Looks like you have lost your way.
[Mokkai] Hey, Rettai. Shut your mouth.
He's a police officer.
Welcome, sir. How come you are here?
Everything okay?
Everyone's gambling with money, right?
- Do you have a license?
- Sir.
Please don't do this.
I'm sure we can sort something out.
What do you have in mind?
[upbeat disco music playing]
Sir, don't try so hard. The game is over.
- Yes, it is, but it was close.
- You should visit us again, sir.
- Do other cops come here too?
- All the time, sir.
Once the Poombarai cops come,
they don't leave easily, right? [laughs]
Has he ever been here?
Look carefully and tell me the truth.
- No, sir.
- No idea, sir.
- [tense music playing]
- What about him?
- Huh? Sir, this fucker's name is Pillai.
- [scoffs]
Sir. I know this fucker really well, sir.
When was the last time he came here?
- When was the last time he
- Must be around two weeks ago, sir.
If you find that bastard,
please bring him to me.
- You know why?
- [man] He owes us 60 grand, sir.
The moment I see him,
- I am going to chop his fingers.
- Hey.
Sir, your turn. What will you bet now?
[all laugh]
This is my bet.
Sorry, sir. Our time is over.
Our wives are waiting.
Thank you, good night. Bye, bye, sir.
[Hassan] What the fuck did he say?
My wife is waiting too.
[urine splattering]
[music concludes]
[woman moaning on television]
- [door knocking]
- [Hassan grunting]
- Hey, you're back again?
- [Hassan] Open the door!
Come back in the morning.
The bar is closed.
- [Hassan] Hey!
- [door rattling]
[Hassan] Hey! Open the door!
- Open the door I said.
- Sir. Why are you yelling?
- What is it now? Coming, sir.
- [Hassan] Open the door!
Or I'll break it down!
- Hey!
- Motherfuckers! You fucking assholes.
- [all] Sir, sir, sir.
- [Hassan] What did you guys do to him?
What the fuck did you guys do to him?
- What are you doing? Sir, please.
- [overlapping chatter]
- Tell me or I'll shoot you.
- Look, sir.
You are drunk and waving a gun at us.
It's dangerous, sir.
- Please, sir.
- Enough!
- [gunshots]
- Sir! Sir, what are you doing? Sir!
- [overlapping chatter]
- Sir, stay there. Stay there.
What the fuck just happened?
Want some hot milk?
Why didn't you tell me, Mom?
everything happened so fast, you know.
And then you also had your board exams,
so we didn't want to stress you out.
- Dad looks scary.
- Sandy, don't say that, please.
No really. He looks really weird.
And different too.
He didn't even crack
a single bad joke today.
I know, Sandy. But he's been
through so much, na?
Just these last two weeks. I mean
[inhales sharply] What can I say?
After the attack, you know
Dad has changed.
[dramatic music playing]
[Swathi] Just think
about what he must have gone through.
He hardly talks to me these days.
He just looks lost all the time.
So, we have to be patient with him, okay?
We must give him a lot of love,
and understanding and be considerate.
- Okay?
- Okay, Mom.
Okay, baby.
- [dramatic music concludes]
- [crickets chirping]
What's going on, Swathi?
None of this is going like we had planned.
Umesh, he's been at boarding school
for ten years.
He hasn't even spoken to Prabhu properly
for the last three years.
- Please relax.
- Baby, but you have to
Umesh, you're stressing for no reason.
We prepared for this, you know.
Besides, I've already spoken to him.
He will not trouble you at all, okay?
Hey, don't touch this.
[sighs] How did it go with Arvind?
[sighs] I told you, right?
Stressing for no reason.
- [kisses]
- What did he say about the resort?
You asked him, didn't you?
[tense music playing]
[grunts] Hey.
Fucker, eat some mutton and all.
- Fatten up a little. Hm?
- Hm. Mm.
And tomorrow, don't tell the cops
anything about our dealings.
- Of course.
- Haan.
- But, Anneh?
- Yeah?
- When are you giving the funds?
- What funds?
Uh. Need to start work, right?
On the resort?
What resort?
Uh. Hotel California, Anneh.
Remember, I had taken you there?
What, Anneh? You promised
that you would invest in it.
- [laughs]
- We're making a five-star resort there.
[laughs] Investment.
[intense music playing]
[Umesh] All he did was lie to you.
Just a bunch of lies.
That night,
Arvind had said no to the resort.
Oh! I can't believe it!
I can't believe it! I'm so happy!
You know what else?
He brought Russian girls to the party.
That too, five of them.
The other night
he said such horrible things to you.
While Lord Prabhakar
was out doing such dirty things.
[clicks tongue] But don't you worry, dear.
Hmm? I have struck
a very good rapport with Arvind.
He totally fell for my act.
He also told me
to sell the resort and join Rising Sun
on a salary of two, three lakhs.
With plenty of benefits.
It's just a matter of a few years.
We'll save all our money
and take a loan for your restaurant.
Okay, dear? Hmm?
Uh. Look, we have
our whole lives ahead of us.
[cell phone chimes]
[dramatic music playing]
- [sighs]
- Swathi.
Hey! [laughs] What are you doing?
- [whimpers]
- [grunts] Shoo!
[laughs] It's you. [grunts]
[dramatic music continues]
[eerie music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[music concludes]
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