Killer Soup (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[mysterious music playing]
Thirty-one crores?
Who steals 31 crores?
And that too from his own brother?
Who else knew about this?
Just me and
- I hope you didn't tell anyone.
- Who the hell would I tell?
It's not like I'm surrounded
by close friends.
[sighs] Then who could have
What if Arvind
- Does Arvind know about it?
- One minute, let me think.
We are dead. We are dead now.
Arvind will definitely kill us.
[clicks tongue] God! If Arvind knew,
you think he'd be giving you single malt?
- If not Arvind, then who else?
- Someone else.
- Look. Just look at what is written here.
- [Umesh] What?
Thirty-one crores, 12 lakhs, six thousand,
five hundred and forty
Five-hundred and forty-five?
Means whoever has written this
knows the exact amount that he
That means he has proof.
Oh, man!
- What kind of an idiot was this Prabhakar?
- Keep your volume down.
He is dead but his ghost
will drag us through hell now.
Swathi, I am telling you,
he will definitely send us to prison.
- Why are you limping now?
- Then what do I do?
Wherever I look, I only see his face.
It feels like he's always laughing at me.
- Fucking bastard.
- [music stops]
- Dad?
- What?
- Sandy?
- Mosquitoes.
- Mosquitoes?
- They're biting.
What do you expect
the mosquitoes to do? Kiss you?
Sandy, wait.
Sandy, here you go. And listen.
Don't feel bad, okay? You know him.
What is wrong with you?
For God's sake, he's your son.
I don't have any son.
Nor am I anybody's father.
And I haven't stolen anything.
All these are your Prabhu's sins.
You are Prabhu. You.
Now it's up to you
to pay for all of his sins.
We don't have a choice anymore, okay?
Now come on.
You go off to sleep, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay, tomorrow is a big day.
You need the rest. Huh?
Don't worry at all.
Tomorrow we have to go
to the police as well.
[weakly] But Swathi, this blackmail
Please, Prabhu.
Que será, será.
[breathes deeply]
[theme music playing]
[theme music concludes]
Thupalli! Huh!
- [crickets chirping]
- [dog barking in distance]
[ominous music playing]
[music concludes]
Hey, don't make faces.
Remember what your grandpa
used to say, huh?
- "What forest gives"
- Yeah, I know, Uncle. [scoffs]
Is this what you ate
when you were in the forest?
[Lucas] Sometimes.
But do you know what my commander,
Lenin, would always say to me?
"For a true warrior's battle for honor"
"Half a stomach is enough."
Yes. Even half a stomach is enough.
Do you miss home?
[sighs] Mm. Sometimes.
And Amma?
She was still a kid
when we crossed over.
For her, this was her home.
You miss Amma a lot, don't you?
I really miss her music, you know.
She was actually mute, but
I don't know how she learned
to play piano by herself.
When I heard it
for the first time, Appu
it was so beautiful.
Such a sweet melody.
[both laugh]
- If she'd remembered, cut, cut, cut, cut.
- [laughs] Right.
- [laughs, grunts] Oh! Oh! Oh!
- [Surya] Oh! Careful. Careful.
- [laughs]
- [exclaims] Hey! What's up? So?
What's cooking, Uncle?
Hey, Lucas, find a bigger kill.
It seems you're getting old, huh?
Don't be mean, Dad.
Uncle actually found me a deer.
- Oh!
- But I messed up the shot.
Hunting? You can hunt here?
Meet Surya. Mannikam's nephew.
He's come from Chennai for the deal.
And she is my daughter, Apeksha.
Future owner of Rising Sun
and Company.
[chuckles] Well, I only do accounts
for Dad. My plan is to study art.
- [Arvind] Hmm.
- Hmm. What kind of art?
Well, I like to paint. And recently,
I've been dabbling with charcoal also.
Are you going to the police station?
And did your guy call from Odisha?
He did. Umesh hasn't reached there yet.
I think he's hiding somewhere close.
Then tell me this first.
What the hell are you doing about it?
If the cops find him before us,
we are royally fucked.
[indistinct chatter]
Good morning. Good morning, sir.
- [chuckles] Good morning.
- [Asha] Good morning, sir.
I've sent a team
to catch those three guys, sir.
What, sir?
- [Uday] Inspector Hassan.
- Yes, sir.
What what what
what just happened to your nose?
[hesitates] Sir, yesterday, I
It doesn't matter, you come fast now.
Prabhakar Shetty and Swathi Shetty
are waiting for you.
[Hassan] O okay, sir.
Uh. Tell me how long
have you known Mr. Umesh Pillai?
Mm. Since, uh, seven or eight years.
How well do you know him?
Mm. I used to visit the club for a massage
with my brother, Arvind Shetty,
When did the blackmail start?
Well, about three, four months ago.
- [Hassan] And why?
- Huh?
I mean,
why did Umesh Pillai blackmail you?
Inspector, I
I had a bad habit.
A bad habit?
Whatever I did was was unintentional.
- I
- For God's sake, Prabhu.
You're a fucking sex addict.
[intriguing music playing]
- Holy shit. [chuckles]
- Yes.
I am a sex addict.
At parties, even if I have to pay money,
all I want is just sex all the time.
I was completely destroying my life.
Swathi is is beautiful but
but I was cheating on her. [sighs]
I suspected, but I didn't know for sure.
[music concludes]
But what I can't really understand is,
what is the connection between
your brother's money and this blackmail?
[clears throat]
Around two years ago,
I found out about a land deal.
It was a 30-crore deal.
My brother, Arvind,
used to invest in my company.
He gave half,
and the other half, I invested.
When the date
of the deal arrived, suddenly,
I felt a desire.
- Desire?
- Burning desire.
A burning desire for sex.
- [intriguing music playing]
- [Hassan clears throat]
So I organized a party.
Arranged the alcohol, DJ, drugs, and all.
I called Russian girls from Chennai.
There was a girl amongst them.
She was the hottest. Uh! [kisses]
- Raunchy.
- Prabhu.
[stammers] Sorry, I had gone crazy.
I had lost all control.
I partied like a
like a horny dog all night.
Next day, when I woke up
the girl and the 30 crores,
both [snaps]had vanished. Gone.
I knew it.
I was shitting bricks, brother.
Okay, so how did, uh,
Umesh Pillai know about this?
Because he was there.
He was there at that party.
I had called him for a massage,
that madar
It seems like you were correct
about Umesh.
Now, uh, do you have anything else to ask?
Uh Uh, sir
Uh, but I just wanted to ask
one more question to you, ma'am.
Oh, sure.
Did you know Pillai?
Yeah, I told you.
The first attack was on you, right?
Yeah, so?
So, we thought it is, uh, um
- po possible
- Madam?
- Did Pillai have the hots for you?
- [scoffs] Excuse me?
Hi his boss told me
that he was a big flirt,
and he attacked you.
- So, we thought that Ume
- Neither did I know Umesh properly,
nor did I ever
have a conversation with him.
He was Prabhu's masseuse.
I mean, a servant.
So if he had some bad intentions about me
then I really don't know, you know?
- So, are we done then?
- Uh. Yes, yes, madam.
- Thank you for your cooperation.
- [Swathi] Thank you. Thank you.
- Sorry to bother you like this, madam.
- [Swathi] No problem.
Damn it, we are all very emotional
here at Nezhimalai.
- Oh.
- You see,
we have lost
our Junior Inspector recently.
- [Umesh] "Lost" means?
- [Uday] Uh. Gone, sir. Dead.
I think you met him?
- [Swathi] Uh. Who's this?
- [yawns]
- [Swathi] Thupalli?
- [Uday] That sweet baby face.
[Swathi] Oh, yes, I remember him.
- Swathi, I
- How did that Hassan talk to me like that?
I was nervous for a bit.
- Even even, I was nervous then.
- But you were very good, huh.
For a second
it looked as if Prabhu was talking.
Swathi, what was the DSP talking about?
The Junior Inspector and all?
I don't know.
We we had nothing to do
with his death, right?
Umesh, are you mad?
- Do I look like a serial killer?
- No. Not at all.
- But Mainjur River is near Suicide Point
- Umesh, yaar, please.
How would I know?
Okay, sorry.
He just wouldn't shut the hell up.
That's why your boss's 30 crores
are now in some,
uh, Russian whore's hands.
- What else did he say?
- Nothing much.
And we are back to square one.
We've been wasting time
instead of looking for the right clues.
- Sir! That Manisha Koirala.
- [Lucas] Mm-hmm.
That, uh, Pillai is missing.
- And the burka woman
- Manisha Koirala.
is missing.
The most important thing is,
Nadar's camera has also gone missing.
[Binny] One plus one equals two.
[Swathi] For God's sake, Prabhu,
you're a fucking sex addict.
[Asha] Holy shit! [chuckles]
So, what do you think?
[Umesh] Yes. I am a sex addict.
[Hassan] The whole town knows
what sort of man Prabhakar Shetty is.
But can I just say that, uh,
I feel extremely bad for poor Mrs. Shetty?
You know, being loyal to your wife
is such an important thing for a man.
Though, I feel that
there was something very strange
about Prabhakar today.
As though a child
had put on his father's shirt, you know.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Swathi] Neither did I know
Umesh properly,
nor did I ever
have a conversation with him.
There, uh
[suspenseful music continues]
[Hassan gasps]
- [papers rustle]
- [grunts] Hey!
[pants, gasps]
[distorted voice]
Neither did I know Umesh properly,
nor did I ever
have a conversation with him.
[Swathi] He was Prabhu's masseuse.
I mean, a servant.
[distorted voice]
Neither did I know Umesh properly,
nor did I ever
have a conversation with him.
[tape rewinds]
[distorted voice]
Neither did I know Umesh properly,
nor did I ever
have a conversation with him.
- He was Prabhu's se
- [tape rewinds]
[Thupalli] When the sun has died
And the night creatures cry
Follow the fireflies to the place
where all secrets lie
When the sun has died
and the night creatures
We caught them, sir.
- Okay?
- Okay, okay, okay. Come on.
[Swathi] Where did everyone go?
- [Umesh] And why is it so dark in here?
- [Swathi] I don't know.
[all] Welcome! Welcome, sir!
[all chanting] Welcome, sir!
Please do come if you're free, sir.
- Madam.
- What time is the performance?
At the Kalari gym.
Where I do the show
every week, sir. There.
- Oh. [chuckles] Okay.
- [chuckles]
So tell me about the black money.
[Umesh] Hmm.
Just tell me about the money
we stole from Arvind.
How much, Kirtima?
Why is she asking me all this?
Don't talk to him. Talk to me. How much?
- I'll have to see the accounts.
- Thirty-one.
Thirty-one crores, 12 lakhs,
60,545 rupees, Kirtima.
Don't act like you don't know.
- What are you trying to say?
- Who all know about it?
Sir, me, and now you.
So, no one else in the office knows?
- Or in Arvind's office?
- No.
Last Resort and Rising Sun
books are entirely separate.
Arvind sir gets only the revenue reports,
which he doesn't look at by the way.
Please, Kirtima,
spare me all this technical bullshit.
Just tell me that,
other than Prabhu and me
- only you know about this, right?
- Yes. Yes.
- But why are you asking me?
- Because we don't trust you.
[Umesh] I mean, uh,
after what happened with me,
we need to we need to trust you.
Sir, I have worked for you
for more than ten years.
I have committed a crime
and gone against
my acha's teachings, just for you.
I am still trying to do my best and
although we are almost bankrupt
- Bankrupt?
- [sniffs]
- Yeah.
- What do you mean, "bankrupt"?
- [tense music playing]
- I mean, we have no money.
The company account
has, like, over one crore.
And I have not even taken any salary
for several months.
Soon this office will be gone.
This office, Hotel California,
- your house, your car
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What do you mean
what do you mean, "gone"?
Swathi, loans. Your loans.
Why does all this have my name on it?
- [music stops]
- Bastard!
That motherfucker, that asshole Prabhu.
- Ba ba baby, please calm down.
- No.
Look on the brighter side.
At least now we know
that Kirtima has not done anything.
And anyway, who blackmails beggars
[Swathi] Just shut up.
- Baby, that could have hurt.
- Shut up! Just shut up, you idiot.
- Baby, why are you calling me an idiot?
- Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!
Why do I only find chutiyas like you?
Chutiya. Why are you calling me chutiya?
[Swathi] All of this is happening
because of you, you know?
First theft, then blackmail, now jail.
I'm going to jail.
The police is going to arrest me. Me!
You're talking as if I took
the loans in your name.
God! You used to beg me
for money. Remember?
"I don't have money, I need to pay
my rent, I need to pay my SIP."
And like a donkey,
I used to steal money to give you.
So that you could blow it up on gambling!
[sobs] You used me, Prabhu. Fuck you!
[breathes heavily]
I put my life on the line for your sake.
And now you're saying that
that I used you?
- You used me, Prabhu!
- I am not Prabhu!
- Umesh.
- You are alive today because of me!
- It was me who saved your life!
- [weakly] Okay.
- Because of you
- No, no, no, no. Please, Prabhu.
- Look what I've done to myself.
- [Swathi] Please, please
Look what I've done!
- I gave my life, integrity, existence.
- Okay, calm down.
- I lost everything because of you!
- [Swathi] Sorry.
I fucking loved you!
I did you a big favor, and you
- you ungrateful bitch!
- [screams]
- [Sandy] Dad!
- [gasps]
What the fuck is wrong with you?
[groans weakly]
- [strikes]
- [all] Sir.
- Sir, sir, sir. Please, sir. Please. Ah!
- [overlapping chatter]
Tell me where did you guys find that bike?
Uh. Sir, some customer
must have left it there.
You guys are not here for theft, hmm.
But for a policeman's murder, bastard!
- Murder?
- Policeman?
Sir, that's out of our league.
Sir, we are just
You are small-timers.
You don't have to
say this again and again.
You are running a gambling parlor
without license,
selling liquor illegally,
and have stolen a policeman's bike.
Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir, we haven't killed
anyone, nor did we break your nose.
I swear
on my grandpa's daughter-in-law, sir!
You motherfuckers!
You can swear on whom you like.
Your mother,
your sister, your grandmother.
This is my town.
- Here, my word is final. Hmm?
- [dramatic music playing]
[Hassan] Start talking now.
[cell phone chimes]
Two crores?
I thought I'd open a restaurant.
But who can it be?
What was I thinking?
Let's run away.
[music concludes]
Do you really think
that I have used you, Swathi?
And do you really feel
like you did me a big favor?
Where are you going? Umesh?
I hate my dad.
[chuckles] Same pinch, bruh.
Do they always fight like this?
I don't know, dude. I don't live here.
I failed my boards.
- What?
- Mm, yup. Don't tell Mom.
- Do you smoke?
- Of course.
[both chuckle]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [grunts]
- Sandy?
- What?
- [chuckles]
- [car engine starts]
[line ringing]
[Umesh] Kirtima, where are you?
- [Kirtima] Hello?
- Th there's an emergency.
Need an urgent withdrawal
from the company account.
[Kirtima] Prabhu sir? I can't hear you.
I'm at the Kalari Center.
My performance is just about to start.
- I hope you're coming.
- Uh. I'm coming. I'm coming, Kirtima.
[lumberjack] I came to the forest
to see if I could, uh,
find a fallen tree, to cut and sell it.
Uh. That's when I found
the bike over there.
I thought it will rust away
if I left it there,
so I took it and gave it to them.
As if you've given it for free.
Uh. No, sir, I took the money for it.
I am just a
Small-timer, right?
How come all you guys
are singing the same tune? Huh?
Can you read what's written there?
No. What's written there?
Asha, do one thing.
- [Asha] Hmm?
- Book this fucker for theft.
- Okay.
- Sir. Sir. Sir
- And these three
- [Binny] Book them for assault, sir?
No, no, that's not needed.
- Sir. Sir. Thank you so much, sir.
- [Hassan] Quiet!
Book them for illegal gambling
and sale of liquor.
- Illegal gambling? Sir, please, sir.
- Get lost.
- Get lost.
- Sir, we are not gambling. Sir!
- Sir! Sir! Sir, please listen!
- [overlapping chatter]
Now, what's the plan, sir?
[car engine starts]
[eerie music playing]
[dog barks]
[music concludes]
- [grunts softly]
- [doorbell rings]
What happened, dear?
You haven't come to my class
for so many days. Why? Hmm?
How did you find out where I live?
You still haven't learnt
how to use a knife?
- When will you learn, Manisha Koirala?
- But why have you come here?
You said you wanted private classes?
You keep asking for secret tips
and then you disappear.
Sorry, teacher, I've been
I won't be able to come.
- You go.
- [Mehrunisa] Why?
Because you murdered someone?
[tense music playing]
The police had come to my place.
But I didn't utter a word to them.
This khansama
always protects her students.
- What do you want?
- [Appu] Aunty!
Coming, Appu! Okay, okay, please go now.
The stove is yours,
but the fire will remain in my hands.
Hurry up, or the smoke will spread.
[music concludes]
[Appu grunts]
Appu, move, move, move, move. One second.
[pan clinks]
Aunty, are you okay?
[Swathi] Yeah, yeah, fine.
I'm fine. [sniffles]
Aunty? Come.
- [sobbing]
- [Appu] Shh.
It's okay. It's okay. Let it all out.
I'm fine, Appu. Thanks. [sniffles]
What happened
between the two of you today?
This just keeps happening. [sniffles]
Keeps happening?
Aunty, he was going to hit you.
How dare he?
No, no.
You've got it all wrong. [sniffles]
After the attack, you know, he's stressed.
Oh, please. I heard what you guys
were saying to each other.
- Really? What were we saying?
- [dramatic music playing]
Well, all those disgusting swear words.
And some stuff about property and money,
and then he just drove off.
Is it something to do with his company?
The other day you mentioned
that you are going to open a resort?
And yesterday, Dad said
that he's going to stop investing
in Last Resort.
I mean, it's not like Uncle
doesn't have the funds, right?
He's doing well, isn't he?
But I thought Last Resort
was doing really well?
But he looked so furious, so I thought
- What?
- [music concludes]
Appu, you?
[dramatic percussive music playing]
[soft music playing]
[music fades]
[Swathi] How dare you?
- Aunty, wait.
- Hey!
What blackmail are you talking about?
You know exactly
what I'm talking about, Appu.
You just wait, I'm going to tell Prabhu.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Arey
Calling him won't do you any good, Aunty.
- Give my phone back to me.
- No, I won't. What will you do?
Appu, how are you talking to me like this?
Fuck. You're right. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Please sit. Let's talk.
Please, please, please, sit. Sorry.
Look, you can tell whoever you want to.
What do you think will happen?
Dad will get angry with me,
and my France dream
will be over. That's it?
But think about Uncle for a second.
What will Dad do to him when he finds out?
And in all this,
you can just forget about your restaurant.
But, Appu, you?
You're my baby.
How can you blackmail me?
Aunty. You are also like a mother to me.
And [sighs]
I'm sorry, but I'm not like you.
I don't have the patience
to wait and wait and wait.
Aunty, please.
Dad will never let me do
what I want. Never.
- Help me, please.
- I can't help you, Appu.
- Then at least help yourself.
- Help myself means?
- I mean you and me, us together.
- What?
- We can blackmail Uncle together.
- No, no, no. I mean
Just listen
Like I've asked for two crores,
we'll ask for five crores.
- It's not like he can't afford it.
- Arey, are you mad?
But why should you care about him?
What has he done for you
in all these years?
Just imagine, he stole 30 crores from Dad.
You could've had
ten restaurants with that money.
[tense music playing]
- Appu, please just go home.
- But why are you saying this, Aunty?
Because it makes no sense.
He's so selfish.
- We don't have the money, Appu.
- [Appu] He's rich!
- [Swathi] You're not listening to me.
- He has enough money.
He's rolling in cash.
- It's just five crores.
- We are bankrupt, Appu! Bankrupt!
[music concludes]
- [haunting music playing over TV]
- [yells]
- [screams]
- [yells]
[chuckles] Stupid cow.
She should've seen that coming. [scoffs]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [door creaking open]
- [music concludes]
Take your mask off
or I'll blow your brains out.
- [Lucas] You can try, but you can't.
- Why not?
I'm a jungle fighter.
And in the jungle,
you don't know where it will come from.
Where what will come from?
[menacing music playing]
[Lucas] The bullet that will kill you.
[audience applauding, cheering]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [music concludes]
[Umesh] Good performance.
But when that guy
suddenly attacked you, I was I was
I I mean, I I got so scared. [chuckles]
And you were amazing with that sword.
You know, amazing.
And that steel whip flying everywhere.
[imitates whipping noise]
Missed you by inches.
[clears throat]
[hesitates] Up Keep it up.
Keep Keep it up. Keep it up. Yup.
Keep it up. Keep it up.
Keep it up. Keep it up.
Um Okay, I
I wanted to
speak to you urgently.
You said there was over one crore
- in the company
- [metal clanks]
- [gasps, grunts]
- [romantic music playing]
Swathi, uh Um
Baby, she was teaching me
Kalaripayattu moves.
[Arvind] There was
a double murder charge against me
at the Shaitan Chowki Police Station.
I was 22. That's when I came to Mainjur.
You saw my mansion, right?
It was all jungle here.
Foreigners would smoke weed
and make out here. [laughs]
- You understand make out, don't you?
- [laughs]
Miss Apeksha.
Hey, Appu. Ah. My girl.
Come. Come. Come. Come.
Huh, come on.
- Next time, Dad, please.
- Hey, no excuses and all, huh! Sit.
Hey, you, sit.
You know, my wife passed away
while giving birth to my Appu.
Was working that night, like a dick.
You know,
I had a small business back then.
For which I had to work alone
round the damn clock.
[clicks tongue] I made a mistake.
Not a day goes by,
that I don't blame myself for it.
I wonder what does my wife
think of me from up there.
- S sir?
- Hmm?
Yes. I'll come straight to the point.
- Surya?
- [Surya] Sir.
- Chutiya.
- [coughs]
Your uncle thinks
he can sit on his ass in Chennai
and send his rookie nephew
to seal the deal
and Arvind Shetty won't mind?
No, no, sir. I told you
that Mannikam uncle was unwell so
Mannikam can go fuck himself.
This Arvind Shetty set his wife and child
aside to build this empire, got it?
I'm going to squeeze
every single penny out of you guys.
[Appu] Fuck you, Dad.
Fuck your deal, your stupid ego
and your fucking empire.
You are using Mom's name
to make this deal.
You're talking like you've made
such great sacrifices.
- You're just small-time goon and
- Shut up!
[breathes shakily]
- [Arvind] Hey, Appu, come here.
- Arvind.
- Lucas, move aside
- Hey!
Don't you ever dare to do that again.
[Asha] Sir, the network is extremely poor.
My father would have gathered
the whole town by now, sir.
He won't miss you.
He must be passed out
drunk in some gutter.
Please, let's come back in the morning.
- What if I slip and fracture something?
- [laughs]
If you break your hand or leg,
I'll carry you on my back.
But think about what will happen
if I break a leg. [laughs]
- Sir?
- [Hassan] Yeah.
Could you tell me
what are we looking for here?
Thupalli came here before he died.
Something has happened here.
Sir, where is Begum?
[suspenseful music playing]
"When the sun has died
[creature growling in distance]
night creatures cry."
Oh, fireflies.
"Follow the fireflies."
Follow. Asha!
Fireflies. Fireflies! Follow the
- What the fuck is this now?
- [Hassan] Follow the fireflies!
Asha, Asha, come, they are moving,
they are moving, they are moving there.
Come, come. Follow. Come, come, Asha.
Follow. Follow. Fo
Come. Come, come. Follow.
[music intensifies]
[suspenseful music continues]
[ominous music playing]
[eerie music playing]
[music concludes]
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