Killer Soup (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[liquid bubbling]
[breathing heavily]
[Umesh] She's picked the worst time
to show up.
[toaster dings]
- [cell phone ringing]
- [utensils clatter]
[Umesh] And look,
her dad has been calling relentlessly.
[ringing continues]
[Umesh] Here.
Baby? Listen. [breathes heavily]
Um, darling?
[Appu sniffles, sobs]
[sniffles, sobs]
- My dear, have some soup.
- [sniffles, sobs]
It's getting cold.
Um, there's toast too.
- [sobs]
- No, no, no, no.
Should I should I ask your dad
to come and pick you up?
[sobbing] I'm not going home.
[chuckles] Don't be silly, beta.
He's family, sometimes families fight.
No, I want to see him suffer.
[sniffles] I want him to pay.
What do you mean?
Aunty, I told you we can team up
and blackmail Uncle, right?
- Blackmail?
- I know that Uncle is broke,
but Dad isn't, right?
She's blackmailing us now?
- I have a plan, Aunty.
- [tense music playing]
Why don't you and Uncle just kidnap me?
- What what is she saying? One second.
- Uncle, we can ask for five crores.
I just need two, you can keep the rest.
[Umesh] What is she saying, Swathi?
She has been blackmailing us,
and you're feeding her soup?
[Appu] Yeah, so? You're a thief too,
right? And a crappy one at that.
I spent two hours checking the accounts
and you were exposed.
- [Umesh] Hey! Mind your manners.
- [Appu] Fuck your manners, man.
- Aunty, what [gasps]
- Shut up! Shut up!
I've had enough of your nonsense, Appu.
You keep coming here
like a shameless creature.
I want you out of the house
by tomorrow morning.
[glass shattering]
You did the right thing, baby.
Don't you worry.
I'll take her home first thing
in the morning and you know
[door slams shut]
[theme music playing]
[theme music concludes]
- [birds squawking]
- [wind whooshing]
[Asha] Sir?
I hope you're not feeling dizzy out there.
[Hassan] This is the spot
Thupalli fell from
or was pushed from.
[eagle screeching]
[insects chirping]
Give me an update.
- Sir, we have recovered a few things.
- Na?
- Some charred clothes, burnt papers.
- Uh-huh.
And we also found an empty wallet.
Sir, take a look at this.
- [intriguing music playing]
- [Asha] That's Umesh Pillai.
It looks like there is a woman
next to him,
but her head is completely burnt off.
[indistinct chatter]
[officer 1] Make sure you collect
- all the samples.
- [officer 2] Okay.
[Hassan] Did you get anything, Doctor?
- [doctor] Nothing much. The body
- [Hassan grunts]
has been charred like barbeque.
- Victim is male.
- [Hassan] Okay.
Time of death, uh,
two or three weeks maybe?
[Hassan] Okay, and what do you think
is the cause of death, Doctor?
- I don't think it is burning.
- [Hassan] Uh-huh.
And the victim wasn't killed here.
- [Hassan] Okay.
- That's all I can say for now.
To know more, we need
a complete post-mortem.
[Hassan] And how soon can you do that?
- I have already pulled an all-nighter.
- [Hassan] Okay.
And tomorrow
is my sister-in-law's birthday.
- That's all
- [Hassan] Hey!
We have a decomposed body here,
and you're talking
about your sister-in-law.
I need the post-mortem report on my table
at sunrise tomorrow. Understood?
Now, move.
- [thud]
- [mysterious music playing]
[doctor] Sir sir,
what are you doing, sir?
Sir. Sir, please use gloves.
[breathes heavily]
[Asha] Oh, my God.
"K, N."
[Hassan] Kiran Nadar.
[birds chirping]
[glass squeaks]
[cell phone ringing]
[Arvind] Bhenchod, I've been
calling Prabhu since last night.
Where is he?
- Bava, he's sleeping.
- [Arvind] And Appu? Call her.
She's in the shower.
[Arvind] Tell her to call me
once she's out.
Okay, Bava.
[Arvind] And listen,
don't think Bava doesn't don't know
what you're up to. Okay?
What am I up to?
[Arvind] First,
you ruined my brother's life,
and now you're after my daughter.
I'm warning you, Swathi.
You better send my daughter home today,
or I'll come over
and end this drama myself, bhenchod.
[cell phone beeping]
[pensive music playing]
[exhales deeply]
[Lucas] Update about that Umesh Mahto.
Bhenchod, have you seen all this?
Office papers scattered everywhere,
these drugs, these these thongs,
this load of shit.
What a horrible fucking sight.
Why do I have to see all of this?
[breathes heavily]
Tell me where did I go wrong
in raising her?
- Huh?
- [sighs]
The nerve of the girl,
makes this god-awful mess,
and on top of that,
demands to go to Italy.
- [Lucas] France.
- What?
Her art college is in France, Arvind.
Be it France or Timbuktu,
she has no fucking clue
what's good for her.
[breathes deeply]
Arvind, Appu is sensitive,
just like her mother was.
I was drunk last night,
so I didn't say anything to you.
But get one thing very clear
in your thick skull,
Appu is my daughter.
What I do with her is my business.
And you, you're just a servant.
Always remember that
when you speak to me.
[mysterious music playing]
What you saw at the Kalari center
last night, uh
[footsteps approaching]
It happened but was not intentional.
- Um, I'm leaving.
- [Umesh clears throat]
Uh [clears throat]
Come on, I'll drop you. Come.
I have a plan.
[Hassan humming]
[soap clatters]
[mysterious music playing]
[wind whooshing]
[insects chirping]
[birds calling]
[footsteps receding]
[leaves rustling]
[Hassan panting]
[panting] Hey! Thupalli!
[breathing heavily]
And if the pieces you find
Yet not the full tale
Retrace to the beginning
And peer behind the veil
[gasps] Thupalli!
[screams, pants]
[chair creaking]
[mouthing] Retrace.
[mouthing] Retrace.
I like it. I'm in.
Hey. In for what, man?
Baby, what kind of a plan is this?
[Sandy] What plan, Dad?
Oh, Appu, when did you come?
- Not coming, leaving.
- But she just came, right?
[Swathi] Sandy,
can you leave us alone, please?
Uh, yeah, yeah,
we're discussing some stuff.
- [chuckling] What stuff?
- No stuff. Nothing.
Apeksha, come on. Let let's go.
- Uh, excuse me. Don't touch my bag.
- Okay.
Yes, Appu, you come with me.
- Sandy, not now, please na, baby.
- Mom, I'm speaking to Appu, right.
- One minute.
- Appu, you come, come.
Hey, fuck, man, Sandy!
Can't you see we are talking?
Just fuck off now.
[banana thuds]
Will you do it or not?
You want to tickle the dragon?
He will swallow you whole.
Till last night
you wanted to tell him everything.
Yeah, so? I said that in panic.
I made a mistake. I'm sorry.
Prabhu, the plan is safe, man.
What's the worst that'll happen?
He'll get angry, he'll abuse us.
He does that anyway.
But if he agrees, then?
Yes, Uncle, it's our best option.
No, I won't do it.
- [Swathi sighs]
- [Umesh] Getting my ass fucked
is the "best option." Fuck this shit.
They are hell-bent on getting me killed.
They have turned me into a joker.
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
[Sandy] Loves me. She loves me not.
Loves me. She loves me not.
Loves me. She loves me not.
She loves me. She loves me not.
She loves me. She loves me not.
She loves me. Loves me not.
Loves me. She loves me not.
She loves me. She loves me not.
[grunting] She loves me. She loves me not.
- [Umesh] What are you doing?
- [Sandy] She loves me
Who is this "she"?
They're playing cricket now.
[Swathi] Hmm.
To be honest,
your plan relies too much on Uncle.
I don't think he can do it.
You don't know him, right? I know him.
How come you changed your mind?
[chuckles softly]
Sometimes it's best to accept destiny.
[pensive music playing]
So, tell me, who is "she"?
Loves me, loves me not?
Is she pretty?
No. I mean, yes. But that's not the point.
I just don't understand
what she wants from me.
That's what love is, son.
- Dad?
- [Umesh] Hmm?
What's been happening between you and Mom?
You've been fighting
ever since I got here.
Do you even love her?
- Hey. I found it. Come, let's play.
- I don't wanna play!
You're not letting me bat at all.
You're just hitting sixes.
Don't get involved
in things you don't know.
You won't understand them.
And you have no idea what Swathi and I
have done for each other.
I mean, what I have done for Swathi.
Oh, that's enough, Dad.
It's the same old story.
You get drunk,
fight with her and shout at her.
And when Arvind Uncle
made jokes about her,
you you never said a word.
You only laughed.
- And now, you've started hitting her, too.
- But I did not hit her!
But you were about to, right?
And now you're giving me
love advice? [scoffs]
You know, Dad, when I came here,
Mom said that, "Son, Dad's changed."
"Has gone through a lot."
But you, Dad, you [scoffs]
You haven't changed at all.
[pensive music continues]
[chokes, coughs]
- [coughs]
- What's wrong, Appu? You okay?
- [Appu] Yeah. I'm fine.
- It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay, it's okay.
I'm really sorry.
I have hurt your feelings.
With Kirtima last night,
I raised my hand on you.
- And even tried to blackmail your husb
- [gasps] Appu.
- Just give us a minute now.
- Yeah.
I blackmailed your husband
behind your back.
[kisses] I love you a lot, Swathi.
I'll do whatever you want me to.
I promise.
- I'll do whatever you say.
- Okay. Okay.
Just talk to him
with full confidence. Okay?
- Don't be afraid.
- [Umesh] Okay. Bye. [kisses]
See you soon.
- Don't worry. I'll be back soon. Okay?
- [car door closing]
[Swathi] Okay, fine.
But if anything happens,
- you'll call me. Okay?
- [Umesh] Okay.
[Arvind] Psilocybe allenii, aka "Chamdi."
- [Surya] Oh.
- It is very popular in Vizag.
- [Surya] Ah.
- Hmm.
- And this is Psilocybe semilanceata.
- [Surya] Hmm.
"Nipple." Suck on them once,
and you'll forget
about the real ones, guaranteed.
[both laugh]
[Arvind] And this is the king
of our business,
Psilocybe cubensis. "Bullet."
- Hmm.
- Half a dozen takes you to heaven,
- a dozen takes you to hell.
- [chuckles]
But any more of that, and it's pack up.
- [Surya] "Pack up" means?
- Yes. Pack up.
[laughs] Pack up. You know,
- you have a very funny sense of humor.
- Yeah, I know, I know. Come sit.
So, what will be your offer?
Oh, um [clears throat]
just to confirm, sir.
The deal includes your mushroom farms,
transport routes, everything is included,
and we'll have total control on it.
- Continue.
- Great.
So, Mannikam Uncle said
[scoffs softly] Ten percent.
- Hmm.
- [Surya] I convinced him
after a long discussion.
You know how much
he likes to negotiate, right?
But I told him, "Think of all the profit
you've made with Arvind sir in the past."
"And he's like family to you."
Twenty-five percent?
Deposit in Rising Sun
subsidiaries account,
each month, all money white.
Plus, 100 CR cash.
[clicks tongue]
Sir, I don't know if chithappa, I mean,
Mannikam Uncle will agree or not
Then why are you here, bhenchod?
Okay. I can only give you time
till midnight.
Hmm? Think about it.
Or else, I'll be forced to call
the Mumbai buyers tomorrow.
What are you staring at?
Come on. Get lost now.
[footsteps approaching]
[Umesh] Anneh!
Anneh! Where the fuck are you?
[Arvind] Hey,
what took you so long to get here?
- Where were you? Where the hell is Appu?
- She's at home.
- But there is a big problem.
- What?
- He's back.
- Who?
[rhythmic music playing]
[Appu] Parking is here.
Ticket counter's here.
We should be fine during the rush hour.
But later, if someone follows?
Hey, tires tires.
Oh, yeah. [chuckles] I'm so stupid.
- [Appu] What's that, Aunty?
- [Swathi] Nothing.
Uh, here you go, found it.
This one's for you, this is mine.
- How come you have burkas?
- Long story.
- [notepad thuds]
- Forget all that.
Just pass me my sewing kit [screams]
[Appu] Uncle?
[screams, grunts]
- Uncle, what the hell!
- Lucas!
[cell phone chimes]
Thirty-one crores, 12 lakhs.
Sixty-two thousand, five hundred
and forty-five. Yeah, that's it.
How did you steal the money?
Mm Oh, well
You see, in the expense reports,
I I changed the numbers.
Like, if we needed 100 bags of cement,
I would show 200.
And where one JCB
would have been sufficient,
th there I showed ten.
[sighs] Bhenchod.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Anneh. I'm sorry.
I've been such an idiot.
I'm a total fucking idiot.
- Die, you fucker. You made
- [stammers] I'm sorry.
- a chutiya out of me.
- Anneh, what are you doing?
- No. Not with the shoe. No, Anneh.
- No, I'm not gonna hit you. I'm only
- Anneh! Anneh! Listen Anneh.
- touching you.
[Umesh] What are you doing, Anneh?
- [Arvind] Where are you going?
- [overlapping chatter]
[Arvind] I'm gonna beat the shit
out of you.
Uncle, stop it, please. Uncle, let me go.
- [Swathi] Oh, God. Lucas. What happened?
- [grunts]
- One minute. Can we just talk about it?
- Appu!
- [Swathi] Please!
- Appu, Appu, Appu.
You may think that you're being smart,
but your actions have consequences.
Listen to me, come home with me
- before anyone really gets hurt.
- Lucas, listen to me.
You just shut up! I'm not talking to you!
Um, Uncle, what the fuck happened?
Appu, I told you
not to poke your nose into matters
that have no concerns with you at all.
But you have done exactly that.
- Uncle, you're freaking me out.
- Look. Look.
Look at this, look at this.
Open your eyes now.
Appu, if you wanted Paris so bad,
you could've come to me, my child.
But all this?
Have you lost your mind, huh?
- No, I'm not coming. I'm not coming.
- Hey, Appu!
Lucas, one minute.
Let's just calm down and talk. Okay?
I know, Swathi.
[breathes heavily] Know what?
[breathes heavily] About you and Umesh.
[intense music playing]
I have proof. I have your photos
with Umesh, you see.
[breathes shakily]
[Appu] Uncle, no. Please, Uncle.
I'm not coming.
[Lucas] Appu! Appu. Appu, wait. Appu.
- [Appu pants]
- Hey! Why don't you listen to me?
- Appu. Come home with me. Hey.
- You're supposed to be on my side, huh.
Appu, listen to me, please.
Don't do that. Hey! Appu!
- [Appu whimpers, grunts]
- [Lucas] Bhenchod.
- No, no. Uncle. Uncle!
- [Lucas] What?
Appu. This is the last warning.
Come. Come with me.
- Appu!
- [Appu] Uncle, please stop.
- Uncle, I don't want to go.
- [Lucas] Appu.
- [Appu] Aunty, please help! Uncle, stop!
- [Lucas] Don't behave like a child.
- [Appu] Aunty! [sobs]
- [Lucas] Appu! Don't do this.
- [Appu sobs]
- [Lucas] Come with me. Come!
Appu! Appu. Appu!
- [Appu] I don't want to go.
- Don't force me to do this.
- Have you told her the truth?
- Appu!
She doesn't know, right?
[breathes heavily, grunts]
[Swathi breathes heavily]
Shut your mouth. This is my last warning.
Towards the end, you know,
her mother and I became
almost inseparable from each other.
Does she know?
What do you say, Mama?
Should we tell her or
[music continues]
[breathes heavily]
[Umesh sobbing]
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
[sobbing] What "shut up"?
My nose is bleeding. You beat me.
Quiet! Wipe your face, wipe your face.
Take this. Wipe it, right now.
- [sobs]
- [dial tone ringing]
Who are you calling now?
The pimp. To get Russian whores for you.
- [operator] The number you're calling
- Bhenchod, Lucas.
No one's answering my calls today.
How much does he want?
Five crores.
I'll fuck that Umesh with a cactus.
Fucking five.
But, Anneh, what do we do now?
This is a really bad time
for this shitstorm.
A really bad time, bhenchod.
You mean that, uh, that Chennai deal?
Yes, and a lot of hard negotiations
are going on.
I don't need
this kind of stress right now.
I know, Anneh.
- If the media finds out that
- Hey! No way.
If the Solar TV guys get to know,
it'll be a disaster.
And it could also cost jail time.
For Swathi, for Sandy, and also Appu.
Our kids' future will be ruined, Anneh.
I think we should pay the ransom.
Give Umesh the money.
You are so rich anyway.
- How am I involved in all of this?
- What is five crores to you, Anneh?
So, you fucked your own company
by yourself and because of you,
Umesh got to know everything
about my business.
And you stole my money as well.
Now, tell me,
why would I pay the five crores?
- Anneh, you know I am broke.
- No, no.
You were broke in the past,
now you're a beggar. Asshole.
- Anneh, please pay up.
- [Arvind] No, no.
- Anneh! Anneh!
- [Arvind] Fuck off.
- Listen to me, Anneh.
- I will not give a single rupee.
- [Umesh] Give it, Anneh. Anneh!
- [Arvind] No.
[Umesh] Pay the money, Anneh. Anneh!
- [Appu grunting]
- [Swathi grunting]
Play dough
Never expect another prisoner ♪
- Always and forever ♪
- [whispering indistinctly]
Under the watchful eye
Of the predator ♪
- Kiss her till it leaves back a scar ♪
- Go, go, go.
Dear president
May I please show you my willy? ♪
- 'Cause I'd like you ♪
- [Appu] Sandy!
- Uh
- Hey, Sandy! Sandy
- What song is this, man?
- Uh
What what? "I Love You, Pav Bhaji."
Oh, shut up. That's my favorite.
Come on. Let's go to your room and listen.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go. Pav bhaji!
["I Love You, Pav Bhaji" playing]
I love Scribe, yaar. Such a great voice.
Scribe is a band.
- Yeah, yeah. I mean the lead. Vocalist.
- Really? What's his name?
Uh, what was his name, man? Uh
What was it? Something, uh
Shit. "S" [hesitates]
Why did you kiss me in the garden?
Kiss? Uh
[chuckles nervously] No, I didn't.
You passed out after smoking up.
And then what about the times
- we played House?
- [shushes]
- Sandy, just shut up.
- No, I'm not gonna shut up now.
Eight years I stayed away from you.
- That too, for you.
- Oh!
For me?
Why do you think Dad sent me
to boarding school?
- Tell me, why?
- Sandy, please.
Listen. Appu, I
I love you.
Whoa! What the fuck, Sandy!
Yuck. [exclaims]
- [door opening, closing]
- [Appu squealing]
[grunts, pants]
[Lucas groans]
- Everything okay? Is Uncle
- Yeah, yeah. He's fine. He's unconscious.
- Sandy?
- He doesn't know anything.
[Swathi] Okay.
What did you say to Uncle
that he was gonna kill you?
- Well
- Swathi! Swathi, Arvind refused.
He won't give a single
- [whimpers] What the
- [Swathi] Prabhu?
[Umesh] What is this?
What the fuck is happening?
- [Swathi] Prabhu?
- [sighs]
This is a big screwup, Swathi.
One minute.
I barely I barely managed
to convince Arvind and now
- and now this Lucas
- [hisses] One minute, sit straight.
How can I sit straight?
Your plan has completely failed, Swathi.
It's not gonna work anymore.
- Let's run away?
- Just sit straight for one minute please.
Our plan hasn't failed yet,
and Lucas won't open his mouth. Okay?
[Appu] Aunty, where is your curling iron?
Curling iron?
[Surya] Bloody housekeeping.
[soft music playing]
Nice hair.
[door closing]
You going out?
I mean
Yeah, I was I was gonna go for a drink.
You wanna join me?
No. I just wanna talk.
I have information.
My dad's drug business?
Do you know why he's selling it?
[intriguing music playing]
Then let me tell you.
[cell phone vibrates]
[Mannikam] Namaste, brother.
Hi Mannikam, so you found the time
to call me, after all?
That boy of yours. He
[Mannikam] I heard
that someone's blackmailing you?
And the blackmailers have proof
about your business?
Brother, if your photo appears on TV,
then it won't be long
before the media shows up at my door too.
[clicks tongue] Who who told you this?
[Mannikam] You said, right,
that your business was a safe bet?
- Sorry, Arvind, this deal is cancel
- Hey! No, no, no, no, just wait.
Fifteen percent.
[Mannikam breathes heavily
over cell phone]
Bhenchod, Mannikam, say something.
[Mannikam] Ten percent. Final.
[Mannikam] And please,
handle this blackmail stuff. Quietly.
Yeah, okay. Don't teach me.
I know what to do.
[cell phone clatters]
[birds chirping]
[cash counting machine beeps]
- [zipper hisses]
- [Arvind] Hey, Prabhu, you're here.
Hey, give it to him.
- [bag thuds]
- Pick it up and see.
[Umesh grunts]
[bag thuds]
It's heavy, Anneh.
It's got wheels, chutiya. [laughs]
[Arvind's employees laugh]
[Arvind] Take it.
[Umesh grunts]
- [Arvind] Hey, listen.
- Hmm.
Sorry, for yesterday.
No problem.
- You're okay then, right?
- Yes.
Or should I send my boys with you?
Oh, no, no. The email strictly mentioned
- to come alone.
- Ah. Okay, okay.
But please don't fuck it up.
- Can I go?
- [chuckles] Go.
- [Umesh] Anneh?
- Hmm?
What changed your mind, Anneh?
I thought about it last night.
You were completely right.
I worked all my life to make my empire,
only for my darling Appu.
And today I was going
to let my ego ruin her future.
Anyway, I have an entire lifetime
to plan Umesh's funeral,
so why should I stress?
- [chuckles]
- [intriguing music playing]
[chuckles weakly]
[dial tone ringing]
[Umesh] Yeah, have you guys reached?
[Swathi] Yeah, we've reached. All okay?
Arvind is planning my funeral [sighs]
but everything else is okay.
[cell phone beeps]
Anneh, he's heading
towards the lake, Anneh.
[Arvind] Okay, all right.
- Just keep following him.
- [Thomas] Okay, Anneh.
[Arvind] And listen, don't catch him.
Just see who takes the money
and give me a call.
[Thomas] Okay, Anneh.
[crows squawking]
"Retrace to
"Pyaar, love."
Why is he talking about a fruit?
- Sir, the doctor is ready, sir.
- [gasps]
[doctor] Head was smashed
with a blunt object.
- [Hassan] Hmm.
- But trauma was not the cause of death.
It was a heart attack.
[Asha] So, you mean it's not a murder?
[Hassan sniffs]
What is the identity of the victim?
Height is five foot nine inches,
weight around 75, 74 kilos.
Aspartic acid analysis in teeth
revealed an age of 45 years.
What about any other special features?
Just an old fracture on the leg
from long ago.
And the victim's facial bone structure
indicates that he was a very handsome man.
- [licks fingers]
- [Hassan] Okay, Doctor.
What about his left eye?
Do you think he could be squint-eyed?
- Sir, do you mean that
- [doctor] Can't say conclusively.
- Sir, is it Umesh Pillai?
- [mysterious music playing]
Do you think he could be our victim?
- [doctor] Mm.
- [Hassan sniffs]
There's a chance.
- We'll need a DNA test to confirm.
- [Hassan] Hmm.
How long will that take?
Sir, it will take a few weeks at least.
- [Hassan] Okay.
- Excuse me.
Now, everything that we've got
points to this being Pillai
[Asha] Sir.
including the photos at the grave.
If this is in fact Pillai
then he was killed somewhere else,
and then brought to Suicide Point,
while Thupalli was killed
at Suicide Point.
Sir, who do you think
is the murderer, sir?
- [inhales] That is exactly what
- [doctor] Do you have any more questions?
[Hassan] Hmm. Doctor, please get
the DNA test at the earliest.
- Hmm? Mmm.
- [Hassan] Okay? Good.
[doctor] What are you doing, sir?
Don't do that, please.
Rigor mortis has set in.
Sir, you'll break the fingers. Sir!
What the fucking hell? [retches]
A bobby pin?
A ladies' bobby pin.
[intriguing music playing]
- [birds chirping]
- [speed boat horn blares]
[indistinct chatter]
[Swathi] Yeah, where are you?
I've reached. Alone.
[Thomas] Hey! There there he is!
[Swathi] Okay. Now,
go to the ticket counter
and get a speed boat ticket.
[indistinct announcement over loudspeaker]
[speed boat worker]
Speed boat 300 per head.
Speed boat 300 per head. 150 per head.
[Appu] Uh, Aunty, Reshu and Thomas
Reshu and Thomas are here.
[Swathi] Give, give, give, give.
[Swathi] Prabhu, don't turn around
- What?
- and look back. Okay? Okay?
[Swathi] What did I just say?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
[Swathi] Now, take a long,
leisurely ride on the boat, huh?
We'll wait for you outside on the road.
- One speed boat ticket.
- [ticket machine dings]
[Thomas] Go, go. Let's go.
[crowd clamoring]
There, he's on that boat. Run fast.
Hey, why is there no boat, man?
What is this?
[worker] Hey, I'll hit you.
[Thomas] Look straight, look straight.
[camera clicks]
[air hissing]
[Umesh laughs]
- [camera clicks]
- [Umesh laughing]
[car engine revving]
- [Reshu pants]
- [Thomas pants]
Are you nuts or what?
Can't you see, there are so many people.
Yes. Yes, yes, I left.
- I'm reaching soon.
- [Swathi] Okay, okay.
Sit, man. [grunts]
[Appu] Whoo! [laughing]
- Yes!
- [Umesh laughing]
- [Swathi laughing]
- [Umesh laughing]
[Appu cheering]
- [chuckles] That was too much, man.
- The guys chase me to middle of the lake
- and I stopped the boat
- [laughs]
and said, "Right now."
- "I want to take a selfie right here."
- Okay. Let me tell you.
- He took a selfie as well
- What I don't understand is
- in the middle of everything.
- why did Dad send Reshu
- and Thomas?
- Hold this properly. I swear.
- They are so stupid.
- I can't believe it myself.
[chuckles] Hey, what happened?
"Retrace to beginning."
"Peer behind veil."
It's her.
She is the missing piece. Definitely.
Sir, I think you should slow down
a bit, please.
[car tires screech]
Sir, what is the reason of coming here?
Who are we talking about?
- Who is this "she"?
- Who else but her?
The one who fled with Nadar's camera,
the headless woman in Umesh's burnt photo,
the one who's bobby pin we found there.
- That "she."
- Uh you mean
Manisha Koirala.
[tense music playing]
- Can I leave now, Mr. Shetty?
- Shut up and sit.
- No, I have to
- [Arvind] Sit!
This is my daughter.
My own flesh and blood.
This is my maitidi,
which means sister-in-law.
Sorry, Bava. Please understand,
Prabhu didn't have any money
and he was very
- [gasps]
- Anneh.
- Dad, what the fuck is this?
- Hey, shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
You gave this fucking bitch
too much freedom.
[breathes heavily]
I did the same with you.
You said sorry and I forgave you.
Should have buried you alive
right there and then.
[Sandy] Uncle?
Sandy. Sandy,
you go from here, okay? Please.
Mom, is everything okay?
- Hey, didn't you hear what your mom said?
- I said just go.
[breathes heavily]
Fucking hate
this fuck-all family. [scoffs]
They're all in the living room.
- No, how could you do that?
- Hey, you just shut up
[Appu] No, you shut up.
How dare you raise your hand on Aunty?
She's just filled your head
with bloody crap.
- [cell phone ringing]
- [Arvind] This blackmail, this burka,
denting-painting, bhenchod!
Whose phone is that?
Whose phone is ringing.
- Hey, pho Hey!
- Oh!
- Hey, put it off!
- [cell phone clatters]
Do really think I'm not capable
of taking my own decisions?
You can't even manage
your weekly pocket money.
- How the fuck will you manage your life?
- Fuck you, Dad.
- Fuck you, I'm going.
- [Arvind] Hey. Hey.
- Your France drama is over, okay?
- [Lucas] Boss.
- You're not going any
- Boss.
Lu Lucas? I've been trying to call you.
Where the hell were you?
Boss, you need to see this.
- Back off, everyone.
- Hey! Hey!
- Back off. Back off.
- [Lucas] Hey! Hey!
- Appu!
- Hey, Appu!
- Put the gun down
- Back off, Uncle. I said back off.
- No, no
- [Appu] Back off, Dad.
- Back off! Uncle, pick up the money.
- [tense music playing]
[Arvind] Hey!
- You know how to use it?
- [gun cocks]
- Would you like me to show you?
- Yeah. Come on. Come. Go ahead.
You don't have the guts.
Come, give it back to me.
- Hey! Hey, Appu.
- Appu. Appu, please.
- I'm not joking, Dad.
- [Arvind] Hey, hey, hey.
Stop this drama now.
What Why are you doing this to me, huh?
Hey, this is not about you, goddammit.
Then about what?
Those dirty-nudey paintings
that you call art?
Just shut up! Shut up!
You always find fault
in everything that I do.
- Why, Dad?
- [shushes] No, no, Appu
You burnt all of mom's photos,
and all of her clothes as well.
No one is allowed to utter her name
in the house.
Until today, you've never talked to me
about her either. Why, Dad?
How is it my fault that I look like her?
- I did not kill her!
- My God, Apeksha, you
- See that? You hate me. I was right.
- You're wrong. Bhenchod!
It's true I don't like talking about her,
but not because of you, but because of me.
Appu, actually the truth is
I couldn't save your mother.
That night when she delivered you,
I was
I was not with her,
I was in Chennai for work.
When she passed away, I blamed myself.
I got depressed.
[sobbing] And I love you very much, Appu.
[sniffles, sobs]
Look, look. I know very well
I'm a shitty father. [sniffles]
But whatever I've done till date,
wrong, right, was only for you.
My company, this Mannikam deal
What do you think? Who is it all for?
[sniffles] Hmm?
- I'm sorry, Appu. Appu
- [sobs]
Very sorry. Whatever you say, I'll do
[laughs sarcastically]
What terrible acting. Stop it, Bava.
It's so cringy.
Be a man and tell your daughter
what the truth is.
Truth? What truth?
I was on duty that night
when you were delivered.
You were at work, right, Bava?
The day her mother died?
- All alone in the hospital?
- Appu! Don't listen to her, please.
She she's lying!
Why would I lie about this, Appu?
He wasn't even at the cremation.
It took three days for us to find him.
Ask Lucas, ask Prabhu.
Who's Prabhu to answer this, huh?
He's just a bloody thief.
He has stolen 30 crores from me.
Did you know that?
And after that, this.
He cooked up this blackmail story
to extract more money from me.
Tell me who put such ideas in your head?
- [whimpers]
- Huh?
This evil witch, right?
And she's the one who dragged my daughter
into this, wasn't it?
Don't change the topic, Bava.
You know, right? You know Arvind
and Lucas don't get along.
Wh what do you mean?
She's a liar.
- She's making a fool out of
- No!
- What is Aunty saying, Dad?
- Yes, Dad? What is Aunty saying?
Tell me or I'll shoot
- [Arvind] Hey!
- Baby, baby.
- No.
- Please.
- No, no, no. [sobs]
I'll tell you. Appu, I'll tell you.
[sobbing] I'll tell you the truth.
Appu, the truth is
- [gasps]
- [grunts]
- No, no! Dad, let go.
- Appu.
- [Swathi] Bava, please!
- Appu!
- [Appu] Let go, Dad.
- Bava, please.
- Leave, leave, leave.
- Bava
- Please, please!
- [Arvind grunts]
- [gunshot]
- Please. [gasps]
[ominous music playing]
[intriguing music playing]
[music concludes]
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