Killer Soup (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- [birds chirping]
- [thunder rumbling]
[cell phone keypad beeping]
[chimes, line ringing]
[ringing continues]
Hi, Sandy.
[loud rock music playing over headphones]
[indistinct shouting in distance]
[Appu] See that? You hate me.
- You hate me.
- [Arvind] Bhenchod!
It's true I don't like talking about her,
but not because of you,
but because of me.
[Swathi] You were at work, right, Bava?
- When her mother died?
- [Arvind] She's a liar.
- [Swathi] All alone in the hospital?
- [Arvind] She's making a fool out of
- [Appu] No, what is Aunty saying, Dad?
- [Swathi] Yes, Dad? What is Aunty saying?
- [Lucas] Appu
- [Appu] Tell me or I'll shoot.
- [Lucas] No, she's lying.
- [Arvind] Bhenchod!
Thirty crores is what he scammed me for.
Did you know that?
And after that, this.
He cooked up a blackmail story
to extract more money from me.
I'll tell you the truth!
- [Appu] No, Dad. Leave it, Dad.
- [Swathi] Appu! Appu! Bava
[overlapping chatter]
[tense music playing]
Holy shit.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
- I'm not dead, bhenchod.
- [music cuts off abruptly]
Take me to the hospital,
or I'll fuck you all up, mother
[theme music playing]
[monitor beeps]
[theme music concludes]
Ever since I was born,
you've always hated me.
Why do you hate me, Dad?
[tense music playing]
[hesitates] Hey, beta, I don't hate
[in ISL] Answer me.
[in English] Trust me, I didn't hate you.
I always loved you. It was you who didn't.
[in ISL] Not at first.
I was carrying a lot of guilt.
But I did tell you my truth in the end.
[in English] It's all your dad's fault.
Bloody palmed off secondhand goods to me.
- You lied to me, you whore.
- [gunshot]
[music intensifies]
[Arvind breathing heavily]
- [Appu] Aunty, the bleeding won't stop.
- Madarchod. [grunts]
Aunty, what do I do?
Huh? Press here. Press down here hard.
- [Appu] Uncle, go faster, go faster.
- [Arvind groaning]
[Appu sobbing] Dad, don't talk,
don't talk. We're almost there.
[suspenseful music playing]
Out of the way! Out!
[sirens wailing in distance]
[Sridhar] Family, family,
you cannot come.
Family, please stay here.
Please stay here.
Come on, hurry up!
If Arvind survives, what will we do?
Now, I'm not the only target.
Everything is out in the open.
When he wakes up,
have you thought about
what he's going to do to you?
He's going to make sure
that you don't go anywhere near Apeksha
- [groans]
- [gasps]
[chocking] Lucas.
- [Swathi choking]
- [Lucas] Hey, stop!
[breathes heavily]
The, um
- credit card?
- [breathes heavily]
Where is the rest of the money?
- This is it.
- This is not even 50 percent of the rent.
- Should I stuff this up my ass or what?
- Why? Is there an ATM back there?
- [knocking at the door]
- Hey Give it to me.
- [Mehrunisa] Bloody over smart.
- [Zubeida] Making a fool out of me.
Thieving bitch.
I am Inspector Hassan,
Nezhimalai Police Station.
- What do you bumps want from us now?
- Oh, Aunty, talk nicely.
You're calling me "Aunty"?
You water buffalo.
I'll slap you so hard
your teeth will fall out.
- [door creaks]
- [tense music playing]
[Hassan] Uh, by the way,
who is Mehrunisa, the chef?
Uh Uh, I am Mehrunisa, sir.
I need to ask you some questions
about Manisha Koirala.
How many times do I have to say,
I don't know who the hell she is.
I gave that poor girl
just a few cooking tips. That's all.
Your same poor girl is charged
with a triple murder case.
She's murdered a policeman
and is now absconding.
ASI Thupalli.
[cell phone ringing]
Did he ever come here?
No, sir.
He had just joined the force.
Such a good young man.
She brutally beat him up, broke his legs,
and threw him in the river.
Now listen, Chef.
Any information about that herein
will help the police.
Like what is her real name?
Her house address?
- No, sir.
- [Hassan] Or
I don't know anything.
- Then let us talk in the police station.
- But, sir.
- Why are we going to the police station?
- Once you reach, you'll find out.
- Sir, don't harass a poor old woman, sir.
- Sir
- [Mehrunisa] I beg you.
- Hey, stop it.
- Leave my hand.
- I'll pray for your long life, sir.
- [Asha] Sir
- Hey. What is your problem?
Sir, it's urgent. Uday sir's calling.
- Oh!
- You don't want a poor old woman
- to curse you, sir.
- Hey, quiet!
- [Uday shouting over phone]
- Uh, sorry, sir.
[Uday] Where are you?
Why aren't you at the police station?
Oh, my God. Uh, sir.
I am coming immediately, sir.
And listen,
don't you dare leave this place.
[tense music continues]
- [Umesh] Leave it.
- [Swathi whispers] In here.
- [breathes heavily]
- Baby.
Are you okay?
We're fucked, Umesh. We're so fucked.
Have some faith, baby.
Everything will be all right.
The doctor's here and
Whatever we're doing,
it's all going wrong.
The money is gone, and now everyone
will find out what we did as well.
I have to figure out a way
to get Lucas on my side.
He's dangerous.
- Dangerous?
- He's very dangerous.
- Lucas?
- Yeah.
- [sniffles]
- This This mark. He did this?
- Where is he, hmm? Oh, uh
- Mom. Dad.
- Sandy, Arvind uncle is
- Why don't you tell me anything, guys?
[suspenseful music playing]
[birds chirping]
How did this all happen?
[siren wailing in distance]
Uh, actually, sir,
Arvind, Prabhakar and Surya
had just wrapped up a business deal,
- and they were
- Did I ask you?
Uh, dear, you please tell me.
Dad, Surya and the rest of us
went for a picnic
to celebrate. [sniffles]
They were drinking,
and Dad got a little bit too drunk.
[whimpers] So then he took out his gun.
I mean, just to show it to Surya.
[Uday] Hassan.
You can go on.
He shot himself.
I won't be able to explain exactly.
[exhales shakily]
Sir, Appu is still in shock, you know.
[Hassan] By any chance,
were you there too?
Yes, sir, he was trying
to flaunt his gun to me.
Exactly how?
[clears throat] I mean, he had a glass
of whiskey in one hand, and
the gun in the other hand.
Well, let us assume
that this is the glass of whiskey,
and this is the gun.
He said, "Hey, hey,
this is the whiskey, this is the gun."
"This is the whiskey, this is the gun."
Then, "Tell me, tell me."
He was swapping both of them.
He was fucking around.
Then he pressed the button,
and it was loaded, and he said,
"Hey, will you shoot? Will you?"
Yes, sir, I remember.
He asked me the same,
but I said, "No, no, no."
I also said.
"Anneh, I don't want to fire it."
But like this, he was swapping it.
- And kept asking
- Hey
"Where is the gun? Where is the gun?"
And then
[mimics gunshot]
- Mr. Shetty slid out the magazine
- [Umesh] Mm.
- and showed you the gun?
- Hmm.
And after that, while he was passing
the gun like this Huh?
he just shot himself?
- Uh
- Huh? Right, Mr. Shetty?
Actually, Prabhu had also
had a drink or two.
Actually, not one, two.
I had three, four drinks, you know.
- Three
- It's what happens when you all
[Appu] I did it.
I shot him.
Dad and I had had a fight
about me shifting to France.
He slapped me,
so I stomped out of the house,
then went to Swathi aunty's house.
And today, when Dad came to get me,
we had another argument over there.
And I saw that he was carrying this gun,
and I took it, and I pointed it at myself.
And I said, "I will shoot myself."
So, he tried to stop me.
He tried to snatch the gun from me
and I resisted,
and then my hand slipped, and
- [urine trickling]
- What a fucking mess.
Yes, sir. That's why I don't have kids.
[chuckles softly]
You know what happened?
Last week, my son pooped in his pants
because he was scared
of his maths teacher.
In front of his whole class!
- I was feeling very
- [water running]
[Uday scoffs]
But after seeing all this [exhales]
I'm going to go home today
and give him a really big kiss.
Sir, I have to leave early today.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You have to be here, man.
- [whirring loudly]
- [Uday] And when
Arvind regains consciousness,
you call me,
- and we will take his statement.
- [whirring stops]
Uh No, sir.
That Asha and Binny can handl
What, man? It's Arvind Shetty.
You have to be here.
- No, sir, it's about Manisha Koirala
- What Manisha Koirala?
Sir, that chef knows something
about Manisha Koirala.
We need to call her to the police station
and we must interrogate her.
You send Asha and Binny there.
They will handle it.
You stay here.
- Sir, no, sir, I
- And call me, call me, okay?
[eerie music playing]
- [gasps]
- Betwixt twin hills where a verm
Betwixt twin hills
Where a vermilion sun rises
Shall you find answers
This riddle comprises
Hey, Thupalli, please.
What are you trying to tell me?
I can't understand.
[music stops]
[dramatic opera music playing]
Between two hills. Sunrise.
- [music concludes]
- [indistinct chatter]
- Hi.
- Joji, hi.
- Um, what's the status, Doctor?
- Uh, it's a little complicated.
Actually, the bullet
has punctured his lungs.
So, uh, Dr. Sridhar is looking after it.
- Right.
- Mr. Shetty?
There are some formalities
to be completed. Can you please come?
[Hassan] Doctor! Uh, Doctor! Doctor!
Uh, madam, did the doctor say something?
Did sir regain consciousness?
- No, it will take some time.
- Ah. Oh.
You're okay, Inspector?
Uh, no, madam, I just got angry and
- Nothing serious, just a small cut.
- Okay, okay.
Listen, can I ask
about Apeksha's statement,
is there any issue?
Uh, madam, that's not okay, madam.
I mean, it's okay.
But it's not okay.
What can you do?
Nowadays, kids are like this only, madam.
- Can't help it, you know?
- Hmm
Then why are you still still here?
Oh, that's my boss's order, ma'am.
Once sir wakes up,
I'll take his statement.
- Oh
- [Hassan] Hmm.
I have some important work to do.
I have to go there also.
Why is this surgery taking
so long to happen?
Na. No, you're right.
The surgery is taking quite long.
[exhales] And we don't know whether Bava
will regain consciousness.
- [Hassan] Really?
- If you need to go, I say just leave.
No, no, no, madam, I still have to stay.
Otherwise, my boss will [growls]
- [chuckles]
- [chuckles] Uday sir won't agree.
No, if Bava wakes up soon,
then I'll call you.
And don't worry,
I won't tell that to Uday sir.
Oh, madam, you are so understanding,
madam. [chuckles]
- [Swathi] Don't mention it.
- So understanding.
Thank you very much, madam.
Madam, this
Verlimion No, no.
Uh, worminmelon, wormonmelon.
Would you know
what is this "Vermin-million"?
- Vermin?
- [Hassan chuckles]
No problem, it's okay.
I'll figure it out, madam.
Oh, vermilion?
- Vermilion.
- Correct.
- [chuckles]
- [Hassan] Uh uh
- Uh, can you say that again?
- Vermilion.
Yes. [chuckles] Yes.
But what does this mean?
Vermilion is, you know, color of kumkum.
Scarlet color. Red.
Scarlet? Oh, red? You are
You are my savior, life savior, madam.
- It's, uh
- Oh. [chuckles] Thank you, madam.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Asha! Hey! Hurry up. We need to go.
- [Asha] Sir, first let me finish my tea.
- [Hassan] You can drink that later.
- What happened, sir?
- I'll tell you. First, go and get the car.
But what about DSP Uday, sir?
- We'll be back in no time. Come on.
- Sir
He's going to yell at me anyways.
You get the car.
- Okay, sir.
- [sighs]
[eerie music playing]
[Thupalli] Betwixt twin hills
Where a vermilion sun rises
[Hassan] What the
- [Thupalli] Shall you find answers
- Sir?
[Thupalli] This riddle comprises
[music concludes]
[jingle playing over PA]
[announcer speaking indistinctly over PA]
[Sridhar] He is stable.
We are shifting him to a private ward.
But right now,
he will be kept under observation
for at least 24 hours,
then only we can we say something.
If he improves,
only then we'll do further procedures.
Thank you.
That is very good news, right? Hmm?
[inhales] Sandy, Apeksha,
you guys go home.
- Have a bath, and rest.
- [Appu] No. I'm staying with Dad.
- [Sandy] I'll also stay here.
- [Umesh] Then we will go home.
Come, Swathi
[tense music playing]
- Doctor, take me to Arvind Shetty.
- No, no. Not possible.
Please understand,
I have to see him, it's important, Doctor.
Inspector Hassan, it is not possible.
He has just come out of the surgery.
It's too risky.
- Why is it not possible? Doctor!
- [door opening, closing]
- [sighs]
- [tense music continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [monitor beeping]
- [air ventilator hissing]
- [yells]
- [dramatic music playing]
[gasps, chokes]
- [groans]
- [Joji] Swathi?
[music concludes]
- [Joji] What are you doing here?
- Nothing, nothing.
I, uh, came to check if Bava
was getting proper death rest or not.
- Okay then, I'll
- [Joji] Swathi.
I'm saying this as a friend.
Dr. Sridhar is trying his very best.
But the chances are very low, Swathi.
Just pray for him, will you?
[tense music playing]
[Umesh] Swathi!
- Swathi!
- Prabhakar?
- [Umesh] Swathi!
- Prabhakar!
What is going on?
[clears throat] Nothing.
Nothing is going on?
No, I just came for a checkup.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
Why are you here?
Are you all right?
No. I want to show you something.
[Swathi] Kirtima?
[Kirtima] Swathi!
I just want to talk.
I need to show you something.
[Swathi] Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
After what you did,
how can you even show me your face, huh?
- [exhales]
- Come on.
Whatever happened yesterday,
I'm really sorry.
Fuck off with your sorry!
What do you think, huh?
That I don't know why you used
to called Prabhu day in and day out?
Huh? Why you laughed
at all his lame jokes?
Why you show up at all potlucks
in your backless blouses
- with custard tarts?
- [exhales]
Fucking slut.
Baby, please, people are watching.
Come, let's go.
- Prabhu, you need to tell her.
- [Swathi] Tell what, huh?
Tell her.
What more do I "tell her"?
She saw it all yesterday.
- Tell her the truth, for God's sake.
- [Swathi] Sit in the car, Prabhu.
I don't want to listen
to this woman's bullshit.
We were having an affair
for the last two years.
It started at the Christmas celebration
at the office party.
The first time, it was a mistake.
[whimpers] But, we couldn't stop.
Say something too.
Swathi, I
I really wanted to tell you everything.
I asked him to tell you too,
but he didn't.
So I broke up with him. But
when I saw him at the Kalaripayattu
I'm sorry.
Why are you not saying anything to her?
Why are you like this?
You are fired.
I'm so sorry.
[intriguing music playing]
[Hassan] Hello, how are you?
- Asha.
- Hmm?
Hmm? Sir, sir. Sir, sir, sir.
[door creaks]
- [monitor beeping]
- [air ventilator hissing]
Doctor! There's something
I want to speak to you about.
I have to check on the patient.
- Patient is important
- It's really urgent, sir.
- Let me explain, sir. Uh
- [Joji] What is this?
- [Hassan] Arvind Shetty
- Hmm?
tell me, who killed Umesh Pillai?
- Did you kill him?
- Not Pillai, gandu.
- Mahto.
- Mehta?
- [Arvind groans]
- Who Mehta?
- Madarchod.
- Huh?
[chuckles softly]
So, tell me, madam,
what is it all about?
Uh, Doctor, actually,
there is a big problem.
What problem?
- Uh Boils, sir.
- Boils?
They are big, uh, very smelly,
- pus-filled boils, Doctor.
- Madam, don't Uh
And actually,
they are spreading all over my
I got it, madam. I got it.
But I am not that kind of a doctor, uh
Dr. Suresh is here. He's a specialist.
Please take an appointment with him.
- Okay? I have to go back to the patient.
- Uh, Doctor! Doctor, doctor, doctor.
One more thing, Doctor.
What the hell?
I'm sure you know who Manisha Koirala is.
- Hmm?
- Hmm. Blackmail.
[Hassan] Tell me who was blackmailing you?
[Arvind] Swathi.
She tricked my daughter
into stealing my money, and
Fuck your family politics.
Who is Manisha Koirala?
- [Arvind groans]
- Who is Mahto? Where is Umesh Pillai?
Is Manisha Koirala Swathi?
What's the connection between them?
[Arvind] Manisha.
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
[monitor beeping]
[Asha] Is that you, Doctor?
- You look so handsome with all that hair.
- I even had a ponytail back then.
- [chuckles]
- Ponytail?
- Yeah.
- Hmm!
Doctor, who is this?
Umesh Pillai.
- Ho Holy shit.
- [tense music playing]
- I didn't recognize him at all.
- You know, right?
He was the one
who attacked Prabhakar Shetty.
Can you imagine? [scoffs]
That poor Swathi. Imagine your own friend
doing such a thing to you.
- A friend?
- [Arvind] Muthu.
- What's that noise? Can you hear that?
- [Arvind] Muthu!
- Parotta!
- [Joji] What the
[Hassan] I'm going to stick
a bloody parotta up your ass.
[Joji] Oh oh, my God. What happened?
What are you doing here?
What's happening, sir? What's happening?
What's happening? What did you do, sir?
What did you do?
[music concludes]
[soft instrumental music playing]
- [chuckles]
- [groans]
- Do it again, baby.
- Khansama!
Hey, Khansama!
But where the hell has she gone?
Why the hell are you shouting like that?
Do you think this is a fish market?
That old hag has gone back to her village.
Uh, village? When?
I was with a customer outside,
when that old witch stole
all my hard-earned money,
and put it in a trunk,
and ran away to her village.
[Hassan] I'm sure
you have her address in the village.
Give it to me.
- Hey, just be careful, sir.
- [Hassan sniffs, coughs]
God only knows what old poison
that witch stores in those jars.
Okay then, you tell me
about Manisha [coughs]
Something about Manisha Koirala.
- I have never seen her in my life.
- Look, I don't have time to play games.
Now, you have just two choices.
One is to come with me
to the police station
or else
[intriguing string music playing]
If you help me with this,
you'll be rewarded.
- [music concludes]
- [thunder rumbling]
Sorry, sir. Of course, sir.
Nobody gave any permission, sir.
No, no, no, no, no.
Patient is stable, sir. Sorry, sir.
Doctor, could you please come here?
the matter has become quite serious.
Dr. Sridhar is filing a complaint now.
Who will he file the complaint with?
With the police?
- Uh
- Doctor, I understand your problem.
But you see, I have a small query.
Now, please tell me, who is this?
[tense music playing]
[Zubeida] Manisha Koirala.
What a beauty she was, you know?
Lovely long, silky black hair.
And she is rich too. Always wore a burka.
But her clothes underneath
were quite fancy all the time, you know?
How old would she have been?
- Young.
- Young?
- But is she fair?
- [clicks tongue]
- On the contrary, she was dusky.
- Do you have any other details about her?
Yes, I think she always wore
a locket around her neck.
Solid gold, must be at least 30, 40 grams.
A big one, heart-shaped,
with a long chain
Hold on a second.
Did you just say
it was heart-shaped, huh?
Yes, of course, she has very big eyebrows,
and a big bindi between them.
- Looked like a rising sun.
- Like a rising sun, huh?
Betwixt twin hills
where a vermilion sun rises
[Arvind] Swathi.
Like it appears early in the morning.
[poignant instrumental music playing]
Oh, vermilion.
[breathing heavily]
[music concludes]
- [Swathi] What happened?
- I miss you.
But I'm right here close to you.
[gasps, sighs]
[Swathi exhales]
- Arvind is not going to survive.
- But Dr. Sridhar said that
Anyway after yesterday,
if Arvind survives,
it will not be good for any of us.
And thank God Appu didn't tell the police
about the blackmail,
otherwise we'd all be in jail.
Now, I have to just convince Appu
to give us the money
What happened, baby?
Arey, a man is fighting for his life
and you don't seem
to give a fuck about it?
What's gotten into you, baby?
Arvind is blameless in all this shit.
And even if he was at fault,
are we meant to be happy about his death?
To dance, party, celebrate?
- We are family, for God's sake.
- Arvind is no one's family, okay?
Once he's out of the hospital,
he will kill you and he will celebrate.
How can you even think like that?
one of us has to do the thinking, right?
Because you are busy organizing
blood donations for him.
Listen, I have supported you till now,
but not anymore. Sorry.
Fine, then get the fuck out of my house.
Go back to your tiny little hovel
and rot over there.
You don't deserve me, Umesh.
Prabhu was better than you.
Yeah, because he could fight for me!
[doorbell rings]
Good evening, madam.
Why are you guys here so late at night?
Uh, we've got
some new information about your case.
Good evening, Mr. Shetty.
- [Umesh] Good evening, sir.
- Hmm.
In your statement, you said
that you met Umesh at the Gymkhana Club?
- Yes.
- Hmm.
And you said,
"He was only Prabhu's masseuse.
Just a servant."
- Correct.
- [chuckles]
But you and Umesh used to work together
in Mainjur Hospital at one time.
Excuse me?
Take a look.
You both were colleagues
for, uh, two and a half years.
[suspenseful music playing]
[chuckles softly]
So, this is your new information?
Yes, I was a nurse at the hospital.
Everyone knows.
But besides me,
there were hundreds of people
who worked over there.
- And if one of them was Umesh Pillai
- Mahto.
Umesh Mahto.
Wanted in Odisha for attempt to murder.
[sighs] Mahto or Pillai,
what does that have to do with me?
[Hassan chuckling] Okay, okay then.
Tell me, does this ring any bells?
Mr. Shetty, this is a kind of spice.
And this is only available
in a small cooking class
on Old Bazaar Road.
- [stammers] Old Old Old Bazaar
- Yes, yes.
Same place
where your PI Nadar was murdered.
Your wife used to go there
for cooking classes
under a fake name, Mr. Shetty.
[chuckles nervously]
Why would I go for a cooking cla
You are Manisha Koirala! You are!
She used to wear a burka,
and every Tuesday she went there.
Now, ask her.
Ask her, under whose name
was the phone number registered?
- Uh, whose?
- Umesh Mahto.
Do you get it now,
how and why Umesh
was blackmailing you for so long?
Under your nose, he was having
a relationship with your wife.
- Think, what will people say
- [cell phone ringing]
- when they find out?
- Listen, listen, listen.
- What proof do you have?
- Will they have any respect for you?
[Swathi] You barge into my house late
at night, and you're falsely accusing me.
Please, get out.
Get out, both of you. Just get out.
- Both of you
- Shut up!
Three weeks, last three weeks,
I've been circling like a dog.
I thought you were the victim,
but I was wrong.
Hey, Shetty? You knew everything, right?
- [stammers] No I
- What kind of man are you? Huh?
Your wife has a brazen affair
with your masseuse.
Openly, right in front of your eyes.
Both of them conspired and, uh,
burnt your fucking face with acid.
They attempted to murder you.
I just want to know one thing.
- Why are you protecting her so much? Huh?
- Sir, I [stammers]
- I
- Hey! I'm bloody barking like a dog here,
and you're just mumbling
under your breath?
- No, no
- [Hassan] Enough of this.
[Swathi] Hey, hey. What are you
What are you doing?
- [overlapping chatter]
- One minute, one minute. One second
- [Asha] Sir, what's wrong with you?
- Hey, hey. You cannot do this.
- Why is he not
- [cell phone ringing]
- This is not legal, all right?
- [Hassan] I know what is legal
- [overlapping chatter]
- [high-pitched ringing]
[music continues]
- [wheezes]
- [indistinct shouting]
[music concludes]
[Sridhar] No need to worry, Swathi.
It's just a panic attack.
It's very common in stressful situations.
But if you want,
I can refer you to Dr. Melcy.
- She's our in-house psychiatrist.
- No, no, that's fine.
- He must be a little stressed, right?
- [Sridhar] Hmm.
It's just
But, uh, Doc, what about Arvind?
[chuckles] It's it's very strange.
You know what happened?
Just a few hours ago,
he was fully unresponsive.
- And suddenly, just woke up.
- [grunts]
Like [chuckles]
Swathi, you know what?
It's a miracle.
Yet another miracle. [chuckles]
[monitor beeping]
What are you looking at? Fuck off.
- Uh, you're the DSP, right?
- [chuckles softly]
The statement that Appu has given
is the whole truth.
Are are you sure, sir?
If you'd like,
I can come back again later.
I said already.
It is a family matter.
Case closed.
- Understood, sir.
- [Arvind] And listen.
Go and tell Inspector Hassan
I said that I'm warning him.
Or else, I'll call Commissioner Iyer
and get a transfer for you both.
Sir, I apologize, sir,
on behalf of Hassan.
[groans, farts]
- [sighing]
- [tense music playing]
[crickets chirping]
Sir, there have been
many developments, sir.
Now, we just need to
seriously sit and discuss it.
- Sir, Manisha Ko
- [Uday grunts]
What did I tell you, huh?
Call me when you speak with Mr. Shetty.
[Hassan] Sir, that, sir, I
Uh all of you can go inside.
[chuckles softly] Please.
Thank you very much, officer.
[monitor beeps]
[clears throat]
Uh [exhales]
Anneh. [stammers]
How are you, Anneh?
[tense music continues]
- Appu, not you.
- [music concludes]
[grunts softly]
[groans, coughs]
- [exhales]
- Why are you so stubborn?
[chuckles] So are you, stubborn.
I am.
I am. I'm so, so fucking stupid.
I am stupid, not you.
I stopped you. Didn't let you go to Italy.
- [cries]
- We old people are idiots.
What we think is right, is right.
We care for no one.
Your aunty, uncle, me,
we're all stuck in this bloody mess.
Hey, you don't get stuck too.
Just do whatever you want.
Go to Paris.
Whatever naked denting-painting
you want to do,
- do it.
- [chuckles, whimpers]
At least,
one Shetty will make it out of this hell.
I'm so sorry, Dad. I'm so sorry.
[sobs, sniffles]
Appu, my heart, please, forgive me.
- [Appu sniffles]
- Please, forgive me.
Well, I can't guarantee you that
for sure.
- [laughs, groans]
- [Appu chuckles]
- Easy.
- [groans]
Slow it down. [whimpers]
you are just like your mother, you know?
If you were both right here,
sitting side by side
- [sniffles]
- I wouldn't be able to tell
which is my wife
and which is my daughter.
[chuckles softly]
So, that means I am
[breathes shakily]your daughter.
[soft instrumental music playing]
- [ominous music playing]
- Dad?
[Appu screaming]
- [monitor whining]
- [Appu wailing]
- [wailing continues]
- [cell phone chimes]
[Appu sobbing]
[ominous music playing]
[eerie music playing]
[mysterious music playing]
[music concludes]
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