Killer Women (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

La Sicaria

Parker! What's up, babe? Not you.
Your sister.
In the house now! What for? You need to pick a dress.
I just pick one for me.
I trust you.
Now, Molly Parker.
I like that dress, Aunt Molly.
- The first one's better.
- Try this one on.
Has Jake signed the divorce papers? It's been six months.
I'm not gonna talk about my ex-husband right now.
He's not your ex-husband yet.
Repeat after me.
"I, Heather Endelsohn " I, Heather Endelsohn "Take thee, Jason Bluford " Take thee, Jason Bluford "To be my lawfully wedded husband.
" Jason and Heather have made their solemn vows to each other.
By the authority vested in me by the great state of Texas, it is my pleasure to proclaim Jason and Heather husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Get her! Get her! Go! Get her before she goes! Somebody get her! Ranger Parker.
advise be on the lookout for a gray 2-door Sedan, partial Texas tag number Bravo Delta Romeo.
Last seen headed south on I-35.
Hispanic female, approximately 5 foot, 4 inches, Is considered armed and dangerous.
Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Our hearts are broken today.
Evil has touched the community.
Reports suggest the Bexar County Assistant District Attorney - was shot - Was shot and possibly killed.
That's now taking place at this church behind me.
The victim, we do believe, was a Bexar County Assistant District Attorney.
There's our money shot.
The driver said she paid him 100 bucks to drop her outside Chuy's in Arbor Vista.
Well, she won't get far, not with that face and ass.
Cinco-Peso Parker is here.
It's been quite a year for you, sweetheart from State Trooper to Texas Ranger.
Well, congrats.
Could be a spot open next year.
Maybe two if I get shot or fired.
Well, from what I hear, I'm one chromosome out of contention.
Our J.
Lieutenant notified border patrol, and we've tapped into the surveillance cameras - on the interstate.
- We've got a statewide A.
out, and a picture of the shooter is being circulated.
- We'll get her.
- What evidence so far? A pair of high heels and the gun.
Our lab can run D.
on the shoes.
So can our lab, but I sure do appreciate the backup.
What about interviews? We're shuttling witnesses back to headquarters all 237 of 'em.
I'd like to speak with the groom.
Shoulder to cry on type of thing? I don't want to step on toes.
And yet, you just did.
Bluford? I'm Ranger Parker.
I brought you a water.
I'm sorry about the loss of your wife.
I'm working in conjunction with the S.
The D.
called you? Yes, sir.
I'm brought in on complex cases as support to local law enforcement.
The D.
wants to throw every asset available into this.
Do you recognize this woman? She's she's she shot Let me be more clear.
Have you seen her before today? No.
I don't I don't think so.
You don't think so? I don't know her.
You own nine gyms in San Antonio, correct? Yes.
She works at the original downtown location.
I've never met her.
Oh, God.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
Do you believe him? According to his micromannerisms and eye movement, yes.
And what does your gut tell you? He loved her.
He was devastated and confused.
He's telling the truth.
You know, the rangers might be considered the world's best interrogators, but Jason Bluford just pulled the wool over those big baby blues of yours.
- And you're sure of that? - 100%.
We retrieved the groom's cell.
Martina Alvarez called him nine times this morning before the wedding.
We got a jealous lady on the loose.
Ranger Parker.
We're gonna need a search warrant.
Tell S.
to assemble.
Alamo Budget, room 11.
Maid recognized her from the TV.
Have S.
Sergeant go to TAC.
We are staged and ready to move in.
Area secure.
Take the door.
I bet these are your size.
We have the getaway driver's testimony that you contacted him in advance of the shooting.
You know what that means? Muerte.
Muerte por inyección letal.
You killed an A.
You killed an innocent woman who devoted her life to justice.
You have any remorse? How long have you been sleeping with Jason Bluford? Jason told me he was leaving her.
He wasn't going to go through with the wedding because he loves me.
But then he changed his mind.
We were supposed to meet.
We were going to go away together, leave Texas this morning.
When you were together, where would you meet? At the gym.
Always at the gym.
In the steam room.
His office sometimes.
So you were supposed to meet at the gym this morning, but Jason never showed up.
And that bastard never even bothered to answer your calls.
That must've felt real bad, huh? You gave him eight months of your life.
He promised you everything, and then he left you cold.
So you shot his wife.
If you couldn't have him, no one could.
Is that right? Yes.
Alvarez, can you remember if Jason was right or left-handed? Right.
Any idea of a motive? S.
has arrested Martina Alvarez in the shooting of Assistant District Attorney Heather Endelsohn.
Cause of death is a gunshot to the middle of the chest.
So this is wrapped up? Salazar sure thinks so.
There's nothing that man likes more than a podium.
He is one hell of an investigator.
Alvarez wasn't sleeping with the groom.
She's lying.
Well, then she just lied her way into the death penalty.
Her nails were chipped.
Is that supposed to break my heart? You don't shoot the wife of your soul mate without looking like the one he should've picked.
Salazar has a confession, and you have chipped nails.
Jason Bluford was left-handed.
Shooter guessed right-handed.
Do I need to tell you why a woman would know which hand her lover favors? I saw fear in her eyes, lieutenant.
There's more to this case.
Don't burn bridges with S.
, Molly.
They're fully capable of conduct I didn't say they weren't capable.
Yes, the groom knew the shooter.
Yes, that is correct.
I just said they're wrong.
Move it.
Don't go.
Oh, come on.
Get up.
I need to go to work.
Neil, get off the damn bed.
Neil! Oh, look at these.
Aunt Molly, did Jake have another girlfriend besides you? Come again? Mom says that's why you moved back here last June.
You're 9.
That's none of your business.
But I don't want you to leave.
It's so much more fun with you here.
You're my best friend.
What goes on between adults is not the stuff kids need to worry about.
Why I left, where I live none of that changes the way I feel about you.
Got it? - Get rid of that now.
- Why? Daddy! No, no, no, no.
No, daddy's not getting in the middle of this.
Aunt Molly, can you please tell her she's going crazy? Y'all, this is not my fight.
Those girls of yours are way too grown up.
I did not wear lip gloss at 14.
Hell, you don't wear it now.
And a 9-year-old should not be worried about my divorce.
Well, what about your brother? Am I allowed to be worried? My personal life is not something you guys should be discussing over migas.
And no, you don't need to be worried.
You were gonna drive your daughter to school like that? - No - With paint all over her face? - I'm I'm sure - Good luck with the crazies, big boy.
I have a visual 10 miles outside of Bandera Headed west.
Hey, I'm on a drop.
Let me call you back.
Why was the D.
meeting with the A.
who was just killed? Got 10 kilos of dope about to fall out of the sky.
I gotta go.
No, no, no, no.
Don't ugh! Dan.
Oh, what a coincidence.
I doubt it.
Hey, wait.
Politicians talk to prosecutors from time to time.
I don't want to talk to you, Jake.
I know.
I know.
I know.
That's not what I'm here.
How are you? Great.
It's good to see you.
Uh listen.
I moved out of our loft.
Everything's gone.
Here, you can move back in.
All by yourself.
I I know you need some time.
Time? Is that what you think I need? What I need is for you to sign our divorce papers.
We're gonna get through this.
I'm already past it.
I'm never gonna divorce you.
I love you.
Molly, I do.
I just hope you find the self-confidence to believe that.
Winston was scheduled to meet with Heather Endelsohn two days before she was shot.
Sorry, that's not coincidence.
My instincts are right on this.
What did Agent Winston tell you was the reason for the meeting? Idiot hung up on me.
But he knows I'll find him.
How many active cases do you have, Molly? But? I'm going back for Alvarez.
Rangers support other agencies when they lack resources.
That's not the case with S.
Are you telling me to drop this? No.
I agree with you.
- It's odd D.
was dealing with a state prosecutor.
- Mm-hmm.
Find out why.
But keep S.
in the loop.
Yes, sir.
I forgot cream, but I also brought you some toothpaste and lotion.
And there's some chapstick.
Why are you here, blanquita? I have nothing else to say to you.
has charged you with premeditated murder.
And they have plenty of evidence to support their case.
My training and my instinct tell me that you weren't having an affair with Justin Bluford.
And I'm hoping that you come to trust me enough to tell me why you're lying, and the why of it all that might just keep you off death row.
I knew what I was doing when I pulled the trigger.
If you were angry and wanted revenge, why didn't you just shoot him? Because he hurts more alive.
It's Jason.
You said "Justin" earlier to see if I would notice.
It's Jason.
My mistake.
I love this museum.
My dad used to take me here.
He was one hell of a sheriff.
Yes, he was.
I'm sure he'd be real proud you made Ranger.
You have got to meet this guy.
There he is.
Glad to see you made it.
Always a pleasure.
Who's this filly? Molly Parker.
Company "F.
" This is retired company Captain Whitman.
I keep forgetting they let lady folk into the ranks.
Just two.
You know, some of the old-timers were against adding women to the force.
But let me tell you something.
Women are a hell of a lot smarter than men.
They'll look you straight in the eye when they're lyin', even though the facts are stacked against 'em.
Learned that one from my ex-wives.
Um, excuse me, gentlemen.
Of course.
What do you say we get a drink, Wally? ____ It won't work.
What's that? Seducing me for information.
I would never do that.
Just like you would never bed me for intel on a D.
We can't keep doing this.
Do all D.
agents look like hell? Yeah.
Otherwise we get shot.
Why were you meeting with Heather Endelsohn? So that's what last night was about after all? Same as you.
No, I can separate my ambitions.
I don't think Martina Alvarez shot an a.
- Because she was sleeping with the groom.
- No? And the fact that you were meeting with the D.
's office tells me that your agency has an interest in this.
So tell me what it is.
It's not your jurisdiction.
It's a case that I've been building for two years.
And I am not gonna cross contaminate it with the Rangers.
Alvarez didn't shoot an A.
because she was jealous.
My bet? The cartel was involved.
So why don't you tell me how so we can help each other? Right.
So that we can help each other.
What do I get out of this again? Federal witness.
Really? 'Cause from where I stand, the S.
has charged a woman with premeditated murder And that doesn't relate to the D.
You know it's related.
Well, then why don't you get me something to prove it? Shutting me out is a big mistake, and I'll prove it.
- I think Alvarez is working for the cartel.
- No.
They hire hit men, not little girls.
Yeah, maybe not this time.
Maybe they chose Alvarez specifically because of her proximity to the groom.
And then they could sell this as a crime of passion.
- Well, then why does Alvarez go along with it? - I don't know.
But whatever it is, it terrifies her.
More than the death penalty? I don't know why she's so afraid, but she served her purpose.
missed something.
I'm gonna go back to Alvarez's house.
If you're wrong in this Yeah, I know.
I'm a lone ranger.
What's your name? This is your daughter.
I know that because the prison intake exam shows you have a cesarean scar.
This is your mother.
Her name is Gabriella.
And you sent her $250 every month from the Western Union across the street from the gym where you worked downtown.
This month, she never picked it up.
Now I can't prove it, but I suspect that they were kidnapped by the Nuevo Laredo cartel.
Martina, you're not a murderer.
You're just a young woman who's trying to protect her family.
You think you can dig deep and find the truth? You don't know anything.
I was nearly killed because of you.
I spoke to your attorney.
I can have you transferred to a federal prison, where you will be under protective care.
I don't care what happens to me.
- Martina, I understand how it feels to be trapped - No, you don't understand.
That's not true.
You're just a spoiled, beautiful gringa.
I know you're terrified.
I saw it right away in your eyes.
And I know how it feels to be so desperately afraid that you make horrible mistakes.
Ten years ago, I married a man that I thought loved me, deeply.
I was young.
He was he was strong, and I felt protected, until one day he hit me.
And then he hit me again and again.
I've never told anyone the truth, and maybe I never will, because I'm ashamed.
I'm ashamed that I didn't have the strength to leave sooner.
But I couldn't.
I felt trapped.
But, Martina, I was wrong.
Now I'm not here as your friend.
I'm here because you face the death penalty for a crime you were coerced into doing.
Tell me what happened right now, and I will find your family.
How do you know they're still alive? I don't.
But if they are, I will find them and get them out of Mexico.
But you have to tell me everything that you know now.
Two men from the cartel broke into my house And told me they had kidnapped my little girl and my mother.
And the men said they would kill them if I didn't cooperate.
They gave me a gun and told me to go to that church and shoot the bride.
If I did, my mother and daughter would live.
They took my phone and they called the man.
They made me kill that woman.
I had no choice.
Alvarez is willing to testify against the Nuevo Laredo cartel.
You find that interesting? I find it suspicious.
The cartel kidnapped her mother and daughter.
They used it as leverage to force Alvarez to kill the A.
A something the cartel doesn't do unless absolutely necessary.
What did the D.
's office have? Nine months ago, a woman was stabbed to death in alamo heights by her husband.
He walked.
didn't have enough to charge him.
I was working with Endelsohn to reopen the case.
Why? So I could use the murder rap to flip him, get him to testify.
He's a big asset to the Nuevo Laredo cartel.
In what context? Smuggler? No.
No, no, no.
He's Order ready! - Pick it up.
- He works for a trucking company.
And they use him to authenticate the paperwork to transport about $40 million in contraband a year.
All right, he was worth protecting, and so they did.
They killed a District Attorney.
The cartel will do anything.
Alvarez won't cooperate unless she sees her mother and daughter again.
There is no way that I'm risking my informants on a raid into Mexico for two people who are probably already dead.
Well, then you don't have a case.
You're insane.
If you help me get these people out, you have a real shot at taking down a major ring.
It could be a huge win for you.
Yeah? What do you get? Justice.
Justice doesn't motivate me in to Mexico.
- Dan - Molly, I will not risk agency assets on soft intel.
There's a good chance Alvarez's mother and daughter will be killed because I couldn't let the case close with S.
I can't forgive myself.
Dan, I'm asking for your help.
We do this, we do it alone.
I'll use one contact.
I understand.
There's an excellent chance we're gonna die in Mexico.
We're wasting time.
Pull on up.
My contacts found them.
They're being held outside a rodeo arena the cartel uses to move drugs.
I need to see your I.
All right, there's two.
The plan's to tip the cartel about a false raid, force them to move out so we can move in.
Cartel thinks the federales are planning a raid.
It's a false set up, so they move out of the area where you need to go into.
They'll move the drugs.
You wait for snipers on rooftops here, here, and here to head away from the area where abuelita y la niña are being held.
Once you see them making a move, you have about 20 minutes before they find out the raid was false.
When they get back, we better be far away.
How long before the raid's tipped? Three hours.
You really play the trumpet? Every Tuesday night at the Continental Club.
Cartel's back.
We gotta go now.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Hang on! Hang on! I mean, we can talk about this fence thing till the cows come home, but the truth is, the damn thing doesn't keep the border secure.
It always gets back to funding.
Of course it does.
What are you No.
No, y'all don't need to get up.
What? Hi.
Sign the divorce papers.
Sign them, or I'll tell the world who you really are.
Sorry for the interruption, gentlemen.
Have a good day.
My apologies, gentlemen.
The assailant, Martina Alvarez, will now serve a 10-year reduced sentence in protective custody.
As of yet, federal agents have not made a formal statement regarding the arrest, but initial reports suggest a mexican cartel used the trucking company to ship contraband.
That contraband allegedly made its way across the united states.
Thought you weren't coming in today.
I just forgot my trumpet.
Need you out on the road first thing in the morning.
A bank was hit.
5 million.
I'll leave before dawn.
I keep our relationship on a need-to-know basis.
But if I ever find out you crossed the border to free Alvarez's family, I'll fire you.
I understand.
Wait! Wait! Jimmy I forgot.
No salt.
And she likes fresh lime juice.
I want to dance in the moonlight Wow.
This is unexpected.
I'm full of surprises.
Yes, you are.
I offer you and while the whole world is sleeping we can start anew I want to dance in the moonlight Salud.
Only with you Yeah.
Maybe it was my mistake maybe I'm the fool that let you walk away That's my cue.
Don't mess it up.
And loving words I'm here to plead my case I want to dance in the moonlight only with you take my heartlight and roses that I offer you and while the whole world is sleeping we can start anew I want to dance in the moonlight only with you la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la Whoo, go, Aunt Molly! la-la-la-la-la Ah, yeah! la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la