Killer Women (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Some Men Need Killing

Previously, on "Killer Women" - Parker! - What's up, babe? Not you.
Your sister.
State trooper to Texas ranger.
You would never bed me for intel on a D.
We can't keep doing this.
There is no way that I'm risking my informants on a raid into Mexico.
Sign the divorce papers, or I'll tell the world who you really are.
You are such a brave boy.
Well, it's not like it's a straight edge.
Still I could hurt you.
Oh, so you really are that guy? Yeah.
I'm really that guy.
- Ah! No way.
- What? - We're late.
- Huh? Uh, what is this thing? Where are we going, again? Fund-raiser for the ranger company captain's favorite charity.
- Hey, isn't that the same dress? - Same gun, too.
- Didn't expect to see you here.
- Likewise.
My ex-husband.
Actually, uh, not quite yet.
- Senator Colton.
Call me Jake.
- Jake, Dan.
- Special agent Winston.
- Oh, yeah? What, FBI? - D.
- D.
? Listen, I gotta thank you guys.
You do a hell of a job out there.
So, Molls, I'll see you in court on Thursday, right? Jake, all you have to do is sign the divorce papers.
You've had more than half a year.
Well, let's let the judge handle that, okay? I'll see you Thursday.
Special agent.
Get back! Waiter! Season 1, Episode 2 "Some Men Need Killing" Someone put an ad on Craiglist.
$50 to show up at 10:00.
The tray, white shirt, and black pants.
The latest thing.
A college kid robbed a bank at Brownsville.
Disappeared into a flash mob of sanitation workers.
- And you're impressed? - It was clever.
Ranger Zea? It's an honor, sir.
Are the rangers taking this? Well, Ranger Parker and I were on scene, so if it's helpful, we can stay involved.
- Always.
- What do you have, Lieutenant? The, uh, deceased is a Clete Reed of Barton Creek.
Guy owns a crap-ton of water parks across central Texas.
- Any consistency in witness statements? - Yes.
Five people say they saw a waiter moving away from the victim.
- Male or female? - Well, two say female.
Three say male.
Pricey knife.
Bench-made, spring assist.
One swipe clean through the internal jugular and carotid.
- Precise.
This was a pro.
- Y'all think this is a murder for hire? It's possible.
Do we know if the victim was here with anyone? No, he was alone.
Were able to get ahold of his wife, though.
She's at a private clinic, recuperating from surgery.
- What kind of surgery? - Elective.
Reed? I'm Molly Parker, Texas Rangers.
I'm here to talk to you about Mr.
Reed's passing.
Um, the police came last night.
I talked to them already.
- I know.
- You do? I work in conjunction with the local police.
We're specialized investigators.
Sort of the FBI at the state level.
I'm also here because I was at the event when your husband was killed.
You were there? The, uh, police told me that poor Clete's throat was slashed.
- Is that true? - It is.
It happened very quickly.
Somebody cut his throat, so he had time to know he was He was gonna die.
And and I should've been there, by his side.
If I hadn't insisted on these implants Do you know if your husband had enemies? That would kill him? Uh no one.
Married over 22 years.
I don't really know what I'm gonna do now.
You should rest.
My condolences, Mrs.
I'm Nan, please.
Um, I'm just - I prefer "Nan.
" - Okay.
How's your mood? I spoke to the victim's wife last night.
Her husband had no enemies.
He was "an angel".
That's an interesting point of view for a wife.
All right, don't drop it, but I got someone else I want you to look at Mr.
Reed's ex-business partner.
They split up their water park company two years ago.
Reed's half prospered.
The partner went broke and claimed Reed swindled him.
The, uh, state legislature investigated.
- No.
No way.
You do it.
- Jake led the investigation.
He's gonna be a lot happier spending time with you than with me.
We're getting a divorce in three days.
And that's not relevant to this investigation.
I don't know why they don't just spend the extra million to fix up the Back Nine.
I'm gonna light a fire under Goldstein's ass.
Watch me.
Lunch on the People's dime, gentlemen? Wow! Hi! Guys, you remember, uh, you remember my wife Molly.
- Always a pleasure, Mrs.
- It's Ranger Parker.
I need to speak to senator Colton about a case.
All righty then.
- Jake, meet you back at the Capitol? - Sounds good.
Ranger - Here, have a seat.
- I'll stand.
You got a real nasty way about you right now.
I don't wanna fight with you, Jake.
I mean, correcting your name in front of my associates? We're getting a divorce in three days.
Time to face reality.
- Yeah, well, we'll see about that.
- How do you mean? How's it going with your D.
agent? I ran a background check on him, by the way.
You did what? I'm lookin' after you, Molly.
I'm trying to be civil as I can, given what you did to me, but everybody has a breaking point.
- Don't mess with me.
- Wouldn't dream of it.
How can I be of service to you? I understand your Senate committee investigated the man that was murdered last night.
God, that was horrible, wasn't it? - Who was he? - He was a bad, bad man.
He was corrupt, and he was a bully.
Made L.
to look like a pussycat.
How so? Well, he owned water parks across the state.
A couple of years back, he and his partner, Kirk Denby, had this really bad falling out.
So they split the company in half.
Each of them got six parts.
- Why investigate Reed? - 'Cause, uh He was trying to bribe the Water Commission.
That last drought we had when all the restrictions got put into place well Reed's parks got water.
- And the partner's didn't? - Bone dry.
Lost everything.
Ever try going down a water slide with no water in it? Your ass heats up pretty quick.
Give my love to your family.
- You really just said that? - And I really did mean it.
You were right.
We need to speak to Reed's ex-partner.
Austin P.
just called.
I know exactly where to find him.
Whoo-hoo! That son of a bitch is dead! He's dead! Dead! Denby! You need to come on down now! Hey, look who's on top of the world now, huh?! Takin' it pretty hard, isn't he? You need a little more water for your slide?! Denby! Get the hell off the top of the world! Now! Maybe killing him wasn't enough.
He was a right son of a bitch, and I got nothing nice to say, even if it lands me in jail.
Where were you last night, Mr.
Denby? At home by myself.
Got nobody to go out with now.
I've got the stink of broke all over me.
All because of Clete Reed, isn't that right? Oh, but now the good Lord has noticed his despicable ways.
Well, sweet justice was served.
With a little help from you.
If the good Lord needs my help, we're in worse shape than I thought.
We think Mr.
Reed was killed by a professional assassin.
Maybe one you hired.
How does a broke man hire an assassin? There's lots of people who might have wanted Clete dead, from people he did business with to that sweet little wife of his.
His wife? Yeah, have you seen the poor lady? Stitched up like Frankenstein.
You're referring to Mrs.
Reed's plastic surgery? Old Clete had sent her out to get carved on every time the fancy struck.
Liposuction, breast enlargement, the tummy tuck.
If he thought she was looking a little fat, he took away the car and made her walk to the grocery store.
Figured that adding an obstacle to eating would keep down her dress size.
Punishment by plastic surgery That's a new one.
I think Mrs.
Reed is worth a look.
You said she told you they were happy, that her husband doted on her.
Except her doting husband didn't check her in for surgery or call to see how she was doing, and she wasn't wearing her wedding ring.
Don't the diamonds come off before you go under the knife? She didn't want me to call her by her husband's last name, just her first name Nan.
You know that's just being friendly, right? If I hated my husband enough to have him killed, I wouldn't want to be killed by his last name either.
I'll remember that.
She wanted the details of how he died, and then she imagined it like she wanted to live it.
If her marriage was that bad I never understand why people don't just leave.
Because some women can't, particularly if they blame themselves for the abuse.
- Hey, bro.
- Hey.
- Aunt Molly! I got into the swim team.
- That is awesome! Hailee got a C-minus in English.
That's not awesome and also none of your business.
That's what mom said.
She's gross.
Tell me who hasn't tapped that.
- Total ho.
- Ho? Not nice.
I need a blouse for a memorial service.
Why are you sniffing that? - I'm not.
- You were.
I, um I like the smell of my husband.
Don't be such a ranger.
- And you're going through his pockets.
- I didn't do that.
You're lying.
What's going on? I'm being a good housewife and I'm doing the laundry.
In your comfort slippers? What's got you upset? Molly, seriously, I hate it when you drill me like you are right now.
That's a diversion.
Your eyes went down, so I know it's something you don't wanna talk about.
I don't wanna talk about it.
You think my brother's Just pick a blouse from the closet and get out of my room.
- We're gonna come back to this.
- Out.
Ranger Parker.
Did you arrest someone? No, not yet.
Sorry to interrupt.
I was going to wait to speak to you until after the memorial was over.
Well, now's all right.
Uh, I wanna help you in any way that I can.
I spoke to your husband's ex business partner, Kirk Denby.
Oh, Kirk? He's a he's a bankrupt alcoholic.
He said your husband abused you, emotionally and physically.
Abu well, that That's a terrible thing to say about a man who's dead.
Kirk Denby he's the one who hated Clete.
He did.
But he didn't have money to hire a professional assassin.
Nan, did your husband abuse you in any way? Well, we fought sometimes.
I mean, who doesn't? I was looking at those photos.
Your breasts got bigger during your marriage.
That that is vulgar.
How are my breasts in any way related to a murder investigation? And now they're smaller again.
You had your implants removed the same day your husband was murdered.
Is that something he would have approved of? Clete and I discussed the surgery.
I decided to have the implants removed because they caused me pain.
You've had a lot of that in your life, haven't you? People snap, Nan, especially when they feel trapped and afraid.
- Well, what does that have to do with me? - I hope nothing.
I know she ordered the hit.
You know it, or you got one of those feelings in your gut? He forced his wife to have surgery, repeatedly.
She went from a 32B to a 36E.
Well, depends on the hips, really.
According to his ex business partner, the guy was a sadistic monster.
You see a 7/8 wrench down there? Thing is, Mrs.
Reed never had more than $400 in her account.
Her husband controlled the money, too.
Well, $400 ain't buying you a professional assassin.
- You're talking 25K at least.
- I know.
But maybe she secretly squirreled away some cash.
What, and buried it in the backyard? If I find the money and follow it, I can find the hit man as well.
My guess He's long gone.
A lady can still hope.
Lady wanna go up on the plane? - No.
- Why not? - How do I know it's fixed? - Are you questioning my skills right now? - Look.
She's good and solid.
- Yeah, but is he? In the right hands.
Don't you trust me? I, um, I really don't wanna talk to you.
- It's my job to be persistent.
- Do I, uh, need to contact my attorney? - Do you need one? - No.
No, no, no.
I have nothing to hide, Ranger Parker, so - Come in.
- Thank you, and it's Molly.
Are you moving? Yes.
I'm originally from Connecticut, so I'm going back.
I may ask you to stick around.
- Because I'm a suspect? - Yes, ma'am.
I don't lie to people, Nan, and I'm trained to know when people are lying to me.
So you think that by saying that, you're gonna get me to confess to a crime that I didn't commit? I think you're lying when you say you loved your husband.
No training can tell you what is in a person's heart.
Did you know that every time I mention your husband, you cross your arms or touch some part of your body, maybe to reassure yourself that it's yours and not his anymore? I've just lost the only man that I've ever been with.
So Maybe I cross my arms because I'm alone and it reassures me.
I know what kind of man your husband was, Nan.
I know he controlled your body and how he controlled your finances and kept you on a very tight budget despite his success.
You should look around.
I mean, does it look like I've been living in distress for 22 years? Is this your collection? My husband's.
He collected native American artifacts.
- Comanche? - Um, I'm not sure.
It's something our interior designer helped Clete acquire.
- Who's your interior designer? - Jennifer Jennings.
Why? Just conversation.
Thank you for your time.
Yes, I love this one.
Very rare.
- Beautiful, isn't it? - Be prettier if it were real.
- Come again? - The vase is fake.
It was fired in a kiln, not dried in the sun.
I know a fair amount about comanche pottery.
I was obsessed with comanches as a kid.
Seeing as your last name is Parker.
Yes, ma'am.
My family goes back to Cynthia Anne and the first settlers of West Texas.
Isn't that interesting? The vase is real.
I got it from a dealer in Dallas for $35,000.
Hang on.
Sherry, can you please pull the invoices for the Reed job? Of course.
I'll get you the bill of sale and the paperwork to authenticate it.
Did you come here because you thought I cheated a client? Actually, no.
I came here to confirm you hadn't.
- Oh.
- There you go.
Thank you.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
That's your money trail.
That vase was sold at auction co-signed by an anonymous seller, who had to be Nan Reed.
- Navajo? - Comanche.
Clete Reed bought that vase for his collection.
Nan replaced it with a fake and sold the original to pay for a hit man.
Easy as apple pie.
- Why do you always eat my food? - I have motive.
- I have money.
- But no proof.
- I wanna put a tap on her phone.
- You're nowhere near probable cause.
You know how these deals go down.
Half up-front, half on completion.
- Maybe she'll contact the hit man.
- Fine.
Surveil her.
I'm gonna get 'em both, Lieutenant Nan Reed and the hit man.
Right after you get me another slice of pie.
I had one bite.
Whatcha doin', Nan? Where you goin'? That was fast.
Hello, handsome.
Sir? Can I have a word? Texas Ranger.
I need you to hand me the bag.
Nan, you're going to jail for commissioning your husband's murder.
Why, because I was in the same park as as a man who got shot? Because I have a photo of you tossing this bag of cash into a trash can right before the man who was shot picked it up.
The assassin who killed your husband killed the middleman because he could identify him.
Assassin? Middleman? I'm a housewife.
You're a victim of abuse, and your attorney will use that as a mitigating circumstance when the state asks for the death penalty.
You're not in Connecticut anymore, Nan.
It's time you tell me everything you know.
Molly Please, wait.
Don't leave.
I-I couldn't I couldn't take it anymore, you know? I just I tried, and I and I thought that if I did everything that my husband wanted, if I if I had the surgeries, if I if I stayed thin and young-looking, then his hatred for me would go away.
But it never did.
I disgusted my own husband, and then one day I just started hating myself the same way that Clete hated me, and I put my head down.
I didn't look up again.
Then what happened? What made you hire a hit man? I didn't decide To hire a hit man.
The devil came up from hell one day and found me.
Sat down beside me at a juice bar and told me he could put an end to all my suffering.
That was the man at the park? He knew all about my marriage, the surgeries, the fits, the beatings.
- How could he know that? - I don't know.
No name, no number He was just an answer to my prayers.
Told me it would cost me $30,000 to have Clete killed and I could meet him down at a coffee shop downtown when I was ready.
And I didn't do anything at first.
- But then - Something happened? Maybe almost nothing? And all the pain came pouring out? I know what that feels like, Nan.
What was it? He threw away my girl scout cookies.
The next day, I put that vase up for sale.
Nice job, Ranger.
After 22 years of trying to make a wicked man happy, she finally snapped.
Sent him to hell.
Police tossed the apartment of the dead bag man.
No leads to who he was working for, but they did find this.
Frequent customer card from the coffee shop where he did his business with Nan Reed.
He's a regular.
Stamped nine times.
Tenth cup is free.
He had other clients.
You're for real? I thought all rangers were dudes.
- Have you seen that man? - Yeah.
A few times.
He used to come in and chat up women.
- Like this one? - She was one.
- She was sad.
Sorta shy.
- Who else? They all looked the same to me Middle-aged, defeated, desperate.
Do you know any of their names? One.
She was more confident than your girl in the picture.
- Had a lot more Going on.
- You're a real Dr.
I understand women.
Maybe that's why they like me so much.
She asked me to give her a call, but I'm taken.
At least until someone better comes along.
Hello? Hello? I'm Ranger Parker.
I'm here to speak to Maggie Tanner.
You got her.
What can I do for ya? I'd like to speak to you for a few minutes about your husband's unfortunate passing.
- My husband's right here.
- The one before.
Bobby Dean was much older I think about 32 years.
- You think? - Well, he always lied about his age.
Not that I cared.
Old is old, and rich is rich.
Our marriage was contractual.
He wanted pretty on his arm.
I wanted money on my finger.
But then he died.
Yes, he did.
Heart stopped, I guess.
He tipped off his fishing boat.
He had his nitro pills with him.
Just didn't get one under his tongue before the ticker blew up.
They never did find Bobby Dean's body, did they? - No, not yet.
- It's been three years? Well, it'll turn up eventually.
Won't be pretty.
Do you know this man? Uh nope.
Don't know him.
Should I? I have a witness who says he met you at a coffee shop.
- The Texas Grind? - The Texas Grind? Well, now I like men, but I gotta tell ya, I forget them as easily as I meet them, that is until one sticks, like Andy.
- Can I get you a bite to eat? - No, no.
I'm good.
You sure? But if you don't mind, who's your designer? - House or clothes? - House.
That's a beautiful screen.
That's Jennifer Jennings.
She got that for me.
I can get you her number if you like.
No, actually, I know exactly where to find her.
Well, you give Jenny-Jen a big ol' hug for me.
Oh, I will.
And I'm gonna dredge the river and find your husband's body and make sure the coroner finds a clear cause of death, just in case there was foul play involved.
It's turning out to be a pretty good day.
Well, you sound happy.
I've got a lead on my case, and tomorrow Jake Colton will no longer be my husband.
Are you sure you wanna give up the perks of being a senator's wife? - I don't wanna be anybody's wife.
- Oh, so you're that girl.
I'm working on a case where the husband forced his wife to have four tummy tucks.
Not exactly in a wedding bell mood.
How long have you been an interior designer? It's always been a passion.
But it didn't become a business until after your husband was murdered.
And here I was, thinking you needed advice on curtains.
He was mugged in an alley.
Is that correct? Stabbed in the heart with a hunting knife.
- Dramatic.
- No witnesses, nobody ever arrested? Yes.
It was a tragedy.
Your husband was killed in an alley behind a hotel where he rented a room several times a week? We lived way outside of town.
Sometimes Nick stayed in Austin on business.
Your husband was killed just after 3:00 in the afternoon.
If I had to guess, he had a lunch meeting at the hotel.
Actually, he rented a room and then ordered from room service a $200 bottle of champagne.
Marriages can be so complicated, Ranger Parker.
How about yours? You're married to Senator Colton, isn't that right? Separated.
Oh, yes.
I heard the divorce is contentious.
- Now how would you know that? - I decorate for some politicians.
People talk, especially when you're in their homes.
You do have a good supply of clients, don't you? After my husband died, I never felt the call to remarry.
I built a business instead.
Could've gone back to Missouri, where you were born on a farm.
Clearly, that's not a question.
Your father was an outdoorsman, a hunter Skilled.
He taught you.
We've spoken for several minutes now, and I'm still not sure of the purpose of your visit.
Does the D.
office need a redo? No, we could never afford you.
- Well, I am rather expensive.
- Yeah.
Yeah, my guess about 30 grand a job.
Mm, that would be on the low end.
My level of expertise does not come cheaply.
Bobby Dean Tanner Fell off his boat.
Clete Reed Throat slashed.
Jason Noonan suffered a grand mal seizure, even though he had no former neurological issues.
And you You redecorated all their houses.
Maybe they die when they get my bill.
I couldn't understand how the middleman knew so much about the lives of these women, but now it makes sense.
Women talk to their decorators.
She was in their homes and got inside their minds.
But now I'm inside hers.
She'd be stupid to try and kill anybody else while I'm watching.
- A lot of unhappy people out there, huh? - Yeah, I was one of 'em.
Come on.
Give me that backstory now.
No, that I won't do.
- I won't bring Jake into our life.
- It's not about him.
It's about me, understanding that part of your past.
It means something to me.
Why? At some point, it'd be nice to be trusted.
- I trust you.
- Yeah.
Try me.
See if I run.
Oh, you are so gonna wish you didn't walk out on that limb.
- Go on - Get in my plane.
- That was a cheap trick.
- Said you trusted me.
- Anything else.
- Anything? All rise.
Superior Court for the State of Texas, county of Travis, the honorable Judge Walter Garrity presiding.
I don't believe it.
He's a friend of Jake's.
Everybody's a friend of Jake's.
Be seated.
Senator Colton Ranger Parker.
Nice to see you again.
Now I have before me your petition for divorce.
Yes, your Honor, the couple's been separated for nearly a year.
Their differences are irreconcilable.
- Senator, you feel the same? - No, judge, I don't.
I believe there's hope.
I'm a very hopeful person.
Well, it does take two to be irreconcilable, doesn't it? Sort of like takes two not to tango? I thought we were here to just sign the final papers.
Now, Ranger Parker, marriage is an institution highly valued by the state, the community, not to mention the Church, and if there is a hope of saving any marriage, we all share a duty to make that attempt.
This marriage is over.
I am the judge here, Ranger Parker, and it ain't over till I say it's over.
Now I'm gonna put this petition on hold until you can undergo a course in marriage counseling.
- Your Honor - Wasn't that clear? Thank you, Judge.
We'll give it our best shot.
Why are you doing this? Uh, excuse me, fellas.
I - Why are you doing this? - Easy.
Because I believe our marriage is worth fighting for.
You don't control me.
You don't have that right anymore.
If you really wanted out, you would've already told the world what you think happened.
What happened? That the good and honorable Senator beat his wife? - Molly - Sign the damn papers! Just a few counseling sessions.
Your lawyer has to fight this, and if he can't, we need to get you a new one.
Yeah, for a thousand dollars an hour.
No wonder women hire hit men.
I'll kill that son of a bitch for free If I could find my damn rifle.
You seen my varmint gun? - In the tack room.
- No.
Don't forget you have to take Lu to swim practice tonight.
- D-don't tell me.
Don't - Baby, I'm sorry.
- I can't.
- You're busy again? You need to tell me what is going on right now, - and I want the truth.
- I have to go into town.
- Why? - What is this? The Mexican Inquisition? I need parts, okay? The irrigation system in the back pasture is all messed up.
I need to fix it, that's all.
And after the sun sets is the only time the stores are open? Don't do that, Molls.
I'm not one of your suspects.
I'll take Lu.
It's a pleasure to spend time with my children.
Why don't you wanna swim, daddy? I do wanna go swimming with you, Lu, but daddy's gotta work, okay? Go.
I mean it.
Mama's gonna drive you.
Let's go get your fins.
Come on.
- Becca, don't go there.
- He's screwing around.
I know it.
I know it.
- How's it going, Ryan? - I'm good out here, Ms.
- Irrigation pump holding? - Sure is.
- System been down? - No, ma'am.
Not this season.
___ Hi.
Are you really signing the divorce papers? Uh, no.
Then what the hell was that text? What text? Look at your damn phone! You just sent me a text saying you signed the divorce papers.
I'm looking at it.
I ___ I didn't send that.
I was in the shower.
I just stepped out.
Jake, listen to me.
Hello? Jake? Jake! What is this? What do you want?! Why does your wife hate you so much? The mere mention of your name makes her recoil.
Ugh! Okay, clearly you're insane.
I'm just a woman who has a talent and makes a living from it.
What, breaking into homes and tying people up? - Good for you.
- Oh, no.
I kill people.
Men when their wives don't want them around anymore.
Women pay me to make sure they never have to wake up again next to the person they hate most in life.
Like your wife She really doesn't want you around anymore.
And that's a good thing for me Ranger Parker is good at her job.
Too good.
I'm a State Senator.
There are security cameras all around this house.
Unfortunately, the one in the the back is out of order.
Stuff happens.
In a few minutes, Molly Parker will arrive.
Her image will be clear on the front door camera and also her intent.
You sent her a text message saying you signed the divorce papers.
Unfortunately, you're drunk When she gets here.
You tell her you changed your mind again.
She's outraged.
You tell her you'll never let her go.
She can't take it anymore.
Furious, the righteous Ranger finally snaps and shoots you Right between the two Beady little Eyes With this rifle, the one they keep in the shed at the Parker ranch.
A fine ranger will go to jail for the rest of her life for this, but hell Some men just need killing.
You should've let me kill that arrogant bastard.
If I wanted Jake dead, I'd kill him myself.
Complicated way to get law enforcement off her scent.
- Why not just kill you? - Are you kidding? If Jennings killed a ranger, every cop in Texas would be on the case.
Forget every cop in Texas.
That woman would have to deal with me.
Well, that was eventful.
I just saved your life.
Sign the damn papers.
I'm never coming back to you.
- I find that very hard to believe.
- Trust me.
How steady is she? Strong enough that you can lean on.
You're safe.
I believe you.