Killer Women (2014) s01e03 Episode Script


Previously on "Killer Women" Parker! What's up, babe? Not you.
Your sister.
You're for real? Thought all rangers were dudes.
I keep forgetting they let lady folk into the ranks.
Just two.
- Didn't expect to see you here.
- My ex-husband.
Not quite yet.
This marriage is over.
I am the judge here, Ranger Parker, and it isn't over till I say it's over.
I'm never gonna divorce you.
Sign the divorce papers, or I'll tell the world who you really are.
Don't forget you have to take Lu to swim practice tonight.
- I can't.
- You're busy again? You need to tell me what is going on right now.
- And I want the truth.
- I have to go into town.
He's screwing around.
- Lady wanna go up on the plane? - No.
Why not? Don't you trust me? You're safe.
I believe you.
Now you have a great day, sir.
If you open a checking account, Beeville Union will give you - a free and very pretty microwave.
- Howdy! Would you like to open a checking account today? Everybody down on the ground! Nobody move! You, get up! Empty your register.
You, down! Hey! You reach for the dye pack again, the next shot's your head.
Understand? Yes.
Hurry it up.
Irrigation in the back pasture's fine.
Good to know.
You told me and Becca that something was wrong with the pump.
I checked.
The pump's fine.
Feel free to help, molls.
You're wife thinks you're cheatin' on her.
Well, maybe my wife should address me with that, and not my sister.
What are you really doing when you go out at all hours? You know what? I never once asked what went on between you and that jackhole senator that you married, so why don't you afford me the same respect and stay the hell out of my business? Hey! What are you two fighting about? You know, cattle.
I need you inside now.
Yes, ma'am.
- I like the sound of that.
- No.
The dog puked in the living room.
Ranger Parker.
It's always a pleasure, even when it's an unpleasurable situation.
Sounds like this one was exciting, at least.
Yeah, we don't get too many bank robberies around here, definitely none with napalm and flares.
Since this is a bank job, FBI came in, too, after I called you.
This is Special Agent Linda Clark, FBI.
Molly Parker, Texas Rangers.
You've got quite the reputation, Ranger.
Do I? Well, since I don't know exactly what that means, I'm gonna take it as a compliment.
Oh, yeah.
I would.
Take it from me, honey.
It's always good to ignore interagency chatter, especially when it's about yourself.
I wasn't aware Keep doing what you're doing.
I'll do my best.
So what do you have so far? Well, the suspect came in wearing a motorcycle helmet.
No visual I.
, but the witnesses confirmed female.
She was wearing gloves, so no prints.
- How much money did she get? - Almost 18 grand.
- Marked? - Nah.
She knew to avoid G.
trackers, she didn't touch anything, and she picked up all her casings.
This wasn't her first rodeo.
What can the Rangers do to help? Usually, this is where I give my spiel about you should let the FBI handle this, because we're bank robbery experts, and we do this every single day of our lives.
But if you think you can add value, then you go right ahead.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got one-half of a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde on the loose.
It's gonna be fun.
Well I guess I'll see if I can "add value.
" Hmm.
Who are they? Witnesses.
I'm sure y'all are shaken, but this'll be real quick.
Besides the motorcycle helmet and the gun, can any of you remember anything about the suspect? She was downright rude.
Anything else? She was wearing black leather lowriders.
- And you're certain she was a "she"? - Yes, ma'am.
She went out like this and out like that.
What's that? It looks like your tiara collected a little bit of evidence.
Hi! How would you like to open a checking account? - Hi! How would you like to open a checking account? - Suspect hit 3 1-inch targets, on the move, at 10 meters.
Practice makes perfect.
Oh, and I gave the FBI a heads-up on the shell casing from the beauty queen's crown.
It's in the lab.
Where they got a hit.
The shell matched the casing collected at a bank robbery in edna last month.
The suspect wore a ball cap and bandana during the robbery.
But Traffic cam got a shot of her leaving the scene.
How much money did she get away with? $8,000.
She only got the cash from one drawer.
She was less experienced.
And no napalm there.
She's escalating, getting smarter.
- What? - The teller gave her sequential bills and recorded the numbers.
Some of those bills turned up in a D.
The D.
is slow as dial-up when it comes to interagency cooperation.
Luckily you got a high-speed connection.
Luckily, that's none of your business.
You can't force me into counseling, Jake.
Neither can the judge.
Well, cancel the session.
I'm not going.
I'll take my chances.
You and the Senator have to go to counseling? Four times in the next month, before the judge will even consider my divorce petition.
How exactly do you walk into court for a divorce and walk out in marriage counseling? Welcome to Texas.
The judge has a right to delay, and the judge is Jake's buddy.
- You okay? - Not especially.
Want to talk about it? Not especially.
Did you find my bank robber? You wish.
has an informer in a gang who steals and deals prescription meds.
A street dealer named "Q-Ball" was re-upping his inventory of oxycodone.
He paid our guy with bills from your bank robbery.
So your Q-Ball and my perp are intimate.
A drug dealer and his addict can't get more intimate than that.
Where's Q-Ball being held? Nowhere.
We're not gonna arrest him until we roll up the whole crew.
But you know where he is, right? Then come on.
Let's go.
You know I really just wanna finish my bacon burger, okay? God, I walked right into that.
Yo, Q-Ball, open the door! Stay back! I got a shotgun pointed right at your head.
It's all right.
Gonna light you up right through the door, - send you to hell.
- That doesn't sound all right.
Trust me, the only thing that Q-Ball can effectively light up in his bong.
We're comin' in! Hold your breath.
The guy smokes more inventory than he sells.
Ugh! You again.
- What did I do now? - Bought major weight of oxy.
That'll get you a long stretch.
You can't prove that.
Oh, as a matter of fact, I can.
We need some information on one of your customers.
Oh, I'm gonna have to assert my privileges.
And what did they look like? Well, I've been researching it on the Internet.
I run an "alternative pharmacy.
" And that makes me a health care provider.
- Patient information is confidential.
- You're serious? - Hell, yes.
- Cool.
Well, let's see if the U.
attorney agrees with you.
Can I borrow your handcuffs for a second? Wait! Wait.
What did you want again? Last time you restocked your pharmacy, you paid with some new hundred-dollar bills.
- I did? - Yeah.
Most of the bills that pass through your hands are crumbled-up twenties covered in snot.
Oh, there it is.
Those hundreds.
Where did you get 'em? - Oh, from the Terminator.
- The Terminator? He is a customer.
He's got, like, one of those robot arms.
The Terminator is a "he"? I'm pretty sure I know the difference.
He's got a girlfriend? Do I look like a matchmaker? How do we find him? - Dude usually scores every Tuesday and Friday.
- Where? My pharmacy.
It's Tuesday.
Supposed to be Terminator day.
Look at Basil shake it.
Basil? Don't denigrate Basil.
She's my good luck charm at stakeouts.
Can you do that? and they still suck.
I don't know.
I kinda like 'em.
Huh? You enjoy sitting around, wishing something would happen? I'm not an adrenaline junkie like you.
I'm not an adrenaline junkie.
I just if I don't have something to react to, I get bored.
I'm bored.
Life can't be big all the time.
Basil disagrees.
Someplace I'd like to be? You just went somewhere else on me there.
I was thinking about my mom.
Stakeouts remind me of her.
Is she a wanted felon? She died when I was 11.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
You had no idea.
How? Cancer.
The whole month before she died, she would lie on an old couch on the screened porch, where the sunlight kept her warm.
Dad said Billy and I weren't supposed to bother her, but I'd go in there all the time.
Oh, that's surprising.
Uh sometimes she'd wake up and we'd talk about the small things something an animal did that was funny.
But mostly I just sat there and watched her.
I guess waiting reminds me of my mom.
You owe my cow an apology.
Who's she? I don't know.
You're girlfriend, maybe? - I'm married.
- Does your wife like to rob banks? Who's she? Special Agent Clark, FBI.
Sorry to interrupt your fun here, but I was uninformed you were being detained up until an hour ago.
Welcome to the party.
Shouldn't have started without me.
What's this woman's connection to you? I just told her.
I don't know her.
Well, the thing is, Mr.
Lauterbach, those nice new hundred-dollar bills we found in your pocket were stolen from a bank by her.
She steal the money, give it to you so you can get high? So I can "get high"? I got this arm blown off in Afghanistan, and it still hurts like hot needles sticking in it, even though the arm ain't there.
That's pretty funny, huh? That's why I "get high.
" You could go to a V.
No, I did.
They gave me a bottle of aspirin.
Who's the girl? I just told you.
I never saw her before in my life.
Then where'd you get the money? I found it under my pillow.
I know it sounds far-fetched, but It didn't seem like he was lying.
Really? I'm trained to read tells, and I'm good at it.
I'm sure.
Why don't you take a shot? Okay.
I'll start slow, Mr.
- It is Mr.
Winston? - It is.
Did you sleep alone last night? Did I sleep alone last night? - Yes.
- That's a lie.
Oh, you're a genius, since you were lying right beside me.
It was a control question.
Winston last night, did you like it when I took my tongue Yes.
You're telling the truth.
Oh, 100%.
Okay, Mr.
Would you like to go back to your place and let me do that exact same thing again? Would I like to go back to my place? Yes.
What? You're lyin'.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
You always repeat the question back before you lie.
But it's not a total lie.
I would love to go back to my place just, after we eat.
It is finally Tuesday.
And I have been waiting since last Tuesday for Elizondo's carnitas.
Son of a bitch.
I'm gonna kill him.
Billy! It is my business.
What is your business? This is my family, too, and I'm not gonna let you destroy it.
Wow, Molly, that is real heroic of you.
I saw you with a woman.
What woman? This is how it's gonna work you're gonna keep it in your pants, or I'm gonna tell Becca.
And you will lose everything.
I thought I heard you.
This is Corinne.
She's gonna help us plan Hailee's quinceaƱera party.
I just picked her up in town.
As long as Hailee doesn't fall off the rails anytime soon.
It's so great to finally meet you.
I'm just a little star-struck a ranger and a lady.
Molly, you remember Garrett McCarthy my buddy from high school? Well, Corinne here is his wife.
That's me.
She just started her own party planning business.
I am so excited to help with Hailee's quinceaƱera.
It's gonna be an amazing party, I promise.
I - I can't wait.
- What were you two talking about? - Nothin'.
- Nothin'.
Are you the tooth fairy? Way I see it, God was testing me.
And I'm not gonna lie about it.
I was real tempted to keep the money.
I think anybody would be.
$12,000 in cash, right by my bed.
Was there a note or anything - explaining why the money had been left? - Nothin'.
I tried to convince myself an angel had left it.
You know, just find some reason to keep it.
You know I lost my house last year, and, uh, I had to move back in with my mom.
I really wanted to make a go of it on my own.
I mean, I'm on disability.
I get treatment at the V.
, but there's no provision for extra money to keep things like your own house.
So what made you notify the police about the money then? Stupidity.
No, I I know not to take what isn't mine.
Simple as that.
Did you see the person who left the cash? I didn't.
But my little sister Katy did.
Come here, mija.
It's okay.
Hi, Katy.
I'm Molly.
I like your hat.
Oh, thank you.
I like your friend.
Sweetie, can you tell me anything about the person that was sneaking around in here the other night? She wasn't the tooth fairy.
And how do you know that? I asked her.
You spoke to the lady? Well, what else did she say? She said that she liked Rudy.
'Cause she was an armadillo, too.
- She said she was an armadillo? - Yes, ma'am.
An armadillo who liked to fight.
You're awesome.
Sheriff? I'll be damned.
What's a Ranger doin' out this way? Just running down a lead on a bank robbery suspect.
Now that might make more sense if we still had a bank.
I'm thinking the suspect might be from around here.
Any chance you recognize her? - You're joking, right? - No.
Well, then you're chasing the wrong girl, because that's Andrea Corbett.
Why would I be wrong about her? She's a distinguished 'dillo.
- A what? - Come on over here.
I want to show you something.
Might be surprised who lives in our little town.
All our distinguished citizens are up here.
And let's see.
Where's Andrea? Bingo! That's Andrea.
She's a bona fide a war hero.
Hello? Texas Rangers.
- Anybody home? - Who's there? Mr.
Corbett? Yes, ma'am.
I'm Ranger Parker.
Are you Andrea's dad? Yes, I am.
- I'm here because - Please don't tell me my daughter's dead.
That's Andrea, the day before she left for Afghanistan proud, beautiful, and brave.
Are you sure it's Andrea robbing these banks? I'm afraid so.
Two that we know of.
Well, she's been all riled up ever since she got home.
- Do you think she's using drugs? - No, no, no.
She's a medic.
She's dealt with drug addicts.
Nope, this is something else.
- You were also in the army, sir? - Yes, ma'am.
My little girl wanted to do what her daddy did, only she did it a whole lot better.
Andrea was awarded the Silver Star.
That's the third highest military decoration for valor.
You understand that? You know what that means? It means your daughter is a hero.
Yes, ma'am.
She is.
But when she got home, she was on edge all the time.
She used to be just the opposite.
I mean, hell, she'd fight with people in line at the post office over nothing.
I thought she just needed more discipline, like she was used to.
So I instituted some house rules early morning P.
, bed checks, cleaning duties.
It only made things worse.
She started to argue with me, and that never used to happen.
What did you fight about? How the V.
wasn't doing this and that for the soldiers.
She said she needed to do something about it to fix it.
And then, suddenly - she changed.
- How? Well, she wasn't angry anymore.
She was calm.
"Corporal Corbett traversed into hostile territory under heavy fire to drag a wounded soldier to safety.
After administering life-saving care, she picked up the soldier's rifle and single-handedly assaulted the nearest enemy position, killing four insurgents and wounding many others.
" This woman is a hero.
"Corporal Corbett then repelled repeated enemy assaults until reinforcements arrived.
" We already know she's a skilled marksman.
"Her calm and focus under fire were remarkable.
" Ranger, I don't know if you notice, but this is Texas, not Afghanistan.
Her violence is is escalating.
And we don't give out medals for robbing banks.
You're not hearing me.
She's calm when she robs, and then gives away the money.
This is a woman who feels the need to be heroic, but doesn't know how to be a hero in civilian life.
And that's sad.
Fortunately, yours is the only heart that's breaking.
Lieutenant, are we here to praise Andrea Corbett, or do we want to stop her before she kills somebody? We've distributed the suspect's photo to all area banks.
They've stepped up precautions, added extra security, activated silent alarms.
Then you've covered the basics, Lieutenant.
I expect to be kept in the loop.
I'm not walking into another interrogation You know I had a chance to apply to the FBI one time.
And? I didn't care for the dress code.
What a nice surprise.
I wish this was.
You got a subpoena? Yep.
From your not-quite-yet ex-husband.
He wants me to testify in your divorce case.
- About what? - I don't know.
Probably those things you do with your tongue.
He's raising an adultery claim.
How does that help him? Turn the judge against you, maybe push things his way.
Because I won't go to those damn counseling sessions.
It seems like your life would be a lot easier if you just did what the judge said.
- No.
- Well, I'm not telling you to reconcile.
Just grind through the sessions.
Then you'll get your divorce.
And I don't have to testify in open court.
Oh, did your fun, carefree lifestyle just get complicated? Yes, it did.
And I'm okay with that.
Well, then what's the problem? I'm an undercover D.
Agent, Molly.
This is a public case.
It's a big problem.
Listen to me.
A tactical surrender isn't always a bad thing.
- Is that so? - Yes.
You're not thinking of yourself here, - not at all? - Thinking about myself? No.
I'm thinking of the best way to handle a bad situation.
- You just repeated the question.
- What? It's your tell.
When you lie, you repeat the question first.
- Come on.
- I'm sorry my divorce is such an inconvenience for you.
Whoa, Molly.
Look, let's just take a step back.
I've got a better idea.
Let's take a real big step back.
That way you can go back to your old life just like you want to.
Are you serious right now? Because if you are, I'm offended.
Come on, Dan.
We both know you're not a long-distance runner.
I've got work to do.
Stay down! Hurry up! Hurry up! Go! Behind her.
Behind where I can see you.
Hurry! Ma'am, drop the gun! Please, put your hands up.
Just get outta my way.
Ma'am, I can't let you leave with the money.
Move outta my way now.
Tom look at me.
Your hands are shaking.
That's because stress is causing epinephrine to surge through your veins.
If you pull that trigger you have almost a zero chance of hitting me.
Now look at my hands, Tom.
When I pull the trigger, which I will do if you don't move, you will die.
Now if you don't want that to happen, move out of my way.
Please, ma'am.
I cannot do that.
Aah! Aah! Hi there.
I'm looking for Tom Sikorsky.
He was shot in a bank robbery.
I understand he's out of surgery? There is a good chance he's still sedated, but he is in room 312.
- Elevator's down the hall to your right.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
You can't be in here.
Visiting hours don't start till 10:00.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I just wanted to see how he was doing.
I see that the bullet missed his femoral artery.
And you are Oh.
His niece.
You really shouldn't be in here.
If you leave your number, I'll call you when he wakes up.
That would be so nice.
Um do you have a pen? There's one at the nurse's station.
Thanks a million.
Uh are you with the girl who was here? No, ma'am.
Ranger Parker.
Any chance he'll wake up soon? That's hard to say.
I'll tell you what I just told his niece, - leave your number, and I'll call you.
- His niece was just here? Yeah.
I don't know what happened to her.
- Is that from her? - Could be.
I didn't notice it there before.
- That niece when did she leave? - Like, two seconds ago.
She was standing right here.
I Hey, Clark! Call security.
Sierra one.
Shooter's on the roof.
Take cover.
I will blow his brains out! Stay the hell back! Andrea, it's over! Let him go! Move! Okay, okay.
Move! Go.
Get up! Let him go! How do you like your war hero now? - Move, move.
Down! Go! - You're surrounded.
Stay low! Drop your weapon and come out with your hands up! I'll communicate with your sniper directly.
- You're planning on taking her out? - Oh, yeah.
She's not firing blanks.
Don't you think it's odd that she's a skilled marksman and hasn't hit anyone? Well, maybe she's having an off day.
Now step out of my way and let me do my job.
Sierra one, are you set up yet? Sierra one in position.
Let me know when you have a shot.
I'm clear.
Don't do this.
Let me talk to her.
- Take the shot.
- Copy that.
Delay that order.
This is Texas Ranger Parker.
The suspect is a decorated army veteran.
Stand down, Parker.
Now! She's deliberately aiming off target.
She won't shoot to kill.
We have a hostage at gunpoint.
We need to help her, not kill her.
Sierra one, I repeat, take the shot if you've got the suspect locked.
Target's obscured.
Say again, Sierra one.
I repeat, the target's obscured.
I don't have a shot.
Parker, you're out of your league.
Just back down.
What the hell are you doing? Bringing her in.
Andrea? Up.
Up, up, up.
I'm Ranger Molly Parker.
I'm coming over to talk.
One more step, and this man dies.
I don't believe that.
You're a medic.
You take care of people just like he does.
Let him go.
You know how this ends if you don't.
I'll kill you instead.
You need to turn yourself in.
No one needs to die here.
Then let me go, and no one will.
You know that's not gonna happen.
And it would be a damn shame for you to survive Afghanistan and get killed in a parking lot in Texas.
Really? You think anybody cares? I know they do.
Who cares about those vets that I gave the money to? They lost their houses, they lost their limbs.
And all they got from the government - was the runaround.
- People care about them.
- I care about them.
- Yeah? What have you ever done? These people get home, and all they've got waiting for them is bills.
No parades.
No "thank you"s.
They get off the plane, and they have to search for enough money to get a bus home.
So you're doing this for them? Every single one.
Only thing is, Andrea, that isn't true.
So you're telling me why I'm doing what I'm doing? That's a bit much.
I talked to your daddy.
You got home from the war, you were all antsy.
You only got calm again when you started robbing banks.
'Cause I was doing the right thing.
Because it got your adrenaline rushing just like combat did.
Your silver star citation said how calm you were in battle.
You've got 50 guns pointed at you right now, and you're as cool as the other side of the pillow.
It's the only way you can feel good again.
You're throwing some money to some vets.
But you're doing this to make yourself feel better.
I've got a gun pointed at your head, and you don't seem real shaken.
Maybe you got the same problem I do.
I know you won't kill me.
What I don't know is if one of these cops is gonna kill you.
But that's your plan, isn't it? You know you can't rob banks 24 hours a day, so that's not a long-term solution.
You're looking for some other way to end your pain.
You calling me a coward? No, not a coward.
You've been wounded.
You need help.
There are people that can help you.
I'll make sure they do.
Andrea, you're not alone.
Your daddy loved you with everything in him.
Just put the gun down and let someone help you for once.
It's time to stop fighting.
You're gonna be okay.
The theme's the most important, so you can pick the color and strategize from there, but if we get the theme, then we can pick the color.
- Family and marriage counseling.
- Yes, this is Molly Parker.
I'm calling to schedule a counseling session with Jake Colton.
Is this court-appointed counseling? That's right.
Marriage counseling.
Okay, so we have an opening tomorrow at 2:00 P.
Will that work for you? Great.
We'll see you then.
I'd just like to thank you for everything you've done.
Lieutenant? What is it? Dan's been shot.