Killer Women (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

The Siren

Previously on "Killer Women" You got a subpoena? Yep.
From your not-quite-yet-ex-husband.
Did your fun, carefree lifestyle just get complicated? I'm an undercover D.
agent, Molly.
This is a public case.
Let's take a real big step back.
That way you can go back to your old life just like you want to.
- Are you serious right now? - Come on, Dan.
We both know you're not a long-distance runner.
Don't forget you have to take Lu to swim practice tonight.
- I can't.
- You're busy again? What is this, a Mexican inquisition? He's screwing around.
____ - Lieutenant.
- Dan's been shot.
Dan Winston! - Dan Winston.
Where is he? - I'm sorry? - Dan Winston.
Is he in surgery? - Are you family, ma'am? Texas Ranger.
He was a D.
agent that was shot.
Dan screw it.
He in there? Dr.
Matthews, please report to O.
Matthews, please report to O.
Hey, Molly.
I heard you were shot.
Molly, this is Tanya.
Hello, Tanya.
And I was shot.
Winged by a .
was the assault rifle knocking down the loft I was standing under.
Agent Winston has a concussion.
Does he? It sounds scarier than it really is.
Still, when you get him home, you need to be real careful.
You can't let him sleep for more than a few hours.
I might not wake up.
And if you notice him experiencing nausea or dizziness, call the doctor right away.
Why? Will he die? It could indicate seizures, brain bleed, even a stroke.
But let's not be gloomy gusses.
Let's be happy Henrys.
That's the idea.
I'm thinking as soon as we get back to my place, um sponge bath.
Or maybe I'll just take a little nap.
But then, you know, you're gonna have to stimulate me so I don't sleep too whoa! Okay, aah! All right.
Did you get my text? Yep.
So are we gonna try this again? Yeah.
Then why are you trying to kill me? I thought you were shot.
Really shot.
It scared the hell out of me.
I don't like the way this feels.
I get that.
But you have to admit most of the time, it feels really good.
You know, I would like to take this moment to thank you for taking care of me.
Oh, you'll be taken care of, all right.
That is a lot of bull.
I know Lulu took my phone again.
No, she didn't.
Stop! Pick that up! I need my phone.
That's not fair! - You always stick up for her.
- You can take me back to the hospital now.
Guys! Guys, we have a guest.
I'm Lulu Parker.
And this is Whitey.
Well, hi, Lulu.
Hey, Whitey.
I'm Dan.
What's wrong with your arm? - Well - Uh, he got shot.
And then a wall fell on his head.
Whitey's metatarsal's torn.
Whitey's fine.
Just take the chicken outside.
Hi, I'm Becca Parker.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Oh, and you, Becca.
Dan Winston.
I am Molly's sister-in-law.
- And this is my older daughter Hailee.
- Mommy.
Hey, Hailee.
Nice to meet you.
Ni nice to meet you.
Look, I don't want to impose on you guys.
Oh, no, no, no.
Not at all.
I'm gonna be snoopin' around in here.
Oh, you better not.
What a fun family.
Thank you.
They're all downstairs.
Well, then you shouldn't make any loud noises.
It's 8:15.
Uh I think I lost my balance.
- Lulu, you need to knock.
- Oh, sorry.
This sheet says Dan has to be tested every two hours to make sure his head is working.
It does? If you can recite back five words that I make up, it means you're okay.
You'll get a sticker.
That's my idea.
A sticker.
Ranger Parker.
Thanks for coming.
- Nice to see you again, Sheriff.
- Yeah.
Sorry it ain't a little bit rosier circumstances.
A couple of teenagers found him when they rode up here on their A.
for a little moonlight make-out.
- You know the vic? - No.
Never seen him before.
Fingers aren't bluish purple.
Blood didn't settle in the extremities.
Body was moved.
It's a secondary crime scene.
Hey, boys! Listen up! This body was moved.
You keep an eye out for a trail, any prints to indicate where this John Doe came from.
- Yes, sir.
- Got it.
One more thing.
It looks like John Doe is a Jane.
You send in her prints? You pee sitting down? It isn't pretty.
You have anything? We're still checking missing persons.
She was suffocated? Bingo.
Blood vessels burst along the inside of the eyes.
Ligatures 3 inches and consistent.
I'd say duct tape.
The stomach was empty, so whoever had her held her at least three days.
What do you think? Some John get an extra bang for his buck? If it was a sex crime, he forgot to have the sex.
There's no vaginal tearing or bruising.
No fluids or hair.
Any mutilation, besides the shaved head and the fingernails? Well, look at her eyes.
Her eyelashes have been hacked at.
Brows shaved clean.
Even my mounted bucks have eyelashes.
I've never seen a kill like this before.
I have.
Hey, Lu.
What's going on? Mr.
Dan's awake and responsive.
He can recite back all the words.
One Direction, chili, snow leopard, coatzacoalcos.
Help me.
Can I have that phone? - Where's Billy? - Why? He's gone off the radar again.
And I have to meet Hailee in town to look at a quinceañera party space.
Dan can cover.
He's not going anywhere.
Thank you so much.
And you're in time-out, young lady.
- No television, no video games.
- Why? Because you stole your sister's phone.
Hot damn.
Hi, sexy.
Hey! Oh! Hey, hey, hey! What's wrong? You were supposed to be here half an hour ago.
Yeah, I I was a little late.
I'm sorry about that.
- You're sorry? - Yeah.
If this isn't good enough for you Fine, leave.
You can tell your mistress to go to hell, too.
Wh what, mistress? What, tell me What the hell are you talking about? Huh? You disappear every night.
You never answer your phone.
You forget about Lulu's swim practice.
I am not an idiot.
You can break my heart, Billy but not my children.
All right.
Come here.
Look I'm having some financial isSues right now, okay? But everything's gonna be fine.
I just had to take on some outside work, and that's all.
Is that the truth? I swear to you.
That is the truth.
Then why didn't you tell me? 'Cause I don't ever want you to worry.
Oh, you think you're good.
Well, here comes McCoy right up your ass.
Stay in your vehicle! Don't shoot! You didn't forget.
Wildcat cafe.
Best chili dogs in Texas.
Them old fart rangers treating you right? I'm sure the troopers would be glad to welcome you back.
I'm doing just fine, thank you.
Good to know.
But I'm guessing you didn't hunt me down to bring me a chili dog.
What's on your mind? A couple of years back, you found a body in the woods outside Kilgore.
Yeah, you remember that? I pulled over this drunk kid about 5:00 in the afternoon.
He took one look at my black and white and bolted like the devil was at his heels.
I was on him about 50 yards off the highway, when the smell stopped us in our tracks.
Body had been there about a week in July.
Male or female? Female.
Uh, Jessi Padilla.
I took her for a homeless man at first, on account of the baggy clothes, flannel shirt.
You know, hair cut like Mr.
What about eyebrows? Hard to say.
She'd been under a poplar for a while, so the animals had gotten to her.
Coyotes, most likely.
It was a right mess.
Damn it! You gonna finish that? Hell, yes.
I remember that one.
Kilgore P.
never found the suspect.
It's still an open case.
What does Jessi Padilla have to do with your Jane Doe? Jane Doe now has got a name Lindsey Davis.
Her sister filed a missing persons in Abilene last week.
Jessi's autopsy reads a lot like Lindsey's.
Both women were suffocated, killed elsewhere, and propped under a tree.
- No sign of sexual trauma and shaved bald.
- Pattern.
Lieutenant someone's done this before.
Ma'am, are you all right? Jimmy Sue, you're gonna be okay.
What happened to me? We don't know yet.
But I'd like to ask you some questions.
My brain's all fuzzy.
You sustained a head injury.
They cut my hair off? No.
No, not here.
Whoever abducted you shaved your head.
What happened to me? We're gonna find out.
Where were you before you were running down that dirt road? I don't remember.
I'm trained in forensic hypnosis.
Are you willing to let me hypnotize you? Okay.
Don't be afraid.
Just close your eyes.
Me and Loretta and Gloria are at Big Pappy's.
Loretta's drinking that Tequila.
I left first.
That's good.
Where did you go? Parking lot.
There's cars Some cans Rollin' on the ground.
Then - My head.
- Okay.
Take a breath.
And then tell me where you are now.
In a car, laying down.
It's cold.
Are you alone? No.
Somebody's driving.
You hear 'em humming.
Do you know who it is? But I hear something clicking.
It's a crutch like a hospital crutch.
Jimmy Sue, what's making you smile? I smell cinnamon, like at my Nana's house.
It smells good.
No, don't.
- No.
- I'm gonna count to three, and you're gonna open your eyes.
Can you do that? One two Three.
Open your eyes.
It got Major Bruce to stop smoking.
Major Bruce stopped smoking when he stopped drinking.
And he stopped drinking because his wife made him.
I got a crutch, a car, and cinnamon.
Oh, hey.
Uh local P.
figure out where Jimmy Sue escaped from? Abandoned deer blind about a mile out of town.
Looks like the killer stashed her there, meant to go back later and collect her.
Did her friends from the bar see anything? They shut the place down.
They barely remember they were there.
I'm gonna find this freak.
And I'm gonna cut off his hair and his eyebrows and another part of his anatomy he's gonna be real sure to miss.
How do you feel? Um victimized.
Lulu gave me a manicure while I was sleeping.
Cherry pink.
You have no idea how much joy that brings me.
Actually, I believe I do.
So when are you rescuing me? I already did.
How's the real world? Oh, full of sadistic monsters.
What are you wearing right now? My stetson and nothin' else.
Hey, a, uh tall, good-looking guy just climbed out of a pickup.
- Should I shoot him? - Definitely.
That would be my brother.
Hey, Lulu! Papa bear's in the house! Roa oh! Hey! You the guy with the concussion? That'd be me.
- Yeah.
- Dan Winston.
Oh, I see Lulu cherry-bombed you.
Yeah, during the, uh, one hour she actually let me sleep.
I Welcome to the family.
- Thanks for letting me stay.
- Yeah, no sweat.
How do you feel about ribs? - Love 'em.
- Great! - I'll fire up the smoker.
- Need a hand? Yeah.
My sister around? She's working up in San Marcos, I think.
Well, she better get her ass to Austin to help Hailee and Becca shop for quinceañera dresses.
Otherwise, she is dead right there.
Yeah, I got that.
Man, this is a great ranch you got.
Oh, thanks.
You guys grow up here? Sure did.
Old man was Bexar County sheriff for 22 years.
- Got a little lawmen in ya, huh? - Yes, sir.
And a little scalping, too.
The infamous Parkers.
Huh Well, that explains the wild in her.
Daddy, can I paint your nails, too? Sure thing, peanut.
Let's just not use pink this time, okay? I'll get my other colors.
It sure is nice to have another man around the house.
I made a big mistake, honey I oh, I said good-bye, now oh, I, oh, I, ever, ever oh, I, ever, ever, ever ever since that day, now now, all I, all I wanna do - Howdy.
- Howdy.
You here last night? I'm Big Pappy.
I'm always here.
You remember seeing her? Jimmy Sue, yeah.
She's a regular.
I I can't believe what happened.
Can I get a soda, por favor? Carmen, this is a Texas Ranger.
She's asking about that gal that got snatched up last night.
Yeah, Carmen comes in and sings for us whenever she's in these parts.
- Nice.
- Karaoke every day and late night.
But my solo set's at 8:00.
So you caught anyone yet? 'Cause I heard that poor lady got beat up real bad.
She's recuperating.
She'll live? She'll be normal and all? - You know her? - No, ma'am.
She was just in the audience having a hoot of a time with a bunch of rowdy ladies.
They interrupted one of Carmen's songs.
Ah, but they were just having fun.
You see her, uh, talking to anyone besides her friends? - No.
- No, I left before she did.
Should we be scared? You think whoever tried to kill her is still around? It's always wise to be cautious.
Well, I always carry pepper spray.
Oh, my God.
It's late.
Gotta go, ranger.
See ya, Pappy.
Bar didn't deliver.
I talked to the owner, the singer, the waitresses.
None of them had eyes on the parking lot.
I'm gonna drive over to Abilene tonight, see if I can find anything that connects Lindsey and Jimmy Sue.
Then you can head over to Archer City.
Records dug up a case from 2011.
Marta Santos found bald and dressed like a man near Hico.
Three makes it official.
It's a serial killer.
Hey, you.
Everything okay? Something screwy with the engine.
You want a lift? That's okay.
I'll call dispatch.
They'll send a tow.
It's no trouble.
Where you headed? I just gotta get into town and meet my family.
I'm due at a store on South Congress.
Well, hop on in.
That's right near where I'm going.
- It's no problem? - Not at all.
I appreciate it.
I just can't stop thinking about that poor lady.
A policeman told me her head was shaved.
I mean, who would do something like that? Someone who's mad at the world.
Some deviant sex addict, is who.
Uh, this isn't the way to Austin.
I just need to make one quick little stop.
You don't mind, do you? This'll be but two minutes.
You wanna come in? I'll wait.
Oh, my grandmother would love to shake hands with a ranger.
Oh, come on, now.
How can you say "no"? I have to lock it or the wind blows it open.
Everybody jumps.
Ranger Parker? See, Nana? I told ya.
Abuela, this is Molly.
Molly, this is my grandmother Mary Garza.
I came by to give her her Insulin shot.
Mucho gusto.
My granddaughter says you are a Texas Ranger.
It's nice to meet a new friend of my Carmen.
Her father my Sandro went to be with Jesus when she was only 4.
I'm sorry.
Her mother Amy she moved her away.
Abuela, this isn't interesting to anyone.
She said we were poison.
She was the poison.
Mala blanquita.
Carmen came back to me when she was 15, after Amy died.
So skinny always with her head down.
And then you started to sing and have not stopped.
You sing, and my soul smiles.
You said you have to get to Austin? We should get going.
- Yeah.
- Where'd you learn to shoot like that? Marine Corps.
Afghanistan? And other places.
How about you? D.
You and Molly, both you guys are deadly.
Ah, you know, ranch kids.
We grew up huntin' with dad.
He and Molly were pretty close, huh? Oh, yeah.
Say, you want to double down? Well, what are we shooting for? Loser's gotta get up and cut up the cole slaw.
No more shootin', lefty.
What? You can just let me out here.
No, no, no, no.
We got lucky.
I have great parking karma.
Thanks again.
- Aunt Molly! - Get inside, Hailee.
- Isn't this dress amazing? Look.
- I need to see it under the lights.
- Inside.
- What the hell? They think I'm the mother of some that just stole a dress Which makes you look like a slut.
- Tell her, Molly.
- It's my quinceañera.
This is the dress.
For a nun.
This is Carmen.
She gave me a ride when my Tahoe broke down.
Which dress do you like better? The blue one.
See, I told you, mom.
Thank you for helping my sister-in-law.
Good-bye now.
Come on.
Jessi Padilla was found in Kilgore, worked in Galveston as a hotel concierge.
Last seen at a mini-mart near Houston.
Lindsey Davis lived in Abilene, was found outside of Blanco.
Marta Santos lived in Archer City, and they found her body near Hico.
That leaves Jimmy Sue from San Marcos, found on a dirt road in Smiley.
Killer knows Texas.
Someone who travels the state.
And you think you have an idea who that someone is? I have a notion.
I'm gonna set up some surveillance Ranger Molly.
I remember something.
That night the woman was attacked, she was talking to a man tall.
I was singing "My Heart Will Go On.
" He had a white beard.
You just remembered this? I thought you ought to know.
Oh, I brought you some monkey bread a thank-you for being so nice with my grandmother.
You tear off the pieces.
Everybody loves it.
Thank you.
There you go.
Gotta go rehearse.
See ya later.
Mmm cinnamon.
I don't think you wanna eat that.
Why? Because it was baked by a serial killer.
That woman is the killer because of cinnamon? I was just about to tell you.
I pulled her tour schedule off of her web site.
Every victim was near a town where Carmen performed when they went missing.
She's got a crutch in her car.
She's been pumping me for information about the case.
She probably even tampered with my Tahoe so she could do so.
Jimmy Sue smelled cinnamon.
I did some research on Carmen.
Her father was killed in a car crash when she was 4.
Her mother Amy Garza died in a gas explosion when Carmen was 15.
Someone left the stove on.
She lit a cigarette.
If Carmen is killing women and making them ugly, it's because she hates women.
My bet she hates her mother most of all.
Her grandmother told me that she was poisoned.
This is Amy Garza.
Now look at the victims.
All brunette, long hair, latina.
I bet the "accidental" gas explosion wasn't accidental.
Her first victim was her mother.
And she's killing her over and over again.
That's a nice theory.
Just one problem.
The mother's boyfriend one Frankie Brisco is doing time for killing her.
Second-degree manslaughter.
Man, lemme just breathe you in.
What is that? Roses? Disdain.
Hard to get.
I like that in a woman.
I wanna talk to you, Frankie, about your old girlfriend Amy Garza the one that blew up in her house.
Yeah, I got myself misplaced in another dimension, and forgot to turn off the stove.
It says here you were cookin' meth.
That's why they come after me for a simple accident.
Your presentencing report says you'd also been molesting your girlfriend's little girl.
Carmen? It might've said 13 on her birth certificate, but she looked 23.
- Anyway, she started it.
- She did? Amy knew what was going on.
She knew she had a vixen for a daughter.
She thought it was Carmen's fault that you raped her? Amy went nuts.
Shaved off Carmen's hair.
Tried to turn her into a boy so she wouldn't be seducing anybody.
Tell me about the night Amy died.
Well, we'd been partying.
Meth, a little smack.
Carmen broke the mood.
She got in Amy's perfume and walked in reeking.
Amy jumped all over her.
I had to break it up.
Talk about a buzzkill.
After that, I needed another fix.
So you turned on the stove.
Well, I cooked up a needle for me and one for Amy.
I shot up, passed out on the back porch.
That's how I survived.
What about Carmen? How'd she survive? Well, firemen found her in the storm cellar.
The arson report lists Amy's cigarette as the incendiary device.
Amy didn't smoke.
She thought it'd make her teeth yellow.
I figured some random spark set off the gas.
Didn't you read this? No, I just took the deal my public defender got me.
It says right here, the explosion was set off by a cigarette next to Amy's body.
If Amy didn't smoke someone put it there.
That little bitch.
Hey! Hey! You've gotta get me a new lawyer.
You can put him back where he belongs.
I need to talk to a lawyer in here! Hey! Carmen rigged the house, hid in a storm cellar, killed her mother, framed the boyfriend.
When someone triggers her, she kills her mother again.
Jimmy Sue was drunk and disruptive while Carmen was singing.
I think it's time we bring her in for a little chat.
Is that Pat Benatar? You're a heartbreaker dream maker Not exactly.
Don't you mess around, no, no, no I'm at Big Pappy's, but Carmen is not.
I know where to find her.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
I nice.
Why are you always spying on Aunt Molly? What? You keep asking all about her, and you were looking at all her stuff in her room.
I saw you.
I I was just I like her.
Can't you just ask her stuff if you want to know? That's a great idea.
Thank you.
- You have to talk to mom.
- All right.
- She doesn't like the dress I want.
- Hailee She's ruining everything, daddy.
Okay, okay.
Listen, Hailee Elizabeth, you need to lighten up on your mother.
- Do you understand me? - But, dad No, but nothing.
No one wants your quinceañera to be more perfect than your mother does.
Right now, she's out there running 20 errands For your party, instead of being here, teaching me how to dance.
I'm sorry.
I know, baby.
I know you are.
But I'm not the one who needs to hear it, okay? I know.
- I know.
- All right.
Let's try this again.
- It's one, two, three.
- I know.
- One, two, three.
How hard can it be? - Okay, ready? Okay.
Ranger Parker? Nice to see you, Mrs.
I'm lookin' for Carmen.
Is she here? No.
She told me she was heading out of town.
Is everything all right? I just needed to speak to her.
Do you mind if I come in? That'd be nice.
So about the menu is there a way we can bring the budget down, like, maybe wine and beer, but not Tequila? Oh, hold on.
Let me call you back.
Ma'am, let me help you with those.
What are you looking for? I need to speak to your granddaughter.
I'm trying to get some idea where she might have gone.
Why? Is she in trouble? No.
She might be able to help me with a case.
I will pray for both of you.
Hello? Aunt Molly, do you know where my mother is? - Why? - I called her five times, and she's not answering.
She's super pissed at me about my dress and all, and I just wanted to say I was sorry.
- Okay.
Let me try.
- Thank you.
Hello, Ranger.
Carmen? I bet you're somewhere in my house right now.
Is my poor abuela praying again? That's all she does, 'cause she can't do anything else.
She prayed all through my childhood.
Didn't make a difference, though.
Frankie still got his way and mama got hers.
I'm with your friend.
She's very pretty.
Where are you? Oh, that wouldn't be fun.
I'm not done with her yet.
That arch of your brow is so perfect.
Do you thread, or just pluck? I really need to find her, now.
She never tells me where she goes.
Does she have another house? A friend? No.
She came here after the fire.
This is her home.
Does this house have an attic - a basement, a storm cellar? - No.
Only the old house had one.
Carmen used to go down there to sing.
Tell me, where exactly is that old house? I'm almost at Farm Road 296.
Backup is approximately 17 minutes out.
That's too late.
I saw you with your pretty little daughter.
All you could do was tell her what was wrong with her.
That wasn't nice.
Every girl deserves a chance to shine.
That's a lesson you will remember once I send you to hell.
Hello, Ranger.
You're just in time.
Quite a home you've made for yourself here, Carmen stage lights and all.
There are no small stages only small actors.
You don't have to act, Carmen.
You can be yourself.
You can talk to me.
Tell me what hurts.
Nothin' hurts.
Not anymore.
I don't believe you.
I know about your mother.
I know how she made you feel.
I know what she did to you.
She said I tried to be prettier than she was.
She was wrong, Carmen.
You are pretty.
She should have brushed your long brown hair braided it.
She should have held you, loved you, told you how special you were how beautiful.
You are so beautiful.
She shouldn't have let Frankie hurt you.
Bad, oh, bad, bad, bad, bad.
Oh, bad, oh, bad oh, bad.
But I never wanted Frankie to notice me! - She said I had to be ugly.
- But you're not.
You're too beautiful, Carmen.
Your beauty scares your mama.
Ask her.
She'll tell you.
She'll tell you.
Go ahead.
You're beautiful.
You're so beautiful.
Mama, I'm so sorry.
I promise, I never meant Frankie to notice me.
Ow, my arm.
It's over, Carmen.
Don't get comfortable.
You're getting me the hell outta here.
You just didn't have the right nurse.
No, I didn't.
You need someone with experience in your type of injuries.
Yeah, I do.
Someone who knows how to make you feel loved.
And someone who knows how to What? So someone who knows how to what?