Killer Women (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

In and Out

Previously on "Killer Women" I am the judge here, Ranger Parker.
And it isn't over till I say it's over.
How exactly do you walk into court for a divorce, and walk out in marriage counseling? Welcome to Texas.
You got a subpoena? Yep.
From your not-quite-yet- ex-husband.
He wants me to testify in your divorce case.
He's raising an adultery claim.
Your wife thinks you're cheating on her.
Well, maybe my wife should address me with that and not my sister.
If this isn't good enough for you, you can tell your mistress to go to hell, too.
Wh what, mistress? What? Look I'm having some financial issues right now.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I just had to take on some outside work and that's all.
Can everybody come out to the dance floor? Let's go! Come on! Gather 'round! You good, sweetheart? Yeah.
I love you, daddy.
I love you, too, baby.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, officially, a young woman now, but she will always be my little girl señorita Hailee Parker.
Hey, yeah hey! Hey! Hey, yeah bidi bidi bom bom bidi bidi bom bom bidi bidi, bidi, bom bom bidi bidi, bidi cada vez cada vez que leo veo pasar Mm, oh mi corazón se enloquece Y me empieza a palpitar Get in here.
Come on, Mimi You never forget your first love.
Who was the lucky guy? Waylon.
Uh - Waylon something.
- Never forget.
He had headgear, I remember that.
And did you kiss Waylon? Mm, once.
And then he broke up with me on my birthday.
And when's that? The Tuesday after never.
You know that I have security clearance on a federal level, right? And I also have Lulu.
Um I don't celebrate my birthdays.
But you secretly want to.
No, I don't.
Why not? - Hey, fellas.
Look at you.
- How are you, Senator? I didn't know you were gonna be here.
Because of some of the birthdays I had with him.
Excuse me.
Hello, Molly.
How are you doin'? What the hell are you doing here, Jake? Oh, I just brought some pretty little diamonds earrings for my favorite niece.
You need to leave.
Be fair.
Come on.
I've know her since she was 2 years old.
You're not a part of this family anymore.
There is nothing wrong with showing up and letting somebody know you're thinking about 'em.
I just want Hailee to know I love her.
That's all.
- Mm.
- Senator.
Agent Winston, nice to see you.
Excuse us.
This is a private conversation I'm having with my wife, all right? It stopped being private the second you subpoenaed me for your divorce.
Time to go.
Do not tell me what I can and what I can't do.
I don't think she wants you here, so - Both of you, stop it.
- This is none of your business at all.
Tonight is about Hailee, do you hear me? Make sure she knows that one's from me.
- Okay? - Okay.
I'm gonna get a drink.
I'll be there in a second.
Hey, D.
, want a beer? Papi, yes, I do.
You good? Yeah.
What a night.
We should have hired security.
It's okay.
And the party's beautiful.
And Hailee looks so happy.
I know.
They grow up in dog years.
It was only yesterday she was a little baby crying for her mom.
Well, it looks like you'll have another one of those soon.
I haven't seen you inhale salted peanuts and soda since you were pregnant with Lulu.
So? I'm nine weeks.
Don't say anything.
Billy doesn't know.
Why not? He told me we were having money troubles, and now another baby.
I'll tell him.
Molls, you left this in the house.
I think someone's trying to get in touch with you.
Oh, thank you.
Ranger Parker.
Tonight's my niece's quinceañera.
Can som I'll be there in 20 minutes.
It looks like a burglary gone bad.
Troy Flynn the basketball player.
- "T-Roy"? - Yeah.
Troy Flynn the best point guard in the league.
I didn't know you were a fan.
The whole world is, hello? After he hit a 3-pointer, he did the little gun thing.
Working theory is he interrupted a burglary, got whacked from behind.
With what? Lead the league in triple doubles.
The burglars cut their way through the screen here.
Security cameras were out of commission.
You see this? - Some sort of gummy film.
- Yeah.
Forensics bagged it.
We've got a witness a neighbor who said she saw something.
It was about, um, 11:48.
And I heard shuffling.
- Shuffling? - Like a lot of feet.
So I went outside, and and I looked over my fence.
I I keep a ladder out there.
You keep a ladder by your fence? Comes in handy.
And I saw these three black men come out the flynns' patio door.
- You could see they were black? - Yeah.
They were wearing hooded sweatshirts, but I could see.
Could you see their age or height? Uh, hard to tell.
They had large bags, and they loaded them into a white van.
Did you get the make or model? They all look alike.
Vans do.
I'm no racist.
I I voted for Obama.
I I got some of the license numbers.
- I already told one of the other officers.
- No! - No! Don't take him.
- Wait.
- Amber Flynn the widow.
- Please, follow me.
Here we go.
Flynn? Mrs.
Flynn? Okay, take a breath.
It's gonna be all right.
Who are you? I'm Molly Parker.
I'm a Texas Ranger.
What is going on? What is happening? Nobody will tell me.
It appears your husband interrupted a burglary.
And he's dead? I didn't even get to say good-bye.
Sit down.
Was Troy going out? We both were.
Our charity work.
I was stuffing gift bags for a benefit.
And T-Roy Hey, hey.
Troy and Moe and Carter from the team they visit the children's hospital every week.
So the house was empty? Yes.
Air traffic got a hit on a white van - with a partial plate.
- Okay.
Excuse me for a minute, Mrs.
Search warrant! Hey! Hey! Hey.
- Where's your other friend? - Who? The one you've been robbing with.
- What's that? - Evidence.
Troy Flynn? T-Roy? Hey, he's my hero! Bam! Dude gets it done.
A witness saw you two and another man fleeing Flynn's house.
So you want to tell me some people in Alamo Heights looked out their windows and said, "hey, look.
There goes my good friend Lonnie Richards.
" I don't think so.
You wanna tell me your van wasn't full of valuables taken from T-Roy's house? That's not our van.
Hey, we found it on the street, engine running.
You found it on the street, engine running, nobody around? Hey, sometimes you get lucky.
And you never thought to look in the back? Hey, we was out buyin' that ooh-wee.
Just having fun.
Hey, if it's T-Roy's stuff, let's go give it back.
Right now.
Shake hands with the man.
Make my night.
Here's a good one the two basketball players Troy Flynn was with tonight, their houses got robbed, too.
Not by them.
They don't even know Flynn's dead.
Or they're pretending they don't.
The only thing Cheech and Chong broke into last night was the blunt they were smoking.
They took a joyride in the van our real perps dumped.
Dumped with the loot? - What kind of perps are those? - Smart ones ones who wanted somebody else to get the blame.
A tragedy for San Antonio.
All-Star basketball player Troy Flynn, was found presumably murdered Amber's at the funeral home making arrangements.
We're just here helping clean up.
This is my husband Moe.
Grayson, Mr.
I understand you were with Troy Flynn last night? - Who are you? - This is Ranger Parker.
She's investigating T-Roy's murder.
I know it's a tough time for y'all.
I'll be brief.
Do we have to do this right now? How are you doing, baby? I'm okay.
My wife.
Catherine Elizabeth.
But call me "Kiki.
" Just look at this mess.
They got all of Amber's jewelry, - all of their silver.
- What are these? Troy's high school basketball trophies.
They weren't worth anything to anyone but him.
Burglar didn't steal them? - He just smashed 'em up? - Yeah.
Who would do something like that? Someone who doesn't like your teammate.
He was more than a teammate.
- He was our best friend.
- I've known T-Roy since college.
He kept me sane when we went pro and everything got crazy.
- Why did this happen to us? - Honey You're gonna be all right.
We're gonna be all right.
I understand both your homes were also robbed last night? You think we're worried about that right now? Of course not.
I'm just trying to find someone y'all had in common with the Flynns.
- Cleaning service, gardener? - No.
- Where were you two last night? - With Amber.
At our charity's office, organizing a benefit that's next week.
Who knew you'd all be out? - I don't know.
- We're very busy.
Should we be thinking about that? Yes, you should.
You two were at the children's hospital with Troy? Those visits must be scheduled.
Who knew you were gonna be there? Ladies, would you mind giving me a moment alone with your husbands? Uh, it's about the team basketball stuff.
So You gonna tell me now where you really were last night? Kind of early in the day for a conversation, isn't it? - It's noon.
- Yeah, what I mean.
Lieutenant, these are the dancers that entertained Troy Flynn and his friends last night.
Thank you for coming.
We always cooperate with law enforcement.
Have I seen you at the club? Uh, I don't believe so.
One of the girls at a club in Austin starts her act in an outfit just like that.
I'll keep that in mind.
We heard about Troy.
It's awful.
If only he'd stayed late with his friends.
We were having a fun time.
He was one of the good ones a gentleman.
He used to be a little grabby, you know, but lately not so much.
He was quite a celebrity.
Did you brag to anyone that you were gonna see him and his friends last night, that they were coming into the club? We didn't know they were coming.
- They just show up sometimes.
- They're regulars? Regular enough.
His wife knew to chase him down there one night.
Objecting to the entertainment? I don't think she cared about that.
Hardly gave us a look.
She'd been out shopping at some fancy store, and they told her her credit card had been cut off.
She came in mad as a bag of snakes.
Said Troy had money for us.
Why didn't he have money for her? You guys wanna run threes? You ball or what? All right.
We got homeboy.
He's your bitch.
Who am I with? All right, let's go.
Come on.
I got this.
Come on.
No, no.
Hey! Maybe you oughta just go back to whitey-ville.
Huh? Yeah, maybe I'll just go back to your mother's.
What are you doing here? Well, since you forgot how to use the phone, I gotta come to you.
You're not delivering.
Hey! Are we playing ball or what?! Yeah! - You remember jail? You didn't like it.
- I'm working on it, man.
Right here.
Come on.
Yep, yep, yep.
The drugs are coming across the border another way.
I need to know how.
Better get a switch, bitch.
Let's go.
Check up! Did they confess, those men you arrested? No, they said they didn't do it.
But they did, didn't they? They had my $100,000 Cartier cougar in their van.
We're pursuing some new lines of investigation, Mrs.
Mimi! Mimi! Where is that dog? Mimi! - Stop.
I swear, she's gonna fall in one of these days just like Troy.
You know, the stupid thing is, my mind knows that Troy is gone, but my heart still expects him to walk through the door.
You said there's a new investigation? It turns out your husband wasn't at the children's hospital last night.
Where was he? A strip club Magic City.
He lied to me? Unless you knew he was gonna be there.
I understand you've tracked him down there in the past.
Troy is dead.
Do we really need to discuss his past transgressions? Witnesses say you were mad at some money matter.
He cut off your credit cards? Witnesses? Strippers? Was everything okay between you and your husband? Okay? It was a dream.
I grew up in a trailer park on the east side of Texas and not one of the nice ones.
The boys I knew Then I met Troy.
He was playing college ball.
He was crazy shy.
You know, I had to ask him to kiss me first.
And then all of this happened.
What's that? I don't know.
Maybe a piece of the bag one of the burglars was carrying? Maybe.
Her husband's dead, and she's feeding lobster to her dog.
Well, that's better than feeding her dog to a lobster.
I guess.
So what do you want to do? Didn't we just do it? I mean, for your birthday.
It's the day after tomorrow.
And you are an Aries, which explains a lot.
Like you know anything about astrology.
I know Aries are pigheaded.
Get me a watering trough.
- I'm making a lot of headway on my case.
- Really? No.
I got nothing.
The cartel has to have somebody inside the state.
And whoever it is, is just bringing drugs across the border in a big way.
And not through the normal channels, just it's pissing me off.
Babe, will you hand me my beer? Nice try.
You could have at least pretended to be surprised.
If you put that on, I'm outta here.
I found a piece of a mask like this in Troy Flynn's backyard.
A jewel thief in round rock wore one last year.
Blame the black man.
The national pastime.
So who were the burglars? Well, that comes down to who knew the men and their wives would be out that night.
Well, that would be the men - And their wives.
- Right.
What the hell are we doing out here? Huh? You got one job.
Find the cartel's new strategy for moving the dope.
And you've thrown that in my face a hundred times now.
But you zig, the cartel zags.
- That's the way it goes, man.
- Yeah, I know how it goes.
How are they getting the drugs across the border? Behold.
See, these poor steer here they used to be bulls.
See, somebody cut their male business parts out.
Look, see those sutures? Go ahead.
No, hell, nah.
Sorry, buddy.
Good-bye, testicles.
Hello, cocaine.
Cartel stashes them here unguarded.
Nobody suspects a thing.
If these cattle are from Mexico, that means someone inside Texas has to vouch for 'em.
- You got a name? - Not yet.
But they say he's squeaky-clean.
Border guards they just wave his shipments through.
I'm gonna need that name.
I'm working on it.
Why did you get it so hot? So you wouldn't eat them.
So where are we on new suspects for the Flynn case? The basketball wives.
Three of them, three burglars, three masks.
And they robbed their own houses, why? Half spite, half greed.
I've been checking into some bank records, and having a deeper conversation with the ladies from the strip club.
All of the husbands were screwing around and cutting off the spigot on their wives' spending.
And these are women who think a $50,000 ring isn't worth picking up if you drop it on a dirty floor.
And killing Troy Flynn? Wrong place, wrong time.
He came in, they rushed out.
They couldn't let him see 'em.
All because their allowances got cut? We're not talking Romeo and Juliet here.
The men broke their side of the bargain.
You mess with these cows, you get the horns.
You've been quiet for most of the session, Mrs.
Is there anything you'd like to add? Sure.
My name isn't Colton.
It's Parker.
Okay, Ms.
Parker, it might be helpful if you said something here.
The judge ordered me to go to the marriage counseling.
He didn't order me to talk.
See, this is the problem right here.
There's no communication.
You know, I want a a true life partner.
I I think deep down she does, too.
Is this session, uh, 50 minutes or an hour? You know, Ms.
Parker, a reluctance to communicate may come from a person's fear of repercussions from their expressed feelings.
I don't even know what that means.
Or silence is a way to control the people who love you.
And you think your wife is trying to control you? Yes.
Oh, yes, I do.
Why don't you tell the truth, Jake? You couldn't stand that I had a job - a profession that I built on my own - No.
That had nothing to do with you.
I married this beautiful, kind woman.
Where did she go? That woman was a projection of your own needs, - your own narcissistic fantasy.
- Oh, you've gotta Oh, now now she's the marriage counselor? Thankfully, some men see me for who I actually am.
You've got to Really? You're throwin' that puffed up agent in my face? He's a man.
A real one.
- Oh, you bitch.
- Senator.
You are not getting out of this marriage until I say so.
You understand that? Hey! - You walk outta here, so help me - You'll what? Time's up.
I can't help it.
I just had to get back to busy.
And we can't cancel the gala.
The at-risk girls we help depend on it.
And this is where you were the night of the burglaries? A lot of chores involved in organizing these events.
Any other volunteers with you that night? Any staff? Sorry to sound thick.
Still checking to see who might have known your houses were empty.
Well, it was just the three of us here drinking red wine and being silly.
If only we had known what was happening right then in my own home You know I can never get curls that tight.
Seriously? It's easy.
X-acto knife.
The sharper the blade the tighter the curl.
Now I know the secret.
Would you ladies be okay if I take one of these for my niece? I'll make a donation.
Be our guest.
Let your police friends know about our work.
I will.
I promise.
You didn't happen to pick up any antacid while you were out? Nobody eats that sauce but you.
Early birthday present? You're the big mouth who told Dan? I plead the fifth.
What's in the bag? Remember the silver residue from the cut screen at Troy Flynn's house? Well the basketball wives were curling these ribbons the night of the burglaries.
Then they took the same knives and robbed their own houses.
And this residue transferred? I'm bettin' the lab will say it's the same.
It's not exactly a slam dunk case.
They knew their husbands wouldn't be home that night.
They have no independent alibis.
Things of sentimental value to the husbands were destroyed for no apparent reason.
The street where the band was abandoned was near the charity office.
Plus, the residue from the ribbons.
And you've got that special Molly Parker feeling in your gut.
And it's not from overspicy ribs.
Hell of a thing, to rob their own husbands as a "screw you" and accidentally kill one of them.
Actually, about that I don't think it was an accident.
I think it was premeditated murder.
I couldn't figure out why T-Roy left the strip club early when he and his friends were having a fine old time.
So I talked to Mercedes.
- She was the - Taller one.
Mercedes said that Troy got a call and left in a hurry.
So I dug into Amber's credit card records.
Six weeks ago, she bought a disposable cell phone.
And that's the phone that called her husband right before he left.
He left because she called him and told him to come home.
"Please come home, honey.
I need to see you.
" "You gotta check the house.
I think I left the gas on.
" She lured him there.
A burglar wouldn't do that.
But a murderer would if she wanted him to accidentally encounter some burglars.
Because he cut her allowance or because he was screwing around? Either/or.
That's more than enough for some people.
You think her friends knew what she was planning? I don't see why she'd tell 'em.
Well, maybe you should.
People have a right to know.
Charge them with burglary and then tell 'em they're murderers.
That oughta shake 'em up pretty good.
This is gonna be fun.
It's gross in here.
It stinks.
Well, better get used to it, ma'am.
Place like this could be your new home.
For what? Supposedly taking our own belongings? It's not even a crime.
Maybe not, but murder is.
What murder? Oh.
Your friend Amber didn't tell you, did she? Tell us what? That she called Troy to come home while you were in her house.
Why would she do that? Well, to get him dead.
Which makes you and you an accomplice to murder.
You know what you're gonna look like after 30 years in a cell? But if you wanted to cooperate and tell me about the burglaries You know that gift bag that you took? It had a coupon for a makeup consultation in it.
I suggest that you use it.
How'd it go? You shake 'em up? Kiki Birdsong had to interrupt, giving me makeup tips, when her lawyer showed up and bailed her out.
You tell them they're dupes and murderers They don't even blink.
Well, then I've got a gift basket for you this time.
When you brought them in, the contents of their purses were inventoried.
Kiki and Mischa had identical keys to a condo in Riverview Plaza.
High-end place.
Same unit? Let's take a ride.
If some women had keys, they got them from Mr.
This was his home away from home.
What's wrong with his home at home? Pillowtop.
Flynn have a lot of company? I made a point to mind my own business.
Video camera.
Looks like we'll have something to remember him by.
Come on, baby.
Let me show you how I score a 3-pointer.
I guess that's why he made the All-Star team.
Well, look who he's playing with here.
- I love you.
I love you.
- That's Mischa Grayson, - his wife's best friend.
- Oh, baby.
I love you, too, baby.
You and me, we're gonna be together.
What about Amber? Don't worry about Amber.
It's just gonna be me and you, I promise.
That was eight weeks ago.
This was the next night.
I need you.
Amber and me are done.
It's just gonna be me and you.
He promised both his wife's best friends that he was leaving her for them? Yep.
That was his line.
He reeled them in and then cut bait.
But check out this video from a few days later.
You know, I'm really happy you're here.
Well, I was a little nervous.
Oh, boy.
No, wait.
He makes her tea.
They talk about recipes for catfish stew.
She gives him "The Notebook.
" He never makes a move.
What was in it? What was in what? The notebook.
Luis, that's the greatest love story movie ever made.
Well, I'm not familiar with it.
Uh, after this girl comes over, no more sex tapes.
No more Mischa.
No more Kiki.
Total cutoff.
I wonder how they felt about that, after him promising to leave his wife for them and all.
I don't think he cared.
I think T-Roy fell in love.
You're not gonna forget about our date now, are you? I need my ice cream.
Promise? Zora Smith? Yes? Can I talk to you about Troy Flynn? How did you and Troy meet? He was visiting kids in the cancer ward.
And he was so good with them.
So real.
And then he came on to me, all Mr.
You know, watch his game films, come on up to his place.
What kind of champagne did I like? How about some caviar? I just laughed.
And then told him you preferred catfish stew? There were tapes.
I can't say that shocks me.
I knew he'd been with a lot of women, but I knew his heart, and it was gentle.
Troy was a country boy trying to act like a basketball star was supposed to act.
Did his wife know about you? He told her he wanted a divorce.
He didn't want to play superstar anymore.
He wanted a simpler life.
I was simple.
We were happy.
We just wanted to be together.
But he's gone.
Zora, I think his wife and those other women, they killed him.
So are you going to be home for dinner tonight? Well, I was planning on it, yeah.
The girls are going out, and I have a little surprise for you.
Really? Enchiladas poblanas? Even better.
Really? All right.
Oh, hey, if I don't make it, you can shoot me.
See ya.
Do you think it's possible for a man to change? No.
You will never catch me in tighty whiteys.
I was thinking more along the lines of emotional change.
Why you askin'? Well, looks like Troy Flynn found true love with a nice girl and got himself killed.
Well, that'll teach him, won't it? I'm trying to have a serious conversation here.
I think Amber Flynn, plus her two friends they all got dumped by Troy, so they staged this burglary together so he got "accidentally" killed.
I finally got a lead on who's helping the cartel on the side.
It's going down tonight, and I'm gonna nail his ass.
Sounds sexy.
Well, it's gonna get sexier.
'Cause after I bust this bastard, I'm whisking you away for you birthday.
I told you, I don't celebrate.
Then, uh happy Armistice Day.
Arturo Sandoval in New Orleans? It's a good thing you got over that fear of flying, huh? - We're - Celebrating.
You meet me here tonight at 10:00, or you suffer the consequences.
I think my left leg is longer than my right one.
It could be serious.
A girl in my pilates class found out one of her legs was an inch longer.
Had to get a hundred new pairs of shoes made.
You think she made it up? Bitches, there you are.
Who are you? The one person who can keep your dumb asses out of jail.
Girl, why don't you just turn around and leave? Sure.
I'll head right over to that Ranger lady who came to see me this morning.
She thinks you killed Troy all of you and I can help her prove it.
How can you prove something that didn't happen? You really are that stupid.
You called Troy at the strip club and told him he had to get home because your dog was sick.
I know because he called me while he was driving here.
I also know that you threatened to kill him when he told you he was leaving you for me.
Leaving all of you for me.
You told that to the ranger lady? Don't worry.
I just boo-hoo-hooed her.
She thinks I'm Mother Theresa.
What do you want? Troy left, what $20 million? I'll settle for 5, with a down payment of $100,000 by tomorrow.
Living expenses.
Oh, and, um I think these cheap panties belong to one of you.
Pick up the rest of your crap from Troy's place.
I'll be moving in tomorrow, and whatever's left get mailed to the Rangers.
You knew about this bitch? Don't play it like that.
You knew he was on to a new girl.
Whose fault is that? He was happy with me.
Until he dumped your sorry ass for mine.
Like you're Chic du Soleil in the bedroom.
Hey! He played all of us.
It wasn't my idea to kill him.
You didn't exactly put up a fight.
You're the one who called him to come home, not us.
We're in this together.
I go down, we all do.
What are you saying? We should kill her, too? They did it.
They really killed him.
I'm sorry, Zora.
But you got them.
The transmitter in the underwear recorded everything.
Do you wanna stay here while we arrest them? No.
I just wanna go home.
You're sure he's coming? He picked up the cattle at the border four hours ago.
He was coming this way.
We have target approaching, approximately 200 meters out.
Copy that.
We have visual.
All right, positions! Hit him! Go! Go! Go! Shut it down! Shut it down! D.
! Get out of the truck! Slowly.
Read him his rights.
This is Special Agent Dan Winston.
Leave a message.
I'll get back to you.