Killing Bites (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Who cares?

I guess she doesn't need my help here.
I'll leave Ratel to Kaede,
and I'll go have fun with Cheetah--
Wait, where did she go?
What are you doing?
You're supposed to be fighting me.
Was that the case?
What the hell are you doing?
-She's my--
-Shut up!
If you try to stop me, I'll kill you first!
That's rich.
You're barely standing.
You're not looking any better.
But if that's the case,
I'll kill this wiggly one first.
You goddamn bitches!
Your deaths will be slow!
I'm going to spend so much time torturing you,
you're going to regret ever being born a woman!
This is what we call
an overwhelming difference in power!
Killing Bites
Mixed screaming tears the silence
Fine tuning your senses in the wild
Only the winners will live tomorrow
Well-sharpened fangs and biting insanity
We don't need a reason to fight
All we seek is strength
A spiral chain of life promises
The unstoppable evolution makes
The heartbeat come alive
Starving like crazy, left dry hearted
Putting on my fighting spirit,
Time to stand up
Shout and roar
Unleashed roaring shakes up the darkness
Fearlessly taking a painful step
Piercing sins lurking in this world
The truth's swallowed up the lie
Gazing at everything
Well, well, if it isn't Ms. Gecko.
The Hong Kong mafia muscle
who took Killing Bites by storm,
winning every match.
It's impressive that a girl from the slums
climbed to become a president's secretary.
You have my respect--
You've done well for yourself too.
For an upstart little punk, that is.
Don't underestimate Reptier.
It's Kanto's most powerful gang
founded by Brother Ryuji.
If I hear you disrespecting it
Enough trash talk.
Reptier only opens its mouth
when it's time to bite down on its prey.
Sending people like us into the Destroyal,
must mean there's a job you want done,
right, old man?
Exactly right, you scum.
Shidoh is sending his pawn into the Destroyal.
Whatever he's up to, we'll crush him,
along with his pawns.
There are no second chances at Sumitomo.
You'd better not fail.
You got that?
What in the world is that?
He hardly looks human anymore!
-He's more like a--
Those with strong reptilian factors
possess a primal ferocity that separates
them further from human beings.
When they completely transform,
it's only natural their form would be
further from human.
In the past Killing Bites,
there were stricter regulations
regarding the Therianthropes.
Even if they were a powerful Therianthrope
that could guarantee a win,
if there was the slightest issue with their personal history
or personality, they never could become a Brute.
However five years ago,
when Mr. Reiichi Shidoh became the director general,
he unilaterally decided to relax regulations.
And as a result,
dubious characters including heinous criminals
began receiving the Therianthropy operation,
creating disgusting, vulgar, and unruly Brutes en masse.
Do you understand?
In other words, both pieces fighting each other
on the screen right now,
are the grotesque monsters Shidoh has created.
This is going to be fun.
I'm liking you even more.
I can't wait
to lick your body all over.
I'd like to see you try.
I'm not letting you leave until I'm satisfied!
Too slow! It's obvious that you're protecting
your dislocated right arm.
You can join your stupid brother in the afterlife!
What? She somehow got faster?
There is no way
any of you could beat Tiger!
Crocodiles have the strongest bite
in the animal kingdom.
Once they have a hold, they never let go.
Now we just wait for your collar to explode,
and send you to hell for real!
In that case,
I'm dragging you down with me.
This bastard!
He's actually coiled himself around me
for mutually assured destruction!
You've underestimated feline flexibility.
So what?
Do you think this would make me let you go?
-Why would you need to let go?
If you released me to save your own life,
then you would be no animal,
just a weak human with a wavering resolve.
If you want to defeat me,
then you must become a beast!
Fine then!
This is your final warning.
Ten seconds until self-destruction.
Starting countdown.
Nine, eight,
Kaba Tackle!
This is unexpected!
With both Tiger and Crocodile
seconds away from death,
Hippopotamus has intervened!
Hippopotami are fast!
While large like elephants,
they can cover 100 meters in ten seconds.
Their tackles are capable of destroying automobiles.
Hippopotamus bursts into the fight
with his powerful tackle!
With a direct hit on Crocodile,
he was able to free Tiger
from an explosive death!
While I truly respect your resolve and dedication,
real animals value their lives.
There may be no rules,
but Killing Bites isn't a suicide show!
Mr. Okajima!
That is how it should be, Hippo.
Mrs. Toh,
first Ratel, now Hippopotamus.
It seems that the Ishida Team only interferes
in the competition.
Would that be the reason why you lose every time?
Thank you for the advice.
However, are there not things
more important than simply winning and losing?
Victory or your life.
If these two things are put upon the scale,
which will you prioritize?
I will never forget the great financial support
you've given me,
and the debt I owe you for saving
my mother and sister.
I, Ichinosuke Okajima,
shall lay down my life to claim this victory.
That will not do.
are those who risked the improbable
Therianthropy operation and survived.
What we are investing in
are your valuable lives.
All Brutes should be aware,
that there is nothing more precious
than their lives.
I understand, Madam.
I, Okajima,
will never forget the samurai code,
even as a beast.
For a Brute to throw away their life
in the blind pursuit of victory
is a disgrace!
Mammalians are incomplete.
It's our specs that set us reptilians apart!
It's the specs!
I've got you now.
Let's start with crushing all of your bones
so you can't move--
Specs don't mean shit.
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's what Killing Bites is!
Ishida Zaibatsu's Brute Ratel
has freed herself from Cobra's ultimate
Jabaku move!
As for Tiger versus Crocodile,
their fight was interrupted moments before
an explosive double knockout!
And that was done
by another Ishida Zaibatsu Brute,
Brute Hippopotamus!
For some time now, Ishida Zaibatsu has had
disappointing results in the Destroyal,
however, Ishida has been involved at every turn
in tonight's competition!
They are the eye of the hurricane!
Mr. Nomoto.
Miraculously, both of our pieces
are facing off against Sumitomo pieces.
Do you understand?
We will need to
crush them thoroughly.
Yes, ma'am.
This was unexpected.
I thought Ishida would've benefited
from Tiger and Crocodile taking each other out as well.
But it was a happy turn of events for me.
It is quite boring to lose your piece
at the beginning of the game.
Have fun with your Ishida pieces while you can.
In the end,
I will be the one to win this tournament.
There was no sound of an explosion.
It seems like Tiger made it out in time.
You've got some nerve underestimating me.
I hope you're ready for consequences, Hippo.
I can't believe it.
He wasn't affected by my Kaba Tackle at all?
What are you talking about?
If his collar exploded,
you would have been in danger too.
And those injuries you sustained from Tiger
are not minor--
Your wound is already healing?
Crocodiles have immune systems
that can even cure HIV.
Their regeneration is so powerful,
they are able to completely heal wounds
they sustain in the mire before the fight is over.
Nobody can kill me.
But for now
you will have to die.
Here we go. More, more.
Dig, dig. Dig, dig.
Here we go.
Wow, this is so fun!
Here I go!
Damn you.
You let your guard down on purpose
to bait an attack,
so you could counter my Jabaku!
It's way easier to get caught by this wriggly thing
than to waste my time dodging it.
He's blind on the right side now.
I can just finish him off like this!
That's what you get when you try to use
that tiny brain of yours.
This cobra doesn't have any blind spots.
Snakes use their tongues to smell,
converting olfactory information into visual information,
in order to accurately determine their prey's
size and location.
I'd be able to see you clearly
even if I lost both eyes.
As long as your body keeps emitting that female smell.
You goddamn pervert!
I'm not falling for that again!
She's fallen to the ground!
What exactly has happened to Ratel?
It's finally kicking in.
It takes a little longer
when I don't inject it directly with my fangs.
The neurotoxin I release
as a mist during combat
paralyzes my prey
and leaves them immobilized.
I call it Cobra Mist.
A cobra's greatest weapon
is its neurotoxin.
Depending on the species,
there are those that spit this powerful toxin.
Even your thick hide that can withstand the lion's claws
can do nothing against a cobra's venom.
Your death won't be easy.
I'm going to have my fun with you first.
It looks like they're finished.
Then I guess it's time
I take care of you.
A feline predator can't be hunted by second-rate Brutes
who are scared of death
and have to resort to cowardly tricks.
My, this kitty likes to meow.
She wasn't completely transformed yet?
Although I try to avoid taking on this form
as it goes against my own sense of beauty.
But I suppose it can't be avoided
if I'm to discipline you.
Bring it on, young lady.
So what?
Oh, how fast.
But it's rather two-dimensional.
If you want to take on Gecko,
you have to attack three-dimensionally.
She's only hanging on with her tail!
Her power, speed, and mobility
are on a different level.
Vander Swing!
So Brutes who value their lives are second-rate?
I see.
That's the philosophy of a loser
who assumes death.
Hopelessly complacent fools.
I'm here to kill you!
There are no tricks in a fight to the death.
The simple reality is
that the victor gets everything,
and the loser has everything taken away.
She hasn't moved since transforming back.
Looks like she's completely unconscious.
I've been waiting for this moment.
I'm going to stick them inside you.
I hope you're ready for my Cobra Cannons!
Once they're in,
they won't come out,
no matter how hard you fight.
I can't wait.
Can't wait to hear how you sound
when you beg me to stop
after the pain snaps you back to reality.
Here goes nothing.
-It hurts!
-What the hell?
Don't put those dirty things in front of me
when I'm trying to take a nice nap.
Damn it!
Was she just faking being unconscious?
Where am I?
Oh, right. That deserted island.
I remember now.
You bitch.
Did my venom work on you or not?
Which is it?
Who cares?
Ratels are resilient against cobra venom.
Even if they are completely incapacitated,
they will recover and be ready to fight again.
Crap, I'm still feeling dizzy.
You making an ass out of me?
Impossible! How could a Reptier lose to a mammal--?
Stop, stop!
Please don't hurt me.
Who cares if you're a reptile or a mammal.
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's what Killing Bites is.
So she died before she could even transform back.
What an easy job.
Now then.
Time to kill some time
and get a drink on my way home--
Oh, man
That was dizzying.
I got tired of waiting.
Swinging me around at that sluggish speed
wasn't going to be effective against a cheetah.
To a cheetah,
who views the world moving at 60 mph,
even a professional boxer's jab
is like a photograph.
I see.
I suppose a cheetah's dynamic vision
would allow you to brace yourself
when I knocked you against the walls.
Even from the start, your attacks didn't hurt at all.
In that case,
I'll skin your flesh and flay your muscles.
You guys still not done?
I can help you out if you're having trouble.
Shut up! I'll be done soon.
Oh, my goodness!
After turning the tables on Cobra,
is Ratel after Gecko next?
After surrounding Cheetah two on one,
Mr. Nomoto's brilliant instructions
have turned the tide against the Sumitomo Team!
It's not like I predicted these results.
But I'm just glad they're both okay.
As I said,
your judgment was not wrong.
Yes, thank you very much.
That dumbass screwed up.
Fine then.
I'll kill you both myself.
So weak.
You're way too weak.
He's so strong.
He's much stronger when he's not holding back.
It seems that his claim that he could
take Tiger on his own
wasn't a bluff at all.
Now, show them what you can do,
You can't follow your desires
And do whatever
Curiosity killed the cat
You need to stay away
Even with your delicate smile
And baby blue tears
You can't camouflage
Your dangerous aroma
Don't let her bite you
With those fangs that look harmless
Whatever the way you look at her
She is a beast
Guide them, Oshie!
La, la, la
I have an excessive amount of energy
How long are these guys planning on keeping this up?
And my God,
she is an awful singer.
It's basically just noise.
Hey, Hitomi,
I'm about ready to go.
Sorry, I couldn't hear you over her noise.
It is said that ratels chase greater honeyguides
in order to kill and eat the noisy birds.
Oshie isn't a Therianthrope!
It's your commentator, Shinozaki!
Mitsukado's secret weapon finally makes a move!
There's no predicting what will happen next!
What in the world is going on here?
Next time, "Because That's What I Feel Like!"
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