Killing Bites (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Because... That's What I Feel Like!

Just you watch, Grandfather.
Killing bites!
Mixed screaming tears the silence
Fine tuning your senses in the wild
Only the winners will live tomorrow
Well-sharpened fangs and biting insanity
We don't need a reason to fight
All we seek is strength
A spiral chain of life promises
The unstoppable evolution makes
The heartbeat come alive
Starving like crazy, left dry hearted
Putting on my fighting spirit
Time to stand up
Shout and roar!
Unleashed roaring shakes up the darkness
Fearlessly taking a painful step
Piercing sins lurking in this world
The truth's swallowed up the lie, gazing at everything
The Killing Bites Destroyal is really heating up!
The fighting is becoming more chaotic
as more game pieces turn up to the fight!
Gecko had been dominating Cheetah,
but now that Ratel has defeated Cobra,
Gecko finds herself on the wrong end
of a two-on-one!
Meanwhile, the match between
Crocodile and Hippopotamus
is interrupted by a real dark horse candidate!
Mitsukado Zaibatsu's secret weapon, Kido
has entered the ring!
Kido? What Therianthrope was he?
I mean, he's only had one match
in his entire career.
And only a small number of financiers
were present to witness it.
What a surprise.
I wasn't expecting the young lady from Mitsukado
to make her move.
I thought your objective was the same as ours,
to destroy Ishida's,
or rather, Reiichi Shidoh's pieces.
Of course I will do that.
But I just wanted to take into account
Kido's rust,
and give him a chance to warm up.
If I remember right, this is Kido.
I hear he's pretty strong.
But I don't think it's very smart
to try to take on Crocodile alone.
Hey, I'm in a pretty bad mood right now.
Step any closer, and I'll kill you first.
The poor
It is not good
to pick on the weak.
What? What the hell are you talking about?
I wouldn't agitate him if I were you.
Kido is an environmentalist.
He's normally very gentle,
but with people who destroy the environment,
he can't let them live.
So, you're still alive.
The forest is home turf for gorillas too.
Even up against Tiger, I'm not foolish enough to
get hit squarely by one of his attacks.
Unlike you.
Well, either way,
this game has ended now that Kido and I have met up.
Mitsukado wins.
Sounds like fun. I'll take you both down together
with my Death Mace!
Crocodile tails are giant blunt weapons
covered in tough hide.
A blow from a crocodile's tail can even
pierce the defenses of a hippo's hide.
One good hit would kill you.
What? What is this feeling?
Damn it!
It seems like you're immune to blunt attacks.
Then I'll just have to bite your head off!
Death Bites!
What in the world?
An amazing one-punch knockout!
The fully transformed Crocodile has died
in an overwhelming victory for Kido!
Unbelievably, Kido is continuing to
beat the corpse of Crocodile relentlessly--
I'm going to be sick.
--without any signs of letting up.
How could this happen to my Crocodile?
He was my best piece.
This can't be happening.
No matter how tough Mr. Okajima is,
if he has to face that,
there's no way he won't be killed!
Mrs. Toh.
You have the next turn.
Kido, I think that's good enough.
If I break him down to pieces,
he will make good fertilizer.
Then the trees will be able to grow again.
All right, do whatever you want then.
Your player has made a move.
Please move north within three minutes.
A move order now?
As expected of Mrs. Toh.
A temporary retreat is a wise move.
An average player would stop thinking
and send their piece to attack hoping
for an honorable death.
She has good presence of mind.
Although either way, I'm going to kill you!
He disappeared?
No, what is this hole?
Your player has made a move.
Please move
Sorry, we'll have to pick this up another time,
little ladies.
I had much more fun than I expected.
I'll play with you some more later.
That is if you're still alive by the time I get back to you.
Getting scared because of Cobra.
What a shit player.
Oh, well.
It seems like there was another Brute
there lurking in the shadows anyway.
Damn it, I'm going to get her next time.
Now, before that
How about we settle our fight from before?
Sounds good to me!
That was a close one.
I'm sorry for being late.
I was at the next square over as planned,
but once I started digging,
I got a little carried away by how much fun
I was having.
And then I got a little lost after a while,
and had some trouble finding my way out again.
Rabbit burrows are filled with complex corridors.
It is exactly like an underground labyrinth!
I can see you doing that.
Are you okay, Mr. Okajima?
I can't move.
Oh, no!
I'll keep myself hidden here for now,
and try to regroup.
Then I'll go make a distraction and buy you some time!
All right, here I go!
You just want to dig more.
This is likely Rabbit's doing.
Even if I went down here, there's a chance
the exit leads me outside the square.
Damn it, I guess I have to give up.
Just to make sure,
tell me showing up here despite
being clearly outclassed
was some kind of mistake.
You'll have to face me now!
Oh, is that right? Then I'll be happy to squash you.
And I don't mean figuratively.
Where did she go?
This is like when we first met.
But it won't go the same way.
This time I'll kill you.
Interesting. Try it then.
Are you sure? I'll really do it.
Bring it. No need to hold back.
Really? In that case
Stop it!
What the hell are you doing, you idiot?
I can't help it.
This is what I feel like doing.
I don't like this!
Oh, no! Ms. Inaba is in trouble!
I know! I can send Hitomi over to save her too.
Oh, my!
It seems there's been a shocking turn of events!
We'll switch over to the other feed.
Hold me.
Have as much fun to your hearts' content.
Lust is life's true nature.
A beast's true instincts.
Compared to that, fighting is just like foreplay.
The scent emitted by civets
is an aphrodisiac used even by Cleopatra VII.
By dispersing the aphrodisiac pheromones in the air,
their heightened excitement from battle
is converted into lust.
Civetone Wrap.
You don't need sharp fangs to win.
It's the power to remove your opponents fangs
and control them.
Ratel and Cheetah have stopped fighting
and started performing lewd acts on each other!
But secretly behind their actions was an attack
by Yatsubishi Zaibatsu's Brute Civet!
-Good job, Civet!
-This is amazing!
Make them do more!
Oh, my goodness!
I feel like I need to do something.
But maybe I should see where this goes
What is the right thing for me to do here?
Hold on! How did my Cheetah get dragged into this?
Explain yourself!
It is all well and good.
Cheetah should be aware of Civet's abilities.
She'll come to her senses eventually.
Sooner than Ratel, at least.
More importantly, let's just enjoy the show.
I'm sure that's what the Leader would want.
All of these disgusting fools
defiling our sacred Killing Bites!
Turning it into this vile show!
I am going to kill all of them.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Good work, Shidoh, you've upped the excitement
just like I asked!
Thank you, sir.
However, it was Yatsubishi who dispatched
Civet to assist.
The Bureau could not have done it alone.
I see, I see.
Yatsubishi Zaibatsu's leader Yashin Iwasaki.
Both him and his pieces are a crafty bunch.
It will take more than a little plan
for them to fall to Sumitomo.
If Crocodile is being sent this way too,
I should be running into him right about now.
Are you looking for your friend?
Unfortunately, he's not here.
Damn Crocodile failed!
I wasn't expecting having to take him one on one.
Can I beat him?
The forest may be his territory, but we're in the trees.
I have the advantage at this elevation.
If I fight him completely transformed,
I can beat him!
I had thought a Destroyal without Leo
would be incredibly boring.
But if the Bureau and Zaibatsus are scheming together
behind the scenes,
then that's a different story.
I might be able to have a little fun.
And it's over!
As soon as the pieces entered the same square,
Tiger slew Gecko
before she even had the chance to completely transform!
And this has sealed Sumitomo's defeat!
The Killing Bites Destroyal has grown intense!
Now, let us check back in with Ratel versus Cheetah!
-Hurry up and show us!
They both appear to have completely forgotten
about the battle, giving in to their desires instead.
Which will be the first to free herself
from the Civetone Wrap and go on the attack?
This is a battle of wills!
While not much progress has been made,
we will continue to broadcast this feed
to meet your expect--
I've had enough of this farce.
Move on with the game.
Right now.
I'm terribly sorry.
If the next player would roll the dice.
Amazing, she was able to silence everyone so easily.
I heard her grandfather was someone important,
but to think she could wield so much influence.
While the other players are fairly dedicated,
Ms. Yoko's focus
seems like it's on another level.
It's as if she's being driven by something.
I vow that by the end of this game
that Shidoh has desecrated,
I will claim victory for Mitsukado
and take back your heart
that has been imprisoned by that man's treachery.
I will turn you back into the kind grandfather
you used to be.
As long as they are living beings,
they cannot fight against sexual desire.
Those who can control their lust are the true rulers.
In the end, they are no match for me.
Hitomi, come with me.
Come with me.
Wait, those words
I feel like someone said them to me
a long time ago.
Come with me.
That's right. I
You idiot.
It's not you.
I've already chosen the person
I'm coming with!
That's impossible!
Why is Ratel snapping out of it before Cheetah?
Sexual desire and lust don't matter.
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's what Killing Bites is.
How could she free herself already?
Civetone Wrap shouldn't be that easy to get out of!
It's about damn time.
What took you so long?
I was waiting for you.
You can't follow your desires
And do whatever
Curiosity killed the cat
You need to stay away
Even with your delicate smile
And baby blue tears
You can't camouflage
Your dangerous aroma
Don't let her bite you
With those fangs that look harmless
Whatever the way you look at her
She is a beast
Guide them, Oshie!
Apparently, Hitomi is going to take about
a whole week off.
I need to be re-energized by Hitomi.
Hitomi! Where are you?
Compared to the Ratels who live on the ground,
the greater honeyguide is able to easily spot beehives.
Oh, my gosh! It can't be!
She's a cosplayer!
However, Oshie isn't a Therianthrope!
I'm your commentator, Shinozaki!
Yatsubishi has the clear advantage!
All eyes are on Tiger!
Will Tiger and Ratel battle to the death?
Next time,
"ShitShit shit shit shit!!"
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