Killing Bites (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Shit... Shit shit shit shit!!

The Destroyal.
A merciless death match between Brutes
from each of the four big zaibatsus.
The Sumitomo Zaibatsu has lost all of its Brutes,
and has been eliminated.
The battle between Yatsubishi Zaibatsu
and Ishida Zaibatsu
gets down to the wire,
and becomes something appalling and obscene.
Sexual desire and lust don't matter.
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's what Killing Bites is.
Why is Ratel snapping out of it before Cheetah?
It's about damn time.
What took you so long?
I was waiting for you.
Killing bites!
Mixed screaming tears the silence
Fine tuning your senses in the wild
Only the winners will live tomorrow
Well-sharpened fangs and biting insanity
We don't need a reason to fight
All we seek is strength
A spiral chain of life promises
The unstoppable evolution
Makes the heartbeat come alive
Starving like crazy, left dry-hearted
Putting on my fighting spirit
Time to stand up
Shout and roar!
Unleashed roaring shakes up the darkness
Fearlessly taking a painful step
Piercing sins lurking in this world
The truth's swallowed up the lie
Gazing at everything
The movement of the pieces, the flow of the game,
and the crowd's arousal
can all be monitored handily
from this designated VIP war room.
Come. Sit down, Iwasaki.
For this Destroyal,
I want to confirm our agreement once more
before the outcome is decided.
I see.
I believe I know what you speak of.
In this meeting, we will complete our prospective
"Specific Gene Editing Regulation Reform Bill"
or for short, "theriomorphosis law."
To the public, it looks like a deregulation
pertaining to selective breeding of crops.
But in reality,
it serves as legalization for the theriomorphosis surgery!
It's a great reform
that will have massive economic effects
on the theriomorphosis industry
and related businesses.
As for how the four zaibatsus will
divide up the rights to the process
"All the rights go to the winner"
is what we had arrived at, no?
Do the two of you have any objections?
Of course not.
Ishida wouldn't exist without you all.
An objection would be out of the question.
My loss has already been decided.
All I can do is abide by the victor's decision.
As expected of Sumitomo's executive,
such a conducive and refined attitude.
But it truly was unfortunate,
those tactics were truly a sight to see,
just terrifying.
If Ishida's piece hadn't taken unnecessary action,
the odds would've been with me.
I'm very sorry!
My wife just can't seem to read a room.
No, if Shinada's piece had been eliminated,
we would have been in trouble!
Good job, managing director.
It was nothing.
You honor me with your praise.
Iwasaki, let's leave it at that.
Oh, please excuse me.
Why don't we look towards our promising futures
and engage in lively conversation?
That Yatsubishi
Feeding us platitudes
But I suppose it's fine.
In this Destroyal,
winning or losing certainly is no concern.
The reason being,
the ones who stand to gain the most from this
aren't any of the zaibatsus,
but the Administration Bureau that Shidoh heads.
Their role is in gene development.
They manage all of the technology and facilities
necessary to produce a therianthrope.
It's no secret as to who's going to have all the power.
Shidoh is using that position
to buy off Mitsukado and Yatsubishi
and strengthen his influence.
These damn kids
But I've seen through you.
Reiichi Shidoh
I'm going to smash your
pathetic ambitions to dust.
Now, the match we've all been waiting for
is finally happening!
Brute Tiger, the previous game's champion,
has arrived at square 11-24.
Now he's in a sudden direct confrontation
with the critic-silencing,
steadily advancing Brute Ratel!
Eruza, wake up.
I knew you were all right.
Thank goodness.
With this, Yatsubishi's three members
have gathered in one spot!
This game is developing unusually well!
And the opposing Ishida team's lone wolf Ratel!
It's now three on one.
There will, without a doubt,
be death and despair!
I get it now.
If you carelessly help an enemy piece,
their allies will come rushing too
and put you in a disadvantageous situation.
When you think about it, it's obvious.
Maybe I shouldn't have moved from square 15-24.
Hey, come on.
You're the one making a pass at me
and you're just going to stand there?
If you won't come at me,
I'll just make my move!
What is this?
Neither Ratel nor Tiger
are being affected by my Civetone Wrap.
It's dispersed quite a bit,
but this place should still be my field.
Even Cheetah is still out of commission.
Recovery should take five more minutes.
So, what is with those two?
It doesn't matter.
This is the start of a comeback.
Three on one,
we'll crush her in one go.
You'd better not move.
In this situation, we would normally cooperate
in order to bring down Ratel, but
It's just like that time.
No matter the situation,
no one can stop the Tiger's hunt.
If you get tangled up in it
Even we wouldn't make it out alive.
Hitomi's Slash!
Just as I thought, your victory over Leo
was an utter fluke.
That Tiger
After I'd finally given him
the chance for a three on one fight
But no matter.
With this, Ratel will be out of the way.
The last remaining threat will be Kido.
So next comes the usual
Yatsubishi versus Mitsukado face-off.
We'll take care of the bothersome pieces for you,
so please take your time,
Lady of Mitsukado.
There's no need.
We will swiftly handle our situation as well.
Come on, now. What happened to that bravado?
You can't fight if all you do is run!
I'm gonna die!
If this keeps up I'm gonna die!
No more! Someone help!
Damn. The difference in strength is clear.
I even have the geographical advantage.
So why can't I catch her?
The moment a rabbit uses its ability to the fullest
is when it is running away.
Their lightning fast agility when startled
helps them escape from their predators.
This damn rabbit.
Your player has made a move.
Please move to the square
-to the east within three minutes.
-So they're saying quit fooling around and end it?
I've got no choice,
I guess I'll give it a bit of effort.
No! What is happening?
This is bad. I have to do something.
For now I can go down that burrow--
A gorilla's grip strength is over 500 kilograms.
Their punch strength, more than a ton.
When it comes to brute force,
gorillas are the strongest in the natural world.
Using that power,
I'll barely break a sweat
cutting off a fugitive's escape path.
When I see someone cowering in fear like you,
I get really pissed off.
It's like I'm looking at my past self.
The me from back then is long dead.
You should die and be reborn too.
Next time not as a rabbit
but as a stronger animal like me.
Don't bully
Oh, shit.
I got too heated and violated Kido's taboo!
Can I talk him down?
No, coming to an understanding with this guy
through dialogue is impossible.
I'll just have to knock him down and retreat.
He took my punch and didn't even flinch?
It was a joke, Kido!
Did you think I was serious?
Don't bully
Don't bully
Take this!
What the hell?
Why are you looking at me like that?
You lower form of life, with not a shred of intelligence.
How dare you look at me with the same eyes
as everyone who made fun of me.
I'll destroy you with my own hands, just like them!
Gorilla Hammer!
What in the world has just happened?
The Mitsukado team's trump card,
Kido the Beast,
has felled his own teammate, Gorilla!
What just happened?
That Gorilla was cleaved in two.
My piece
My lady, what is the meaning of--?
Is there some kind of problem?
Not at all.
Shit, shit, shit, shit!
I'm about to
About to-- To
To die!
I'm going to die!
When I think about it, my life was pretty short.
Ever since I was born,
the fun things in my life have been
Digging holes, and
sleeping, and
My life flashed before my eyes,
and it was so basic!
Your player has made a move.
Please move to the square to the east
within three minutes.
I must go
I'm saved!
No more scary things!
I want to go home!
Even rabbits have something they can do.
Even the weak can contribute in some way.
I can do
My role is to protect my friends.
First I have to meet up with Hitomi,
then tell her about that guy's true nature.
This complacency of Yoko's
Is it a sign of her absolute confidence in her piece?
But looking at the current situation rationally
Well, this was unexpected,
but the battle rages on!
Mitsukado is suddenly down to just Kido!
Sumitomo has already been wiped out!
Ishida has one incapacitated,
one with zero combat potential,
and only one real fighter,
Brute Ratel!
Yes! In other words,
the three wholly unscathed Yatsubishi pieces
have an overwhelming advantage!
This is bad, definitely bad.
What should I do, Hitomi?
If he's alive, that means Ryuji is already
Jeez, you're a stubborn little fellow.
That guy
Only his top half is moving.
Hey, you guys hiding over there.
We're just the camera staff.
Take this and the lower half that's laying over there
out of here.
Can't you sew him up
if you get him to a hospital right away?
He is a reptile.
It's just, we have to keep shooting--
-Do it now or I'll kill you.
Hello. Please respond.
Requesting a rescue team at our location.
Why are you trying to save him?
The Sumitomo Brutes are after your life.
If you don't kill them now,
they're guaranteed to retaliate.
When that time comes, I'll kill them again.
That's fine too.
Sparing a life is a privilege of the strong.
But have you even realized it?
That you were spared by Leo as well.
That man has been that way all along.
Hey. Want to eat?
I've got apples.
Are you Leo?
My name is Yugo Tani.
"Leo" is like a nickname or a persona.
Well, anyway, I've heard the rumors about you too.
"Tiger" of West High and "Leo" of North High.
I wonder which one is stronger.
Just kidding.
We'll find the answer right now!
I see.
So you'll just devour anyone and everyone?
A tiger indeed.
But I'm different.
Lions don't bother fighting the weak.
A lion will leave the hunting entirely to the lionesses,
never pursuing prey himself.
The king of the pride's opponents
are the other males aiming for the throne.
That is,
only those with strength comparable to my own.
Tell me, do you meet that requirement?
You sure are something, Taiga Nakanishi.
To think a non-therianthrope could still move
after being stared down by me.
You may just possess that
certain strength factor like me.
If you can awaken that hidden power of yours,
I'll acknowledge you as an opponent.
"A lion doesn't hold back even when hunting a rabbit."
That's what Leo roared,
while in reality he was going easy on you.
No matter the opponent,
he doesn't end it in one blow.
Only after he's drawn out their full strength
will he respond with his own.
And you, you simply spat on that kingly demeanor
with your underhanded tactics.
I will never acknowledge
your victory over Leo.
I'm the only one who can take him down!
He disapp--?
What was that?
I thought something had exploded,
and the next moment,
Ratel was sent flying.
Brother just got serious about winning this.
Leaping directly forward
with tremendous leg strength,
he instantly enters your blind spot
with his movement technique, Bakko.
Then, fooled by the disappearing act,
the prey's opening is exploited
and he unleashes one decisive blow, Kohou.
It's over.
No matter how tough she is,
a direct hit from Kohou
Stand up.
Don't think I couldn't tell
that you dodged that attack.
Once more.
This one will finish you.
You're all so damn noisy.
Enough with the boasting
and come at me already!
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's all there is to it.
That's what
Killing Bites is.
You can't follow your desires
And do whatever
Curiosity killed the cat
You need to stay away
Even with your delicate smile
And baby blue tears
You can't camouflage
Your dangerous aroma
Don't let her bite you
With those fangs that look harmless
Whatever the way you look at her
She is a beast
Guide them, Oshie!
This is the best!
I can't believe Hitomi and her friends
are cosplayers!
Hitomi, look this way!
Eruza's so erotic too!
And Ui is so cute!
With three of these cute animal ear girls around,
I can't hold myself back!
The honeyguide's nesting grounds
are shared by multiple males,
so when a female stops by,
they will copulate promiscuously.
Hold on!
Oshie, you're annoying!
This is bliss
it should go without saying,
Oshie isn't a therianthrope!
I'm your commentator, Shinozaki!
Tiger's supreme speed will be Ratel's demise!
It's Nomoto's turn.
Now, please move your piece!
Next time,
"I Will Never Change My Mind About That!"
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