Killing Bites (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

I Will Never Change My Mind About That

Up to this point,
I've been drifting through my life.
That includes college.
Nomoto, you're going to college, aren't you?
Yes, I thought I would.
Considering your grades and abilities,
this is where you should go.
Yes, of course.
Well, good luck.
And my club.
The Manga Research Club isn't just full of geeks.
There are some cute girls too.
Oh, that's nice.
Why don't you just come check us out?
And at my job
You can stay late again tonight, can't you?
-Oh, that's good.
I'm counting on you.
And dating
Long time no see!
You're free tomorrow, right?
We're going to pick up some high school girls
tomorrow, and we need you to drive.
And that dragged me into a real mess.
Don't be a pansy. You're guilty too.
What is going on?
What should I do?
Killing bites!
Mixed screaming tears the silence
Fine-tuning your senses in the wild
Only the winners will live tomorrow
Well-sharpened fangs and biting insanity
We don't need a reason to fight
All we seek is strength
A spiral chain of life promises
The unstoppable evolution makes
The heartbeat come alive
Starving like crazy, left dry-hearted
Putting on my fighting spirit
Time to stand up
Shout and roar!
Unleashed roaring shakes up the darkness
Fearlessly taking a painful step
Piercing sins lurking in this world
The truth's swallowed up the lie
Gazing at everything
It's the tournament's most anticipated match,
Tiger versus Ratel!
Despite Yatsubishi's
overwhelming three-on-one advantage,
Tiger opts to face Ratel one-on-one!
Could this confidence come
from winning the previous tournament?
In any case, this did not end in a single blow!
Ratel got back on her feet,
despite receiving Tiger's Kohou attack!
How is she still able to stand?
Hold on.
It can't be.
That's the second Kohou attack.
There is no way she'll be able to get back up--
Why won't Ratel die?
My brother's Bakko move is
a mobility technique that's meant
to scare his opponent into making a careless move
so he can land a counterattack.
But Ratel didn't move at all.
Meaning Kohou can't be used
as an effective counterattack.
What's more, Ratel trusted her defenses enough
to take the Kohou attack on purpose.
All in order to measure the range required for her
to counter the Kohou attack with her Slash.
He is fast.
But I'm starting to get the timing.
I'll get him the next time he
My brother's Kohou strike is
the most powerful feline attack,
even surpassing Leo's.
It doesn't have to be a clean hit
in order to be deadly.
You have to be joking!
She's sticking with that stance?
How could she stay there and not move
after taking my brother's attacks like that?
It seems that I have underestimated you too much.
Hitomi! There's a really scary guy coming!
He took out Crocodile and Gorilla all by himself!
He should be really close by Huh?
I've made a huge mistake!
I'm sorry!
What is this?
I feel all weak.
It feels so good.
What the hell?
The dissipated Civetone Wrap
should be very weak by now.
I've never seen it work this fast before.
They say that the human mating season
is all year round,
but it's every day for rabbits.
This is a survival mechanism centered
on creating as many offspring as possible
to avoid extinction.
I want to make babies
Some reinforcements you are.
Unfortunately, Ratel is finished now.
Take a good hard look.
Watch as your friend dies.
Leo is the only one who has ever withstood
my Kohou attack twice.
It's time I accept it.
You have the potential and skills necessary
to best Leo.
Brute Ratel,
out of respect for your strength,
I will kill you with the next blow.
He only showed that stance when he fought Leo.
By piercing the ground
with his fully extended claws,
he is able to execute a Bakko from a lower position
to generate tremendous speed.
Then the five giant blades shred
through the enemy.
My brother is going to kill Ratel.
Oh, brother.
Tiger finally decided to take this seriously.
Mr. Nomoto, I'm sad to say
that this is finally the end for your piece.
-Hitomi hasn't--
-She's dead.
All because of her foolish player's
thoughtless misplays.
You killed Hitomi Uzaki.
Have you fully realized that yet?
I warned you.
I warned you that Ratel's life was in your hands.
-So tell me.
How does it feel to become a murderer?
I killed her?
You have my sympathy.
You were just a victim
dragged into Shidoh's scheme.
I killed
You poor thing.
There's only one thing left for you to do.
Roll the die and get Ratel out of there.
Of course, I can't imagine she'll actually run.
But at least giving her the order to retreat
will lift some of that guilt from your conscience.
Now, it's your turn.
Hurry up and roll, Yuya Nomoto.
How did it come to this?
That's right.
It's because someone like me became a player.
Wait Why did I become a player?
Why am I participating in this Destroyal?
Why am I here?
That's right
I met Hitomi.
She's saved me countless times,
and we started living together like we were told.
I gradually started learning more about Hitomi.
That's so yummy!
I'm so happy!
The time I spent with Hitomi was so much fun.
Idiot. That sign was to move to the left once.
You really are stupid.
Ow, that hurts.
Get it together.
Don't make me regret letting you live.
Stop spacing out.
-Get ready for the next one.
If I win, you live too.
If I lose, you die too.
The one with sharper fangs wins.
That's what
Killing Bites is.
I am not rolling the die.
I am keeping her on this square.
By not rolling the die,
you wish for Tiger and Ratel
to continue their battle?
Yes. I take full responsibility for my decision.
I will have Brute Ratel continue the fight.
What is he thinking?
Did he completely lose it?
Do you really comprehend it?
If Ratel dies now,
you would be completely at fault.
Are you telling me
that you can take responsibility for that?
You're wrong.
This isn't about taking or avoiding responsibility.
It's a choice between the consequences
of running away and making a stand.
It's true that I've left all my decisions to others.
I've lived my life not making
a single choice for myself.
But choosing to trust Hitomi
is something I've chosen.
I will never change my mind about that!
I think you will certainly live to regret this.
Well, it's your life.
Just make sure
you don't cry about this later.
It'll make me sick.
At first glance,
his attitude seems like thoughtless escapism.
But it takes extraordinary fortitude
to be able to leave all your decisions to others.
Putting his life in others' hands.
That must be Yuya Nomoto's way of life.
How interesting.
It's coming.
That's why I told you
that you would certainly live to regret this.
That's a tail?
It's like a lethal weapon.
What a blunder.
I was so focused on the enemy in front of me,
I allowed him to ambush us.
Tiger and Ratel.
I wanted to take both of them down together,
but I suppose it'll have to do.
Oh? Was attacking the fully unleashed Tiger
within your calculations?
If we were in the forest,
we would be in Tiger's territory.
And considering Kido's attitude,
he would be too busy protecting the trees.
But there aren't any of those problems here.
Kido is able to release his full power.
It's all according to plan.
I see.
So provoking Mr. Nomoto was a means
to this end as well?
Oh, no! Ms. Yoko's objective was
to defeat Tiger with Kido.
She needed to keep Tiger here on this battlefield.
And she used Hitomi to do it?
She got me.
I've been playing right into her hand!
It seems like the young lady from Mitsukado
has taken some great risks
welcoming in a barbaric Brute
the Bureau had suspended.
I simply wanted the strongest piece at my disposal.
Do you have an issue with that?
I will do whatever it takes
to ensure Mitsukado's victory.
No matter what.
Miss Yoko, please be careful.
-He may be in a cage, but that's no guarantee.
-It's fine.
If something should happen, even I might--
There wouldn't be any point
if he weren't that strong.
They told me what you've been through.
You and I are the same.
A man came and took my beloved family from me.
Reiichi Shidoh,
the Director General of Killing Bites.
Shidoh repeatedly conducted evil animal experiments
and sacrificed many lives.
In other words, he is the enemy of nature.
And from his experiments,
he birthed his Brute Ratel.
In other words, her very existence is a crime
against nature.
Kido, you must carry out your calling
to protect the natural order.
must be returned to nature.
What the hell are you babbling about?
What is that thing?
What Brute is he?
How long has she been back to her senses?
Oh, she's not better at all.
Did you really think you'd be able to get away
in that condition?
This is why Ishida's third-rate Brutes are--
A pitfall?
Did she just use herself as bait
to lead Civet into the pitfall trap?
Rabbits will frequently provoke
a hunter's bloodlust, in order to steer them
into disadvantageous positions.
I'm going to kill you!
I have to help Hitomi.
Don't get cocky!
I only returned your surprise attack in kind.
There should be no issue.
What I find most inexcusable
is that this man is targeting Ratel and not me.
Stealing a Tiger's prey
is a crime punishable by death!
His skin is as tough as armor!
Each blow is heavy and sharp,
but that leaves him open and defenseless!
No way.
My brother's attacks are bouncing off of him?
What in the world is that?
go wreak some havoc,
Brute Pangolin.
You can't follow your desires
And do whatever
Curiosity killed the cat
You need to stay away
Even with your delicate smile
And baby-blue tears
You can't camouflage
Your dangerous aroma
Don't let her bite you
With those fangs that look harmless
Whatever way you look at her
She is a beast
Guide them, Oshie!
It seems that recently, some guy has been
meeting up with Hitomi at night.
I won't have this!
You are seriously stupid, aren't you?
Hitomi, I'll treat you to some pancakes!
I'm coming!
Greater honeyguides are even able
to lead humans to beehives, however!
When humans try to keep it all for themselves
What's the matter?
it is said that they will bring large predators
to punish them.
Who the hell are you?
Help me!
However, Oshie isn't a Therianthrope!
I'm your commentator, Shinozaki!
Ratel finally crumbles
to Pangolin's overwhelming attacks!
She's been broken!
Huh? Ratel's past?
Next time: "Let's Go Together."
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