Killing Eve (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

The Hungry Caterpillar

1 - Why are we here? - Alister Peel.
The Internet guy? Really? I'm afraid your father was murdered.
What does this look like to you? - Discreet.
- Boring.
Villanelle is an attention seeker.
She wants people to know when she's killed someone.
She wants me to know.
A new girl? Villanelle will be furious! - The Ghost? - The opposite of Villanelle.
- Who are you? - Raymond, your new handler.
You're on a very tight leash from now on.
Promise you won't be cross.
You want a drink? Sure.
Why not? Good.
How are you doing? Honestly, it feels like I'm losing my mind a little bit.
What did Carolyn give you? M.
are protecting my family.
- Do they know you're alive? - No.
- My daughter thinks I'm dead.
- Oh.
And you're happy not seeing her again? Change the subject.
Do you know where Villanelle is? - You don't want to know.
- Of course I do.
Leave her alone.
She's a parasite, Eve.
She gets into your brain, she eats you up, to make space for herself.
Like that book with the hungry worm and all that food.
Pickles, tomatoes - "The Hungry Caterpillar"? - Yes.
That's her.
Burrowing in and creeping around.
It would be convenient, wouldn't it, for me to give up Why should I lie about this? You've something worth having.
- Don't let her take it.
- I won't.
You think she loves you? Then make her hate you.
Hate is something she understands, it's manageable.
Look what happens to the people she loves.
She'll love you to death.
Look at Anna, Nadia.
And look at me.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm so sorry to bother you but are you Greg Richardson? Yes.
I read the article about you in "The Economist".
Well, I've always wanted to work here.
Enjoy the job.
No, I mean doing what you do.
Are there any internships open? - Do you have a degree? - No, but I'm I'm a fast learner.
I can't help you.
I read in the article about dressing for success.
It's my dad's 50th birthday, I want to get something special.
I've been saving up.
This is perfect.
Where's it from? Hermes.
No, it's not.
It's a fake.
- Stop! Help! - Doors closing.
- Help! - Floor 1.
Help! Help! - What's happening? - I made you breakfast.
What did you do, did you murder someone? No! I just thought it would be nice.
Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry.
- Mm-hm.
- This looks delicious.
What is it? An omelet.
I mean .
if you wanted to show your devotion, you could just do the easiest thing.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
No, no, I-I gotta go to work.
I'm sorry.
Later, I promise.
I'll just masturbate onto this omelet, then, I guess.
Okay! Love you! I'm coming.
Miss Thompson? Sure.
Do you get a lot of guests here? Yes, thank you.
We do.
Room 207.
One of your company's usual suites.
Ah and there's a letter for you.
Guess how many semen stains are on my bed.
Seven, not including the one on the pillow.
- How did it go? - Fine.
Boring and discreet, just like you asked.
His tie got stuck in the elevator door.
That doesn't sound boring or discreet, does it? I moved the cameras and made it look like an accident.
I feel like you want me to fail, Raymond.
You don't need any help in the failure department from me.
Now that you're sloppy seconds, it's only a matter of time anyway.
Oh, didn't you know? There's a new girl in town.
Are you trying to make me jealous? I'm glad you hired another woman.
She can take up the slack, do the easy stuff, take the fat old ones who can't run very fast.
She doesn't work for us.
But the higher-ups are very impressed with her work.
So you'd better hope M.
6 find her before we do.
Otherwise you might be out of a job.
6 are looking for her? Yes, your friend Eve Polastri.
And I wonder why you asked me to be boring and discreet, Raymond.
You don't mind her getting the credit for your work, do you? Eve will know it was me.
Will she? Looks like she's not thinking about you at all.
Don't spend it all at once.
Hello? Is this St.
Theobald School? I need to make another complaint about one of your teachers.
Greg Richardson, 60.
Death by strangulation, obviously.
Hedge funder, putting together a huge new fund.
To buy the Peel Company? I think it's safe to assume.
I would have thought Villanelle's employers wanted in on this as much as anyone.
You think she did this? I don't know.
Is this supposed to look like an accident? It's not really Villanelle's style.
- What about The Ghost? - Maybe they work together.
Girl on girl.
Villanelle isn't a team player.
But if it is her Then we're looking at two different organizations.
At least.
What is the Peel Company selling? Everything you've ever looked at and done online.
These deliveries came for you.
Ohhh! There's a girl downstairs waiting to be paid.
Is there a card attached to my room? - Yes, but - Put it on that.
My boss Raymond said he'd pay for anything I wanted.
Are you quite sure? It's rather a lot.
Yes! Add it to the bill.
Just got off the phone to the Peel's U.
company Pharaday.
They said they'd be delighted to help in any way.
Then they put me on to an intern in the legal department.
This is gonna be like pulling teeth.
- Do they know why we called? - Yeah.
I think they're genuinely used to being above the government.
You ask Carolyn to lean on Pharaday.
You're her favorite.
We need a little help here.
I'm not her favorite.
Current favorite, then, before the next poor sod gets the tap on the shoulder.
I'll see what I can do.
Did Carolyn recruit you? Fresh out of uni.
I studied Arabic.
Asking for it, really.
- You look handsome.
- Thank you.
- We've got to go.
- Where? Drinks at your school, yes.
You'd better put on something really slutty to make up for the fact that you forgot this three years in a row.
It's gonna be so slutty, I promise.
I gotta help set up.
Shall I meet you there? Yes, I'm sorry.
Please don't wait.
So sorry, excuse me.
Do you know which direction Holborn Station is? Oh, uh I think it's down that road there.
- Right there.
- Thanks.
You have a bit of fluff.
Can't have that.
Oh, thanks.
Eve! - You came.
- Of course! Hi.
Gemma, this is Eve.
My wife.
Eve, it is so lovely to finally meet you! You are beautiful! Your hair, that dress Wow, such a babe! Thank you.
Ohh! Hello! We didn't think that you'd make it.
"We"? Oh, you know, all of us.
We were starting to tease Niko about his imaginary wife.
She's an astronaut.
Like an astronaut playboy model! She sounds better than your actual wife.
- She is.
- We love your husband so much.
And so do the students.
He's amazing.
He is great.
And, of course, no one believes these stupid complaints.
What do you mean? Oh, no Sorry, I'm an idiot.
It's fine, it's nothing.
Some kid is prank-calling the school, making mad complaints.
I didn't want you to worry about it.
Oh, okay.
Well, it's part of being a teacher, I guess.
Oh, dear.
I erm I better go and save Emma from bad-breath Alan.
The last thing she needs is to accidentally sleep with him! Again! It was great to meet you.
What? Someone wants a piece of Mr.
Don't be ridiculous! Gemma? She's just being nice.
- She wants to go to town on you! - No! She was nice to you too.
She said the thing about the hair.
And the dress.
Oh, oh yeah.
I noticed the avalanche of compliments.
Why don't you show me your classroom sir? Hi.
Hey, can I bum one? Oh, erm Yeah, sure.
I'm Kim.
Is that your boyfriend, the Maths teacher? He seems nice.
Niko? Erm no.
He's not my boyfriend.
Oh, sorry! I thought you two were together.
You seemed No.
He's married.
It sucks.
I know exactly how you feel.
Which of your husbands was this? My second no, third.
Oh! So for how long are we going to do this? - What do you mean? - This.
Playing house.
We can stop whenever you like.
Hm? If you prefer to try your luck until the next safe house becomes available, be my guest.
Tell me where my family are.
You know it would compromise them.
What would you do if you could never see Kenny again? I'd be fine.
Liar! If I knew he was alright.
But he still lives with you.
He works for you.
- And you would be just fine? - I would be.
Because I've always been careful.
About loving your kid? Mm, yes.
More wine.
It's made by Sam Neill, of all people, from New Zealand.
You know, the film star, "Jurassic Park".
I know who he is.
Please, I I'd do it for you.
Don't ask me again.
I don't know why they're even still married.
His wife barely even notices him.
Do you think he likes you too? I don't know.
Sometimes, maybe.
Maybe he just needs a little push.
Squirt your perfume in his room so it always smells like you.
Flatter him, make him doubt his wife.
It sounds a bit manipulative.
It is.
That's why it works.
You can do nothing and die alone.
Do you have cats? - I have a cat, yes.
- Yeah.
Maybe you should just get another one.
Oh, no.
Thank you.
Ooh, Maths! I can see why the girls get all hot and bothered.
- Yeah? - Mm-hm.
You like Pythagoras? Oh, my God, Pythagoras! Oh, he's the sexiest! I'm more of a Newton man myself.
You could run your fingers through that hair all day! What is that? That is an apple, Eve.
I know what an apple is.
How did it get here? I don't know.
I brought it from the canteen, I guess.
Is everything okay? Eve? Where are we going? - Eve! - Come on! Eve? Do you think there's a possibility just a slight possibility that you just saw an apple? What if it was just an apple? Then Then I would ask you why the one time you came to support me and my job, you were able to miraculously somehow make it about you and your job.
False alarm! - I'm so sorry.
- Yeah.
You know what? You don't want to be here.
And actually, I don't really want you here.
- Just go home.
- Niko - Hey, Gemma! - Oh - Oh, wait up.
- come on, Niko.
Really? I'll see you later.
- Hey, come on.
- Sorry.
No No! You need to file them alphabetically.
Kenny? What are you You weren't listening, were you? No.
Okay, so I need your help.
I just found this in my handbag.
See the name? "Love in an Elevator.
" The body in the lift.
Come on, Kenny! Oh, my God.
Villanelle? She's still in London.
And she was close enough she could put that in my bag.
Have you shown Jess this? Not yet.
I need you to find out where Konstantin's family are.
They're in Witness Protection, Eve.
They'll still be safe.
I just need some leverage.
No? You realize we only have a small window for this, right? She might be gone by tomorrow, she might be gone already.
- So we lose her this time.
- No! I'm sorry.
Mum Oh, oh, M-mom? You're afraid of upsetting your mom? You have no idea who your mom is sharing information with.
You work for me.
I need the address so go find me the address now! Okay.
Oh, hi, Raymond.
Erm No, I don't know what you're talking about.
I haven't spent any money.
I love you too, Raymond.
Ohh! - Carolyn is not in.
- I know.
Can I fix you another drink? Villanelle is in London.
And what do you want from me? What do you think? Does Carolyn know you're here? - No.
- Why not? Because I'm going to offer you something she won't.
Do you want to know where your family are? You know, they're not even that far away from here.
Where do The Twelve keep their assets while in London? Eve, you're making a mistake.
I don't think so.
Okay, if you're sure.
I'll do my best.
There are a few places.
I'll have to ask around to be sure.
It'll take a few hours.
Then get going.
And call me when you know.
Hello, Larry! Hello, Miss Thompson.
Hope you're having a pleasant day.
Do be aware that the hotel now has a new guest.
Thank you for informing me.
Yes? What's the address? This is a terrible hug.
Then maybe you shouldn't have shot me.
You're not still mad about that? I aimed to make sure I didn't kill you.
No, you didn't.
You aimed at my heart.
Yeah, I did.
Nice and clean, just like you taught me.
I'm sorry.
How is it without me? - I love it.
- How? Yeah, Raymond is the best.
He is so much fun.
Really hilarious and, well, kind of sexy too.
- They gave you Raymond? - Mm, yeah.
You know how Raymond gets paid? - Ugly jackets? - They don't pay him any money.
They let him be the person who terminates the contracts.
Like uh racehorses.
When they can't race anymore, they get shot.
And Raymond is the guy with the gun.
Yeah, right! I have a car outside.
Are you coming? No, thanks.
You've got five minutes to get out before M.
6 and their guns arrive.
I told them you were here.
All clear! There's not enough money in freelance.
Come on! With my contacts, you'll be your own boss.
You would be my pimp.
Not your pimp.
Your partner.
50-50? Or you could get strangled by Raymond.
Or shot by armed police.
Imagine dying on that carpet.
How much money? A lot.
Armed police! Open the door! Armed police! Get down! We've got you surrounded! Room's clear.
- Room clear.
- There's no one here.
I think we missed her.
Shit! Ow! Oh, my God, she's in here! She's behind that door! - She's behind that door! - Move! Get back! Three, two, one Police, stay where you are! - All clear.
- What? No! No! How did she know we were coming? Do you think he's coming back? No, I don't think so.
Do you? No.
Will you make sure that "Pointless" is recorded, Kenny? I don't normally get angry, Eve, it makes me feel sleepy.
So you'll just have to imagine I sound angry when I say this.
Never ever go behind my back again ever.
You are by no means the only person I work with but take up a disproportionate amount of my time.
And my time is very valuable to me.
I have hobbies.
- Do you understand that, Eve? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Konstantin and Villanelle have chosen their side.
Stick to yours.
I want this Ghost found.
And Peel wrapped up.
You may go.
Kenny, I'm so sorry.
I thought you were different.
From Mum and the others.
I am! Kenny, I am not doing this for myself.
I'm doing this because it's our because - because - Because? I know there's something in the wake of your smile I get a notion from the look in your eyes - Leave it! - What? I like it.
Listen to your heart When he's calling for you Listen to you heart There's nothing else Hey! I don't know where you're going And I don't know why You honestly want to attract attention like that? - Yeah.
- No, don't.
We need to be careful.
You sound like Raymond.
who I loved.
- And I miss very much.
- Right! Did she talk about me? Who? She's more interested in this new woman.
No, she isn't.
- They call her The Ghost.
- Ooh! - Cool nickname, right? - No! Eve talks a lot about her.
- Don't be jealous.
- Of what? Some big fat nobody? I don't know where you're going And I don't know why Turn this shit off.
No, I like it.
tell him goodbye Agh.
Oww! Ow! Ow.