Killing Eve (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Desperate Times

1 The Peel company owns a vast amount of sensitive information.
- We've been keeping an eye on them.
- Welcome to Operation Manderley.
There's a new girl in town.
- M.
6 are looking for her? - Eve Polastri.
She's forgotten all about you.
- [EVE] Do you know where Villanelle is? - Does Carolyn know you're here? I'm going to offer you something she won't.
[VILLANELLE] There's not enough money in freelance.
You'd be my pimp.
- Your partner.
50-50? - She's behind that door! Konstantin and Villanelle have chosen their side.
Never go behind my back again ever.
Oh, do you want one? No, thank you.
Bit of a cock-up, this, isn't it, really, Carolyn? I've had Paul bending my ear on the phone all night.
Did you know his boyfriend left him? Oh, dear.
He'll cheer up.
He just needed a good cry.
[SIGHS HEAVILY] Look, if it wasn't for your operation in Lebanon last month we might have got away with this Russian asset of yours going A.
- Yes.
- But you know what they say.
One cock-up is an accident.
Two cock-ups starts to look like carelessness.
Or a threesome.
I think we need to pull the plug on Operation Manderley.
- No, I don't think so - Please, Carolyn [BOTH TALK AT ONCE] Jesus Christ, Carolyn! If I wanted to get screwed till my asshole bled, I'd go down to Torture Garden on a Friday night and ask for the Full Shitting English! [GROANS] [GRUNTS ANGRILY] Konstantin was in your house.
The least you could do was be a passable nanny.
Now I'm the cunny left holding this shitcake.
It's all in hand, Helen, I promise.
There's nothing at all for you to worry about.
It's all going according to plan.
You're certain? You have my word.
Thank you, Carolyn.
Sorry, I got a bit cross.
Not at all.
Oh, what shall I tell Paul? Tell him I'm sorry to hear about his boyfriend.
There are plenty more fish in the sea.
She just won't shut up about being vegan.
If you don't like her, don't go out with her.
I like her body, I just don't like her.
Good weekend, Eve? Is Gwyneth Paltrow's head in a box here somewhere? I'll put your head in a box.
We need to find The Ghost, right? - So we find her.
- What about Villanelle? - What about her? - So, catch us up.
Carolyn called last night.
Alister Peel's godson, Jonathan McVey, died of a heart attack last week.
He was in his office alone, no C.
So I have been looking through everything to see if anyone connected to Alister Peel has died recently.
And? And whatever this is, it's been planned for a long time.
Ten months ago, Peel's C.
died from a reaction to insulin.
His ex-girlfriend died from anaphylactic shock on holiday six months ago.
How did we miss this? Because none of it looked suspicious at the time.
He had type-1 diabetes, she had a severe shellfish allergy.
These deaths were made to look natural.
Almost um accidental.
Hugo? Put that Oxford degree you never talk about to good use.
Get us a meeting with Aaron Peel before he keels over.
[ETIENNE DAHO & UNLOVED] "Remember" Remember me I'm someone you used to know Used to be Remember So? Tonight.
Don't be a snot.
This kind of work pays a lot of money.
It's boring.
Then make it fun.
Show Eve Polastri what she's missing, huh? Show her how boring this other woman is compared to you.
- What's with the shirt? - Come! Seriously, do not go shopping on your own again.
Remember dancing That was then This is now I'm just saying [VILLANELLE PRETENDS TO SNORE] Ohh! This so boring! [VISITORS MAKE SHUSHING SOUNDS] What are you talking about? This is great art.
All of this is masterpieces.
- Sure, masterpieces.
- Yeah.
Every picture is just grapes or naked women.
They look like bacon.
How are you doing today? - Great.
- Coffee, kombucha? No, thanks.
We have a meeting with Aaron Peel.
If you could just sign these, I'll let him know you're here.
- What are these? - Basic N.
Everyone who enters the building needs to sign them.
What really annoys me is that these teenagers probably make ten times our salary.
They sit around on bean bags, talking about which Doctor Who companion they'd like to spaff off to! Rose Tyler.
Come on.
She's adorable.
[SLURPING] What? It was free.
- Sorry to keep you.
- [EVE] No problem.
I presume this is about Dad.
Do you know who did it? I'm afraid this meeting isn't about your father.
That's a change, at least.
I'm sick to death of talking about the old bastard.
We understand how difficult this must be for you.
Yeah, it is.
But not as difficult as it is for any of you to tell us what happened to our father.
Great job, team! We've come to ask you about the sale of your company.
- Why? - Is that not alright? Of course it's alright.
I've just no idea why it'd be of any interest.
You could almost say it's none of your business.
We think there may be a connection.
As you must know, several of your father's friends and colleagues have died over the past year.
My father employed nearly 20,000 people.
People do die, I'm afraid.
Thanks for the heads up.
So what exactly is for sale? For clarification.
Carry on.
I asked exactly which parts of this company are currently for sale.
Peel respectfully declines to answer the question.
Could you tell us who you might be selling to? Mr.
Peel respectfully declines to answer the question.
All right, thank you for your time, Mr.
- People are being murdered.
- Eve! Most of them are intimately connected to your father.
If we find out you are selling anything you shouldn't be or if any of this is illegal - My client is not obliged - What d'you think we're doing here? Do you want to take a look around, see if you can find weapons grade plutonium hidden? Jesus! If you two are our nation's great hope, I'll start building the bunker now.
You know that this is all over, right? Intelligence, secret services, nations, all of it.
How can it go on, when companies like this one own more information than the Pentagon and M.
6 combined? You're done, finished.
[THE POPPY FAMILY] "Where Evil Grows" I like the way you smile at me I felt the heat that enveloped me Yes? I'm afraid your regular cleaner can't make it today.
They've sent me instead.
Where evil grows Wow! You look amazing! Can I take a picture of you for my Instagram? No.
No, of course not.
Don't be pathetic.
Get a real life! Evil grows in the dark Lame.
And the sun, it never shines Evil grows in cracks and holes And lives in people's minds Evil grew, it's part of you And now it seems to be That every time I look at you Evil grows in me What is this? Hagelslag.
- Hm? - No.
Did you get a good look? Are you ready? Nobody's into farmyard animals.
Please! Stop it.
I need you to concentrate.
Don't behave like a little girl.
How is your daughter, Konstantin? Hm? Do you think she will be okay without her father to protect her? - She'll be fine.
She's strong.
- Hm.
Stronger than you, maybe.
I think Eve Polastri has made you go a little soft.
Are you okay? You poor thing.
I'm gonna get myself to sleep tonight imagining kicking Aaron Peel out of a window onto a railing.
Oh, God, yeah.
Railing straight through the face.
Do you think he killed his father? I don't know.
But bullies are really just cowards.
Pretty cowardly to get someone else to do your dirty work.
Yeah, but do you think he's the kind of guy who would trust a woman to do anything dirty? Sorry to interrupt but there's another body.
Alister Peel's secretary.
We've done the bathroom.
- Okay.
This is not great.
- No.
Do they know how she died? On the face of it, heart attack.
These deaths are becoming more frequent.
It's not good.
Something's gonna happen.
I mean, it's one thing getting murdered, but the indignity of being found bleaching your mustache.
She worked with him for years.
So she would've known where the bodies were buried so to speak.
- She doesn't like blood.
- Huh? The Ghost.
It's always clean quiet.
A considerate assassin.
That's a first.
Are you cold? A little.
Poor thing.
But maybe you should have thought of that before you did this job, eh? Maybe if you were not a whore and had a real job, you would not be standing in the street.
I'm just about to go on my break.
How much? Only kidding.
No, no, no, close the curtains.
Close them.
Close the curtains.
I do not like to be watched.
Hey, are you listening to me? What is this? Please stop.
- I asked you to stop! - [MACHINERY WHIRS] No, no, no, no, no.
So everyone can see me.
I don't want this! [BAWDY CHEERING AND LAUGHTER] I've heard about this.
Very popular, apparently.
You bitch! No, no, no, I don't I don't want this.
I'll pay you.
I'll I'll pay you.
I'll I'll pay you whatever you want.
I'm sorry, I did not mean to call you a bitch.
I I am so sorry.
Please Please [CROWD LAUGHS] Agh! Please, I have a wife.
I have a baby.
"A Windmill In Old Amsterdam" [SUNG IN DUTCH] [CROWD CHEERS] Oh, my God.
Please forgive me! I am sick! I won't do this again, I promise! Please stop this! I love you! Sara! [GRUNTS] [CROWD GROANS] Blimey! It's realistic, isn't it? - Argh! - [BLOOD SPLASHING] [SONG ENDS] [SIREN BLARES] That you, Eve? Oh Hi, Eve.
This is Jordan.
Jordan? Hi.
- Hi.
- He's our new security guard.
Oh, my God.
Niko, I forgot to tell you.
- I'm just gonna - No.
It's fine, Jordan.
It's not your fault.
- Yeah, can you give us a minute? - Sure.
[EVE GROANS AND SIGHS] - Why didn't you tell me? - I am sorry.
I have been I have been so busy.
Everyone on the team has to have protection.
Why? Because of Villanelle? Is that what the scene at my school was all about? No.
It may surprise you, my job isn't all about her.
I work at M.
6, Niko.
They are taking precautions to keep us safe.
That is all.
You know what? I have a rough enough time at work.
Coming home to this is not fun.
You don't need to tell me.
I'm going upstairs.
I need to work.
Sorry that annoys you.
Eve, please, listen to me.
Having a security guard is not normal.
- That is - Listen.
None of this is normal.
And having a wife who tries to gaslight me into thinking that it is, isn't normal either.
- And it's not kind.
- Yeah.
- Well, maybe I'm not kind.
- No, Eve, you are.
You are so kind.
You're the best person I know.
Always have been.
It's why I love you.
Come back.
What? How did that feel? It didn't feel like anything.
Is that what it's going to be from now on? Scorned wives and scumbags? Why do you care who they are? I don't care.
- Can we go home now? - Home? What do you mean, "home"? Where is that, exactly? I'm going back to London.
Give that up.
She's not interested in you anymore.
[SHE LAUGHS] - As if! - Don't make me regret all this.
Oh, what else were you going to do, hm? Dead man.
[CHUCKLES] Sleep well.
You have a long day of nothing tomorrow.
How was the anniversary party? Oh, absolutely fantastic, thank you, Mrs.
Poor Janey had a cold, though.
Sod's law.
Oh, that was bad luck.
They gave us a lovely spread, though.
Absolutely terrific stuff.
And really, for the amount we had, it was very reasonable.
Very reasonable indeed.
That's good.
All in all, it was a lovely day.
Thanks, Len.
I'll see you tomorrow, then.
D, please.
Het is Carolyn Martens.
Hugo has spoken to Aaron Peel's assistant.
He says, "Thanks for the offer of protection but no, thanks.
" Well, we tried.
Bye, Aaron.
Nice knowing you.
Jess, I'd like you to go to Amsterdam.
Oh, I forgot I was pregnant.
A man's been murdered.
Found in a red-light district window.
A bit of a butcher shop, apparently.
[JESS] What has this got to do with Peel? [CAROLYN] We just like to be sure.
Are you thinking it could be Villanelle? How are you getting on with The Ghost? Uh we're getting there.
The flight's in a few hours.
But is it safe for Jess to go, I mean? I think I can handle it, thank you.
Jess is very experienced.
- Of course.
- Focus on the job at hand.
This Peel situation is starting to look like a bloodbath.
] I don't do girls.
Oh, I'm just looking.
Er not at you.
I'm waiting for someone.
[KENNY] We got an email.
The toxicology report on Linda.
It was a nerve agent.
She had it on her fingertips and upper lip.
It was in the mustache bleach.
There's something else in there too.
What's that? An inhalational anesthetic.
An inhalational anesthetic? Put in a cream that goes under your nose.
Wow, that is smart.
And thoughtful.
She wanted it to be painless.
What kind of assassin is that? Er a nice one? She can make it painless because she knows about drugs.
She knows how to tailor each death to make it look accidental.
Uh Kenny, check the database.
Erm any women in the medical profession, non-white, over 35, who have been in any kind of trouble in the last few years.
Anyone struck off, any allegations, any court cases.
She's a nurse or or a doctor.
And And run that check against cleaners who've worked at McVey and Linda's building.
There were no candles lit The room was dark inside [SHE SNORES GENTLY] Just like the colors of my mind I gave my heart to her She has my heart [INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER] [HUGO] This is taking ages.
It's a computer.
It's not magic.
I'm starving.
We're getting dinner.
Listen, I can't.
I'll stay with Kenny.
It's 1am.
We've got to eat.
Go on.
It's my treat.
We'll go somewhere fancy.
[DEEP-FAT FRYER SIZZLING] I think I once got a hand-job in here.
Under this very table.
That is so romantic.
It really was, actually.
Do you ever not talk about sex? Why would I? What else is there? Ohh.
God! This is amazing! I told you.
What do they put in it? I don't know.
Crack? - Orphans? - [CHUCKLES] I don't care if that's true.
If it tastes this good, grind up an orphan and fry it in crack.
[DISTANT SIREN BLARES] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Good time, honey? Want to have a good time? I've got everything you want, I've got ups and downs.
I don't want any of your rat poison.
I've got top quality stuff - 100% organic.
Sure! [HE MUTTERS] Wait.
What do you have? God, this is disgusting.
- Can I have it back, then? - No.
I haven't smoked since college.
- Desperate times! - Yeah! Are you excited? Excited? About The Ghost.
You seem a little bit tweaked.
Not in a bad way.
I get it, seriously.
I wanted this job for exactly the same reason that you did.
And what reason is that? I didn't want to die of boredom.
Yeah, I am excited.
God, it sounds gross to say that.
Can I ask you something? What's the deal with you and Villanelle? I don't know.
She fancies you, doesn't she? Everything isn't all about sex, Hugo.
Isn't it? What is it? Do you like watching her or do you like being watched? Both.
[PHONE BUZZES] Oh, my God, he found her.
[MUSIC POUNDING FROM INSIDE CLUB] I cannot sleep Since winter I cannot sleep Since summer [MUSIC DISTORTS AND INTENSIFIES] Hey! Hey, there is a line! Don't you have any manners? Hey! Agh! [CHOKES] [SPLUTTERS] [GASPS AND CHOKES] [SHE CRIES OUT] [VILLANELLE COUGHS] [COUGHING CONTINUES] I hate you! I hate you! Let me go! Let me go! [TEARFULLY] Let me go! [SHE SPEAKS KOREAN] Okay, bye, Ma.
[CHILDREN LAUGH AND SQUEAL] Did you drop this? I don't think so.
Should I take it? I guess.
You found it.
What if one of the kids got it in a birthday card and I'm putting it in my pocket like an asshole? So leave it.
What would you do? - I would take it.
- You know what? You - You have it, then.
- [BELL RINGS] Thank you.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Just waiting.
Do you want us to shoot you in front of your kids? It'll be easier if you come with me.