Killing It (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

It Follows

Things are good, they really are.
We have a lot of fun together.
I mean, he's thoughtful and romantic,
and he surprises me.
I'm sensing a "but" coming.
But he puts up walls.
Any time I try to ask him about
his day or his childhood,
he finds a way to steer it back to me.
And do you not enjoy that?
Some people like getting
to talk about themselves.
I do.
I think it's really sweet
that he listens.
But I want to be closer.
His job is hard.
He treats kids with cancer.
Oh, my goodness.
And I get not wanting
to bring that home with him,
but I want him to know he can
talk to me about everything.
And how do you feel about this, Todd?
Do you feel like there are things
you don't talk to Maya about?
No, that's not me at all.
Ask anybody I've
worked with at the hospital
for the last 15 years.
Dr. Todd's an open book!
- You hated that.
- I didn't hate it, okay?
All right, I did hate it a little bit,
but me being open
is me telling you that
I hate it, so I'm cured.
That Dr. Kristen is good.
Look, I know we haven't
been together that long,
but it's just, I really like you.
I'm too old to be playing games.
Girl, I'm not playing games.
- You wanna know more about me?
- Yes.
Okay, all right,
all right, here we go.
- Um
- Okay.
- Three.
- Three what?
Number of times I peed in the bed
after watching "Predator 2."
Oh, my God, stop!
I don't wanna hear
about some movie you saw.
Get deep with me, Todd.
Okay, all right.
I'm building up to it.
Um 11.
11 what?
I was 11 years old when I found out
Santa Claus wasn't real.
Aww, so you're that kinda cute, okay.
See, I don't wanna even tell you nine,
'cause I ain't want you
to think of me like this.
I want you to know your man is tough.
I don't need all your traumas.
I just wanna, like,
meet some of your work friends
and maybe see a picture of you
from childhood.
I wanna see a picture you, too,
and not some cheerleading
glamour shot.
I want those awkward years.
Talkin' 'bout one big front tooth
and one little front tooth.
Okay? I want that chaos mouth.
You're so stupid.
Hi, Dr. Todd.
Hey, how you doin', Duncan?
Yo, Dame!
Oh, shit. Oh, shit!
This motherfucker.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
The fuck are you doing?
I got a hover drone.
- I'm on my Green Goblin shit.
- But why?
Well, you know how I
been afraid of the road
ever since I got hit by that truck?
Ain't no trucks in the sky.
Before you pass judgment,
man, peep it.
Gravity ain't got shit on me!
Oh, oh!
And it says that if I lose
a couple hundred pounds,
- it get even higher.
- How much that shit cost?
- Like 10 grand.
- 10 grand?
But my dude Bugs says
it's a good investment.
You're getting financial advice
from some dude named Bugs?
Yeah. Bugs is smart.
He got in on Uber early.
He was the second driver.
You can't keep wasting money, Dame!
We're on the run
from Rodney Lamonca, remember?
All I heard was "on the run," bro.
Get your ass in the house!
Get your ass in the house!
This bag of cash is all we have
left, and we're running low.
So please, no more $10,000
Green Goblin drones.
Actually, I'ma be an asshole
and go ahead and say,
no more Green Goblin
drones at any price.
I mean, if it's money we need,
we could always rob a bank.
Bugs says Phoenix a soft town.
No, no, no, we don't want to attract
any attention to ourselves.
No crimes, no scams.
No scams?
What about that scam that you
running on that Maya chick?
That's real.
Maya's my girlfriend.
I went to therapy with her today.
Ain't no scam worth that.
But you didn't go to therapy.
Dr. Todd did.
Okay, fine, yes,
she thinks I'm a doctor.
It's a stupid-ass lie
that I told when we first met
'cause I had three Jack
and Cokes on an empty stomach,
and I ain't think
we'd be falling in love.
Haven't you lied
about something before?
Remember I told you
about that hover drone
costing 10 grand?
It was really 15.
We takin' that shit back right now.
Where Bugs live?
Yo, Dame Train!
What can I do for you today?
Ooh, I just got some new 3D TVs.
You want a T-shirt cannon?
Bet you guys came here
in a boring-ass car.
How'd you like to go home
on a mini motorcycle?
Oh, damn.
Everybody's all looking at you like,
"Hey, who's that? What's their story?"
No, no, we just wanna
keep a low profile.
Oh, no, mini motorcycle
is low as shit.
It's like an inch off the ground.
I said no. Thanks.
Wait, I know who this is.
Mr. Isaiah Clifton Foster.
- Hey, nice to meet you, bro.
- What?
The fuck, Dame?
How this fool know my real name?
I mean, he told me about his divorce,
so I figured I had to open up
to him about something.
But don't worry, I ain't
give him no other details.
Hey, how's stuff
with Craig, by the way?
I know there's a lot of anger there,
but you only get one brother, right?
I'm sorry, Bugs, was it?
Could you please forget
everything you know about me?
I see how it is. You got trust issues.
Hey, that's why I think it's good
that Maya is bringing you to therapy.
Oh, I swear to fuckin' God!
Hey, I'm sorry.
Now look, now we're fighting.
Hey, what you say
we just start all over?
Would you like to do
a little bit of coke?
I just wanna return
this Green Goblin drone
you sold my boy.
Seems like it'd be pretty funny
to be on a drone all coked up,
but okay.
Anyway, I don't have the 20 grand.
20 grand, Dame?
What happened to 15?
But here's what I can do for you.
I could take it back for store credit.
Bugs Money.
I want cash, not fuckin' Bugs Money.
Oh, well, if it's cash you need,
I mean, Phoenix is a soft town.
We're not committing any crimes.
Gonna have to do something eventually.
That one little bag of cash
not gon' last forever.
There's better ways to get paid, Dame.
- Like what?
- I don't know, we
we can get legit jobs.
- Oh, you're sick, man.
- This motherfucker.
How you gonna get a job?
Dr. Todd can't pass
a background check,
and you don't want to be
paying taxes as Isaiah Foster,
'cause then your boy
Rodney Lamonca's gonna find you,
and since you're the only person
that knows that he killed Noah
Stop knowing shit about my life!
If you're willing to use
up your Bugs Money,
I might have a solution for y'all.
So my boy works
at the Department of Records.
He issues the death certificates.
But sometimes he, um
"forgets" to issue
the death certificates.
You talking for real forgets
or crime guy forgets?
You know I'm talking crime guy.
- Nice.
- Yeah, so if someone dies,
and they ain't got no family,
my guy sells their info
to the highest bidder.
So this is a new identity.
Social Security number, birth date,
list of previous residences,
everything you need to
become a upstanding citizen.
Won't nobody know it's you ♪
It's just so fresh and clean ♪
So fresh and so clean, clean ♪
You're becoming someone new ♪
It's just so fresh, so clean ♪
So fresh and so clean, clean ♪
- So I'm
- I'm like, I'm like,
what's even going on right now?
I am now
Marty Simkowitz?
Hey, that feels like it's
always been your name.
You think people
really gon' buy this shit?
They buy me as a doctor.
You've seen the neighbors.
I get, like, 20 "Hi, Dr. Todds" a day.
Yeah, but we in Phoenix.
Those "Hi, Dr. Todds,"
that's not them being friendly.
That's, "Hi, I'm watching
your Black ass, Dr. Todd."
I don't know what he's going on about.
I mean, like,
there's hella Black people
in Arizona, right?
There's you guys. Um
Damn. Oh, there's, like,
a bunch of the Phoenix Suns.
Y'all are thriving up in here!
Okay, you guarantee
this is gonna work?
You'll pay me back
if I can't get a job with this,
and not fuckin' Bugs Money.
Hey, okay, let's calm down.
There is no need
to besmirch Bugs Money.
- Mm-hmm.
- But yes, I guarantee.
It's all gonna turn out fine,
Mr. Simkowitz.
Mr. Simkowitz is my dad.
- Call me Marty.
- Marty.
Look, I'm in love with you.
I was blown away by your interview.
I mean, the passion that you
have for energy brokering.
What can I say? It's what I live for.
The thrill of
brokering energy.
I would have hired you
on the spot, but we have HR,
and they make us do these full
criminal background checks.
And yours came back,
and I do have one question.
When can you start?
You aced it, bro!
Fuckin' Simkowitz!
- Hey, Marty.
- Marty.
Fuckin' Marty!
Looks like that forehead
hit puberty
Oh, really?
Before the rest of your body did.
You look like a little
mini Tommy from "Martin."
That's 'cause my brother was
a bad photographer.
He didn't know
how to work them angles.
Wait, you have a brother?
Okay, anything else
you wanna share about him
besides he took a bad photo
of you 30 years ago?
Sorry I didn't mention it earlier,
but we kinda had a
little bit of a rough patch.
But I'm open now, so go ahead.
What you wanna know about Craig?
Craig. Okay.
- So where does Craig live?
- Florida.
- Older or younger?
- Older.
And what does he do?
He's a farmer, which sounds weird.
He grows saw palmetto berries.
They put 'em in a lot
of men's health supplements.
It's a billion-dollar industry.
It's actually pretty smart.
So what happened? Why the rough patch?
Guess I always expect
him to have my back,
and one day he didn't.
But I'm sure he's feeling
really bad about it.
He calls me every day,
leaving voice mails like a psycho.
Why don't you pick up?
What, you're afraid
he's gonna say something
- you don't want to hear?
- All right.
That's enough, Dr. Kristen.
Okay, I'ma talk to him when I'm ready.
Aww, well, I'm glad
you shared that with me.
- Okay, you ready?
- Mm-hmm.
This is my picture.
It's from fourth grade.
And don't ask me why I look
like a yacht captain.
- Todd.
- Huh?
Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, I was just
- Let's see Captain Maya, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Ears built like a African drum.
I know you not talking.
That forehead was like, "Damn, Gina!"
Like, it's out there.
So you coming over tonight?
- Huh?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, I would, but I got
a surgery in the morning,
and I kinda wanna be fresh for it.
Well, give me a kiss.
Whatever Rodney Lamonca's paying you,
I could pay you more!
Who the fuck is Rodney Lamonca?
The guy you're working for.
No, I work for American
West Receivables.
I'm a debt collector.
And you owe us $73,000, Mr. Simkowitz.
Okay, I'm sorry, man,
but you got the wrong guy.
I've got the right guy, Marty.
348 South Cactus Shadow Lane.
Oh, congrats on the new job,
by the way.
- Look, I'm telling you, man
- You know what?
Did you really think
that we were gonna stop
looking for you?
Did you really think
that RadioShack would forget?
Oh, come on, man,
RadioShack went out of business.
But debts never die, Marty.
American West bought up your account,
which means you owe us now.
73,000 large.
Do I look like
a Marty Simkowitz to you?
My name's Todd.
No, no, you don't get
to do that, Marty.
You don't just snap your fingers
and become someone else.
You made a mistake.
There have to be consequences.
That's how the past works.
It sticks with you.
Hmm. 9:00.
Saved by the bell.
See you soon, Marty.
Hi, Dr. Todd.
Hey, yo, Dame!
Oh. Yeah.
Aw, what the fuck?
Dame, the hell are you doing?
It's a light therapy mask.
Bugs sold it to me.
He says it harnesses the
awesome powers of lasers
to refresh your complexion.
This desert been
drying my ass out, man.
Why you banging around the bathroom?
Oh, that's because I
couldn't find the door handle,
you know, 'cause all I see
is red shit.
Then take off the mask, dumbass!
Uh-uh. No.
They say you have to leave
this thing on for 60 minutes.
It'll beep when it's done.
Oh, there it is.
How do I look?
- I look younger?
- You look naked.
That's 'cause I also bought
a robot that sucks your dick.
Stop buying shit from Bugs,
and lock the front door next time.
What the fuck?
- Who the fuck are you?
- Hello, Mr. Simkowitz.
I'm with New Horizon
Collection Services,
and you owe $18,000
to Federal Health Conglomerated.
Wait, this isn't about RadioShack?
Hey there, Marty.
So glad to finally put
a face to a name.
I'm from Baseline Recovery Associates.
- Can I come in?
- No.
Can I come in?
What y'all can both do
is get the fuck off my porch.
I'm not having strangers in my house.
I'm not a stranger. We're old friends.
We are not fuckin' friends!
- Marty.
- Marty.
- Marty.
- Mr. Simkowitz.
- Marty.
- Marty!
Marty, Marty, you can't run from this.
- Marty!
- Mr. Simkowitz.
Open up the door!
Yo, Zay, man,
what the fuck is going on?
We gotta go find Bugs, man.
There's something wrong
with identity he sold me.
Marty, hey.
- Oh, shit, they everywhere.
- Marty!
I mean, if somebody ain't get rid
of that Green Goblin drone we had,
- we could just fly up out this
- Man, get dressed!
We'll go out the back, fool.
Hi, Dr. Todd.
What's up, my man?
I don't know if you saw,
but you have quite a few visitors.
Yes, Duncan.
Thank you, Duncan.
What kinda fuckin'
name is Bugs, anyway?
Fuckin' cartoon rabbit motherfucker!
Yo, Bugs!
Oh, shit.
So that's why I got such
a good deal on the SuckBot.
Going out of business sale.
What the hell?
"Dear Marty, sorry about all this.
"I wish I could explain
this to you in person.
"By the time you get this letter,
I'll be hundreds of miles away."
I timed this out wrong. Damn it.
What's up, Bugs?
It's all in the letter.
I spent a lot of time on it, too.
Actually some rather beautiful
turns of phrase in there.
But you know what?
I'm just gonna step outside.
That way, you don't have
to read in front of me,
make us both feel self-conscious.
Not another fucking step.
Look, I understand
how you're feeling right now.
If you read the letter, you'd know
that I bought Marty Simkowitz's
identity a year ago,
and I assumed it was clean,
just like you did.
You told me it was clean.
I didn't assume anything.
I mean, you assumed
I was telling you the truth.
He got you with that, Z.
It turns out this identity's
changed hands dozens of times.
But the debt collectors
just keep on comin'.
I don't look like you,
and I definitely don't look
like a Simkowitz.
They don't care.
The debt gets sold
and sold and sold again.
Corporations don't stop
to ask what we look like.
We're not even people to them.
We're just profits and losses.
Red ink and black.
To them, we're just numbers on a page.
That's some good shit, bro.
It's from the letter.
So what am I supposed to do?
Find some other sucker
to pass it on to.
Until then, you gotta hide.
The debt collectors can
come to your house,
but they can't come inside
unless you let them in.
That's why I work from home.
And they can't contact you
before 8:00 a.m.
or after 9:00 p.m.
I don't wanna know
your dumbass vampire rules.
You're gonna take this identity back
like you promised me.
- I'm done being
- Marty Simkowitz.
I'm from Castle Southwest Financial.
You owe $8,000 to Bally Total Fitness.
Don't look at me.
Guy you wanna talk to is right over
Motherfucker, where'd he go?
You didn't even get his real name?
You're just out here
calling a grown man Bugs?
Shit, stop calling me.
You getting way too
worked up about this, bro.
They can't make you pay.
You ain't Marty.
What you think,
they gonna chase you around
and ruin your relationship with Maya?
Yes! That's what I'm scared of.
I see that now.
This is a big deal, man.
Ah, fuck! Maya.
I'm supposed to meet her for lunch.
Where are my scrubs?
Hi, Dr. Todd.
Yes, Duncan.
Hello, Duncan, once again!
So my sister's gonna ask me,
what do I think of her ex.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I'm like,
"He's an immature teenage boy
trapped in a 40-year-old man's body."
- Word?
- And then she says,
"Oh, we're getting back together."
And I'm like, "Wow, you gonna
go back to that fuckboy?"
Like, I knew it was a setup.
She was just asking me that,
knowing she knows
that I don't even like him.
- Stupid.
- Yeah, fuck her.
My sister?
Uh, I wasn't even listening.
How about we
how about we get out of here?
What is that supposed to mean?
I don't wanna make out in your car.
Your seats don't go back far enough.
No, babe, like, we should take a trip.
Maybe go out to the desert,
get a hotel, just the two of us.
Okay, look at you being all impulsive.
Okay, so when were you thinking?
'Cause next weekend I have that
I think we should go right now.
Right now? Right now?
Babe, it's Tuesday.
Well, I don't have any
more surgeries for the rest
of the week, and you can get
Caleb to do your showings.
Let him be useful for once.
You just don't like Caleb
'cause he's tall.
No, I don't like Caleb
'cause you think he's tall.
- 6'1" is unremarkable.
- All right, let's go.
But I gotta go by the office
and talk to Tall Caleb
and then pack.
I'll get you at 6:00.
Or 5:00.
Wanna do 5:00? Let's do 5:00.
5:00's good.
This is about to be so much fun.
Ugh, my phone is about to die,
and I forgot to bring a charger.
Do you have one?
Nah, nah, nah. Left at the crib.
Oh, we're gonna have to use your phone
for directions then.
- My phone?
- Yeah.
It's off right now.
And you can't turn it back on?
Well, I'm trying to be in the moment,
stay present with you, but
Somebody's popular.
Yeah, hospital's on my nuts.
You're so stupid.
What do we got?
Beet chips. Prickly pear hard candies.
Okay, this isn't normal bougie.
This is stupid bougie.
Who could that be?
I wish you told me you were
planning a trip, Mr. Simkowitz.
Nah, we're good.
How's the room?
Are you enjoying
the prickly pear hard candy?
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Thank you so much.
Just the front desk checking to see
- if we got everything we need.
- Okay, cool.
So you wanna go downstairs,
grab some drinks,
check out the hot tub?
Or we just go to the bedroom.
Go to sleep. Call it a night.
It's 7:40.
They say the first day
of the vacation,
you're supposed to just stay in.
But aren't we leaving tomorrow?
You know what? You right. You right.
I'm sorry, baby, for being weird.
My penis smells
from driving, so I think
I should just go take a quick shower.
Just give me a quick second,
all right?
I'll be right back.
Lands himself locked up in jail.
Baby, that was invigorating.
I needed that. What you up to?
Sitting here, watching Mario Lopez
describe the plot of "Despicable Me 3"
on loop for an hour and a half.
Gru is back!
Wow, have I been in the shower
for an hour and a half?
I'm gonna make it up to you
with a glass of champagne.
No, champagne's not gonna do it.
- Wine?
- No!
- Henny?
- Don't play with me.
- Tequila?
- I want a margarita so big,
they're gonna have
to mix it in a trash can.
Okay, you know what?
One trasharita for my girl.
- Lands himself locked up
- Oh, my God.
Now, when you say "trash can,"
are you thinking one of those
little guys under a desk,
or, like, one of those
those big dented metal ones?
Yeah, there you go.
Oscar the Grouch style.
Hello, Marty.
Why is this man calling you Marty?
I don't know, babe. I have no idea
why this guy would even be
speaking to us after 9:00 p.m.
Oh, no. Jeez, you're right.
It is after 9:00.
I'm just gonna, uh,
face zero fucking consequences.
- Todd!
- There are rules against this.
- Todd.
- It's the law.
Then file a complaint
with the government.
I look forward to seeing
you at my online hearing
in 18 months.
Todd, what is going on?
Your boyfriend is a liar and a crook.
What? No, no, I'm not.
His name is not even Todd.
It's Marty Simkowitz,
and he owes $73,000 to RadioShack!
Hey. Are you Troy Chubner?
I don't know, Todd, are you?
What? No.
I'm Troy Chubner.
I'm a debt collector
with Keystone Associates.
You owe $12,000 to Home Depot,
Mr. Chubner.
- No, no.
- Yes!
- No.
- Yes!
No, I already spoke to someone
at Keystone about this.
Rachel, she said she was gonna send me
a payment plan in the mail.
Rachel quit.
What the fuck is going on?
Uh, listen, I'm a debt collector too,
so I know that
everybody always tells you
that they're about to get you
your money, but I am.
I'm about to get you your money.
This guy is really close to paying.
- Tell him.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, he is.
- What the fuck is going on?
- Wow, I'm leaving, Todd.
- Baby. Baby. Maya.
- This is ridiculous.
- You think I know this dude?
- Look at the motherfucker.
- Marty, give me a hand.
- Get off me, man!
- Come on, we're talking
- Get off of me, man!
- Come on, he's
Look, he's totally freaked out.
All right, here's the thing.
Home Depot, they totally messed up.
They sold me
a wicker trash can hideaway,
but raccoons kept getting into it.
The company even admitted
that the product was defective.
Let me pull up the email.
It's right here.
I got it right here somewhere.
I know where you live, Chubner!
Just wait for me. I'll be right back.
- I swear to God, right back.
- Maya!
I knew it was too good
to be fuckin' true.
- Maya, wait! Maya!
- Oh, every fuckin' time.
- Girl
- Every time
- Maya!
- I open myself up.
Maya, I'm sorry. This lunatic thinks
I'm somebody named Marty Simkowitz.
He came to the hospital.
He's been following me for days.
Is that why you wanted
to get out of town?
Why didn't you just say that?
'Cause I didn't want
you to be scared, babe.
Because I care about you, girl.
Bullshit. Bullshit.
- You lying straight to my face.
- No, no, I'm not.
I love you, Maya.
This is everything
that I was afraid of.
Maya, my name's not really Todd.
Oh, fuck. I guess we doin' this.
So you are Marty Simkowitz?
My real name is Isaiah Foster.
I'm not a doctor.
- Jesus, Todd!
- Isaiah.
So has anything you told me been true?
Yes! Everything about my brother.
All right,
everything about my dad dying.
I do like Skittles.
I think that Skittles thing
is, like, my core truth.
Not the moment for jokes. I feel you.
Look, I came from nothing.
Hustling, scamming,
that's how I survived.
So when I saw you in that club
I told you I was a doctor.
A children's cancer doctor, Todd.
- Isaiah.
- Isaiah.
Oh, my God.
Just another lie
in a lifetime of lies.
But the more time we spent together,
the closer we got,
all I could think about
was how I could how
look, I don't know
- Tell me the truth?
- No.
No, that never really crossed my mind.
How I could
God, this is so humiliating
become Dr. Todd.
Not literally
I'm too broke and too dumb
to be going to med school.
But I liked the way
that people looked at me.
I liked the way that you looked at me.
And I was proud of myself
for the first time in my life.
And I know that's so fucked up,
'cause I'm just out here
playing make-believe.
Baby, I got a job.
I know you don't know me,
but that is wildly out of character.
I'm a energy broker now.
And I don't know what that is either,
but I make 48,000 a year,
plus benefits.
And I get end-of-the-year bonuses,
and we got a company retreat in March.
I get a polo with a logo on it.
It is so fuckin' boring,
but I'm so excited,
because being boring
means I might get to be with you.
I know you'll never forgive Dr. Todd.
And you shouldn't. He's shady.
But I was really hoping
girl, I'm praying
you give Isaiah a chance.
Man, fuck her.
Boring-ass realtor motherfucker.
And fuck that job, too.
Firing you just 'cause
you not who you said you was.
Who does that?
- Marty, you don't understand!
- Marty!
Go away, Troy!
Home Depot is not gonna stop.
Can we please just go
rob another bank, man?
Come on!
Come on, Marty!
Rodney Lamonca not gonna find us.
- Marty!
- Yeah, he is.
Come on, man!
Boy, you got some big brass balls
calling me out of the blue like this!
You know how much trouble
you caused me?
- With the cops?
- No, with my wife.
Ever since Katrina found out
that her son was murdered,
she's been a total buzzkill.
She stopped whitening her teeth.
She let her fillers go to shit.
It's like being married
to a fuckin' jack-o'-lantern.
I don't even enjoy
cheating on her anymore
because she deserves it!
So here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna shoot you
in the fuckin' head.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, before you do that,
you might wanna hear me out.
Oh, yeah? Why is that?
'Cause I'm about to make you
$20 million.
Go on.
Three words:
Saw palmetto berries.
What the fuck?
- You gave him my idea?
- Oh, it's perfect!
I love my Domininers.
They're driven. They're hungry.
They're gonna change
the fuckin' world.
But these are some
pencil dick cum-dribblers.
If they weren't, they wouldn't
be spending 4,000 bucks
to watch Tyrese tell 'em
that God has a plan.
And most of these dudes
have prostate problems, bro.
We about to make bank.
Okay, but it's not
gonna be easy for you.
It took us a year
to get to this point.
And there's hardly any swampland left.
So, yeah, about that.
Remember when I called you last week?
Shit, what'd you do?
Your hands are clean.
Not that clean.
I burned down the putt-putt.
- They never proved that.
- Lied to cops.
Good. Cops suck.
Dragged that kid's body to the swamp.
White boy with cornrows.
He had it coming.
- Fed it to a snake.
- That was awesome.
Brock got shot 'cause of me.
I don't even know who Brock is.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You were recording me?
- Yep.
And we got you on tape
confessing to the murder
of my wife's son.
Could just say your son.
He had none of my blood! Shut up!
So here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna sign the farm over
to the Dominine Corporation.
And if you don't,
we're gonna play that tape
for the police.
Come on, bruh.
You don't want Vanessa to have
to visit her daddy in prison.
Marty Simkowitz?
I'm from KB Debt
Consolidation Network.
You owe $8,000 to Ashley Furniture.
Fuckin' Ashley Furniture, Marty?
- Not a doctor.
- Shh.
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