Killjoys (2015) s04e03 Episode Script

Bro-D Trip

1 Previously, on "Killjoys" Hello, Aneela.
I can get to the tech room, try to find a visual record of what happened here.
How did you cut your face? I don't know.
I have good news.
I know what happened to the boys.
Lucy shot a tracking device onto the elevator so she could find it wherever it went.
Find Lucy, find the boys.
We need a doctor.
I think we have to set up plasma for John.
We're not turning my little brother Hullen.
I'm back, bitches.
Where the hells are we? We're a farming collective.
- What did you do? - This was a con job! They are not farmers.
They are prisoners in a labor colony.
You're wrong.
Organ harvest.
We are the farms.
What happens next? They send a ship full of guards and guns, now.
On your knees.
On your knees! I know exactly where we are and where to get my next plasma fix.
I got big plans, big brother.
You ready for a road trip? Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself.
Stop hitting yourself! D'avin, stop hitting yourself! Little brothers are the worst, huh? I get it, your body's going through a lot of changes.
But you need to pull your dick out of the Hullen puberty sock.
The plan was to meet Delle Sayah at the crash site.
Plans change.
Adapt or die, right? Oh, wait.
Oh, we did that when you made me Hullen.
Delle Sayah is our best shot at curing you.
She kidnapped our best friend, killed the love of my life, and her girlfriend hijacked your DNA to make an alien baby.
So why are you trusting anything that she says? Evil Johnny has a good point.
I get it, I was dying.
You had to make a hard call, and classic D'av, you need to make everything right.
And that means finding Dutch.
Well, lucky for you, I know how to find her.
How? All I need is a green pool and the love in my heart.
Well, John, we used the only plasma on this planet to fix your dumb lung hole.
Oh, yeah.
Except, what if we didn't? You think there's more green here? I don't think so, know so.
Give me 24 hours to show you.
Come on! "D'av-osito!" This is our last chance to be original Jaqobis before the little booger comes! Just two bad-ass bros and whatever the road throws their way.
I'm hoping cheese fries.
If we do this, it is straight back to Delle Seyah at the elevator.
Nova Cadets' honor.
Oh, goodie, we're back.
Please, don't provoke them.
The warden's coming.
Good, I have a few harsh words for management.
Well, swallow them.
Juno Clay's not a man you want to mess with.
Oh, honey, I never want to mess with men like this, but if I don't, they'll never learn.
I hear we have a couple of wild dogs on the run.
They may call themselves Killjoys, but the only authority around here worth a hot piss is my own.
They have a six-hour jump on us.
So saddle up, buckle up, and bag me some fresh meat.
Being Hullen hasn't improved your taste in music.
Haters gonna hate.
- Is that the green pool? - Almost.
It's a plasma probe I built to chart our green map.
A neat trick, knowing it landed on this skid mark.
I recognize the stars.
You know, vintage Johnny, he wouldn't have been able to do that.
But Hullen Johnny? Well, you haven't seen half of what he can do.
Oh, more maiming, killing, and lying? Can't wait.
How are you going to find Dutch? Easy breezy, Hullen squeezy.
The green is how the Hullen share their memories, so when I connect to it You never said you had to connect to it.
If Dutch is in there, so are the memories of where she is.
No, Delle Seyah looked for Dutch and Aneela in the green, it was radio silence.
Always focusing on the negative.
Look, I say this because I love you, but fact is, impending fatherhood's turning you into a real drag.
Come on, I'll even let you pick the tunes.
Yeah, Brother D'avin.
Can I get a amen! What's wrong? What? Nothing.
You get loud when you lie, your ears sweat when you pee, and you sigh when you're afraid to say something.
Observation, Pip, it's a key scientific principle.
Okay, you know what? I'm I'm sorry, but Back on the RAC, it felt like we had some kind of desert island romance thing going on, didn't we? Well, yeah, we thought we were gonna die, and sex helps me think.
And we did a lot of thinking, and it was great.
And now we're back, and I'm just wondering, what are w what are we? Uh.
I'm not looking for anything more, Pip.
- Me neither.
- Oh! - Yeah.
- Cool! - Great.
- Yeah.
- Totally.
- I don't uh Really do relationships.
I can do sex.
Lots of sex.
Minimal cuddling, preferably as little conversation as possible, helps with the, uh, thinking.
The thinking.
But when you say, um, minimal cuddling does that mean But if you're not cool with those terms Oh, no, I Cool with those terms? I'm absolutely cool with those terms.
I am in to those shenanigans.
Yo, where we at on Lucy? Any of your contacts pan out? Negativo, Chief.
Although, the good news is nobody's hocked a ship matching Lucy's description.
Well, that's a problemo, hoss.
Lucy's the only one who can follow the tracker she shot onto that elevator.
No Lucy? No Team Awesome Force.
Look, Delle Seyah was at the Necropolis when Lucy was swarmed.
The Armada must have been monitoring the situation.
- So? - So, if the Armada navs are tracking the ships that were chasing Lucy then we might have a trail that leads us to her.
Well, even Fancy can't figure out how the navs on this floating armadillo work, and he was Hullen.
But he never worked on the Armada.
I have to study these dolls.
Lot of thinking to do - Yeah.
- Pip, my room, now! Our drones will scout sectors F-2, L-5, and R-7.
We'll follow in a sweeping pattern here, here, and here.
Just keep your head down and hope they leave soon.
Head down isn't really my thing.
It messes with the crown.
Bring me those Killjoys, boys.
I will handle this, trust me.
Whispering in the corner, sharing secrets.
Should my ears be burning? Well, light a match and let's see.
Well, if our little slice of mystery doesn't come with a side of saucy.
Be a peach and scooch over there, BeaBeaDoll, I'd like to get to know our guest.
No chip implant, swanky clothes.
What's a class act like you doing with a pair of murderous Killjoys? Oh, I should have checked their references.
But then, a hint of murder's what you want in a bodyguard.
Your Killjoy's lungs and liver? Should pay for some of the human fields that I lost.
But that little bun in the oven? That should cover the rest.
Ah, a counter-offer.
As head of the Nine, I can either make you very rich or very dead.
- Head of the Nine? - Mm.
I don't think so.
Those uppity inbreds? They don't birth their own, they outsource.
And you are a bit long in the tooth for a surrogate.
It's been a very long day.
So either get me a drink, or get out of my way.
I think you're gonna be staying a while.
And imbibing would be unwise in your delicate condition.
Ah, there's nothing delicate about me or my condition.
Oh Very bad move.
Oh That was better.
It's like his brain is being forced into sleep mode.
And you're sure we don't need more straps? He has no voluntary motor functions, we tested.
But aren't they like super-soldiers? Leave the safety on.
- Better? - No! Not maybe.
Can you get me the adrenaline? Which one's that? The big syringe, beside the plasma samples.
Yeah Sorry.
His brainwaves keep repeating the same pattern, like he's glitching.
You tried turning him on and off? - You're a genius.
- Genius? Come on, that's that's you.
Although I did intern at the company's IT department when I was 16, and I did have the highest customer approval rating.
Was mother impressed? No.
- My God, what are you doing? - Turning him off and on.
A low-level charge should interrupt the feedback loop and reset him.
Any residual damage will be healed by the parasite.
Okay, just because we can safely lobotomize somebody doesn't necessarily mean that we should.
He's not somebody, he's Hullen.
Oh! He's got your gun.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
Drop the gun.
We don't want to hurt you.
What the She's coming.
She's coming.
She's coming.
"She" who? The signal's getting louder.
We must be on top of it.
There she is.
My plasma probe.
Ain't she a beauty? Yeah, a real looker.
But I don't see any green.
Something must have knocked her off her flight path.
She crashed right through the ceiling.
The pool will be close.
And I've got the plan for a portable plasma detector right here.
And your little green allergy is key.
You're going to bring me straight to it.
Wait, that's your plan? Use me as a human witching rod? You know I'm just trying to find Dutch, and all you do is criticize.
You wanna let me go, buddy? I'm sorry Sometimes things just get a little messy upstairs.
I'm sorry.
Hey, that's okay.
Delle Seyah said there wasn't enough green for an easy transition.
That's why you are suffering the world's dickiest mood swings.
You know, if I go full Hullen, you can just use your little ace and That won't happen, baby bro.
Because we are gonna find Dutch and we are gonna haul ass for the Armada.
Delle Seyah can cleanse you there.
You just need to hold on to the real John a little bit longer, okay? He's worth it.
So, what do we do with this thing? Uh, just pretend she's Dad's old silica slider.
We rebuild her.
Oh, shit.
How many times did he make us fix that old piece of junk? - Strip that bolt - And I'll strip your hide.
Bottle of Hokk, you can't beat my old record.
Pree's under-the-counter shit.
You're on.
Nice recovery, Johnny.
Almost blew it back there.
Get out of my head.
You invited me.
Because the longer that shit is in you, the harder it is giving up.
I get you're not a super fan of Hullen Johnny, but once you get to know me, you won't even miss that old heart-on-his-sleeve whinge-bag.
Yes, I will.
He's my whinge-bag.
What do you think D'av is gonna do once he figures out what you're really planning? Who says he'll be around to see it? We need to understand how the Armada's navigation systems work.
You need to show me Get that damn thing off my console.
Apologies, Baby Zee! Couldn't stop His Hairiness from flipping his wig.
I said find out what they know, not let them drive the god damn car.
- He's not a threat.
- That thing could be starting an auto-destruct sequence, or calling reinforcements.
Yeah, except for the part where I'm not an actual idiot.
I'm using an electro-neural loop to control him.
Now he's more like a servile worker ant than Hullen.
Your little loop-de-loop make it tell us - why it tried to shoot itself? - No.
His speech functions are impaired, but he understands basic commands.
The rest is still shut off for now.
Ah! I am the Hullen Whisperer.
That's right, thanks to our new friend here, I'm in.
The Armada shows the ships chasing Lucy disappeared into Borian's Belt.
And then never came back out.
So now we know where to find Lucy.
Prep a Black Root ship.
Take the Barlord for muscle.
And hustle.
You'll need to deputize Pip and Pree first.
- Why? - We have no idea where this trail leads, or what laws we'll need to break.
That badge is the only protection we'll have if shit goes wrong.
You gonna tell me how to wipe my own ass, too? - Tap your hearts.
- Yeah, I feel like is still have a lot to give to my field - Tap your damn heart.
- Okay.
As of now, you are nobody's citizen, nobody's soldier.
You renounce all loyalties except Hmm? You wanna say it for me, too? Sorry, I got excited.
All loyalties except our code, your team, and your Warrant.
- You will take no sides - Oh, that's kind of my thing.
- You will take no bribes - That's kind of my thing.
But yeah, Warrants are important.
Right, of course.
Yes, Warrants.
Hot steaming Warrants Go find me a damn Jaqobis before I space you myself.
The Warrant is all! Is there any wiggle room on that? Fun times explaining this hickey.
Sorry, have to tap the tree.
I've repurposed the probe's scanner.
All it needs is a better filter.
Ow! And you are that filter.
I synced the scanners to my PDD to invert your ability to repel the green to track it instead.
The closer we get to the pool, the more you should feel Must be real close.
Buck up, boyo.
That tickle in your tummy's gonna lead us to the money.
Should we shoot it? No, could be rigged.
Salutations, gentlemen.
Warden Juno Clay on the horn.
Looks like you've attracted all the locals.
If you're getting this, it means my men have you surrounded.
I suggest you surrender your weapons and come out peacefully.
My men have orders to shoot on sight, and it would be a real shame to waste fine specimens such as yourselves.
Yeah, it's all starting to catch up with you now.
- Well, that's a bummer.
- Drop your weapons! - Should we? - Uh-uh.
- I count four.
- Even split.
I like the odds.
We need to barricade the opening.
Can I just say? Best road trip ever.
Aneela, that tickles.
Aneela? That's a pretty name.
That better be prenatal vitamins.
Ah, it's just a little help to get the baby show on the road.
Those would keep an angry bull in line.
Save your strength for the contractions.
You touch my child and I'll reign the full fury of the Nine on your backwater ass.
If you want to talk like that, we're going to need some privacy.
Seyah, you're dead.
I like to keep on top of current events.
No one's coming for you.
My Killjoys will come.
Killjoying's a dangerous business.
They disappear all the time, and a dead Killjoy tells no tales.
Neither do uppity wardens, if you rip off their lips.
I'm carrying a baby for a queen.
A Queen who will decimate this entire planet if anything happens to me or her child.
Your Aneela sounds like a real fireball.
But where is she now? I'll be back when the contractions have started.
Lucy won't respond to any of my hails.
She's either offline, or Has company.
Scans show O2 levels are fine.
Fine? The air in here smells like armpits dipped in feet.
Any sign of the Hullen ships who chased her? No, but I put the Black Root ship's scanners on remote.
If they show, we'll be long gone.
Lucy? Baby girl? You home? Stick with your buddy, kids.
We don't know who we'll find up there.
The override panel's in the hull.
I may be able to reroute power from there.
Pip, check the bunkrooms.
Why do we always split up? Clear the bunks.
Start with Johnny's.
God I wish I could unpee my pants right now.
Johnny needs a maid.
How old is this thing? Nice work on the lights, Zephyr.
Our girl back online and feeling pretty? Fingers double-crossed.
This model is 335-N7.
Please enter the security key.
Why is Lucy being so basic? Please enter the security key.
She must have reset herself to protect John and D'av's location.
Please enter the security key.
Johnny built a back door into Lucy's mainframe.
I used it when Dutch and I opened the Remnant.
Maybe it still works? What the hells? Incorrect entry.
Defense protocol initiated.
You have twenty minutes to enter the correct key before full purge begins.
Shit nuggets.
Eighteen minutes to full purge.
Could you be a peach and define "purge?" Less than eighteen minutes to full purge.
New Lucy is a no-mess bitch.
Pip, any luck with the override panel? Johnny would have built a failsafe somewhere, something only he and Lucy would know Stop micromanaging.
I don't tell you how to hotwire a cow.
Seventeen minutes to full purge.
I can't do anything with this antique! If it's Johnny's old PDD, there must be something on it.
Old PDD's are just used for porn, music, and secrets.
Point taken.
Playlists, fanfic.
"Tiny Ship Makeovers," so much robot porn.
Found something! The autoshut algorithm contains duration and frequency.
That ratio must correspond to a certain pitch.
- Like a voice command.
- Yeah, great.
So all we need is Dutch's voice.
Or John's.
Or D'av's.
Or a combination of all three.
Or them saying a specific word.
And none of them got the invite.
Sixteen minutes to full purge.
Did this happen to you? - Uh-uh.
- But it could.
It will.
We both need to get out of here.
You don't think I've tried? There's no way out of this shithole.
Every cage has a door, you just have to find it.
I noticed Juno turning off the cameras when I came to.
Shall I guess why? Debtors colonies are legal.
Trafficking children isn't.
He's selling them off the books, isn't he? Good.
Greed I can use.
But only if you help me.
If he catches us, he'll kill us.
Then we tried and died.
How is that any worse than what you've been living? The world is full of lesser men with greedy fingers, Bea.
Let me teach you how to break them.
Maybe I can help.
Maybe there's a new sheriff in town.
Stand down, Lucy.
Abort purge.
Everything's cool.
Says me, Dutch.
The boss of you.
Twelve minutes to full purge.
Well, that was just pitiful.
No, you need to get into character.
You need to feel the leather pants.
Be the leather pants.
Lucy, cut the shit.
Or when I'm done with your mainframe you won't be able to power a broke-ass juicer.
Eleven minutes to full purge.
Well, we can safely say it's not Dutch.
Because my performance was uncanny.
I'll program the filter for D'av Ah-ah, please! Where's your science, bitch? Now she may be Dutch's ship, but Lucy's heart belongs to Johnny.
Okay, think cheeky.
Think, uh humpy puppy.
You know what, Pree? I got this one.
Hi, Lucy.
It's me.
Call off the dogs, okay? Look, I know that I bailed on you.
I will never leave you again.
I promise.
You are the only girl for me.
Yeah, but that's not to make you feel like this is any kind of relationship, because as a woman, or AI who identifies as female, I respect your boundaries.
Except for the killing us part, okay Ten minutes to full purge.
Trust goes both ways, Lucy.
Okay We need to think about aborting.
Best ways to jimmy the door? Yep, better to crack the code remotely - from the Black Root ship.
- Noted.
Anti-theft protocol initiated.
Beginning auto-pilot now.
Whoa! Lucy, don't Land your ass right now, or I will crawl through these wires and kick it.
Um guys? What is that? Oxygen scrubbers are externally venting.
We have less than ten minutes of breathable air.
that's a bit of bad news.
You sure your bomb's gonna work? Hells, no.
Where's the fun in that? You built a bomb from broken probe parts, you moved a concrete slab without breaking a sweat.
Are you sure you're gonna be able to give this all up? Nailed it.
He's on to you now, JJ.
The deal was goodbye greenie-jeebies, hello vintage Johnny.
Why can't I enjoy it along the way? The barricade's not gonna hold much longer.
Doesn't need to.
Stand over here.
- In a room with the bomb.
- Relax, brah.
I got your back.
Now bring it in.
You are completely nut-crackers.
Is there a bad time for a hug? This way, you won't die.
And if you're off by a millimeter, he will die.
Probably won't die.
Hey, fellas! Hang in there, Johnny.
- Where are we? - Old medical depot.
Think a fire took this one out.
It'll give us some shelter, but we won't be safe here for long.
Okay, but it worked.
We got away.
Yeah, you really brought down the house.
A little thanks? I pulled a total hero move back there.
By almost killing us both.
I'm pretty sure you were clinically dead about an hour ago.
- Don't be such drama queens.
- Drama queen? You're barely breathing and talking to the god damn air.
Okay, well, let's go find Du Lay your skinny ass down.
You're not going anywhere until that green shit knits you back together again.
Well, that is just rude.
Stop talking, stop moving.
I'm gonna secure the perimeter, try to find us some water.
He's always so hard on himself, and you let him be.
Why? Debt.
Well, scare him that bad again, and he'll drag your ass back to the elevator.
Not if he wants to see you again.
D'av just needs to punch some things, and he'll feel all better.
No, he won't.
He's losing everyone he loves.
I'm right here.
Not really, Johnny.
Not anymore.
I'm all that's left of you.
But not for much longer, am I? Why haven't her contractions started? I've doubled her dosage, but it's not having any effect.
Prep her for a C-section.
I don't have time to wait for Her Majesty.
What's your rush? Sudden uptick in the baby trade? I do admire initiative in a man.
And I prefer silence in a woman.
That'll cost you, Warden.
'Cause I know you've been a very naughty boy.
Got your sticky fingers all over the colony's cookie jar.
Wait for me outside.
I don't know what you think you know, but I would tread carefully, Niner.
But don't you want to hear my offer? Everything that you got that I want is in that little belly of yours.
That's only 'cause you're thinking small.
So small.
Let me, my baby, and Bea go, and I'll show you how to grow organs in hours instead of months.
You'll hit your quotas in half the time, and everything else is gravy.
You strike me as a pig who enjoys a little gravy in his trough.
Let me guess.
Biopharma? Gene therapy? Nanotissue? - I've heard it all.
- Oh, nothing so common.
Cut me.
Hope you're not afraid of a little blood.
Blood play.
What kind of miracle are you? Show me yours, and I'll show you mine.
Hey, sleepyhead.
Johnny chains D'av, D'av chains Johnny.
It's becoming a thing.
We should do a calendar.
Who exactly are you seeing? Dutch, mostly.
What's she saying? That those pants look great on you.
We leave at first light.
If Sheriff Dicknuts sends more men, I want to see them coming.
I'll take first watch.
I got it.
Might need a new plan, Jaqobis.
He doesn't trust you for shit, anymore.
You always take his side.
Reminds me of camping when we were kids.
Only Dad was drunk and Mom was high.
She got worse after Broke her heart when you left.
Well I'm not going anywhere now, am I? And after we find Dutch, and you've been through rehab, you can retire that card for good.
I'm tired of it.
Kind of bored of the whole "you left" angle anyways.
Now I feel like I've dropped a dress size now that I've given up human feelings.
So sticky.
Should give it a try.
Come in handy when the kid gets here.
What, you don't think Dutch is gonna want anything to do with the baby, do you? Gotta be the little booger or her.
You'll have to bail on one of them.
But hey, at least it's what you're good at, right? Ho-ho-ho-ho Have a drink, honey butter.
It's the good stuff.
We have four minutes of oxygen left.
You gotta know when the party's over.
At least with oxygen crashing we'll get drunk faster.
Yeah, don't worry about me, guys.
Just gonna die out here alone.
The girl from Leaf, with skin like snow What brought me here, she'll never know - You're wasting air.
- Oh, sorry, boo-boo.
But at my funeral I want singing, booze, and burly men.
Well, two out of three ain't bad.
- Am I right, Pip? - Yeah, hear, hear.
Oh Was it the job, the company gin? She'd never met a real Westerlyn Should I tell her Ah, I was singing that the night that Gared and I were supposed to meet.
But my little meatball was just too shy to say hello.
Frequency and duration.
Guys, what if the keycode is a song? Something significant to Johnny and Lucy? When Johnny was trying to steal Lucy, the only reason Dutch got the drop on him was because he was blasting music.
Did he tell you what song he was blasting? He sang it once.
At the Royale, when he was deep, deep in his cups.
Uh Have to talk to you I can't get through, There ain't nobody home Bingo.
- I have to talk to you - Analyzing I can't get through Disengaging security protocol now.
There ain't nobody home! There ain't nobody home Yeah, don't know the words to the song.
- Yes! - Reboot complete.
Hello, Johnny.
Every couple has a song.
Where is Johnny? Hoping you could help with that, Luce.
Tracking the elevator's signal now.
Activate the Black Root ship's autopilot, and set a course.
One Jaqobis sandwich for pick-up.
There ain't nobody home I'd hold your hair back, but There's your snot pool.
Ooh Pretty.
So how do we find Dutch? Do you need to get in the pool? I'm gonna need some space.
Might be better if I do this part solo.
Could get a little weird.
Find Dutch.
Then we go.
Your kid's gonna hate it, but hard ass looks good on you.
Thanks for not giving up on me.
I am so sorry.
For all of this.
But mostly For this.
Here I come, beautiful.
You're still here? Why? I could say the same.
My plan is to take enough green to go full Hullen and get off this rock, and have me some real fun.
Come on, Jaqobis.
Think you can finally kick my ass now that you're Hullen? Stop hitting yourself.
Body armor.
Sweet play.
Did you scoop it off the posse? Mom always said don't leave the house without a fresh pair.
Little brothers are the worst! I am a'tingle to behold the source of your wonder, Seyah Kendry.
I do have a few small requests, first.
I didn't ask for more men.
Head office is calling you in, sir.
I don't give a wet shart.
Head office can stand by until her debt is settled.
Oh, Bea and I already made arrangements for repayment.
You on a platter.
You're supposed to steal for your company, Juno.
Not from them.
Rookie mistake.
Prove it.
No security cam so much as blinks without my say-so.
You forgot one.
The laparoscopic camera for the internal surgeries.
That feed goes straight to head office.
They were shocked to hear about your side sharing.
Now you're gonna have to repay them, one organ at a time.
Who's the debtor now? Get your hands off me! We are not through.
Don't villainsplain me, honey.
I'm the master.
Go with them.
They owe you flight off world.
How do I thank you for everything? Just send me a snap of Juno's first extraction.
Just make sure they go with liver.
I'm really getting the hang of this mothering thing.
Oh Really? Now you come.
We have Warrants.
Where are John and D'av? Busy abandoning me, apparently.
Lucy, I need a trace on the boys' comms.
Tracing So, what do we do with this? You take this with you, because she nearly destroyed a galaxy and needs a shower and a nap.
Do not try me on for size, because this bitch be deputized.
Pip, wanna test drive your new badge? Make it official.
Delle Seyah Kendry, you have been locked and served.
Okay, I have always wanted to say that.
Did that sound badass? That felt, like, really badass.
You're touching me.
- Sorry, uh - It's okay.
Your Highness.
It's such an honor.
Lucy's got a lock on the Jaqobis.
Let's go.
You know, this trip has really brought us closer together.
Johnny is in there somewhere, and I will beat him out of you.
Ah Now I have the charm, the smarts, and the muscle.
What do you have? This.
Let my brother go! Kill me.
Do it.
I can't become this.
Because I want to be this.
I will say, you did get the good eyelashes.
Dutch! His psychosis is getting worse.
I think our best shot at cleansing him is still back on the Armada.
And Dutch? Well, there's nothing physically wrong with her, but she won't wake up.
The pool crystallized when she came out of it.
What do you think that means? I have no idea.
My real worry is getting back before Delle Seyah's little bundle of joy drops.
Based on the baby's size and weight, she should have delivered a week ago.
Yes, about that.
Does this mean what I think it means? If you think it means your water just broke, then yep.