Killjoys (2015) s04e02 Episode Script

Johnny Dangerously

1 Previously on "Killjoys" - What did they do to me? - It worked.
- Moment of truth.
- There's Daddy.
- Now meet Mommy.
- Dutch.
Well, that's what the RAC database thought at first, but we looked more closely.
Hello, Aneela.
[GRUNTS] [YELLS PAINFULLY] [ENGINES WHOOSHING] The humans have built a distortion field that prevents our ships from approaching.
- Then find the source.
- We already have.
[EXPLOSION] They found us! Fall back! - We're being boarded.
- If you're gonna take down Aneela, now would be a good time.
Dutch! I'm sorry.
- Ah! - What the hells was that? I think the Lady must be trying to get out.
Call off the war.
Connect to the Hullen hive mind.
[BLASTERS FIRING] [LAUGHS] Human, human, I'm totally human! The Black Root ships are swarming the Necropolis.
Gotta sever the shaft from both ends.
You'll be floating in space.
That's a risk we gotta take.
[RUMBLING] [EERIE MUSIC] [SIGHS] What are the odds there's a decent spa around here? Why are we still with her? We should have left her on the elevator to fend for herself.
Well, you know what they say: "The pregnant enemy of my enemy is my alien baby mama.
" Oh, yeah, can I get that on a mug? You're no catch, limp-lungs.
My fetus is walking faster than you.
I'm still injured, thanks to your plasma-huffing girlfriend.
Hey! If I have to separate you two again, I will turn this hike around.
Much as I appreciate the fresh air and cardio, - what are we even looking for? - Well, some sign of where the hells we are would be nice.
Unless someone replaced our moons, we're not in the Quad anymore.
We need to find a transport out of here, fast.
I just hope to shit we aren't alone out here.
- We aren't.
- Oh, has your very special baby made you psychic? No, you moron.
But I'm pregnant, not blind.
[ENGINE REVVING] [TIRES SCREECHING] Hey there! Was that you guys that crashed - way up there on the flats? - Yeah.
Sure could use a lift back to civilization.
Yeah, yeah, good deal.
There's a depot, like, five miles east.
We could give you a ride, but, uh [GUNS COCKING] Why don't we take your valuables instead? Drop your guns, pretty boys, or your pregnant girlfriend gets a belly full of lead.
Man the universe is just full of assholes.
Yeah, it really is a problem.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SIGHS] Decent massage.
You do pedicures too? Jackpot, boys.
She's got jewels.
Oh, that's not for you, little girl.
Give it.
Take it.
With pleasure.
[GRUNTING] Go, go, go, go, go! Get 'em! [GRUNTS, WHEEZES] - Punch it! Go! - Go, go! [GUN BLASTING] Well, the locals seem nice.
See? Delle Seyah does come in handy, John.
[GASPING, COUGHING] John! Must be his punctured lung.
We need to find help.
From where? [SINISTER MUSIC RISING] [ROCK MUSIC] Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DOOR BANGS] We need a doctor.
Wait your turn.
[GUNSHOT, GLASS SHATTERS] Get us a doctor, or I'll get you a mortician.
They ain't comin' till morning.
- Don't wet your pants.
- We have medical supplies in the back.
I'll get them.
That's convenient.
What is this place? Just another shithole.
- Jonesy! - Out! Everybody out.
- Okay, okay.
- See that? Okay.
Just stay with me, okay? [GROANS] Okay.
Really? What? Magic baby, remember? And watching him die is less fun than I hoped.
- Then help! - What about this? - Does this help? - Yes.
- Hey, you want the knife? - Mm.
No? Straw.
Want the straw? Oh, for God's sake.
It's like watching you train a very stupid dog.
He means this.
[BREATHING RAGGEDLY] [GASPING] Easy! He's not a pincushion! - Yeah, and I'm not a doctor.
- [WHEEZING] Oh, shit, we made it worse.
I'm so sorry, buddy.
Hey, hey.
We're gonna get the doctor, he's gonna fix you, and then we're gonna find our way back home, okay? We left in the middle of a war, Jaqobis.
For all we know, there is no home to go back to.
[EERIE HOLLOW MUSIC] [METALLIC CLATTER] - [SIGHS] - Hey! One of these days, I am going to shoot you.
The mess hall in 35 is almost bare.
We've already picked over most of it.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] Uh Man, I hate plums.
They didn't have any, like, peaches or anything like that? Which is what the old Pip would have said, because he sucked.
[LAUGHS AWKWARDLY] Screw that guy.
I love plums.
Plums are great.
I snuck into engineering, duped the master codes in Dock 18, and if we can access the flight decks, maybe we can finally get out of here.
It works.
It works! We're frickin' geniuses! Any changes with our new landlords? [SINISTER MUSIC] [DOOR CREAKS] [OBJECT CLATTERS] [OBJECT CLATTERS] [OBJECT CLATTERS] [GUNFIRE] See, they move! I still think it's just residual motor instincts, self-defense motions triggered by a sense of contact.
Okay, there is literally no way you could possibly know that.
There is one way.
- And we're ready.
- To go out there? Zeph, we we could have a full, happy life in here.
- In a one-room lab? - Do you see a one-room lab? Because I see a mansion of possibilities.
What happens when we run out of food or the generator dies? Pip it's time.
We get to the docking bay, use this to hot-wire a Black Root ship, and we sneak inside the Armada.
Yeah, I know it's It's a good plan.
It just sounds kind of death-y.
Look, Team Awesome Force taught me one thing.
- Tight pants are best pants? - No.
Heroes gonna hero.
They risked their lives for us.
It's time we risk ours to go regroup with them.
[ROUSING MUSIC] [EXHALES HEAVILY] Ready? I'm a little rusty at hot-wiring ships, just so you know.
Pacing a hole in the floor won't fix anything.
Nothing we can do will fix anything.
That's the problem, and I hate it.
I've been trying to reach Aneela and her crew with this since we left.
All I get is silence.
[SIGHS] Here.
I think we have just enough plasma for John.
Enough to what? To save him.
- Give me another way.
- Any other way.
We're not turning my little brother Hullen.
They said the doctor's coming tomorrow His lips you saw them.
They're blue.
He won't last that long.
Look, once we get off this rock, you can find a way to cleanse him.
- You don't know that.
- I know I can't bring him back once he's dead.
This is a limited-time offer, Killjoy.
We'll never find Dutch or Aneela without him.
You think that's what he'd want? What do we need? Well, medical supplies.
A sterile environment would be swell.
Something like a clinic? Hey! You can't go in there! Disagree.
[DOOR GROANS] [LOW MUSIC] - You ready? - You understand I've only done this once and never with so little plasma.
These are imperfect conditions and unusual tools.
I'm not going to blame you.
Hey, John, you don't have to do this - if you don't want to.
- [HOARSELY] Do it.
Okay, turn him over.
And hold him tight.
I have to inject it into the base of his brain stem.
- You still have that gun? - Yeah, why? Keep it close.
I told you, I've never Hullenized anyone with so little plasma.
We don't know what it could do to him.
I'll take first watch.
That's one of ours.
- Welcome to Camp Human! - I don't understand.
How are you all here? This is so much better - than getting shot in the face! - It was close.
We've been tracking your ship since it left the RAC.
You're lucky we didn't torch you on entry.
Oh! [LAUGHS AWKWARDLY] Thanks? Once the Hullen swarmed the RAC, we figured it was better to cut our losses.
We killed the power remotely and locked it down to buy ourselves time.
What's the status over there? Uh, creepy? Hullen guards are everywhere, but weird ones.
Something's happened to them.
- Something has changed.
- Yeah.
- We know.
- Let's show her.
Here too? Just the skeleton crew Aneela left behind.
We call 'em Dolls.
It was a hell of a job corralling them into containment sites.
Trapped 'em like bugs in a jar till we can figure out what to do with them.
- You should just space them.
- Yeah, let me check on that.
- Can we space them now? - No.
Fancy says no.
I'm on this whole moral redemption arc, so no can do.
What does John say about them? Last time I saw them, John and D'Av were headed here to save Dutch.
That's why I came.
So where are they? [TENSE MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [CHOKING] John! John.
[GASPING] - [GUN COCKS] - Let go.
What did you do to me, you bastard? How could you? You asked me to.
[CACKLING] - [GASPS] - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't keep it up, man.
You should see your face! - [SIGHS] - You're not angry? For an upgrade of awesome? Oh! Mwah! Whoo! I'm back, bitches.
[LOW MUSIC] You look better.
I feel better.
Did you all sleep here? Because it smells like you slept here.
Go home.
Pardon my brother.
He has an ass for a mouth.
Now, who are you, and how do we get out of here? - What? - I saw his jacket.
Are you really Killjoys? BOTH: Yes? Good.
You're hired.
- We're kind of on sabbatical.
- Please.
We're a farming collective.
We can't make our quota this season, and the fine for failure is strict.
What kind of strict? The Overseers come today, and they'll take everything.
We won't make it through the winter, - and they won't care.
- Monsters.
But they will respect your badge.
Talk to them.
We just want a fair deal.
That's really not what Killjoys do.
- What's in it for us? - A ship.
I heard you talking in the hallway.
I know that's what you need.
Help us, and we'll help you.
I like your hat.
Can I have it? - [LAUGHS AWKWARDLY] - [CHUCKLES] Give me your hat.
Hey, Johnny? It's okay.
I know you're not yourself right now.
Why do I want to shoot him, D'Av? Because I really want to shoot him.
Doesn't mean you have to, though, right? I'm gonna get us home.
And then we're gonna find Dutch, okay? [EXHALES SHARPLY] - You good? - Got a little carried away there, but I'm good.
I'll just hang on to the rifle for now.
From what we can tell from the logs, the boys left here with Delle Seyah on one of Aneela's ships.
- Heading where? - The Necropolis.
They never made it back out.
Then let's go get them.
I was on The Rack this whole time.
Do I look dead to you? Sweetums, we tried.
The Necroplis was built to be impenetrable.
No ship can get that close to the sun without that elevator, and it's long gone.
[SIGHS] Okay, well, that's a lot of news none of it good.
I think that maybe we should give her some space.
In the meantime, you guys can tell me all about your peach situation, okay? I can get us in.
- How? - John and D'Av came here in one of Khlyen's jump ships.
- Is it still here? - Yeah, in the docking bay.
Then I can get us inside the Necropolis.
Look, you can't just jump a ship inside a building.
It's too damn big.
Please stop underestimating me.
I survived nearly alone in the dark in a station full of Hullen while building tech to get me safely off board.
How did you do? Damn, Zephyr.
- What do you need? - Khlyen's ship, the mirror cube that was inside it, and a Scarback who knows the Necropolis - inside and out.
- Last part's gonna be tricky.
Scarbacks consider the Necropolis a tomb now.
They won't help anyone disturb it.
[CLEARS THROAT] What about an ex-Scarback? What? I know people.
You wanna prep me for what the hell else - he might do? - I don't know.
He didn't get enough green to make this an easy transition.
He'll be craving it like a drug until he gets enough to stabilize.
The process is different for everyone Extreme mood swings, needing adrenaline.
And a shot to the head? Because that's what he's gonna get.
Well, the less fun part is still coming: neuropurging, removing all of his existing emotional bonds.
The more loving a person is, the harder that part is on you.
Great, because Johnny is a hug wrapped in a puppy.
You told me you wouldn't blame me.
You said you weren't worried.
I told you what you needed to hear.
We both did what we needed to.
This is what survival looks like, Jaqobis.
Doing the best you can with the worst options you've got.
Right now, I'm surviving for two.
So I will do anything required.
Then be prepared if I do the same.
I just needed to be sure.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
This is not okay.
[SOFT FOOTSTEPS] You know, for a superior alien race, they have a serious lack of caffeinated beverage options in here.
There you go.
[GRUNTS] - You okay? - [SIGHS] I don't actually know if I can do this.
What, the jump to the Necropolis? - You worried about the risks? - I'm worried about the ifs.
If I can't do this, if I'm not smart enough, then the trail runs cold.
And then they really are gone because I let them down.
[LAUGHS] Okay, let's just, um unpack that there, happy pants.
Um I think it's a mutually understood fact that without you, I would have died on that Rack.
I would have died of starvation on a ship full of food and not because I lack your tech savvy or your freakish sense of direction but because I never would have had the courage to open that door.
[SIGHS] So [GRUNTS] [TENDER MUSIC] Open that door, Zeph.
It's what you're good at.
So are you coming with me if I do? Not on your life.
- You owe me your life! - I gave you a really good Pip talk just now! - Pip! - No, you're the worst! [SIGHS HEAVILY] Open the door, Zeph.
[TORCH HISSING] The Overseers they're here.
Okay, everyone stay calm and follow our lead.
We can handle this.
All right, line up for receipt.
- Who the hells are you? - We just want to talk.
We're here to renegotiate.
- Is that a joke? - Don't move.
- What are you doing? - We want out of here.
Hang on, this is not what we Shut up! Take them.
They're Killjoys.
They're lost.
Nobody knows they're here.
Excuse me.
What is going on? - Everybody, guns down! - That's not the deal.
Screw the deal! Think of what they're worth.
- Jonesy, no! - Take them, or I'll shoot them right now and they won't be worth anything! Sky's so clear here.
I can see for miles.
We're a farming collective.
[GUNSHOTS, MEN GRUNTING] [PANTING] Johnny what did you do? You haven't figured it out yet? That you lost your mind? Yeah, that's - pretty clear, John.
- What? I only shot the ones with guns, and besides, this was a con job.
[LAUGHING] Come on! Purple fingers there was an intake medic.
The stain is from shitty industrial-grade sanitation.
Everyone here is chipped.
The atmo is so clear, there's obviously no surface-to-air traffic.
And I didn't see a single farm while we were walking here.
So? So hello! What kind of place has guards, medics, ID chips, and restricted air travel? - A prison.
- Ding-ding for the fat lady.
They are not farmers.
They are prisoners in a labor colony, and they were gonna make us do their time.
You're wrong.
- Johnny, I'm warning you.
- Then where are the farms? [TENSE MUSIC RISING] We are the farms.
Oh! I did not see that one coming.
[SINISTER MUSIC] He got most of it right.
This is a debtors colony Unsupervised, mostly.
You're sent here to fend for yourself and work off your debt in a bunch of ways.
- And your way was - Organ harvest.
- Highest pay of all.
- How does that even work? When it's your time, your chip beeps and tells you what depot to go to.
There are depots all across the planet.
We report in, or they track us down.
You'll do nicely.
Doc takes what they want, doses you with a new organ bud and regrowth meds, and you start the process all over again.
Regrowth? How many times have you been through this? And they keep adding debt for rent and food so you can never be free.
I just wanted it to stop.
By selling us for parts instead.
Not you, just Just them.
Oh! - I like her.
- Look, I'm sorry.
I couldn't go through it again.
I thought you two had a fighting chance.
Hey, maybe you are a farmer.
Sure talk a lot of horseshit.
- Uh-oh? It's this guy's ID chip.
- [CHIPS BEEPING] - They're all going off.
- [ALARM WAILING] - Life sight: offline.
All personnel, you have five minutes to report in and avoid censure.
All detainees, remain in position.
Or what? What happens next? They come for us.
They send a ship full of guards and guns now.
[BASSLINE DRIFT'S "DHUMAVATI"] Hear the crows out when I lay me down to sleep [HEAVY ELECTRONIC MUSIC] Hear the crows out It's just nice to get out, you know? Hmm.
- Fresh air, bit of sun.
- Yeah.
Praise the trees.
Praise them.
Praise them hard! So how do you know - Fairuza? - Fairuza, yeah.
Oh, you know just around the way.
Word of mouth and such.
[DOOR BEEPS AND WHIRS] Your voice Who's next? [DOOR CLANKS SHUT] - Sit.
- Yes, ma'am.
Since when are Scarbacks sadists, by the way? I thought your rituals were all about taking pain.
I took pain for 12 years, until I found out my religion was built on shit.
Now I'm in charge of who hurts.
Seems fair, actually [GROANS] So what about you? You need forgiving? Me? [CHUCKLES] Oh, I'm just an angel dipped in chocolate.
[INHALES DEEPLY] But I do have a proposition for you.
- We need onto the Necropolis.
- Oh, Gared - Get out.
- Listen, I know Nothing, if you could ask me to go back there.
I was friends with Alvis Akari.
I'm trying to find the bitch who killed him.
But that starts with getting inside that floating tomb.
It's too late.
No one can get in there now.
We can.
We just need someone who knows the inside well enough to guide us so we can avenge Alvis' death.
Well, then I'm coming with you.
And I keep any artifact that I find.
I think we can manage that.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [CLEARS THROAT] Long as we're here, it seems rude not to, you know - worship? - [SIGHS] Oh, what the hells? I haven't been that good.
[LAUGHS] But not the face.
We all want off this planet.
When the reinforcement arrives, we take their ship.
How? With a few guns and invalids? If we're smart about it, yeah.
You're boring.
If we disobey, they'll just fry us remotely - with our chips.
- We thought about that.
- We're gonna remove them.
- Don't be daft.
That simple, we'd all have done it.
You know they're wired against tampering.
Yeah, we thought about that too.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't think you understand.
600 volts are gonna tear right through her if anyone touches that damn thing.
The wires are buried under the skin.
Thank you, undereducated criminal type.
Electricity's like a river.
You don't like where it's flowing, you just have to reroute [ELECTRICITY ZAPS] - John.
- [GROANS] All part of the plan.
Whoo! Whoa.
- That was hot.
- We warned him.
Who's next? Don't everyone volunteer at once.
Look, here's the plan.
We know the guards are coming here [WHISPERING] John.
Fight it, Johnny.
You're losing me.
You're not real.
That doesn't make me wrong.
I'm not ready to say good-bye.
Are you? [HEAVY DRUMBEATS] [GROANS SOFTLY] Everybody removes their ID chips.
They'll take it as some kind of fritz in the system.
You line up like it's any other day So who's up next? [ENGINES WHOOSHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] What the hells is that? It's a jump cube? I took the tech from Khlyen's jump ship and combined it with his mirror cube.
- How does it work? - In theory, the cube can't survive open space, but as long as we go from interior to interior, the jump tech should transport us like so.
Fairuza showed me the Necropolis dimensions, so hopefully we won't merge with a wall or a couch.
- Fingers crossed.
- Yeah.
- Tight space in here.
- Yeah.
Fits two, maybe three.
So whoever comes with needs to understand the risks.
Okay, well, I found this bad boy in storage, so I am good to climb aboard, Cap.
No, no, no, I was joking before.
You don't actually have to come with.
Uh, no, I actually kind of do.
We have one shot at this.
And I know that I'm not brave or strong or Feel free to stop me whenever.
- No, I'm good.
- But I have shot a gun before.
And hacking secrets from tech is kind of what people pay me for.
And they pay me a lot.
And besides, I'm sure that Scarback of my sexual nightmares will protect us just fine.
But the, uh, helmet Yeah, safety first.
No, I just mean if I'm wrong in my calculations, we'll be instantaneously crushed by about 6 million cubic pounds of pressure.
So bigger helmet? [FOREBODING MUSIC] [WHOOSHING] All clear Ish.
I'm so sorry.
It's what I came for.
They deserve a proper burial.
A religious one? I may not believe anymore, but they did.
They would want the song of the dead.
Psst! Okay, I can get to the tech room through the service stairs, try to find a visual record of what happened here.
Are you okay? Yeah, we're fine.
Just, um be fast.
This place gives me a creepy feeling for some reason.
Well, we are in a dark room with a lot of dead people in capes, so Right, yeah.
Probably that.
[EERIE MUSIC] May your roots carry you home.
[SPIDER SKITTERING] [UNSETTLING MUSIC] - What the hells is it? - Plan B, for when yours fails, which it will because it relies on humans, and, well, humans are trash.
I made it from the farmers' GPS tracking chips.
Pair it with the elevator, and whoop-whoop! Instant homing beacon.
Lucy to the rescue.
I don't like it.
I don't like you.
How do we know it won't attract - some kind of danger? - Because I coded it to Lucy's specific receiver.
Take me five seconds to hook up, and it'll double our odds of getting off this shitball.
Take it.
John stays.
I'm sorry, you trust BitchSeyah, queen of the Hullen, over me? Currently, yes, and I need you here to fight.
Why can't she fight? She's stronger than any of us.
Oh, thank you.
But I agree with D'Avin.
You're outvoted.
I go to the elevator.
So where do we stick it? And if you say "up my ass," I will knock you on yours.
Sync it with the panel where the rations were kept.
Bring Bea with you.
If you need help, send her back.
And, um take a gun.
Whoa, hold Hold on a minute.
Are you overprotecting her because of the spawn? Oh, that is so sexist.
Don't shoot him.
He's family.
Good luck with the trap.
Hope you don't die before I'm back.
Take care of our baby.
And also you too.
[CLEARS THROAT AWKWARDLY] Holidays are gonna suck now.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SIGHS] Can I ask you what made you finally leave the Scarbacks? When I found out how many lies the Elders were telling us about the origin of our faith.
Faith is like any type of romance.
You can't love someone if they don't think you're worth the truth.
But I guess you know all about that.
- [CLEARS THROAT] - What is this? Uh, Hullen spunk.
AKA nothing good.
Pip? You okay down there? Yeah.
Kind of creepy, though.
There's a Hullen Doll here.
That's weird.
We're in the, uh Worship room.
Tenth level.
Tenth-floor Worship.
Any visuals on what happened here? Trying - [ELECTRICITY ZAPS] - Ow! [SIGHS EXASPERATEDLY] I found what looks like an old-school generator.
Trying to connect it to their recording system.
We should be in business [ELECTRICITY HUMS] [LAUGHING] Hey! I did that.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hey! I found something.
You need to see this.
Okay, show me the elevator cams.
Okay, show me the Worship room.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
There you are.
- Oh, she's angry.
- Who? Stay! Protect our exit! [HEAVY BREATHING] No, no! [SCREAMING] That's all wrong.
- What is? - I mean, take your pick.
The angle, the choice of weapon, the rigor.
The others were killed by a blade, probably Aneela's.
This was a self-inflicted wound.
- Which means? - He committed suicide.
But the Hullen are practically immortal, so why would he do that? Don't move.
You're gonna roll over on three, okay? [SKITTERING] One - two - Shit! [BLASTER FIRES] [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] What in the trees is that? Research.
Pip, we found something weird.
- Pip? - What the hells was that? [TENSE MUSICAL STING] [GRUNTING] - [SCREAMING, CHOKING] - Pip, you there? [SHRIEKING] Pip? [TENSE MUSIC] - [YELLS] - Ow! What the hells? You what the hells! Don't grab people - in the freaking dark like that! - Why are you running? Because you weren't answering, and I was worried! Oh, that's actually really sweet.
How'd you cut your face? I-I don't know.
Wow, must have sliced it on some of the old machinery.
Worth it, okay? I have good news.
I know what happened to the boys and how to find them.
[SQUELCHING NOISES] We need to get out of here.
[SINISTER MUSIC] It's so small.
How long were you stuck floating in here? [CHUCKLES] I blocked it out.
How'd you pass the time without killing each other? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Come to Daddy, baby.
Come to Daddy.
One, two, three.
How did that make you feel? Tell him.
He didn't dis He didn't respect me as a man.
No, no, no, you cheated the last time.
- This is - I did not.
[BOTH SNORING] - [FLATULENCE] - [YELPS] Doesn't mean you get to just steal all the food.
I do, actually.
- [YELPS] - If you keep farting and snoring, I am going to kill you both.
We came close once or twice.
But they're really not so bad for humans.
Pardon? [DEVICE BEEPING] Well, all right, Uncle Johnny.
Depot's on lockdown.
Traps are set.
No movement yet, but everybody's in position.
I'm impressed you came up with such a detailed plan.
Well, secretly, I have always been the smart one.
Not according to Dad.
Dad can kiss my ass and choke on it.
[LAUGHS] Why would he choke on your ass? Look, you know that we're gonna be outnumbered, right? - Yep.
- What if your traps fail? What if they come in and shoot us all? What if your plan is stupid? - Can't be.
Gotta work.
- Why? Because she's depending on us, John.
You're still worried about Dutch.
Every second.
And so are you, asshole Underneath.
So we're gonna get on that ship and out of here if I have to use you as a Hullen shield.
And when we get home? - Then what? - I'm gonna cure the shit out of you.
Like you cured Sabine? What? No! Is this your move? We, uh we finally gonna do this? - [BOTH LAUGHING] - Stop! Okay, no, seriously.
Seriously, though.
What if you had to? I mean, what if it was the only way? John I would wreck you.
Shit, man.
When did our life get so weird? I don't know, man.
[SIGHS] I needed this.
Have you always been this funny? No.
- It's the laughing gas.
- [GAS HISSING] What? I'm the smart one! [SINISTER MUSIC] What do you plan to do when you're free? I'm not sure.
I'm not like you.
I'm not close to my family.
[LAUGHS] Oh, we are not a family.
I mean, they're brothers.
And one of them is the baby's genetic father.
And my girlfriend is the mm, sort of sister-mother of their girlfriend? But but we do not get along.
There's lots of murders and evil plots for domination and Oh, Gods.
We are a family.
[ENGINES WHOOSHING] It worked! Your ship's here! No, no, it's way too soon.
- Move, move, move! - On your knees! On your knees! - Where's Miller? - Who? Miller, the guard.
We followed his distress call here.
[LAUGHS] Son of a bitch.
I know exactly where we are and where to get my next plasma fix.
It's a beautiful day! Isn't it? [LAUGHS] [WHISTLING] They took a bath.
Who takes a goddamn bath in the middle of a goddamn war? Goddamn! It wasn't exactly a bubble bath.
The security cam footage shows that Dutch and Aneela disappeared into a pool of green.
But we know the boys and Delle Seyah made it onto that elevator alive Surrounded by Hullen ships but alive.
This is the last audio recording from inside the elevator.
How many ships, Luce? 11 docked, more coming.
The docking bay is compromised.
They'll be on us once we arrive.
Lucy, you'll have to sever the elevator cable.
But then you won't be able to reach me.
You'll be floating in space.
That's a risk we gotta take.
Do it, Luce.
Cut us down.
Five four three two one.
[MECHANICAL WHIRRING, DULL THUNK] [ELECTRICITY ZAPPING] Why are you smiling? Because I know Lucy, and there's no way she's letting her boy Johnny slip away.
So I checked the Necropolis' external view logs.
You know that sound right before she cut the cord and it all went dead? [MECHANICAL WHIRRING, DULL THUNK] - What is that? - A tagger, a tracking device Lucy shot onto the elevator so she could find it wherever it went.
Find Lucy, find the boys.
Well, great.
That just leaves us the obvious questions.
How do we find Lucy? [OMINOUS MUSIC] And where the hell did Dutch go? Wherever she is, she'll be okay.
At least the boys made it out alive.
They'll find her.
Right? Let's roll.
I got a hot date with a green pool.
You do snore too much.
Dutch is gonna love that one.
Well, you know, if she's not dead.
- John, where's Delle Seyah? - You mean where's the baby.
Not my kid, not my problem.
But I do know where we are.
I got big plans, big brother.
And you're gonna help me with 'em.
Okay, slow down and think about this.
We can't just run off.
Of course not, stupid.
We'll drive! You ready for a road trip? Sunshine opens up my day [PEPPY MUSIC] A cool breeze Blows along my way There's no time to work It's time to play Looks like love's the only way