Kim's Convenience (2016) s02e11 Episode Script

Good Neighbours

1 (COUGHING) Oh, and some orange lozenges.
They taste like furniture polish, but I can't taste anything right now, anyway.
And I love the colour.
Frank, you is sick, you should be home.
Not here, infecting people, like me.
Oh, I'm past the infectious stage.
- You should've seen me yesterday.
- I did.
And it's all just clearing itself out now.
(GRUNTS) Oh, Frank, you can't be doing like that.
Why? I'll pay for it.
How much? Twenty-five cents a squeeze? (CHUCKLES) That reminds me of a girl back at our local dance hall No, hand sanitizer make super bug.
That's why so many people is sick now.
Is that really true? I read in Ms.
Chatelaine that's just a myth.
What you read in magazine, I see in store.
Customer coming in sick, buy hand sanitizer, blow nose, rub hand sanitizer, then come back sick again.
- Sick, blow, rub.
Cycle keep going.
- (BLOWING NOSE) (GROANS) That's an interesting theory, I'll give you that.
But here's the gnat in the nightcap.
If you're so against the stuff, why do you sell it? Cycle is bad for health, but good for business.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) It's a high-impact, interval-based, life-train program.
(SCOFFS) Looks like a t-shirt.
I meant the business.
Oh! Okay, thank you.
- No problem.
- You take bag of chip? Hot Ranch, like Cool Ranch, but with hot.
I'll pass.
I have a bun-blitz in five.
I'll see you around, neighbour.
- Okay, bye.
- (DOOR BELL JINGLES) - Who's that? - Daniel.
From next door.
What's Crash Fit? Best new Toronto workout.
Now magazine.
Lots of member coming and going.
Sound like perfect neighbour.
We don't talk to them, they don't talk to us, that's a perfect neighbour.
Oh, you have to talk to neighbour sometime.
Garbage day, mail mix up, parking space Just leave note, then call police.
Like you do with flower shop? Hmm? They so good neighbour.
Why you report them for sidewalk display? How you know I report? It's anonymous tip line.
How you know that if you not report? (GRUNTS) Daniel is nice man, good business.
Don't be like that.
(SIGHS) Okay, okay.
I try to be good neighbour.
This time is different, I can feel.
I can feel and hear, too.
DANIEL: All right, people, grab your kettlebells - and let's do this! - (APPA SIGHS) MARLOW: I can try.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
It's just this guy wants to upgrade to a full size, with satellite radio and GPS.
You can do that.
I want to make it seem like I really had to fight for it.
JUNG: Hmm.
Does this help? And some of this.
Because this guy asked for it.
This is definitely what two humans arguing looks like.
Whoa! - Too much? - You definitely won the argument.
I'm pretty persuasive.
Marlow in trouble? Or are you in trouble? Wait, am I in trouble? (GRUNTS) No.
Would it be weird if I asked Marlow out? You know, 'cause I'm her boss.
Not if it gets you off the Shannon train.
Dude, I'm off that train.
Okay, but you're running beside it.
And I think there's a cliff coming up and a bridge for the train.
You see where I'm going with this? Yeah, but there's a pedestrian bridge right next to the train bridge.
That they closed in 2004.
- I just stop running.
- There's coyotes behind you.
- How many? - A hundred.
- I'm going to ask Marlow out.
- Hmm.
I'm glad me and the coyotes talked you into this.
Did you tell her 10:00? Oh, wow.
You're starting already.
Starting what? No offence, but sometimes you can be kind of - On time? - Judgemental.
I am not.
Okay, you're just direct.
With your strong opinions.
Which I love.
I think it's fantastic.
But it's kind of the reason why I haven't introduced you two yet.
Even though you've been dating her for a month? See, there's the judgement.
Which I know and love.
- CHELSEA: Hey! - Hey! Chelsea, this is Janet.
Janet, this is Okay, I feel like you guys get it.
It's nice to finally meet you.
You too.
Oh, I like your water bottle.
Oh, thanks.
It's more fun drinking out of a forest.
I get that.
All set to order? Er, you guys go first.
Well, I'll have the grilled cheese.
I will have the Pancakes.
Ooh, that sounds good.
I'll have the pancakes, too.
Actually, no.
I'm gonna change to huevos rancheros.
You know what? Me too.
Well, I'll still have the grilled cheese.
So one grilled cheese, two huevos.
I'm so sorry, I'm going back to pancakes.
(CHELSEA LAUGHS) I'm so sorry, me too.
Great, I'll just take those.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, see you.
(MUFFLED MUSIC PLAYING) (SIGHS) Sports drink turning into big profit.
Sport drink turning into sweat on floor.
Like detox.
(SCOFFS) What you know about detox? All sweaty customer talk about.
Detox body, blast calf, grind core.
(CHUCKLES) Sound so painful to be healthy.
(MUSIC STOPS) Oh, thank you, Jesus.
- (MUSIC RESTARTS) - (UMMA SIGHS) APPA: Hmm? (SIGHING) Sound like boot-camp is finish, now starting bootie camp.
Sound same, not same thing.
Yeobo, tell him to turn down music.
What? And be bad neighbour? Hmm.
I like music.
Keep customer moving.
(UMMA SIGHS) Come to Kim's Convenience Going to buy sports drink Maybe take a shower then come back and buy some more (GRUNTING) Okay, okay.
Now go tell.
Really? You know what you asking me to do? See, that's my boy.
Bringing me a coffee.
It's for Marlow.
- Really? - Yeah.
Bringing her a coffee.
What? It's just a coffee.
Just a coffee.
It's not a big deal.
- Not a big - Hey! Seriously, can we stop this? Yeah.
I'm surprised you let it go on this long.
(CHUCKLES) M'latte.
Did you just call me a latte? You're welcome.
And if you like that, I have an idea for us at lunch.
Oh, really? Yeah.
I know a Tibetan place.
Best momos in town.
I call my grandmother Momo.
Okay, second best momos.
I have two grandmothers.
Bet you like one of them more, though.
See you at lunch.
- Momos at lunch.
- Seriously, that's filthy.
- (DOOR BELL JINGLES) - APPA: Hmm! - Hi, Daniel.
- (APPA GRUNTS) What's going on? We get liquid apology for such loud music.
I got quite a talking to.
And that's not even angry Appa.
- So you work everything out? - Yeah.
Try yellow ginger lemonade.
Oh, no, I don't like lemon.
- There's no lemon in it.
- It's like magic.
Sometimes it's better when life takes away lemons.
And since when you like juice? Oh, it's not just juice, it's Elixir Mixture! Elixir Mixture! Health is so important.
You have Twinkie for breakfast.
(SHANNON GRUNTS) You okay? Or is that how we're storing things now? No, it's nothing.
(PANTING) Okay, I'll take care of it.
No, it's not that.
Well, yes, that too, but it's Alejandro and I Anyway, they say that fighting's healthy.
What happened? He asked me to move in with him, and I said no.
I mean, if you're not ready, it's good that you're not rushing into it.
That's what I said, and then he was all.
"What are you scared of?" And "I can deal with your mouth guard.
" (SIGHS) I probably shouldn't be talking about this right now.
I'm here if you need someone to listen.
Oh, that's sweet, but you don't want to hear me vent.
Vent away.
Sometimes it's good to have an outside perspective.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Maybe at lunch? Sure, you got it.
Now back to not thinking about how I might not have a boyfriend anymore.
Me too.
About you.
Outside perspective.
- See you at lunch.
- (CHUCKLES) Okay.
(SIGHS) - (DOOR OPENS) - GERALD: Here she be.
Not Janet.
But the apartment.
Ooh! I love the couch.
That was all Gerald.
I actually found it in the back alley.
The selection wasn't great.
Plus, there's a guy sleeping where it used to be, so I feel kind of bad.
Hey, you got the water bottle.
- Cool.
- Yeah! Like you say, makes drinking water more fun.
And going to the bathroom more frequent.
- Where is - GERALD: End of the hall.
(CHELSEA CHUCKLES) Hey, sorry about yesterday.
I was just a little anxious about the whole introduction.
But I'm glad you guys are getting along so well.
- She's great.
- Yeah.
She even got the same water bottle as you? Yeah.
I noticed that.
Here we go.
I was just going to say It's cute.
- Really? - Yeah, it's a sweet gesture that she wants to have the exact same water bottle as me.
It's a mass-produced water bottle.
That comes in lots of different colours.
Practically everyone at school has one.
- Not forest blue.
- (GRUNTS) Anyway, I'm not saying it's bad, it's just a charming coincidence.
Like the brunch order.
I knew you were going to bring that up.
She changed her order three times! Oh.
So did you! - Exactly! - (TOILET FLUSHES) Oh, listen, she's flushing the toilet.
I'm guessing she stole that from you, too.
- Hey.
- You ready? Yeah.
Let's go.
Oh, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.
Sounds serious.
In an Archie Andrews kind of way.
It's a work thing.
I've gotta tackle it over lunch.
- Another time? - Sure.
- Okay, Jung.
I'm good to go.
- Right.
Let's get out of here.
(SIGHS) I know.
I can't even think about work right now.
- Good one.
- SHANNON: See you later.
Have fun, you two.
It won't be fun.
More of a work thing.
You drive.
It's Chardonnay o'clock for this girl.
(CHUCKLES) - Why you not eating rice? - Hmm.
It's a good idea to stay away from starch.
Daniel say.
Then must be true.
Why you say like that? Rice is healthy.
Everyone in whole world eating rice.
Not everyone in world is healthy.
Hmm? You always tell to me, "Yeobo, stop eating cookie.
"Stop eating chip.
Stop eating Cool Whip straight from tub.
" And you never listen.
But when Daniel say Hmm.
Maybe it's not what you say, but how you say.
What you talking? APPA: Hmm.
Daniel is always so nice, always encourage, smile, so positive.
I am positive.
Yeah Daniel say I am not positive? Okay.
Time for after-dinner walk.
Daniel say Yeah, never mind.
Yeah, go.
Take walk all by yourself.
While I have fun here.
See? - I can be positive, too.
- (DOOR CLOSES) (GRUNTS) I can't believe I slept through Gerald leaving.
Neither can I.
He fell in the shower twice.
Are you making tea? - Yeah, want some? - Please.
(CHUCKLES) How do you take it? However you're having it is fine.
- I'm having milk.
- Great.
- Honey? - Yeah.
And jam.
Is this about me copying you? What? - I got bagels.
- I won't have any.
You sure.
I got tons.
Onion, I got poppy seed, plain, no, that's onion, and that I think it's all onion.
I can make you another cup.
It's okay.
I really don't want to copy you.
Yeah, sounds like you told her something crazy.
She just asked me about the water bottle.
- I'm sorry.
- What? No.
I totally get it.
I'd be flattered, but Gerald said it's kind of your thing.
Don't be ridiculous.
They're mass-produced water bottles.
Every other person in this city has one.
It's okay.
I still have the receipt.
This is all a misunderstanding.
I think Gerald was more joking than anything.
You were pretty clear.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna go shower.
- You can use my shampoo.
- Soap is fine.
(DOOR CLOSES) In my defence, I told her not to tell you.
- UMMA: Oh, Pastor Nina.
You doing Crash Fit? Yeah, I love it.
Sadly, God did not bless me with a high metabolism.
So it's lunges and crunches for this temple.
You deserve reward.
Take chocolate bar.
Don't tempt me.
I have a wicked sweet tooth.
Don't tell the man upstairs.
Oh, Mr.
Kim not home.
No, I meant Never mind.
I'll just take the water.
"The penguin can slip as often as it wants, "but the mountain goat can only slip once.
" Oh, proverb? No.
It's something Daniel said next door.
(SIGHS) Daniel.
Kim always talking about him.
And fitness and juice.
Oh, I take it you're not a fan? Usually I get along with neighbour.
We don't have to love every song in the hymn book.
I mean, how many times do we need to hear Onward, Christian Soldiers? I like that one.
And you sing it beautifully.
My point is, even a somewhat repetitive, grating hymn can carry a good message.
Yeah, maybe.
Hey, just a little thank you for the talk yesterday.
No problem.
So, did you stand your ground and tell him you're not ready? - Like we talked about? - Definitely.
But that just cranked it up a notch.
We were up half the night fighting.
Sounds good.
Erm, productive.
But then we had this total breakthrough.
And we were up for the rest of the night not fighting.
We did not fight until the sun came up.
But seriously, this is all thanks to you.
Glad to be of help.
(PANTING) I think the whole point of leg day is to break a leg.
- You actually do class? - Yeah.
Warm up is so hard, make a grown man cry.
- Really? - Not me.
I stop after warm up to watch a man cry.
Also, because I almost pass out.
- You want cookie? - No.
It's healthy cookie.
I make for you because I know you trying to be healthy now.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
No sugar.
Just vegetable.
Smell just like unhealthy cookie.
(SNIFFS) - Taste just like unhealthy cookie! - Yeah.
Don't even need Cool Whip.
Hmm! - JUNG: Hey.
- Hey.
Just thinking about you.
This says Shannon.
Yeah, I hate giving my name at cafes.
They're always like, "John's up!" But I'm Jung, so Anyway, wanna do lunch? Dinner? Fast and Furious marathon? Sure.
I'm into a movie.
Tonight? - Awesome.
- Cool.
Hey, Kimchee, do you want to see a movie tonight? - Okay.
- Great.
Oh! Shoot, shoot, shoot.
This work thing just came up.
Really important car jockey stuff.
Another time? Have fun with those coyotes.
(HOWLING) - Oh, hey.
- Hey.
So Is Chelsea okay? Yeah, she just went out to get us some ice cream.
I'm really sorry about how this went down.
But why did you tell her? I know.
It was dumb, but At first I thought you were being ridiculous, but now I'm not so sure.
(SCOFFS) No, she's sweet.
Yeah, but she's a little too keen.
I might have to break up with her.
She just seems a little young.
Yeah, maybe naive.
But she might just not know who she is yet.
Well, I know she means well Hi.
- Hey.
- You're back.
Yeah, no line-up.
That place is great.
It's so great.
Sorry if I surprised you.
I didn't want to interrupt.
It seemed like you guys were talking about something pretty intense.
Kind of, but not really.
I mean Did you hear any of it? I got you gelato.
And it's not even close to the flavour I ordered.
You can order whatever you want.
You shouldn't even listen to me.
You really shouldn't, but if you were going to, on a scale of one to 10, how good would you say your listening skills are? Hey, I have faults, too.
Er, some people say I'm judgemental.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Oh, okay.
I want to keep going out with you.
Me, too.
And no one's perfect.
All we can do is try our best.
I totally agree.
Oh, but not in a copying way.
(BOTH LAUGHING) I gotta go, but I'll call you later.
I'm really keen to hang out with you this weekend.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Do you think she heard? - I have no idea.
Ice cream's melting.
There's jam on mine.
Take two more.
Oh, okay, if you're just going to throw them out.
I never say that.
- Okay, well, thank you.
- Okay.
(GASPS) You finish whole batch? No, I give some away.
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
Baran is happy he find cookie he can finally eat.
Yeah, soft.
Good for his denture.
No, he has diabetes.
Diabetes? Oh, you have to call him.
I don't have his number.
I don't even know if Baran is his first or last name.
- What's the problem? - Cookie have sugar in.
- But you say - I know.
I try to make cookie that is healthy using carrot and beet, but then cookie just taste like carrot and beet.
So then, I add a little bit of sugar.
Then more.
Then so much sugar.
But I eat 20 cookie! Why you eat 20 cookie? Because you say it's healthy! - (GASPS) - Forgot olive oil.
You eat cookie.
No, I'm saving them for dessert.
Yeah, give to me.
I just saved your life.
I'm so sorry.
It's a mistake.
Cookie have sugar in.
You know, I can have a little bit of sugar.
Better safe than sorry.
Morning, neighbours.
Who's ready for a charcoal-infused celery-boost? - (LAUGHS) - Yeah, okay, I try.
Never too late for Elixir Mixture.
That's great to hear, Mrs.
And also, I have this for you guys.
(SIGHS) Ten juice, one drop-in Quad Squad Quad Squad? I'm so proud that you're making this investment in your health.
Not everyone's willing to do that.
You charge me for free t-shirt? Oh! (CHUCKLES) That should be two.
It's not all friendly gift for good neighbour? That's the 10% discount.
We business owners can't give it away for free, right? Yeah.
No rush on that.
Although tomorrow is end of month.
Don't be the penguin.
Drink your charcoal.
You already pay $12 for it.
(GRUNTS) DANIEL: Okay, everybody, get your medicine ball.
We're gonna start with super squat presses.
- (MUSIC PLAYING) - I go call anonymous tip line.
- I go put dog poop in his gym bag.
- Hmm.
DANIEL: In three, in two, and squat