Kim's Convenience (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Appa's First Text

You give to me your phone? Yeah, I got an upgrade.
I already have a phone.
This is a smartphone.
And this is a smartbelt.
Phone, radio, pager.
Everything I need.
How can you still need a pager? That's how Umma find me when I out.
But wouldn't it be cool to check Jays scores on your phone? That's what the radio is for.
We could FaceTime.
I don't need to see you face when you not working in store.
And can a smartphone keep a pants from falling down? - No, but it can do this.
- (CELL PHONE CHIMES) When did South Korea become a country? SMART PHONE VOICE: The Republic of Korea celebrated its first National Day of Independence on August 15th, 1945.
Okay, give to me your phone.
Thank you for old smartphone.
And for you, old smartbelt.
Hmm? Retro cool.
Maybe add a few notch, huh? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) - (CELL PHONE CHIMES) - Who invent Korea alphabet? Hello? (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) UMMA: Oh.
Remember to get Pokemon-GX.
- It's "GX" not "DX.
" - Yeah.
Use voice memo in new phone or you forget.
I don't need voice memo.
I remember.
Then how come you don't remember how to use a voice memo? I know how to use a voice memo.
I just choose brain over technology.
One day, when robot take over, you thank me.
After you thank robot.
Out! No, out.
(BARKING) Is that your dog? Nope.
(PANTING) (EXHALES) We should go to the Golden Rabbit tonight.
I don't like dim sum.
The women with the carts there, they always make me feel like I don't know what I'm ordering.
Also, I don't know what I'm ordering.
Plus, everyone from school goes there.
Fine, then we can do pizza.
See, I can't.
- I'm going to Dree's gallery opening.
- Why? GERALD: We're friends.
We have a couple of classes together.
I'm in those classes, too.
Why wasn't I invited? You don't even like her.
You always say she's pretentious.
DREE: Thank you so much.
Maybe I was invited.
New phone.
(CHUCKLES) Sometimes it takes a few days for it to get all sorted with the networks and data.
Phone jet lag.
I can just ask her.
- Hey, Dree! - No, don't.
I'll see you later.
Hey, G.
You should come early tonight.
I think it's gonna be busy.
I'm super stoked.
It's super cool that you have a solo show.
You're so young.
I guess.
Annie Leibovitz was 23 when she was the chief photographer at Rolling Stone.
And that was a different time.
The '70s.
But you know, the '70s were a different time.
The past.
Um, do you go to OCAD? Yeah, I was just in class with you.
GERALD: She's my roommate.
And good friend.
Friend roommate sort of thing.
I'm Janet.
Just hanging tonight.
- Go where the wind takes me.
- DREE: Sweet.
Uh, I gotta get going.
You know, I wanna get a big chill-in before I have to be on all night.
Introvert problems, am I right? - Exactly.
- (BOTH CHUCKLE) Totally.
- Uh, okay, I'll see you.
- See you.
Well, I tried.
Yeah, maybe try less next time.
A little less.
Dude, my mouth still tastes like lychee.
My mouth still tastes like Lady Danger.
It's that lipstick that girl Sabrina was wearing.
- How do you know? - I always ask.
There it is.
KIMCHEE: Cinderella story.
Except, at midnight my willpower tanked.
Dude, you fail as my late-night binge sponsor.
KIMCHEE: It is too dangerous getting in-between drunk Jung and the samosas.
(CHUCKLES) Those were tasty.
That was a good call from What's-her-name, the bass player.
- Oh, super hot bass player? - Yeah.
- You should totally call her.
- Definitely.
You didn't get her number? I gave her my number.
And then, that guy fell off the speaker, and then, I had to go, and The next thing was samosas.
- That's too bad.
She was cool.
- (EXHALES) And hot! She'll call.
Why are you always so sure of yourself? (CELL PHONE RINGING) That's why.
It's Janet.
(SIGHING) What's up? Wanna do dim sum tonight? Uh, Kimchee and I are watching Pirates of the Caribbean.
You've planned to do that? Isn't it something that just happens? You can come over if you want.
I hate those movies.
Another time then.
I'll bring snacks.
Didn't you just say you hated those movies? I do, but I can hate-watch.
Love sarcastic comments all the way through a movie.
That's the spirit.
SMART PHONE VOICE: The annexation of Korea by Japan was set up in the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910.
No! They attack Korea.
Looking up taquerias in your area.
No, I talking Japan.
Mi Casa Taqueria, 5850 Bloor Street West.
Taco Taco, 829 Carlton Street.
That blasted taqueria.
It's taken away my business.
And with what? Bits of fish wrapped in corn paper, drowned in mayonnaise.
Now I'm on the podcast.
What's a podcast? - New phone? - New old phone.
Give to me your number.
That's a little forward, but okay.
Finally, a smartphone.
I have so many GIFs to send you.
I already see Kermit drinking tea.
(CHUCKLES) Your son's number is in here.
What? APPA: Hmm.
Yeah, must be from, uh, Janet.
Yeah, I clean up contact later.
(DOG BARKING) Street creature.
Kill it.
It's just a stinky dog.
- My instruction stands.
- APPA: Yeah.
I thought you get rid of.
I try.
I don't understand this North American pet obsession.
Dogs should remain outside where they can run wild, eat garbage, and copulate behind my restaurant, apparently.
Other day, I see a dog in a baby stroller and the baby on a leash.
Don't give me your puppy-dog eye.
It not work.
Yeah, it's true.
(KEYBOARD CLACKING) - Happy birthday! - (DOG BARKING) Not my birthday.
Late present.
You want dog when you was 10.
- Hi, Mrs.
- UMMA: Oh, hi, Ms.
Whose dog is this? Sorry, my Umma just brought it in.
Well, this is no place for a dog, because I am going to gobble this little love monster up.
Aw! What's his or her name? Uh, Carol.
Oh, is she a rescue? I don't know.
I just find in store.
Now Jung take and I go wholesale.
Uh, no, Umma, no way.
Then what I do? So busy today.
SHANNON: Oh, who's a good girl who needs cuddles to feel better about herself? And who's gonna give me those cuddles? You can take her to the shelter, but if she doesn't get adopted in the first few days, they'll take care of her.
Can't you just, uh, take care of her? No, "take care" means put down.
- Like, to sleep.
- Okay.
- Like, forever.
- Yeah, I know what "take care" is.
Well, I'm not "taking care" of her.
- Well, I'll take care of her.
- Yeah? Well, I mean, the cats won't be happy, but, you know, par for the course for those two little grumps.
- Okay, so you take care.
Who's gonna get their own Instagram account? I am.
And Carol will be heavily featured.
Won't you, Carol? (DOG BARKING) - It's gotta be her.
- Yeah.
Looks like a hot girl's number.
Lot of eights.
Back on track.
Whoa! She made the first move.
She called, didn't text, didn't leave a voice mail.
She's a pro.
How you respond sets up the whole dynamic.
I'm calling her.
You know who calls girls in the middle of the day? Sweatpants guy eating a Pop-Tart, untoasted.
Don't be that guy.
Yeah, but she called me.
Trust me.
Just text her.
E-communication is my forte.
One question, one neutral statement, and one panda emoticon equals date.
How are you? Just at work.
- Panda emoticon.
- All right.
You gotta wait at least an hour.
(TEXT SENT NOTIFICATION) Okay, I can't guarantee results if you don't listen.
Dude, I know how to talk to girls.
You didn't get her name, number, or lipstick color.
The problem is, these cyclists have too much power.
You can't touch them.
Not even a nudge.
(CELL PHONE VIBRATES) I do enjoy watching the cyclists on the Olympics, though.
The legs on those athletes is astounding.
Enormous meat pistons.
If someone text send you a panda message, what's that mean? Who sent you a panda? Uh, nobody.
Just thinking about sending one to Mrs.
Sounds fun.
Send one from me if it's not inappropriate.
" "Good"? Who says just "good"? Cool bass players playing it cool.
You gotta be careful here.
She called, you didn't pick up "I'm glad you're good.
" She's trying to maintain power.
- No! - (TEXT SENT NOTIFICATION) (CELL PHONE VIBRATES) Look like she have fun last night.
Have trouble getting to work this morning.
- Why? - I don't know.
- (CELL PHONE CHIMES) - "Why?" Uh - "Probably the Boilermakers.
" - That's good.
- (CELL PHONE VIBRATES) - What's a bowling maker? What? - Uh, boiling marker? - Let me see.
- Uh No.
- Jung? You're texting with Jung.
A Boilermaker is a drink.
A shot glass of whiskey plunged into a beer.
Delicious and quite debilitating.
Like Poktanju, in Korea.
What's a Poktanju? She wants to poke your tanned juju, dude.
Yeah, or bad auto-correct.
Can I "see you tonight?" I'm gobsmacked.
- (CELL PHONE VIBRATES) - (GASPS) "How about we meet back at the Exodus?" Sounds like a club.
A club for what? For dancing and reconciliation.
Say yes.
Um Can I pay for this now? Or are you still texting? Oh, hi, there.
Um Have you Can I Are you okay? I've lost my Zuri.
What is Zuri? - My baby.
My dog.
- (GASPS) You lose both? Just my dog.
(SNIFFLING) He's my furry angel.
He's my best friend.
Dog is dog.
All the same.
Maybe you find, maybe you don't.
Just get new one.
I can't replace my Zuri.
- Carol.
- What? - You pay $500 for that? - He's worth every penny.
Will you put a poster up? Don't worry.
I think we find your dog.
- I hope so.
- Oh, I know so.
I'm going out now.
- Yeah.
No problem.
Okay, go.
Shannon? Uh You still have Carol? How is she doing? I couldn't decide between salty and extra salty, so I brought both.
- Cool.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Where are you going? - I've got a date.
You're bailing on me? Not just on you.
On Kimchee, too.
- Later, dude.
- Bye, buddy! (DOOR CLOSING) Janet Kim, with the snacks.
Kimchee, with the DVD? Blu-ray.
Dubbed in three languages if you want to hear (IN FRENCH ACCENT) French Jack Sparrow.
(NORMAL VOICE) I'm sensing a hard no.
Don't even want to watch that movie.
Then why did you come over to watch it? I had nothing better to do.
You sure know how to make a guy feel cool.
That's not what I meant.
Gerald was invited to this art party, and I wasn't.
The old case of the FOMOs.
Fear of missing out.
Yeah, I got that, Blu-ray.
Blu-ray? I'm gonna rock that nickname.
So what's so special about this art party? It's this girl from school's first solo show.
There's free wine and hors d'oeuvres.
Did you really want to get all dressed up so you could look at art and sip wine and cheese? You can't sip cheese.
You've obviously never tried Velveeta.
That's a sippin' cheese.
Wanna not watch the movie and get dim sum? Wait here, I'll get my eating pants on.
I'm here to see my son.
That's nice.
Back of the line.
His name is Jung.
That's nice.
Back of the line, please.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - KIMCHEE: That's a good idea.
- Yeah.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) - Rose? - No, thanks.
This is exactly what I wanted to do tonight.
You wanted to mingle with emo artists.
(MOCK SOPHISTICATED VOICE) Ooh, excuse me, ma'am, would you say you are more artsy or fartsy? (MOCK SOPHISTICATED VOICE) Sixty-forty split in favor of artsy.
(BOTH LAUGHING) (NORMAL VOICE) But seriously, I woke up craving dim sum.
(NORMAL VOICE) Then I guess it all worked out on Planet Janet.
You haven't called me that since I was a kid.
When you had a planet-sized crush on me? Oh, so we're still on that? When were we off it? Maybe I should buy you a rose.
I was 10.
Was it my earring that did it for you? Or maybe the Axe body spray.
Or the fact that you let me out of cupboards that Jung locked me into.
What can I say? - I'm a nice guy.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) And that's where your Umma hid the good cookies.
(CHUCKLES) How do I get to second floor? What? Second floor! Oh.
Can you get me up there? Where? Second floor.
I don't know.
Would this help me out? Yeah, okay, it's that way.
Appa? Jung.
(DOOR BELL RINGING) What took you so long? Oh, it was so hard getting this little girl out of the house.
I forgot her treats, then I realized I forgot the poo bags, then I had a quick cry.
Okay, well, I call you later and tell you all about big reunion.
Oh, I can wait.
My cats are fed and completely traumatized, so they'll be sleeping for a while.
Owner is coming later.
Tonight is work night, no? I guess I do have an early start.
Maybe it's best to say goodbye this way.
Less drama.
Yeah, much better.
DOG OWNER: Zuri! (LAUGHING) Where did you find him? Him? Oh, dear.
Okay, Ms.
See you later.
Oh, oh, oh.
I have something for you both.
Gosh, I'm so grateful.
SHANNON: Oh, that is totally unnecessary.
The reward was spending time with this little ball of fluff.
But the work was finding and calling you for return.
We're just happy you have your dog back.
DOG OWNER: Oh, well, if you're sure.
100% sure.
Okay, great! All right.
Thank you again.
Come on.
Come on.
SHANNON: Oh! So good, right? Yeah.
So good.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Just go over and say hi.
Why would I do that? Because then I don't have to be sitting across from someone who is completely distracted.
I'll stop looking.
Isn't the art world about networking? Yeah, but I'm not big on small talk.
You just have to ask people about themselves.
"Hey, how was the show? "Where'd you get the dumb hat? Do you have any siblings?" I think she's an only child.
Does she know you know that? - I hope not.
- Just go.
- Yeah? - You got this.
DREE: You see all that negative perspective.
It's like it's creeping in on (LAUGHS) Hey, Dree.
Oh, G's friend.
Janet, yeah.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Just wanted to see how the opening went.
Oh, cool.
So, um, how did it go? It was pretty sweet.
Well, congrats again.
Thanks! Uh Do you and your date want to join us for a drink or something? Oh, no, that's not a date.
At all.
He's just my brother's friend.
Oh, um, is he an artist? (LAUGHS) No.
Don't even think he knows what art is.
Like I say, he's my brother's roommate.
Kind of single, wanted shumai Cool.
I better, like, get back to that guy.
Bon appetit.
- Oh, hey.
I made it after all.
So you're okay with this place when Dree is here, but not when I ask.
Kind of two-faced.
I'm probably not going to eat that much.
I'm out.
We're all paid up.
Oh, you didn't have to pay for me.
Because I'm your brother's friend.
Kind of single, desperate.
Oh, Kimchee, I You know what, it's totally cool.
I'm just gonna go home and try to learn what art is.
Well, it's kind of subjective I know.
It was a stupid Hey, when you take a picture, do you just press the button, or is there like a bunch of elves inside the camera? - (SIGHS) - (CHUCKLES) Oh, I guess that was pointed.
I don't even know what art is! Sure you don't want to sit with us? I have to go.
I don't Oh.
Uh Yeah, but what are you doing BARTENDER: What can I get you? Oh, two Poktanju.
What? Oh.
(CHUCKLES) Uh Boilermaker.
Two please.
- Poktanju.
- What? I just didn't know that it was something you'd be into.
You tell me you drink Boilermaker.
This isn't Poktanju.
It's good, but not Poktanju.
(SIGHS) So the Jays, huh? Not the best season.
They can't make playoff when so many pitcher get hurt.
Definitely a rebuild in the offseason.
Excuse me, do you have soju for a soju bomb? - Yeah.
- Can I get two, please? You got it.
Appa, I got it.
It's okay.
I have lots of money.
This is just tip.
My son pay for this.
JUNG: Thanks.
APPA: Uh Geonbae.
If you're here for your snacks, I already ate them all.
How? You were one streetcar ahead of me.
Now you're going to criticize how quickly I eat snacks? No, I just I was a huge jerk tonight.
I'm sorry.
Will you accept this buddy rose? So you're asking me to be your friend? Yeah, kind of a new phase for Planet Janet and Blu-ray.
There's bugs in it.
It was the best one he had.
Tell me you at least got her lipstick color.
I don't want to know what that means.
You going to see her again? Yeah.
I think I will.
All right, Pirates of the Caribbean.
Director's cut, with commentary, and alternate endings.
Didn't you just watch the movie? - I wish.
- I'm in.
Sorry, I'm not that good of a friend.
Have fun.