Kim's Convenience (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

Handy Graduation

How would you describe your style? Smart and sassy, bold and brassy, or clean and classy? Bold and brassy.
Next question.
How many times do you do it in a week? Do what? It doesn't say.
I'll put seven.
Lucky number.
What kind of kisser are you? Soft and supple, long and lingering, or wet and wild? Who I kissing? It doesn't say.
Third one.
Wet and wild.
What you doing? Taking a quiz.
Your husband is a Rachel.
What? That's the kind of Friend you are.
I'm a Phoebe.
My dog Ginger is a total Joey.
I never watch that TV show.
What TV show? (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) You're gonna want those labels facing forward.
Great managing.
Assistant managing.
For now.
- You tell Shannon yet? - No, because it's not for sure.
Jung Kim, working for the competition.
It's just a second interview.
But, yeah, they love me.
Maybe I'll apply for your job.
I think I'm ready to watch people work and pretend I care which way the labels are facing.
Just wait for me to get officially hired.
Then make your move.
Then we'll all go celebrate.
Celebrate what? I, uh I just got my GED.
(SIGHS) That's great.
Oh! Congratulations! We should celebrate.
- Ah.
You don't have to do anything.
- You only graduate once.
I missed my prom.
Not the good kind from kissing but the confusing kind from dance class.
Seriously, we need to mark the occasion.
- Okay, but nothing big.
- Yeah, no.
Just a drink after work.
We can even do it here.
Sounds fun.
We get overtime for this celebration? - Uh No.
- So just time and a half.
I'll let everyone know.
(MEN SHOUTING) (GRUNTS) So what's the deal with this bike? It's Gerald's cousin's.
We're motorcycle-sitting.
Is it broken? You were leaking a little oil, so I just tightened the clutch cover.
- Keep an eye on it.
Could be the gasket.
- Totally.
Yeah, I thought those gaskets were looking a little soft.
- So what do we have to do? - (SIGHS) Nothing.
Just fire it up every once in a while, keep it clean.
Nice bike.
UMMA: Janet! (SHRIEKS) Janet! Back here, Umma.
(GASPS) I think you is dead.
I ring doorbell 100 times.
- Hi, Umma.
- Jung! What you doing here? Just helping out.
Ah! Such a good boy.
Your mail.
- Why is it open? - Humidity.
Oh, hey! It came! (EXCLAIMS) Look, they printed one of my photos.
- Oh! That's huge.
- Cool.
You get paid for that? Well, no, but it's really good exposure, and Jung, you tell Janet the good news? Jung get the GED! Can you believe? He finish high school! - Wow.
That's great.
- Welcome to the club, man.
So proud.
Okay, thank you, Umma, but I've got to get going.
Kimchee does not like it when I'm late for frittata night.
(CHUCKLES) Breakfast for dinner.
Very cool.
Whose is? Don't freak out.
Gerald's cousin left it here.
I'm not going to, like, ride it or anything.
(LAUGHS) Why are you laughing? Oh, Janet, you is not motorcycle-style.
(CHUCKLES) Why are you laughing? I don't know.
She's infectious.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) (CELL PHONE VIBRATES, CHIMES) I thought we said no texting during dinner? Sorry.
Don't tell me.
Tell the frittata.
It's my Appa.
He sent me a Korean flag and seven thumbs up.
How are you supposed to respond to that? Turkey, turkey, taco.
Works for everything.
" Mr.
Kim, could you give me a hand? My eyes are bigger than my arms.
(LAUGHS) Maybe if I The important thing is that nobody got hurt.
Important thing is you pay.
That's good.
Humour helps in situations like this.
What happen? Enrique happen.
- (CELL PHONE CHIMES) - (SIGHS) (GASPS) Jung? You texting with Jung? Yeah.
Oh, my G! - Why you not tell me? - It's no big deal.
It's so big deal.
I never thought I would live to see the day.
I mean, I only knew for a short of time.
- Appa! - What a wonderful reunion.
What you doing? I'm getting swept up in the moment.
I can clean.
We can have our whole family together.
It's been so long time.
Have to have a party, huh? I make Jung all his favourite food.
Ddukbokki, haemul pajeon No party.
See? This is why I not tell you.
You always push too much, too fast.
Okay, I not push.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) What's turkey, turkey, taco? I used to play that in school.
You do not want to be the taco.
Believe me.
(CHUCKLES) I mean, I know I didn't get paid for the photo, but it's a provincially distributed magazine.
Plus, more people will see it 'cause it's free.
But she just went on and on about Jung's GED.
He graduated high school.
We've all done it.
Yeah, but it's harder to do when you're 26, though I wouldn't mind going back now.
Could finally make the basketball team.
I graduated top of my class, not that anyone noticed.
I guess that's what you get for being the good one.
Your family loves you.
No one's going to bench you just because Jung's back on the scene.
That's not what this is about.
He may be the starting centre, but you're still a solid point guard.
(SIGHS) You didn't make the team.
Get over it.
Well, I had the technique.
Uh How many spikes does your fork have? I wouldn't worry about it.
Okay, I know we said no theme, but, honestly, it found itself.
"Under the sea.
" I'm with you.
Like sharks and skeletons.
And Alejandro let me borrow some endangered coral from his scuba trip.
I feel like this might not be about me anymore.
I know.
I know.
Maybe there's a small part of me that's overcompensating for my prom.
Maybe a little bit.
It's just that I had everything worked out to the tiniest detail.
My corsage was this gorgeous orchid.
I tried to press it in a book, but I just ruined the orchid.
And the book.
Well, if you need anyone to assist you while you manage this party, I'd be happy to help.
- Ah.
Streamer duty? - Oh! I'd be honoured.
I think that little guy's lost.
I think that little guy's my sister.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(SIGHS) What are you doing? Just in the neighbourhood.
On the old crotch rocket.
Please don't say "crotch rocket.
" When did you start riding? - When didn't I ride? - Very recently.
Well, a 15-minute written test changed all that.
- I think you look so cool.
- Thanks.
Like Bad Sandy at the end of Grease.
Yeah, it's pretty funny.
You're getting all scholarly and square, and I'm riding a bike now.
Taking life at 60 clicks an hour.
That's not very fast.
Sometimes 80 clicks.
Just don't tell Umma and Appa.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) They would freak.
Sorry, I have to take this.
It's a phone call.
Is it them? Don't tell them I'm riding a motorcycle.
- Busted.
- It's not.
Okay, seriously, where are they going? (SIGHS) So you talk to Jung lately? Yeah, we text a little bit.
So I guess he told you.
Kimchee eat whole fork.
(CHUCKLES) No, about what old Janet is up to and her need for speed.
Old Janet is always late for work.
Maybe it's time for new Janet, huh? I get ticket.
Right near first base.
Oh, hi, Janet.
You guys going to a game? Appa giving to Jung, graduation present.
- APPA: Ah.
Just a little something.
- Oh.
Long time ago, Appa and Jung always go to watch Blue Jay game.
Well, I'm sure he'll love it.
As much as I loved the present you gave me when I graduated from high school.
Yeah, exactly.
(SIGHS) I didn't get one! I don't want to fight.
Also, Janet, can you work store so we can go to Handy for Jung party? Seriously? No.
Maybe we close the store, so we can all You're closing the store for this? You never close the store.
Yeah, we close the store that time Jung was sick.
Also, this time when whole family go to Handy party together.
Well, good, close the store, then, and I'll see you at the party.
I'll definitely see you at the party.
Yeah, we hear you first time.
Hey, there, Mr.
Workaholic, put away that clipboard.
It's prom night.
(CHUCKLES) Not really.
Just drinks.
A few nibbles.
Super low-key.
Sorry, I'm almost done.
This last drop-off was seriously Wow.
You dressed up.
(CHUCKLES) I actually considered looking for my old prom dress, but then I remembered my dad burned it because of the mono.
Kind of a real life nod to The Velveteen Rabbit.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you look great, although you are missing a little something.
Um Uh Wrist.
Thanks for the party.
Thanks for Paper towels, paper towels.
There's a huge spill out there.
(SIGHS) She's got it.
Oh! Wait.
You don't have the paper towels! (STAMMERS) Kimch, have you seen Shannon around? You mean my new boss? I mean your current boss.
You know what I mean.
I think she's avoiding me.
Dude, it's in your head.
She's probably not thinking about you at all.
I doubt that's true.
What did you do? What makes you think I did anything? I'll just ask her.
Hey, Shannon! - Hey, party cats.
- Hey.
- Everything looks so good.
- Thanks.
Hey, boss, you see this streamer curl? Whoo! You asked, I delivered.
I guess you can call me the delivery manager.
You know what? I, uh, forgot the cupcakes.
They're in my office.
- I'm just gonna go grab them.
- I'll get them for you, boss.
- Oh.
No, you don't have to.
- No.
It's no trouble at all.
So, earlier You know what? There are way too many cupcakes for him to handle by himself.
I'm just going to go give him a hand.
There aren't as many as she thinks.
So many people here already.
Jung have lots of friends.
Maybe they have to come, to keep job.
(ENGINE REVVING) (GASPS) Watch where you going! (EXCLAIMING) Sorry.
Did I scare you? - I don't know what he saying.
- Did I scare you? We can't hear with the helmet on.
- (EXCLAIMS) Janet? - Wha What you doing riding motorcycle? I guess it's just my style.
You're going to hurt yourself or us and everybody.
How fast you think you go? - Probably too fast.
Very dangerous.
- (EXCLAIMS) I going inside.
You can talk motorcycle if you want.
Janet, this is a very bad idea, hmm? And Maybe after, you give to me ride? I'm gonna go park.
- Yeah.
We should do more of these parties.
Do you know what it's for? (SHRIEKS) Shit.
There he is.
I want to watch you talk and smile.
- Yeah, have to go.
- Yeah.
No, have to "go" go.
Then hurry up.
Jung! You looking for Appa? He just go to bathroom.
Janet coming soon.
Then whole family together.
I bring all your favourite food.
You know what, Umma? I'll be right back.
Jung? Don't go too far.
What you doing? It's okay.
I work here.
- There you are.
- Here I am.
(CHUCKLES) I was here, but now I'm gonna go there.
Not going to do that.
What's wrong? I thought that we both We did.
I did.
But I don't.
- You threw me a prom.
- So? So people don't just throw proms for people they don't have feelings for.
Yeah, they do.
They're called prom committees.
(CHUCKLES) And you don't just kiss someone after they've peed.
You kissed me.
Well, whatever feelings I may or may not have, I'm in a relationship.
Alejandro and I are in a good place right now.
And I don't want to wreck our whole work-buddy thing.
You don't have to worry about that anymore.
I took another job.
- What? - Yeah, as a manager.
Comfort Car Rental.
So while I was planning you a party, you knew you were leaving.
Well, I just found out about it yesterday.
I was going to tell you.
When? After you gave me the corsage of lies? Shannon.
It's too bad because I write really great recommendation letters.
Not just "To whom it may concern.
" I do the research.
It's the personal details.
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
It's okay.
I just looking, huh? You work with lots of good car.
- Volvo, Audi, any Genesises? - Huh? Genesises.
It's a Hyundai.
Yeah, a few.
I am happy for you.
- Thanks.
- Con-graduation.
Hey, Appa, why don't you join the party? I'll be right in.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
I just need, um You know what? Why don't we just go in there? No.
You have a problem.
Hmm? You have jureumjin, just like when you were a little boy.
- Exactly same.
- Yeah, well, I'm not a kid anymore.
There's again.
- Let's just go find Umma.
- No.
You tell to me you problem.
I help you fix.
That's what Appa do.
It's fine.
(SIGHS) You always running away from you problem.
That's you problem.
And your problem is you think you know better than everyone else, but you don't.
- You never did.
- Okay.
You solve problem by yourself.
I've been doing that on my own for a while now.
Maybe you not on your own if you listen to people who know better.
- I'm fine.
- Then why you have jureumjin? - Don't touch me.
- I not touch you! I don't need this.
You think I need this? Huh? Nobody need this! - I'm going this way.
- Yeah.
That's why I go this way.
This is old-timey.
This puts bunny ears on everyone.
This is fisheye.
You have filter for regular picture? Uh You'd think there's got to be.
- What's wrong? You have jureumjin.
- Nothing.
Let's go.
- You talk to Jung? - So stubborn.
You so stubborn.
Why you do like this? Where's Jung? He left.
He left? (EXCLAIMS) (SIGHS) Got it.
(SPEAKS OTHER LANGUAGE) JANET: Hello? Somebody? Somebody? Janet? (GASPING, EXCLAIMING IN KOREAN) Hello? (GRUNTING) (PANTING) - Are you hurt? - No, I'm fine.
I'm okay.
My side's a little sore.
Oh! Yeah, motorcycle was on.
I'm usually better at parking.
Here, sit.
Doesn't mean I'm not motorcycle-style.
Remember when you and Jung share bunk bed? Every night, you stuff pillow in pajama.
I was worried I'd fall out.
You sleep bottom bunk.
You is a safe girl.
If you want to ride, you can ride.
Thanks, but I'm not really asking your permission.
Too bad.
I already give to you.
No take-back.
Umma, were you smoking? I think you hit head too hard.
You know it's really bad for you.
Not as bad as motorcycle.
- Worse.
- You worse.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) So what I'm doing now is, I put my left leg in the pants first.
Noticed a difference right away.
Now this is where you tell me something about you.
I find Janet.
Yeah, pretty embarrassing.
I was in the parking lot Fixing bike.
So good at.
How is that embarrassing? Hey! There he is.
Are we getting this picture or what? Getting late.
Maybe another time.
We're all here.
So everybody get together.
You okay? I don't want to talk about it.
Regular filter please.
- Say Kim-cheese.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) - Terence! - What? Okay, one more.
This time, panorama.
(SIGHS) We go now.
Okay, I already started, so this is going to get weird.
I am really excited.
I've already given my notice, and I'm ready to go.
I can go in any direction you like.
You mean you're going in a different direction.
Background check.
I mean, those records are from a long time ago.
Yeah, you, too.
Guess what? Shannon just gave me your old job.
(GRUNTS) Grab a cup.
We're celebrating.
That's great! We're gonna have an apartment full of managers.
Well, technically, I'm an assistant manager, but I can still fire Terence.
(CHUCKLES) Dude, congrats.
That is not good.
I'll get the beer.
Look, family picture.
(EXCLAIMS) With meongcheong Terence.
Still, family picture.
Yeah, it's nice.
I go put on "don't touch" wall.
I know I'm late.
I'll stay longer.
- Hi, Janet.
- Hi, Umma.
Even with motorcycle, old Janet is still slow.
Huh? Happy two-year-late graduation.
Are these the same tickets you were gonna give to - You don't want? - No.
I want.
I want.
Thank you.
Gerald's gonna be so excited.
These are great seats.
Have a fun time.
I was kidding.
Of course, I'm gonna take you.
Yeah, okay.
(CHUCKLES) - It'll be fun.
- Yeah.
And you can buy for me "Happy five-month-late birthday" hot dog.
And "Happy late Father Day" beer.
And, uh, "Thank you for tuition" nachos.
Huh? (CHUCKLES) Now I'm thinking I'll take Gerald.