Kim's Convenience (2016) s04e08 Episode Script


Hey Appa.
(SIGHS) Have to take care of big spill.
What happened? So crazy story.
Mommy come in to store, with a two kid.
One kid crying, one kid running around.
Then, mommy try to stop running around kid, but crying kids is crying because he lose a bouncy ball.
- Poor little guy.
- [APPA.]
But we find the bouncy ball Then crying kid stop crying and start bounce bouncy ball.
And it knocked over a drink.
Then other customer come in.
Big customer.
And try to squeeze by bouncy ball kid, running kid who stop running and upset mommy So the big guy spilled it.
No, because mommy is so upset with the kid, she carry down aisle to cash, arm, leg everywhere.
So that's when the Yobo! That's your Coke Zero that you spill.
Doesn't matter who spill, what matter is I clean up now.
Thanks, Appa.
Would be easier if you clean up yourself.
You think so, but I tell you why it's not.
One time, old man customer is walk in store.
And he moving so slowly.
So, tomorrow I have to be there by 12:00.
They say root canal only take hour or so.
Then you pick me up maybe two o'clock, yeah? Well, someone pick you up.
I promise Mrs.
Lee I drive church group to sale at Pickering Town Centre.
You go shopping on the day of my root canal? No, your dentist move root canal to day I go shopping.
So short notice, Mrs.
Lee can't find other driver.
But I can't drive after surgery.
I know, so I make arrangement for you to get pick up.
Not Janet.
She bad driver.
You bad passenger.
Either way, bad combo.
No, Jung.
He say he can do.
- He wants to do.
You okay with that? Yeah, no problem.
Unless Zara outlet don't have pant in my size, then big problem.
- Oh.
- Hey! You're probably looking for Jung - Yeah.
- He'll be back any minute.
Small mix up with our take out food.
I thought we should just eat it, but he's the one with the allergies, so - Maybe I'll just come back another time - No, no, no, no, no.
Come in.
We gotta get our girl gab on.
So, how was your weekend? Good.
I don't know why I said that.
This job I was supposed to do fell through last minute.
Well, if it's any consolation, my weekend wasn't great either.
Check out this guy.
Middens, he's a monster, but I love him.
Emergency gall bladder surgery.
Poor thing.
Oh, that's too bad.
He and Snowball are really gettin' up there.
So I was thinking, it might be time to Put 'em down.
I hear ya.
No! Get their portraits done.
God, does he look that bad? No! He's adorable.
Right? And at the perfect age for pics.
- How old are they? - No idea.
They're rescues.
But they're never going to look better.
Sounds good.
So you'll do it? Oh.
Me? Um Well, they're closed now.
So let's just eat whoever's food this is.
And if there's pine nuts inside, well, I guess we'll know soon enough.
Look who's here.
Oh, hey.
And Janet's going to do a photo shoot of the cats.
Yeah, I mean, maybe And I'd pay you, of course.
Unless, oh, my God.
Do you even take cat photos? Or have I just totally insulted you? Of course not.
She loves the photography stuff.
We can forget it.
No, no.
I'd be happy to photograph - Middens.
- And Snowball.
This is gonna be great.
You and me and cats It's perfect.
Or should I say purr-fect? 'Cause cats.
Do you wanna stay for food? Shannon and I can keep it PG for a bit.
Great meeting you, Mike.
- Talk soon? All right.
- All right.
Well, it wasn't easy, but I think I just reeled in the Bristow account Awesome.
Watch this.
It's insane.
Normally I'd wait, let the wasabi seep in more, but sushi doesn't keep.
Learned that the hard way.
Oh! Oh! - Okay.
- Whoo! Brain burn.
I mean, it's wasabi.
We should call him Wasabi.
Guys, it's no big deal.
Not for Obi-Wan Wasabi.
It's just Wasabi.
You can't call him Wasabi.
It's too much like Kimchee.
Shannon's a lot like "Stacie," but I got over that.
No, you know, Asian spicy food.
My nickname since I was a kid.
That's a nickname? You sign it on our paycheques.
It's fine.
You can be Kimchee and I'll go back to being T-bag.
What's up Wasabi? Wasabi! Wasabi! [OMAR.]
Wasabi! Well, I don't know how we go back to work after that.
So, I've stocked all the top shelves.
You good with the rest? I can always get Wasabi to help me.
- Who's Wasabi? - [STACIE.]
Jung, I paged you like three times.
I thought you were joking.
Some soccer moms are freaking out about vans for a tournament? Oh, right.
They called earlier.
Can you handle it? I gotta go pick up my dad.
They're saying you promised them a baby pink SUV with a sun roof and six car seats.
How mandatory are car seats? You know, I was in a car seat until I was ten.
Are you bragging or complaining? Oh, my God.
These pictures are amazing.
Look at Midden's little face.
What a big boy.
So you like that one? I like that one.
The one where they're pawing at each other, the yawn, ooh, the one where they try to bite your hand.
I'll do some touch-ups, then you can download them from my site.
And just let me know what I owe you.
Whatever, we'll figure it out.
Such a cool pad.
Student livin'.
I remember those days.
Oh, yeah.
Lots of ramen.
Ugh, I bet.
I ate apples and tuna for like a year.
I still get cravings in the fall.
And at the aquarium.
I forgot my helmet again.
Like an idiot.
Oh, hi.
This is my roommate, Gerald.
This is Shannon, Jung's girlfriend.
- Oh.
- And His boss, sorry.
- And - Right, my latest client, thank you.
And Janet's friend.
But whatevs.
Totally! Buds.
Anyway, I'll send you the link when they're ready.
Tight, tight, tight.
Sounds chill.
Peace out, homies.
Do you think she's headed east? [DOOR SHUTS.]
As requested, the quote for Bristow's rental fleet.
Great, do you mind if I eat while we talk? Didn't know we were talking, but okay.
I actually made two bowls.
Please, help yourself.
Oh, my God, that smell delicious.
Kimchee made extra.
To share.
Amazing! I missed lunch.
Had a thing.
It's more for spice lovers, like Terence and me.
Oh, it's fine.
I like a good peppercorn ranch.
- Chammo - Chammo! It's Korean for "take it.
" Like "take the heat.
" - Mmm.
You might want to slow down.
It's fine.
I'm dating a spicy Korean, if you know what I mean.
Oh, there's some fire.
Maybe Terence should finish it.
Eh, I just ate.
And you know, noodle backwash.
Oh, my God! That's Chammo, Shannon.
Chammo! Hey, Wasabs, need your smokin' signature back here.
On it! I can make another bowl.
Is there sulphuric acid in this? Oh, my God.
Water makes it worse.
I realize that now.
And that's the hot water.
My world is fire! [GASPING.]
Appa supposed to be here an hour ago.
He should be here.
Where is he? I thought you were picking him up.
I can't do everything, Janet.
I'm very busy.
I ask Jung to do one thing.
Just pick him up.
One time Oh, my God.
Jung is always late.
Don't pick on Jung.
Just because he has something better to do than keep his promise to his umma.
So you can criticize Jung, but I can't? If you want to pick on someone, have you own son who is late.
- Hi.
Yobo! I was so worried! God, it looks like you got in a fight with a preschooler.
He started it.
- Where is Jung? - Ooh, pickle chip.
I don't think you can eat after the dentist.
It's okay.
I walk here.
How you get home? I get a lift from a truck driver.
But then truck driver stop for everyone.
- They're called buses.
- So crowd.
So many stop.
Oh And, uh, here is your change.
Okay, see you.
Yobo, you go upstairs now take off wet clothes, lie down.
Who is this belong to? I tell you who it not belong to now Lucas.
Is this what he's going to be like when he's older? - Because, yes, please.
There she is Hope I'm not shutter-bugging you.
Thought of that one in the car.
It's good.
I just want to say sorry if that was weird at your apartment.
What, Gerald asking you for a ride? No.
But, yeah, it was fine.
Once we got his bike in the trunk.
I meant about pressuring you into the pal zone.
Not at all.
We're total pals.
Sorry I was so brain-dead about it.
Maybe I shouldn't have mixed business with pleasure.
I mean, you were working.
I guess, but Which is why I wanted to drop by.
To say A, I'm going to go a a little bit overboard here, and B, I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you with this.
I'm taking you for a spa day.
What? Are you serious? Darn tootin'.
The two of us, all day, gonna peel it, strip it, rub it, rip it.
Not necessarily in that order.
- I couldn't.
- No, no, please I want to.
Thank you so much.
It's funny you came in, 'cause I literally just emailed you the invoice.
Unless you don't mean, you're paying me with a spa day.
- Do you? - What? No.
No, no, no.
Oh, good.
'Cause a lot of times people try to pay in favors, especially when you're starting out.
And thanks, but you can't pay rent with a gift certificate.
Or eat for a week on a haircut Yeah.
Wise up, people.
This looks pretty expensive.
And again, not a payment.
Just a totally unrelated fun thing to do with my sista.
- Oh Ah, there's the invoice.
- Oh, my God, this is good.
- Oh, my God.
So good.
Just a minute.
What? What? Okay.
You have simple job to pick up your Appa and you forget? Whoa.
Hey, Umma.
Why can't you do one thing for me? I help you with food and laundry and good advice about girl to date.
Thanks for that, but I didn't forget Appa.
He was gone by the time I got there.
You was late! He walk home across city.
Anything could happen.
I texted him and he said he was fine.
He sent a thumbs up emoji.
Oh, he was not thumbs up emoji.
What if he get hit by streetcar? Or kick by police horse? Or yell at by woman on lie-down bicycle? All right, all right.
My bad, I guess.
I think, oh, dentist appointment so simple, just show up.
Appa is high on dentist drug, so easy to talk to.
You're right, I should have checked in with him.
I'll reach out.
Because you know, family is most important thing, mm? Is that a new top? No.
Hey, hey.
Thanks for all the hard work this week, guys.
It really paid off.
I was sick three days.
And as a thank you, the Handy gang is going Indian.
Really? That got me sent home on Halloween.
That's right, lunch is on me.
- But I brought mine.
- Did Shannon approve this? This isn't from Handy, my treat.
By the way, the number of peppers shows how spicy it is.
T-bone, there's a couple of four pepper jobbies there for ya.
- What do you think, Wasabi? - Uh Think I'll go for the salad.
Seriously, it's on me.
Go nuts.
Well, in that case, - I'll have naan and salad.
- What? The guy they call Wasabi is having a salad? Damn.
Wasabi's salad looks good.
- And you can customize it.
- Yeah, that's what sold me.
Come on.
You gotta have the fireball vindaloo.
That's what I'm havin'.
Mmm, sounds like a lot.
I'll go splitsies with ya, but can we get mild? - I'm good with that.
- No.
Everyone gets their own meal.
Omar, you get a salad.
Stacie gets butter chicken and T-Bag and I will get what we really want.
- Fireball vindaloo.
- But butter chicken's what I brought.
Stacie, just go with it.
- This is amazing.
- I know, so good.
It's funny, when you asked me to shoot your cats, I was kind of worried it would be awkward because you're dating Jung or whatever.
But this worked out great.
Oh, it did, didn't it? Would you like a foot massage while the mud takes effect? Sounds good to me.
Is that extra? Forty dollars.
Yeah, I'll pass.
But you go ahead.
Just been kind of breaking the bank a bit these days.
Bills stacking up.
- Adult life, right? - Uh That feels so good.
Oh, that reminds me, I gotta get to that invoice.
Mmm, no rush.
Just curious, how exactly do you even come up with a number like that? Well, there's lots of stuff lights bounce - and - Lights, bounce and what else? Is there a problem with the invoice? No, no, no, no, God, no.
Don't even think about the invoice.
We're just two friends relaxing at the spa.
No shop talk.
I just think if we were really friends, you wouldn't overcharge me like that.
I gave you a discount.
That was a discount? Your mud is cracking.
I didn't charge you for insurance or retouching I'm sorry, but Middens and Snowball hardly need retouching.
Middens has a huge scar.
I told you, emergency gallbladder surgery! It's really better if you don't talk or move.
I guess I just thought pal zone counted for something.
It does! But I'm a professional.
I deserve to be paid.
Why do you think we're at the spa? You said this wasn't payment! I thought we were hanging out.
We are.
Last chance for that foot massage.
I swear to God, Margarite.
Hey, Umma.
Hi, Jung.
Yobo, look, it's Jung.
See? It's Jung.
- Mmm-hmm.
- I just wanted to pop by.
Wanted to give you this.
For my birthday? I think you is a few months late.
Yobo, say thank you for nice present Jung bring for you.
Thank you.
Sorry I was late.
But not so hard to be on time.
Important thing is, you both sorry.
You know, I was a little bit late, but the dental office said you'd been gone for 20 minutes when I got there.
What? You leave early? I wait, but Jung not there.
- How long I supposed to wait? - And I texted.
- You sent me a thumbs up.
- Point is, if you not gonna be on time, then you shouldn't have say that you can do it.
Well, I guess next time I won't offer to help.
Oh, this you help, then don't bother offer.
I won't! Just you wait! Oh, I wait because you late.
I just want to do church trip, but two grown men can't manage one small thing, so I have to leave early and miss out on high-waist, button-fly pants.
Now I'm going upstairs to try on clothes.
Unless you want to ruin that too! - Ooh! - Mmm Smells good.
The butter chicken I brought was better.
Look at this, two spice kings squaring off in battle.
- Huh? - This could get heated.
This salad is slayin' it.
Pretty spicy.
I think it could use a little hot sauce.
T-bone? - Sure.
- Yeah, you do.
- Oh, that's hot.
- Seriously? I think we could take it up a notch.
- I can't.
This is like - Scotch bonnet? - Whoo! - Uh-oh.
Looks like Wasabi can't take the heat.
Better get you some noodles and butter.
- [GASPS.]
- Are you okay? About 1:30 or so.
What? [GARBLED.]
Maybe you should lie down.
Time for dessert.
Maybe some milk.
Grab an arm.
We should get him to a restaurant.
I mean, [STAMMERS.]
a hospital.
Okay, up.
- What's that? - It's to cover my half of the spa.
No way.
You did say you're breaking the bank.
It's just - Ugh, it's stupid.
- What? I mean, I wanted us to be more than a cheap, cash transaction.
Not that you're cheap.
Do you mind? Private conversation.
You didn't have to hire me to hang out.
I didn't.
I thought hanging out would be fun.
But you're this hip artiste and I'm just some skirt suit dating your brother.
- I don't see it like that.
- Right.
If anything, my brother's punching way above his weight with you.
But, yeah.
And maybe we can do this again sometime.
Really? You didn't hate it? - I mean, Margarite was a bit rough.
- I know.
And for the price? We defs deserve some parting gifts.
Then she say, look dirty so I clean.
Surprise, yeah.
I say, "Not dirt, it's a autograph.
Still, I got an even crazier Umma story.
So it's Saturday morning.
Umma barges into my room and - let's just say I wasn't alone.
She flip out.
Even her hair was angry.
Oh, I know this hair.
Like Wolverine claw.
You want Wolverine claw? I show you Wolverine claw.
We'll draw up the contract.
Cross the Ts, dot the Is, smiley face the Os.
There he is, couldn't have done it without this guy.
- Sorry I missed the meeting, Mike.
- No problem, Kimmy.
- Kimchee.
- Right.
- Thanks for covering.
- No problem.
- You okay? - Temporary hearing loss.
It could happen to anyone.
Who eats half a bottle of hot sauce and a scotch bonnet.
And sorry for being weird about the wasabi thing.
It's just, my dad named me Kimchee.
Yeah, my parents named me too.
Yeah, but my dad left us.
My dad didn't leave.
But I knew he wanted to mostly because he kept telling me.
Right, but I barely knew my dad.
The only thing I have left is this name and the memory of eating kimchi together.
So, that's all.
We cool? I can't stay mad at you.
Especially that I feel so bad for you after that story.
I don't even like the name Wasabi.
People don't need to call me that.
Thanks, T-bag.
I don't really like that one either.
Got it, T-bone.

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