Kin (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

YOUNG MAN: A few Jelly
Babies and some licorice.

Give us a few of those
pearly ones, please.

- MAN: Hey, let's go.
- Take that with you.
Keep the change.

He's in there by the car.







Check out the shades.

You grab a coffee.
I won't be long.
Go on, boss.

Good to see you, Frank.
You know there's cops down there
in the car park taking snaps?
Yeah, they've been camped
out there since Eamon arrived.
Fuck 'em.
- You want something to drink?
- Eh, no.
I'm grand. Thanks, though.
Get him a whiskey, John.
Neat. Thanks.
John says you've been having some grief.
One of your lads,
Caolan Moore, has been encroaching.
He's young, enthusiastic.
You remember what that was like?
Well, he burned out two of our dealers.
And I can't have that, Eamon.
Look, Caolan gets all
of his product from me.
He's not using other
suppliers not like you do.
I have to repay loyalty with loyalty.
You and I have been doing business
since before Moore was born,
and no one shifts as much
product for you as we do.
It's not personal, Frank.
It's just the model's changing.
You're either all in
with me or you're not.

I'm getting dressed.
Da just rang. They'll
be here in 10 minutes.
Thanks. I'll be down in a sec.

JIMMY: Michael?
You alright, bro?
Yeah, grand.


Birdy, I got food earlier.
It's all in the fridge.
Ah, it's not party food, though.
You need proper party food.
Itsy-bitsies, like.
Come here.
Take these upstairs.
- Alright.
- And put a shirt on.
- Now?
- No, next week.
Eric, not here in front of Jamie.
What? All gone now.
And you shouldn't be drinking.
He's 17.
Lord Jesus.
Jesus Christ.
Guess where I was today.
Alcoholics Anonymous?
Your school.
Not anymore.
They're giving you another chance.
- You're back Monday.
I told you I don't
want to go back there.
Too bad.
So, anyway, we're going
to that club later,
so you should just come.
Yeah, yeah. Sweet.
- Fuck it.
- That's not happening.
Why not?
Introduce him to one of Nikki's
mates, give him his hold.
- Eric.
- What?
He knows it doesn't matter
who it is the first time.
Just fucking throw it in there.
Eric, stop being a fucking idiot.
What you think?
I think some people are all mouth.
Exactly. Yeah.
- BIRDY: They're here.
- Shh.
They're here. Come on.
Should we hide and jump out, or what?
It's not a fucking surprise party.
He knows we're gonna be here.
Shh. Everyone, come on.

Hope you got your
drinking boots on, Michael.
I can't believe he's here.
Oh, Anthony Oh, look
at you. You look gorgeous.
You made an effort Look at him.
Welcome home, pet.
Ah, thanks, Auntie Birdy.
Whatever they were feeding you
in there, you look well on it.
In there Yeah. It's
probably a diet of cock.
Welcome home, man.
- How's it going, Eric?
- This is Nikita.
- Hi.
- I've heard loads about you.
- Some good, I hope.
- Of course, it's good.
JIMMY: Jamie, Anthony,
say hello to Uncle Michael.
- How are you?
- No, yeah. Yeah, I know.
Big, aren't they?
- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
Jamie, bigger than me now.
You're not gonna say hi to Michael?
I will. I am.
You look well, anyway.
- How's it going?
- Yeah. Grand.
It's great you're back.
BIRDY: Come and have
a bit of food, Mikey.
Take that jacket off, will you?
Eh, I'll get that.


- They here yet?
- He just arrived.

Sorry I'm late, Mikey.
No worries.
Good to see you out and staying out.
We'll see to that. Hey,
do you remember this fella?
- Hi, Dotser.
- How are you, Mike?
- Good.
- Hey, bro, take one.
- Ah, no, I'm alright for now.
- You sure?
Yeah, yeah. Thanks, though.
Well, come on. I have
something to show you.
- Now?
- Yeah.
I'll get some drinks for you.
- Eh, Jamie come help me.
- Oh, yeah, get me one.
G&T, yeah?

What happened, Jimmy?
Your snakes win the lotto?
Yeah. Long way from a plastic
box under the bed, is it?
You remember Cyndi?
[LAUGHS] Yeah. Oh, man.
I used to torment you with her.
You know, eh, Birdy bought
some stuff for the house.
Sheets, towels.
- Some clothes for you.
- It's all in there.
- Great.
You know you can always
crash here with us, yeah?
I'm not sure that's
a long-term solution.
Yeah, I'm just saying.
You don't have to live
there if you don't want to.
You can stay with us
as long as you want.
I'll be grand.
You sure?

Thanks, brother.
You wanna hold her?
- No.
- Okay.
What's the story?
I, eh I spoke to Eamon about
the shit with Caolan Moore.
Yeah? And?
He's gonna sort it.
Yeah? How, exactly?
He'll have a word with
Moore, put a stop to it.
Are we gonna be compensated
for the stash houses he torched?
Just leave it, will ya?
It's fucking done now.
You know how much we're
out of pocket 'cause of him?
He's laughing at us, Da.
He's fucking laughing at us.
He's going around and
he's telling everyone
he's with Eamon Cunningham
and he can do whatever
the fuck he wants.
He'll be told what's what,
and that'll set'll it.
Yeah, 'til the next time.
He'll ease off for a while,
and then he'll be back
acting the bollix again.
Just fucking drop it, will ya?
Why are you so fucking weak?
You're making us all look bad.
I'm using my fucking head!
You might want to try
that yourself sometime.
Bending over, taking it up the arse?
That's using your head, is it?
Yeah, you just keep that
up, I'll put your head
through that fucking window!
Why do you never listen
to anything I have to say?
'Cause you're a fucking embarrassment.
Fuck this.
Jimmy, I don't want to
pet your snake, alright?
- What?
- Do we have to do this every time we have visitors?
Baby, people pay to see
these bad boys at the zoo.
People love snakes, am I right?
Nikki, we're leaving.
Yes, Your Majesty.
- Eh?
- Are you leaving already?
But you've hardly even seen Mikey.
Let him fucking go.
Hey, stay. Stay.
Stop being such a fucking baby, Eric.
Shut the fuck up.
- Waaaah.
- Aww.
[LAUGHS] Waah.
Blimey. Welcome home, Michael.
Can I get you another
sparkling water or something?
Actually, I think I'm
gonna call it a night.
Ah, what?
But we're only getting started.
Ah, it's been a long
day, though, hasn't it?
Yeah, I might hit the road meself.
Frank, we're supposed
to be having a party.
Yeah, I know.
We were, until that clown started
wrecking the fucking buzz.
But I put out all the food.
I'll wrap it up and you
can take it with you.

See you. Thanks.
Thank you.

- See you.
- Bye, Frank.
Night, Frank.

Mikey, you don't have to go
back into that house again
if you don't want to, you know?
- I have a spare room.
- I'll be grand.
Thanks, though. Here.
See you tomorrow.
- Alright.
Good night.



It's good to have
Michael back, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Leave it.
I don't want to get up to a kip.
We'll do it in the morning.
[SCOFFS] "We"?
Yes, "we."
I'll get up early with you
and we'll do it together.
- Now, that is a lie.
Come on.
Leave it. [WHISPERING] Leave it.
Ah. Just let me finish this, Jimmy.
It'll only take a few minutes,
then I'll be in, too.
Five minutes.
Five minutes, then I'm
gonna come looking for you.
- Okay.
- I mean it.

He's not what I was expecting.
- Who?
- Michael.
He's quieter than I thought.
He's real shy or something.
He's not shy when you cross him.

- Can we go home now or what?
- Yeah, in a sec.
There's something I
need to sort out first.
It won't take long.
Eric, you've been saying that for ages.
Yeah, and I mean it.
- What are you doing?
- Wait here.
Hey! Moore!
CAOLAN: Who ordered a cunt?
'Cause a cunt definitely arrived.
I'm a cunt, am I? Come
here and say that, Moore.
Come here and smile like that.
- Come on.
- Fuck off, Eric.
You're making a show of yourself.
I'm making a show of meself?
I'm the one standing
here outside your gaff.
So, what are you gonna do about it?
Do something about it.
- Do something.
- Smash him, bro!
You'll do fucking nothing, 'cause
you're a little fucking bitch.
NIKKI: Eric!
Fuck off home, you hear
me? Get the fuck home!
Get out of here, you little baldy rat!
- Someone's gonna call the guards!
- Get in the car! Get in the fucking car!
Bring her fucking home, will ya?
For fuck's sake.
Fucking tramp.
You're a scorpy cunt, anyway.
Fuck's sake, Eric.

- Eric, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down!
You know that only
winds me up even more!
Okay, then, take a deep breath.
That's even fucking worse!
- Eric
- What?
Shouldn't you go talk to Frank first?
No. I'm not gonna fucking talk
to him, and neither are you.
This stays between us.
- Do you hear me?
- Yeah.
Alright. Just wait here, alright.
- Where are you going?
- Just stay here.
Look, don't look so worried, alright?
I'll be back in no time.


MAN: His fucking fat ex.



ANNOUNCER: Now, turning up the
Fucking taking your fucking time.
with Aiden and Vanisha
Dublin, Dublin Q 102 ♪
What is the actual point of this, Mam?
Like, what am I supposed to
do at the dealership, anyway?
There's always work,
for those who want it.
[LAUGHS] Jesus.
Have you any idea how Amish that sounds?
Next you'll have me weaving
me own clothes or something.
Fucking hell.
Have you filled out your CAO form yet?
Not this again.
Ah, look, it's up to you.
You can either come in to work with me,
or you can stay at home,
pick out your college
courses, fill out your CAO.
Alright, fine.
I'll fill out me CAO.
- Go on.
- Love you.
Yeah, whatever.

I can hear the sirens coming ♪
It's coming in my
dreams, it's coming ♪

- Alright?
- Alright. How'd you get on?
Not a bother. That's all the V5s
and a list of buyers for them.
Did you check all these
have drivers licenses?
When can I start using
lads for a second time?
Well, not in the same tax year.
And two of these are
from the same estate.
Well, it's not easy
finding new people each go.
It's a red flag for revenue and fraud,
so I can't take both in the same batch.
I need to get rid of one
and find somebody else.
I mean, we can use them in the
future, but not in this next run.
- Yeah, okay.
- Alright, come on.
We'll get these on the system
and then I'll get you paid.
So, Eamon wants us sourcing all
our gear from him, and only him.
Well, that's a load of bollix.
If we're relying on
Eamon for everything,
he'll have us by the balls.
He already has, and he knows it.
The shit with Caolan Moore,
that's just the start of it.
Eamon wants to squeeze out anyone
who's not exclusive to him.
I don't see with what's
wrong with the way things are.
- "The model is changing."
- Okay?
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
It means that Eamon wants everybody
buying all their gear off
him at the price he says
and selling it on at the price he says,
and he won't be happy until
we are running a franchise
of Eamon fucking Cunningham limited.
I just bought that, Frank.
It's fresh.
Just checking.
JIMMY: So, what are we gonna do?
Well, I told him that I
would up his cut to 35%.
- Wow.
Jesus Christ, Frank, we might as well
be fucking working for him.
Yeah, but we're not.
If we want to keep any
kind of independence,
we need to be making
him so much fucking money
that it would cost him to replace us.
- Hiya, Mikey.
- BIRDY: Oh, yeah.
Knocked into you earlier,
but there was no answer.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep,
went out for a walk.
Yeah, sleeping's the hardest bit
when you get out, but it gets easier.
Mikey doesn't want
to talk about the joy.
We were only saying, you've been missed.
It's good to have you back.
Your favorite.
Yeah, I have to split.
See yous later.
Alright, Eric.
Listen, Frank, I'm gonna need a job.
FRANK: Yeah, that's no bother.
Jimmy was looking after
your end on the inside,
so, yeah, it's there waiting for you.
I mean a proper job, something legal.
- What for?
- I need one of them to get access to Anna.
Do you think they'll let you see her?
Of course they will.
He's her da.
You know it's not that simple.
Well, it should be.
That young one belongs
here with Mikey, and us.
Look, take this for now.
I'll sort out something for you.
Thanks, Frank.
I appreciate that.
EAMON: You sure you didn't
do anything to provoke this?
CAOLAN: No. Nothing.
Because if you're lying to me,
they'll be fishing you
out of the fucking river.
I swear.
Eric just showed up out of the blue,
mounting over and making threats,
so we gave him a few digs.
Nothing heavy.
Just a few slaps.
Then he shows up at the
session, starts shooting.
I want to deal with Viking meself,
if you give it the okay.
Go on.

I need you to book VRT appointments
for all the new cars
that Noel brought in.
Uh, yeah, no problems.
- Just a sec.
- Mm.
- How are you?
- Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Just thinking about changing the car.
Something different.
Is there any reason
you're changing so soon?
Ah, Nikki doesn't like it.
- What doesn't she like about it?
- [CHUCKLES] What?
Am I not allowed to change
the car or something?
No. Of course.
How about that?
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
That one's reserved.
We do have this.
You joking me?
That's a fucking old fella's car.
Well, that's the only
one I have available.
What about all those?
They're not even VRT registered yet.
But if you want to hang
onto the car you have
and then come back into me
next week, I'll sort you out.

FRANK: Did you know that was his plan?
I knew he'd want to see Anna,
but not that he wasn't
coming back to work.
You have a word with
him, Birdy, will ya?
He listens to you.
Something wrong?
Michael needs a job.
I want you to find him
something at the dealership.
Is he not going back with Jimmy?
Apparently not.
Uh, what do you want him doing?
Put him washing cars.
If that's what you want.
I just said, didn't I?
Let's see how long he likes that.
You can't take a corner. [LAUGHS]
Look at that.
Good day?
BOTH: Yeah.
Mam, stop.
Alright, stay there, stay there.
You can't drive. Look, look.
You're straight off the edge.
Oh. Look at this, look at this.
- You're getting over.
- Jamie, did you do your CAO?
- What?
- Your college applications?
- No, not yet.
- Seriously?
Alright, hang on.
Ah, Mam, Mam, Mam, Mam, Mam.
- We hadn't even saved that.
- Oh.
I think I might just go up to me room.
I don't get it.
You just don't care
about going to college.
No, I just don't care
about going to college.
Have you any idea how
idiotic that sounds?
College isn't for everyone.
Fine. Not college.
What are you gonna do, then?
I can work with Dad.
No. No.
I've already told you
that is not happening.
So, it's fine for Dad and Uncle Frank
and everyone else in the family
to be involved, but not me.
They're not my child. You are.
And what about you, Mam?
Is it alright for you
to be involved, too?
- What I do is different.
- No, it's not.
It's all part of the same
thing, and you know it.
They make the money, and you clean it,
and it pays for everything.
This house, our clothes,
holidays, the lot.
You send us to private school,
and you want me to go to college.
Where does all that money come from?
Exactly. You're a hypocrite.
I do it all for you and your brother.
I can hear yous two from downstairs.
Don't you want something
better for yourself?
What is better than all of this?
Are you really this fucking stupid?
Jamie, go down and feed the snakes.

Jamie, you could literally
do anything you want.


Can't make him do something
he doesn't want to do.
Watch me.
He's clever, and I'm not
letting him waste that.
He's not working with you.
It's just not happening.
Not while I draw breath.
I'm not being funny, Amanda,
but that's not exactly
a decision you get to make
on your own, now, is it?
Jamie's my son, too.



- Fucking pain.
- That's it.
Had a good week.
I'll be on.
[EXHALES] Yep. Yep.

- What?
- FRANK: Where are you?
I'm working.
Come and see me now.
Because I said so.
- Yep.
Swing by the shop.
- Not a bother.
- Yeah.
KEM: Fudge.
Yeah, yeah.

- Alright?
- Good.
- Good day?
- Yeah. Decent.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Looks like it.
I know. [CHUCKLES]
Frank wants to see Eric alone.
Be out in a minute.
You wanted to see me?
You know anything about
that shooting last night?
No. Why?
You sure about that?
I wish it was me.
Those muppets deserve
everything they get.

I was with Nikki all night.
Ask her if you want.
Okay, give us the bag.
You go and get her.

Tell him.
Eric was with me all last night, Frank.
He didn't go anywhere.
Better not be lying to me.
I'm not. I swear.

Come on, love.

BIRDY: I'll put this in the
fridge. You can have it later.
I'll get you a few more bits, Mikey.
I'll fill this up for you.
No, you don't have to go to any trouble.
I can do that.
It's not trouble.
Not for family.
I missed having you around, Mikey.
We all have.
We've all bee waiting
for you to get out.
Especially Frank and your brother.
It's been tough on them without you,
carrying the load all on their own.
I mean, Eric's
he's a good boy, but he's not you.
But you're back now.
- That's the main thing.
- Yeah.
You understand what I'm saying.
I know you do.
You're not like your mother.
You're a Kinsella,
and we stick together.
SHARON: Morning, Amanda.
Oh, he said you were expecting him.
Thanks, Sharon.
No worries.
How are you?
Frank said he's spoken to
you about giving me a job.
Look, I can put you on the
books and pay you a salary
so you have a job.
It means you don't have to come
in here if you don't want to.
No, I want to work.
What else am I gonna do?

Does Mam know about this?
Sometimes with your ma,
it's easier to apologize
than ask permission.
Just keep your mouth shut
and do as I say, alright?
Yeah, no problem.

Fucking prick. Come here.

Jamie, shut the fucking door.
Shut the door.
Where's the fucking money, Keith?
I don't have it, Jimmy,
but I'll get it for you.
I swear to God.
See that iron? Plug it in.
Come here, you fuck.
Get the fuck up.
Gimme that.
You have until this
iron heats up to pay me
what you owe me, Keith.
I'm sorry, Jimmy.
Jesus Christ, I'm sorry.
How much have you got in here?
Lie to me and I'll burn
the fucking balls off ya.
There's there's 400 in the
pocket of that green jacket.
Jamie, go get it.

I'll be back next week for
the rest. You understand?
Yeah, I'll have it for you
then, Jimmy. Swear to God.
Jamie, did you get it? How much?
Ah. There's less than 300 here.
- Aah!
How you getting on?
Yeah, grand.
But, eh, tomorrow, I might lose the tie.
I was just about to go for
lunch, if you're hungry?
Here. Keep it. You earned it.
Here. Keep it.
How do you know when a
junkie's lying to you?
I don't know, Dad.
He's talking.
Don't waste your pity on junkies, son.
Come here.
Love you.
Put on your seatbelt.
Must be nice,
being out and seeing everyone again.
Yeah, it is.
Have you noticed many changes?
Your boys have gotten big.
Big and bold.
Jamie looks like he's
a bit of a heartbreaker.
Yeah, well, he's certainly
breaking my heart at the moment.
Ah. You know what teenagers are like.
I'm sure he's not that bad.
I mean, the stuff we
did when we were his age?
There's no metal inside.
Food tastes funny off it now.
How long are you gonna keep this up for?
- Keep what up?
- This.
Frank's not gonna leave
you washing cars for me.
Him and Jimmy want you back with them.
Frank knows the story. So does Jimmy.
And what isthe story?
I can't be getting into trouble,
not if I want to see Anna.
They're letting you see her?
My solicitor reckons if
I can show I've got a job
and I'm staying out of trouble,
there's a chance they'll give me access.
Do you really think that's a good idea?
[CHUCKLES] What do you mean?
She's been through so much, Michael.
Yeah. I know.
That's why I want to
make it up to her now.
You need to think about
what's best for Anna.
I am.
And I think having her father
in her life is what's best.

Maybe the kindest thing is to just
leave her be.

I fucking hear you!
BRESLIN: It's Detective Breslin.
Fuck's sake, Eric.
You put some clothes on, will ya?
Just a huge fucking cock.
Some of us have one.
So, whatever you've got
for me, let's be hearing it.
I'm obliged to inform you that
we have credible information
that there is an active
threat to your life.
Here's your Garda information
message with advice
on how you can remain safe.
You're not eating with us?
No, I can't.
I, um, filled out my CAO, though.
I thought that's what
you wanted me to study?
What do you want?
I figured law might come
in handy around here.
[LAUGHS] You're funny. That's funny.
And clever, too.
That's what you told Dad.
Mm. Sometimes, I suppose.
Ah. What?
Can I not kiss my baby?
My beautiful boy.
Stop, Mam.
Eh, I made you, Jamie.
Inside me.
Jesus Christ.
And what a night it was.
That's disgusting, Mam.
Ah. Mm, yeah.
- It was fucking brilliant.
You're actually
disgusting, you know that?
It's only natural.
Everyone does it.
- Wait, are you not eating with us?
- JAMIE: No, I can't.
- I said I'd drive Uncle Michael to the gym.
- Alright.
Hey, you're not supposed to be
driving without a qualified driver.
He's gonna have Michael with him.
Michael doesn't even have a license.
They'll be fine. They're
only going to the gym.
Okay. Go on.
Bye, son.
- See you later.
- Love you.
Love you, too.

Wait until you see this place.
It's class. It's got everything.
Weights, sauna, a cage for the MMA lads.
That's what Viking does.
He's big into jiu jitsu.
You used to box, didn't you?
A long time ago.
Yeah. Da still has photos of you
and him at tournaments
when you were kids.

What was Da like then?
You know, when he was young?
He was funny.
And a bit of a prick, like all brothers.
Yeah, mostly, I just remember
him always looking out for me.
It's really good to
have you back, you know?
Everyone's missed you.
ANTHONY: How do you want your
steak cooked, Uncle Frank?
Just don't incinerate it.
Just leave a little streak
of red in the middle.
I like it burnt, Anthony. You know that.
Same as we did it the last time.
- It's perfect.
- Birdy loves it burnt.
- Well, I do.
- Of course you do.
How'd Michael get on today?
He washed a lot of cars.
It's not right, Frank,
having him do that.
Can't we just arrange for Michael to see
Anna without all this pretending shit?
I don't know. I'm not a fucking lawyer.
I don't know how it works.
JAMIE: Look, Viking's new shit Merc.

What is this?
He's got a flat. Here, watch this.
Wait until you see his
face when he comes out.
He will be raging. [LAUGHS]
I hope this is a fucking wind up!
Fuck sake.
Someone's put a nail in this.
That's been done deliberate.
Oh! Fuck!
You're alright, Eric. You're alright.
Lay down. Where'd he
where'd he get you?
- I don't know, I don't know!
- Where'd he get you?
- I don't know.
- Lie still.
Aah, fuck! It's alright.
- Hold that hard.
- Are you gonna call me
- a fucking ambulance or what?
- Jamie, call an ambulance.
Jamie, c
Jamie. Jamie, Jamie.

Is he okay?
Is he breathing?!
No, he's not.
Call the fucking ambulance, will ya?!

- Jamie!


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