Kin (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- Get back!
- No.
- I just want to see him. I just want to see my son.
- I'm sorry, Miss.
I want to fucking see my
son. I want to see Jamie.
I just want to see Jamie. I just want
I just want to see him for a second.
- Is he in here?
- Come on, come on. Let's go.
- I just want to see him. Please, please, please.
- Sorry, no.
Hey, get your fucking hands off her!
- Get your hands off her!
- I just want to see my Jamie.
What's wrong with you? Hey, hey.
It's okay. You can't. You
can't see him right now.
I have to see him. I have to see him.
- He's my son. He's my son.
- This isn't how you want
This isn't how you want
to remember him. Trust me.
Not here, not like this. Trust me.
I have to see him.
Please let me see him.
- Frank.
- Where is he?
They've taken him in to theatre.
How bad is he?
It's bad, but they say he'll be okay.
He's not gonna die or anything.
Did he say what happened?
Just that they tried to kill
them and that Jamie was dead.
Is it true?
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
Probably won't let us have
the body for a few days.
The body?
You know what I mean.
I didn't even want him driving tonight.
I said that.
I said he shouldn't be driving,
but you said let him go.
I didn't want him having his own car.
You think I wanted this to happen?
If you hadn't given him his own car,
he wouldn't have been there.
I cared about him just as
fucking much as you did.
Just as much.
Frank. You got a name yet, Frank?
You got a name?
- Jimmy.
- You got a name?
We are all in bits over Jamie, okay?
We're not gonna rest until
this is fucking settled.
But who did this? Who'd
attack our family like this?
Who the fuck would do this, Frank?
We're working on that right
now, okay? We will get a name.
We'll get names.
Whoever did this is dead.
They have anything
to say for themselves?
Fuck all.
- You alright, pet?
- Yeah.
What did the police say?
Not much. Just took a statement.
They give you any idea
who they think did it?
How are Jimmy and Amanda doing?
It's not gonna be easy for them.
Especially Jimmy.
He'll have his hands full with Amanda.
When a mother loses a child,
it's like a fucking
madness takes over you.
I know.
You have to be there
for your brother, Mikey.
Yeah, I know that.
What are youse hearing out there?
These two are saying
Caolan Moore set it up
'cause of all the shit
between him and Eric.
I thought that was settled.
Sorry, who's saying it was Caolan Moore?
Just some of the lads we
were talking to. That's all.
Well, that's bollocks.
We sorted all that shit out.
Just telling you what I heard, Frank.
Well, if it was Moore,
he's a fucking snake.
Where is he now?
Gone underground if he's
got a brain in his head.
Find out fucking where.
Jimmy, we don't even
know it was him yet, okay?
Not for sure.
I want you two back out there, okay?
You hear anything, call Dotser.
Sorry about Jamie, Jimmy.
This is fucked up.
Yeah. Thanks.
If it was Caolan Moore,
we need to find out
if Eamon Cunningham okay'd this.
No, I don't give a fuck
who okay'd it, Frank.
Moore's getting his,
and that's fucking it.
I know you're raging, Jimmy. We all are.
But if Eamon's behind this,
we've got much bigger problems
than what happens to
fucking Caolan Moore.
I just need a little
bit of time to find out
what the fuck's going on.
The last thing I need
is you losing the head
- and making things worse.
- Worse?
Worse, Frank?
Yeah, you just need to calm down, okay?
Call Doyler. Get a vibe from him.
Tell him we want to see Eamon.
Just go home, take
care of your family.
Let me sort this out.
Tell me exactly what happened.
It won't do any good, Amanda.
I don't care.
I want to know.
We were in the car park at the gym.
Some lad ran up to us
and started shooting.
No, before that. What
what happened before that?
Like, w when when
you were in the car,
what what what
were you talking about?
Uh, he asked me about Jimmy,
wanted to know what
he was like as a kid.
- That kinda thing.
- What did you say?
You know, the truth
that he was funny and a bit of a prick.
But that he always looked out for me.
After that, we spoke about Anna
for a while, and that was it.
T then what?
We arrived at the gym,
we got out the car,
and he was laughing.
J Jamie was laughing
'cause he'd seen Viking had a flat tire.
He took a photo of it and
sent it to Viking to
to wind him up, and then Viking came,
and we realized that a puncture
had been done deliberately.
And then that's when
the shooting happened.
Did Jamie
say anything after he was shot?
He was gone.
So, uh, the last thing he
was doing was just, like,
laughing and messing around?
Well, at least he
wasn't scared, you know?
Like, he didn't, um
he didn't suffer or anything.
That's something, you know?
Mam, the police are here.
As your Family Liaison
Officer, I'll keep you informed
about the Garda investigation.
So, if you have any questions or
if there's anything I can do
When can I see my son?
They wouldn't let me see him last night.
That's because it was still
a live crime scene, and
She's his mother.
She should be allowed to see him.
And she will be.
But Jamie has to be moved to the morgue,
and then there'll be a postmortem.
So, when?
When can I see him?
I can't say exactly. Not yet.
So, what use are you to us, then?
Like I said, I can answer any questions
you have about the investigation.
The only question I have
is, when can I see him?
Come back when you know that.
'Cause it's the only
thing I'm interested in.
I'll let you know when I hear anything.
This is a big fucking mistake.
He's not gonna do anything, not here.
I have a flight to catch.
There's a car downstairs.
We can talk on the way to the airport.
I thought we were doing this here, no?
I told you, I have a flight to catch.
And it's just Frank.
You're not coming, Dotser.
You ready?
Look come, don't come.
Your choice. I don't care.
This isn't the way to the airport.
We have a stop-off first.
I take it you know who this is.
You asked me to sort things
between him and your lot,
and as soon as I do, you
go and screw it all up.
That's bollocks, Eamon.
Whatever you've heard, it's wrong.
Shut the fuck up.
Hours after I talked to
Caolan like you asked,
your idiot son goes and
shoots one of his lads.
Eric said he had
nothing to do with that.
Then he's fucking lying,
because he was seen.
He was seen doing it, Frank.
He showed up at some restaurant
earlier, mouthing off,
and when that didn't go his way,
he followed them to their
gaff and started shooting,
so all this shit now, that's on Eric.
Unless, of course
you were behind it, too, Frank,
and you want a fucking war.
No, I thought it was sorted.
I swear, Eamon, I knew
nothing about this.
Viking getting shot, he
brought that on himself.
That's for Jimmy.
What happened to his
young lad was a mistake,
and Caolan's offered to
pay compo to put that right.
By rights, Viking should be paying it.
this a fucking end to it, Frank?
I hope so.
'Cause next time, you
and I will not be talking.
Your milk. Here.
You're welcome.
Now, don't forget your lunch box, Anna.
The victim has been named
locally as Jamie Kinsella.
The 17-year-old is not believed
to have any involvement in criminality.
At the time of the shooting,
he was in the company
of two male relatives.
One of the men was also shot,
and his condition is reported as serious
but not life-threatening.
The third man, who was
only released from prison
in recent days was
The third man, who was
only released from prison
in recent days, was not
injured in the shooting.
Gardai are still trying to establish
a motive for the shooting,
which is the latest in a
series of gangland incidents
I'm disgusted and heartbroken
about what happened.
Amanda said you went to see Frank.
What's he saying?
You saw Amanda?
Uh, yeah. She she called over
'cause she wanted to know what
happened when Jamie was shot.
When was this?
When I got back from the station.
Is that all she wanted?
You sure?
- Listen, Jimmy
- I need a drink.
You want a drink? Let's get a drink.
Sean, can I get a, uh, pint
of Guinness, a whiskey chaser.
Same again for Michael.
Fuck. Jimmy, I don't
Why don't you get a table?
I'll follow you over.
Go on.
Amanda'll be looking for you.
Yeah, she made it pretty fucking clear
she doesn't want to see me, so
She's grieving, Jimmy.
Is she?
So am I, Michael.
She doesn't have the fucking
monopoly on grief, now, does she?
I know that, but it's
different for a mother.
No offense, Michael, but stay
the fuck out of my marriage, okay?
You see the shooter?
This lad Moore,
he wasn't the triggerman,
but he ordered it.
You don't know him, but
he's a mouthy little prick.
Drink up there.
Drink up.
He'll be keeping his head down low,
but everyone gets
sloppy, and when he does,
we will be waiting for him.
Well, I can't be
involved in any of that
not if I want to see Anna.
What about Jamie?
Doesn't he count?
Fuck you, Michael.
You done it before for
money. Do it now for family.
Why isn't Jimmy here?
He's gone to the hospital,
to see Eric. Is that okay?
I'm just surprised he's not here.
Do you have any idea about,
um, funeral arrangements yet?
Not yet.
Well, we'll need to
let people know soon.
So they can make plans.
I don't know, Mam.
I've said I don't
know, and I don't know.
It's been on the news all
day, about the shooting.
Everyone will know
exactly what happened.
I'm sorry if your grandson's
murder is an embarrassment.
That's not what your mother's saying.
Yeah, well, then what
areyou saying, Mam?
Just that it was on
the news, that's all.
- About everything.
- What's everything?
Eh, w we didn't come
here to have a fight.
No, no. No. What is "everything," Mam?
Just about Jimmy and his family
and all that business.
Jamie had nothing to
do with any of that.
He didn't deserve what happened to him.
No one is saying he deserved it, love.
If that's the kind of people
he's hanging around
with, what do you expect?
"The kind of people"?
They're his family, Mam.
That doesn't make it any better.
You know what? Fuck this.
Fucking move, you dowsy cunt!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Do you think I'm gonna look like that?
- No.
- She's 54.
Fucking hell.
There you are.
We tried to call you, let
you know that Eric was awake.
You lied to me.
You looked me in the
eye and told me you had
nothing to do with that shooting.
- And I didn't.
- Don't fucking lie to me.
And you backed him up.
he's a fucking prick.
He had it coming.
Your cousin is dead
'cause of what you did.
You know that, don't you?
I couldn't have known that
Jamie'd get caught up in this.
That's Moore's doing, and you
should be fucking out there,
trying to get him instead
of in here, giving me grief.
Shut the fuck up!
I spent the day out trying
to clean up your shit,
at least the parts that canbe cleaned,
and to tell you, fuck, the
way I am feeling right now,
I would happily fucking hammer you
right fucking here, hospital bed or not.
Now, I don't care what
people think they know.
You're asked about shooting that lad,
you deny it, especially to Jimmy.
He's gonna find out eventually.
Maybe. But right now,
he's out gunning for blood,
and I don't want it to
be yours he goes after.
So, you tell no one, not even Birdy.
Do you understand?
- Same goes for you.
- Okay, Frank.
I don't want to hear another
fucking peep about Caolan Moore.
It's done. It's over.
You see him, you cross
the fucking street.
Jimmy tries to talk you
into going after him,
you say no and you come and tell me.
Is that clear?
You sure you don't want
to go to the hospital?
I'm fine.
You might still be in shock.
I'm fine. I already told you.
I've been thinking about the funeral.
I just want family and
close friends at it.
I don't want a big, fancy thing
and none of that other stuff.
I mean it, Jimmy.
I don't want Fudge or Kem or
any of them showing up at it.
They'll want to pay their respects.
They didn't even know Jamie.
They'll think it looks bad if
they don't show their faces.
I don't care what they think.
They're not using my son's funeral
as an excuse to strut
around and play gangsters.
I just want family
and close friends only.
No one else.
No one.
- Frank?
- Yeah.
Where are you now?
In the car. We're almost home.
You and Michael come and see
me when you get back, yeah?
Why? What's up?
Nothing. I'll fill
you in when I see you.
Why does this feel like an ambush?
I met Eamon Cunningham earlier.
Yeah? And?
Caolan Moore's off-limits.
Frank, no.
That's bollocks.
Moore's not getting away
with this. He's fucking not.
We can't go to war
with Eamon Cunningham.
"We"? They're the ones that attacked us.
They fucking started this.
Frank, they killed Jamie.
He had nothing to do with any of this.
It was an accident, okay?
They didn't mean to shoot him.
I don't care.
I don't fucking care. They did it.
Who did they mean to shoot, Frank?
- Eric.
- Eric?
Your boy?
Why aren't you angry about that?
I am fucking angry.
We just can't hit back.
Why not?
You know why not.
If it's us against Eamon,
there's only gonna be one outcome.
And half the gangs in
Dublin would be queuing up
to do his killing for him
and take over our business.
Frank is right, Jimmy.
So, you're you're okay with all this?
Of course I'm not okay with it.
But I don't see that we have a choice.
There's always a fucking choice.
They're shitting on us,
and we're letting them.
- It's fucking embarrassing.
- You're upset.
Just give it time, wait
till all this calms down.
We will get Caolan Moore. I promise.
When will that be?
A year?
No. No.
This is from Eamon.
For what happened.
How much is in there?
About 150 grand.
What am I supposed to
do with this, Frank?
Buy a fucking boat, go on a holiday,
make up for Jamie's death?
Is that it?
So, that's it, then? I don't
get a say in the decision?
- That's it?
- There's no decision.
We can't go up against Eamon Cunningham.
Frank's just doing
what's best for everyone.
Oh, geez.
Give this back to Eamon
for me, will you, Frank?
No one wants this, Mikey,
but we have no choice.
I'm gonna go.
What did Frank want?
Nothing. Just business.
Was it about Jamie?
What happened to you?
Uh, I-I had a tip in the car.
But you're okay, though? There's
nothing wrong or anything?
Y you're not hurt?
No. I'm fine.
Aw, come here.
It's alright.
It's alright to be sad.
We're all sad.
I'm not sad. I'm angry.
It's alright to be angry, too.
Come on, hug me.
It'll make me feel
better if you hug me, huh?
Yeah, that's better.
That's much better.
We really should have known
this earlier about his release.
It's very unusual that they didn't
It's highly likely
he'll try to contact her,
so we will be on top of that.
It could be very damaging
for her, so we need to
- Anna.
- Hey, Anna.
Hi. Come in. Come sit down.
Monica just dropped in
to have a chat with you.
Anna, we've been informed
by the prison service
that your dad has just been released.
Has he tried to contact you, Anna?
- No.
- Good.
'Cause he's not allowed to contact you
unless he goes through the courts.
So, if he does try to make contact,
you need to tell your grandmother, okay?
Listen, Michael,
I know this is absolutely fucking shit
for Jimmy and Amanda.
It's wrong, Frank.
But we are gonna get Moore, in time.
Yeah. It's like Birdy said.
We just need to be patient.
And what if that had been
Eric killed, instead of Jamie?
I'd be saying the exact same thing.
But it wasn't Eric.
And Jamie's not your kid, either.
Anna is, though.
And no court is gonna
let you anywhere near her
if this family is in a feud.
Look, I'm staying out of it.
Yeah. You see if you can make sure
that Jimmy doesn't do anything
fucking stupid in the meantime.
Can you do that?
So, we do nothing? Like, nothing at all?
Isn't that just what I fucking said?
This coming from Frank?
It's coming from me.
'Cause that's what was decided.
Look, I know Frank said
that this shit is done,
but the only name we're
hearing around this is Moore's.
Yeah. He's even saying he
put manners on you, bro,
and you're gonna do fuck all about it.
We need to do something,
even if it's just for show.
It's fucking finished.
Forget Moore.
And what about Jimmy?
He's not gonna let this go.
He is! We all are!
Because that's what was decided, right?
Now, I'm bored of explaining
this to the both of you.
It's over.
Fucking end of.
Hey, lad's, visiting time's over.
Alright? We should go, let you rest.
- Later, V.
- Yeah.
See youse later, yeah?
Look, I'll be back in the morning, yeah?
And if you need anything, message me.
Love you.
You ready to order?
Yeah. Um, redbreast 12, neat.
Is there, uh, anything
else I can get you?
Mrs. Kinsella.
Um, Donal said if I got a job
and I stayed out of trouble,
I'd have a good chance of seeing her.
Well, I'm going to be honest with you
this is not going to be straightforward.
Well, Donal Creehan specializes
in criminal law, not family law.
That's why he sent you to me.
So, what he told me is bollocks?
No. Of course not.
You are her father, but
you you haven't seen Anna
in over eight years.
That's because she wasn't
allowed to visit me in prison.
The point is, you haven't seen her.
You know, they will
argue that your connection
with Anna has been broken.
I wanted to see Anna.
I tried to see her.
Regardless. Secondly
"Is there a risk that
you having access to Anna
will disrupt her life to the extent
that she may be harmed by that access?"
Well, they'll have a field day on that.
You know, pointing out
that you were responsible
for her mother's death,
that your extended family
has a history of serious
criminal activity,
and that you have been
arrested and questioned
in a number of murder investigations.
I was never charged.
Doesn't matter.
They'll present it as part of their case
and argue that contact with you
will expose Anna to a
dangerous environment
and reawaken historical trauma.
So, what you're saying is
I've no chance of seeing her?
I'm saying it's not going to be easy,
and it's certainly not going
to happen any time soon.
You sure about this?
'Cause I can do it on my own.
No. I want to see Jamie.
Jamie didn't have a tattoo.
He did.
He got it just after his birthday.
No, it doesn't smell like him.
No, it's it isn't him.
It's not It's actually not him.
J Jamie doesn't have a tattoo.
No, I want to see Jamie. That's not him.
No, I just want to see
Jamie. Will you show me Jamie?
Show me. I want to see him now.
I want to see him now.
Who's gonna pay for this?
You said whoever killed him would pay.
You promised me.
Frank said that we can't do anything.
Fuck Frank.
His son isn't dead.
Ours is.
That's not Frank's doing.
I don't care.
It could be Anthony next time.
Have you thought of that?
I can't do something like
this on my own, Amanda.
I need a driver, at least.
And no one's gonna help me,
not if Frank ruled against it.
Ask Michael.
He doesn't want to get
involved in any of this stuff.
He's said that.
Then ask him again.
Tell him you need him.
But I don't want to have to do that.
Just ask him.
You okay?
I was Jamie's dad, Michael, not you.
Not you.
I know you were.
I raised him.
I did everything for him.
And he loved me.
I mean, he said it all the time.
He told me that he loved me.
And he wasn't embarrassed
about saying it.
Now he's
Now he's dead, and I
have to put that right.
I know.
If you were me, what would you do?
- I'd put it right.
- Yeah.
'Cause if we don't, then
what the fuck am I, you know?
If I can't do this for Jamie,
then what kind of father am I?
I'm nothing. I'm fucking shit.
I can't do this alone. I need help.
And I wouldn't ask you if I
wasn't desperate, but I am.
I'm desperate, Michael.
I need your help.
Okay? You'll help me get Moore?
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