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Episode 5

Hi, and welcome to the show.
It's Saturday night and
we're live on the telly!
Yes. Welcome to the show.
Thank you so much for tuning in.
It's a packed lot tonight.
We'll meet Victor Bayda.
He's the Russian man who's
and a performance from
"Jersey Boys" over there later on.
Get back! Get the fuck back!
- Get the fuck back there!
- Who are you?
Shut your fucking mouth!
- Don't fucking move!
- You're making a big mistake.
I told you to shut your fucking mouth.
Get in there.
Please welcome Demi Isaac Oviawe!






If he's fucking hurt, I swear
I want you to look at this.
JASON: Please, Da! Do
what they tell you!
You watching this, Doyler?
Are you fucking watching?
You don't want me to light this,
then you better fucking listen.
You heard your boy.
Da, please!
He's got nothing to do with any of this.
Neither did Jamie.
That was a fucking accident.
Well, unlike Jamie, your
son can wake up tomorrow
with his whole life ahead of him.
That's up to you.
What do you want?
You're to take me to where
you keep Eamon's gear.
Go fuck yourself.
If I tell Jimmy and Eric that,
you know what's gonna happen.
You've crossed a fucking line, you know.
How many people have
you had killed, Con?
I lost count.
Spare me the sermon, all right?
What happens to him is up to you.
I have to call Jimmy in one minute
and tell him if you're
cooperating or not.
You know what's gonna
happen if I say you're not.


Anyone else gonna be here?
Just a lad on security.
He works for you or the premises?
For Eamon.

You know what'll happen to your
lad if you don't get in here.
If he's fucking hurt, I swear

MAN: I wasn't expecting you, Con.
Yeah, it's a last-minute thing.
Got a couple of things
to pick up inside, yeah?
I'll have to ring Eamon for the okay.
He's in a meeting right
now. He won't pick up.
Well, I can't let you
in without his say-so.
I'm only here on Eamon's orders.
So, explain to him why
you wouldn't let me in.
Go on, then.



You're a fucking dead
man now, you know that?
Yeah, so everyone keeps telling me.
Kidnapping my son
and robbing Eamon like this
he's gonna make an example of you.
[EXHALES] We'll see.
Let's go.

All right. Pull in there and park.

Go wait inside.
When Jimmy hears everything's done,
he'll have Jason ring
the phone behind the bar
and ask for you.
He'll tell you where they've left him.

I'll see you buried, Michael.


How much did you get?
About 60k of coke and 80 of heroin.
That's all there was?
[CHUCKLES] Not 60 grand. 60 kilos.
And 80 kilos of heroin.
- Pure?
- Yeah.
Fuck, that's fucking 60 and
fucking 80 kilos of heroin.
That's fucking 50 million! Minimum.
Fuck me.

How'd it go?
FRANK: Like clockwork.
And what about Jimmy and Viking?
On their way here now.
How much gear did we get?
Fucking loads.
They're safely stashed now,
so let's go and celebrate.

EAMON: You had no choice, Con.
Those bloody animals.
And how's Jason now?
Shaken and bruised. He's
gonna stay with me tonight.
The Kinsellas will bleed for this.
You have my word.
- I know.
And I appreciate it.
How much did they get?
All of it.
You're fucking joking me.

That's not something
we can just white out.
- Do you understand that?
- Yeah.
We need to get that back, all of it.
And we'll get it.
You better.
Call a meeting with the lads.
VIKING: Raise your
glasses in a big "fuck you"
to Eamon Cunningham!
- Oh, yeah!
Mm. Ah.
I don't mean to piss all over
your work, Michael, but 50 million?
That all you could get?
What do you say we split it
now and go our separate ways,
'cause I gotta be honest,
I never liked any of youse anyway.
Fucks sake, Michael, we just won
the lotto. Have a fucking drink.
Can you imagine Eamon
Cunningham right now?
I'd say he's gone fucking mental!
We should send him a video
of all of us celebrating.
FRANK: [CHUCKLES] We will, like fuck.
Only poking the bear, right?
JIMMY: Everyone, drink up.
- Sláinte
- Cheers.
Ah! Amanda.
Come on. Join in.
I'm okay.
Ah. Life doesn't get
any sweeter than this.
You have to savor it.
Isn't that right, Jimmy?
Be sweeter if Jamie was here.

Yeah, no.
Goes without saying.

Look, Moore's dead. Now this.
We're making the
fuckers here responsible
for Jamie's death pay.
To Jamie.
ALL: Jamie.

So, when are we going to
start shifting that gear?
We don't. We leave it
where it is for now.
After what we've just done,
Eamon will have everyone
out gunning for us.
If we tried to move it,
we'd get ourselves clipped.
Can't touch it yet.
JIMMY: Frank, if we
don't service the dealers,
we'll lose them all.
Then we lose them. For now, anyway.
When things settle
down, we get them back.
Jesus Christ, forget the dealers.
I mean, how long would it take
for us to put away 50 million?
Now, we got the money
just sitting there
the money in the bank.
So, cheer the fuck up, everyone.
- 50 million.
- That's a lot of money.
What the fuck's wrong with her?
VIKING: Because you don't even feel it.
You don't feel it.
You're like a You're
like a fucking animal.
Uh-oh. Here we go.
Yeah, I know. I shouldn't be doing it.
- Coke gives me acne, anyway.
- Everything gives you acne.
You know what doesn't give me acne?
Fucking orgasms.
That's why my skin is flawless.
- Oh!
Gimme that. Gimme that.
- Here.
- Thank you.
They don't have that
stuff inside, do they?
- Ah, they do, yeah.
- Oh, they fucking do?
None of youse be touching that now.
I know what you're like.
It comes down outside the windows.
- Don't need it.
- Yeah.
- Don't joke with me.
- No.
- No way.
- Got those

I need to talk to you about something.
Is it good or bad?
Not good.
Can it wait?
If you want.
This isn't gonna ruin me night, is it?
The guards were in with me earlier,
asking about a car that Viking
was driving a few weeks ago.
They said it was involved in a shooting
that happened a couple of
nights before Jamie was killed.
Yeah? What'd you tell them?
I lied, obviously.
I told them that I didn't
know who was driving the car
and wiped his details.
So, what's the problem?
They said they'd be back.
They're threatening to
seize computers and files.
If this blows up, we'll have
Fraud and Revenue after us.
They'll close the dealership down.
CAB will try and seize
all the money we laundered.
There's It's over 2 million.
I think we need to do something quickly,
before they start digging.
Do what exactly?
Give them somebody for the shooting.
Close it down.
The car's GPS shows the route
that Eric took that night,
passing through four
traffic cameras on the way.
Look, here's the journey he took,
the traffic cameras all marked.
They are bound to have photos
of him driving to that shooting.
You saying I should give up my son?

All right.
Then they'll raid the dealership.
They'll find out what we've
been at and we'll be fucked.
I said it's not fucking happening.
Trying to fucking manipulate me?
You want Eric to end
up inside is that it?
I'm just telling you
what's gonna happen, Frank.
They already have Eric.
Now they're just widening their net
to see what else they can catch.
Or we could limit the damage.


- Yeah.
- Every day's a skill day.
- Every day there, yeah.
- You want another one?
- No, I'm fucked.
- Everything okay?
Yeah, just shit with the dealership.
Couldn't have waited, no?
Yeah, probably, but it's done now.
Anyway, I thought this was a party.
Where's the fucking coke?
Give us another lashing
of that, Jimmy, will you?









Put some proper tunes on.
Oh, oh, oh, oh

A good day's work, Frank.

Oh, oh, oh, oh

VIKING: We did it. We fucking did it.

Oh, oh, oh, oh


Oh, oh, oh, oh


Michael, have you been shot?
Jesus Christ, Michael.
Have you been shot?
Aah! Get up, get up.
Come here. Turn over.
[SOBBING] Turn over.
Michael, please. Please.
Jesus Christ.
Okay. You're all right. Look at me.
I just want to get your head on that.
Michael. Look at me.
Look at me.
Are you all right?
Jesus Christ, Michael.
I fucking I thought you were shot.
What What was that?
What? I must have fallen.
You were shaking and choking.
- That wasn't a fall.
- Ah.
I'm gonna call you an
ambulance, all right?
No, no. I'm all right.
I'm all right. I'm fine.
What I just saw wasn't "fine".
You need to see a doctor.

Here, sit you up.
Ah, fuck.
I've already seen a doctor.
He said that it could be ep epilepsy.
I don't want anyone to know about this.
All right, I promise.
You know, you just need to
to work out how to live with it.
There There was a
girl in my class in school
who had epilepsy, and
her parents had to cover
all the sharp edges in the
house, in case she fell.
No, stop, stop.
I can't want this from you.
I'm only trying to help.
No, I this is why I
didn't want to tell you.
I don't want you fucking pitying me.
I don't pity you.
I don't want it from
you or Frank or Jimmy
or fucking any of youse.
But pity isn't what I'm feeling.

EAMON: Forget about going
after their friends and lackeys.
Michael Kinsella, Jimmy Kinsella,
Eric Kinsella, Frank Kinsella
they're the ones we want.
There's 500 grand for
whoever clips any of them.
And there's another 2
million for whoever returns
what the Kinsellas
stole from me tonight.
But if I find out any of you
have been in contact with them,
I'll put a bounty on your fucking head.
So, what are you waiting for?

I want more security in the hotel, Con.
People can't be coming and
going as they fucking please.
I'll get on it.


JIMMY: What are you smiling about?
You know the night Michael got out,
there was a shooting in Gracefield?
Could've been. I don't know.
Because Viking did it,
after leaving the party here.
And the shooting at the gym
was retaliation for that.
[SCOFFS] No. That's bollix.
Frank had already spoken to him
and was already sorted with Moore.
- It's not bollix.
- How do you know?
Because I had the guards
in with me yesterday
asking about the car that
was used in that shooting.
It was Eric's.
Frank told me that Moore
broke the agreement.
It had nothing to do with Viking.
Well, he either didn't know,
or he lied to you.
We shot Moore 'cause we
thought it was his fault.
He still ordered what happened.
It's done now.
We can't undo it.
Does Michael know about this?
You should've fucking told me.
As soon as you found out, you
should have fucking told me!
This is why I didn't tell you,
'cause you just lose the head.
I mean, did you see Viking earlier?
Toasting Jamie in front of everyone?
So, what are you gonna do
when you get over there?
Are you gonna kill him, Jimmy?
- I'm gonna make him pay.
- Don't worry.
He's gonna pay.
He's gonna admit to his
part in the shooting,
- and he'll get time.
- Bollix.
Frank's never gonna let that happen.
He is.
Have you spoken to Frank about this
before telling me?
Jesus fucking Christ, Amanda,
you're making me look
like a fucking clown!
'Cause you don't go
talking to Frank about stuff
like this without telling me!
You tell me, I go to him,
and then I sort it out.
That's how this fucking thing works.
What? Like you're sorting it now?
I've seen to it that Eric
is gonna pay for what he did.
And I've done it without causing mayhem.




Got those GPS maps of Eric's journey?

Just going in to see Viking, yeah?
Does Jimmy know about all of this?
What do you mean, forget them?
I mean, forget the collections
and the deliveries and the dealers.
Don't worry about it.
It's over for now.
This 'cause we're out of gear?
It's not 20 fucking questions.
Just do as you're told.
I'm just trying to
get me head around it.
Yeah. You're gonna be looking after
the tick list from now on. It's simple.
That's it.
All right. [CHUCKLES]
I just need to talk to Eric.
Yeah, no problem, Frank.
- See you later.
- See you later.
[DOOR CLOSES] This is fucking ominous.
So, you didn't even have the brains
to rob a car for that shooting?
Because the car you used
the police are onto it now.
So what? I'll deny it.
See this?
This is a GPS print-out of
where your car went that night.
Have a good look at that.
Four cameras.
- You drove past four.
I mean, were you trying to get caught?
Where'd you get this?
Amanda gave it to me
after the cops went to see her.
That's right. She
knows what you did now,
and Jimmy does, too.
So, what do we do?
Well, eh
Donal Crehan's coming here later.
I want you to have your story
straight by the time he arrives.
He's gonna help you draw
up a statement for the cops.
See this camera?
That is the last one you drove past
before you got to that party.
And you're gonna say you met Fudge here,
on Ossory Road.
He brought the fireworks.
He did the shooting. You just drove.
And afterwards, you dropped
him back at the same place.
If I admit to driving, I'll go down.
Well, you should've thought about that
before you drove past all those cameras.
No, fuck that!
I'll wait and see what the cops
have before I turn myself in.
No. You'll do what you're fucking told.
Uh, no.
Did you just say fucking no to me?
Because this family has
already paid a heavy price
for your fuck-up that night,
and I'm not giving the cops this
as an excuse to start
tearing our businesses down.

CON: So, he didn't say
anything about the drugs haul?
Nothing at all?
KEM: No. Nothing.
Whose idea was this
about giving up their dealers?
Frank's, I suppose.
Or maybe Jimmy's missus.
What do you mean, Jimmy's missus?
Just that she's had more of a say now.
A say about what?
Everything, I think.
Viking reckons she's the one
that put Michael and Jimmy
up to killing Caolan Moore.

How long will you get?
For only driving?
Two years.
Good behavior.
I can make a statement to the guards
and say you were with me all that night.
I don't care.
What about the cameras?
Just because there's
cameras doesn't mean
that they have a clear shot of you.
Fuck sake, Eric.
Is this what Amanda was
talking to Frank about
at the party last night?
Must've been.
Do you think she's doing
this 'cause of Jamie?
What do you mean?
Just 'cause of what you did
and what happened to Jamie.
Maybe she thinks you're to blame,
and she's trying to get back at you.
You think so?
I dunno, Eric.
She should be trying
to keep you out of jail
and not put you in it.
[SIGHS] That's bollix.
The whole thing is fucking bollix.
Have you talked to Birdy about it?
- No.
- You should.
And she won't like this.
She won't like what Amanda's done.
Tell her what's happening,
see what she says.

JIMMY: You know the shooting at the gym?
That was payback for the one Viking did.
Frank lied to me.
He said that Viking had
nothing to do with it.
And Amanda Amanda's been
going and talking to Frank
about business things without telling me
and making me look like a fucking sap.
MICHAEL: If Amanda says she's
fixed it, then trust her.
She's smart.
You knew that when you married her.
Yeah, too fucking smart at times.
Jimmy, I need a lift.
I gotta go see Anna.
You're joking, right?
We're meant to be
keeping our heads down.
If I don't go, she
mightn't ask me again.
Michael, we'll get
ourselves fucking shot.
I have to go.
You better be fucking quick.

I think that silver car's
been behind us for a while.
Turn away. See if they follow.

Go left here.

Don't fucking lose them.

Keep your eyes peeled.
If you see anything, text me.
Five minutes.
No more, Michael.
WOMAN: One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.



- Oh!
- Oh!




- Go, go, go!

- Will I go after them?
- No.

Why are you here?
I thought it wasn't safe.
I wanted to see you.
You can't just turn
up whenever you like.
I thought you'd be pleased.
Are you settling in?
What are the other boys like?
They're great.
Well, that's good.
Yeah. Deadly.
The lads in me dorm were
sharing a WhatsApp video
of Fudge getting shot.
They call it "Another
Scumbag Bites the Dust."
Do you think they know who you are?
Dunno. I doubt it.
They're dick heads, that's all.
I want to go home, Mam.
Back to my old school, with me mates.
And you will be, darling,
when this is all over.
When you drive away from here,
go back to Dad,
I want you to remember
I fucking hate it here.

VIKING: I couldn't have known
what would have happened to him.
How could I? I couldn't.
she has it in her head
now that it's my fault.
She's a mental fucking bitch!
You do not speak about anyone
in this family like that.
Do you hear me?

I'll talk to Frank.
You don't say anything.



Don't look so worried.
If you were being killed,
I wouldn't be here.
How's your young lad?
Did you really think we
wouldn't find Anthony?
I've already buried one of my sons.
And now you're threatening
to kill the other one?
It's good you want to protest him,
keep your baby boy alive,
because I can give you that,
and in return, and I want back
what your family stole from me.
I don't know where those drugs are.
- Don't lie to me.
- I don't.
I don't have a say in
those kind of things.
That's not what I hear.
I believe you have a big say
in everything that happens now.
Whoever told you that is
Stop fucking lying to me!
Because if I walk away now,
there won't be a place on this Earth
where you son will be safe from me.

I don't know where the drugs are.
But if you give me time,
I can find out.
I don't know.
If I'm too pushy, Frank
will be suspicious.
I need time to get it out of him.

You've got three days.
Someone will be in touch
with a contact number.
You call that number when you
know where those drugs are.
Three days to save your son, Amanda.

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