Kin (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6


CENK: You have not delivered
on our agreement, Eamon.
There's a lot of police attention
on everybody here at the moment.
It felt reckless to be moving product.
Well, that is your problem, not ours.
You promised my father a
quick return on his investment.
That was part of the enticement.
And he will get it.
I know he'll get it.
But the payment is late,
and that is unacceptable.
All I'm asking for is
a two-week grace period.

Two weeks, no longer.
And you will pay a fee
for this grace period.
How much?
My father will decide that,
and I will let you know.
I appreciate this.
No more delays, Eamon.
My father doesn't like broken promises.

Cars are waitin'.

Have you heard anything
from Jimmy's missus yet?
Well, it's only been a day.
And we need those drugs back.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I want some answers by then.

AMANDA: Has there ever
been a rat in this family?
JIMMY: What? You mean
ratting to the police?
Or to other gangs?
Except for family, nobody
really knows anything.
That's the way Frank has it set up.
What about Dotser?
Dotser wouldn't sell Frank out.
Not a fucking chance.
I'm just wondering if it's possible
that someone is talking to Eamon.
No one is talking to Eamon.
Not Dotser, not anyone, no-fucking-one.
What's this got to do with you anyway?
I was just asking.
No, no. I get that.
I just I don't
know why you're asking.
Frank runs this family, not you.
And I'm not being funny, Amanda,
but it's not your place to be
talking to Frank about anything.
You look after the dealership,
and that is fucking it.
- Hi.
- ANNA: Uh, Michael, did you still want to go
for a coffee or something?



EAMON: Ah, for fuck's sake.

JANE: What are you doing, Dad?
Well, look at this.
Sean should have done this months ago.
Sean retired last year.
Well, then hire another
fucking gardener!
Do I have to do all this meself?
Look at it!
Look at the place. It's a fucking mess.
Mum's waiting for you.
ANGELA: What on Earth were you doing?
Weeding the vegetable bed.
I was worried you
were digging up bodies.
Still not too late to change your mind.
Pick a place, drive to the
airport, fly out there today.
You said "anything I wanted."
This is what I want.
I'm encouraging you to think bigger.
No, you're trying to take control.
- See you there.
- Bye.
[SIGHS] Are they really necessary?
They'll be very discreet.
You won't even know they're there.
Having men with guns protecting
you might be normal for you,
but for the rest of us,
it's hard not to notice.
BIRDY: Eric told me
what you have him doing.
FRANK: I was wondering
how long it would take
before he went crying to you.

It's fucking madness, Frank.
He knows what he did was wrong.
He's hot-headed. That's all.
Aye, he's a liability.
Jamie's shooting,
this shit with Eamon
all started 'cause of what he did.
He's learned his lesson.
Too late for that now.
I'm not letting him
fuck anything else up.
Besides, the shades have him.
How do you know what they have?
Went into the dealership
looking at the car
he was driving.
Amanda says they're
threatening to seize documents.
If they start that, we
know what they'll dig up.
"Amanda says," does she now?
She has Jimmy and Michael
jumping through hoops.
Not you, too?
You worried she's gonna take your place?
Kinsellas don't hand
themselves into the police.
Amanda might not get that,
but you fucking should.
I'm just doing what's
best for the whole family.
Forget about what Amanda thinks.
Fight for your boy like a proper father.
You don't just give up your son.
That's fucking wrong, Frank.

Go out and talk to your da.
He has something he wants to tell you.
Thanks, Auntie Birdy.

How are you?
I'm just here for the pick-up.
Wait there. I'll get it.
Not much cash to pick up now,
I'd say, with all the dealers gone.
It's mad giving them up, like.
They're the bread and butter.
Whose brilliant idea was that?
I haven't a clue.
Must be Frank.
I mean, who else could it be?
No one, I suppose.
But what made him do it?
That's what I don't get.
Maybe he has nothing
left to give the dealers.
He has to have some gear left.
- Do you think?
- Yeah.
He's bound to.
Cheers, Nikki.
Hey, you're looking after
the tick list now, aren't you?
That's right.
You must be due a new car.
Wouldn't mind one.
I'm heading home now.
If you want to follow
me, I'll set you up
with something nice back at the house.
Maybe a Beemer.
Catch you later, Nikki.

ANGELA: I've been going through
the accounts for my will.
Do we have to do this now?
Well, there are assets
and properties in my name
that don't belong to me.
Are you asking me to make them yours?
No, I I want them
removed from my estate,
so I don't leave the girls with
a lot of trouble after I'm gone.

Have you decided on your question?
No, I'm not gonna be doing that.
There's no point in coming here
if we're not gonna do it properly.
You don't believe in this stuff, do you?
I have a question you can ask
"Show me who I've become."
Is that what all this is,
an excuse to have a go at me?
This is a chance for
us to have resolution.
That's important to me.

Eamon, tell them to go.
I need them here.
You don't.
You're safe here.
Either send them away on their own,
or leave with them now.


What is it?
CON: Glen spotted Michael
Kinsella's daughter's on the move.
She might be meeting him.
So, what's he fucking waiting for?
I'll let him know.
Oh, Con.
Um, you and the lads can go.
I'll call you if I need you.



ANNA: Hi, Michael.
So glad you came.
Here. Sit down here.

- What happened to your face?
- Uh, no. Um, I fell. That's all.
Just a fall.
Nothing else.
I promise.
What would you like?
Whatever you want, I'll get it.
Uh, just a juice.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Do you want, uh, something to eat?
They've got cakes.
I saw a chocolate one that looked nice.
- Okay.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah?
Uh, orange juice, please,
and a slice of this chocolate cake.

- Alright, Jimmy?
- I'm sorting out Kem with a car.
AMANDA: Yeah, we'll just
talk outside. It's quieter.
KEM: Sound, eh?
MICHAEL: Thanks.
Thank you.
Here. I, uh, got this for you.

I thought you could use it
for practicing your dancing.
It's great.
It says you can you can play stuff
off your phone on it as well.
I know what bluetooth is, Michael.
Fair enough.
I'll have to hide it
at home from my nan,
so she doesn't see it.
I take it she doesn't
know you're meeting me.
Are you joking?
She thinks you're the devil.
She still big into God, is she?
Oh, yeah. Still very big into God.
What about you?
- Am I into God?
- Mm.
Well, I did pray to Mom for
a long time after she died,
but not so much anymore.

Anna, um, do you
remember what I was saying
to you outside of the church,
about wanting to see you properly?
I really meant that.
And my solicitor is gonna
try and make it happen.
They're not gonna let you.
Especially with all the
stuff that's going on now
with Jamie being shot and everything.
I-I'd like to try anyway.
But I only want to do that
if it's what you want, too.
Is that's something
you'd like, do you think?
To see me all the time?
Like this, you know, or
I mean, we can do whatever you want.
Yeah. I'd like that, too.
AMANDA: I take it you have
a full driver's license?
Penalty points?
Do parking tickets count?
- No.
- Then no, I've none.
That's good.
So, who is you talk to, Kem?
Is it Eamon himself?
The fuck does that mean?
Or is it someone else?
I'm not a fucking rat,
if that's what you think.
Fuck this shit.
Keep that stupid car, yeah?
I'm giving you a chance
to tell the truth.
I'm warning you.
Get out of my fucking way.
I bang on that door,
Jimmy'll be straight out.
What do you think he'll do
if I tell him you're a rat?

I told you, I'm not a rat.
Call them. I don't care.

Jimmy, come here.


We can't decide between an
Audi TT and a Mercedes Coupe.
Which would you take?
Try them both for a week each,
see which one you like best.
I don't know.
Mm. What do you think, Kem?
Yeah. Sounds cool, man.
Thanks, Jimmy.
Next time, I'll tell him.

Look at me.

Look at me.
Look me in the face, so you'll
know I mean what I'm saying.
They already know there's a rat,
so it won't be too hard
convincing them it's you.
Tell me the truth
and I'll let you walk out of here.
But if you keep lying,
I'll let Jimmy and
Michael deal with you,
and they will not let
you walk out of here.

Who did you talk to?
Is it Eamon?

I swear, this is your last chance.

Con Doyle.
What did you tell 'em?
Fucking nothing. I don't know nothing.
Don't fucking lie to me.

Just about Fudge.
You set that up?
Yeah. That's all, but nothing else.
Eamon has a bounty on everyone's head.
He's going to Spain in a few days,
and he wants one of them
clipped by the time he gets back.
He's offering half a mil
to whoever clips a Kinsella.
What about Anthony?
I haven't heard his name mentioned.

But they know Michael's
seeing his young one,
and they've got her tagged.

- AMANDA: Michael!
- MICHAEL: So, there you were, with one shoe
running faster than you've ever run
and laughing your head off.
Sorry, Michael.
Nan wants me home.
- I better go.
- Yeah.
Or I'll be in trouble.

Maybe we can do this again next week.
Great. I'll give you a call soon.
Uh, yeah. Thanks for the present.
Bye, Anna.


Anna, here.
Come with me.
Anna, stay there.

Michael, what is going on?
- Get down!
- Get on the ground!
- Get the fuck down!
- Anna, go.
In here. In here.
Down on the floor.
Get the fuck down now!
Where the fuck is he?
Get out of the fucking way!
Just stay quiet, okay?
Get down!

- Get the fuck on the ground!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!
Get down and shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Shut up! Ahh!

Can't fucking find him.
Come on, the cops are coming.
Come on! Move it!

You alright? Look. It's okay.

Are you okay?
Y-Yeah. Yeah. I'm alright.
Now, c-come here. Come
sit down so I can

Are are you okay, Michael?
I can go get help.
No. No, no. Stay stay here with me.

Uh Here, wait a minute.

100 grand a day?
That's fucking extortion.
CENK: That's the amount
my father decided,
so that's what you pay.
It's time to get ready for the ceremony.
I have to go.
I just saw Anna leaving. Is she okay?
- MICHAEL: Yeah.
- What about you?
Let's just go.
Don't start the car.
How'd you know they were watching Anna?
I got it out of Kem.
He's been talking to Con
Doyle and Eamon Cunningham.
So, what, he
he just showed up and
told you all this, did he?
When I went to visit Anthony yesterday,
Eamon Cunningham stopped me in the road
and threatened me.
The stuff he was saying
and the way he was saying it
made me think that
somebody was talking to him.
Why didn't you say anything about this?
Because I wanted to make sure
that I was right about it.
That's why I was asking
you about Dotser earlier.
Anna could have been killed in there.
Or had to watch me get
killed, and all this time,
you knew we had a rat.
- Yeah, but not for certain.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- I only found out about it
- It's not a fucking game, Amanda!
Do you understand how close
we were to being shot in there,
and you were playing fucking detective?
Alright, I get you're angry.
I'm fucking angry!
But you must've known that
they might follow Anna.
They were always gonna
look for our weak spots,
and then try and hit us there.
Was it Kem who told them about Anna?
No, they worked that out themselves.
But he gave up Fudge.
Where is he now?
Where is he now?
Frank and Jimmy let him go?
I didn't tell them anything about this.
Because they'd have killed him,
and I didn't want that.
He's not worth you or
Jimmy serving life for.
He's not the person who
sent those men to kill you.

BIRDY: Frank, they're back.

JIMMY: Hey. What the fuck happened?
Are you alright?
They tried to clip me
with Anna sitting there.
FRANK: How'd they even
know where you were?
Probably following Anna,
hoping I'd meet her.
BIRDY: Is she okay?
She was upset, scared.
Those two fuckers that did that today
I want their names.

FRANK: Hey, Amanda, got a second?



Is there something wrong?
I've decided that we're going to wait
and see how things pan out
with Eric and that shooting.
Be stupid to hand him
in if there's no need.
By the time we know if there is a need,
it'll be too late.
Are you not listening?
Frank's told you what he's decided.
I think you're making a mistake, Frank.
No one gives a fuck what you think.
Would you say that if
Jimmy or Michael were here?
[CHUCKLES] Fuck you.
You heard your da, Eric. That's enough.
Do not try and pit this
family against itself.
Jimmy and Michael are Kinsellas,
and so is Eric.
I'm trying to protect the family.
By sending Eric to prison?
He's going to prison anyway.
You don't know that.
I know he passed through about
half a dozen traffic cameras.
You're taking a big risk
that you don't need to.
VIKING: That's easy to say,
when you're not the one going inside.
This is what you want, Frank?

You're making a huge mistake, Frank.


JIMMY: We got Caolan Moore.
We can get these two.

They could have hit Anna, Michael.
Are you not raging about that?
What do you think?
Well, then, let's do it now.
- Let's fucking get these pissants.
- No, not now. Let's wait.
- Wait for fucking what?
- Till I'm not angry.
Then I'll decide what to do.

You heard from Anna since it happened?

RHIANNON: Come in.
Welcome to this ayahuasca ceremony.
Were you able to prepare
for today, Angela?
And the prescribed medication?
ANGELA: Eh, nothing for
the last three days now.
EAMON: Does your oncologist know that?
There's nothing she can do for me now.
RHIANNON: Why don't you
choose a place in the room
that you feel comfortable in?

You don't really think
this will help you?
I'm not here for me.


Just give in to it.





Don't leave me.



WOMAN: It's okay, darling.
It's not your fault.

She's happy you're alive.

The number you're calling
has been disconnected
or is no longer in service.

- FRANK: Appreciate this, Dots.
- DOTSER: No bother. Hop in.
out of me ♪
I was blind ♪
Now I can see ♪
You made a believer out of me ♪
I'm moving on up now ♪
Getting out of the darkness ♪
My light shines on ♪
My light shines on ♪
My light shines on ♪
I was lost ♪
Now I'm found ♪
I believe in you ♪
I've got no bounds ♪
I was lost ♪
Now I'm found ♪
I believe in you ♪
Is that him?
Yeah, that's him.
I'm moving on up now ♪
Yeah, I'm outta the darkness ♪
Do you want me to check it out?
My light shines on ♪
My light shines on ♪
- Yeah, okay.
- My light shines on ♪
My light shines on ♪
My light shines on ♪
My light shines on ♪
My light shines on ♪


Not him! It's him!



Stop! Stop!
Get your car off the road.
Pull in to the right there.

There was a shooting.
Dotser David Reid
at Charlemont Place, by the canal.
- When exactly was this?
- 20 minutes ago, by the canal,
Charlemont Place, down from
the Lewis fucking Bridge.
There's a unit there already.
A resident called it in.
- Did they get the shooter?
- Frank!
Only the victim was
there when they arrived.
MICHAEL: Frank, what's going on?
Dotser's dead. They got Dotser.
OFFICER: Stay clear of the roads!
What the fuck is this?

What's going on?
I imagine they're arresting Viking.



CULLEN: I have a
warrant, under Section 6
of the Criminal Justice Act 2006 to
execute a search of these premises.
This is your copy of the warrant.


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