Kin (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

They're setting up an
interview room for you now.
About fucking time.
I wouldn't get too excited.
From what I gather,
they're very confident
of bringing charges against you.
Charges for what?
Attempted murder.
Look, can't we just say
that Fudge did the shooting
and I just drove him, like Frank wanted?
Until we know exactly
what they've got on you,
you say nothing, you admit nothing,
you let me do all the talking, okay?
And I suggest you start
preparing for the worst.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
You're not exactly filling
me with confidence over here.
I'm your solicitor, not
your therapist, alright?
I'm not here to make you feel good.
I'm trying to manage your expectations.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
It means expect to be judged
today or tomorrow morning.
I'll apply for bail,
but it's a long shot.
Is there any chance I can speak to Nikki
before they move me inside?
I'll see what I can do.
Were you in class?
I-I didn't want to disturb
you if you're in class.
No, it's fine. I just
couldn't find me phone.
Eh, has something happened?
Eh, the dealership was raided,
and there were photographers here.
There might be some stuff
about it in the papers.
And, uh
Dotser was shot last night, too.
He's dead.
I know. I know you really liked him.
Are you okay?
I've gotta go, Mam.
That's right.
Thanks for coming over so quick.
I'm a little confused.
You said you already had a solicitor.
Yeah, Donal Crehan.
I've used him in the past.
My family uses him.
But I want someone else for this.
Do you mind me asking why?
Donal Crehan is known
for defending criminals.
I want to be represented by a solicitor
who isn't known for defending criminals.
Tell me where the
Kinsellas have stashed it!
Fucking tell us!
Where the fuck are the drugs?!
Tell me where the
fucking drugs are now!
He says he doesn't
know they've hidden it,
same as all the other Kinsella dealers.
We've been batterin' him for
an hour and still nothing.
Here, listen for yourself.
Where the fuck do they hide their drugs?
I don't know.
I don't fucking know.
I'm not part of Kinsella gang.
I just sell the fucking gear.
Frank doesn't tell
me anything like that.
D'you hear that?
If he can't tell you, get rid of him.
Find someone else who can.
But he doesn't know, and no
one seems to know anything.
- No one's talking
- No, I don't give a fuck.
Find those drugs.
They could have killed
you last night, Frank,
and they didn't, so that's a blessing.
They could have killed
Michael or Anna yesterday.
They didn't.
They got Dotser.
If anyone had to be killed,
it's best it was him.
The only reason he got out of the car
was to make sure it was safe for me.
That's what he was there for.
Hi. Is that Michael Kinsella?
Yeah. Speaking.
I'm one of the guards
in the car outside there.
- Social worker got down to your house.
- Yeah, o okay.
All the family are still alive.
That's what matters.
Eric's getting locked up, though.
I know it's difficult,
but that's why you
have to be strong now.
You have to find us a
way out of this, Frank.
We can't go on living like this.
- Michael Kinsella?
- Yeah. This is for you.
It's an order under Section
37 of the Child Welfare Act
barring you from going
anywhere near Anna Areoye,
or trying to communicate with her
or threaten her safety in any way.
I'd never threaten her.
What you did, meeting her like that,
placed her in grave danger.
I just wanted to see me daughter.
You know, every day,
I pick up the paper,
and I'm reading about
you and your family at war
with some criminal or another.
You're living here with 24-hour
Garda protection, for God's sake.
You think Anna having
to hide in a storeroom
while men with guns try to
kill her father in front of her
is a good idea after
everything she's been through?
You say you care for her.
If you did, you wouldn't
be dragging her back
into all your fucking shit.
Anna? Your grandmother's here.
Thank you.
This is embarrassing.
You're treating me like a baby.
We're only doing this to keep you safe.
I am safe.
You are now, away from here.
What's the worst case
scenario, charges-wise?
Money laundering carries a sentence
of up to 14 years in prison.
A lot depends on the
circumstances of the case.
Mitigating factors are
taken into consideration.
So, let's say they do uncover evidence
of money laundering here, and
if I was found guilty of it
With your name and family connections,
the prosecution will
argue you were laundering
on behalf of an organized crime gang,
and that is taken very seriously.
Even if I have no previous convictions?
In my opinion, yes.
Probably 6 to 10 years.
How the fuck am I supposed to know?
She's not answering.
Figure it out.
- No, wait and see.
- It's the front door.
I think she's home.
They cleaned out the dealership
like I said they would.
So, what exactly did happen?
They seized everything.
All the computers, hard
drives, paper records,
even stuff from the bins.
Well, Donal's putting
someone from his office on it.
I've got my own solicitor.
Since when?
This morning.
Donal Crehan deals with our business,
nobody fucking else.
All this shit with the
dealership is coming down on me.
So I'm getting my own solicitor.
She says I'm looking at 6 to 10 years.
I warned you this would happen, Frank.
Frank did what he thought was best.
Well, it wasn't good enough.
- Amanda.
- No.
Be careful what you tell that woman.
Amanda's not gonna rat.
You should know that.
The reason I wanted to see you all
is with Eric locked
up and Dotser gone,
basically just us here
in the room against Eamon.
And eventually, they're
gonna get one of us.
Then they'll get all of us.
What do you suggest?
That Birdy go talk to Eamon.
He'd never hurt me.
See if she can get him to
bring this thing to an end.
It might not work, but we have
to try something to end this.
Eamon and me We have history.
I'll offer to give him his
drugs back in return for peace.
- And what if he doesn't agree to it?
- We're in trouble.
You and Birdy should be fine.
Us three?
That's different.
Every muppet with a
gun out there is trying
to have a crack at us.
We need to be away from
here, keep our heads down,
let some of the heat go out of this.
Away where?
Somewhere abroad,
and quiet, where we won't be spotted.
Not Spain.
Do we all go together?
Be safer if we didn't.
How long do we go for?
Until it's safe to come back.
I need a drink.
Drinking alone?
It's always a good sign.
I figured it was either feel
for meself or get fucking wasted.
So here I am, doing both.
You want to come join me?
Are you really gonna make
me drink all on my own today?
It's freezing.
I'll turn this on.
So, what's gonna happen
with Anna if you go abroad?
It's safer for her if I'm not around.
What does she want?
You told me when I
first got out of prison
I should think about
what's best for Anna.
I'm doing that now.
You were right.
They've got traffic
camera footage of him
driving to and from the shooting.
And an eyewitness who ID'd
Eric and the car he was driving.
That enough for a conviction?
Without forensic
evidence, it'll come down
to the eyewitness, and
if they're credible,
then yeah, that'll probably be enough.
What about bail?
No chance.
Eric won't survive in there,
not with Eamon's bounty on his head.
Then they'll put him
in protective custody.
Locked up on his own,
all day, every day?
Have you met Eric?
Well, you could go talk to
Bren and ask him to help.
If they close the nail bar,
we'll still look after you.
You'll never have to worry about that.
And you've Eric's place.
You can stay there till he gets out.
Well, we're not sure if
he's going inside yet.
Better be prepared,
just in case.
If you want to be with Eric,
this is part of the life.
You have to accept
that there'll be times
when he'll be going away.
You'll learn to get
through them. You just do.
And you can still come and
see us any time you want.
You're always welcome, like family.
My mother always said that
having kids was a big help
the times Daddy was away.
Have you and Eric thought
about starting a family?
What did Donal have to say?
Nothing fucking good.
Did you get her?
It's gone straight to message.
She must have her phone off.
But you gave her until tomorrow.
I'm not waiting any longer.
Fuck her.
This is on you, Con.
You gave the drugs away.
Do whatever you need
to get my drugs back.
You know the last time I
was up here was the night
Jamie was killed?
Anthony cooked us steaks and burgers,
and everyone was happy.
I fucked everything up, didn't I?
I wanted you and Jimmy
to kill Caolan Moore.
He had Jamie shot, Amanda.
He got what he had coming.
There's gonna be so many times
when Anthony needs his mother,
and I'm not gonna be there for him.
I'm gonna miss his graduation,
his debs,
him going to college.
I won't see any of that.
Just like I didn't with Jamie.
Oh, what a fucking mess
I've made of everything.
Then fix it.
Not by accepting you're going to jail
just 'cause people tell you you are.
Isn't that what you did?
You pleaded guilty.
That's different.
I wanted to be punished, didn't I?
You're smarter than any of them.
You'll find a way to fix it.
I know you will.
Are you trying to blow everything up?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was looking everywhere for you.
Frank just called.
He wants to go visit Da tomorrow.
He knows it's dangerous.
He asked me to go with him.
I can just say no if
you don't want me to go.
What? I
Do whatever you want.
It makes no odds to me.
See youse later.
It's cold.
We should go in.
I just need a drink.
Just five minutes, while I finish it.
I don't take you for granted, you know?
In case that's what you think.
I just
I just don't want you to think
that I don't appreciate you.
'Cause I do.
I love you.
Very much.
You're a fucking dead
man, you know that?
Shut your fucking mouth!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. The big man now.
Wait till you're inside.
They'll be queuing up to get at you.
I'll be fucking waiting for you, yeah?!
You won't last a week, Kinsella.
Shut the fuck up!
You're a fucking muppet.
Anyone wants a go, I'll
give them a fucking go!
- Do you hear me?
- You're only a fucking prick.
Any fucking one of youse
little rats that wants a knock,
I'll fucking give it to you, yeah?!
Yeah. You're all fucking quiet now.
Turn it off. You're mad.
You're a fucking dead man
when I get me hands on you!
You're a fucking dead man!
You're fucking dead!
You fucking tosser.
Fuck the lot of youse!
You're a fucking dead man.
Yeah, I'm talking to you.
How much money have we got put away?
Just in the bank?
All of it.
Around $2 million.
I'm gonna need some of that.
Can we talk?
At least listen to what I have to say.
I know why you're
here. I read the papers.
I'll be raising a glass
the day you go down.
I've come to offer you $400,000 in cash.
Enough to change your life.
It doesn't need changing.
$500,000 then.
Just listen to what I have to say?
I remember your Noel always
talking about your daughters.
Think how much this kind
of money could benefit them.
My girls are fine just the way they are.
You could move house,
send them to whatever school you want,
set them up for life.
If it was me
Well, I'm nothing like you.
We're both mothers, and I
know that being a mother,
you'd do anything for your children.
'Cause I have.
You would not believe the fucking things
I've done for them.
And honestly, when people like
you have a problem with that,
I really don't give a fucking shit.
Because I know why I did what I did.
So, if you want to rob your daughters
of an opportunity to improve their lives
'cause you're angry with
me, that's your decision.
But the offer stands
$500,000, in cash.
Come on, quick.
They don't have to allow family
visits, so this is a favor.
The camera's gonna be on the whole time,
so you can talk to him,
but no physical contact.
And don't try passing him anything,
'cause it'll just mean cavity
searches for both of you.
Okay, you got 10 minutes.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
Better now you're here.
Uh, they said that we can't touch,
or they'll end this.
Donal said the nail bar was raided?
Yeah, but there was
nothing there to find.
I think Amanda's fucked, though.
Well, what about Frank?
How's he?
In bits over Dotser.
And worried about you.
He's going to see your uncle.
- Bren?
- Yeah.
To get you to go in with
him, so you're safe inside.
Bren's sound.
Be good to have family inside.
Tell me.
Nikki, whatever it is, you can tell me.
I was looking at it on
the Internet last night,
and it said if you're convicted,
you could be gone for 10 years.
Don't worry about that.
I'll be grand.
Especially if Bren's with me.
What about me?
What do you mean?
I mean, this isn't only about you, Eric.
If you're inside, I'm suffering, too.
You always knew this could happen.
And you love me, don't you?
Yeah, I do.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
So, what's the problem?
The problem is that you never think
how this is gonna affect me.
What am I supposed to do
when you're gone for 10 years?
Spend my life sitting in with Birdy?
Look, it won't be 10 years.
Not with good behavior.
That's not the fucking point, Eric.
So, are you fucking leaving me?
Is that what this is?
- No.
- No?
What then?
You just do what you fucking want.
You never think about the
consequences for anyone else.
What if I went to jail for 10 years?
What would you do?
Answer me, Eric.
What would you do?
I'd wait for you.
Would you?
You'd sit in, never go
anywhere, never do anything
and wait for me for 10 years?
We got to go.
Did you ever hear what
your father did to my son?
- No.
- He poured petrol all over him
and threatened to set him on fire.
I want you to tell your fucking mother
that Eamon wants back
what was stolen from him.
And if he doesn't get it,
I'm gonna find you, Anthony,
I'm gonna get you on fire,
and I'm gonna watch you fucking burn.
Noel sourced cars over in England,
and then after he'd
delivered them back here,
he'd arrange for people
to come in and buy them.
But they were just fronts.
He'd give them the
money for the purchase.
Without Mrs. Kinsella's knowledge?
Once the cars were bought
and registered in their name,
he'd act a trader,
and either sell them on or
sell them back to Amanda.
That's how he cleaned the money.
Whose money was he cleaning?
A man called Jason.
That's all I know.
And all this "clean money"
he had laundered was declared
as part of his taxable income?
He didn't tell me things like that.
I'm sorry, but from the little
I've heard about your husband,
I don't believe he was
clever enough to conceive
and run a money-laundering
scheme like this.
Did Noel even finish school?
Not that it's any of your business.
Please don't take this the wrong way,
but if your husband had really laundered
millions of euro for "Jason,"
you wouldn't be sitting
here in those clothes,
looking the way you do.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means I don't believe you.
I don't believe any of this
nonsense you've told me.
I don't give a fuck if
you believe me or not.
And this Roselane Estate
where you live What is that?
Social housing?
- Fuck you.
- Jenny.
Cheap clothes, cheap
house, low intelligence.
You want a fucking slap?
- Jenny, sit down.
- No!
I'm not gonna fucking listen to her.
She can't talk to me like that.
Jenny, please. Please.
I know you think you're
being clever here,
but what you're doing is highly illegal.
I'm not employing you to care
whether I'm guilty or not.
I'm paying you to help me.
I need you to help me.
If you're relying on her,
she'll need a much thicker skin.
Well, we'll sort that, and
I'll have her better prepared
by the time the police ask questions.
Anthony, I can't talk right
now. Is everything okay?
This man was at the school.
He said to tell you
that Eamon Cunningham
wants his stuff back.
- What man?
- I don't know.
I-I seen him at Jamie's funeral.
Okay, where is he now?
Gone. He he left.
Okay, go find a teacher and
stay with them till I get there.
I'm leaving right now.
I'll be there really,
really soon, alright?
Just find a teacher.
- Hi, Michael.
- Is everything okay?
My nana took my phone, and
I just wanted to see you.
Do you want to come in?
Would you like a juice?
Yeah, sure.
Here you go.
My nana won't let me contact
you, but I don't care.
I want to see you.
Anna, um, your case worker,
Monica, came to see me.
She gave me a court order,
saying I can't go anywhere near you.
I don't care about any of that.
You said you wanted to see me.
I-I do want to see you,
but I'm trying to do what's right.
Anna, you could have
been killed in that café.
Even coming here is dangerous for you.
I don't want you to get hurt.
That's not something I could bear.
I'm just trying to do what's right.
Stop saying that.
You're supposed to be my father.
- I am your father.
- Then be one.
All this stuff with you and
your family and what you do
I don't care about that. I don't.
Just don't come back into my
life, promise me everything,
and then leave and tell
me it's for my own good.
But it's the truth, isn't it?
As long as I'm around, you're in danger.
If you're connected to
me, it puts you at risk.
And if I was to go away
f-for a while, you'd be safe.
So, you're going away now?
Where to?
I don't know.
It wouldn't be forever.
Just till all this trouble's over.
Fuck you, Michael.
Alright, Da?
I thought Birdy was coming.
She'll be here next time.
I wanted to talk to you.
It must be important,
Frank, to drag you down here.
I've been meaning to
come down for a while.
No, I get it.
You have your hands full taking
care of business for the family.
Not like you're out there fucking
everything up while I'm in here
getting us into wars we cannot win.
That's not what happened, Da.
You shut the fuck up.
Just shut the fuck up.
If I want your fucking
advice, I'll ask for it.
What is it you want to talk about?
It's about Eric.
What's that fuckwit done now?
He's gonna be coming inside.
I need you to
look out for him, keep him safe.
That's a big ask, Frank.
You might not have heard, but
our name is fucking muck in here
because of you.
I'm asking you as a favor.
You know what I really regret now?
Is not leaving Birdy in charge.
And I knew it at the time,
but I didn't want to
humiliate you, Frank.
But that was my big mistake,
because she would never have gotten us
into a fucking mess like this.
Jimmy and Michael clipped
Moore off their own bat.
Oh, is that right now?
Well, in that case, I'm sorry, Frank.
You see, 'cause I thought you
were in charge of the family,
but no, I was wrong, because obviously,
everyone does whatever
the fuck they want now.
And I'll tell you this much
If it was me and fucking anyone
went against what I said
family or not family
I'd fucking bury them.
But, you see, your fucking problem
is you've never got your hands dirty,
not like Michael, and
everyone knows that.
You know, even if they
don't know, they know.
They know. They can fucking
sense it off you, Frank.
So all the fucking hissy
fits and the threats,
they're fooling no one,
'cause everyone knows
you're just a windy cunt.
Look at the fucking state of you,
with the fucking flash gear
and playing at being a gangster.
Do you know what you look like, Frank?
A fucking hairdresser.
Give it a rest.
Don't you fucking speak to me like that!
Sit down.
You're too busy sucking cock to
fucking run this family properly.
About Eric.
If you don't watch out for
him, he's gonna have to serve
his full whack in protective
custody on his own.
Idiots like him are a
lightning rod for trouble.
I'm asking you to do this for me.
I'm not having him fuck up my parole.
He won't.
He knows how to behave.
Ah, I'm sorry, Frank.
He'll have to make his own way
in here, same as we all did.
Next time you come, bring
your brother with you, alright?
Stop the car.
Give me your gun.
Give me your fucking gun!
What the fuck are you doing here?!
Take it easy.
I came to talk, Eamon. To offer a deal.
There is no talk! Right?
There's no deals, there's no nothing,
not with your fucking family.
We have your drugs.
Don't worry.
I'll get them back, and then I'll kill
Frank and his idiot son
and Michael and Jimmy,
every last fucking one of them.
So you keep saying, but
they're all still here.
You're lucky I don't
fucking shoot you right here.
Wouldn't that be sweet,
knowing my last act on Earth
would be to cause your fucking downfall.
I know you, Eamon Cunningham.
You don't have the fucking balls.
It's not you, Eamon, though, is it?
You pay people to do
your killing for you.
Give me that gun and I'll
show you how it's done.
I'll blow your fucking face off.
None of youse are safe.
Not you, not Jimmy's
missus, not the kids.
You're all fucking fair game.
Go on.
Aah! Aah!
- Stop!
- Get in the fucking car!
Get the fuck in!
What is that? Leave her the fuck alone.
Get out of here, you little shits.
I'm calling the guards.
I don't fucking believe it!
How'd it go?
He's not interested in talking.
Eamon do that to you?
Sweetie, what's going on?
What happened?
These guys tried to
pull me into their car.
Wait, what guy? Where? Just now?
The car pulled up beside me,
and they all hopped out and
tried to get me in the boot.
Did they say anything?
I'm I'm gonna take
care of this, alright?
I'm gonna sort this out. I promise.
Come here, come here.
I'll sort this.
Are you okay?
What exactly did he say to you?
He said that Eamon Cunningham
wanted back what was stolen,
and if he doesn't get it,
they're gonna set me on fire.
What the fuck are you looking at?
Nothing much.
Nothing fucking much?!
I'm show you "nothing
fucking much," man!
Nothing fucking much?!
Frank, for fuck's sake!
Come on!
You trying to get us locked up?
Come on. What the fuck?
Nothing fucking much?
Oh, come on.
Eric Kinsella?
Let's go.
Go inside, Anthony.
- I need to talk to Michael.
- Yeah.
Some lads tried to grab Anna.
They were at Anthony's school, too.
Con Doyle showed up, threatened him.
Eamon's never gonna give
this family any peace, is he?
Every one of us is a target now.
And going abroad and hiding
isn't the solution, either.
We need to end this thing.
Chop the head off the snake.
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