Kin (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

Welcome home.
You're a Kinsella,
and we stick together.
You and I have been doing business
since before Moore was born.
It's not personal, Frank.
It's just the model's changing.
You're either all in
with me or you're not.
I want to deal with Viking meself,
if you give it the okay.
Go on.
Jamie! Jamie! An ambulance, will ya?!
Who's gonna pay for this?
You said whoever killed him would pay.
Well, I can't be
involved in any of that.
Not if I want to see Anna.
You done it before for
money. Do it now for family.
You have no idea
what you have just fucking started.
You're all done, 'cause
you're fucking dead.
I'd say it's possible you
may have developed epilepsy.
If I take these,
will it be like I'm normal again?
If you have any worries,
just come back and see me.
Answer me, Michael.
Why'd you kill her?
It was an accident.
How do you accidentally shoot someone?
You know I'd never do
anything to hurt your mother.
You know I never once
tried to punish you.
You make me feel like the shitty one
'cause you fucked my brother?
Are you trying to blow everything up?
We can't just sit here,
waiting to be killed.
Then what do we do?
Then we have to be smarter than him.
How much did they get?
All of it.
We have your drugs.
I'll get them back, and then I'll kill
Frank and Michael and Jimmy,
every last fucking one of them.
So, who is it you talk to, Kem?
Is it Eamon himself?
I'm not a fucking rat,
if that's what you think.
We believe Jamie's
killing was in retaliation
for a shooting that happened
a couple of nights earlier.
You saying I should give up my son?
I'm just telling you
what's gonna happen.
They already have Eric.
Now they're just widening their net
to see what else they can catch.
If this blows up, we'll have
Fraud and Revenue after us.
They'll close the dealership down.
He's going to see your uncle.
To get you to go in with him.
Bren's sound.
It's about Eric.
He's gonna be coming inside.
I'm not having him fuck up my parole.
Please. You're too busy sucking cock
to fucking run this family properly.
Frank! I need an ambulance.
There's an eyewitness to the shootin'.
Take 20 grand from the
stash in the ceilin'
and get Kem to hire someone
to have them clipped.
Welcome home, Eamon.
My father wants to see you.
It's all okay, Cenk.
Problem's been fixed.
You can tell him that.
What the fuck have you done?
She's agreed to a peace.
She lied.
You just don't get it, do you, Mam?
I'm a Kinsella now.
Do you want me to call an ambulance?
Get the fuck out of here.
Go! Lady! They're coming!
Aw, for fuck's sake.
He's after fucking stabbing me.
Give me the gun and get out to the car.
I'll do it myself, ya fuckin' dope!
Please. Please, don't shoot.
Brother, please. Please, man, don't.
I've got two kids, man! Please!
We won't say anything. We swear.
Let's go.
What's so urgent?
Your order's in transit.
The first half of your payment is due.
I know. I'll have it by Friday.
I want it today.
That's the account we want it in.
And not all in one go.
Multiple transactions.
It's not me first rodeo.
Then I can expect those
lodgements in by close of business?
- Did you get it all?
- Yeah.
Just one. The other one waits out here.
The only evidence that places
my client at the scene of the shooting
is a single eyewitness's testimony
an eyewitness who has since passed away.
You mean murdered
in a targeted assassination
at a supermarket.
That is unfortunate,
but if that witness is not
available to be cross-examined,
their statement must
be deemed inadmissible.
We ask that all charges be struck out.
Does the prosecution object
to the defense's application?
No, Judge.
This court strikes out all charges
against Eric Xavier Kinsella
in relation to the shooting
on the 20th of September.
How does this work?
You give them that code,
they take it to a
colleague of mine in Madrid,
he'll pay them $2 million.
Just like that?
You ready?
Yeah, just give me a minute.
I'll see you in the car.
Here he is.
Hello, love.
Oh. Good to see you. You good?
I'm better now that I've seen you.
Where's Frank?
He's just helping Amanda
with a bit of business.
They're coming later, though.
They're meeting us at the restaurant.
Nice wheels.
Oh, well. Glad you like
it. Because it's yours.
Fuck off. No way!
Check out the boot.
Business must be good.
You have no idea.
Let's fucking go!
- Well?
- All done.
Let them know we're here?
Did you bring what we asked?
Of course.
I'll go check this.
So do we talk to you or him?
My father would rather
not have to send a daughter
to look after his business.
But one of your family killed his son.
Eamon Cunningham was trying
to wipe this family out.
We had to protect ourselves.
My brother had no
involvement in any of that.
Michael thought it was
one of Eamon's bodyguards.
What happened was a terrible mistake.
But we're here to make amends
for the loss of your brother.
My family has lost their only boy.
How do you make amends for that?
We just handed over $2 million.
That was the price of
this meeting, nothing more.
We're willing to double that
sum to ensure Michael's safety.
Michael Kinsella killed my brother,
and he will pay for that.
Why come here if you're
not going to negotiate?
To discuss Eamon Cunningham's
death to my family.
He owed my father almost $70 million.
And, as you killed him,
the debt is now yours.
You're fucking joking.
You have been making lots of money
from the drugs that you stole.
- Nothing like $70 million.
- That's your problem.
I'm just telling you what you owe.
This is fucking bullshit.
I imagined you would respond like this.
And, honestly, I hope you tell my father
to go fuck himself.
This is the outcome I would like.
Because then, it won't be
just Michael who is a target,
but every single one of your family.
That transfer has been received.
I fly home tomorrow.
If by then I haven't heard how
you intend to repay the debt,
my father will assume
our families are at war.
Welcome home.
Thanks for arranging that thing for me.
I don't want to have to do
anything like that again.
You won't.
I'm here now.
I'll look after everything.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
We'll start with three bottles
of the Louis Roederer Cristal,
and I want some nibbles
as well for the table
the crispy quail eggs, the pâté,
and the Dublin Bay prawns.
Thank you.
I've ordered the champagne.
- Lovely.
- Okay.
Let's get our booze on. Ahh.
There he is now.
Who's Mister fucking Boy Band?
That's Dan, the new .
- Hey.
- Ill fuckin' time.
It's great to have you back.
Thanks, Da.
Jimmy, I'll follow you over.
Did you lose your watch?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come here.
Hey, you've been juicin'? You big con.
Fuck off. Yeah.
- You look great.
- You too. You good?
- Yeah, yeah.
- How did it go, Frank?
They wouldn't even discuss
a figure for Michael.
They want a head.
And that's not all.
Rory, you can go.
Jimmy's gonna drive me in his car.
Are you sure? I don't mind waiting.
Yeah, positive. Thanks.
Hey. You okay?
Let's just go.
What did you tell them?
That your ma had a fall and we had
to go to hospital, like you said.
They probably think you're
trying to avoid Viking.
I don't care what they think.
Just as long as it's not this.
How could Eamon
Cunningham owe $70 million?
He was minted!
On other people's money.
That has to be bullocks.
They're talking through
their fuckin' hoop.
We're not paying it.
Just out of one war, you want
to go starting another one
with someone else
someone even bigger?
So what do we do?
See how much cash we
can lay our hands on.
But it's not gonna be
anything like what they want.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
This is some fucking party.
So it's been around 12 weeks?
Uh, 13 on Friday.
Hm. And it was an assisted conception?
Yeah. IVF.
We'll do a quick scan just
to give it some peace of mind.
Tuck it in there.
Gonna be a small bit cold. Okay?
So, can you can
you see the heartbeat?
I'm really sorry, Amanda.
I know this is coming as
a shock to both of you,
but I think it's
important we move quickly.
I'm going to contact
the surgeons and call,
see about getting you in
to theater this afternoon
Amanda. Amanda.
Gonna give you some anesthetic now.
So you might feel a slight pinching.
Amanda, if you could count
backwards from 10 to 1.
What happens to the baby
after you take it out?
Like this, Amanda. 10, 9
But what do you do to the baby?
8, 7, 6
3 2
This is the man I was telling you about.
He's found Michael Kinsella.
And they can get to him.
Just say the word.
Do it.
I didn't need a whole bankroll
to tip a Deliveroo rider.
Here. Do you believe that
story about Amanda's ma falling?
Who cares? Fuck her.
She's in for a rude awakening.
What'ya mean?
You're just out, Eric. Don't
go doing anything stupid.
No, no. Not me.
Someone else is gonna sort her out.
I'm just gonna stand back
and watch it all go off.
And what's that supposed to mean?
It means
the clock is ticking for Amanda.
Will you just stop trying
to be all fuckin' mysterious
and just tell me?
Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
It means her time is coming.
When I tell me I
love you different ♪
If you know just what's missing ♪
You might as well
stay in the kitchen ♪
You're awake.
Doctor said it went well.
What does "well" mean?
That you're okay. You're gonna be fine.
And that's the important thing.
You hungry? You want me
to get you a bite to eat?
Some tea? Or a drink?
Um, no.
You should just You
should go home, Jimmy.
I'm just gonna sleep.
And Anthony's at home on his own.
I'll call you if I need anything.
Sure? I don't I don't mind staying.
Yeah. No. Go on.
I'll be grand.
Yeah. I'll keep my phone on.
Okay. Yeah.
See ya.
His keys are here. He's
around here somewhere.
He's outside. Let's go.
Lamb of God, you take
away the sins of the world.
Have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, you take
away the sins of the world.
Happy are those who are
called to supper on the lamb.
Lord, I am not worthy to
but only say the word
and I shall be healed.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
Let me know if you need anything.
So you are the one in charge.
That means you ordered the
shooting that killed Cenk.
Do you want to hear what
I have to offer or not?
You say the debt is $70 million.
I'm willing to pay $90 instead.
I presume the extra
twenty comes with a price.
I've told you.
He will not be a part
of any arrangement.
The men sent to kill
him last night failed.
And you'll keep failing.
'Cause he is good at this.
We only need to be successful once.
Well, if you do get him,
all you'd have done is cost
your family $90 million.
'Cause we won't pay a
penny if you kill him.
Is that supposed to be a threat?
You may think that killing Michael
will ease the pain of
your brother's death.
But it won't.
Nothing will.
My son was murdered eight months ago,
and I made sure that
those responsible are dead.
But the pain I feel is the same.
You're not me.
I know your father is dying.
Now would be a good time to
show how well his daughter
can handle his affairs.
You can return home and tell him
that you failed to kill Michael again
and that you failed to
get any money out of us
or you can return with the news
that you secured $90
million for your family.
Which will impress him more?
If it means sparing Michael,
he would rather I
came home with nothing.
How can you be sure?
$90 million.
That's a lot to give up.
You have four months to pay the debt.
That's not enough time.
Four months or nothing.
Can I help you with anything?
I have a question for you.
Well, if I can answer it, I will.
So, I was dead.
My heart stopped for
nearly three minutes
before the paramedics resuscitated me.
In all that time
No bright light nor
no warm sensation
or any of the things that you hear.
That can't be a good sign.
Were you expecting a good sign?
Do you ever consider that maybe
God spared you for a reason?
What reason?
Only He knows that.
The Bible is filled
with plenty of people
who repented their sins and found peace.
And from where I'm standing,
you don't look like a man
that has a lot of peace in his life.
We hear confessions every Friday.
Come if you'd like.
I don't think that's a good idea.
God never forgets you.
Hey, you.
Hey ya.
You should've called me.
I'd have collected you.
What did the doctors say?
I need you to call a meeting.
You should be taking it easy.
What for? The baby's already dead.
Can't kill it again.
You know that wasn't your fault.
Just call a meeting.
Welcome home, Eric.
How's your ma? Nothing broken, I hope.
Glad to hear.
- Hiya.
- So
what's so urgent, couldn't wait?
Michael had visitors last night.
Is he okay?
He's fine. He dealt with it.
But he can't stay there any longer.
So I went to see Nuray Batuk.
What, without telling anyone here?
I needed to see her before she left.
So, you just do whatever
the fuck you want now?
- Is that it?
- It's done.
Well, it shouldn't
have been fuckin' done.
Not without talking to
the rest of us first.
Have youse forgotten what she did?
She went behind your back, Da.
Had Eamon clipped.
- Bit of respect, Eric.
- No.
She tried to have me killed.
That's not true.
What Eamon told Birdy was a lie.
He chose you, not me.
Of course you were gonna say that.
You think Eamon Cunningham
would let me decide something like that?
He was winding Birdy
up and causing shit.
Tell me you're not buying
that fucking bullshit.
I'm not gonna warn you again, Eric.
Nuray Batuk has agreed to take
the bounty off Michael's head.
And what about Eamon's debt?
They've given us four
months to find the money.
But we still have to
pay them the $70 million?
- $90 million.
- Wow.
The extra $20 million is a fee
for the four-month grace period
and getting Michael home.
But it will be safe for
Mikey to come home, then?
- Yeah.
- This is bollocks.
We're still paying
them a fuckin' fortune.
That debt is a blessing.
Are you touched?
It's probably all that's keeping Michael
and the rest of us here alive.
Why do you think the Batuks
even agreed to meet us?
Because we already paid them $2 million.
Batuk doesn't need $2 million.
It's certainly not enough to
swallow the death of his son.
The only reason they agreed
to meet us is they saw a chance
to get back the money that
Eamon Cunningham owed them.
As long as we're repaying
that debt, they'll leave us be.
And how are we meant to
repay all that in four months?
With the next shipment coming in,
we'll have enough money
for the first payment.
But we're gonna have
to increase revenue,
and that will mean
expanding out of Dublin.
That's not gonna go down well.
If Eamon Cunningham could supply
the whole country, so can we.
You don't speak for me.
You don't make deals on my behalf.
Not without even asking me first.
Fine. All right, you tell us
how you'd sort out all this
with the Batuks.
And get Michael home.
Not like this.
You think you're fuckin' smart now?
You think you're real
fuckin' smart, don't you?
- You just wait.
- That's enough, Eric.
What's gonna happen when
all this money gets paid?
You think they're just
gonna leave us alone?
I don't know.
But this gives us four
months to work that out
and decide what we're gonna do.
Where's your cousin?
Uh, she's expecting a call,
so she asked me to speak to you.
What happened with Michael Kinsella?
I'm still waiting on word
back from the lads I sent.
But don't worry.
If there's been a problem,
we'll get him next time.
$90 million in four months?
I don't see that we have a choice.
It's either that or another war.
But if I'm to do this,
I can't have Viking fucking
up things with his usual shit.
He won't.
You know what he's like.
He'll calm down once he sees
everyone else is behind you.
I hope so.
We'll be fine.
Trust me.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Good to see you.
- You good?
- Yeah.
So, this is the sprog?
Yeah. Her name's Chloe.
When does she stop looking
like a fuckin' troll?
I'm only messing with you.
That's for sorting that
other thing out for me.
- Nikki already paid me for that.
- Yeah, it's a bonus from me.
To show how grateful I am, yeah?
Take it.
Take it.
- My man.
- Thanks.
And now that I'm out,
plenty more work for ya.
Listen, no disrespect, V,
but with having Chloe
now and everything,
I'm keeping things clean.
You're a da now, you need to provide.
And you don't want to be
bringing your daughter up
in some fuckin' shithole.
So, stick with me
and you'll be able to
treat her like a princess.
Now look, I need three or four lads
you can vouch for, straight away.
There'll be lots of work.
Amanda know about this?
Fuck Amanda. Trust me.
There's big changes
coming to this family
and she's the first to
get the fucking heave, eh?
Oh, Kem, whoever you get,
they need to be handy, okay?
Good luck.
Are you all right?
You found me a new place?
There's no need.
I've come to bring you home.
What about the Batuks?
Amanda's done a deal with them.
That means it's safe
for you to come home.
Oh, fuck.
Can we have the next one, please?
Prisoner number 45791.
This board has assessed your application
and has taken into consideration
the length of time you've served,
your conduct while in prison,
and, of course, the
likelihood that you pose a risk
to the safety and security of
the public if you are released.
And the Minister for Justice
has accepted our recommendations
that you be granted parole.
Brendan Kinsella, you are free to go.
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