Kin (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

NURAY: My family has
lost their only boy.
How do you make amends for that?
Why come here if you're
not going to negotiate?
To discuss Eamon Cunningham's
death to my family.
He owed my father almost $70 million.
The debt is now yours.
This is bollocks.
We're still paying
them a fuckin' fortune.
Why do you think the Batuks
even agreed to meet us?
Because we already paid them $2 million.
You just wait.
But look, I need three or four lads
you can vouch for, straight away.
Amanda know about this?
Fuck Amanda.
There's big changes
coming to this family.
She's the first to
get the fucking heave.
AMANDA: So, can you
Can you see the heartbeat?
But what do you do to the baby?
8, 7, 6, 5
You're just out, Eric.
Don't go doing anything stupid.
Not me.
Someone else is gonna sort her out.
I'm just gonna stand back
and watch it all go off.
Kinsella, you are free to go.
MAN: Prisoner Brendan
Kinsella cleared for release.
Gate 4 cleared to open.
Gate 4 open.
Welcome home, Bren.
We're closed.
I said we're closed.
Are you fucking deaf?
- Aah!
- Fuck.
- You got something to say to me?
No? Well, keep that fucking shut.
Here, here.
What the fuck do you think you're doing?
- Bren.
- I've been waiting a long time to see
that look on your face, Ged.
Told ya I wouldn't forget ya.
You told me nothing.
No wardens out here to
go telling your tales to.
Fuck you. I'm no rat.
I just came to say goodbye face to face.
[SCOFFS] Why? Where are you going?
I'm not a rat.
You come back here again, and
I'll put a fucking bullet in your head.
You hear me?!
Now my willy is adjacent but ♪
JIMMY: I'm telling you Michael.
Wait 'til you fucking see this.
Coming in?
Do I have to?
Yes, you're my brother.
I value your opinion on these things.
- Fuck sake.
- Yeah, that's the attitude.
Alright, Jamie. What do you got for me?
Prepare to be fucking dazzled.
This beauty here is
a baby Burmese python.
She'll grow to 20 odd feet
long and swallow a pig whole.
- You mind if I have a go of her?
- Yeah, no bother.
Thought you were gone to ground, Mikey.
Don't blame you.
Those fucking Turks are mental.
Went on holidays there once.
Hot as fuck and full of Brits.
Good news about your Da.
What about him?
Getting paroled.
Who told you that?
Becky's nephew Dean.
He's in on "B" wing with Bren.
It could just be bollocks.
Forget I said anything.
You know what people are like.
They talk shite.
It's probably fucking bullshit, Michael.
We'd have heard if he was getting out.
Somebody would've told us.
This way.
Eric picked him up earlier this morning.
- Did you know about this?
- Nobody fucking knew
except Eric.
Why didn't he say anything?
Well, Bren, obviously, told him not to.
He is not coming back
here and taking over.
That's not happening.
I expect you all to back me up on that.
He's only out 5 minutes.
No need to start drawing
battle lines up just yet.
You've forgotten what he's like.
God knows what shit he's
going to cause for us.
Where is he now?
Gone down to fucking
Furry Bog with Eric.
Wants to see us all down there later.
Yeah, you can go if you want to.
I'm not interested.
Fuck sake.
So how have you been doing?
Well, obviously, I'm
not feeling brilliant.
You're grieving. It's the hardest part.
So how soon before I can go again?
It's been less than a month.
I suggest you both take a little
time before making any decisions.
I don't want time.
I want to try again as soon as possible.
Amanda, you've suffered
a recent bereavement.
Two menstrual cycles
That's the recommended wait, isn't it?
I meant your son, Jamie.
What's that got to do with anything?
It's perfectly natural to want
to replace a child who's died.
Excuse me?
What you're feeling isn't unusual.
But what I say to all my
patients in your situation
is take your time over every decision.
I'm not here for a counseling session.
Myself and me husband want a child.
But if you're not willing to help us,
we can just go somewhere else.
Is everything okay?
Dad's out.
He got parole.
Viking collected him this morning.
Where is he? At Birdy's?
No, he's in the pub with Viking.
We're gonna go see him now.
Well, oh, here they are now!
Welcome home, Brendan.
You should've told us
you were getting out.
Why, and ruin the fucking surprise?
I would've had things sorted for you.
New clothes, a place to stay.
Well, can't I crash in with you?
Yeah, of course.
Always a spare bed if you need it.
Right. Well, that's all sorted then.
AMANDA: I can't face him right now.
JIMMY: It's okay. Honestly,
I'll make something up.
There'll be plenty of time
to see him. Don't worry.
Is Michael there, too?
No, he's fucking raging.
He doesn't want Da stirring shit up.
He's gone to the office to sort
out things before Dad gets involved.
Talk to you later.
Okay, I'll talk to you.
Oh, little Lazarus.
Back from the fucking dead, huh?
What happened, Frank?
No queers allowed in heaven?
[LAUGHS] I'm only fucking slagging you.
Come here.
Oh, I thought for a minute
there you weren't coming.
- Of course, I'd come, Da. Come here.
- Hey.
Where's Michael?
He couldn't make it.
And is that wife of yours
too busy to show her face?
Ah, she wanted to come,
but she's visiting her Ma.
Hey, what about Anthony?
Sure he's in fucking school.
Well, fuck school. Go get
him. I want to see him.
He's slipping in classes,
Dad. I'm not going to
Not every day I get out, is it?
I want me fucking
grandson here. Go get him.
Go on.
- See you.
- Here we are now, Birdy.
Here you are, Frank.
So Viking's been filling
me in on everything.
I hear business is booming,
so that's fucking something.
But this business with the Turks,
I'm not fucking sure about that.
What are you not sure about?
Well, why we're paying them.
I don't know. They are
a pretty major outfit.
I've never fucking heard of them.
Well, things have changed
since you went inside.
Oh, is that fucking right?
Uh, maybe we should be
having this conversation
when Jimmy and Michael
and Amanda can be here.
Oh, you're quite right, Birdy.
Today is a day for celebrating
not business.
So here's to fucking those Turks.
Ha, ha, ha! Fucking those Turks, yes!
You're not out celebrating
your father's release?
[SCOFFS] That's good.
You're going to need
that sense of humor.
You're the one he'll
be coming after first.
Don't sugarcoat it.
You need to be prepared.
Any cash lying around?
Yeah, but that's all
earmarked for the Batuks.
Move it somewhere he
can't get his hands on it.
He's not touching that.
It's all spoken for.
Everything has just changed, Amanda.
I hope you get that.
Now move the money.
So all this money we've been
making off of Eamon's drugs,
where is that now?
Oh, Amanda looks after the finances.
Right. Okay, so what's
she been doing with it?
Uh, it's spread around, you know.
Some of it's in cash.
Some of it's in shell companies abroad.
We've been buying up
car parks, properties
What do we want with car parks?
She uses their spare
capacity to clean cash.
Plus, it provides us with
a legal source of income.
And you see that thing
Eamon said about Amanda
being the one that wanted to plug Viking
and not him What do you reckon?
Well, Amanda says that's a lie.
That Eamon was just
trying to stir up shit.
Yeah, well, I know what she said.
But what do you think?
Do you believe her?
I don't know.
You see, we can't fucking have that.
We can't have someone
we don't trust holding
the purse strings for this family.
She is smart with money, Bren.
How is agreeing to pay $90
million over 4 months smart?
Looks to me like we're
cutting our own throat.
Jimmy and Mikey believe her.
Well, you let me worry
about them, alright?
Anthony, this is your granddad.
You just call me Bren, young fella.
- Okay.
- Look at the big Kinsella head on him, eh?
Come here, buddy.
You can't see, Zeeb.
Not without an appointment.
Ring him and tell him we're here.
- Just one.
This isn't due until next week.
AMANDA: We'd rather not have all
this cash just sitting around.
So we'll pay over what's here now
and then the balance when it's due.
If that's what you want.
It is.
KEM: You're the one
that ran up the debt.
I thought the supermarket
job was going to clear all that.
Zach, you're in for 8 grand.
One job's not going to clear that.
You're fucking dreaming
if you think it does.
Anyway, I had to finish him off for you.
Look, this one is easy, yeah?
I have it all set up.
Well, after this, Kem,
me and you, we're all square, yeah?
Shit, yeah. Of course.
- Okay.
- There you go.
What was all that about?
Uh, nothing. Just a chat.
- Thanks, Birdy.
- You're welcome.
See you tomorrow, pet?
MICHAEL: How was that?
- BIRDY: You know what your Da's like.
- You're okay?
Yeah. I'll be fine.
Did he say what he plans to do?
Not really.
Where's he staying, with Viking?
No, he's, uh
He's staying at my place
just 'til he get's settled.
And you let him.
He's my brother.
Now, look, I'm only around
the corner if you need me.
I can take care of myself.
I mean that.
You need to keep Anna far away from him.
I know.
- "I Don't Really Care For You"]
Choking back a Breezer on the patio ♪
Within the earshot
of that guy we knew ♪
Oh the Marian Keyes of it all ♪
Babe you rewriting everything I do ♪
Uh ♪
Nikki, Denise.
Bren, come here.
I want you to meet Nikki.
Oh, you're the notorious Nikki, huh?
- Nice to meet you.
- How are you?
Now, which one of these two is for me?
You're funny.
I bet this one's a bit
of a handful, Eric, what?
Oh, yeah, a weapon.
- Yeah, do you girls like champagne?
- BOTH: Yeah.
Right. Go find somewhere to
sit, and I'll get you some.
You got a bottle of champagne there
and a bunch of glasses?
So I'm gonna hit the road, Bren.
Don't go. Stay a bit longer.
I would, but I've got an early morning.
I'm fucking serious. Stay.
Hey, come here.
You see them security cameras up there.
Are they working?
Yeah. I'll turn them off if you want.
No, no, no. Leave them running.
And I want the footage
from tonight saved, right?
What the fuck are you on?
Nothing for you to worry about.
Get yourself another drink.
And make sure those
cameras see your mug.
Here we go!
- Who's opening it?
[WHISTLES] Right. You've got 2 minutes.
I heard how you plugged Con Doyle.
Everyone inside was talking about it.
They know what you're made of now, huh?
Know not to fuck with you, son.
All this stuff with Amanda,
though, that's got to stop.
What do you mean?
The way she treats you
like a fucking lap dog.
Like she's the man and you're the woman.
It's embarrassing for
you and for all of us.
What do you want me to do, Da?
She's my fucking wife.
Stop acting like a fucking handbag.
This is a private fucking conversation.
Fuck off.
I'm not having a go
at you, Jimmy, right?
Just telling you.
People are fucking laughing at you.
You can't have that.
You just can't.
Stand up for yourself.
Go out and find yourself
some young one and fuck her.
Act like a man.
What's the story here?
Just up on Twitter, Prison Rat is dead.
He's one of our best customers, Da.
Yeah, someone else will
step into his shoes.
They always do.
I know what I'm doing.
Come on, right there.
I love you. I love you, and I love you.
What's up?
Did you set this all up for him?
Set what up? [LAUGHS]
Ya should've said something.
Ah, Bren wanted it kept quiet.
I'll bet he fucking did.
I don't know what your
problem with him is.
He's sound.
What, so you spent a few
months with him inside,
and now he's your
fucking hero, is that it?
'Cause when Eamon was gunning for us
when there was a bounty on your head,
he did not want to fucking
know anything about you.
So you keep this up,
being his fucking lackey,
and he will burn you, and I won't
be able to do anything to help.
I'm not his fucking lackey.
I just happen to think Bren's exactly
what this family needs right now
Someone people actually respect.
Where's that fucking pint?
Give me that. Whoo!
MAN: Is that Michael Kinsella?
Who the fuck are you? Put me on to Anna.
- The Michael Kinsella?
- Put me on to Anna, now.
Hang up. Hang up.
What the fuck? Who the fuck are you?
That's Anna's Da.
MICHAEL: Where is she?
What the fuck are you doing here?
- For fuck sake. Anna, let's go.
- No.
Outside, now.
Hey. Tell me you're not
smoking weed in there.
Are you seriously about to
give me a fucking lecture
on the dangers of drugs?
Somebody called me from your phone.
That was a joke.
We were just messing about.
You didn't have to come here
and embarrass me in
front of all my friends.
It's 3:00 a.m., I get a
call from a strange man,
from your phone.
I was worried, Anna.
Well, I'm fine, so you can go now.
- I'm not leaving you here like this.
- Like what exactly?
- I think you should call it a night.
- No.
Come on, I'll take you home.
I'm staying at Katie's, so I'll
just leave when she's leaving.
- Your grandmother know you're here?
- Of course not.
The same way she doesn't
know that I meet you, Michael.
Something I need to talk to you about.
- Okay, that's
- Anna, are you coming back or what?
Yeah. I'll be in in a sec.
Look, I'll call you. But
don't do this again, please?
It's okay, love. I'll get it.
Go on, go back to bed.
Did you hear about Ged Delaney?
- No.
- He was killed last night.
They're saying the
guards think it was us.
That's a load of shite.
Yeah, is it?
I warned you.
Everything's changed now that he's out.
Why would Bren want to kill Ged Delaney?
Fuck knows. I'm gonna find out.
He's upstairs.
In Jamie's room.
Ged Delaney, was that you?
I didn't expect balloons or bunting,
but fucking "Welcome
home, Dad" might be nice.
- What's going on?
- Anthony, go to your room.
Did you order Ged's shooting or not?
He was a snitch. Cost
me two years remission.
- He got what he deserved.
- He was one of our best customers.
Not any fuckin' more he's not.
We needed his business
to pay the Batuks.
Well, as far as I'm concerned,
they can go fuck themselves.
No. They'll fuck us instead.
Listen, this is man talk, pet, alright?
So why don't you just fucking button it?
You start throwing your weight around,
and you'll see what happens, alright?
Would the magician go get
his big gun and clip me?
- Maybe.
- Yeah?
Well, do fucking something or fuck off.
'Cause your whining's giving
me a pain in the fucking hole.
Don't you ever get involved in
a row between me and Michael.
Do you hear me?
Jimmy is your husband, not Michael.
You'd do well to remember that.
I was trying to explain
the situation here.
No, no, no, no. You don't
fucking explain anything to me.
I explain to you.
You see all this you have here?
The fancy house and the clothes,
that all came from my craft, right?
'Cause I fucking started all this.
And I can take it away, too.
Don't you ever fucking forget it.
You might think you're special now.
But I remember you, me girl,
when you were still giving
Jimmy blow jobs in his bedroom.
JIMMY: Da, you still here?
I suppose your brother woke
you ringing the bell, did he?
- What did he want?
- Eh, he was just saying hello.
You hungry? I was going to do a fry up.
I better get ready for work.
Yeah, I believe you're the person
I talk to about getting paper.
How much do you need?
Just walking around money for now,
so 30 grand should do it.
I'll arrange that for you.
Oh, and I bought the
Furry Bog last night,
so I'll need money for that, as well.
Oh, forgot about that. [CHUCKLES]
- How much?
- I don't have the exact figure.
I just said, "How much
would the insurance pay
if this place was to burn down?
And I'll give you 50 grand more."
He got the message.
Well, let me know when you
find out how much it is.
Well, I'm off.
I thought we were supposed
to go on into town.
Yeah, we will, later.
Later? I'm working later.
Tomorrow then. [CHUCKLES]
I have to go collect Bren now.
So, what? Are you his driver now, Eric?
[LAUGHS] No. I'm not his fucking driver.
Then, why are you driving him around?
Bren's taking charge of the family.
If I'm his right-hand
man, and he steps away,
guess who's next in line.
Just don't let him talk you
into doing anything stupid.
I thought you liked him.
I do.
Well, then.
Bren trusts me,
and he believes in me,
not like Frank and the others.
With Bren, we're going places.
- Yeah.
- I'll take you shopping tomorrow.
Anywhere you want to go.
Love you.
Love you.
Hey, I was trying to call Frank.
And his phone is off.
You don't have Dan's number do you?
Yeah, I have it here somewhere.
Bren stayed with us last night.
Michael called around earlier
to have it out with him.
What about?
Bren ordering Ged Delaney's killing.
How is that Bren? He's only just out.
I imagine Viking set it up.
Ged was a good customer.
We needed his business
to repay the Batuks.
And Bren is talking about
reneging on our deal with them.
I don't know where you think
you're going with this, Amanda,
but you need to be very careful.
Bren is not Frank.
He will hurt you.
Look, can't stay long.
AMANDA: Who is this?
How old is she?
Nearly 5 months.
You are gorgeous, aren't you, Chloe?
Got to go soon.
I'm guessing you helped set
up that thing last night.
Tried saying no.
Viking wasn't having it.
What else is he planning?
You can trust me.
I'm not gonna drop you in it.
I never have.
You know that.
Don't know what exactly,
but he has me putting lads
on retainer, so he's planning something.
If you get any details, you let me know.
You'll get me plugged.
Don't worry.
We're all in the one family.
It's not like I'm the enemy or anything.
As far as Viking's
concerned, you are the enemy.
Got to go.
PRIEST: We proclaim your death, O, Lord,
and profess your resurrection
until you come again.
Save us, Savior of the world,
by your cross and resurrection,
you have set us free.
Through him, with him, and in him,
O, God Almighty father, in
the unity of the Holy Spirit,
- live now and forever.
- Frank.
Let us pray to the father in
the words our Savior gave us.
- What?
- Amanda's been ringing.
She wants you to call her.
Did you tell her where I was?
Give us your phone.
Stick it up, mister ♪
Just put your foot down, bud.
- You sure?
- Sure, go for it.
Eric doesn't care, do you?
- No.
- It's only a fucking car, huh?
I said yeah ♪
I said yeah ♪
What they say ♪
- Listen what they say ♪
- Ah! Faster.
Great, lock her over and keep her left.
That's it.
Hey. Yeah.
Oh, give it to me one time ♪
Fuck sake.
Did you see that?
He's a fucking natural, huh?
- Want to go again?
- Can I?
Fucking go as many times as you want.
You're wearing a vest again.
You don't think Ged Delaney's crew
are going to be out gunning for blood?
I'd be shocked if they weren't
already planning to hit back.
I need your help with something.
It's just funny, you know.
You put such an effort
into pushing me aside,
and now you're asking me for me help.
- I didn't try to push you aside.
- Don't fucking lie to me.
- Frank.
- Just fucking admit it.
Just fucking admit you tried to
fuck me over and take me place.
- Just fucking say it.
- This isn't helpful, Frank.
I don't fucking care.
You know, I'd have more
respect for her if she just
If she was straight
up and told the truth.
Come on, I just want to
hear you fucking say it.
You fucking lied, Frank.
When Jamie was murdered, you
knew that Viking had caused it.
But you lied, and you tried to
buy us off with Eamon's money.
To have an easy life.
So as far as I'm concerned,
whatever happened to you,
you had it coming.
So what do you want?
Ged Delaney's name is on at least
a third of the shipment in transit.
I was counting on his
money to pay the Batuks.
But with him dead and
Beady Donovan gone, too,
- we need to find new buyers quickly.
- Which isn't gonna be easy.
'Cause everyone's gonna
know that Bren did Ged.
They're not going to be queuing
up to do fucking business with us.
Without new buyers,
we can't make that first payment.
And do we have anything else
hidden away that we can use instead?
Nothing liquid that won't arouse
suspicion if I start moving it.
Right now, almost
everything that we're earning
has to go to the Batuks
and it's still not enough.
We need new buyers.
And we need to find new
ways to increase our revenue.
Why are you doing this?
To spare us another war.
No, I mean, why are
you doing any of this?
You know, Bren being back,
it's your chance to get out,
to just get away from all of this.
'Cause he's gonna do everything
he can to push you aside.
Well, I'm not gonna let that happen.
Yeah, well, we'll see.
You know, you could walk
away from all this now.
No one would say a word.
Put it all behind you.
Enjoy your money.
Enjoy your time with Jimmy and Anthony.
Just be happy.
You gonna help us or not?
I'll make a few calls.
See who's buying.
Thank you.
But you know this
thing with Ged Delaney,
this is just the beginning to this shit.
Bren's just getting started.
We know.
BREN: Come here to me.
Do you know who this is?
- No.
- No?
His name is Glen Wright.
That's the lad that shot Jamie.
Now, we can't let that go unanswered.
You know that, don't you, Anthony?
So I could pay someone
to do that for us.
But that'd be wrong
'cause Jamie is family.
And you would resent
me for not giving you
the chance to do what's right.
- I want to do it.
- Of course you do.
'Cause you've my fucking blood in ya.
You want to know how you go
about doing something like this?
Don't think of it as, like,
some fucking awful job you have to do.
Enjoy it.
That is the cunt that
killed your brother.
So enjoy the look of fear on his face
when he sees you coming towards him
and he realizes what's gonna happen.
Enjoy it.
Enjoy plugging him and
watching him fucking die.
Enjoy every bit of it.
You have it?
Good man.
You ever shot one before?
- No.
- Nothing to it.
Now this one doesn't have much kick.
But you're still better off
holding it with both hands.
You don't want to miss, you see?
Alright, now remember
what I said. Enjoy it.
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